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4 Online Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without



DPB is back with session 58 and we are pumped up! 


So sorry for missing you last week, we suffered I guess you could say some technical difficulties but “The Dealer Playbook” is back with some serious fire for you to update your toolbox! 


In this session it is Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman unleashing 4 amazing tools that will get things “on and popping” for your business. 


Michael and Robert discuss 4 advanced marketing tools that the savviest of the savviest marketers are implementing into their businesses. Both Michael and Robert use some if not all of these tools. 


Now you’re about to get 4 game changing tools but it gets better… There is actually a checklist of 12 yes you heard me right 12 total lethal tools that will help you grow your business. 


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Let’s dive in and see exactly what these 4 tools are and what they do for you. 


Four Tools That Will Help Car Pro’s Dominate Online


1. Hemingway


One of the biggest reasons team DPB hears why car sales people are not blogging or creating content, is because they are not confident in their writing skills. Sound about right? 


This tool nips that excuse in the bud! Check this one out and add it to your toolbox. 


Check out Hemingway (link)


2. LeadPages 


LeadPages is one of the best tools out there! This bad boy makes it easy like the “Easy Button” to create landing pages, opt in pages, and sooooooo much more. 


This is one of our favorite tools and it is super easy to use. 


Check out LeadPages (Link)


Check out "The Dealer Playbook" Podcast session 41 with Lead Pages Conversion Educator Tim Paige here.


3. Soovle 


This wicked tool will make it easy to get suggestions from the search engines on what people in your market are searching for online. 


Based off the keywords you are targeting Soovle will spit you back additional suggestions of problems or questions your market place is online looking for. 


It is like a crystal ball for the internet… And it’s FREE! 


Check out Soovle 


4. Fiveer 


If you have not tapped into Fiverr yet you are missing out! You can farm out so many pain in the rear tasks there for great prices that will be better than what your doing now! Sorry but just trying to show you the value of this tool. 


Fiver can take some must do tasks off your plate. 


Check out Fiverr


There you go 4 of 12 advanced marketing tools that you can start using to grow your brand and business right now. 


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This book will show you what exactly to do with these 12 tools and “How To Get It On & Popping! 


You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn

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Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. Andnow your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, what's going on? You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, session fifty eight, where every singleweek we're sitting down with power players in and out of the automotive industryfor you today's automotive professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm joined bymy partner in crime, Robert Wiseman, the gruff sidekick. What's going on, pal, the RUB side kick? What's going on, man? LikeI'm sitting here about forty minutes in trying to knock out this, you know, Short. So that's it's as we planned on doing, with Michael Thinkingtoo hard about it. If you guys only do really what goes into someof these. One day it just flows, another day it doesn't. But Iam pumped, man, and now glad to be back. Man,Miss last week. Technical difficulties. I guess we could call it a fromone of your confidants. You know, so much fun putting on these shows. Let me just turn off myself on here because my wife's trying to giveme a call. You know what, like you said, some days it'spumping. Some days we got to put a little bit more work into it. Nonetheless, man, I tell you, the weeks that we get to justsit down and crack these things out. We have so much fun doing it. We love the fact that you guys are listening ass and laughs.We laugh, I mean only laughs. If only we were just in tears. We gotta like open up. I think we got to open up toit to a special shill VIP list or something, just after the pre showand after show. Some people can just hear us. I don't know,man, I don't think we'd have many friends left if probably true. That'sprobably nonetheless, thanks so much for hanging out with us for a few minutestoday. We wanted to jump in and bring you guys a quickie episode that'sjust going to going to reveal some really cool things that we want to getyou access to so that you can take your digital marketing to the next level. You know, these are tools that I use, that Robert Uses,these are tools that other seven, eight, nine and ten figure info printers andsolo printers and online marketers are using, and so we wanted to just giveyou access to these and, of course, stay tuned for the shownotes at the end of the show were because we're going to link you upwith where you can get access to the fullest. Today we're just talking about, you know, for tools, for out of how many on the fullest? What? Twelve on the full list? Twelve. So definitely what we didwas we dove in and we picked out for that that based off of, you know, the majority of you know what I mean. You knowwhat you do, that you that's listening. So we pick the for power players. And here's the thing, like these things are working and in thetool box of the biggest and the best marketers in the industry. But yetas in the automotive, you know sector, yeah, which is marketing, ismarketing? Well, many times we talk about that, but in theautomotics, automotive sector, pardon me, you don't hear a lot about them, right. Yeah, you know, it's kind of funny. The AutomotiveIndustries unique because we have all these webinars, we have all these conferences, wehave all of these, you know, resources, even this podcast. Wetalked about this every now and again, and you know, what we're allaiming to do is provide you with tools and resources. But then youlook at, you know, you look at different conferences out there, sometimesthey'll pull in guests from outside the auto industry just to add in some perspective, because, you know, it's, like you said, marketing is marketing. These tools, you know, like, like we said, Robert and Iuse them and we know that they work. They're tried, tested andproven, and so we want to be able to give you guys access tothem as well, so that you're not just leaving away, you know,coming out of this with things that theoretically should work, but things that we'vereally tested for a long time that we know are going to get you someresults. Tools that build brands and build businesses, and that's exactly what everybodyno matter what you're doing right now, listen, then you're doing that.You're building a brand and building a business. Yeah, exactly, and these toolsmake that easier. Yeah, for...

