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The Dealer Playbook

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4 Online Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without



DPB is back with session 58 and we are pumped up! 


So sorry for missing you last week, we suffered I guess you could say some technical difficulties but “The Dealer Playbook” is back with some serious fire for you to update your toolbox! 


In this session it is Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman unleashing 4 amazing tools that will get things “on and popping” for your business. 


Michael and Robert discuss 4 advanced marketing tools that the savviest of the savviest marketers are implementing into their businesses. Both Michael and Robert use some if not all of these tools. 


Now you’re about to get 4 game changing tools but it gets better… There is actually a checklist of 12 yes you heard me right 12 total lethal tools that will help you grow your business. 


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Let’s dive in and see exactly what these 4 tools are and what they do for you. 


Four Tools That Will Help Car Pro’s Dominate Online


1. Hemingway


One of the biggest reasons team DPB hears why car sales people are not blogging or creating content, is because they are not confident in their writing skills. Sound about right? 


This tool nips that excuse in the bud! Check this one out and add it to your toolbox. 


Check out Hemingway (link)


2. LeadPages 


LeadPages is one of the best tools out there! This bad boy makes it easy like the “Easy Button” to create landing pages, opt in pages, and sooooooo much more. 


This is one of our favorite tools and it is super easy to use. 


Check out LeadPages (Link)


Check out "The Dealer Playbook" Podcast session 41 with Lead Pages Conversion Educator Tim Paige here.


3. Soovle 


This wicked tool will make it easy to get suggestions from the search engines on what people in your market are searching for online. 


Based off the keywords you are targeting Soovle will spit you back additional suggestions of problems or questions your market place is online looking for. 


It is like a crystal ball for the internet… And it’s FREE! 


Check out Soovle 


4. Fiveer 


If you have not tapped into Fiverr yet you are missing out! You can farm out so many pain in the rear tasks there for great prices that will be better than what your doing now! Sorry but just trying to show you the value of this tool. 


Fiver can take some must do tasks off your plate. 


Check out Fiverr


There you go 4 of 12 advanced marketing tools that you can start using to grow your brand and business right now. 


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This book will show you what exactly to do with these 12 tools and “How To Get It On & Popping! 


You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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You're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autotealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your hosts Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, Hey,what's going on you're listening to the dealer, playbook podcast session, fiftyeight, where every single week we're sitting down with power players in andout of the automotive industry, for you, todday's Autom, otive professionals. Myname is Michael Sirilo, I'm joined by my partner in crime, Robert Weisman,the gruff side kick what's going on pal, the rounside kick what's going on mand,like I'm sitting here about forty minutes in trying to knock out this.You know short that oawe planned on doing with Michael Thinking too hardabout it. If you guys only do really what goes into some of these one day,it just flows another day it doesn't, but I am pomped man and I'm glad to beback. Man Miss last week, technical difficulties. I guess we could call ita from one of your confidanxs, you knowso much fun putting on these shows.Let me just turn off my cell phone here, because my wife's trying to give me acall. You know what, like you said, some days: It's pumping some days. Wegot to put a little bit more work into it, nonethe less man. I tell you theweeks that we get to just sit down and crack these things out. We have so muchfun doing it. We love the fact that you guys are listening, half an Lau. Welaugh, I mean it. If only w were just in tears, we Gott like his ut. I thinkwe got to open up a to it to a special VIP list or something just the afterthe preshow and after show. Some people can just hear us. I don't know man, Idon't think we'd have many friends left if we did that. Probably true, that's probably H.Nonetheless, thanks so much for hanging out with us for a few minutes today wewanted to jump in and bring you guys a quicky episode, that's just going togoing to reveal some really cool things that we want to get you access to, sothat you can take your digital marketing to the next level. You knowthese are tools that I use that Robert uses. These are tools that other seven,eight, nine and ten figure Info priners and seleprinters and online marketersare using, and so we wanted to just give you access to these and then, ofcourse, stay tuned for the shownotes at the end of the show er, because we'regoing to link you up with where you can get access to the fullest today, we'rejust talking about you- know four tools for out of how many on the full welltwelve, on the full last twelve, so doe't. What we did was we dove in andwe picked out for that that, based off of you know the majority of you knowwhat I mean know what you do that you no that's listening. So we pick thefour power players and here's the thing like these things are working and inthe tolbox of the biggest and the best marketers in the industry. But yet isin the automotive. You know. Sector Yeah, which is marketing, is marketingWat MA times we talk about that, but in the automotics ot automotive sector.Pardon me, you don't hear a lot about them right, yeah. You know it's kind offunny. The automotive industry is unique because we have all thesewebonars. We have all these conferences, we have all of these. You knowresources, even this podcast. We talked about this every now and again, and youknow what we're all aiming to do is provide you with tools and resources.But then you look at you know you look at different conferences out there.Sometimes they'll pull in guests from outside the auto industry, just to addin some perspective, because you know it's like you said: Marketing ismarketing these tools. You know like, like we said Robert and I use them, andwe know that they work, they're, tried, tested and proven, and so we want to beable to give you guys access to them as well, so that you're not just leavingaway. You know coming out of this with things that theoretically should work,but things that we've really tested for a long time that we know are going to get you someresults tools that build brands and build businesses and that's exactlywhat everybody, no matter, what you're doing right now, listening you're doingthat you're building a brand and building a business exactly and thesetools make that easier yeah for sure.

