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Andrew Myers: The 5 Step Automotive Video Sales Process



Video is hot with consumers and we all know it. You, us, everyone is engaging in online video most likely on a regular basis right? 


So many of us today are using video "in our business" but are we really using it "in our business"? 


It is one thing to have a library of good videos, then it is a whole other having a solid strategy on what to do with those videos.


DPB session 18 we sit down with Andrew Myers of What's Next Media, a automotive video firm to talk not so much about video creation but more so video strategy. 


The reason why Andrew is perfect for this session is he has a easy to implement video strategy and dealer can execute on their own. 


This proven strategy is 5 steps that Andrew reviews in detail on the session


1. Introduction - 3rd Party Vehicle Listings

2. Short Story - Your Webpage/Presence

3.Presentation - Your First Response/BDC

4.Close - The In-Store Experience

5.Rehash - CRM & Remarketing/Retargeting


Do those steps sound familiar? Well I should hope, it is only the showroom sales process that has been trained by many for many years. 


So why not do that exact same strategy, but use video to provide the experience? 


Hit the download button and get dialed into this value packed session about video strategy. 


So you have some videos now?? What are you going to do with them? 


Get more from our friend Andrew Myers from What's Next Media at the links below. He is all in when it comes to video for sure. 


Whats Next Media Website


Andrew's Facebook 


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Sound off below with questions, opinions, facts, ideas, hate, whatever it is we love to hear from ya :)


The Dealer Playbook loves you for spending some of your valuable time with us. 


Keep Making Things Happen. 



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You're listening to the dealer,playbook podcast episode, Nineteen Yere, we go your dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autotaler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your housts Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla Hi there, Michael Sirilo and RobertWeisman here Robert, how you doing my man, I'm doing great everybody. Welcometo the dealer, playbook, absolutely episode. Nineteen of the dealerplaybook podcast today we're going to be talking all about the impact that using video in afivestep sales process can mean for your dealership in translating intomore money, lower cost porlad acquisition- and you know somethingthat you Robert, can attest to- is providing a better experience forautomotive shoppers where they are already shopping for vehicles. Now you, you know, we hear a lot about thevalue of doing video at the deaership level, as well as from a personalstanding, a personal branding perspective, but I know fom, my ownpersonal experience that producing video can sometimes be a danting task,but I also know that there are very few things in the online world that candeliver such impact in value, and that value I mean translates into like. Isaid money for Your Business and that's like video. I mean that's one of thethings that myself and you especially Robert, definitely know for sure thatthat doing video and doing it in the right places and in the right sequencecan translate to profitability. Its Own. Only good can come out of good videoswith a good strategy, though, and that's key and that's what our gueststoday is going to talk to us about yeah. So we you know in thinking about videoand how to use it strategically. We couldn't think of anybody better tospeak on the topic, and that's why we've invited you know video creationand production expert, our friend Andrew Myers, from what's next media tobe on our show today, because you know honestly, we've never seen the qualityo video production like what he does, but, more importantly, the ability hehas to penetrate the market on behalf of dealerships with this five stepstrategy that we're going to talk about today. Now this, of course, is not a salespitch for anything, but really there's just so much value that we're going todeliver and that Andrew is going to deliver so that you can build greaterawareness about your products, your services and your dealership by usingvideo, and just like that, we are here sittingdown with good friend of mine and a guy that youknow can probably maybe even talk more than me. Ohdefinitely and Yeah AndrewMyers from what's next media in CEA...

