The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 3 months ago

Alex Flores: From Selling 216 Cars to 762 Per Month!


Alex Flores is the dealer principal and GM of Capitol Chevrolet, Seguin Chevrolet, and has led both stores to unprecedented growth. Prior to Alex Flores's tenure, Capitol was selling 216 cars per month, but once he stepped in, that number rose to a whopping 762 cars per month. 

In this episode, Alex shares how you can promote a healthy, accountable culture where everyone is winning from car sales professionals to fixed operations and finance. 

Listen as Alex Flores brings you inside his accountable, fun, and clear leadership style to discover how he is helping his stores and several other dealerships rise to insane levels of success. 

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

4:48 - How did you get started in business and got to where you are now?

13:00 - Where can other dealers get started to be able to achieve your results?

19:54 - What set and limiting beliefs do you observe that auto industry needs to let go of?

25:20 - It is not all about how many cars you can sell.

29:11 - We are all spinning so many plates, how do you set priorities? 


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