The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 2 months ago

5 Steps To Accelerate Growth w/ David Wood


David Wood shares five tips that will accelerate your growth and help you get focused results quickly. 

1. Create clear annual goals

- These are goals that you want to achieve within 12 months

- Set a revenue target, time off, personal, family, spiritual{

2. Refine your goals to 8 weeks

- What can you achieve eight weeks from now that map to your annual goals?

3. Refine your eight-week plan to 7 days

- What objectives must be reached this week for you to accomplish the eight-week target?

4. Book a CEO date with yourself

- 20 minutes per week

- Book it in your calendar

- Celebrate your wins

- Look at the eight-week goals and choose what you care about for seven days

5. Wake up knowing what's most important

- Set the alarm at the end of each day to ask yourself: If I only was allowed to do two things tomorrow, what would they be?

- Are you willing to do those two things rather than getting scattered?

- What will most push the needle?


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