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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 9 months ago

Ali Reda: How To Make Selling Cars More Natural


Ali Reda is best known among his colleagues in the retail automotive industry as the highest-performing car sales professional in the world. To his customers, he's Ali, the guy who has devoted his career to being a good person, neighbor, and community member. 

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, you'll hear Ali share his best advice about how anyone in car sales can achieve similar success to his. This interview was taken from the FlexDealer monthly office hours call which is reserved for FlexDealer clients to learn and interact with industry subject-matter experts like Ali. 

Many car sales professionals are stuck in a slump. They complain about tough times and wonder why they aren't hitting the numbers that others achieve. Listen carefully to how Ali has navigated his car selling career and what you can start doing today to turn things around if you're stuck.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

2:38 - How do you train your mindset?

7:51 - Quantify the feeling you get from serving others.

17:14 - Have you always been an active member of your community prior to getting into the auto industry?

23:07 - How are you handling the leads you already have?

32:16 - How do you sell 209 cars in a month?

41:41 - What would you encourage the first thing everyone listening should do?

55:18 - How do you choose a coach?

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...the car business is rapidly changing and modern car dealers are meeting the demand. I'm Michael Cirillo and together we're going to explore what it takes to create a thriving dealership and life in the retail automotive industry join me each week for inspiring conversations with subject matter experts that are designed to help you grow. This is the dealer playbook. Mm mhm Good. Hey, my friend, welcome to this episode of the dealer playbook. Before we hop in. I thought I should just provide you a little bit of context into how this episode is going to play out a little bit different than some of the other episodes where it's just myself and our awesome guest. Yes, you're going to hear from Ali re to the top performing car sales professional on planet Earth, but you're also going to hear some other voices on the call asking him questions. And the reason for that is because I am presenting to you exclusive audio from an office hours call that we do once a month here at flex dealer dot com for clients only. So I'm giving you the goods that behind the scenes, you didn't know this happened, but now you kind of do know that it happens. Most importantly, you're gonna hear Ali Reda who in 2017 sold 1530 new vehicles and 50 to used vehicles. You're going to hear him talk about how he moved through the pandemic, saw it as an opportunity. Saw it differently than a lot of people. You're going to hear him talk about how yes, he was kind of furloughed and laid off the same way that other car sales professionals were, but how he's bounced back in an incredible way. He is a shining light in the industry, but that's why you're going to hear this episode play out just a little bit different. I hope you enjoy it. Let's dive into this exclusive flex dealer dot com office hours call with Ali rita. So my first question to you is this to kind of kick off the conversation. I want to touch on the mindset side of this equation, everybody goes into panic mode and it's not just a pandemic. It could be anything going on in life for different circumstances in this case they're referencing the pandemic, which here on after, once we're all open shall never be spoken of again. Um, and you say you see it as an opportunity while I believe it requires a specific mindset in order to see opportunities amidst the chaos. Can you bring us a little bit inside of where your mindset is that and how you've gotten to that point? Yeah. And and in most people's mind set is how do I capitalize on this? Right? How do I get in there? And and how can I monetize it? And that's just the wrong approach. That's the approach that kind of gets you stuck and get you in trouble and your brain storm and you know, how can I make money or how could I, you know, go out and buy masks and in turn a profit and how can I go get sanitizer and nobody can get it in turn a profit rather than having that mindset of, gosh, you know, my, my community, my brothers and sisters, my, my family members, they're hurting throughout here and they need help and they need somebody that that can step up to the plate that has the connections, that has the know how that has the ability to do something that will change somebody's life and maybe save somebody's life furthermore. Right? So when you take away the monetary reasons to take away the mindset of, I'm not getting anything out of it. You know, you know, I'm not gonna do it, why would I do that for? Right? Um, it takes time. It takes money, It takes energy. Why would I do that? And in the pandemic when they started out and people were crying for help and you know, without getting too deep into it. But you know, government was hands were tied. You know, cities and states, hands were tied. Nobody knew what was going on. We did not know the outcome had, we knew the outcome. It would be a lot easier and a lot smoother and...

...people have been more relaxed. We did not know the outcome. So like the article says, right, I was off of work. So I didn't know when I was going to go back to work. I don't know if I was going to go back to work, I didn't know any of that stuff was that I was going to happen. But what I did know is my community needed my help and they needed, they needed supplies, they needed, you know, love and support. They needed, you know, PPE and for me, I saw the opportunity of helping. I saw the opportunity of okay, here, here I am, How do I give back? How do I get back to the community that has loved and supported me my entire career, not just for for work relation reasons, just my personal life too. So, um, you know, I saw the opportunity of of an easy entry point to get into your community and do do right by your community and do it for the right reasons and you know, I started a couple of different campaigns at the time and I said, you know, hey, I have connections, right? I've gotten to know a lot of people over the years and I have connections and, and I was able to get uh, masks and PPE supplies and and get those things out to people who needed them. Well, you know, rather than, and also Michael, I've spent my own personal money because we weren't open dealership wasn't open. I mean nothing was going on. I said, you know what, this is gonna take, you know, five or $7000 to kind of get these things out to people and I felt that that was right. Um I literally got my kids involved in it. Uh, so I was able to get some masks and get some supplies and rather than just driving to, uh rather than driving to the hospital and saying, here's a box of supplies, do what you will with them. I literally reached out to all my customer base. All my family and friends that I knew were nurses, doctors, firefighters, any first responder and I said, hey, I have a limited supply of masks, let me know who needs them. And I started a group, a group chat and the group chat grew and grew and grew and it grew so much that I actually turned it into a website called dearborn cares dot com where people were driven to that website and you know, then they can, they can get up, go on there and call me and text me and let me know you know what they needed. And, And I was physically driving these masks two houses of my customers and family members and people call me, oh my God, my daughter's been wearing the same mask berg for a week and you know, she can't go to work and I would pull up to these houses and give them what I could and the love and support and the reciprocation was just an amazing outpour from the community and then I was just getting calls like crazy and I couldn't believe how many people were just scared, right? They were scared. You know, parents crying saying that, you know, please, if you can help me by my daughter, my son needs help and You know, to me that was an opportunity to give back, that was an opportunity to do something that was right and felt right. And, and that's how you grow within your community, right. I didn't, I didn't say, Hey, I have mask for $5 or $12. I didn't say, Hey, you know, this is what it costs me. I, none of that came about all as I knew as they needed help and you know, I felt like I was a person that, that could contribute, I'll be a small portion or whatever it was. But I did my part and I felt good about it and uh, that's, that's what, that's what given back is about right doing it for reasons you know, from, from your heart, not from your pocketbook or any other alternative reasons. I think this is so tremendous. It resonates. I think with all of us at flex at such a deep level. Um, you know, some might in the industry might call this psychobabble. That's, that's recently been a thing yet, here you are proving that the best way two grow in businesses to grow in the other facets of your life. Like how can you, how can you quantify the feeling you get from serving other human beings? I think is tremendous. Um briar you had a question Yeah, just more a comment to say that first of all my hat's off to you and I...

