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Andrew Davis: How to Unleash The Power of Partnerships


Welcome to The Dealer Playbook Podcast session #74 and we are so excited that you are!

On this session of DPB we are sitting down with a best selling author and one of the most sought after speakers in the world Mr. Andrew Davis.

Andrew Davis’s 20-year career has taken him from local television to The Today Show. He’s worked for The Muppets in New York. He’s marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands.

For more than a decade, Drew has led the charge to change the way publishers think and how brands market their products in a digital world.

Andrew is the author of the amazing book Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships and also his latest release Town Inc : Grow Your Business. Save Your Town. Leave Your Legacy.

It was very exciting to sit down with Andrew and even more exciting to introduce him to you because this guy brings the thunder!

Here is a quick preview of some of the topics Andrew discusses

What Is Brandscaping & How You Can Leverage It To Sell More Cars

Andrew goes into how partnering with likeminded brands that have your next customer as their current customer.

Andrew gives some valuable examples of this and also some great insight on how you can get started with Brandscaping right now.

Unlocking The Power of Passion Specialization

Andrew gives us some extremely detailed examples of how specializing around your target customers passions is a sure fire way to success.

Andrew gives you actionable steps and outside the box ideas of how you can get started with this right now in your business.

How To Create Brand Ambassadors In Your Community

Having evangelists or brand ambassadors for your business is never going to be a bad thing. Andrew Davis hones in on how you as a salesperson or a dealership can build your tribe of brand ambassadors in your community.

Andrew fires off a ton of examples of this working and exact details for you do put this into action to sell you more cars now.

That is just of course a snippet of what to expect from this conversation with Mr. Andrew Davis.

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This is the dealer playbook. All Right, here we go, session seventy four, the dealer playbook podcast, where we are bringing you createive strategies. Why? Because you are today's advanced automotive professionals. Thanks so much for being here. On Michael Cirillo, joined by Robert Wiseman. What's going on? What's happening? Man? This is so much fun. I Love I love podcasting. We kind of you know, we were heads down there for a while and you know we were we were lining new guests up, but I've just had so much fun just putting these things in the can and just super excited for you guys listening and hope you guys are finding value listen. Don't forget to check in with us on our facebook page. We'd love to hear from you and interact with you there. There's already people starting conversations, which is phenomenal. New People Finding out about the show all the time. To those of you, thank you. We very much appreciate it. And also, if you haven't checked out our new website, be sure to do that, where we've got some new tools and resources for you to download, all free, because we want to help you, guys succeed. That's the whole point of all the work that team BPDDP be does for you, and I can't even say our own acronym. But listen, man, I want to I want to just dive into this show today because we have an incredible guests lined up. His name's Andrew Davis. He's a best selling author. He's written a really cool book called brandscaping. He's actually released another book. What was the name of that other book? That he's just founding town ink and true. Ruthfully, I mean Robert, correct me if I'm wrong. We kind of wanted to go that that route with him in this episode today, but you know, he's really good, he's really focused. He kind of brought us back and he's like now let's talk about this brand scaping thing because because it's something that you know, the audience, you guys, need to hear about, and we couldn't agree more. As we got into it. You know that the energy that Andrew has in this episode, I think you guys are really going to enjoy. Let's do it. Okay, guys, were sitting down now with the man, a best selling author of a book titled Brand Scaping, who also has a new book out titled Town Ink, which You guys need to check out. Will link you up in the show notes. Mr Andrew Davis, thanks for joining us on DPB. Hey, man, thanks for having me. This is fun. I'm psyched about it. Michael Robert, thanks for having me. Yeah, absolutely, we we. We always love meeting you know, and sitting down and chatting with individuals like yourself who really think outside the box. I mean I feel like, especially in the auto industry, we get so inside the vacuum, so inside the dealership. So, you know, the concept of brandscaping, which we want to talk to you about today, is really refreshing. But for those of you listening in, we just wanted to turn it over to you, Andrew, and just introduce the concept of brand scaping and then we'll go from there. Yeah, sure, I'll give you like the textbook definition first and then we can break it down. Sure, essentially, brand scaping is partnering with Like Minded Brands to create content designed to drive revenue or increase demand.