So you know if you got nothing else, I saywe jump into these four tools, like you said four tools that will get you onand popping on and Wal appen. Yes, let's were in right, let's Doi, so,okay, first tool, hope you got a pin and paper you're taking? U, no! Youdon't have to Michael these people are driving they're in the mix. Listendon't worry about it. We are going to give the all these to you on the SilverPlatter, at the dealer, playbook Posi a ever flash. Fifty eight so don't write.He till listen to michelhe's GOTTO. Try to he's trying to get you injured andhur stoping. What you're doing just listen enjoy that video? Definitelydon't take my advice right now, but take my advice on these tools. That'sit that's! It go right right her there we go. Let the list there and we alwaysforget. You know when you're listening to the show you can pauseit wheneveryou want to. So that's that's non okay, so check it out. First Tol I want tolet everybody know. This is like a little secret gem, especially if youknow you're writing a blog or you know you want to get some landing pagecontent or content pages on your website, some of th, the notorious mistakes thatwe make is it when it comes to online is grammar. You know punctuation,spelling all caps, all of that kind of crap,that we see all the time that you know what believe it or not. You'R onlineconsumers are just not digging like they. Just don't like that, a tool that I use that, I think, isreally cool and it's I think it's only like six bucks for the full version.It's called hemming way UPP. You know I'm guessing cleverly named afterErnest Hemingway, but ernest you know, but what it does is, as you type it,it's really cool how they've done it, but as you type it helps you with yoursentence structure. It shows you where you're kind of making some grammarerrors. It also points out like what t the standard or average reading levelof your documentis. So you know yeah. I mean it pretty crazy. So when I, when Iuse hemingway up and I'm writing content- and you know a little insidersecret, I used hemingway up a large portion of it to help edit my book. It was really cool. Oh, you have a boyyeah. You know that book, but it was. It was really cool to be able to get inthere and take sentences that I thought read really well and throw them inthere and have it be like holy smo. No, this is university level. Reading comprehension and I didn't wantto do that. It was more important for me a and it should be the aim when youproduce content, especially written content, that it's going to besomething that gets read. That should be your primary focus and if it's at areading level, that's too high, I would suggest that you kind of aim for that. You know believe it or not, but thatkind of Nineo tenth grade reading level, and then you know at least that you'regoing to have something that is a super quick read for people that have highreading comprension, but then you're going no have something. That's adecent read for you know people that may not have that same level. Readingcomperention again, you know if you look at Google and all their algorithms,their whole objective is to just produce really incredible content helppeople get in touch with content that will enrich their lives and sometimes itgets lost in translation. It's like we almost start writing content andproducing content specifically for search engines, because we want to getranked, but the search engine is really just trying to find content that peoplewill enjoy an and hemmingwayis. Definitely a great resource for thatnow now something like this, which I mean I'm the first to admit like I'mone of the you know top people out there that you know the grammar is youknow when it comes, especially when it comes to writing it, but I've luckily had people that I runit through through major things through edits and whatnot. But you know it'sfunny because, like this is still a good tool, but again it's like thepunctuation and so much about that. I mean it's not as crucial wha andcorrect me if I'm wrong serilla that...'s not as majorly crucial as it oncewas, but this tool was still too cheap and to effective, not to you know atleast yeah give. I I mean right, here's what I'll say to that. I think that you know people hide behind a lot oflayers of excuses to not do something I mean like we look at the first ebookthat I wrote and people told me when, when I wrote that- and I kind ofpresented it to a few people- Tho ere like maybe you should you know, maybeyou should think about like a creative writing course or something you k o.You know and I for a while use that as an excuse to not publish this thing.You know, and I look back, I feel kind of sheepish when I, when I look at that,you know and flip through the pages of that e book th, the problem is the onlycaviact there is that by just getting it out there and doing the that this iswhat I'm trying to say do the best that you can. If there are spelling andgrammaraers in there, then so be it. The difference is that your competitionis, you know, has those same things rolling through their head and they'reusing that as an excuse to not dominate, and you can just you know, whilethey're sitting there, you know figuring out how to be perfect and comeacross perfect year out there and popping you know and and Ryou're movingforward, and and so that's what I will say to that, I mean no, it's not theball end. All. What I do say is you know. Obviously you want to overdelivervalue so do the best you can, but don't let these small things hold you back h,absolutely it's something that it like, with with an applay, coming way at theinvestment of an applay coming way you might as well. You know you're notgoing to lose people, because it's spelled right, no yeah, I mean eitherexactly exactly so. Just a you know a cheap tool. They do have a free version.They even have a OA to it in the show you gonna link to it in the show andowso check those out Ford. Fifty eight, but you know just a really cool tool,so we want to bring that to you the next one, well real quic before we goto the next one. The importance of something like Cemingway is is becauseyou might be thinking man. This tool doesn't have any value to me, becauseI'm not posting a block boast of this and that well, that's the first problemthis Na Post. You need to be yes, you have to be putting out. You know,content of some such and you have to put it out that entertains. Every typeof you know, consumer and people still do consume text exactly okay. So this leads me to the next tool.You know hemming ways a kind of a secret tool that we're letting you getaccess to Ou we're letting you in on, but this next tool is probably thesecret of the secret tools that we're going to share with you today, becauseit's you know Robert and I use it like crazy and other marketers are using itlike crazy. It's called lead pages, and I tell you what like it's one of thebest tools. I think I've come across an in quite some time, because what itdoes is it solves one problem, and that problem is. It makes a really simpleway to create mobile, responsive landing pages and landing pages. I mean,if you have the right offer on a landing page and you drive traffic intothat page. It is by far one of the easiest and best ways for you tocapture more leads. Now we could do a whole training on effective landingpages and maybe that's a that's an idea for a future episode. I'm writing thatyeah, but but the thing is that the the thing that you need to focus on is thatwhen you have a relevant offer, which has to be something that people reallycare about, maybe it's a white paper that you use temingway upto help you write about something right, like top five ways to save money on your next oil change orwhatever, and you get people to opt in on this lead page Kay. So it's a nicecompelling landing page that the whole focus is to get people to opt in to getthis piece of free information, this free report, whatever they opt in forit. You need to understand that that is...

