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5 Creative Ways To Use Live Video To Build Your Brand In Car Sales


Session 62 is here and we are fired up over at team DPB! You are going to love the actionable information you are going to get in this session! 


Michael & Robert are flying solo and are discussing 5 ideas to leverage Periscope to build your audience. 


Now in case you have been out of pocket for a hot minute I will give you a quick description of Periscope…


It allows you to live stream video to your Twitter audience. Pretty dope right?


Now Periscope although fairly new, tons of people are leveraging it to grow their audience which in turn grows their business. Players like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk have been lighting it up on Periscope and you can to. 


Here is a quick look at 5 Creative Ways To Use Periscope To Grow Your Brand In Car Sales


- Product Demonstrations 


- Turn your Periscope session into multiple types of content


- Report on breaking news 


- Live Q & A with enthusiasts and possible new customers


- Live interview/review from customers, and other interview opportunities hanging around your dealership


In the episode Michael & Robert go deeper into each idea and give a very detailed breakdown so you can get started with Periscope today!


You Know The Drill, Now It’s Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.


Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.


Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.


See you next time 


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This session of the dealer playbook isbrought to you by flex. Dealer attract, engage and convert high quality vehicle shopperswith innovative digital marketing strategies that will dominate your market. Check out moreat the dealer playbookcom forward slash flex. This is the dealer playbook. Hey, they're welcome to episode sixty two of the dealer playbook podcast, where everysingle week we're sitting down with power players in and out of the automotive industryfor you today's automotive professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm joined bythe man, Mr Robert Wiseman. What's going on, hey, Bro what'shappening? Hey, not much. This is going to be a fun littlequick episode where we're talking periscope because, I mean, this thing has exploded. So for those of you listening in, if you've considered doing periscope or gettingon and doing live broadcasts, we're going to give you five useful waysthat you can use periscope to advance with your brand, to help you sellmore products, to help position you as the authority in your market place.So what we've done, Robert and I have put together five creative ways touse periscope. And Right now, in fact, I am live broadcasting onperiscope because, as Robert says, I'm eeded my own dog food. So, Robert, what you got going on? You jumped into the periscope yet.Well, I this one is one that, unfortunately, I'm not goingto be one of the use my usual m you know, early adopter,your first one there type. But I've been watching it for a long timeand I you know, know, pretty familiar with it. I've, youknow, played around with it. But again, this is one I'm sleepingon. But that's why it's like and the good news is there's nobody reallythat comes in and can give you like a strategy for this thing. That'sthat's going to work for everybody, you know, because it's so personal andyou know on the fly that you know...'s gonna it's going to work fordifferent people like, for example, like grant cardon. He's killing it onthese things. So you know what I mean, one of the top top, you know, periscopers out there, mere catters out there. But youknow, thinking this a question for you. My go if somebody else was deliveringthe same kind of content, same kind of messages grant, but hedidn't have like grants, you know, per sauna, do you think itwould be as as huge as it is? Yeah, I mean he he hada platform going into it, so it exploded for him right and butwe're going to talk about how you can build an audience. Now, inall transparency, I mean I've been doing I've been doing periscope consistently now forthree weeks. You know, I see new followers every single day, butit's not, you know, it's not like a rapid growth ring thing,especially if you don't have a massive audience like grant car Down't going into it, or Shellen Johnson or any of these these other big power players. Sowe're going to talk about ways that you can use periscope be an early adopterand and these strategies work. They are things that I've implemented. I've reallykind of been the Guinea pig for periscope. A lot of my followers are alsopeople who are are kind of in the same boat as me, whoare trying to figure it out, and I think that's probably one of thefirst things that's important for for everybody listening in to realize is that everybody's newat this and everybody's still trying to figure it out right. So let's maybejust dive right into the the five creative ways to use periscope that we've comeup with and then, of course, like I said, I've got peoplewatching right now live on periscope and I'm going to invite them to just comment. They kind of get the the pre the pre interview to the two orthe pre show to the actual show. So here's the first thing. Let'sdive right in. Of course, depending...