...sure. So, you know,if you got nothing else, I say we jump into these four tools,like you said, for tools that will get you on and pop it on. It happened. Yes, let's we're in right let's do this. Sookay, first tool. Hope you got a pain and paper you're taking no, so, no, you don't have to, Michael. These people aredriving or in the mix. Listen, don't worry about it. We aregoing to give the all these two you on the silver platter at the dealerplaybook poss ever flash fifty eight, so they don't write these. Still,listen to Michael. He's gonna try to he's trying to get you injured andher stopping what you're doing. Just listen, enjoy, see that video. Definitelydon't take my advice right now, but take my advice on these tools. That's it. That's it. Go right right here. Here we go. Let the list there and we always forget. You know, when you'relistening to the show, you can pose it whenever you want to. Sothat's that's fun. Okay, so check it out. First tool. Iwant to let everybody know. This is like a little secret gem, especiallyif you know you're writing a blog or you know you want to get somelanding page content or content pages on your website. Some of the the notoriousmistakes that we make is when it comes to online is grammar. You know, punctuation, spelling, all caps, all of that kind of crap thatwe see all the time that, you know what, believe it or not, your online consumers are just not digging like they just don't like that.A tool that I use that I think is really cool and it's I thinkit's only like six bucks for the full version. It's called Hemmingway APP.You know, I'm guessing, cleverly named after Ernest Hemingway, but earnest,you know. But what it does is, as you type it, it's reallycool how they've done it, but as you type, it helps youwith your sentence structure. It shows you where you're kind of making some grammarerrors. It also points out like what the the standard or average reading levelof your document is. So, you know, yeah, I mean itpretty crazy. So when I when I use hemming way APP and I'm writingcontent, and, you know a little insider secret, I used hemming wayAPP a large portion of it to help edit my book. It was reallycool. Oh, you have a boy, yeah, you know that book,but it was it was really cool to be able to get in thereand take sentences that I thought read really well and throw them in there andhave it be like Holy Somo, no, this is university level reading comprehension,and I didn't want to do that. It was more important for me,and and it should be the aim when you produce content, especially writtencontent, that it's going to be something that gets read. That should beyour primary focus. And if it's at a reading level that's too high,I would suggest that you kind of aim for that. You know, believeit or not, but that kind of nine to ten grade reading level,and then you know at least that you're going to have something that is asuper quick read for people that have high reading comprehension, but then you're goingto have something that's a decent read for, you know, people that may nothave that same level reading comprehension. Again, you know, if youlook at Google and all their algorithms, their whole objective is to just producereally incredible content, help people get in touch with content that will in richtheir lives, and sometimes it gets lost in translation. It's like we almoststart writing content and producing content specifically for search engines because we want to getranked, but the search engine is really just trying to find content that peoplewill enjoy and and hemming ways, definitely a great resource for that. Now, now, something like this, which, I mean I'm the first to admit, like I'm one of the, you know, top people out therethat do you know, the grammar isn't you know, when it comes speciallywhen it comes to writing it. But I'm I've luckily had people that Irun it through, through major things, through edits and whatnot. But youknow, it's funny because, like, this is still a good tool.But again, it's like the punctuation and so much about that. I meanit's not as crucial and and correct me...