...a lead and it needs to be. You need toengage with them and and and contact them and email market them. Just likeyou would anybody that was submitting a lead on, say, a newer used car orsomething like that. So lead pages. Super Super Awesome tool, piece ofsoftware that you can use it work with any website out there yeah well, thebest part about lead pages is, if I may and again, I'm sure ebody, that'sthat's using it and loves it and shout out to let's flash back what sessionwas that, where we had ther man on it apologize age, yeah, yeah, Tim pagewill link to his session in the show, notes and he's from lead pages. Heactually host their podcast, which will link to that and as well, but when yougo to lead pages site and start looking into it, man there they do such a greatjob of exter, their pros they're, going to explain it to you in ways that youcan understand. Trui ars the best part about LEA pagees. Is it's so easy that,like I can get down on it? You knowsan idol't? It's not what I did the king ofthe NONTECH savies as figure Hous, so I thought I was Michael Caus me the mosttext, the. What is the most text av or the most Nontech Savi tat, avy person,inthese text, avve texr exactly and you know, hat, and it's not a hugeinvestment. It starts O, like thirty seven bucks a month, a lot of reallycool features in there like they have this lead box, which is you know youcan do thats worth it alon a you can do like the exit, intent popups on yoursite. So when somebody's going to like x out of your site, you can get a popup and put a relevant offer in front of them. I mean real real cool stuff andat thirty seven bucks a month to start not not a huge investment and- and Imean really not to be to drop cheap plugs, but at Robert wismancom orMichoaserillacom I mean most links and calls the acxtans you click there areusing lead boxes and pages, etc. So you can, you can see them in action there.You know what I mean. U, we every single week we get people that hit usup on facebook. You Know Messenger on a twitter, instant message or somethinglike that and they're, always like hey what tools are using and that that wasagain one of the reasons why we decided to do this episode and get you accessto these, but I mean this is one of them. Somebody says how did you do thelanding page for your book or How d you do the landing page. You know, Robert,how you do the landing page for your video creation guide and all that kindof stuff, and it's guys it's weed pages, it kind of does it all for you. Youjust have to plug in you know your headline and a couple of graphics andyour and you're you're up and popping you'R, you're, Hon and popping you'reon and Popa Soy Leed paest check it out linked in the show nuts so and thenyeah tim page. That was episode. Forty one will link up to it in the shownotes.I was a super fun episode, okay, so the next next tool here is or of a resour or resource. This oneis, you know, I kind of group them alltogether tools and resources, buthere's one that's really fun. It's called suvlet Soo vle really cool tool,because what it does is it draws on the auto suggest, search feature from youknow: Google and bing and Yaho an Amazon and Youtube and what it does isyou can start using it to do your keyword, research and find out kind ofwhere the levels of interest are across multiple search engines. So say youstarted typing in Ford F. Just that would open up. All of these autosuggest features from all of these different search engines, includingsome ECOMMERCE ites like Ebay or Amazon, and you can get a really cool kind ofglimpse at what your market or what people are searching in that they'reinterested in are what are the most relevant things that people aresearching for. Well, you know I should...

