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Andrew Myers: The 5 Step Automotive Video Sales Process



Video is hot with consumers and we all know it. You, us, everyone is engaging in online video most likely on a regular basis right? 


So many of us today are using video "in our business" but are we really using it "in our business"? 


It is one thing to have a library of good videos, then it is a whole other having a solid strategy on what to do with those videos.


DPB session 18 we sit down with Andrew Myers of What's Next Media, a automotive video firm to talk not so much about video creation but more so video strategy. 


The reason why Andrew is perfect for this session is he has a easy to implement video strategy and dealer can execute on their own. 


This proven strategy is 5 steps that Andrew reviews in detail on the session


1. Introduction - 3rd Party Vehicle Listings

2. Short Story - Your Webpage/Presence

3.Presentation - Your First Response/BDC

4.Close - The In-Store Experience

5.Rehash - CRM & Remarketing/Retargeting


Do those steps sound familiar? Well I should hope, it is only the showroom sales process that has been trained by many for many years. 


So why not do that exact same strategy, but use video to provide the experience? 


Hit the download button and get dialed into this value packed session about video strategy. 


So you have some videos now?? What are you going to do with them? 


Get more from our friend Andrew Myers from What's Next Media at the links below. He is all in when it comes to video for sure. 


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Andrew's Facebook 


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Sound off below with questions, opinions, facts, ideas, hate, whatever it is we love to hear from ya :)


The Dealer Playbook loves you for spending some of your valuable time with us. 


Keep Making Things Happen. 



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You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, episode nineteen. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. Andnow your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hi there, Michael Cirilloand Robert Weisman here, Robert, how you doing? A man, I'mdoing great. Everybody. Welcome to the dealer playbook absolutely, episode nineteen ofthe dealer playbook podcast. Today we're going to be talking all about the impactthat using video in a five step sales process can mean for your dealership,in in translating into more money, lower cost per lead acquisition. And youknow something that you, Robert, can attest, who is providing a betterexperience for automotive shoppers where they are already shopping for vehicles. Now you youknow, we hear a lot about the value of doing video at the dealershiplevel as well as from a personal standing, a personal branding perspective. But Iknow from my own personal experience that producing video can sometimes be a dauntingtask. But I also know that there are very few things in the onlineworld that can deliver such impact and value, and that value, I mean,translates into, like I said, money for Your Business, and that'slike video. I mean that's one of the things that myself and you,especially Robert, definitely know for sure that that doing video and doing it inthe right places and in the right sequence can translate to profitability. It's allonly good can come out of good videos with a good strategy, though,and that's key, and that's what our guests today is going to talk tous about. Yeah, so we, you know, in thinking about videoand how to use it strategically, we couldn't think of anybody better to speakon the topic, and that's why we've invited, you know, video creationand production expert, our friend Andrew Myers from what's next media, to beon our show today because, you know, honestly, we've never seen the qualityof video production like what he does, but, more importantly, the abilityhe has to penetrate the market on behalf of dealerships with this five stepsstrategy that we're going to talk about today. Now, this, of course,is not a sales pitch for anything, but really there's just so much valuethat we're going to deliver and that Andrew is going to deliver so thatyou can build greater awareness about your your products, your services and your dealershipby using video. And just like that we are here sitting down with goodfriend of mine and a guy that you know, can probably maybe even talkmore than me. Definitely, Andrew Myers from what's next media in Seattle,West Coast Rington. Is that where that... That where we're? That'snice. Exactly where we're going to be. Yep, rain on my window.If you need proof, Oh really, and all of us, everybody.If you I don't know if there's time to sign up, Michael,you probably know better than me. Or You, Andrew. You guys areboth presenters. Jim, our friend, Jim zigglers. Internet battle plans goingdown out there in the next couple weeks. We're going to be in you know, guests in your town here soon and we're prompt. I'm pumped andyou guys will absolutely love it. We've got a twohour workshop on the thirdday at the Internet battle plan, at least capt part, and I togo over this whole process. So how not just to a lot of whatwe're going to talk about on a call here today? Actually, this isgoing to be a little bit of a free preview. Awesome, awesome.So then I'll be able to take a nap at that time then, becauseyour I'm already going to get it right now, right reporting it either.I'll be there, no doubt. Wait you can map out. So again, answer. Thanks a million for taking the time to to get to youknow, sit down with us, man. We appreciate it definitely. So weyou know, we talked in the pre show a lot about you know, there's lots of people out there talking about how to optimize video and howto get it ranking and search engine and all that kind of stuff. ButI think you know, the unique angle that that you come from, Andrew, is that there's a strategy that you have behind video to, like wementioned in the pre show, have enough of an impact on the market andon automotive consumers to turn them into paying customers. So that's really I guessthe first question for you is, let's let's talk more about the strategy thatyou have that's proven and tested. Instead of, you know, talking abouthow to create great quality video, what is the first step to attracting orhaving an impact on the market with video? Perfect question. I know this thatin old school marketing. The first question that was asked that any timethey got together to build a marketing brief was who's our target customer here?And there's a big difference between a customer that you're trying to attract into yourfunnel and a customer that's already in your funnel and already wants a car thatyou sell. You just got to get out of your own way. Sothe very first difference for us is just a philosophy difference, where I don'twant to see everybody, but almost everyone that pitches themself as a video companyis selling the opportunity to get new people in your funnel with video. Sofirst and foremost, I think that from a dealer's point of view, thefocus with video is how do I build products? How do I design productsfor people who already or in my funnel, already on my website, already watchingmy listings, already contacting my BBC, possibly already even test driving my cars? So how do I take video and make it for those people werea it doesn't cost anything to show it to them and be it has thegreatest tractionable difference because these are people who are basically already potentials of yours,and so is there a step by step to making this happen? So Imean if somebody, like somebody, already...