...on on what it is that youdo, if you're a car sales professional or whatever, finance manager, ageneral manager, you can actually take the opportunity to do live walk arounds ofvehicles or live product Demos, which is something that that, I mean nobodyelse in your market is doing, and that's one of the very powerful ways. I mean people are doing walk around videos, they're posting them to theYoutube Channel, but the opportunity to get enthusiasts who like your brand already watchinga live product demo is such a powerful way for you to reach out andget that kind of that competitive advantage over the other people who are just posting, you know, cleaning them up and putting them to youtube. It givesthem a real raw look at who you are, something we call on themarketing world, an attractive character, because they get to see the real you, not the the the prettied up, you know, scripted version of you, but they get to see the real you doing a real walk around ora product demo. Very, very powerful way to connect with your audience.Yeah, and that's probably one that that's the first thing that anybody's probably doingout there, you know, and it's kind of of the no brainer,you know. But in you're right, it's like the the connection level of, you know, attracting as because everybody's excited about it too. So peopleare watching it like crazy, you know what I mean. Like how,like you said, how many new people are you getting that aren't even reallydug into the automotive world at all? Yeah, but now we're connecting withyou because of the exposure you've gained there. So think about this, to thinkabout the fact that right now, the last statistics that I saw isthat, I think it's something crazy, forty years, not ours. Fortyyears worth of video is watched every day on periscope. That's insane. That'san insane number. So like, that's...

...not that's not always live to it'snot always wiving, and I mean the fact that people are watching you eitherlive or they're going back to watch the replay, and so that's what I'llsay about these live walk rounds. The replays last for twenty four hours,so people will definitely go back and check out your replays of these product Demos. But this leads us into the next thing, the next crew. Letme ask you a question on this piece real quick. I think him listen, that the person listen, then we'll get value out of do you thinkthat it's like that? So it's okay, let me just go do a productreview on this new car and just show pretty much everything. Or doyou like it like we do with how we talk when we're just creating,you know, pieces of content, not on the fly? Do you thinkit's go in and be like three new have it a little planned, likethe three new features this car, or, you know, Demo this new feature? Yeah, you don't need to go off the cuff. I thinkyou could have a couple of bullet points on a page and and just knowwhat you want to talk about and know what you want to highlight. Ultimately, you know your product better than anybody else, or you at least shouldknow your product better than anybody else, and so take kind of the mostexciting features, advantages and benefits of of that product, of that vehicle orwhatever it is that you're highlighting at the store and and and talk to thosepoints. So make the walk around very focusst I would say, not notnecessarily script it again, but just have bullet points to kind of give anoutline of what you want to ask. Yeah, where you're going to go, and you kind of just describe it your own language. All right,so went move on top of that. Really, you know, both somecontext for the listener. What about the the titling, and then also aboutthe the heart requests, the share requests, things like that. When's The Times? What's the way to word that and what's the benefits? Sure,so the thing I love about periscope right now, I'm glad you brought thisup, is it's one massive experiment, not not necessarily an experiment from twitter'sposition. They've, I think, realize...

...that it works extremely well, butit's an experiment for those that are using it, because you know right now, for example, I do alive, one or two live broadcasts a dayand I do them purposefully at different times. For example, we're doing a livebroadcast right now. It's fourteen Pacific. I can't remember the last time Idid it this early. It's usually, you know, after lunch. It's, you know, between one PM and four PM, because I wantto see. Okay, when are the most users on? When can Iget the most engagement? Now with the headline, though, there's a fewhacks that you can put into place with headlines that I found that have actuallyattracted more people into the broadcast. The first one is have a compelling headline. So nobody wants to watch you eat your cereal. Okay, maybe theydo. Maybe, maybe there are some people that just want to sit thereand watch you eat your serial and you could simply post I meeting my serialright now, which some people have done. But for the purpose of building abrand, your headline really counts. You want to have something as compellingas possible. For example, you know, there's got to be some hook toit. When I do my periscopes, I usually have a headline that willdescribe what it is that we're going to talk about. So whatever thesubject matter is. But I'll also try and compel people with with something thatI think is is catchy. For example, you might say, Hey, checkout the Hashtag Chevrolet, Hashtag Camaro plus, find out these five hiddenfeatures that nobody ever talks about, or something like that. Just something todraw an audience in, because they'll go, oh, what are those five things? I want to I want to learn about them. Right, yeah, so writing up compelling headline. And then here's the second thing I'll justsay to that. I don't know why, I can't explain it, but puttingEmojis in your headline for some reason throws in new, frozen, NewPeople and EMOJI's are killing it. Man With thinks, same with Instagram,like using them in your your profocus the...