...have. I should have mentioned this onefirst, but you could really use this one to identify where t the the topicsare that people have interest in then you can use hemmingway up to write thatcontent to write that BLOCD Post. Then you use lead pages to get people to optin so, in other words, in order to get access to this content. You're going togive me your contact info and it's going to be in exchange, here's here'ssomething really important understand to jumping back for a minute contactinfo, I'm going to tell you what that is by far more valuable to people thanmoney, and so when you can get somebody toexchange their their identity, essentially for value that you've, provided you knowright there that you've got a hot lead, and so the way you interact with thesepeople needs to just be so top topnots. You need to have a process in place andwhat we can talk about that N in a future episode again, but Souvole, ksouvle is a really really powerful tool to get autosuggest features orsuggestions from search engines. So you know what people are interested in yeahand the best part about this type of tools, Michael and just so like thatthat that person listening an gets. It is these things like we go into thesefine. These, like nobody, knows how to use them like you know what to use themfor, but you don't know necessarily know how to operate on this APP. Theyprovide. First Class, like training and explanation and walk you through holdyour hand pretty much through how to execute on the the tool correct. Yeah Imean souvle is so when you go to it, souvle you're going to be like okay, Idon't know training necessary. It is so like stink and simple. What's that running, it's Freeis tricompletely free! Oh, it's free! Like one hundred percent free, I don't even think there's a link onthe site where you could pay for it. Okay, so wow tlike Everybodat, you knowyeah. I mean that batsybody right, that's in here, should be on that yeah.Regardless of this, is your main takeway. Basically, what this does isit turns the Internet into your little digital digital, Crystal Ball. You can,you can start soovling Peope Su laying people's problems yeah, that's it whatever yeah, it'ssuvlet, Sule, yeah, sozle, ah linked in the show notes, but for free check itout they're going not only going to tell you how to use it. They also goingto tell you you know how what your us, what to use it for as well whith. Iwould assume what their training videos me I'm lucky enough to not have toworry about that kind of stuff yeah. You do. You definitely do yep for sure.Okay last one and then I'm going to roll out of this we've all heard. FIVERFIV ERR. If you haven't heard of it, I mean basically, it's a market place foroutsourcing stuff. So if you have something that you're trying towork on, you know a campaign, maybe you're, trying to push your fourdf nd s,and you want to get something on your website, but you don't have theresources or whatever you can go on to fiveor find a digital. You know agraphic designer who has a high rating and contract them for five ten bucks,something like that to put together in hi, Tim, yeah and, most of the time,the good one you will pay more than five, each, which is still very cheap.They turn around good when you find those high rated ones, but I mean tellthem. I mean like all of this, the everywhere every single one of them,whether you exebute on the hamming way you have souflay. You have lead pages everythingon and popping, but if your design is, you know you just don't. Have Your Duaid any of your own, like user generated graphics, if you're using allthe oem stuff or if you just have poor design, I mean that flushes all of therest down the toilet. My opinion, I...