...just have so much respect for folks that are in a position to provide that kind of mutual aid and that kind of direct to the people that need the most care um is so tremendous. And just to underscore kind of what you were saying, it's like the getting through to the humanness, right? And wanting to build those connections out of a place of genuine, wanting the desire to give and you're in a position to do so. And I think that that really is something that could be applied to our relationship building within our communities pandemic or not. So just a great learning and leadership. Yeah, you carry that, you carry that with you, you know, like you said with all facets, you know, I mean it doesn't have to be a pandemic. I mean I've been involved in my community for many years and charity organizations and fundraisers and doing things for kids and you know, it's great, it actually gives you a positive energy, it gives you life, it makes you feel good about yourself for doing something. You know, it's, it's just, it's a way that you can give back, you know, to show appreciation for everybody else's love and support. I mean you can't just take, take take and expect never to give and, and again, it was done for the right reasons, you know, it helps somebody, I can look back and say, hey, I did my part and I feel good about it, you know, a lot of people afterwards, you know, I think back and say, I wish I did this, I wish I did that. And you know, I was at home, you know, they were, everything was closed, so people were home, they had time, right? You couldn't travel, you couldn't go anywhere, you couldn't go to restaurants, you couldn't do anything. So, you know, literally I took it, I think I sat for one day and I said, oh my God, I can't see her for, I don't know how long they didn't say it was a two weeks and you're going back to work for three weeks, nobody knew the timeframe. So, you know, we were guessing at that point what was going to happen and you know, I instantly, like everybody says, stay ahead of the curve, we stayed ahead of the curve and we stayed ahead of it and you know, by doing that coming out of that, coming out of the pandemic and then once we find a lot, finally realized we're going to open back up, we were so far ahead of everybody else of just in the dealership life because we, we, we didn't stop, we stop selling, but we started doing everything that I got the dealership involved after that and we were so far ahead of of the CDC guidelines and what we could do what we couldn't do, we were so far ahead of the curve, we came out of it and when we were able to open we ended up finishing number one as a store out of our zone, you know for the first time ever and that was because we were prepared, we stayed out of the curve, we didn't just stay home and watch tv all day and watch the news and CNN and drive yourself crazy but you know it was just it falls into place when you do it for the right reasons and it's continuing to do so right now for sure and I you know that kind of goes to a question that I had for you which was around like listening back to your episode on the D. P. B. But you talked a lot about um you know that you're not super involved in social media, you know that your your connection to your audience, your potential buyers is rooted in community and being You know present. And so I was curious but I think you've kind of answered it already informed, I was curious how that had changed during the pandemic when you were unable to uh you say meet folks in restaurants and stop at 20 tables on your way um how that shifted but perhaps it was through that kind of direct community outreach. Would would you say that That was how you stayed connected to two people? Yeah, and...'re right because because I'm not a huge social media guy, I don't have anything against it. I just never really had the time to put myself out there and get involved. And that's where you know, marketing and everything is shifting towards social media. But I'm still a hands on guy. I still believe in the power of human touch. I still believe that you know, when somebody knows you and loves you and hugs you, they're never going to forget that way different than just like in the photo or or you know, looking at you on social media, it is important. But if I meet a person and you know, you have that impact on their life or are you just just a simple hello and a smile that to me is gonna go a lot further than you know, like in the photo that they put online that that that's instantly they recognize it and it's forgotten. An emotional attachment is unlikely to be forgotten. So if my name comes up at a at another point in time, they were like, oh my God, he was so nice. I met him once and I'll never forget meeting him. They were never going to say, oh yeah, once he liked my photo, you know, I mean it's just not going to get there right? So there is a need for it. But during the pandemic, the way I did stay connected was through somewhat social media, but I started, you know, the, the campaign, uh, everyone cares dot com, I put up a huge billboard uh right in the middle of our community and it was a huge billboard with cars drive by and it said thank you, first responders, um you know Dearborn cares dot com, we're here, we're here for you and left that message with my name up there, so people recognize that. So we were doing it that way, but you know, eventually it was going to come back around where things were going to come back, people are gonna open and, and again, I still stayed in contact with the community through, you know, those, you know, giving away the PPE and doing all, you know, fundraisers and what we did. So, um you know, I think, you know, it's important, but the years that I built the relationship with the community um got me through it without having to really worry too much about it. I wasn't going to fade away just because you know, I wasn't on social, they're never going to get it and you say right in in the podcast, one of your favorite takeaways that I had written down was, you know, we might operate in 30 day cycles at the dealership level, but not a 30 day career. Yeah, that's so, so on point, because you know the dealership life, you know, people measure us in 30 day increments, right? What you do in the last 30 days, what do you do this month? What do you do that month? Well, you know, I came on and said, well it's irrelevant, I don't know where my numbers are, I don't care where they are, you know, what's important to me is that next person and for me to keep moving. So my career is not measured in 30 day increments, right? It's it's a lifetime. So, so I simply tell people now that I have no beginning and I have no end, So it doesn't matter what I did yesterday, it doesn't matter what I did last year, last month, I don't follow the numbers because I have no end, December 31 is every day to me, so it doesn't really make a difference and it is so solid to think that way to have that urgency yet to understand that you know, you're there for the right reasons and not rush and you know, for us in the dealership, like you know, they're always like we want it now do it now do it now, don't let the customer leave, don't, you know, but I'm not selling from scarcity, I'm not worried about them not coming back, I'm not worried about them shopping me other places, I encourage it, you know, and I want them to be able to have that experience of why they bought a car from me, why they came to service with me not because they had to or because you know they thought it was You know $10 a month cheaper because that's not you know that that's only that's a one time you know one night stand you know I'm looking for that relationship. So ali I have a follow up question to this but real quick I just want to welcome a few more people to the call. I see Connor, Alice Alenia Melinda, welcome to office hours. We've got Ali read to the one and only top selling...