...has a lot of these prospects intheir funnel, what types of videos should they be creating to catch them?So everybody already has these types of these types of these types of prospects intheir funnel. I mean there's not a dealership out there that doesn't receive webtraffic or or doesn't, you know, receive vdp openings on their listings.So for the most part, what we try to focus on is videos thatwould give the customer a reason to buy from you. So if you comeon on the lot, you know you don't want your sales guys talking justabout how Great Chevy is, because that customer isn't being given reasons to buyfrom your store. So we want to focus on video that's that's great contentthat the customer wants to talk about already, so that it's not advertising. Butthen make sure that it's offered as presented by offered to you by thesimplest answer to your question is making sure that the dealership can claim ownership overthat content so that they could offer it as something that they give. Sowhen you give you an example, at least cap part are new regional brandingmanager, everybody knows that she used to have a drink machine that was inher right there at her station selling cars, and she didn't do that because shedidn't want our customers to be thirsty, because the dealership has a drink machine. Also, she did it because she wanted credit for being the onethat solved their first so if you look at videos the same way, Iwould say no matter what type of videos you make, whether it's testimonials orbrand statements of value or department statements, what matters is that you can presentthe video as something that you made for them and perhaps a reason to buyfrom you if they like the content. Okare I mean makes complete sense,and I mean basically a lot of the things you mentioned. Answer question isgoing to be Badans. Yeah, well, and not only that, but there'sways to say this is for me and ways not to write. Soif you're leasing content and you just saying, well, I got a video already, or if it's a nongeneeric or if it's a completely generic video thatyou're sending out, then you're just solving that. Customers Thirst for information,but you're not getting credit that you solved that. You went the extra mileto be the reason they're not thirsty. Fair enough, fair enough, Igot you. So and then you said something about is their steps. Youknow, there's been a proven five step sales process. You know, fromJim ziggler to Joe Verty to everybody forever about how to slow the customer downand avoid price and see the custos. See to see the process as afive step process. So introduction, short story, presentation, close and thenthe second sale, obviously, with a fifth step being rehash, rehashing ofa customer. So we try to break the digitally the dealers, and thisis what our workshops about. We try to break those digital funnels down intothose same sort of steps, with your introduction being your listings and your thirdparty vehicle listings, the short story opportunity being your actual website where you tella little bit more about yourself. The presentation is actually above your dealership,not of the product, because they're shopping for the same product from five orsix dealerships. So we called a presentation...