...if I'm wrong, sorilla, thatit's not as majorly crucial as it once was, but this tool is stilltoo cheap and too effective not to, you know, at least give up. I mean right, here's what I'll say to that. I think that, you know, people hide behind a lot of layers of excuses to notdo something. I mean, like we look at the first ebook that Iwrote and people told me when I when I wrote that and I kind ofpresented it to a few people, they're like, Oh, maybe you shouldyou know, maybe you should think about like a creative writing course or somethinglike, you know, and I, for a while use that as anexcuse to not publish this thing. You know, and I look back,I feel kind of sheepish when I when I look at that, you knowand flip through the pages of that Ebook, that the problem is. The onlycaveat there is that by just getting it out there and doing the thatthis is what I'm trying to say. Do the best that you can.If there are spelling and grammar rors and there, then so be it.The difference is that your competition is, you know, has those same thingsrolling through their head and they're using that as an excuse to not dominate.And you can just, you know, while they're sitting there, you know, figuring out how to be perfect and come across perfect, you're out thereand popping, you know, and and you're moving forward and and so that'swhat I will say to that. I mean, no, it's not thebe all end all. What I do say is, you know, obviouslyyou want to overdeliver value. So do the best you can, but don'tlet these small things hold you back. Absolutely. It's something that it likeyou with with an apple hemming way. At the investment of an apple hemmingway, you might as well you know, you're not going to lose people becauseit's spelled right. No, yeah, I mean either exactly exactly. Sojust a, you know, a cheap tool. They do have afree version. They even have a way to it in the show. You'regoing to link to it in the show notes to check those out. ForwardFifty Eight, but, you know, just really cool to us. Sowe want to bring that to you. The next one. Well, realquickly before we go to the next one. The importance of something like hemming wayis is because you might be thinking, man, this tool doesn't have anyvalue to me because I'm not posting a blog post of this and that. Well, that's the first problem is, you know, mostly you need tobe yes, you have to be putting out, you know, contentof some such and you have to put it out that entertains every type of, you know, consumer, and people still do consume text exactly. Okay, so this leads me to the next tool. You know, hemming waysa kind of a secret tool that we're letting you get access to, we'reletting you in on, but this next tool is probably the secret of thesecret tools that we're going to share with you today, because it's you know, Robert and I use it like crazy and other marketers are using it likecrazy. Is called lead pages and I tell you what, like it's oneof the best tools I think I've come across and quite some time, becausewhat it does is it is solves one problem, and that problem is itmakes a really simple way to create mobile responsive landing pages. And landing pages, I mean if you have the right offer on a landing page and youdrive traffic into that page, it is by far one of the easiest andbest ways for you to capture more leads. Now we could do a whole trainingon effective landing pages and maybe that's a that's an idea for a futureepisode. I'm writing that down. But but the thing is the the thething that you need to focus on is that when you have a relevant offer, which has to be something that people really care about. Maybe it's awhite paper that you used teming way APP to help you write about something right, like top five ways to save money on your next oil change or whatever, and you get people to opt in on this lead page. K.So it's a nice, compelling landing page. The whole focus is to get peopleto opt in, to get this piece of free information, this freereport, whatever they opt in for it.