...west coast. Warrington. Is that wherethat is that, where we're that's exactly where we're going to be YEP,I've rain on my window, if you need proof, oh really, and all of useverybody, if you I don't know if there's time to sign up Michael, youprobably know better than me or you, Andrew Guys, are both presenters. Jim,our friend, Jim zigler's Internet battle plans going down out there inthe next couple weeks. We're going to be in you know, guests in your townhere soon and wer pumps, I'm pumked and you guys will absolutely love it. We'vegot a a two hour workshop on the third day at the onigh battle plan, at leastcat part, and I to go over this whole process. So how not just a a lot ofwhat we're going to talk about on a call here today. Actually this is goingto be a little bit of a free preview. Awesome awesome, so then I'll be ableto take a nap at that time. Then, because you're already going to get itright now, right, orting it either I'll, be there. Nodoubt Wayou can map out so again. answrewed thanks a millionfor taking the time to to get to you know sit down with us man. Weappreciate it. Definitely so we you know we talked in the preshowa lot about you know, there's lots of people out there talking about how to optimize video and how to get it,ranking and search engine and all that kind of stuff. But I think you know theunique angle that that you come from Andrew. Is that there's a strategy thatyou have behind video to like we mention in the preshow, have enough ofan impact on the market and on automotive consumers to turn them intopaying customers? So that's really. I guess the first question, for you islet's: Let's talk more about the strategy that you have that's provenand tested. Instead of you know talking about how to create great quality video,what is the first step to attracting or having an impact onthe market with video perfect question, I know this that' an old schoolmarketing, the first question that was asked at any time they got together tobuild a marketing brief, was who's our target customer here and there's a bigdifference between a customer that you're trying to attract into yourfunnel and a customer. That's already in your funnel and already wants a carthat you sell. Ou just got to get out of your own way, so the very firstdifference for us is just a philosophy: difference where E. I don't want to seeeverybody, but almost everyone that pitches themself as a video company isselling the opportunity to get new people in your funnel with video. So,first and foremost, I think that, from a dealer's point of view to focus withvideo is: How do I build products? How do I design products for people whoalready are, in my funnel already on my website already watching my listingsalrdy contacting my BBC, possibly Ardy, even test Riv in my cars? So how do Itake video and make it for those people where AIT doesn't cost anything to showit to him and be? It has the greatest tractionable difference, because theseare people who are basically already potentials of yours, and so is there a step by step tomaking this happen? So I mean, if...

...somebody like somebody already has alot of these prospects in their funnel. What types of videos should they becreating to catch them? So everybody already has these types ofthese types of these types of prospects. In their funnel, I mean there's not adealership out there that doesn't receive web traffic or doesn't you know,receive VDP openings on their listing, so for for the most part, what we tryto focus on is videos that would give the customer a reason to buy from you.So if you come out on a lot, you know if you don't want your Saos guystalking just about how great shevy is, because that customer isn't being givenreasons to buy from your store. So we want to focus on video that that'sgreat content that the customer wants to talk about already, so that it's notadvertising but then make sure that it's offered as presented by offered toyou by the simplest answer to your questions, making sure that thedealership can claim ownership over that contact so that they cound offerit as something that they give so Wen. To give you an example, at least cappar, our new regional branding manager, everybody knows that she used to have adrink machine that was in her right there at her station selling cars, andshe didn't do that because she didn't want her customers to be thirsty,because the dealership has a drink machine. Also, she did it because shewanted credit for being the one that solved their first. So if you look atvideos the same way, I would say no matter what type of videos you make,whether it's testimonials or brand statements or value or departmentstatements. What matters is that you can present the video as something thatyou made for them and perhaps a reason to buy from you if they like thecontact. There I mean, makes complete sense and I meanbasically things you mentioned answer questions tems yeah. Well, not only that, but there'sways to say this is from me and ways not to your right. So if you're leasing,content and you just saying well, I got a video already or if it's aNONGENEERIORF, it's a completely generic video that you're sending outthen you're, just solv in that customers, thirst for information, butyou're, not getting credit that you solved, that you went the extra mile tobe the reason. They're, not thirsty, fair enough, fair enough. I got you so and then you said something about istheir steps. You know, there's been a proven five step sales process. Youknow from jims Zagler to Joe Verdy to everybody forever about how to slow thecustomer down and avoid price and see the cust see the seethe process as afivestep process, so introduction short story, presentation, close and then thesecond sale, obviously with HA fifth step being rehash rehashing on thecustomer. So we try to break the digit the dealers, and this is what ourworkshops about. We try to break those digital funnels down into those samesort of steps with your introduction being your listings and your thirdparty vehicleistings, this short story, Opportunity being your actual website,where you tell a little bit more about yourself. The presentation is actuallyof your dealership, not of the product, because they're shopping for the sameproduct from five or sixdeaerships so wes. We call a presentation, your BDCresponse and what you're able to...