...your BTC response and what you're ableto impress upon them at that time about why to buy from you. Andthen the clothes would be when that person arrives at your store and having videosthat are on stickers, on cars, on key, on Kias and stufflike that, and then ate it into the sales process of something there andyeah, and that doesn't cost any money. So that's a that's a big,big thing to point out is that when you pay a dealer or paya vendor to go outside your funnel and try to get new customers, theclosing rate on those customers is probably a little, little less than the guywho's already on your lot. But it's free to talk to the guy onthe lot. It's free to impress the guy on the lot with video thatit can't be left, that can't be undervalued. No, no question.So we're I mean, let's talk to, you know, the dealership who's justgetting started with video. Where's a good place for them to start toget into and start making an impact on these in funnel consumers? We've gota Matt, Matt Welch is a good friend of ours out here in Seattleand he did a he did a Webinar with cobalt and you know, hesaid that it took him really a long time to start to see the firstsigns of traction, but that, just like pushing a bus, once yougot to go at it, it took off a lot faster. So thefirst place to start is some a place that you'll be passionate about and aplace that you can follow through with. You you're not going to do yourselfany favors to try out a video idea because you're not likely to have thephones blow off the hook right after you put it online. So it's reallyabout a commitment to it being a strategy less than it is. which videodo I make first? You know, if you're interested in and sting rays, you know, go make a five or six part series about the stingray. Start there. You know, if you just lost a deal becausethe guy didn't want to drive ninety miles and he wasn't sure you had agood detail process, you know, go talk to your detail guy and havehim give a breakdown of what he does on every single car and then splicein a customer, you know, confirming that they drove a far, evenif it's on the phone, and they had a good experience. You know, make make a video that will solve a problem or make a series ofvideos. But the obvious answer is testimonials. You know, customers want to heara social proof and they want to see that other people had a greatexperience at your store and they want to hear about it from them. Sothat's an easy, easy place to II one hundred percent agree with you andbeing the lucky guy that that does a lot of deal dealership website composits fortwenty groups and stuff, that's being the one of my awesome tasks in thatit's it blows me away the lack of video testimonials on dealer websites out there, because that is just my famous saying, like what I love to say.That's low hanging fruit. Right there, guys, is is some would thatkey? Somebody drop a key or something, dropping the key every timeyou drop something. Oh there, you get that. I get sound likecoinsun a fish. Yeah, I mean it's, it's it's he's got thelive sounds that you know. There we got the beating drop and stuff.The it's such low hanging fruit on there...