You need to understand that that isa lead and it needs to be. You need to engage with them andand and contact them and email market them just like you would anybody thatwas submitting a lead on, say, a newer used car or something likethat. So lead pages super, super awesome tool, piece of software thatyou can use. It works with any website out there. Yeah, well, the best part about lead page is, if I may, and again I'msure somebody that's that's using it and loves it and shout out to let'sflash back. What session was that where we had their man on it?I Apologize Age. Yeah, Tim page. Will Link to his session in theshow notes and he's from lead pages. He actually hosts their podcast, whichwill link to that and as well. But when you go to lead pagessite and start looking into it and they're they do such a great jobof exter their pros, they're going to explain it to you in ways thatyou can understand. Try It's crazy. The best part about lead page isis it's so easy that like, I can get down on it. Youknow, isn't? I don't. It's not what I did. The Kingof the Non Tech Savvy's is figured out. How so I thought I was theMichael Calls Me. The most texts, the the what is it? MostText Sava, or the most non tech savvystex savvy person and least texsavvy sex. Exactly. And you know what, and it's not a hugeinvestment. It starts at like thirty seven bucks a month. A lot ofreally cool features in there. Like they have this lead box, which is, you know, you can do like worth it along. I mean youcan do like the exit intent popups on your site, so when somebody's goingto like x out of your site, you can get a pop up andput a relevant offer in front of them. I mean real, real cool stuff. And at thirty seven bucks a month to start, not not ahuge investment. And and I mean really not to be to drop cheap plugs. But at Robert wisemancom or Mike Goy sorellocom I mean most links and calls, the actions you click there are using lead boxes and pages etc. Soyou can you can see them in action there. You know what I mean. But we every single week we get people that hit us up on facebook, you know, messenger or on a twitter instant message or something like that, and they're always like hey, what tools are using? And that thatwas again one of the reasons why we decided to do this episode and getyou access to these. But I mean this is one of them. Somebodysays, how'd you do the landing page for your book, or how didyou do the landing page? You know, Robert, how you do the landingpage for your video creation guide and and and all that kind of stuff. And it's guys, it's lead pages. It kind of does it all foryou. Just have to plug in, you know, your headline and acouple of graphics and your and your you're up and popping. You're you'reon and popping on them, pop and so lead pages. Check it out, linked in the show notes. So and then, yeah, Tim Pages. That was episode forty one. Will link up to it in the shownotes. I was a super fun episode. Okay, so the next next toolhere is or of a resource or resource. This one is, youknow, I kind of group them all together, tools and resources, buthere's one that's really fun. It's called Souvelet, Sooo vl e. reallycool tool because what it does is it draws on the autosuggest search feature from, you know, Google and Bang and Yahoo and Amazon and Youtube, andwhat it does is you can start using it to do your keyword research andfind out kind of where the levels of interest are across multiple search engine sosay you started typing in Ford F just that would open up all of theseautosuggest features from all of these different search engines, including some ecommerce sites likeEbay or Amazon, and you can get a really cool kind of glimps atwhat your market or what people are searching in, that they're interested in are. What are the most relevant things that people are searching for? Well,you know, I should I should have...

...mentioned this one first, but youcould really use this one to identify where the the the topics are that peoplehave interest in. Then you can use hemming way APP to write that content, to write that blog post. Then you use lead pages to get peopleto opt in. So, in other words, in order to get accessto this content, you're going to give me your contact info. In it'sit's going to be an exchange. Here's here's something really important understand to jumpingback for a minute. Contact Info, I'm going to tell you what thatis by far more valuable to people than money. And so when you canget somebody to exchange their their identity essentially for value that you've provided, youknow right there that you've got a hot lead. And so the way youinteract with these people needs to just be so top topnotch. You need tohave a process and place and what. We can talk about that and ina future episode again. But souvlakseuve lay is a really, really powerful toolto get autosuggest features or suggestions from search engine, so you know what peopleare interested in. Yeah, and the best part about this type of tools, Michael, and just so like that, that that person listening and gets it, is these things like we go into these fine these like nobody knowshow to use them. Like you know what to do use them for,but you don't know necessarily know how to operate on this APP. They providefirst class like training and explanation and walk you through, hold your hand prettymuch through how to execute on the tool correct yeah, I mean Souveley isso when you go to it, souve lay, you're going to be like, okay, I don't know. Training necessary. It is so like stinkand simple. What? What's that running? It's free, stress, completely free. Oh, it's free, like one hundred percent free. I've don'teven think there's a link on the site where you could pay for it.Okay, so, wow, like everybody you know. Yeah, I meanthat by body, right, that's in here should be on that. Yeah, regardless, if this is your main takeaway, basically, what this doesis it turns the Internet into your little digital, digital crystal ball. Youcan you can start southling people, Su laying people's problems. Yeah, that'sit. Whatever. Yeah, it's souve lay, Sou'vel. Yeah, that'sSOCL. Yeah, linked in the show notes, but for free. Checkit out. They're not only going to tell you how to use it,they'll also going to tell you, you know, how what you're use whatto use it for, as well with, I would assume, what they're trainingvideos. Me, I'm lucky enough to not have to worry about thatkind of stuff. Yeah, but you do, you definitely do. Yep, for sure. Okay, last one and then I'm going to roll outof this. We've all heard five. Five, err, if you haven'theard of it, I mean basically, it's a market place for outsourcing stuff. So if you have something that you're trying to work on, you knowa campaign, maybe you're trying to push your for Fred and fifty s andyou want to get something on your website but you don't have the resources orwhatever, you can go on to five or find a digital you know,a graphic designer who has a high rating and contract them for five hundred andten bucks something like that to put together. And the time. Yeah, andmost of the time the good one you will pay more than five each, which is still very cheap. They turn around good when you find thosehigh rated ones. But I mean tell them. I mean like all ofthis the every way, every single one of them, whether you execute onthe hemming way, you have Souvla, you have lead pages, everything onand popping. But if your design is you know, you just don't haveyour desid a, any of your own like user generated graphics, if you'reusing all the oem stuff or if you just have poor design, I meanthat flushes all of the rest down the...

