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2015 Canadian Digital Dealer Review


Session 68 of DPB is a special edition and something new for us as well as you.

The great people at the Trillium Automotive Dealers Association (TADA) which is based out of Ontario invited team DPB to their amazing one day power session for dealers in Toronto called “Canadian Digital Dealer”. 

Our friend Brent Wees who was the events MC got us hooked up with TADA and we got together to do something new for all of us over at DPB. We did this session live at Canadian Digital Dealer and we were able to get exclusive interviews with some of the elite speaker list and you can hear it all hear at DPB.

Big shout out to our new friends at TADA for making us seem so welcome. Great work guys!

Here is a quick preview of the speakers we sat down with.

Alan H Byrd from SCI Market View:

Alan Byrd is the President & Chief Executive Leader of SCI Market View, who specializes in automotive lead management.

Alan brings some super powerful insight when it comes to many aspects of a dealership and its digital strategy. He brings a lot of experience to the table and was a great interview.

Christi Olson of ISEM Consulting:

Prior to founding iSEM Consulting, she was the Director of Search at Point It, one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest independent search marketing agencies.

Christi has worked at both large enterprise clients and small start-ups including Expedia, Harry & David, Pointmarc, and Microsoft.

Christi recently broke out onto her own and started her own agency but she is the former head of  search for Microsoft. Christi delivers some super valuable insights when it comes to your paid ads strategy and she is for real a true expert.

That is just a preview of the content you will get in this super fun 2 part series.

Check Out TADA

Get connected with the insanely awesome people at TADA and make sure if you are a Canadian listener you think about attending the next one.

TADA Website

You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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... because we value you so much as a listener, we have a free gift just for you. Head on over to the dealer playbookcom lead and get instant access to your copy of the secret dealership lead generation blueprint. This is going to help you discover the six simple steps that will help you get more high quality car buyers, all on autopilot, and it's completely free. Head on over to the dealer playbookcom lead and get yours now. Now back to business. This is the dealer playbook. Hey, there, what's going on? You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, session sixty eight. Holy Crap, it feels good to be back behind this microphone. My name is Michael Cirillo, joined by Robert Wiseman. What's going on, buddy? What's up? Man? You know what, I should have just took this one off. Man, it's at back for a little bit and I was scrambling on these last two by myself. I missed you, you know what. And it's funny, like for people that don't podcast and don't have this mic in their face, you know, at least a couple times a week. It's funny that when you're behind it, like I was sitting there, I'm like, Oh man, you know, I'd hit Robert Up and I'd be like Yo, dude, I'm slammed with this and I want to be there and you actually feel like something's, you know, missing a little bit. So it's good to be back. You know, appreciate you guys for chat. I can this out. This is kind of a cool episode because we had the privilege, privilege recently of attending the Tada Canadian digital dealer conference, that's The trillium Auto Dealer Association conference. They were gracious enough to reach out to Robert and I and say, Hey, Yo, we're always looking for cool ways that we can provide value for the attendees and for the Association and you know, we'd love to have you guys out and kind of, do you know, a special episode. We've got these cool speakers that that are coming out...