Okay, so now it's we can break it down piece by piece. So essentially, you want to partner with like minded brands. That means you want to find partnerships in the market place already out there, like the other brands that your customers already buy from. They're going after the exact same audience you're going after, and you want to walk into their business and say, look, how can I help you grow your business? Because the more you think like that, the more you partner with those others companies, the more their talk about you and and even create content with you designed to get their audience to think about buying from you first. So the simple question that I wanted to ask yourself right now, if you're sitting at your desk in your dealership wondering where the next customers going to come from, ask yourself this simple question. Who has my next customer as their current customer? That's it. That's brandscaping. Yeah, we write that down. Hold on, say that again, you're I'll say it's slowly so that the guys at the hull over the road or they need to all over the car or something. Who has your next customer as their current customer? So let me ask you this. Is this, I mean what is this? An affinity program? Is this reaching outside? Like I mean, you know, I think the first thing that might come to the listeners mind is okay, partner with with other brands, and I think they're automatically going well, I'm a dodge dealer. So is that mean going to mas? Like they're thinking brands, car brands? Yeah, you're you're saying, go to businesses in your community or what does that look like? Yeah, businesses in your community could be even bigger than that. So, for example, I just I just talk to these guys that make boats. It's actually a company called mjm yachts. So they make really nice, you know, high end yachts. They make a few hundred a year. They're kind of churned out as custom yachts and they have a whole list of customers that, over the last fifteen years, have been spending a million, a million five on a boat from them. Okay, now that list, those those people that they've already serviced, that they've already bought from them, that have a great relationship with those customers could be your next customers. If you sell, you know, Mercedes bends or you sell Tesla, you saw some high end brand that that you know, the those the same people by those cars that buy these yachts. So if you walked into mjm gots and said Hey, look, you know in the winter, I live in the northeast, so everybody has to take their boats out of the water, right. So if you walked in and said Hey, look our dealership, you know services, these kinds of clients, they're exactly the kind of people that would buy mjm yachts. Why don't you put an mjm yacht out front of our dealership? That'll get people coming and stopping and asking why we have a boat. That gets people in the door. But also, why don't you tell all your people that they can come see a boat right outside at our dealership and come walk in the door? That gets them thinking about easy ways youtube can partner to introduce your products and services to each other. Broh, like that's not like right now I'm spending. I'm thinking, okay,... can do that with motorcycle Harley days exactly Howasake. You can do it with regular normal boats, like not million dollar yacht. You can do it. Well, you you can do with fishing boats. Look like I don't. You got to think they have a target, like if you sell forward or you sell Chevy trucks. Like I'm just thinking that fisherman, it's going to pull their boat themselves. You know exactly. So if you beat yeah, you want to think about the audiences, other passion points. Like one of the key things to get to getting brand skeeping to work is actually gets get outside of the mindset that that you're you know, your brand lives in like this. Your company, your dealership, even the cars you sell kind of live in the singular world where all you think about every day is, you know, your gm your Ford's, your Mercedes, your Tesla's, whatever they are on the lot. You've got to remember that the customers you serve, you know, the car is one piece of their life. They do a lot of other things, they believe in a lot of they love a lot of other brands, and one of the easiest ways to get into their their mindset is think about what else they do. So if you're the guy at your dealership that loves to fish, well then why don't you be the the expert in fishing, because that's a lot better than just being the expert in cars that you know that at down at the dealership. That means that when other fishermen buy from you, they'll say hey, you know, look Michael knows all about fishing. He has the he has a rate Chevy truck. He Hook me up with all this great fishing, you know, these fishing spots. He gave me this great insight, like all of a sudden. There's a real deep relationship there, because you specialize in something and you have other brand relationships that showcase the quality of the service you provide. I like that man, especially if you then you got it, if you're like the fishing guy, but you got to make sure you own the truck to that you're selling that you want to say, that's right, how it works great together. I do like exactly, like you know what it can pull. You'll you're going to you're going to speak to their passion point instead of talking about the features and functions of the car, which I can get from anyone. Yeah, but it's like and it exactly and it's it's easier to build a relationship when you have something that it's a passion for somebody, like fishing. But you know, I only need your services or your expertise on how you know the most about trucks, how you're nobody knows a truck better than you. I only need that when, you know, once in a hey hall while, exactly. Yeah, but my passion, I need to feed that can constantly every weekend. Right, like, if you, if you live in an area where people love to hunt, well then be the hunting guy, right. If you, if you live in an area where there's a whole community of people who like to mountain bike, all right, well, you know, Hook me up and that that. That's how you really get into essentially, what you're doing is leveraging the loyalty loop of other people's brands and content to insert yourself in a way that's really all authentic, and the loyalty loop is like a really important part of understanding the opportunity. You know, everybody has their own audience. You know, the fishing... down the street, the the motorcycle guys that race every weekend, the tough mutter people, the people that love to work out. What's what's that? That like cultish workout thing that everybody else would I tried a couple times and hurt my back. crossfit. Thank you. WHO. Yeah, I'm like, yeah, the the Cultus. Yeah, that was sorry to anyone who hey, look, I love crossfit, but it's too hard for me. So I gave up. But but you know, cross fit has a whole legion of loyal fans and you know you understand their lifestyle. Even just getting into being part of that is makes you a much more valuable asset when it's comes to, you know, actually finding the next set of customers. So, so, basically, though, you want to go into like if you're going in and you're going to be the fishing expert, like like that, or the the the hunting guy or whatever. But does that work in every instance? I guess. Basically, that audience needs to be the same, you know, target buy or that you're looking for. Right, it's like your ideal client lies inside of these passions here. That's right. So one of the one of the things you should do today, if you're really trying to, you know, think through this, you want to think about like the last ten customers that have been your best customers. That doesn't mean you know they they it means essentially think about the people that you deliver the highest margin too, or maybe they've delivered tons of referrals to. You. Make that list. But then the ones you want more of? Basically, yeah, exactly, the ones you want more and then essentially just break down who those people are in very might new detail. Like my motto is get rich, target and niche. Essentially, if you just understand exactly who they are, maybe you'll realize that like three of the last ten of your customers have been doctors and that they had no relationship beforehand. Your goal is to them figure out why three doctors bought from you, or did everybody else get three doctors this month? Like is that is that doctors are walking in and if that's the case, why are they buying now? What are the things that drew them to me as the salesperson? How did they build that relationship? And if you can't figure it out, you should call them. And what you actually want to ask them is you're trying to get to what I call the moment of inspiration. What was the moment you decided you wanted to buy a car? Because if I can understand that, then the I really can learn a ton about how I can tap into that for other doctors or other lawyers or other fishermen or other people that sell Mary K cosmetics, whatever it is you can okaye, hold them back onince one second. Yeah, right, interrupt you. So when you say them the inspiration, like give me an example of like a response to that would be okay. So I get this doctor on the phone. I'm like a dude, like what made you take action whatever? Or what is it? Take action with me or just in general? No, no, you want to go even further back in that like, yeah, what made them think about but think about the product to find, not even that, even before that. Why? What...

