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Episode · 6 months ago

Powerbomb: The Dealership Advantage w/ Max Zanan

Consumers are more comfortable making big purchases online. It’s the next step toward an evolved and modern online car shopping experience. 

While many car dealers are focused on giants like Vroom and Carvana, others realize that they have an even greater capability to own the market. As a local business, dealers have an advantage in building relationships and providing after-sales service and support. 

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Episode · 6 months ago

Max Zanan: Sell Cars the Way Consumers Want to Buy

When it comes to buying a car, consumers have specific expectations. It's important now, in a post COVID world that car dealers pay special attention to the ways in which consumers which to purchase vehicles.

Max Zanan, founder of Max Zanan Dealer Services shares his wisdom about what dealers can do to sell cars the way consumers want to buy them. His vast experience in the retail auto industry as well as his work as a consultant and best selling author have contributed to a breadth of knowledge that retail dealerships can apply and thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Episode · 6 months ago

Powerbomb: Is Digital Retailing Just Clickbait? w/ Andrew Lemoine

It's time to start building out the tech behind the lead submission forms. Up to this point, digital retailing has been a clickbait title for a very disconnected process.

In this powerbomb, Andrew Lemoine shares why now is the time to adapt and evolve. Dealers need to innovate, and pay attention to car shopper wants and needs.

Episode · 7 months ago

Andrew Lemoine: How To Climb The Car Business Ladder

Andrew Lemoine knows what it takes to climb the ladder in the retail car business. He's done it, and is proof that others can do it as well. He's worked as a sales professional, and worked his way to becoming a General Sales Manager, General Manager and now, Technology Founder.

Case in point: If you're struggling to know what you can do to grow in your career in the retail auto industry, Andrew's story will highlight some things you can do to climb the ladder.