...sales professional um in my mind still the Guinness record holder, I don't care, I don't I don't care what anyone says, here's what they said. It didn't matter, we don't subscribe to the drama, we look at the numbers, we look at the facts. But anyways, You've also written a book how to sell 100 cars a month which I think is tremendous and that's actually where I want to, I want to kind of dive into that just a little bit. Um sorry before I do see I'm so excited I'm getting out of myself. So for for those that have just joined us office hours is a very casual conversation where we get to meet with the subject matter leader in this particular case. No better on the topic of selling cars as an active car sales professional than ah Loretta if you have questions please feel free on mute and ask your question and we'd love for you to join the conversation and extract as much as you possibly can now, you probably weren't always selling 100 plus cars per month and I don't know did you, were you born with the aspiration to be a parcel like when you got started? I mean the industry really hasn't changed much. So all of this, talk about mindset and the law of reciprocity and being an active integral member of your community, have you always had that, did you have that coming into the business or was there a lightbulb moment for you? Yeah, it wasn't, you know, yeah, of course I, you know, didn't even know that I would ever be a car salesman, you know, back in 2000 and one, you know, I was just starting out my life, I was getting engaged and said, you know, I'm gonna start a family and I was at a decent job, you know, and and I just felt that, you know, I was at the job for 10 years and I felt I needed more and I thought, you know, hey, for the next 10 years I'm probably doing the same thing. So you know, I felt there was more in me and I knew I wanted to do sales. I, I felt like that was, you know, my passion and I wasn't sure it was in the auto sales, real estate. I kind of looked at both and just kind of fell in love with the auto sales portion of it, but you know the whole giving back, you know, I was fortunate enough to, to kind of work work next to a guy named jerry turkey who would sit at his desk and people would just come in and he just laughed for a few minutes and then I have you know driving off with a new car and I'm like man, this guy is so easy and I'm running the parking lot, you know, I'm trying to get somebody just say hi to me, right, I'm running around, I'm sweating and this guy just sitting in the air conditioning, I'm like man, I want to be like that guy and you know I kind of was able to watch him over the years and mimic the things that he did and he was active and you know he was probably doing 35 40 study, you know, our industry never told us that 100 was possible, so I never knew that 100 was actually possible. Uh you know, they always put limitations on us, you know, and this mindset, the whole mindset idea of like okay, you know, I think after we started talking about you know how I achieved things and talking about my career and people started talking about a little bit more about mindset and Damien boudreau, my coach who you know started talking about it and teaching it and we wrote that book together, then people started kind of realizing, hey maybe there is more, maybe there is no ceiling, maybe you know, anything is possible. And you know when I was watching jerry work and he'd come in like I said, and he was active in his community and I kind of was fortunate enough to be able to work at a store to see something like that And then, and then just said, Hey, there's more, there's more, right, there's more time I can do more than what what people are saying you can do. People told me you couldn't do more than 30, you know, 30 is the limit in our industry, your elite, how much more do you possibly want? And you know, then when you break those barriers, you know, when I hit 40 and I'm like man forties, okay, I could do 50 and at 50 you know, I couldn't see 100 but at 50 I could see 65 and at 65 I saw 75 I saw 90 and then I saw 100 and then, you know, at this point now, I mean my my my record is 209 in a, in a month, that was December of 2020 and you know, and that's not the limit. You know, there's gonna be somebody out there that's going to come through and figure out a more efficient faster...