...and talking about a variety of topics. So what we have here today that you guys are going to hear are really cool interviews where we got to sit down with the speakers some really phenomenal content that they delivered kind of behind the scenes. After the show where we sit down, we get to just sit with them for a few minutes ask them some really cool questions to recap the topic that they top talked about. But it was cool how much you know, I don't know about you, dude, but I feel like just in those short, you know, ten fifteen minute, you know, sit downs that we had with these people, they just they just they drop so many power bombs. So that's what you're going to hear today. Everybody was really comfortable and it just one really good it was a cool format. Definitely do that. We were like to do it again. We have play do it a yeah, we had this cool room they set us up in, you know, nice comfy chairs all over the place. We set we set a camera up, and so there's going to be some video content that accompanies this at some point. But let's get this thing kicked off right now by bringing you into a couple of the sit downs that we had from Canadian digital dealer conference. This is going to be part one of this DPB Tada special. We'll call it. Part two is going to be coming soon, but we just wanted to bring this content to you in an easy to consume way. We didn't want it to take a lot of time. You know, we recognize that you guys are listening to this in your morning commuter or if whether you're at the gym or whatever it is that you're doing. So we wanted the power bombs in the nuggets to be as contained as possible. So you're going to want to stay tuned for part two of our, you know, dpb, Canadian digital dealer addition. And then, of course, like I mentioned, we've got all that video content and what we've done is we've we've brought you the bite size nuggets in this audio version, which we know you're going to enjoy, but we also have the extended cut which we're going to bring to you via video content. So stay tuned by checking regularly back to our website at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom. And for now let's just dive right into this episode of DPEB. There we go. All right,... we're sitting down with the chief executive leader of SCI market view, Mr Elm bird. Then, so much for taking a few minutes with us here at Canadian digital dealer. My pleasure. Hey, so, your presentation was phenomenal. You mentioned something that stuck out to me and I wanted to just pick your brain on it a little bit more. You made a comment about how, typically in this space, and I sometimes call it the vacuum, how vendors kind of dictate what you should be, especially when it comes to online. But you made a coming. You said don't don't pay too much attention, essentially, to what vendors say, that you should be in focus more on who you think or who you should be when it comes to online. What do you mean by that and what's the thought process? I mean sick. Success in any industry, in any in any company isn't defined by doing one thing one way, exact the way everybody else does it. So when vendors come to you and and they recommend or suggest ways, you need to customize it to what works for you. A vendor's job is to support your strategy. Your job isn't to support the vendors strategy. Sure so, and that comes with knowledge, it comes with getting intimate with your business, with understanding the new technologies out there a lot of automotive dealerships where they're not intimate with it, they can't really challenge it. And the analogy that I've used for is when we were all kids, our parents wanted us to do something and they generally offered it up. Well, the end of the day, we needed to be who we are right and I would say dealerships are exactly the same way. Use vendors. Vendors are great, that you can't live without them, but make sure that they're there to support you, that you aren't there to support them. We were just having a conversation about this recently. We were in Charlotte just recently and we talked about that relationship that needs to, you know, exist between a dealer and a vendor, and... of the suggestions that we made was the way you pick your vendors is if you can look them in the eye and say, do you sincerely want me to be successful? I agree with that group that a hundred percent. I I also think that when you first meet the vendor, if they don't spend the first twenty minutes or half an hour asking you questions about your strategy and all they want to do is to tell you about theirs, you might want to look out for that. But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you forget about what it is and another thing that I see is as a problem and a challenge as you go to a lot of the events in in Automo of industry, the conferences and things that they go to, and I mean not to like, I'm not, you know, pulling the curtain back when anything there, but it's a lot of the the person that's speaking and delivering information, they own a company, their vendor and they probably, and I had says, paid for that opportunity, because actually that's some cases, and then they're presented as this expert here to these dealers out there, and then their message is always curve back to of course, and can't blame they're paying for the opportunities. Curve back to what it is they do. So what's the how is that that dealer, that or salesperson, anybody that's that's at these things looking for information, looking for the next, you know, partner? How did they, you know, weed out that? You know, if everything sounds fine and Dandy, these people that I obviously trust because I paid the come here, I left my store, I'm in the hotel in Vegas for a week wherever. How did they route out like that? You know, what's a stratagy to get through that. Well, I first of all, and I curved a little bit about it today, but a lot of people in the audience day were marketing managers or Internet marketing managers for dealerships. So what what what happens is there's somebody here that becomes an expert or is has had some experience or is a vendor that's, you know, selfishly trying to sell their own product and the digital marketing...