...and in it the like that comparedto like the dealer radar like feeds going through and those written testimonials. Imean, I don't how do you present times testimonials in a way that doesn't, you know, make you sound like you know, hey, look atme, Hoity toity. Do you know what I mean? I mean arethe testimonials? So you mentioned this five step process, the introduction, theshort, solid presentation, close in the Rehash. Can you give us anexample of where and what those things actually are in terms that that would makesense for for the listener? Yeah, I mean, I can. Ican walk you through them just real quick. I'll give you that this field versionhere. So introductions, when you first make contact with somebody, ifyou're selling a normal goods or service, they don't care about you. Theydon't care about the goods of service. That's the point of an introduction,is to just be attractive amongst the crowd, right. So, using auto tratoras an example, you can sort for relevant videos with any given pieceof inventory for no additional money than what you already paid all the trader.So let me give you some examples of what that looks like. So thisis a dealer that could make a Weieno muscle cars video. Go Into AutoTrador, upload that video takes maybe two minutes and say on new or used, on every single piece of inventory that I sell that has a five pointleader va or bigger, show this video and auto trader will do that automatically, instantly every time, for twelve months from the time you upload the video. Wow, so this is a situation where you could get a pre ownedmuscle car and that's three years old. The office, the people of theoffice, are able to put it into your back end tool, auto traderpulls it the it's not even out of the detailed bay yet and you've alreadygot relative video content associated with it and the picture guy doesn't even know it'sthere yet. How many? How many others do you think you're actually doinganything remotely close to what you just said there? All of ours are okay, fair enough. So. So, seventy five or so, I guesscool is really not a lot, but to give you an idea, andthere's so much traffic on auto trader, I mean it's that not for nothinglike like it. I love it. There's a lot of traffic go onthere and a lot of cars on there. So something like that with a that'sa super great nugget. I mean something like that with a vide youknow of it's going to make you stand apart instantly. You know any well, and not even the video, because they don't see the video until theyopen your VDP right. So you could even you could even back up anotherstep and say if you get a hundred vehicle opens in a week, thatyou know how auto trader works. It returns a field of ten and theyselect the ones they're interested and when you do a search, so you're probablyin that field of ten a hundred a thousand times. So that should that'sa number that could look like nine hundred unsulds to you if you look atit with the right pair of eyes. So what's important to point out isthat when a customer searches for a jeep door, you know, a Durangoor something, and they get ten of them, they're almost exactly like whatthey're looking at. Their inclination is going to be to open the one that'sclosest to them, the cheapest one and...

...the one with the most content.So you could literally, you could upload, for cat videos to every piece ofinventory and your vdps sore and they wouldn't disappointed with something. Try towatch them. It's essentially optimizing your auto trader listings. Is What it comesdown to, like to the Max. That's great. Does that? Doesthat go the same for the CARSCOM and the other the other players? Well, it definitely goes the same for the other players. CARSCOM has been astruggle for me and for a lot of video vendors to deal with. Theythey have a system that's a little more difficult. You can still associate onevideo pro one car. You just have to do it manually. What makesauto trader so awesome is you could spend two hours on this and never thinkabout it again for a whole year. I mean and and you could.You can pair these things based on the exact same criteria that you use tosearch autotrader. So let's say that you wanted to take somebody looking for atenzero vehicle or less and and hit him with a payment switch video, becausethat's what that buyer is right. So I mean you can really merchandise theentire thought process of the buyer based on the inventory they're looking at, andnot just pair up specific video with a specific model, which is what youcan do on a lot of the other types of services and the thing Ilove about this too is, I mean this is the introduction phase, likewe talked about, and I mean what better way to make a first impressiononline? I mean this is a perfect example of how to do that.Yeah, you hit it right on the nose. You know, you it'seasy to look past perception, but it's the first and most important thing andit sets up a relationship with that customer where you're providing more, you're beingrelevant and you're not wasting their time and their perception is immediately going to bethat your dealerships probably a little cleaner there, people probably know the stuff a littlebetter, coffee probably taste a little better. You know, this issomething I talked to the team about. To it's or whenever we're, youknow, speaking with dealerships, is like hey, look, think about themessage you're conveying if you're willing to make the effort. Pretty Sale, doyou know what I mean? It's immediately, like you said, it's out.We're cleaner dealership. We respect our people, we are going to takecare of them because we're willing to put the effort in before we even knowwho they are. If I'm looking at an old muscle car and the GMPOPs up there and tells me he's a muscle car guy and and they stockmore of them and work harder to know more about them a more importantly,they're gonna understand how cool it is that I'm buying this thing that you knowthat is going to if I'm not interested in the muscle car, I certainlyinterested in that manager in that dealership now, because they're building a relevant conversation withme already. I mean that's a whole other, whole other, andyeah, end of the spectrum. All right, so well, they done. A second spectrum then, is a short story. Yeah, Short,so short story. I used to sell toys door to door. Short storywas the most important one to explain why you're in somebody's face for a coloringbook, and it's an important element to just say a little bit about yourselfand where you came from. Like the magazine people always told everybody they werefrom a college and you know. But seeding into who you are and whythey should buy from you is what the...