...toilet. My opinion, I meanhow I feel about it. I don't know would you agree. I meanit design definitely has a massive role in you know, your the effectiveness ofyour online marketing. But, you know, before we get too deep in design, I just want to say fiverer is is everything, like there's peopleon there's content writers on there, that it's basically a market place of freelancerswho will work for a minimum of five bucks. But like, like yousaid, Robert, people, you know, the really good freelancers on there,will charge a little bit more. They might charge extra to expedite.And here's our top secret little nugget for you. I mean the intro tothis show, right. I mean I think we found through a connection valuderyet and, and I mean so, that led to a relationship with afreelancer who we were able to just hit up when we needed to to createeven that the audio intro, like the the whole year listening to the dealerplayer thing for this show. So there's some good follers case. And ifyou get burned, like, say, you get something back, but youput ten bucks into it and it's not what you want, like, youdon't go back and be like Oh, this if they're totally off base,of it needs a little bit of changes, okay, that's one thing, butif it's like completely the wrong direction of what you vision? You deadn'tjust move on. It's ten bucks. Yeah, it's right. It's crazy, like aculous, like you can you now find people on there that'll breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Fuck Oh, there's everything on there.And and the thing is is like no or or at the level of whatlike what we do, what what Michael and myself do? Are we reallyusing five or for like graphics and things like that? I'm going to bestraight up with you know, but it is better than you can't do itall yourself and because, you know, we're blessed to have a team ofpeople that take care of that stuff. I mean we have at some points, you know, exact not for the company but for myself personally. I'veused by surface things. Yeah, Oh, yeah, still for certain things,but I mean as far as like graphics and design, no, butit's better than if you have no design skills and it's better than you tryingto learn how to design, you spend a couple bucks and if it looksgood and get others opinions on it. I'm not saying that everything is ahome run out of there when it comes to specially design, but it's agood place to go to look as a great place that can that can helpedit your you know, you know post, edit your you know text that's there'ssomebody's you know. It's almost your own part time team essentially. Forsure, and I mean, and that's the last thing I think I'll addto fiber, is that that's exactly what it is. You can network andgrow a list of freelancers that you can kind of make your offsite team toget these things done, and it's no different than working with any team.You need to clearly set expectations make sure that you're communicating with them properly.You know, if typically, I've found in the past when I've used fiverfor a couple of my own, you know, personal projects, when Idid, when I got something back that just didn't reflect that individual's portfolio orprevious work that they were showcasing, it was oftentimes because I didn't clearly communicatewhat it is that I was trying to do. And and you know,that's something that you need to keep into consideration when when it comes to outsourcing. Okay, so there you have it. Those are the four tools that willget you on and pop in recap those. Yeah, so I'm justgoing to go in the in the order that we talked about them. Sohemming way right. They've got a free version and a six dollar, Ithink, version that you can download your computer, but a free web basedsolution that helps you with your writing style and just helps you simplify things sothat people will actually read it, you know. Then we've got lead pages. Lead pages, one of our top secret nuggets from today, is justsuch a powerful tool that any anybody who does anything worthwhile online, they're usinglead pages in some way, shape or form. So definitely go check thatout again. Thirty seven bucks for their...