...visual and it's just we live ina visual society, you know, and I think that those visuals, they'recombined with the text, so strong. But okay, on back to theHASHTAG. So what about like you do a lot of like plug in what'scoming, that hey, I'm coming live, letting letting people know when you're goingto be up, which I think is good, especially if we're talkif you're focusing on a Hashtag to because you can go in and on thatHashtag let people there know that you're going to be live on the scope atXaclock. You know. Yeah, for sure, you can give people aheads up on social media. And then, of course, using Hashtags, likeif you if you're following or in an in a niche or a nichewhere there's a popular Hashtag, definitely incorporate that into your headline because when youstart broadcasting it also will send out a notification to your twitter also go intothe the twitter stream for that Hashtag so that new people can confine you andknow that you're actually broadcasting on a particular topic. So if if there's otherpeople following that Hashtag and you're speaking about something in your scope that that peopleare interested in, there's an opportunity there to attract new followers and help buildyour audience. Now there is no shortage, specifically in the automotive industry. There'sno shortage of a brand enthusiasts. So whether you're a BMW REP orChevy or GM or whatever it might be, you want to include those relevant hashtagsbecause there are like dozens and dozens and dozens of conversations happening around thosebrands at any given time, especially on twitter and in social media. Soand and dared and localize to like there's a lot of local hashtags that atthat you know, towns and cities use. Yeah, no doubt. And Iand that's actually a good point, because on the actual periscope app youcan look at the map view and and even find people that are close toyou. So, for example, again,...

...we're doing a live broadcast right now. People are watching this behind the scenes of US recording this and I'vehad people that have joined in that are, you know, an hour down theroad from me, so they're able to see what's happening close to theirregion, which is really, again, good for you if you're if you're, you know, market it or if your audience is meant to be closeto your your work at a brick and mortar store and you're trying to buildyour local audience. Absolutely okay, so this leads. This is all we'vecome up with just on the locker stuff. I mean I think of those stilloff all of these spill off topics that come from our first tip,which is doing live walk arounds or product demo videos on periscope. But itleads to the second tip. You know, we were actually talking about leaving thisto the end, but I think it fits in really well rate here, and it's actually the fact that, even though your periscope videos are liveand all and you can only access the replay up to twenty four hours,you have an opportunity to actually grab that video. And if you check outthe show notes at triple w dot, the dealer playbookcom forward slash sixty twowill actually show you real quick how you can do this. But you cangrab that video downloaded onto your computer, re upload it to Youtube with witha nice like template background, and you guys can see what mine look atlike by visiting my Youtube Channel. And you can actually then turn around andwrite a blog post or a social post or something that has to do,you know, with what you're talking about. So, for example, I havea post where I talked about how to get, how I got,you know, as a case study, how I received four hundred plus targetedniche specific or niche specific twitter followers organically, without spending a diamond. I didI did a periscope on it, but then I uploaded that periscope toYoutube. I then embedded it on a blog post on my website where Italk about it. It breaks up the blog post really nicely, gives morecontext, so it's not all reading,...

...and so that's our that would beour second tip here is, once you've done all of these live broadcasts,you can actually download the video and repurpose it and now your content creation doesn'tbecome as overwhelming. Yeah, yeah, now you're now you're you're operating inan are in it and that's that's in. It's all from one thing that youdid and it really takes no, no work. I mean essentially likeevery pair of scope that you do, for example, at the very leastis a blog post. You just listen to it and go in and justturn it into don't need a transcribed or anything like that. You just goin and and highlight all the points and just turn it in the text.And the beauty of the Youtube is, although periscope is real piled in withthe social you know, with twitter and then you know it gets a lotof social shares, it's still miss it. It still doesn't have that. Youcan't search it, like when people how many people are still searching Googledaily? You know in your market, everywhere, and this way you canget in front of them with that content. Is, again something that they're lookingfor, or is the headline for titled Properly optimized, etc. Yeah, and the cool thing is, look, if you're working with an established brandor a type of a product that's already established your there's going to bean audience out there. So search for four different Hashtags, find out whatpeople are interested in, what they're talking about, do a periscope on thattopic, repurpose it into a blog post in bed. Your Youtube video replayof of the the broadcast. And now you're doing like what what Jay Beartalked about an episode fifty of the show, where you're taking one piece of contentand turning it, shall we say, auto magically, into, you know, a few other pieces. He walked through an ECT exercise. Sowill invite you guys to go check out episode fifty, but he walked throughan exercise where he took one three minute video and turned it into like nineeight or nine pieces of eight content. Yeah, yeah, that's content marketing. Okay, so that's numbing stairs. That's tip number two. Tip Numberthree you can share breaking news. Now,...