...impress upon them at that time aboutwhy to bi from you and then the clothes would be when that person arrives atyour store and having videos that are on stickers on cars, on key on Kias andstuff, like that, an rated into the sales process of Sa there and yeah, andthat doesn't cost any money. So that's a that's. A big big thing to point outis that when you pay a dealer or pay a vendor to go outside your funnel andtry to get new customers, the closing rate on those customers is probably alittle little less than the guy who's already hon your lot. But it's free totalk to the guy on the lot. It's free to impress the guy on the lot withvideo Ni that can't be left. Thiy can't be undervalued, no, no question! So where I mean, let'stalk to you know the dealership who's just getting started with video where'sa good place for them to start to get into and start making an impact onthese infunnal consumers. We've got a mat. Matt Welch is goodfriend of ours out here in Seattle, and he did a. He did a Webinar with cobalt,and you know he said that it took him really a long time to start to see thefirst science oftraction, but they just like pushing a bus once you got to goat it, took off a lot faster, so the first place to start is some a placethat you'll be passionate about and a place that you can follow through withy. u you're not going to do yourself any favors to try out a video ideabecause you're not likely to have the phones blow off the hook right afteryou put it online. So it's really about a commitment to being a strategy lessthan it is which video do I make first, you know if you're interested in insting Ras, you know, go make a five or six part series about the sting raystart there. You know if you just lost a deal, because the guy didn't want todrive ninety miles and he wasn't sure you had a good detail process. You knowgo go talk to your detail! Guy and have him give a breakdown of what he does onevery single car and then splicein a customer. You know confirming that theydrove afar, even if it's on the phone and they had a good experience. Youknow make make a video that'll solve a problem or make a series of videos, butthe obvious answer is testimonials. You know, customers want to hear socialproof and they want to see that other people had a great experience at yourstore and they want to hear about it from them. So that's an easy, easyplace to I I one hundred percent agree with you and being the lucky guy thatthat does a lot of deal dealership website composites for twenty groupsand stuff, that's being the one of my awesome tasks in that it blows me away the lack of videotestimonials on dealer websites out there, because that is just my famous saying like what I love tosay. That's low hanging fruit right there guys is some with that key somewody drop a key orsomething I' jus going to key every time you drop something. Oh there sound like Conon Ygo yeah, I mean it's, it's he's got the live sound. You knowthere. We got that beating Drumin Stup,...