...short stories all about, no matterwhat you're selling. So in this analogy we call the short story. Thedealers actual website and a lot of dealers have websites that are extremely similar toeach other, and you, guys, am sure, could speak to this. You know better than I and being unique in being individual and putting socialproof right. You said, where do you put the testimonials? You putthem right there on that website. And you don't say look at me,you say you know want to hear from your peers or you with an optin question. Don't trust dealers. You know, listen to the customers.Check it out, but by merchandising, whether it's product related videos like theones are company makes or that you made yourself, whether it's a why byhere video that you've made with the staff member, or whether it's testimonials withguests, all of that content fits great on your website if you don't focuson actually leaving the video itself on a given page, but more a bannerthat offers the content that video provides. And then you can put a banneranywhere on a website and it really makes it look sleek. You can takeyour own smiling faces and your own assets that you made these videos and youcan put a banner or whether you had, you know, not to pick outanybody, I guess it better or not, but whether you have theworst or the best, you know, website provider, you can put apicture on there. So it makes it so much easier to you know,for an example, cobalt. Every voltswag and dealer has coal ball and youcruise around it look really similar. If you go to some of our clients, it's original assets and its smiling faces and it offers a video and playbuttons. And even though Coal Balt isn't great at that, it looks likethey are. And we've posted all the imam page. Yeah, right,right, no doubt that out. And that's and and, Michael, Imean how that's that's right on the like talking about like click you know,with clickable banners and more stuff like that, instead of like the video sitting inyour front page play, you know, like the little player sitting in there. That's, you know, superstitioned. We yeah, yeah, I meanthat. That thing too, is that this is actionable, you know. I mean this is conversion stuff, right, your and brand storytelling stuff, so you're actually putting something on your home page or somewhere on your websitethat gives people an incentive to click. It's like, yeah, I dowant to hear from my peers or I do want to hear about what experiencespeople are having here, or even from a search engine perspective, when peopleare searching for reviews about your dealership, to have those relevant pages from yourwebsite pop up and, like you said, Andrew, the social proof to say, Oh yeah, this is legit, this isn't you know, a harvestedyelp review or a Google Review. And they don't, they don't haveto click on it to feel the weight of that person saying you're good.You know, they can pass over it. That's what's also proof is supposed tobe. Love it very good. I'm all right. Next, butwhat's the so we're on the storytelling aspect. Yeah, well, so presentation.So if you came in on the lot, my greeting would be allabout eye contact, my introduction, making...

...a good first impression. My shortstory would be to tell you about this weekend sale and the presentation would bewhat you know, the meat of the product. So that would be thewalk around. So in this instance the presentation is your first initial response fromyour BEDC that's when you first start selling. So it's important that that that presentationwill may point this out first, I think a lot of people thinkthat their BEDC is responding to a honna civic lead and that that that they'retrying to sell a Honda Civic, and from my point of view, thatcouldn't be less accurate. That person probably sent a lead to three other Hondastores. They're sold on the civic. They're trying to figure out about you. So what's important to point out is the presentation is not of the vehiclebut of the dealership itself when you send a BETC response, and that issomething that I think is lost on probably ninety percent of the beat respond BEDCresponses that are going to go out today. That's again, that's good. Imean, I can't wait here. Here you go there, it isboom and you know it, leason. That makes to that better than anyband. And I mean, and I was just going to say, youknow, at least the way she did her follow up videos, she waspresenting, Hey, yeah, you were checking out this vehicle, but thenit was also attached to this kind of like, I don't know, montageof testimonials and stuff, and why buy from me? That? That,I think, is where the kind of the success of her process lies inand I think you know, just like you said, you hit the nailon the head there, which is that dealerships aren't thinking of it that way. They're think they they've kind of invested their thoughts into, you know,subscribing to while if the customers asking about this vehicle, then I need togive them information about this vehicle, not realizing how many other competitors that they'vealready searched out. They're sold on the vehicle. That's why they're asking youabout it. Now let's show them why you should buy this vehicle from USand none of the others that you've checked out. Yeah, well, anda Hus if you started today in the car pet business somewhere and they wereteaching you how to do a walk around and take ups, you would hearthe phrase slow the customer down no less than seventeen times a day for thefirst ever. Yeah, first year, right. Yeah, I mean everybodyaddresses that. This is the goal of of a shopper. I mean whatmy first day selling cars, I was making laps between the guy trying tochange lightbulbs and the sales manager trying to get a better price out of bothof them until I could put together a car deal. And I didn't understandwhy, if he didn't want the blue one, I should still bring theminside, why I should sit them down, even though we seem to be aways the way on price. And you know, as you get inthe car business, you learned that that is what we do, is thatwe turn these doubts into certainties. We slow the customer down, we offerreasons to buy, we even avoid price. I mean literally say that out loudand it we mean it. We avoid price and we slow the customerdown. And if you look at a lot of these websites, they arean ice loge covered in Greece, to a price and then an exit sign. That's a good one. I like...