...process and a faster way of doing it. And it's probably gonna be one of these social media groups that just knows everybody who knows, you know, I don't, it's crazy to think, but you gotta have a mixture of both and at some point there is no limit. I mean you can think of faster, smarter ways of doing things and they will and and hopefully they use the blueprint that I set forth, you know, throughout my career and have an easier path because I didn't have anything to gauge it off of. We have a lot of trouble in europe real quick. Just to tie that one off for me. Where can we get a copy of your book? You can actually for everybody here, you can get a free download of the book. They sell a hard copy on amazon, but a free download how to sell 100 cars dot com and you can get a free download. It's a quick read. It was the first book that I that I wrote and it was more just kind of getting back to the basics, right? It's not tactical. It's it's mindset and getting people back to the basics because it seems like a lot of times we forget and you know, and you know how to just, just be patient, start over, relax and and let things come to you. Um, I am working Damon and I are working on another book here that would come out pretty soon. That I think it's going to be really phenomenal about a little more tactical, well, can I put you on the spot when that one comes out and get a commitment here that both of you will join me on the podcast. Absolutely done. Done. Absolutely man, you love it. You love it. It's probably going to be a game changer because there's a lot of, of faults that that happened in the dealership and we kind of focused on that and, and the way things operate and we went through dealerships that are very successful and why they're successful versus others that are not. Um, there's a lot of things that no, that's very educational for, for somebody to help their dealership as a whole girl. Amazing. Alright, I see, I see a hand from Jason and then with, yeah, I have myself double muted there just to be extra sure. So it took me a second. But uh yeah, I think there's a really interesting point that you highlighted at the end there when you said, you know, some of these social media gurus, I'm sure there's a ceiling for them to come in and break records at some point. But I think that there's a really definitive part that doesn't change and that's the process. Once you've hit acquisition, social media ads, paid media, all of that makes it easier to get acquisition if you know what you're doing and if you, you know figured out kind of the algorithm, so to speak and how to get people. But what doesn't change is how you handle people once you've got them. And that's a really, really critical piece. And that's kind of where you get that road map of building success for yourself. And if it takes you eight hours to work a deal, you're not going to sell 100 cars a month unless you're working 100 hours a month. Right? So the process is really where that comes into play. And even if, you know, you're implementing the best that you can on digital media and social media, if you don't have that process locked in, then it's not gonna and there's a lot of dealerships out there that are going, I want more leads, I want more leads I want, but it's like how do you handle them? Right hand, right. You already have, Yeah, yeah, because you can get as many people coming your way in your funnel as you want. But again, you're right, how are you treating them? And what kind of experience are you giving them? You know, if you wanted to do something as a one night stand and just sell them and done. I mean that's a whole different story. But if you're building a career and you wanted to be a relationship type career, I mean that that's where the longevity comes in, that's where, you know, 20 years for me counting, you know, comes in, I mean, it's not an overnight sensation. And you know, that's the one fault with social media. I mean, your, your heart right now, but the next day, you know, something new comes out and all of a sudden, you know, there's tick tock and all of a sudden there's, you know, another, another platform and you know, things are gonna change and you're not gonna carry that same weight um, as you do again by actually knowing somebody by actually having dinner with somebody by getting to know their family members. I mean, they're just, you're not going... get that reciprocation. Um, I don't care how many people, you know, on social media and do they truly know you, you know, they know of you, but they don't know you, uh, those are two different, completely two different things would you say, uh, sorry to interject, but just before we get there, but there's something to be said then about dealers that are maybe in the mindset right now we need lead generation, lead generation through whatever channels. I don't care really. If it's social paid media, whatever the case may be, we need leads, we need leads. We need leads. Um, and, and you're saying, you know, it's more about the everyday action of being a person that's visible in your community and or like how you handle them thereafter, once you get the lead, what do you do with the leaf, right? Yeah, Most people are not aware of that, right? And most people don't, don't see that. So yeah, we can, I mean, we can blast as many, you know, as we want out there. But if you don't have the correct personnel to handle it and handle it properly. Um, like Jason said with the right process in place. Um, yeah, you're just gonna lose those and even even, you know, online, like, you know, with emails and, and you know, the BDC department and I mean they're looking to retain, You know, 3, 5, 7%. You know, I mean to me that's such a small amount. But what do you do with the 90% you didn't sell? Why do we just forget about those people? Because they don't have family members. They don't have, uh, spouses, they don't have siblings. I mean, we're just completely dismissed the 90% that we didn't buy a car and we just let them go and then worry about trying to retain five or seven or whatever percentage they want. I mean, it just doesn't make any sense to me. So I'm going for the 80 90% right? I'm going for the sure thing. And, and people, people with social media, they think that they have to be, um, they have to appeal everybody abroad, right? It's like, oh my God, I gotta be known. I'm in michigan, I got to be known in California and I got to be known in Seattle and that, I just need to be known in my little city right here because there's, you know, 200,000 people. I mean how many people do I need? Right, how many people do I need? I mean is the 200,000 cannot last me as the community grows and I go what they will that last me your career? Of course it will, it's in my backyard, so I don't need to worry about, you know, being the most popular person in social media, it does nothing for me. So, you know, at some point we have to realize even as a dealership as a whole, I would rather focus my time on building each salesperson within their own community and then having each one of those people develop, you know, 30 40 50 cars and then having, if you have 10 of those, well you're not yourself in 5, 600 cars and, and you know, which is, which is a great number and you're just doing it based on, you know, community building and you know, I don't think we need to get that that crazy about, you know, blasting ads everywhere. I don't have any on social media. So with that in mind, you're taking very much a leap of faith in this action that doesn't have an input and an output 1-1, what advice would you give to either individuals or dealership owners that might be afraid to step out of the 30 day cycle and might be afraid of this intangible effort that you've experienced the outcome of, but maybe they haven't before. You know, it's just a flood, a good question, but it's just a flood mindset. So basically they say, okay, well if we want to sell 100 cars, we know the national average for a salesman to sell a month is 10. So if we want to sell 100 we need 10 salespeople. If we want to sell 200 It's 20 salespeople and that's their business plan. Right? And, and, and it's not a bad business plan, that's how they started the dealership. But at some point you got to say, how do I grow? I can't keep, I can't 150 salespeople to hype to do, you know, 500 cars. I mean, you have to at some point say, all right, how do I empower these sales people? So they understand...

...that they own their own business within my business. How do I train them properly? So they stay here for the longevity. How do I give them proper training And as a dealership when I went through my cycle, you know, managers, it was supposed to be their role to kind of build the salesperson up. They got overloaded throughout the dealership process that, you know, they don't have time for that anymore. So rather than thinking, okay, I have the salesperson area has a lot of potential 1st, I'm going to be his manager next, I'm going to be his coach, then I'm going to be a teacher, then I'm going to be his partner rather than following this guideline or, or you know, having a plan for that person, they're just like, well if you leave, I'll just replace you and I'll replace you with the guy that's doing 10 and that's the business model. Um, and it's, I'm not saying that's wrong, they have to run a business, but there is definitely a better way of doing it. And there's the stores that are doing outstanding. You'll, you'll notice that they had salespeople there for, you know, 10, 15, 20 years and those veterans are managing their own business and they don't know, they no longer need to be babysat, they don't need a manager to tell them, where are you call your customer, you know, because now they're in the air, in the partnership role. They give them the love and support and the tools that they need to succeed. And then they kind of let them run their own business within their business. That's the whole idea. And that's basically what I do at my dealership and I need their support and I need their, uh, you know, I need the tools that they provide me, but I'm also running my own business inside there. You've got an entrepreneur mindset, we all should, right, because when I get in there, I might go, I turned on my light and I'm open up my storefront, right, people are coming in to see, you know the brand name Ali rita, that's where they're coming in to see, you know, so, so if you drive that businesses to see me then then they're unlikely to shop you on online or anywhere else. And you know, again, once you have that one opportunity and you sell them and you know, now you have, you know, a whole army behind them with their family members and everybody else. I mean that's, you know, the whole idea of social media is very, very important to use during and after sale, right? Because then you can spread that to their family and say, hey, so, and so is doing business with Ali. Maybe I need to look at that right? Maybe I need to go there. And so you, you get the message out there. But you know, uh, we as a business owner, you know, I want to make sure that you're, you know, you have the right experience and, and then you are spreading good news about, you know, your experience. Are you working Belda belt? Yeah, that's the perception, right? Everybody's like, oh, how do you have time to do anything? You're, you know, you're probably working seven days a week. So, so okay, newsflash, my dealership has opened five days. We're open monday through friday. We're literally closed on saturday and sunday closed And uh, you know, Monday Monday and Thursday until eight pm Tuesday Wednesday Friday until six PM Now I get there an hour early and I'd probably leave an hour late so it's about 52 hours a week. And so inside of this I think we're all dying to dissect now your process. So we know you're opening the store, we know you're closing the store um and we know that you have a limited window and we also know that you have an abundance mindset. Yeah That was one of the things right that I think that as human beings our if we give our chattering brains so much as a nanosecond we come up with excuse on excuse on excuse. So we hear. Oh well he could do, he could do 209 cars a month because he's in a larger market than I am. People in your market are saying. Yeah but it could be saying but I sell cadillac Chevy in ford Capital of Planet Earth and Dearborn right which is completely off...