...mean how I feel about it. I don't knowwhuld, you agree, I mean it. Design definitely has a massive role in youknow: You're the effectiveness of your online marketing, but you know beforewe get too deep in design. I just want to say fiver is: Is Everything likethere's people o there's content writers on there th it's basically amarket place of freelancers who will work for a minimum of five bucks but,like, like you, said, Robert People, you know the really good freelancers onthere will charge a little bit more. They might charge you extra to expediteand here's our top secret little nugget. For you, I mean the Intro to this show right I mean I think we found throughan Acton taier yet and- and I mean so that led to a relationship with afreelancer who we were able to just hit up when we needed to to create eventhat the audio intro like the whole year listening to the dealer playerthing for this show. So there's some win o wallers case, and if you getburned like say you get something back, but you put ten bucks into it and it'snot what you want like you, don't go back and be like, Oh this, if they'retotally off base if it needs a little bit of changes. Okay, that's one thing,but if it's like completely the wrong direction of what you vision, you deadit and just move on it' Han hucks yeah, it's Reay, it's pretty lidiculous likeyou, you now find people on there, that'll break up with your girlfriendor boyfriend for Fiveks, Oerthingon theand and the thing is, is like no oror at the level of what like what we do. What what Michael and myself do? Are wereally using fiver for like graphics and things like that? I'm going to bestraight up with you? No, but it is better than you can't do it allyourself and because you know we're blessed to have a team of people thattake care of that stuff. I mean we have at some points. You know Exat, not forthe company, but for myself personally, I've used teser for semin things, yetoh yeah still for certain things, but I mean, as far as like graphics anddesign no, but it's better than if you have no design skills and it's betterthan you trying to learn how to design. You spend a couple bucks and if itlooks good and get others opinions on it, I'm not saying that everything is ahome run out of there when it comes to specially designed. But it's a good place to go to look as agreat place that can that can help edit your you know. You Know Post and edit your you know,text. That's there's somebodys! You know it's almost your own part timeteam Escentiala for sure, and I mean, and that's the last thing I think I'llhadd to fiver. Is that that's exactly what it is. You can network and grow alist of freelancwers that you can kind of make your offsigt team to get thesethings done, and it's no different than working with any team. You need toclearly set expectations, make sure that you're communicating with themproperly. You know, if, typically, I found in the past oneI've used fivor for a couple of my own. You know personal projects when I didnwhen I got something back that just didn't reflect that individual'sportfolio or previous work that they were showcasing. It was oftentimesbecause I didn't clearly communicate what it is that I was trying to do and-and you know that's something that you need to keep into consideration whenwhen it comes to outsourcing okay, so there you have it. Those are the fourtools that will get you on and pop, in recap those yeah. So I'm just going togo in the in the order that we talked about them. So hemming way right,they've got a free version and a six dollar. I think version that you candownload your computer, but a free web based solution that helps you with yourwriting style and just helps. You simplify things so that people willactually read it. You know, then, we've got lead pages lead pages, one of our top secretnuggets from today. It is just such a powerful tool that any anybody who doesanything worthwhile online they're using lead pages in some way shape orform so definitely go check that out...