...the it's such low hanging fruit on thereand it the like that compared to like the dealer raider like feeds goingthrough and those written testimonials, I mean I don'. How do you present TSEtestimonials in a way that doesn't you know make you sound like you know, heylook at me. Hoidy tty did o you know what I mean I mean are the testimonials,so you mentione this fivestep process the introduction, the shortsellpresentation close in the rehash. Can you give us an example of where andwhat those things actually are in terms that that would make sense for for thelistener? Yeah I mean I can. I can walk youthrough them. Just Real, quick I'll, give you the the fiel version here sointe introductions when you first make contact with somebody. If you'reselling a normal goods or service, they don't care about you, they don't careabout the goods of service. That's the point of an introduction is to just beattractive, amongst the crowd right. So using autotrador is an example. You cansort four relevant videos with any given peace of inmentory for noadditional money than what you already pay ou a trador. So let me give yousome examples of what that looks like. So this is a a dealer that could make aweeno muscle cars video go into autotrador upload. That video takesmaybe two minutes and say on new or use on every single piece of imventory thatI sell. That has a five point. O leader, va or bigger. Show this video and autotrader will do that automatically instantly every time for twelve monthsfrom the time you upload the video wow. So this is a situation where you couldget a preowned muscle, car and hat's three years old, the office, the peopleof the office are able to put it into your back. INTOAL autotrator pulls it's not even out of the detail bay yet and you've already got relative Ovideocontent associated with it, and the picture Guid doesn't even know it'sthere. Yet how many? How many dollars do you think we're actually doinganything remotely close to what you just said there all of ours are okay, fair enough, soso seventy five or so like, okay, cool, is really not a lot. But to give you anidea and there's so much traffic on auto trader, I mean it's tha, not fornothing like like it to love it, there's a lot of traffic going thereand a lot of cars on there. So something like that with a that's asuper, great nugget. I mean something like that with a VI. You know it'sgoing to make you stand apart instantly, you know, and not even the video,because they don't see the video until they open your VDP right. So you couldeven you could even back up wit, another step and say if you get ahundred vehicle opens in a week that you know how a lot of trade it works,it returns a field of ked and they select the ones they're interested inwhen you do a search, so you were probably in that field of Kena athousand times. So that's Shou. That's a number that could look like ninehundred unsouls to you if you look at it with the right pair of eyes. Sowhat's important to point out is that when a customer searches for a Gepdr,you know Durango or something, and they get ten of them, thet're almost exactlye, like what they're looking at their inclination is going to be to open theone thats closest to them, the cheapest... and the one with the most content.So you could, literally, you could upload four cat videos to every pieceof inventory and your vdy piece would sore and they wouldn't havedisappointed with something try to watch. It's essentially optimizing.Your auto trador listings is what it comes down to like to the Max. That'sgreat. Does that does that go the same for Carscom and the other, the otherplayers? Well, it definitely goes the same for the other players. CARSCOM hasbeen a struggle for me and for a lot of video vendors to deal with they. Theyhave a system. That's a little more difficult. You can still associate onevideo pro one car. You just have to do it manually. What makes ouno traders soowesome is. You could spend two hours on this and never think about it againfor a whole year I mean an and you could you can pair these things, basedon the exact same criteria that you use tosearch auto trader. So let's say that you wanted thet to take somebodylooking for a ten thousanddolar vehicle or less and hit him with a paymentswitch video, because that's what that buyer is right, so I mean you canreally merchandise the entire thought process of the bider based on theinventory they're looking at and not just pair a specific video with aspecific model, which is what you can do on a lot of the other types ofservice, and the thing I love about this too, is I mean this is theintroduction phase like we talked about, and I mean what better way to make afirst impression online. I mean this is a perfect example of how to do that. Yeah, you hit it right on the nose. Youknow it's easy to look past perception, hat's, the first and most importantthing, and it sets up a relationship with that customer where you're,providing more you're being irrelevant and you're not wasting their time, andtheir perception is immediately going to be that your dealershipis, probablya little cleaner, ther people, plobably knowte, suf a little better coffee,probably taste a little better. You know this is something I talked o tothe team about to it's or whenever we're you know, speaking withdealerships is like hey, look think about the message: You're, conveying ifyou're willing to make the effort presale. Do you know what I mean it'simmediately like you said it's outwere, cleaner dealership. We respect ourpeople, we're going to take care of them because we're willing to put theeffort in before we even know who they are. If I'm looking at an old muscle car andthe thegm POPs up there and tells me he's a muscle, car guy and and theystock more of them and work harder to know more about them and, moreimportantly, they're going to understand how cool it is that I'mbuying this thingo t, you know that is going to if I'm not interested in themusclip car. I'm certainly interested in that manager in that dealership now,because they're building a relevant conversation with me already, I meanthat's a whole other whole other and yeah t end of the spectrum. All right.So we bet a second spectrum. Then is a short story, yeah so sure short story.I used to sell toys Dorto door short story was the most important one toexplain why you're in somebody's face with the coloring but and it's an important element to justsay a little bit about yourself and where you came from like the magazine,people always told everybody. They were from a college and you know but seetinginto who you are and why they should... from. You is what the short storiesall about. No matter what you're selling so in this analogy, we callthis short story. The dealers actual website and a lot of dealers havewebsites that are extremely similar to each other, and you guys a'm sure coalspeak to this. You know better than I and being unique in being individualand putting social proof right. You said: Where do you put the testimonials?You put them right there on that website and you don't say, look at me.You say you know, want to hear from your peers. Or are you you with anopting question? Don't trust dealers? You know, listen to the customers checkit out, but by merchandising, whether it's product related videos like theones our company makes, or that you made yourself whether it's a widebyhere, video that you've made with a staff member or whether it'stestimonials with guests. All of that content fits great on your website. Ifyou don't focus on actually leaving the video itself on a given page, butmore a banner that offers the contect that video provides and then you canput a banner anywhere on a website and it really makes it look. Sweek, you cantake your own, smiling faces and your own assets that you've made in thesevideos, and you could put a banner whether you had you know not to pickout anybody. I guess it better, not, but whether you have the worst or thebest. You know website provider. You can puta picture on there, so it makes it so much easier to. You know think for anexample, cobalt every boltwagon dealer has col Balt and if Hou cruise aroundiy look really similar. If you go to some of our clients, it's originalassets and it's smiling faces and and offers a video and play buttons, andeven though cobalt doesn't great at that, it looks like they are, and wepost you on Yoegine yeah right right, no doubt out and that's and and MichaelI mean how that's that's right on the like talking about. Like Click, youknow with clickable banners and more stuff like that, instead of like thevideo sitting in your front page play, you know like the little player sittingin there. That's you know, superstation we yeah yeah. I mean that. I think too,is that this is actionable. You know I mean this is conversion stuff right,you're, you and brand storytelling stuff, so you're actually puttingsomething on your home page or somewhere on your website. That givespeople an incentive to click. It's like yeah. I do want to hear from my peers-or I do want to hear about what experiences people are having here oreven from a search engine perspective when people are searching for reviewsabout your dealership to have those relevant pages from your website pop upand, like you said, Andrew the social proof to say: Oh yeah, this is legit.This isn't you know a harvested yelp review or a Google review, and theydon't they don't have to click on it to feel the weight of that person. Sayingyou're good, you know they can pass over it. That's what Solco proof issupposed to be like love, it yeah very good, all right next, what'sthe so we're on the the storytelling aspect, yeah well so presentation! Soif you came in on a lot, my dreeding...