...manager then goes back to the dealership and now has to try and resell it to the dealer principle. Well, the reality is the deal principle should be here and the general manager should be here and they should be asking a lot of great questions to any vendor. I would consider our company to do well and interesting. When I spoke today, most people still probably don't know what we do, which is great because that's not what I'm here for, but that the dealer principle needs to be able to go to that vendor and hold them accountable and and we don't have if there's thirty five hundred new car dealerships in Canada and seventeen thousand in the US, I can tell you a lot of them that aren't good customers for us because their strategy isn't a line to the services that we bring. So, you know, every vendor isn't right for every store. And and and I think it's it's it's ultimately the dealer, principal or general managers responsibility to be able to hold that vendor accountable and ask them the right questions and understand it well enough. And they just don't. They just and to me, if you look at on a nation or you look at all the big players out there trying to buy stores, what are they harp on? They harp on. I heard my Jackson say it last year. We spend five hundred million dollars a year on it. You know what, dealerships don't need to spend that much money and Ike. They just need to understand it. Yeah, and through the fear right, a lot of dealers are saying I'm out right, I can't this, I'm out yeah, and and they're getting driven this fear from the big players that want to buy up the stores. You can be a great small, I don't want to use the word mom pocus. Some of them can be as advanced to or businesses as you'll find. You could be a small niche player in a community and do a great job electronically. Yeah, the there's tools out there that are available and if you own it and you understand it and you hold your team accountable for it, it can be a great customer experience, a lot better than the big store that paid ten, ten million dollars to... it. Where can the that those listening and where can they find? So if you people connect with me, the organization's called Sei mark viewcom or Sei market view. We can be found at SIM mark fewcom. I can be emailed at a bird, just set it sounds, at Sei market fewcom, just how it sounds. I do have a twitter handle, Alan H bird, that I can be found at all. So I'm active, not as active. We have a business account. I love tweeting because I think it's really interesting and I like to be involved in any of the technologies out there. That just and it's actually old technology, but I'm sure they can reach out to me at any time. Awesome. precate so much. Thank you guys. Have a good up. Appreciate okay, so we're sitting down now with our new friend Christy from, I seem consulting the founder. Okay, and you're speaking here at Canadian digital dealer, which is super exciting. Great turnout this. You've done two sessions now. First of all, what's your what's your what's The vibe you're picking up on? It's been great. They're talking their pet audience is very engaged. They're really learning quite a bit and you can tell just how the questions people are asking and having people raise their hand to say, Hey, give me more insight about this before you move on. Right, really, and you have experience. You spoke at a digital deal or in Tampa one point. Correct, YEA, an April this year. Yeah, cool, and fellow West Coaster. Correct. Okay, so check this out. I mean a top your topic is something that really resonates with us. Strategy. You know, we always talk about how you shouldn't do anything until you understand what your objective is, what you hope to accomplish and that you've taken enough time to plan. What's your thoughts? I agree with that, but I also would say is don't wait to have the perfect strategy, because then you're never going to move forward. Start off... thinking about what you're going to do, what your goals and objectives are, and then start so that way you can see what's working, what's not working and can it's a continual cycle for planning. So you don't have to be perfect. You don't have to have every little detail written down before you get started. Start with some objectives, especially in the dealer space where right now they're starting with they know they want to be in the space, but they are still learning as they go. You don't have to have it perfect. Just just start. Don't write, wait, dominate, don't Wat. So many so you have. I know you have a lot of experience with what was might. You worked with Microsoft and a bunch of other Seattle technology companies. Now small companies like Microsoft and that, but you so looking at the from the dealership and you're speaking of you you're engage with a lot of dealers looking from like the dealership angled then to like Microsoft in different businesses. We talk a lot about that. Everybody talks about automotive marketing like it's its own sector, like it's like you should. It's done differently than anything. Car Shoppers aren't real people, they're just car shot because the robots, yeah, the robots that hid it are the same people that any other busin anything, any other business that you're helping and putting a strategy, and I mean it's the same market. It really, I mean, because those people that you're trying to you know, engage with through Microsoft or work through any of the businesses that you work with. I mean they buy cars. I mean, yes, same person, which is but exactly same. So I worked to Expedia as well. And if you think of traveling, who who is a travel enthusiast? Everyone? Everybody like to take vacation, everybody'd like to travel. It's the same thing in the automotive space. Most people are going to buy a car at some point in time, and so I would consider the marketing. It's not automotive specific. Now there's going to be tools and technology to help