...again thirty seven bucks for their fortheir. You know entry level planned Ardi as tor at I mean it's, it's a nobrainer! Then we talked about souvle for your keyword, research and gettinginsights. You know basically turning the Internet into your digital, CrystalBall and then the last one we've talked about is fiver. FIV Err, we're going tolink you to all of these in the shownotes hat trivlew Dia. That's onlyfour of what of twelve yeahts Wolof. U Ot the dealer playbookcom forward!Fifty Eight! So don't worry! You can check them all out there and then, ofcourse, you know you can get access to the full list of twelve. That you knowguys like Robert and I are using every single day to to just take a freakingbite out of out of the Internet. So definitely go check those out Robert.What what do you thinking we hit in a bang on with these yeah? I mean this is a great for righthere and they kind of all kind of acts in each other, and it's you know it'sgreat to find like these are the tools that you need help with, and I meanlike. Don't just take us like go start researching these look into it and,like the more that they're looking into these the more they're going to learnabout them, learn more about in detail, they're going to see visually whatthese things can do and they're going to be like damn. Thank you, Michael andRobert Finally, resources that actually do something yeah, like I'm sick of thetop five resources that everybody else has talked about. These top fiveresources in a particular market like this. would be late, this would be ahumiliating top for in some markets, truefaulse IA to say that. But butthat's that's the that's where I'm gaining my well look, I mean t thebiggest thing with with Rober, and I bet we're trying to deliver to. You iswe're trying to give you real access to things that are really really working.I mean we, you know we want to be astransparent as possible. We want to help you achieve success, whetheryou're, a car sales, professional, a finance manager, general manager,helping with your team, and so we're always looking to give you access tothings that we know have worked, and I mean you know we could have talkedabout these a long time ago. Maybe episode to, but the fact of the matteris we want to be able to just make sure we're bringing you guys, consistent,relevant and and information that works and that we're not selfserving thisinformation to you. You know, like Robert, said, those top five. You know,resources that aren't really resources that we get out there that just end upbeing a sales pitch that you got to buy for a thousandd whatever it is, or fourresources that your competition is not tapping into. You know what I mean andspeaking of tapping into, so I'm going to go into this. So Er were yes Sarilla,I'm Goinna Hide Tacka Lov Oquick. So this is what we need. This is what'sgoing to happen, so obviously, like things that werecovering and talking about here goes back to a lot of my of my friendSerillo heres book that just came out. So this is what I want to do so I am going to if I got to come out ofthe pocket. For these. That's fine, but I'm hoping I wanl I see were so we'regoing to go into this we're going to go to all right. The next five people, thefirst five from the time that this airs, which is going to be easy, be very easyto track the first five people that a go to Itunes, which Serillo I'm goingto actually even provide some additional work. Hopefully we don'thave that, hopefully maybe it's there, but the dealer playbookcom Itunes, hopefully that can take themright to a screen. Can you make that happen right to a to where they cansubsi taking notes? Here? It is a review. I don't know where he's going,they're going to go in and the first five people go to that. LAMG leave areview for the dealer playbook on Itunes and then tweet at the dealer, playbookthat you did that just be like tweet at the dealer, playbook done...

...right after you do it and the firstfive people we will reach out. We will send them each one copy personally,autograph by Michael Surelov, is new book. Don't wait dominate which thesetools and things we talk about here I mean dod. He gives you like the theroad map of really like all right now. You Got Hamming way cool. But what doyou talk about? What do you write about e news hamming way to edit, for you essentially and- and thisbook gives you all of that the whole entire playbook? So if that's al rightwith you Mielan, that's that's a to that appreciate that right. So it'sdeep dealer, playbookcom ITUNES, that'll! You can make that goright to the itune space right. All right, they'll go there just hitreviews and leave a review and then tweet at the dealer. plablejust go at the dealer. Playbook done the first five get a free one on thehouse personally autographed and this thing well step. You up big tip, Lov, aman okay. So if you need those instructions again, rewind PUSHPLA, no,I'm just kidding check them out but put in th yeah we're going to drop it inthe show notes, triplewot the dealer playbookcom forward. Fifty eight manwe'd love to hear from you guys were so glad you keep checking out these shows.You know you guys are the reason we keep doing this. We get so excited whenwe hear from you and we find out things that we've talked about on the show orguess that we've had on the show that you know you've been able to takeinformation from an implement in your workflow. That has helped you so we'dlove to hear your feedback all the time, whether it's leaving a review on Itunes,whether you're hitting us up in you know the comment section. We would justlove to engage with you guys. There send US emails through our contact pagewhatever, but but do it Robert San I'll, stand behind that for sure and love toEl Playbookcom, SLA Itune, it absolutely will get you out of signhathe dealer playbook done done its o. You got to say so thanks a lot guys forchecking out the de or playwook today will catch you guys and next time.

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