...that analogy. I'm going to,I'm going to, I'm calling there. It is bom and you know what, and that's exactly what I mean. So many, I don't know where, why and how we've been conditioned to think that that's what the customer wantsto hear about, when there's so much that happens in shaping their purchase decisionbefore price is even an issue. I mean, or maybe it is whatthey want to hear about, but just not what we want to tell them. Well, and I mean well, I think of my own my ownexperience. I mean my wife and I when we first got married. I'mdriving a two door coup but we knew family was going to be, youknow, in our future. So thinking, thinking along those lines, I'm lookingat my Torq two door coupe and anticipating getting a child, you know, a sleeping child, especially in and out of the back seat of atwo door vehicle, you know, packing the thing up. I needed more, you know, I was more focused on features and and benefits to,you know, what vehicle could accommodate a family, you know, safety space, you know all those sorts of things, and it was after I had kindof work through those in my head that I was then looking for.What vehicle and what price or value did I put on those things? And, and I mean that's how it good. I mean initially, like I thinkinitially to how much easier that process would have been for me if,like you said in the very beginning, who are you speaking to in thefirst place? And then let's get some content out there that speaks and addressesthe questions that those, you know, specific customer segments, and a lotof the stuff that I talked about is about customer segments, because, youknow, we throw around this pray and spray, you know, terminology allthe time, and one of the reasons for that is because we never considerwho the people are who purchase vehicles. And for sure, well, andnot only that, a lot of people consider all of this stuff in termsof cost per thousand, that they they are playing at stock market game andfor gone all the knowledge they learn stemon cards. Yea, yeah, exactly. An example of what you mean by that, Andrew. So, okay, so this is an easy one. You get into Seo, you getinto retargeting or remarketing and and they use the term cost per thousands, andyou know how many dealers will tell somebody this is a cruise of the mostlowthful lethal example of this. Okay, Don you have a tenzero ups comingon your website every month and you're closing one percent of them. So here'smy plan to succeed, and immediately it turns into how to get for Twentyzerothousand. Yeah, it's increase the traffic. Not, yeah, it does.It doesn't make any sense, you know, and it makes sense ifyou're selling a dealer a package where you can get him obsessed on this,on these simple metrics that can be scored. But the fact is eighty percent ofdealers are in small market towns and there's no way you're going to maketenzero make it go from tenzero interested for ad buyers to Twenty Tho. Itdoesn't work that way. So there's an obvious drop off in the quality ofthe second tenzero. But, more importantly, if you focus on the inmarkt thefirst Tenzero, it's not this. This is simple map, but itmight not be obvious to everybody that if... spend thirtyzero a month on yourad budget and you close one percent of tenzero leads and you go to workhard on each and every one of those leads and looked at all of themas unsolds when you don't give them the right experience and they don't buy fromyou, if you budge that to two percent rather than to Twentyzero ups,then you have taken that thirtyzero dollars and doubled its values. So you basicallytaken thirtyzero of putting it right in your pocket and you and you will mathematicallyhave doubled your internet sales, because dealers survive on one and two percent.To focus on closing at every last prospect that actually does want it for thatactually is in your market and treating f every individual sale as a unique opportunityand looking at how many pause you can track your ups one at a time. There's a way to get into your settings and look at them that wayand I know dealers. They do it that way and they're focused on justlike you would be on the lot if fifteen customers rolled into your dealership andthey got a price and they left, wouldn't you at least want to knowwhich door they left out of? So you count lack it, you know, and people don't look at their website that way. You know, theymight have one page that's attributing sixty percent of their bounces and they don't.They don't, you know, they don't think about it in those terms theway they would if they had watched two hundred prospects walk off the lot.So I guess my see you when you to want to treat them like aherd or treat them like a group or a metric, but the fact isthose are a thousand individual people with a thousand individual situations and no heard mentalitywill individually close one of them, whereas even if you said I'm for he'llbuildings and we say I'm nothing, to trust in it. You might turnoff eighty of them, but twenty are listening for real and and exactly.And what you're saying right now resonates with me. I mean it's the conceptof, you know, stop focusing elsewhere when there's acres of diamonds in yourown backyard, kind of a thing, like they're all really just sitting there. So okay. So we've talked about how to use video in an introductionphase of this five step sales process. We've talked about the the short andthe stool story. Yeah, we're store, we're talking. We've talked about presentationand why buy from US using video. What's the next step? So whenthe customers in your showroom, your goal is not to get them towatch a video and hope that the video sells for you, you ridiculous.The goal and Hab in video in your showroom, it would just step forthcloses, is having it as part of the customer experience when they're there test, driving and deciding to buy so the reason that you do that is justa demonstration of value. It's the same reason that you clean your cars.It's the same reason that you put a coffee machine in there and a vendingmachine, the same reason that you clean the bathrooms and spent two million ona building in the first place. So back to something I said in thebeginning about a lease and her in her soda machine. It doesn't the goalis not the coin the customers thirst, it's to get credit for doing so. So to make these content. And you know, we make a productvideo for most of the major brands that we can put the their license plateon. So, like we we have...