...brand like shouldn't they dominate Well oh it's impossible for me to sell cadillac and Chevy and in in a ford market so we reduce we reduce re reduce until we come up with a good enough excuse as to why this isn't possible but you're looking at it from an abundance mindset and so now I'm curious Can you bring us inside your process? What happens? How does this work? How do you how do you sell 209 cars in a month? Yeah, I mean, 1st, 1st it starts with the keyword is a relationship that that's that's where it starts because there's two types of sales. Michael, you got a transactional sale, which is a customer that just walks in the dealership and says I need a salesperson. Uh, they don't know you, they don't trust you. They don't understand you, They don't know who you are, they don't know what you're about. And that customer, that transactional sale does take a lot more time and you're closing ratio is probably, you know, 15-20 when you go into a relationship type business, it completely flipped right. You're only there for minutes And they already trust you. They already know you they already believe in you. And uh, you know, the time frame gets cut dramatically and you're closing ratio is probably closer to 90%, maybe 95%. And you know of that 95%. Uh, this is the real kicker that people don't understand is when you're in a relationship type sale, you become more of an advisor. And I've been trying to push people to say, you know, instead of instead, instead of a salesman where we become advisers, right? I mean you're buying $100,000 product, how am I not advising you to do what's best for you And when you carry the adviser roll through for your customer base and their benefit? and you know of course we all have a job to do. So I have to protect myself. I have to protect the dealership and I have to protect the customer. If you're an advisor you can figure out a way to do all three of those things in a matter of minutes. Right? So then if somebody comes in and says Wally, what do you think Now? All of a sudden making 95% of those decisions on what they should get, why they should get it, how they should get it. And they and they might choose you know a couple of minor things like colour or you know certain suspects that they want. But they're not ultimately deciding the entire deal when when that happens. You know it's like when your doctor comes into your office and this is this will make sense to you because this is how I mocked my entire process right? And and then mocked it through what doctors do. So. So you know I'm thinking about it. How can I make this more fast and more efficient? How do doctors see so many patients throughout the day. Right? They have people in place. They have a good process. So when you go in there and your doctor tells you well you know you based on your symptoms that you told my nurse right? Because the nurse comes in first gets the preliminary they get all the facts that they need. The nurse comes in. She briefs the doctor momentarily and the doctor says you know well based on based on what we have here um it sounds like you have the flu and here's what we're going to subscribe to you. We're going to give you this this this and they give it to you. Okay? Anything else going on? No doc. I'm good thank you very much. Do you say no no no doctor. I think you're wrong with reanalyze this lets you know I mean unless it's something drastic you're probably 95% going to say okay you're right doc. I trust you. I trust your opinion. I trust what you're doing. I've been coming here for years and I think you're correct. I got the flu. I'll take the medicine and I'll go home you leave and another person feels that office and the nurse comes in gets the preliminary dr. Then goes to the next office solves that problem, goes to the next office solves that problem. And it just rotating these offices, that's why they have seven or eight offices and a waiting area. So you're waiting 70 offices are all full. The nurses come and take the preliminary measure which my secretary comes in, my assistant, She comes in. She takes all the information that I need. Uh and I have four offices and they're back to back to back to back. So when I when I when I saw that and thought man that's what I need to mock it off of, I went...

...directly and I said I did four offices. I need all these officers directly. I said I don't want nobody behind me. And we need to get him we need to move because I have a lot of people waiting and these four officers belong to me. So I got those offices and now I have a person at every office at a different stage of the of the process. So my secretary will come in. She gets the information. What are you leasing now? Uh you know how many miles you have on your car or banker you financed through? And she lays it out. When I come in, I have all the facts. All I need to do is solve the problem. So then I can spend three or four minutes catching up with the person just chit chatting. You know, you know how the kids, how is this, what's going on? Anything new in your life? No, everything is good. Okay. Here's what we got. What do you think in the same car, nuclear car while I just want to pick up truck. All right, perfect. Here's what I suggest we do. Here's a pickup. I'm gonna have somebody show you the car and then I move over to the next office. So why they're doing that. Now I'm working 5, 6 people at one time And each person the processes, 20 minutes tops. Right, 20 minutes each office, I got to get him out of there because often that's prime real estate. But when I'm in that office, Michael, that's all I'm focused on. I don't break action. I don't leave. I don't see who's yelling in the showroom. None of that matters right? I'm focused. I'm solving that problem. I give him all my attention for that few minutes that I'm in there and then I move on to the next person. And people love that. They love the fact that they're not fighting you. They love the fact that they're not talking to 12 different people. There's no going back and forth. There's no, you know, if I could do it today, would you? There's no, you know, there's none of that. It's literally sincere. It's honest. It's very transparent and you know, they're out of there and the reason why the amount of time. So when you're doing it at that number, you can handle four or five people at one time and each person's 20 minutes. That could be your delivering the car every five minutes. If you're doing it right? So every five minutes, a car could be leaving. You got to have the right personnel to be able to do that. My assistant, uh, is absolutely phenomenal without her. I definitely couldn't be where I'm at today and you know, but, but that's what we're doing. So, uh, you know, I needed a porter, I needed a personal porter run the parking lot. Uh So I got a personal porter. So in order to grow my business I needed the right person up and those are the steps that you need. Yeah. Yeah that makes sense. I'm taking notes like crazy. It's a lot to take in sometimes but it's such a good process man. It's so good. And you know I I feel that you know being able to do it this way. I absolutely love what I do still uh you know I love going into work. I think it's bought me a lot of time in the business that that you know I would probably not want it to be in the business anymore. But I'm having fun. It's a really good fun process and and it's duplicate herbal, it's teachable, anybody can do it and I lay it out there for everybody. The blueprint is there. Yeah, I would submit that. It's probably favorable right? Like I'm just thinking about my last, you know car buying experience. I'm sure most folks can tell us that it's it's certainly longer than 20 minutes, right? Yeah. The longest thing that takes time is cleaning the car. So you know, and I got that down pretty good too. But you know it doesn't take that long of the actual process because if you come in and it's the second time or third time or four time or first time I dealt with you, chances are we have your information, we just verify what's correct, what changed, what didn't um, I do my own finance. So while I'm talking to you, I have everything loaded and I can submit the deal while I'm talking to you. So I'm not Going over to finance and saying can you get this bought? And he puts it on the bottom of his stack of deals and says I'll get to in 30 minutes or an hour or whatever it is. So as a salesperson,...