...would be all about eye contact. Myintroduction making a good first impression my short story would be totell you about this weekend. Sale and the presenttation would be what youknow the meat of the product, so that would be the walk around. So in thisinstance, the presentation is your first initial response from your BDC.That's when you first start selling, so it's important that that thatpresentationmay point this out. First, I think a lot of people think thattheir BDC is responding to a Handacivic, lead and th that that they're trying tosell a HONMACIVIC and, from my point of view, that couldn't be less accurate.That person probably sent a lead to three other Handa stores, they're soldon the civic they're trying to figure out about you so what's important topoint out is the presentation is not of the vehicle but of the dealershipitself when you send a BDC response, and that is something that I think islost on on probably ninety percent of the Beeti respon BDC responses that aregoing to go out today. That's again, that's good! I mean Ikay,wait here, Har you go near it ISO and you know wa Len thato that betterthan Anyban- and I mean- and I was just going to say you know at least the wayshe did her follow up videos. She was presenting hey yeah, you were checkingout this vehicle, but then it was also attached to this kind of, like I don't know, montage of testimonialsand stuff, and why, by from me, that, I think is where that kind of the successof her process lies D, and I think you know just like yousaid it. You hit the nail on the head there, which is that dealerships aren'tthinking of it. That way, they're think they've kind of invested their thoughtsinto you know subscribing to well. If the customers asking aboutthis vehicle, then I need to give them information about this vehicle, notrealizing how many other competitors that they've alreadysearched out they're sold on the vehicle. That's why they're asking youabout it now, let's show them why you should buy this vehicle from us andnone of the others that you've checked out yeah well, and if you, if youstarted today in the car business somewhere and they were teaching youhow to do a walk around takeups, you would hear the phrase slow, thecustomer down no less than seventeen times a day for the first ever yeah.First Year, right yeah, I mean E. Everybody addresses that this is thegoal of a shoper. I mean what my first day selling cars. I was making lapsebetween the guy trying to change light bulbs and the sales manager trying toget a better price out of both of them until I could put together a carddeal-and I didn't understand why, if he didn't want the blue one, I shouldstill bring thim inside and why I should sit them down. Even though weseemed to be aways away on price, and you know, as you get in the carbusiness, you learn that that is what we do is that we turn these doubts intocertainties. We slow the customer down, we all for reasons to buy. We evenavoid price and e w literally say that out loud, and I we mean it, we avoidprice and we slow the customer down. And if you look at a lot of thesewebsites, they are an iceluge covered in Greece to a price and then anexinside.