I follow a couple of newscasters andI think I've always thought it was kind of cool to for them todo the behind the scenes thing and watch the news live. But think aboutthis in your product, brand or niche. I mean if you're a car salesprofessional or your any other position in the dealership, you can talk aboutthe breaking news that's happening pertaining to your brand. This could include recalls,it could talk about new products coming down the pipe, it could talk aboutwhen the new products are set to arrive. You know, all you have todo, this is the genius thing. All you have to do is goto the newsroom on your, you know brands, Oh weem like website, and just find out what what news releases they're publishing and do a periscopeon the topic of so simplest talk about the contents created for you. Justgot to turn the camera on and you give it. It's just your spin, it's your stink of their spent on people on it. And you knowwhat else? This just came from that idea, from this idea here,is that not just even breaking news. When it comes to the OEM,this in that like you can do so much about like construction updates, youknow, because bad roads are bad. You know, nobody wants to takea good car on crappy roads. So updates, like localized stuff even,yeah, exactly, I just not even just car, but you know,cars, just like new places maybe opening up or, you know, escapedserial killer from the Looney Band, you know, on the hill whatever.You know. Yeah, I mean we're talking about advancing your brand and Imean, and that's really it is just putting yourself out there. You know, I talked about this thing called mindshare real estate. That's just what Icall it. is taking up real estate in somebody else's mind. And soanytime, and I mean you know, correct me if I'm wrong, Robert, but I mean this is really one of the things that that grant cardown does it extremely well, is he's always in your face, like everywherethat you go, whether it's facebook,...

...twitter, instagram, periscope, heis constantly in front of you. and and the genius of it, thesubtle, I don't want to call it mine trickery, but for lack ofbetter words, let's go with that, is that he is constantly in frontof you and every moment that he's in front of you, he knows,and I'm not saying he's like throwing on a wizard's cap and like, youknow, being like who I'm going to get everybody to think about me?But we all know that if we're looking at something, it's what we're thinkingabout. And so periscope, like you just said it. To your pointis, I mean, to get on there and talk about anything, aslong as you're introwing and outrowing who you are and what it is that youdo and that you thought you were providing value. Hey, here's the valuableinformation that I want to provide to you. Right now. You're putting yourself infront of people and and in so doing, you have an opportunity thereto constantly build your brand. Yeah, I mean it's all you have todo is focus on giving value, and it doesn't necessarity just find out whatthat value is. If you sell on cars, it really doesn't have tobe solely information about cars and buying cars. If you're the go to source onwhat's hot, what's going on in your area, like, that's stillbuilding a relationship, because that's what sells. Yeah, that's the money maker.Use It as an opportunity to be a part of your community. Andshare relevant and valuable information that you think will resonate with people. Okay,so this leads into the next point. This is point number four, andthat's simply to do what we got so far. Let's hear you. We'reI'm them down the fast. Good, good point. Let's do a quickrecap on the first three. so live walk arounds are product Demos. We'vegot repurposing your live broadcasts into other forms of content, blog posts, youtubevideos, social posts. Then we've got sharing the breaking news as it pertainsto whatever it is that you do or whatever you think will be relevant tothe community that you serve, and then...

...leading into number four, which isdoing a live Qa for brand enthusiasts. So really again, I mean we'respecific to people that are in the automotive industry, but this works everywhere.I mean these are tips that work absolutely everywhere. Do a Qa for brandenthusiasts. So you know, Robert, you and I know guys that areyou know corvette guys, we know BMW guys, we know Mazda guys.Are Mazda guys, as we say in Canada. We know so many answerand all your questions about the BMW, like x series tonight at seven,you know whatever Hash exactly, but you can fire that out even to pastor existing clients or prospects, and that's an opportunity where, nonintrusively, nondisruptively, is that a word? You can you can get in front ofpeople and answer questions and provide more value. Now one tip to this, okay, because I've done some Qa's. Some of them you know, dependingon the subject. Some of them, you know, they were like threequestions and so I had to fill in a lot of space. Be Preparedfor that. Be Prepared for all of that. You might get people.We're like Hey, I'm here answering your questions, but it's just like sittingin a classroom. It's like sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get anybody toraise their hand and ask a question, because, I mean we've all gotthis thing in our head where we think whatever question we have is there's probablyan obvious answer and we don't want to look stupid or we're just too shyto ask the question. So, as the broadcaster, if you're doing alive Qa, be you can be prepared, you can get ahead of this.So, like what you said, Robert, if you're going to broadcasthey, tonight at seven PM, Hashtag BMW or Hashtag Tacoma, new Tacomalaunch or whatever. We're going to be answering your questions about the new Tacoma. What I would say to that is definitely open it up to your liveaudience and be like, okay, guys, here's what we're doing today. Willlove any questions you have about the...