...the more we can control, the faster things become and the more efficient. So I'm doing my own finance because it was much faster for me to do that. So I could submit a deal while you're standing there and my assistant on the phone with your insurance company by then we just need to clean the car and that I even solved when we have a hot vehicle like like Blazer is, is a hot least item. So every morning I come in and I send five blazers to prep and I said I need these cars cleaned up by 10, 10, 11 o'clock and I got five cars lined up right there. So when you come in you're like, oh I love the black blazer, no problem. Here it is, it's clean, it's ready to go. So, so the car's already cleaned. So a lot of times the cars cleaned, ready to go gas. I mean we're just, all they do is the paperwork and if you, if you're handling the more of it yourself and I know a lot of lot of dealerships you can't do this yet. And that's the whole part of owning your own business and getting to the point where you are able to earn more responsibilities through your dealership. Um, but you know, the more you can do yourself to faster everything will become, what was the first thing you did Going down this road, right? Because we know that we know the average for the last 30, years maybe it's a little bit better now, but it kind of hovers around that 8-10 vehicles per month. What did you do to like, what was that first thing? So for the sales pros that are, that are going to watch this, What's that? And they're sitting there and they're thinking, man, what do I do? I keep hitting 10, I'm sure 12 as possible, I'm sure 15 is possible. And even for the managers that are watching, how do I encourage my team too? Get to that next step. What did you do? What was that first thing that you could encourage the people that are going to watch this to do? I think just, I think first thing is believing that it's possible and I think again that I was able to actually see somebody do it live and believe that, you know, because like you said, a lot of people think, oh, you know, Ali works in a easy market and, and you know, it's easy for him because he's been doing that forever. And of course, I struggled at the beginning, I started with one car just like everybody else, right? So, you know, you have to believe in what's possible if you don't believe it, you know, if they doubt it and you know, they're never going to achieve that. So that was the first thing I think, I, I absolutely believed it and you know, you've got to educate yourself, you know, a lot of these guys, you know, they're just in today's world because a lot of people do know other people through social media or referrals, they're coming in specifically asking for somebody, there used to be a time where you sit at a dealership, people just walk in, that's not really happening that much anymore there, if somebody's coming in, they're probably coming in to see somebody whether they've been on social media or in email or a referral. So, you know, for those people, you've got to get involved in your community, you got to get out there and you got to be able to give back and, and Michael, the reason why people give up and, and I've seen it time and time again and people call me from all over the country, they're like, hey man, I went to a charity event and you know, I left and I sold no cars, well, of course you sold no cars. First thing you went there to sell a car and nobody there is interested in buying a car. What you want to do is go there and get to know people as a person, right? People got to know me as ali, they didn't get to know me as Ali, the car salesman, right? That comes later. And the reason why people fail is because they, they give up way too early. It's premature. It takes years, right? It takes years for any business to take off. I mean we're not, you know, I mean, how long it take amazon to get to where they are. I mean it takes years for them to develop into trial and error and to get yourself out there, you're not going to show up at a charity event. You know, sell a car, nobody's, they're interested in buying a car. What they're interested in is you care about why they're there. And when you start carrying that mindset of, you know, you know, I, I need to get out there and I need to get back and it could take five years before you see it reciprocated, right? But again, you're doing it for the right reasons. You feel good about it. You know, and, and,...

...and it goes something like the first security event I went to, you know, I sat at the table and I, you know, just sat there and listened and I went home, you know, I think I talked to like three people at my table And then the next one, you know, I was more comfortable. I kind of mingled a little bit, you know, I probably talk to 10 people. And the third one all of a sudden I'm all over the place. By the 5th 1, I'm speaking at their right, because I've gone, I know everybody, I'm getting involved, I'm getting more into it. And now all of a sudden I'm on stage right now, I'm doing doing my part. So then everybody there knows who I am because I'm on stage, guess what happens when you do that? Everybody comes up to you, you don't have to go to anybody else anymore. And then once in a while somebody is going to mess up and say, hey, so what do you do? And then you're like, oh, I saw cars, you know, perfect, Oh my God, I need a car. I was looking for one last week. So that's how the conversation goes. Now, imagine I go there and be like, I saw cars, here's my business card. You know, they're going to be like, get this guy out of here, right? It's not the seventies, You don't do that anymore. It's funny, but, you know, one thing you said, Michael to is, is the national average, you know, in the seventies, it was 10, Right? In the 80s, we started getting Internet and we started getting all this stuff and It went up to 10 And then, you know, in the 90s we got all these trainers and we got all this, you know, platforms and you were going to get you were going to get you to, you know, 12, that's what it was 10. And then the 2000, you have social media and you have Facebook and you have all this stuff and guess what? It went backwards, it's nine. I mean, so for the last 40 years, what has changed? Nothing, nothing has changed. The business plan is the same. You want to say, 100 hire 10 people. I mean, at some point, me as a salesperson, as as you guys are out there, you got to take the initiative, you gotta say, okay, I'm not gonna let them dictate what I'm doing. I'm not gonna let them dictate what's possible. I'm just I'm going to do it and I'm gonna and I'm going all in right, I'm going head first. I'm going all in, I don't care what anybody says it and it's gonna work right. If you believe in it, it's gonna work and you'll find a way, we're pretty amazing, we'll find a way and you're, you know, you're never waiting for an uh like you just sing, right, That is the World Leader Call or literally, I think, I think part of it, internally, I think you're right right, I think it internally, I think I hate it because I hated going taken up, I hated going up to a person and being like, you know, hello, how are you? Welcome to, you know, less stanford hooking up and I hated that feedback. I hated that, you know, oh my God, this guy is out here to get me and I hated that so much. I'm like, man, I don't want to wait on another up ever again in my life. And at some point I cut that off and I think I probably psychologically built this this relationship that I only want to deal with people that know me because I don't want them judging me just because I'm a salesman and then come out to greet you, I'm doing my job. I'm just coming here to greet you yet. I don't greet you and you're mad because nobody greeted you. But if I do agree, you you're like, get out of here. So I, you know, I'm confused. What do you want me to do? I hated it. I seriously? So I said you know what? I'm not doing anybody who doesn't know you don't know me, I don't want to deal with you either. And that was it. And that was at the end, I never I never took him up after that. You know that this all ties into why your personal brand is as powerful and impactful as it is because you're you are demonstrating what makes a brand so strong, you know, like if I had a dollar for every, you know sales pro over the last seven years of doing my podcast who have messaged me saying, what do you think about uh going by like your cadillac guy, Ali rita? And I'd be like, if you if you spent the same energy just yeah, focusing on other human beings for a second, you wouldn't need to worry about your cadillac guy or your Chevy dude and all these kinds of things. You would, you would actually be doing the thing Michael, you are so right on man. I get messages from people all the time.

