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Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 029: The Lost Art Of Sales Prospecting w/ Fran Taylor


Our Guest :


Fran Taylor "The King of Prospecting" is the founder of " Fran Taylor Techniques" a automotive sales training company that specializes in the lost art of prospecting. 


Fran got his start in the automotive sales industry in 1982 and within 2 years he was personally selling 50 cars a month using the traditional prospecting tools and tactics he discusses in todays session. 


Quick Preview Of This Session:


- The power of traditional prospecting tactics in todays digital world.

- The prospecting tools every car pro needs in their business.

- How to make prospecting work for you.

- How dealers and or upper management can help getting their team to take prospecting serious. 


Links & Resources Mentioned


Connect with Fran Taylor on Facebook:


Check out Fran's website for more resources:



Join over a 1000 other committed car sales professionals at Fran's private Facebook Group "30 Sales A Month":

Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 028:How to Attract More Qualified Customers with Objective Driven Content

In session 28 of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo is back and dropping all sorts of crazy knowledge about how you can start standing out from the clutter and dominate your market.

Every single day, millions of automotive shoppers are going online to research vehicles, products and services. Sadly, most of the time your website isn't anywhere to be found. That's because most dealer websites around the globe are lacking sufficient and relevant content that has the power to create loyal followers, set you up as the credible source of information and increase your dealership's profitability.

Content is a real hot topic right now, especially with recent Google algorithm updates that are set up to recognize and rank more relevant and well written content. That being the case, many dealers are struggling to know how to start creating content that will have a positive impact on their business.

Does this sound like the situation you're in?

Don't worry. Check out what Michael does to create content that not only attracts more qualified vehicle shoppers, but converts them as well. Take out your notepad and get ready to take some notes.

Here we go.

1.) Who are you speaking to?

It's crucial to know who you are speaking to specifically. A major mistake that majority of dealerships make is that they try and speak to everyone and as a result, aren't really speaking to anyone. It's about being something of value to somebody, not worthless to everybody.

With that in mind, it's important that you break out from just trying to speak to people who are researching vehicles, and drill down a layer deeper. Who are they?

Seniors, Young Families, Construction Workers, Military, Special Finance etc.

When you look at car shoppers in smaller segmented groups, it's easier to identify the next step...

2.) What are their interests, problems or questions?

When you know who you're speaking to, it's so easy to know what they are interested in. Make notes about each target audience you have and the things that make them tick.

3.) Match their interests, needs and problems with the right vehicle.

For example, if young families have the interest in more space, fuel economy, seating configurations and safety - what vehicle are they likely interested in? A Minivan!!!

With that in mind, you can now start creating content about minivans for young families surrounding the topics that they are interested in. For example, imagine how powerful a blog post titled, "The top 5 reasons Young Families love the Honda Odyssey" would be. If you shared the interests and problems of a young family, wouldn't you be compelled to click and read?

4.) Know your objectives

Another problem that dealerships face is that they don't have clearly defined objectives, and therefore don't have a measuring stick to track progress (or the lack thereof).

With each peice of content you produce, you need to know what you want the consumer to do so that you can effectively measure your work. From your blog post, do you want them to click through to your AVehicle Detail Pages? If so, be sure to include a relevant and eye-catching call to action that instructs them to do so.

Resources from this episode:

Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 027:How To Take Control Of Your Brand With A Personal Website w/ Robert Wiesman

About this session:


In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast Robert Wiesman is flying solo!

Michael Cirillo the other half of team DPB is under the weather and not able to contribute but fear not Robert still delivers the thunder! 

Recently there was a article on (by a unheard of contributor) suggesting that building a "personal brand" was a waste of time and your energy and focus should be directed to branding your product or service. 

That message could not be more wrong and oddly enough the article is not even available on their blog anymore.

That article struck a chord here at DPB so that is what we are going to discuss in this session. 

Taking control over your personal brand and doing so with the power and magic of a high quality personal website for car sales professionals. 


Key Takeaways:


- Why todays car sales professional needs a personal website.

- Common mistakes done on most sales professionals websites.

- 8 key ingredients for a car pro's personal website. 


Session Resources & Links:


Check out the ultimate car sales professional digital marketing solution click here.


Get subscribed to "The Dealer Playbook" and never miss a session by subscribing here. 



For more on building your power house personal brand check out DPB session 18 where our very own Robert Wiesman dives even deeper into personal branding here.

Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 026: The 3 M's of Automotive Marketing w/ Mathew Koenig

"The only way to make a ridiculous amount of money is to serve people well."

 Matt Koenig

 Welcome to "The Dealer Playbook" podcast session 26 where once a week auto dealers get real strategies that get results. 

In this session Robert Wiesman and Michael Cirillo sit down and chat with Matt Koenig founder of Konig Co a leading mobile marketing agency that connects auto dealers with more buyers. 

The topic of todays session is what Matt calls "the 3 M's of Automotive Marketing". 

What are the "3 M's" ?

- Millennials 

- Mobile 

- Minorities

If todays auto dealer can get a good grasp on those 3 M's, they will sell more cars. 

The largest increase in new car sales last year came from latino buyers. 

The crazy thing about that is even dealers who 80% of their showroom traffic are of hispanic decent, have zero marketing dollars allocated targeting that customer segment. 

That is just one of the "3 M's" !

Here is what you will learn more about

- How to market to and sell more cars to minorities

- What is the secret to selling to millennials

- The importance of "mobile" strategy

Matt breaks down "The 3 M's of Automotive Marketing" and so much more in DPB session 26.

Want more from Matt Koenig?

Check out Matt Koenig's website here

Connect with Matt on Twitter here

Follow Konig Co on Facebook here

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We want to hear it all. 

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