...made you decide you were going to go on this journey to buy a car? Like at some point you walked into our dealership or you called me or a friend told you to call me. That part is easier. I want to know what really inspired this journey, because some people will say, well, I bought a new boat. Okay, well, Ding, Ding Ding. You bought a new boat. That was the moment of inspiration. Then you realize your truck couldn't tow the boat you bought, or you know you it was underpowered or you didn't feel comfortable on the road and safe towing the boat. Okay, these are great insights, because then I really want to build a partnership with anybody out there who's selling boats and the minute they sell a boat, I want them to say hey, you know what this you've got a great vehicle, but you know, if you if you need a better vehicle to tow this boat, you should talk to my friend Michael, or you should sit down with Robert, who's going to hook you up. That's when you've identified the moment of inspiration. So it's really what sent you on this journey. Like I, I define a moment of inspiration as an instant in time that sends you on a journey you never expected. All right, an instant time that sends you on a journey you never expected. Actually, it even happened with me, with my with my car. I I just bought a new car recently. What's my moment inspiration? I got I got a least notice from Nissan, you know, one of those stupid legal notices that says, like your lease, it's up in thirty days, and it drove you and you took action. I found that that's the real education here today. That called it right, called Andrew to action. That's the moment of inspiration. And and what happens if you think about those, you know, if you really put yourself in the mindset of a consumer today, they get this moment of inspiration and it triggers a question in their mind. The question I that triggered in my mind when I got this least notice was, oh my gosh, what car am I going to buy next? Okay, that was the question I had. It wasn't. First of all, Nissan screwed up because they sent me this legal document. Instead of an opportunity to remark it to me and get keep me in the loyalty loop and get another niece on right, they just sent me this legal document. So like your exit papers, exactly, Walcome Pacers? Huh? Yes, for anybody ever tried to sell you another one. That's right. So they should have been way ahead of the game. But let's assume you guys are better than that. But you know, essentially the question I'm not asking myself is what's my next car? So that that's the trigger question and then there's initial consideration set. That's the first brand that comes to your mind, the first thing you think about, and obviously for me, because I'm holding this, this legal document from Nissan, the first brand that comes to my mind is niece on. But for everybody else in the market place there's a different answer to that. Sometimes it's the person who you know puts up enough billboards, or maybe it's the car they love when they were a kid, or it's a brand their parents have always bought. Whatever it is, that's the that's the initial consideration set. And what happens then is people go on what I call active evaluation. They start adding and subtracting brands all along their path to a purchase, and that means they even when I was driving to work, that's exact day, I'm looking at other cars on the road, going hey, maybe I'll get an out. Yesuv, that's pretty nice. It just pass... on the highway. Then then two seconds later I see a BMW. I'm like, Oh, maybe I want to be i'mw. Then I see the VW pass by and I'm like, man, the VWSUV is pretty good. Maybe I don't need to spend as much. I could get that car. What happens when I get to the office, I just type in into Google, the the Almighty Google. I just type in how much is an Audi and I go okay, forget it out. He's out. I haven't been to your website. I didn't come down by your dealership. Right like, I just add and some track brands before I get to the point of chatting with you. HMM. True, and if eventually we get to a moment of purchase, but you really want to focus on that, that moment of inspiration, because that's in that moment of inspiration lies tons of great partnerships. Yeah, that's where you want, that's your focus. Is that moment of inspiration. is where you need to be. So what? That's rights. And I mean the funny thing is typically the question that is asked, and I think the intention is to get to this moment of inspiration, but typically the question that's asked is, so, what brings you in today? That's okay. So why are you here? Just killing time? Yeah, okay. Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I'm Michael. I'm going to be watching the football game over there. That's right. Yeah, I mean I think, I think the entire experience changes when you understand the moment of inspiration and those warm leads that walk in the door come with a whole set of assumptions that you can lend to the discussion. And I know it's no longer about making the sale or, you know, finalizing the deal. It's about how can I best help you with what you really want to do with this vehicle it, which is is probably not just drive around all day. You know you're trying to fuel something else, even if that's your family. Like maybe you know there are a couple of moments in people's lives where you know they they end up having to buy a new vehicle or eventually buy a new vehicle. You know, it might be their first kid. They all Sudn't start assessing why they have the car they have. Is the car safe enough? You know, that's a perfect moment of inspiration. So anytime someone gets pregnant, you should start building that relationship so you're the first brand they think of when they go man, you, yeah, we have to buy a crib, but we also need to get a better car to drive home from the hospital because this thing isn't safe. Like those are the things you want people to to think about. If you're trying to get people to buy a new car, to think about every time they get a raise, that's a moment of inspiration. What are they going to do with that money? They can do a lot of things, but if you're the first thing that comes to mind and they've start thinking, Hey, these guys really appreciate me. They congratulated me on my rays. They know where I work, like this is a great opportunity to take this money and get a nicer car. HMM. So how do they go about knowing, like where do they go about engaging with that person at knowing that they got a raise? Where's that relationship come from? Like incident? Yeah, so you should. You should just look at a list of of the the largest employer is in your community. Go Online. You can probably find it. Like in Boston we have the Boston Business Journal and they do like the biggest...

