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Episode · 6 months ago

Powerbomb: Make Your Service Department More Flexible w/ Herbert Anderson

Customers aren't going to put up with a lot of friction, especially as they seek to navigate the impact of COVID-19. In this episode, Herbert Anderson shares his best advice about how dealers can make their service departments more flexible while addressing the demands of the market.

Episode · 6 months ago

Herbert Anderson: Fixed Operations Growth Strategies

Herb R. Anderson, CEO of DT Vendor Management, sees a massive opportunity for dealers worldwide. While many have either scaled back their marketing for new and used vehicles, Herb explains that there is much more predictability within the fixed operations.

Discover some creative ideas that you can implement to leverage the necessity of your fixed ops to generate recurring revenue for your store.

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Episode · 6 months ago

Powerbomb: How To Quantify Your Social Media Efforts w/ Jeff Hunter

Is it possible to get results from social media branding? In this week's minisode, Jeff Hunter shares what it takes to put in an honest effort and see results.

Episode · 6 months ago

Jeff Hunter: Personal Branding Tips for Car Sales Pros

Jeff Hunter, aka, “General Motors Jeff” has been gaining a lot of momentum with his personal branding efforts. As an active car sales professional at Prouse Chevrolet, Jeff has fully embraced the power of social media and video creation to help skyrocket his personal brand within the community of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, and beyond.

In this episode, Jeff shares his experience and tips working with social media and video to build his personal brand and what you can do as well.