...a lot of customers where this stepis the the least utilized step out of all of the ways they use ourproduct, and it drives me nuts because it's so heavy. Yeah, Imean, and these are these are buyers. We filter it out the tenzero downto these ten people who are going to come in today. We wantthese people to hear look what we made for you be impressed with the moneywe spent. You know, check check out this, watch this, feelthis, not because the video will sell them, but because the perception ofwho we are will sell the yeah, and it's engagement and it makes itdifferent than the experience down the block. And that's all you can really doexcept give away money, not less on the car or create a whole experience. So that's that once goes hand in hand and you know, using ipadsand a bunch of different ways you can. You can bring that into it.And because some examples they're just quickly rubber. We've got dealers that putstickers on cars. You can texto on Oh and get the stick get thevideo right on your phone. We've got ipod kiosk next to that car that'sin a trade denile. So as you pull that car and you can justswitch through the new videos, or it's you sitting there going to get numbersfrom the desk and you leave a video on for you know, put acouple videos on. But I like I used to demo this a IPAD sellingsystem. I'm not sure if it if it really panned out for the longon or not, but this was early on and I liked it. Justkind of gave me that kind of like apple store feel a little bit.You know what I'm saying. I'm like handing it to people and engaging,and this is one of the IPAD wasn't, as is out there and you know, until it started, you know, going through all the price breaks andstuff, so they didn't see them every day. All right, sogive us so for time purposes, man, because this is what we do.We go, we ramble on. Let's hear we still got one more, right that? Well, we do, we do. We do have onemore. It's important to point out that the the first for are extremelyimportant because they're free. The fifth one, being the rehash, does leave thefunnel att bit. So the fifth one, just simply, without gettinginto details, is using video to do targeted remarketing, using video to contactcustomers that have already been on your site and do instream ads and pre rollads, and then using video in your crm to contact a buyer and bringthem back. So having a model video and contacting somebody on their anniversary andhaving that part of the presentation that you're offering them or showing them your detailbays through your crm. So the fifth way is rehash and it's just simple. The second sale, and we could talk about it for hours, butit's not always as free as the first four steps. So it's just basicallyusing your crm and using paid remarketing and using video that to bring people backthe second time. But it's still falls into it, but it's still there. Still are some angles that you can go through that that are for thatdon't cost you anything to do those, though, right like with the crmand plus, though, when you talk about cost on a lot of thisstuff online with videos, you're not talking about a lot of money either toget it. Compared to what the media that dealers do now, I don'tknow anybody that spends more than two grand a month on retargeting with our videos, and that is to have us put twelve in stream ads in front ofevery single opportunity that they that hits a... on their site for two weeksafter they leave the site and they still at the end of the month.It's like eight cents per impression. They end up spending one fifty hundred bimings. Forget it. That's that's unbelievable. All right, well, listen,that is about it for us today. Wanted to keep it around like thethirty minute mark. Michael, you got anything to add? No, Ithink this is