the automotive space that are going to be different and suited directly for dealerships. That will differ, but you're still thinking about building a persona of who the right consumer is, understanding your brand, outstanding your Om to say, Oh, I'm Hun Day. I'm probably not targeting beyonce to buy... Hunda. She might be looking at something like a tesla or a and that changes may a little more expressive. It changes its ASPER macan model, turn it within each like within the mid Oh yeah, so, yeah, and it's like that with any line of business. Your you have to figure out who is your target audience, who's your target market, and you develop your strategy, you develop your marketing around that individual. Okay, so, Hersona to that. Is that where you would say around this concept of don't wait, just like let's get doing something? Is that where you would suggest the starting point is like hey, sit down and think about who you're trying to reach out to or that's a great question. So I, as I talk today, sort of had five steps you want to think about before you before you get started. One of those identifying your goals and your key performance indicators, figure out who you should target, understanding your brand and falling up with Jim said about having a brand identity, of brand voice. Sure, knowing what differentiates you from your competitors, especially important in the dealer space and persona. Goes back to the audience and then getting getting it on paper. Where do you want to go? What channels make sense for what you're trying to accomplish? Then delve into your strategy. Also, do you have budget? If you don't have money, most of the marketing channels that are out there probably aren't going to be the best fit because you have to spend some money in order to participate in the auction or to pre proticipate in the space. So there and then dive into each other's channels and figure out where you want to go. So, as far as marketing goes digital, should dealers be focused more on a digital versus traditional marketing? Should there be a mix between the two? Here's an example. I was on a flight recently and of course they have those magazines and they've got the car dealer adds in them with no other information other than what the vehicle is. What's your thought on that? Should we be trying harder to bridge the gap between that traditional medium to online, or have you seen more just strictly offline has worked? And... know where I'm going to know exactly where you're going with it. What I'd say is you need both. If you think of you're in marketing, their fee. If you went to school and study marketing, they have the line. Yeah, the line, and marketing of above the line you have the lower above the line, mass media awareness. It's really hard to measure. Those are your things like radio, television, Bill Paper Boards, newspapers. Yeah, you can get some high level men tricks, but it's hard to say, Oh, when we put that one ad in Air Canada's magazine, that that add drove x number of sales. remains. It's really hard to measure it. You want that from an awareness perspective. And if you get rid of all the awareness pieces of your marketing campaign and only stick to really specific, direct intent base marketing, which is typically digitals below the line, sure it's like going to be squeezing blood from a turn up because people won't know who you are. All right, you are going to get much out of it if you kill your upper funnel. Yeah, you still have that awareness piece which is top of your marketing funnel. And then you want to use the digital as that sort of below the line, easier to measure. You can get a lot more metrics, you have a lot more analects and tracking of what people are doing. You want to tie them together. You want to use either point to the website, point to a Hashtag, something that you can get the p person from the above the line media too. Then go digital or direct them directly to the store or call something that is trackable okay. So last question is how do the listeners get in touch with you if they want to learn more information? Perfect well, as I mentioned, I'm founder of I see IM consulting. I just started off on my own. I has been an agency the last year in half and got a website. I seem Consultingcom, and you can also reach out to me at Christy Christi at Isicem consultingcom. All right, there you have it. That was Alan Bird, the chief executive leader at Sci market view, as well as Christy Olsen, the founder of I seem consulting, to phenomenal speakers...

...with exceptional content from the Canadian digital dealer conference put on by the Tad a big shot out to our new friends todd and Liz, who put on just a really extremely awesome, awesome show jampacked with with content. Now that's exactly why you want to stay tuned for part two of this. You Know Tada Conference. Addition, you know of DPB, because in the next episode, in part two, we're going to give you access to sit downs that we had with a couple more of the guest speakers. You definitely want to stay tuned for that. And then, of course, like I said pre show. You know, we are putting together the video content which is going to give you access to the full, extended version of the interviews that we've just let Gian on in this episode of DPB. So check out the website regularly for updates on those triple w dot the dealer playbookcom and, of course, we'd love to get you access to the show notes where you can reach out to Alan and Christie through the comments at triple w dot the deal with playbookcom. Forward slash sixty eight. Until next time. Guys, thanks so much for listening in. It means so much to us. We'd love a review from you on Itunes, reach out to us on twitter at the dealer playbook or at dealer playbook sorry, and then, of course, on facebook by searching for the deal with playbook. Until next time. We'll catch you later.

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