...companies in Boston and they do a whole issue every year about them. You know, you can immediately start there, set up an appointment with the HR person there and say, look, like, you know, we love the fact that you guys are based here. You keep a lot of employees in our community. We sell cars just down the street. Every time someone gets a raised, we would be happy to give them a congratulations package of I don't know, if some fruit, whatever. You want something that kind of exudes your brand, and congratulate them on their rays and and we want you guys to be successful. All of a sudden, that's something the HR team can take pride in. Hey, look, we've got community partnerships, people that are involved. These are benefits that they'll talk about with perspective employees. They'll say, hey, we have a a great relationship with Michael who sells kias right down the street. Then and all of a sudden you've got this great start to a relationship and you've identified the moment of inspiration you want them to target. Does that make sense? Yeah, so plus plus, you get them in plus, HR can keep their people in debt too. So they got to show up the world and get the back them might pay for all. Not only that, it sets up such a level of affinity with this company that that they're they're going to be excited about this program and they'll probably publish something about it in a corporate newsletter, email or something like that. And just knowing that there's a program that exists that way, even something as simple as congratulating people on a raise, it's going to send a signal or new hires, it's going to send a signal to all of the other employees that when it's time for us to buy a car, when we're thinking about it at the first place, we're going to go to is is ABC dealership because they've got this program with us. Yeah, so, Likeael, you're exactly right. That's what you want these relationships to grow to. So you walk in, you have these initial meetings, talk about the moment of inspiration. You're trying to target give them something of value that they can get, you know, leverage for their business, and eventually you want to do exactly what you're talking about. Hey, what can we do to help everybody in your company? Every time there's a new Rais, do you guys send out a newsletter like? Would be happy to, you know, like add content to the newsletter or tell them what new cars on the lot, or give them a deal on a used car. We can't get rid of whatever. Even come over, if they're literally down the street, come over and pick up their car while they're at work for the oil change and service. And definitely, and that's genius. I'll do and and all you have to do is, as a salesperson, you can do that pretty much on your own until it gets out of control, like let it get out of controling it out, but like you could go there, drive your car over, drop it off. Brain there's back and go, there's you know, and it at least gets you in front of somebody, you know what I mean. But I'm sure they'd be happy to do that. And anybody can just walk into these companies and just like sell them on the idea, you know, just like you sell somebody on signing up on this this new vehicle, you know, at three hundred dollars more a month than what they said they wanted to be at when they came in the door anyway. So so the person there on the value can bring. I like that absolutely. It's a...