That's a good one. I like that analogy,I'm an I'm gonna, I'm ca there. It is my own and you know what and that's exactlyhat I mean so many. I don't know where. Why and how we've been conditioned tothink that that's what the customer wants to hear about when there's somuch that happens in shaping their purchase decision before Priceis, even an issue I mean or ma. Maybe it is whatthey want to hear about, but just not what we want to tell hem well, and Imean well, I think, of my own, my own experience, I mean my wife and I whenwe first got married, I'm driving a twodoor coup, but we knew family wasgoing to be. You know in our future so thinking thinking along those lines,I'm looking at my t, two door, coop and anticipating getting a child. You knowa sleeping child, especially in and out of the back seat of a two door vehicle.You know packing the thing up I needed more. You know I was more focused onfeatures and and benefits to you know what vehicle could accommodate a family.You know safety space, you know all those sorts of things and it was afterI had kind of worked through those in my head that I was then looking forwhat vehicle and what price or value did I put on those things, and- and Imean that's how it goes I mean initially like I think initially too,how much easier that process would have been for me if, like you said in thevery beginning, who are you speaking to in the first place, and then let's getsome content out there. That speaks and addresses questions that those you know,specific customer segments and a lot lot of the stuff that I talk about isabout customer segments, because you know we throw around this pren spray.You know terminology all the time and one of the reasons for that is becausewe never consider who the people are, who purchase vehicles and for sure well,and not only that a lot of people consider all of this stuff in terms ofcost for thousand that the they are playing a stock market gyme and forForgoen all the knowledge they learne Somin cards, Ye yeah, exactly manexample of what you mean by that Andrew, so okay. So this is an easy one you getinto SEO or you get into retargeting or remarketing and and they use the termcost for thousands, and you know how many dealers will tell somebody. Thisis a crusis, the most louf lethal example of this okay don you have a tenthousand ups coming on your website every month and you're closing onepercent of them. So here's my plan to succeed and e immediately. It turnsinto how to get f our twenty Thousandsan Yeah. It's increase thetraffic, not yeah, it doesnt rison. It doesn't make any sense, you know, andit makes sense if you're selling a dealer, a package where you can get himobsessed on this on these simple metrics that can be scored. But thefact is, eighty percent of deaers are in small market towns and there's noway you're going to make tensand make it go from tensand interested for virusto twenty tosand. It doesn't work that way so there's an obvious drop off inthe quality of the second ten thousand. But, more importantly, if your focus onthe inmarket, the first ten Sano, it's not this. This is simple map, but itmight not be obvious to everybody that...