They're like, I don't even know them, right? I have no idea who they are, I have no idea anything about them. They're like, what do you think about this logo? And I'm like, dude, I said how long you've been in the business? Uh well, I just started like a month ago, I started a year ago, I started to how do you don't even know who you are in the business? How could you actually come up with something? How could you come up with the slogan when you don't even know what your thing is, right? You just want to be the car guy. You don't know anything about the cars. So, so you have to so many people that start out because they see a lot of these guys that are doing well on social media with these brand names, but they built a business to create that you cannot force a name on yourself. It has to be given to you, has to come to you based on your actions throughout your career. So I, I, people call me all the time and they're like sending myself, I'm like, I don't even know you do. I can't even answer that question because I have no idea who you are, what you do, how you doing? Like you're trying to reverse the whole process. Yes. Right, Right. Like the whole, and I tell them that and I'm like, I don't have a brand new. I said, I've been doing it for 20 years and I don't have, you know, whatever it is, I don't have Alibaba and I, you know, saw magic rides, I don't know, I don't know what they want me to come up with. Right? It sounds cool. But to me it's like more like, you know, people, people know me as Ali, right? That's so cool. I think you know me as who I am, right, forget about everything else. And eventually you could have something that catchy slogan that that comes up and I, I have an employee that I hired a salesman that I hired. Not if you're familiar with or not, but I hired a salesman. His name is Carlos and never sold a car before. And you know, he's two years in with me now and and doing phenomenal, but it took me time and all of a sudden he was selling a bunch of Silverado. So I mean, he was just selling Silverado. Like they were like the last thing on earth. He was just doing so good with Silverado. So, so one day as I'm selling them, I'm like, man, you're the Silverado King. And then all of a sudden that just stuck, right? So all of a sudden now I can go with, if I want to put on his card, if I want to put somewhere, you know, Carlos, the Silverado King because he actually fit the role had I tried to do that from day one and be like, man, I'm gonna make you into Silverado King, it's not possible. I don't know who he is yet. So let You have to be patient. You have to be patient in this business with so many things that happened in this business. If you're not patient, I mean you're just going to drive yourself crazy. So if you're patient enough to build your business and let things develop, let that come to you and then, and then sometimes it'll come to you and sometimes it won't 20 years later, don't like anything that ever came to me. I just like be myself, right? I don't I want the slogan, but for him it just came out and it works and it's fun. And by the way, two years in, he's averaging 50 cars a month, wow in relationship only, right? Never doesn't take a phone up internet lead floor up. He literally came in relationship based only. I gave them the blueprint. I'm his manager on his finance manager, on his coach, on his teacher. I'm his partner and I gave them the blueprint. And, and he's actually a salesman that works for me. And this is his own numbers. This has nothing to do with the 209. He has nothing to do with my numbers in his own person. He just works under me for himself and it's none of my customer base. But we built him up to the point where he hit 51 for the first time. He's been averaging between 40, and 51. Uh, not that I think last month, month before, which is phenomenal coming in. Not knowing anything. Yeah, pretty good. I'm proud of them. It still took two years. two years. Yeah, two years in two years on day one. It wasn't day one, he was probably doing five. Do you want, do you want 10 guys who do 10 or do you want five guys who start out doing five and then in two years they're doing 40. Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm saying. So we gave them the blueprint. It's there, it's proven right, anybody can do it again. Were duplicated one and it's learn able and, and he follow that blueprint. He was the right person to do it. We got him involved in his... We got him involved in, You know, we advertise him throughout his community and and that's how he built it. And all of a sudden, you know, now that's what he's doing, man. This is a, I just want to talk to you forever. How do we have a, just assume that's open just for you throughout the day. Just like peer in and see what's happening over there. It's just, you know, I get get, get crazy sometimes because I'm just passionate about it, right? And I know that it's not, you know, it's not just, it's me. I mean, it's possible for anybody. It's not like, you know, I've done anything that, that just, you know, impossible. I believed in what was right. The car gods have been good to me. I followed my heart in many instances. You know, I did it for the right reasons. I went out and got a coach, right. I got I got a trainer. I says, you know what for everybody out there. That's educating yourself. There was a point where I said, you know, as a coach, they can see and do things that you cannot see or do, right? So my coach didn't change the way I talk. He didn't change the way I speak to customers. They didn't change my heart. He didn't tell me, go say, you know this to a customer. All he did is made me aware of the best version of myself when I became aware of why I feel the way I feel at certain times, why I don't like feeling certain things now aware of it. I can, I can become a better person, not a car sales person. I can become a better person. And by default I've become a better car sales person. But you know, and I thought, and I said, well, you know, Michael Jordan as a coach and you know, tom brady as a coach and their coaches have coaches. So why would I be so naive to think that I don't need help with somebody that can see something that I can't see. And you know really it became one of the best, best things I've ever done is to understand that hey, you know, I can learn from somebody and I, and I use them till today. I have one last question for you as we wind down and of course we want to respect your time knowing you, you haven't eaten dinner yet, you have it. You know, we're good. We're good. You know, as much time as you want, like committed to you buddy. Uh, and I appreciate that and, and, and that actually runs deep. I think into everything that you're saying, the passion that you speak of. I mean not only do we feel it, but the authenticity that we're feeling, I think is just something that's so tremendous. You're not, you know what we typically do in this instant gratification world is is we embellish everything, maybe maybe you sold 30 cars in one month once and all of a sudden you're the billionaire car sales person and you know your, you know your photoshopping yourself on the cover of magazines and you're you're doing all these day. And look, I was I'm an international speaker because I'm speaking a bunch of people in Canada over zoom and you know like we have this thing built into into wanting to do that stuff, but we just feel the genuine, you know, the nature that you have and I think that's why you are a true champion in this and it all just comes down to service. Um speaking about coaches, how did what's your recipe for selecting a coach? Because to my earlier point, Somebody sold 15 cars once they were the top salesperson in their store and they go, I'm gonna get into coaching and I'm going to go coach. How do you select a coach? Because there are a lot of dare I say, posers out there? Yeah, it's tough. I mean it's not easy. You gotta, you gotta share the same energy, right? What we, when we produce energy out of our soul and our heart, the energy that you produce, you know, you have to listen to that, right? So if it tells you that, you know, meeting somebody is right, that's how you meet your significant other, that's how you become friends with certain people. So when you're aware of that, you know, I am producing this positive energy and finding a person that shares the same goals that that, you know, you can understand and you can relate to and it doesn't have... be a paid coach, right? It could be your parent, it could be your friend, it could be a mentor, it could be somebody that you call every day on the way to work that that loves and supports you. That's the person, right? Not not somebody that's, you know, out to get you or somebody that, you know, uh, you know, hates to see you succeed. And those are those, those, those cancers for lack of better words, you have to cut those out of your life at some point, you have to be aware that they are there. So you can understand that, hey, I don't need this in my life. I'm better than this. I need to move on and become a better person. So, you know, finding that person in your life that loves you unconditional that that support you, no matter what I mean. You know, that's the type of deal I'm talking about and you know, they're around you. You just have to be aware of who they are and you have to open up your heart, your mind to accept that and to say, hey, I can learn from this person, right? I can, you know, hey, you know, we all get off that phone call and you say, man, I just love talking to that person, right? That person makes me feel good. So, you know, that's the type of thing that you have to be aware of, you know, understanding that that just happened rather than saying, wow, that was a good conversation, see you later. And that was it. So it's just, it's just those types of things that we, we go through these motions in life that we just were so oblivious to what's actually happening that we miss it, right? Stop for a minute and slow time down and just say, let me absorb this, let me what just happened. Okay. Why did that conversation feel so good or or why did I feel horrible after I said that or why man, that was such an amazing, you know, that person produces, you know, the best smile and they made me smile just looking at them. Those are the type of things that we need to slow time down and realized that's what's happening around us. And you know, for me, I was, I was blessed to me Damien, my coach by by mistake, right? I met him, he started, he was training and you know, I started talking to him and he was, he was saying all the things that I felt, but I didn't know there were things I didn't know that relationship selling was the thing, right? Nobody ever talked about it. I didn't know that actually meant something. And I'm like, wow, I do that while I do that. And it resonated with me. And afterwards I pulled him to the side and we just started talking and became friends. And, you know, as I listened to the guy I said, well, I'm and this guy is knowledgeable. He understands and sees things that that I can't see. And and he, I tell everybody to these days, he just made me aware that that's it. That's exactly what he did. And that was his intended purpose was to make me aware and and that changed my life, wow, he sounds amazing. Oh, you got to get him on your show. I mean, you talk to him and you'll understand, you want to get somebody that's, you know, anybody that can refer me. Oh, yeah, maybe, maybe I'll twist somebody's, I'll twist somebody's arm, but you you guys will get him on the show and you understand what I'm talking about. He's just he's just very knowledgeable and he's, you know, he speaks from his heart and everything is genuine and that type of person resonated with me. And, you know, he's a family member to me now. You know, it's just not no, no longer just just a person in my life, man, I can't thank you enough for joining us here. I know I know you're passionate. I am passionate. I want to just keep listening to you, but I'm not going to do that to you and certainly we appreciate our client partners who have joined us. Everything you've said resonates so deeply with us because that's, you know, that's really the mission that we're on here at flex, its why I produce the dealer playbook. It's all about enriching and enhancing the lives of automotive professionals and to go beyond that really to do that. The best way I believe is to think beyond the four walls of the dealership to say, hey, how am I? What is, how are all facets of my life? How can I be a top performer if things aren't good at home? If I'm not spiritually centered,...