...good one. Yeah, I think the thing that I love about this, I'm sorry to cut you off, I think you know what I love about this is it brings back, I feel like you know, especially this day and age, digital age, everything we talked about revolves around digital strategies, and I mean I'm a digital guy, so it's it's what I'm passionate about. But this brings in this this brings back that that human interaction angle and there's so much that we could be doing. That's really simple to just I mean it starts with a simple phone call, you know, that you could be doing. And you know the reason I bring it up that way is I feel like, you know, we're so caught up in digital strategies and marketing and all these sorts of things that we forget that your website isn't going to set up this stuff for you. It's where you can talk about it, it's where you can build awareness around it. You know, social media, you can talk about it and create some buzz, but it still needs to happen offline and I feel like sometimes, you know, like I said, we're so caught up in digital that we forget the fact that the website won't pick up the phone and start these interactions with people. It's very true, you know, and I couldn't agree more, I think. I think you're absolutely right. I think in one of the other DPV episodes, you know, you also talked to you also talked about the fact that you fan it's guys, good ladies and Kad of it is you, I think it was. I think it was your episode, Michael. You were till your twenty two minute rant. You know, you were talking about the value of being relevant in a digital age and one of the things I always say is you can't be everything to everyone, so why not be something to someone. And you know you have to make really hard choices if you want to drive higher margin business, if you want to have higher value customers, if you want to really, you know, kill it, I think you have to focus on that something to someone who is going to be your target audience. How can you carve off that little niche and really own it, because that's where the real value comes in. And and it nothing. I mean the digital world can can certainly do exactly what you're saying, drive interests, make people aware, but at the end of the day, you know your you can build a personal brand that adds value to the car people by. And I want you to think about what that means to your business. If, if you did become the fishing guy in your community or the motorcycle guy or even the guy that has great relationships with the biggest employers in town. That changes the game entirely for you and for the business that you run. And I mean even even starting with thinking about your own interests and, yeah, and how you can align you, you know, your pastime or your hobby with your career in automotive and and that's I mean that would be a great starting point too. I think you're absolutely yeah, you know, it has to be off centic. You know, if you if you've never fished day, because if I'm the fishing guy, I am not the fish fish.