Toiletta lineup the new Tacoma. Butjust in case, okay, just in case people don't ask questions, youcan come into it prepared with some questions that you know people have asked.You can go online, you can search for questions that people are asking,whether it's through forms, and just be like, okay, listen, youknow, I wanted to bring you, guys value. Here's some common questionsthat people have asked, and then you answer them live. Yeah, andeven not even even if it's about BMW, you can go the route of evenif your finance management a then you can go the route of the top. You know, I'm taking your questions on. You know, getting themost money for your trade. What are the best ways to to get themost money for your trade? The best ways to have an easy car buyingexperience. You know, stuff like that, not just about particular models makes vehicles, just the frequently ask questions. Right, keep it. You know, people, people always have frequently asked questions, and so don't always thinkinside of the immediate needs of whatever the product is, like Robert saying.You know, reach outside of that, look at the far expanses of YourBusiness and whatever. Whatever common and frequently ask questions, go ahead and takethe opportunity to answer them. What I would say is keep your keep yourperiscope broadcast focused on a certain topic or solving a specific problem. So youwouldn't necessarily, like if you were doing a product review or a product Qa, keep it related to that product. You don't want to be jumping allover the place and make it like exactly you want to. You want tohave a specific audience. Okay, here we go. What about here andthen? Okay, regarding that, hold on. So is it important tolike even those not even just the project? So you're taking you're going to takeevery periscope video and you're going to put it on youtube right, everysingle one, no matter if it's a Qa or what it is. You'regoing to put it up there and optimize it. Right. Oh, yeah, totally. I mean it's content, right. And if you're if you'regoing into these and your focus is on solving a problem like single, singulara problem, and you're providing good information,...

...absolutely get them on Youtube because guaranteedother people are going to be wondering about the same things. And you'reyou're now position yourself as your market or as whatever your market is. Couldbe globally, but it could be, you know, region specific. You'resetting yourself up to be the the authority figure, right. Yeah, andnow let me ask you this. How important is it in that beginning whereyou're giving some people some time to hop on and then you're also welcoming peoplelike you're driving engagement out of them, correct? Is that something like theywant to get the audience like involved? Right, yeah, let's talk rightto totally. You get. I give myself a couple of minutes. So, man, I don't I don't know if I'm going to I could goto jail or something for this, but what I do is I have pinkFloyd's money plan, as I intropete like as I welcome people in, sothat boom, be boo boom, boo boo. But right and and peopleare joining in and they're here in this music and really at what I'm tryingto do is convey the message that what we're talking about today is going tobring you more money. So I give myself a couple of minutes. Iwelcome people in. I I increase engagement by asking those that are new toto my broadcast to just comment new and let me know where I'm from.It does a couple of things. First, increases engagement. Second, it buildsan audience or it helps build a tribe, because people now feel likethey're a part of something. So I can welcome them engage with them whereverthey are. Then I'll ask them, Hey, would love to get morepeople in here, because we're helping people rise above the clutter dominate the web. So that's kind of my you know, my I guess, Tagline, ormy brand statement, purpose statement. So do me a favor, slideto the right, share out this broadcast. If you're on Androids, swipe upshare this broadcast and let's set a hearts goal. I don't know ifhearts mean anything per se in periscope. I'm sure there's a bit of analgorithm there that helps with rankings. So... know, people that have amillion plus hearts are going to be on the featured list and all those sortsof things. So I'll just say, hey, let's set a heart school. Let's see if we can break a thousand hearts. Let's see if wecan break five hundred hearts or whatever. So even right now for my livebroadcast, I've set a hearts goal for a thousand and I'm going to seeif we can meet that close. Yeah, exactly. So the last thing Iwant to the last thing we should talk about here. This is numberfive. Okay, for those of you keep in track to the numbers here. The last one is a cool idea. You know, Robert, this wasone of your suggestions and I think this is so, so cool.It's, you know, to interview or to just get a real live customeron a broadcast. I mean talk about super charging your social proof right.So you'll get their customers excited. They just bought something from you, they'veenjoyed their experience. I mean, what's the difference by asking for a videoreview instead of doing a video review, do a live video review. Itdoesn't make any difference to them. They've agreed to being on video anyways.Right, Yep. And it another thing that, after I thought about that, one that I started thinking was like not even just the there's so muchof the customer reviews, of about working with that salesperson, of buying fromthat dealership, and it's and there's not enough, I think, on theactual product. You know what I mean, the review, their opinion on thatproduct. Yeah, that's like what. So, what you think about thecome back to test drive. So what do you think about that brandnew you know, whatever. Oh, man, the thing was great andit was great on you know, something like that. Yeah, that's actuallya great point, because we're always so focused on ourselves that we forget tohelp others, you know, achieve success, and so a product review from areal customer will mean so much more than a product than then a personalreview of you in certain circumstances. So definitely a great point. Yeah,okay. And also you could interview other...