...for their you know, entry levelplans. Already a starting out. I mean it's it's a no brainer.Then we talked about Souvlay for your keyword research and getting insights, you know, basically turning the Internet into your Digital Crystal Ball. And then the lastone we've talked about is five or five erre. We're going to link youto all of these in the show notes at triple w Diya. That's onlyfour of what of twelve? What? Yeah, it's well, led wdot, the dealer playbookcom forward, slash fifth the eight. So don't worryyou can check them all out there and then, of course, you know, you can get access to the full list of twelve that, you know, guys like Robert and I are using every single day to to just takea Freakin bite out of out of the Internet. So definitely go check thoseout. Robert, which what do you think? And we hitting a bangon with these. Yeah, I mean this is a great for right here, and they kind of all kind of acts in each other and it's,you know, it's great to find like these are the tools that you needhelp with, and I mean like, don't just take us like, gostart researching these, look into it, and like the more that they're lookinginto these, the more they're going to learn about them, learn more aboutin detail, they're going to see visually what these things can do and they'regoing to be like, Damn, thank you, Michael and Robert. Finallyresources that actually do something. Yeah, like I'm sick of the top fiveresources that everybody else is talked about. These top five resources in a particularmarket like this would be late, this would be a humiliating top for insome markets. True or false, I needn't say that it, but butthat's that's that's where I'm gaining my well, look, I mean, Oca,the biggest thing with Robert and I've at were trying to deliver it toyou, is we're trying to give you real access to things that are really, really working. I mean we, you know, we want to beas transparent as poss will. We want to help you achieve success, whetheryou're a car sales professional, a finance manager, general manager, helping withyour team, and so we're always looking to give you access to things thatwe know of worked. And I mean, you know, we could have talkedabout these a long time ago, maybe episode two, but the factof the matter is we want to be able to just make sure we're bringingyou, guys, consistent, relevant and and information that works and that we'renot self serving this information to you. You know, like Robert said,those top five, you know, resources that aren't really resources that we getout there that just end up being a sales pitch that you got to buyfor a thousand dollar, whatever it is, are for resources that your competition isnot tapping into. You know what you mean. And speaking of tappinginto, so I'm going to go into this. So here were you sinceSorillo I'm going to hide buckle over, look like so this is what weneed, this is what's going to happen. So, obviously, like things thatwe're covering and talking about here, it goes back to a lot ofmy of my friends, Sorillo, here's book that just came out. Sothis is what I want to do. So I am going to if Igot to come out of the pocket for these, that's fine, but I'mhoping. I want to see we're so we're going to go into this.We're going to go to all right, the next five people, the firstfive from the time that this airs, which is going to be easy,be very easy to track. The first five people that a go to itunes, which Sarrillo. I'm going to actually even provide some additional work. Hopefullywe don't have the hopefully, maybe it's there, but the dealer playbookcom itunes. Hopefully that can take them right to a screen, can you make thathappen? Or right to a so where they can sub take a note here. What's a review? I don't know where he's going. They're gonna goin and the first five people go to that link leave a review for thedealer playbook. On itunes and then tweet at the dealer playbook that you did. That just be like tweet at the dealer playbook done right after you doit. In the first five people,...

...we will reach out. We willsend them each one copy, personally autographed by Michael Sorillo, of his newbook. Don't wait dominate, which these tools and things we talked about here. I mean, dude, he gives you like the the road map ofreally like, all right, now, you got Hemmingway, cool, butwhat do you talk about? What do you write about? And use hemmingway to edit for you, essentially, and and, and this book givesyou all of that, the whole entire playbook. So if that's all rightwith you, Michael, that's that's awesome. That I appreciate. All right.So it's deep dealer playbookcom itunes. That will you can make that goright to the itunes page, right, all right. They'll go there.Just hit reviews and leave a review and then tweet at the dealer playable.Just go at the dealer playbook done. The first five get a free oneon the House, personally autographed. And this thing, we'll step you upbig time. Love A man. Okay, so if you need those instructions again, rewhind push play now. I'm just kidding. Check them out.Let's put in the yeah, we're going to drop you in the show notes. Triple W dot, the dealer playbookcom forward, Fifty Eight. Man,we'd love to hear from you. Guys. Were so glad you keep checking outthese shows. You know, you guys are the reason we keep doingthis. We get so excited when we hear from you and we find outthings that we've talked about on the show or guests that we've had on theshow that you know, you you've been able to take information from and implementin your workflow. That has helped you. So We'd love to hear your feedbackall the time, whether it's leaving a review on Itunes, whether you'rehitting us up in, you know, the comment section. We would justlove to engage with you guys there. Send US emails through our contact page, whatever. But but do it, Robert San I'll stand behind that forsure, and love the dealer playbookcom slet itunes. It isolutely. We'll getyou out of sign copy and dealer playbook. Done, done, so that's allyou got to say. So thanks a lot, guys, for checkingout the dealer playbook today. We'll catch you, guys, and next time.

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