...if I'm not grounded, if I'm, you know, a nay Sayer and a skeptic and a negative nancy and all of the, whatever the terms you, you can think of that typically are the stigma attached to this industry, that it's a shark tank and whatever you're proving that that is not the case. You're proving there is in fact a more efficient way and the beauty of it is that you, you could look at it two ways and, and those that look at it, the second way that I'm about to mention are the ones that are going to continue to stand up and stand out like you are. The first way is man, this is going to take too long. That sounds like it takes time, old boy I, I like what he's saying about, whoa, whoa, whoa. The second group of people are going, Oh yeah, I totally can do this. This is this sounds extremely difficult, but the time is going to pass anyway. And so long as the past times anyway, I might as well do something with that time. You owe it to yourself, right? You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself to to give it, give it your all. I'm not I'm not going to say work yourself to death. I'm not doing that. But at the beginning you gotta put in the time, right, Michael. I mean, you and I both know that there's no substitution for work. I mean, you run this program here, you run the zoom calls and you got all the behind the scenes work and there's a lot of work that goes into this and you have to get out there and put yourself out there and say, you know, I I know it's a lot of work, but um it's worth it. You gotta have a plan. You got to be able to see, okay, five years from now. I'm hoping to be here in my career. Uh not, you know, we talked about earlier, waiting for it up to come in and you know, waiting for people to show up. You know, you gotta have a plan, you got to execute and you know, you you owe it to yourself to try it out and if it doesn't work, so be it, try something else. Amazing. So one final question for you before we wind down, how can how can those joining us on the call or those of our client partners that will watch after the fact here. How can they get in touch with you man? I mean I'm on social media, I mean you can reach out to me any time. You can message media, you can instant message me anytime. Um you know my phone number is listed on my, on my facebook page. You can, you can reach out to my phone, you call me any time. Uh you know, I you know, I'm always available to help when I can um but if you message me and it takes me a day to get back to you, you know forgive me but I will get back to people and I get messages all the time from people across the country and you know it's it's good to help people, but you know you can't solve everybody's problems in a few minutes. So uh you know people got to get out there, listen to these, you know, these podcasts and listen to you know different shows that are out there because that's how you educate yourself, you know, but um you know anytime I can help out somebody man, I'm happy to do so again it's a pleasure to be on here with you might I appreciate you having me on it and caring enough to to, you know, help somebody's life. So if this this helps one person get over that edge done, it was so worth it. Mm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm mm. Yeah, mm. I'm Michel Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. Mhm. Yeah.

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