I've never fish to day in my life. Well then it's not fishing guy. Those would be some pretty funny videos you promoting yourself. They would wishing. Yay. So this is a fish, it has this is a salmon. I grilled it this weekend. I'd be I gotta put this on the hook. Yeah, gotta touch that thing. But if you you must have something you're passionate about, like Robert Do tailgate? Like what do you do to Hill Gate? Now, I like wrestling. I'm a big wrestling fan. Oh, are you? And like you like professional and amateur and pro wrestling, steel chairs, masks, Capes, okay, all right. Well, the pure entertainment. You could sell cars to all the people who love wrestling, like that's actually possible and I you know, works for supports, to like for people were like the high school sports. Yeah, to guy. Yeah, a good place to start is even thinking about the sponsorships your dealership already has. You know. So maybe you're know in New England they're a bunch of dealerships that have partnered up with the major league sports teams. You know, those are great starts to a deeper relationship. BRANDSCAPING is not about sponsoring, it's about getting deeper than that. And what can you actually both do to add value to the people that you serve? And you know, if if you sell trucks or if you sell cars and you're already sponsoring the Patriots, why not have a whole really slick and, you know, smart way to get to people who love to tailgate? You know that changes, you know the conversation from the outset. If you love to Tailgate, we've got a different kind of car for you. Do what a lot of. What am I into, Robert? tailgating? Like, what made you think? Tailor like me? I wasn't party. It just gave it came to mind. That wasn't I have no idea. But wrestling. Okay, dude, I'm good because I'm into making money. So I'm just going to start talking to people who also like making money. Yeah, that's everybody likes making money. Do they do? Yeah, but there there's a scale there. There's but they don't always like doing what it takes them nobody doesn't like Mak it. That's true. That's true. Yeah, there's an opportunity there, being the salesman's sales guy for cars is there's an opportunity there as well. Yeah, definitely, Dude. This was this was good man. Anybody that's on this one, get this guy's book, the Audio Book. I tell you what listen I was. I liked in the beginning of it. How you know? I was like, I connected from the beginning because you did the extra thing on there where you're like talking about what I'm doing, telling me what I'm doing right now, basically, and why you prep why you presented it and packaged it the way you know. In a way that's a custom. It's designed to be consumed doing what I'm doing. They yeah, lass notice and then, but no, Bro I went on a five and a half hour ride with you that day. Then I started it.