...if you spend thirtysand dollar a monthon your ad budget- and you close one percent of ten thousand leades and yougo to work hard on each and every one of those leads and look at all of themis unsolds. When you don't give them the right experience and they don't buyfrom you, if you budge that to two percent rather than to twenty thousandups, then you have taken that thirtyhsand dollars and doubled itsvalues, you basically taking thirty housand dolars on putting it right inyour pocket, and you and you will mathematically- have doubled yourInternet sales, because dealers survive on one and two percent to focus onclosing at every last prospect. That actually doesone of four that actually is in your market and treating if every individualsale as a unique opportunity and looking at how many pines you can trackyour ups, one at a time there's a way to get into r you'R sittings. Look atthem that way, and I know tothers they do it that way and they're focused onjust like you would be on the lot if fifteen customers rolled into yourdealership and they got a price and they left, wouldn't you at least wantto know which door they left out of us. You could lack it. You know, and peopledon't look at their website. That way. You know they might have one page:that's attributing sixty percent of their bounces and they don't they don'tyou know they don't think about it. In those terms, the way they would if theyhad watched two hundred prospercs O walk off the lot. So I guess my ou when Youo want to treat them like aherd or treat them like a group or a metric. But the fact is, those are athousand individual people with a thousand individual situations and noherd mentality will individually close one of them, whereas even if you said afor Hillbillis and we sall nothing but trips and you might turn off eighty of them, buttwenty you listening for rea and exactly and what you're saying rightnow resonates with me. I mean it's. The concept of you know: Stop focusing elsewhere whenthere's acres of diamonds in your own backyard kind of a thing like theyre, are just sitting there. So, okay, so we've talked about how to use video anan introduction phase of this five step sales process. We've talked about thethe shore and the stool story: Yeah We'Rewe're, talking up, we've talkedabout presentation and why buy from US using video? What's the next step, so when the customers in your show room,your goal is not to get them to watch a video and hope that the video sells foryou, you' ridiculous. You goal and Havin video in your show room it wouldjust step for closes, is having it as part of the customer experience whenthey're there test driving and deciding to buy. So the reason that you do, thatis just a demonstration of value. It's the same reason that you clean yourcars. It's the same reason that you put a coffee machine in there and a bendingmachine, its the same reason that you cleaine the bathrooms and spent twomillion on a building in the first place so back to something I said inthe beginning about a lease, an Inan, her soda machine. It doesn't I the goalis not the quench. The customers thirst is to get credit for doing so. So tomake these content- and you know we make a product video for most of themajor brands that we can put their licis played on so like we have a lotof customers where this step is the...

...least utilized step out of all f theways they use our product and it drives in me nuts, because it's so yea yeah Imean- and these are. These are biters. We filtered out the tenthousand down tothese ten people who are going to come in today. We want these people to hearlook what we made for you be impressed with the money we spent. You know check,check out this watch. This feel this not because the video will sell them,but because the perception of who we are will sell yeah and it's engagement,and it makes it different than the experience down the block and that'sall you can really do except give away money notyess on the car or create awow experience. So that's that once goes hand in hand, and you know usingipads ind a bunch of different ways you can. You can bring that into it. EA.Some examples there just quickly rubber H: We've got dealers that put stickerson cars. You can text Ninal ne O and get the stick o get the video right onyour phone. We've got ipod Kios next to that car, that's in a trade annile. Soas you pull that car and you can just switch to the V new Vieaa or it's yousitting there going to get numbers from the desk and you leave a video on. Youknow, put a couple videos on, but I, like I used to demo this a IPAD selling system. I'm not sure I tif it really panned out for e long UN or not, but this was early on and Iliked it just kind of gave me that kind of, like apple store, feel a little bit.You know what I'm saying: I'm like handing it to people and engaging anthis is when the IPAD wasn't as as out there and you know, and until itstarted, you know going through all the price breaks and stuff, so they didn'tsee hem every day. All right so give us so for time purposes. Man, because thisis what we do, we go- We ramble on. Let's hear we still got one more rightthat what we do we do. We do have one more. It's important to point out thath. The first four are extremely important, because they're free H, thefifth one being the rehash, does leave the funnel a bit. So the fifth one,just simply without getting to details, is using video to do targetedremarketing using video to contact customers that have already been onyour site and do instream, mads and preroll ads and then using video inyour crm to contact a buyer and bring them back so having a model video andcontacting somebody on their anniversary and having that part of thepresentation that you're offering them or showing them your detail, Bassthrough your crm. So the fifth way is rehash and it's just simple, the secondsale and we we could talk about it for hours, but it's not always as free asthe first four step. So it's just basically using your crm and using paidremarketing and using videota to bring people back the second time, but itstill falls into, but it's still, there still are some angles that you can gothrough that that are that, don't cost you anything o to do those, thoughright, like with the crm and plus, though wh n, when you talk about coston a lot of this stuff online with videos you're not talking about a lotof money, either to get compared to what the media Ot Noaler Sto. Now Idon't know anybody that spends more than two grand a month on retargetingwith our videos, and that is to have US...