such valuable information. If you're not taking away and can weget the key drop here? If we're not, if we're not taken awaymassive amounts of value from how to use video in the five step sales process, then I don't know what it will Andrew Man, thank you so much. How do people get Ahold of you to learn more about this, becauseyou're clearly an undisputed by to be the first answer, I'll be around allhere. Just this year. Yeah, just this year. I'm hoping itthat. I'll be done now. Internet battle plan is the first and easiestway to get a hold of us. If you can't make it out toSeattle, you should rethink that. But if you still rethink it and can't, I'm going to be recording our entire presentation and workshop. It'll all beon our website, which is what's next? Stop Pro Dot Prro and people canreach me anytime at a Myers Amy Ers at what's next? Stop Proand I'll even fill my cell phone out here. It's zero, six,four, seven, eight, hundred and eighty seven two one, no inappropriatesex place. Yeah, and I'll have I'll put everything like that to thethat I'll put everything into the show notes for everybody all this contact and stuffwill be there and just like that, everybody. That was my friend andyou know, video expert, Andrew Myers. Michael, like I mean you andme, we're both, you know, big into video and love everything thathas to do with it. And and I know I was picking upa little bit from him there and I can see how, you know,everything he was saying was was really, you know, hitten home and makingsense. What would you think? Yeah, I mean, there's no question thathe's the guy that knows what he's talking about. I love, likeI said in the pre show, the fact that there is a strategy tovideo. It's not just about, you know, jumping on Youtube and optimizing. I mean those definitely have value, don't get me wrong, but Imean it's like now there's there's a bigger way, on top of all ofthat, to use video strategically and sequentially to to drive qualified business to yourdealership. And and I love what he talked about using what's already in thefunnel. And we never really think in terms of that. We always thinkin terms of new customer acquisition, people that haven't had any interaction yet withthe dealership. But to be able to look at WHO's already in our funneland capture their attention and provide an experience Dans for them that's unparalleled but thatthey're not going to get elsewhere and drive that that the or give a goodenough reason for those people to do business at your dealership. I think that'sso powerful. Yeah, now, I...

...agree. I think that, likethe auto trader thing, guys like that's that was super valuable. You know, action for you to go back at Internet me, if your Internet managerwhatever, or bring that to your team or tell that to that person,bring that idea to the table, because if you're paying for auto trader,you're paying all, you're paying some serious coin. You know what I'm saying. So cost no extra. Do it. So get the most out of yourlisting. I thought, boom, he's open doors, he's open there. It is all right. Oh Man, buddy, the dealer playbook, episodenineteen, almost at the big twenty. Thank you so much for, youknow, sitting down with us today. We're so glad you you made itso in Hey. I mean, you know, just completely grateful andthrilled about all the support we've been receiving in the comments and feedback. We'regetting at the dealer playbookcom people are commenting on the show notes and we're engagingwith you. I think it's so incredible. Don't forget to subscribe. Fill outyour information in that Web box that we have there and subscribe so thatyou can get the latest episodes deliver right tier in box and until next time, we'll talk to you then.

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