Want five and a half hours listening straight to it? Yeah, that's a lot of Andrew. I don't know. My wife would have a heart attack. She wouldn't have done it. She would have thrown me out of the car. You're like, let me just we're on a Sixhour road trip. Let me just read my book to you right now. That's basically what how the audio book starts. Just I just read the most amazing book. Oh, yeah, by WHO ME, me? Yeah, by the way, it's not a best written book, it's a best seller. Yeah, that's right, that's right, that's right. There you go, man, thanks so much for being with us. I just wanted to recap and then maybe turn it over to you for any last thoughts that you wanted to share. We'll find you that and where we can find at. But really to recap this, I mean the thing is it's all about partnering with likeminded brands and and getting clear on that. It's not other dealership brands and other car brands, but you know, go go into your community. Maybe there's some brands that you can affiliate with online that are doing something cool and you know, just simply picking up the phone and seeing what kind of program you can set up. I like what you said about, you know, the yacht company and maybe parking one of their yachts out front of the dealership. You know, if you're if your brand's kind of Aligne the limit dude, or like those nerdy like import tuners and people that, like I'm putting the quote. Are quotes up right now? They don't work on podcasts. Now Hook up their car. Yeah, that's right, exactly. Hook one up and you put it in the front and then you have let's just start like throwing eatings. They're all those nerves at their little exactly. I mean, I live in a big I live in a big like outdoorsy, you know, this is Gren Olaville, lots of hiking, skiing, mountain biking, dirt biking. So I mean simply like decking out one of your trucks, hooking up the bikes on the back and like RUF rack and all those different types of things just to show. Yeah, I mean, and we never think outside the box. So really the essence of this whole episode of thing. Yeah, exactly. And and you know what, the OEM's can't stop man, I can't. I know, because the OEM's do this stuff already. You never, you never see a Honda Element commercial where the Honda Element is pulling a fifth wheel. It's the dudes always like loading up a surfboard, he's hooking on his mountain bike to the back. I mean they're the cowboy in the Sion, you know. Yeah, exactly, aster worker hopping in a side or or like think of the buzz with Matthew mcconaughey driving a buick. You're like this would never happen, like let's get serious here. So there was some disconnect on that one. But but I mean with M and M driving a Chrysler. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You're like really, ever drove it, though? He was just singing. Yeah, he's just like, I'm so happy he's up built in Detroit, but I'd never drive on myself. But so, anyways, you know, I I think this is a really cool topic. It's thinking outside the box and it's taking that that market segmentation to a to a deeper level, which shot, which you're suggesting, is kind of where we need to get at. We need to stop thinking about kind of the high level sponsorships. That's a great way to, I guess, kind of drive the the relationship in a certain direction, but... got to get deeper than that, align your interests, maybe your own personal passions, with with companies and and different brands out there that can, you know, drive a win win relationship. You know, just enclosing this down, is there any is there there a final thought? That you like to share with those listening in about the concept of brandscaping and then, of course, where we can get in touch with you. My final thought is is the next customer that walks in the door at your dealership. I want you to, I wanted to actually just think about the rest of their life. You know, what else do they do? And you know, just just even even even ignore the fact that they're trying to buy a car right now. find out what other brands and companies they they interact with in your community, whatever restaurants they go to, because that'll start your mind wandering and it'll be great food for thought over the next, you know, few hours when you start wondering who has my next customer as their current customer? That that's that's my final thought, and you can. You can find me on twitter. That's one of the easiest ways to interact with me. My my handle is at TPL drew, which stands for tipping point labs, which used to be the the agency I sold. So it's TPL drew. You can find me online. That you've been drewcom and yeah, that's that's about it. You can find the brandscaping book or town ink on Amazon. You've been drewcom. I'm on. Yeah, drew Daviscom. You can go there too, but you've been drewcom. Will Give you if you if you want, you I'll send you six weeks of inspiration over lunch. So, like every lunch time, I'll just send you a video of me yelling at you telling you to get inspired. Love it cool. Hey, Andrew. Thanks. Thanks so much, man, appreciate you being on the show today. Great problem. Thank you. Awesome, awesome, awesome. That was again, Andrew Davis. Man, that guy. He really brings it and I thought that was a great session. You know, I knew he was gonna what, was going to rock it once he got here. What do you think, Sirrillo? Yeah, man, I love the guy's energy. I love that he's not just looking outside the box, but he's also kind of digging deeper inside the box. I think you know just what he's talking about. You know, we've talked about affinity programs and stuff like that inside the industry for quite some time, but as the digital age has come upon us, we that's kind of where all of our focus has been and we forget about this human to human interaction and just kind of what what kind of powerful things can come from it. So I love his take on on just setting up relationships with with like minded brands. And I mean we all know when you when you connect with like minded people, power happens. So, yeah, real cool. You build relationships. You you know you, it's you have the opportunity to build a relationship and that builds, you know, the trust... watch then in the end, you know, the trust and relationship leads to to business. Yeah, and I think you know the the one thing that I guess I would add to it, not that I could really add anything more, is, you know, don't, don't do what we do as human beings and make this more complicated than it needs to be. I mean, just pick up the phone with I mean if you are into fishing or hunting, let me pick up the phone with your with your local you know out, you know whatever, whatever it is like, wholesale sports or whatever whatever it is, and Callum and just set up a program. Be like this is what I'd love to do. I'd love to you know, you know, have favor about the boats, motorcycles, all that now, but we tend to make these things too difficult. We never take action on them. So I my encouragement is just for those you listening in. If you want to move on this, which I think you really should, just get Sep it simple. Yeah. So there you have it. That was Andrew Davis. You can check out the show notes where we're going to link you up with his books that you absolutely need to check out. He's got the audiobook version and as well as print versions that you can get all over the place, but we're going to link you up at triple w dot, the dealer playbookcom forward slash seventy four and until next time, guys, thanks so much for listening in and we'll talk to you later. Take Care,.

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