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Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 021: Your SEO Questions Answered w/Rand Fishkin

"You need to have a website that serves your audience"

Rand Fishkin

In the automotive industry especially we hear so much conflicting information when it comes to your websites SEO (search engine optimization) and what makes it even worse a good majority of the information dealers receive regarding SEo are just well flat out wrong. 


That being the case the team here at "The Dealer Playbook" wanted to deliver you REAL SEO strategies that will deliver your dealership REAL results. 


So for session number 21 Robert and Michael sit down with the undisputed and world renowned SEO and content marketing expert Rand Fishkin the founder of Moz a SEO/Marketing agency based out of Seattle Washington. 


SEO is always a hot topic for most automotive dealers and sometimes it can get overwhelming and just plain confusing. Rand breaks down advanced SEO strategies for car dealers in a language and manner that is easy for anyone to digest. 


It was a great honor to have a conversation with Rand Fishkin and this session is jam packed with  priceless information to kick your websites SEO to whole new levels and dominate the search engines. 



What you will learn from Rand Fishkin 


- What your website NEEDS to do 


- The truth about getting your content ranked 


- Identifying the right content strategy for you 


- The scoop on Googles latest search engine update "Pigeon" 


- The direction and future of online search 



 What you see above is just a taste of the wealth of awesome information SEO expert Rand Fishkin unleashed on us in this session. 


The DPB team certainly hopes you took as much value from this session as we did and the best part is you can listen to it again or make sure your team member in charge of your dealerships SEO checks it out. 


Links and resources mentioned in this session


Rand Fishkin's blog


Moz Blog / Whiteboard Friday Videos


Moz Beginners Guide To SEO 


Barnacle SEO Video That Michael Mentioned


Connect With Rand On Twitter 




We want to hear your questions and comments about SEO!!!


Sound off below in the comments section with your input, opinions and questions below and we will keep the conversation going and or get answers to all your questions. 




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Thank you for dialing into this session of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast. 


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Thanks for the love and see you next time :)



Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 020: Driving More Sales By Building A Massive Customer Database w/ Tom Vann

"Dealers have been so focused on analyzing data, we forget about the magic that happens between people"

Tom Vann 

There are so many great trainers in the automotive industry that have so much great information that can grow your business. 


 Today on "The Dealer Playbook" podcast session 20 we sit down with not only a very unique and creative sales trainer but also a very successful active dealer. 


 Tom Vann founder of VSM Training has been a dealer for many many years. In a small town of 9000 people he was able to sell 174 Million dollars worth of retrial vehicles! 


 In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast Tom Vann discusses some of the key strategies he uses in his dealership to reach those ground breaking numbers.



What you can expect to learn more about in this session 


 - The key strategy he used to explode his business


 - The VSM Selling Methodology 


 - Why your sales staff needs to focus on building a database of contacts


 - Tips on how to build a power house database 



All of that plus so much more in this ground breaking session 20 of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast. 


Tom Vann has some very unique strategies that are not hard or costly to implement that well you see how well they worked for him. 


Get more from our friend Tom Vann


Connect with Tom by checking him out at 


Learn more about his unique training programs and get signed up for his free video series right here



Now we want to hear from you


Have you tried any of the outside the box tactics Tom discussed? Did you receive any value from this session? What would you like more of? What would you like less of? 


What you have to say means so much so sound off below and lets keep the conversation rolling! 


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See you next time on "The Dealer Playbook" podcast. 



Episode · 6 years ago

Andrew Myers: The 5 Step Automotive Video Sales Process


Video is hot with consumers and we all know it. You, us, everyone is engaging in online video most likely on a regular basis right? 


So many of us today are using video "in our business" but are we really using it "in our business"? 


It is one thing to have a library of good videos, then it is a whole other having a solid strategy on what to do with those videos.


DPB session 18 we sit down with Andrew Myers of What's Next Media, a automotive video firm to talk not so much about video creation but more so video strategy. 


The reason why Andrew is perfect for this session is he has a easy to implement video strategy and dealer can execute on their own. 


This proven strategy is 5 steps that Andrew reviews in detail on the session


1. Introduction - 3rd Party Vehicle Listings

2. Short Story - Your Webpage/Presence

3.Presentation - Your First Response/BDC

4.Close - The In-Store Experience

5.Rehash - CRM & Remarketing/Retargeting


Do those steps sound familiar? Well I should hope, it is only the showroom sales process that has been trained by many for many years. 


So why not do that exact same strategy, but use video to provide the experience? 


Hit the download button and get dialed into this value packed session about video strategy. 


So you have some videos now?? What are you going to do with them? 


Get more from our friend Andrew Myers from What's Next Media at the links below. He is all in when it comes to video for sure. 


Whats Next Media Website


Andrew's Facebook 


Email Andrew 


We want to hear from you


Sound off below with questions, opinions, facts, ideas, hate, whatever it is we love to hear from ya :)


The Dealer Playbook loves you for spending some of your valuable time with us. 


Keep Making Things Happen. 



See you next week, close the month strong!

Episode · 6 years ago

Robert Wiesman: How To Build Your Car Sales Brand And Create A Monster Business

The automotive sales industry is such a lucrative opportunity for any one who is willing to do whatever it takes and has the entrepreneur state of mind. That goes for the GMs, ISMs, Sales Mangers, F&I Managers, Showroom Sales Pro's, and even the Dealer him/herself. That being said in todays session "The Dealer Playbook" episode 18 we turn the table and Michael Cirillo sits down with co host Robert Wiesman to talk about thinking and operating like a entrepreneur as well as building a power house brand. Robert goes over some super valuable nuggets and strategies that the majority of automotive sales professionals are completely missing the boat on in such a lucrative industry with high ticket price tag items. Quick Preview Of Some Of This Sessions "Power Bombs" - How to not be another "Car Guy/Gal" - How whether you are actively building a brand or not you are building a brand - Quick start up steps for building a personal brand the right way - The power of video and why you need to make them, if you are already, why you need to make more, and make them better. (even if you are scared of the camera) - How to know what videos you should be making All that is just a taste of the information you will get in this session of "The Dealer Playbook". The great news for you is that stepping your game up to the levels discussed and properly building a professional and quality brand (most that are doing it are not doing it right, sorry) in your market, is easier then you think. Thats because no one is doing it or they are doing it wrong. If you are a sales professional chances are your dealership and surrounding dealerships are doing a poor job. All that means is it will be easier for YOU to get your shine on, stand out in the market and be the credible authority expert when it coms to investing in a new vehicle in your market. Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Have you downloaded your free copy of Robert's "Mobile Video Creator Resource Guide" ? Save yourself tons of time and money by knowing the best tools and resources to create high quality video with your mobile phone on the fly. Get your FREE copy here: Click below to check out Robert Wiesman's all new podcast "Automotivepreneur Academy" that is dedicated to automotive professionals who are looking to build a powerful business within a business. Click here to check it out: You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us. Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice. Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going. See you next time ;)