...staff, people from the dealership,to like tech stuff like that. Yeah, I'm surrounded by opportunity. The wholethe whole concept here is think outside the box. I mean again,look at the far expanses of your of your dealership. Look at the interactionsthat you're already having with your customers. Think about doing instead of just doinga video for a service customer or somebody that's just got an oil change ormaybe they came in for maintenance, get them on a live broadcast, askthem the questions, save it down to your camera roll, repurpose it andand now you you have new content that you can leverage for the different pageson your website. So, guys, there you go. Five tips.Let's do a quick recap. I'm just going to bullet point these and thenwe're going to wind this bad boy down. Hope that you guys are finding somevalue and certainly appreciate you guys listening in. So number one, youwant to think about doing live walk around in product Demos. Again, bulletpoint out a few of the really exciting things that you want to highlight sothat you're not necessarily following a script, but you are keeping it on pointand and title it based around that so people know exactly what they're getting outof it. Correct exactly. Use the headline. Be Compelling with your headline. Use the proper Hashtag so that when you broad start broadcasting, it sendsit out to the twitter feed, to the twitter sphere and the red peopleand see in people exactly. Number two is repurpose that content. So Savethose live broadcasts, upload them to your Youtube Channel and then repurpose them intoblog posts. So take the main points, write a blog post about it inbed, your youtube video of your of your broadcast, replay right onthe page, so it increases engagement, and then share it out socially aswell. One thing I forgot to mention, though, with this is if you'regoing to if you're going to share on Facebook, make sure that younatively upload the video to facebook. FACEBOOK is definitely favoring native video uploads ratherthan embedding a youtube video. Number number...

...three was share breaking news. Soagain you can go to the OEM website. This is real quick thing, andlook at at the breaking news, anything that's happening, spy shots comingout that that people need to check out, that you probably should put on yourown website and direct the traffic there. Recalls all of that sort of informationthat you think would be valuable. And of course you could even getinto breaking news into your community, like Robert suggested, and and just buildyou know more. I guess notoriety in your own market. Number four wasdoing live Qa's and frequently ask questions. Again, be prepared, just incase you don't get any engagement from the live viewers through comments and whatnot,just be prepared with some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding whatever your subjectmatter is and and just blast it out and then that's does it there,s elough, yeah, and then the it's it there. Thank you.And then the last one was really cool suggestion from Robert, which is interviewinglive customers and it doesn't need to be vehicle specific. Go to the differentareas of your dealership, service customers, so fixed operations, all of thosesorts of things. So those are the five tips. Guys. Would lovefor you to get more information about about how to do periscope. Get thesefive tips recap for you live. Go check out the show notes, triplew dot, the dealer playbookcom forward, slash sixty two, where we're goingto link out to hundred and sixty two. Yeah, is that sixty two?Is it sixty two? We've done so many now I've lost track.It'll be the one. It'll be the most, but the latest one,the latest one. Yeah, so I'm pretty sure we're sixty two. Thedealer playbookcom forward slash sixty two, where we're going to recap all of thoseas well. We're going to we're going to just show you really quickly howyou can grab the video, the live reef or the replay video, uploadit to Youtube and use it to repurpose.

So, Robert, you got anythingelse? Man, man, thanks everybody for being here. Next week, same channel. Here we go. Thanks, guys. Talk to talknext week.

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