...put twelve instream ads in front ofevery single opportunity that they that hits a video on their site for twoweeks and after they leave the sight and they still at the end of the month,it's like eight cents per impression. They end up spending. Fifty hundredbimins forget it. That's that's unbelievable! All Right! Well, listenthat is about it for us today wanted to keep it around. Like the thirty minutemark, Michael, you got anything to add. No. I think this is such valuableinformation. If you're not taking away, and can we get the keydrop here ifwe're not. If we're not taking away massive amounts of value from how touse video in the fivestep sales process, then I don't know what it will AndrewMan. Thank you so much. How do people get a hold of him to learn more aboutthis because you're clearly an undisputed? I O be the first answerI'll be around all year. Just this year, yeah ' just this year,I'm hoping and Hen I'll be done. No Internet bottle plan is the first andeasiest way to get a hold of us. If you can't make it out to Seattle, youshould rethink that, but if you still rethink it and can't I'm going to berecording our entire presentation and workshop it'll all be on our website,which is what's next pro that pro and people can reach me anytime at a Myers,Amy Ers at what's next top pro and I'll, even throw my cell phone out here, it'stwo zero. Six. Four. Seven, eight eight seven, two one, no inappropriate textplace a and I'll have outtput everything like that to the I'll put everything into the show notesfor everybody. All his contact and stuff will be there, and just like that,everybody that was my friend and you know, video expert, Andrew Myers,Michael, like I mean you and me, were both you know big into video and loveeverything that has to do with it and- and I know I was picking up a littlebit from him there and I can see how you know everything he was saying waswas really you know, hitting home and making sense. Woul D, you think yeah Imean there's no question that he's the guy. That knows what he's talking about.I love like I said in the preshow the fact that there is a strategy to video.It's not just about you know, jumping on Youtube andoptimizing. I mean those definitely have value. Don't get me wrong, but Imean it's like now: There's there's a bigger way, on top of all of that, touse video strategically and sequentially to to drive qualifiedbusiness to your dealership, and I love what he talked about using what'salready in the funnel, and we never really think in terms of that. Wealways think in terms of new customer acquisition, people that haven't hadany interaction yet with the dealership, but to be able to look at WHO's alreadyin our funnel and capture their attention and provide an experience forthem, that's unparalleled, but that they're not going to get elsewhere anddrive that that the or give a good enough reason for those people to dobusiness at your dealership. I think...

...that's so powerful yeah now I agree. Ithink that, like the auto trader think guys, like that's, that wassupervaluable. You know action for you to go back an internetment if yourInternet manager whatever or bring that to your team or tell it to that person,bring that idea to the table, because, if you're paying for Audo Trador you'repaying you're paying some serious coin, you know I'm saying so: Costs no extra.Do it so get the most out of your listing y Fart Hey's, open doors, he'sopen door is all right. Ombody the dealer playbook episode, nineteen,almost at the big twenty. Thank you fo. So much for you know, sitting down withus today, we're so glad you you made it so and hey I mean you know justcompletely grateful and thrilled about all the support we've been receiving inthe comments and feedback we're getting at the dealer. Playbookcom people arecommenting on the show notes and were engaging with you. I think it's soincredible. Don't forget to subscribe, fill out your information in that Webbox that we have there and subscribeso that you can get the latest episodes deliver, Ate Toeurin box and until nexttime we'll talk to you then.

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