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Anne Flemming: Focus on Female Automotive Shoppers


"Women purchase 75,000 vehicles everyday in the US."

Anne Fleming

Any one in the front lines of the car business knows that when it comes down to a new car purchase for a married couple that if the wife is not into you, your store, or the vehicles it's self, you have no sale! 

Not only do women have the final decision/approval for a "couples" purchase, they are serious car shoppers for themselves now more then ever! 

Why You Should Focus On Female Automotive Shoppers

 On this new session from "The Dealer Playbook" (episode 21) we sit down with Anne Fleming founder and CEO of who is a undisputed expert when it comes to knowing women car shoppers. 

She breaks it down on why every dealership needs to focus on female automotive shoppers. 

 There are 75,000 inked car deals a DAY happening across America all with women owners! 

 Anne dives in deep on the mindset and tendencies of todays woman "car shopper", and what you can do in your business to attract and convert your share of that 75,000 daily sales. 

 Anne and her team at are serious about surveying and statistics. She breaks down the key statistics todays automotive Dealerships need to know so they can start to attract and wow women shoppers. 

 Anne Fleming Talks More About

 - The shopping process most women follow

 - The key decision factors for women shoppers

 - Social tactics to engage more women shoppers using Facebook

 - Using your dealership website to attract women shoppers

 - Simple tweaks & changes that can attract more women car shoppers

 Anne covers all the above plus so much more! 

 Women buyers are a serious customer segment that needs to be spoken to and handled in a custom tailored fashion. Like any customer segment. 

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 Your time to shine

 We want to hear from you yes you! Keep the conversation going in the comments below. 

 What are you doing to speak to the women shopper segment in your dealership?

What are you going to do to Focus On Female Automotive Shoppers?

Anything that is doing well for you we want to hear it! Comment below.

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You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, episode twenty two, featuring and Fleming. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, everybody, what is going on? Michael Cirillo here and Robert Wiseman with the dealer playbook. Robert, my man, how's it going? What is happening? I am so I'm stealing this one back. I'm so excited. I is. You know what? The dealer playbook is, just blast in it where we Robert and I were just looking the other day. We're being listened to in fifty countries around the world. We are on the what's hot list and there's a good reason for that, and it's because we are delivering real auto dealer strategies that deliver resolves results. And you are nice enough to sit down and give us a piece of your day, put the earbuds in or in your car wherever. So without you we wouldn't happened. So thank you. We do this for you. So, Michael, tell them who we got on today. Man, this is an exciting show. Yeah, this is a cool one because you know you're going to hear US talk about in the episode. How the the the podcast itself, though incredible, was kind of turning into a dude fast. It was, you know, lots of men. I think sueby she was our first female guest and she did an incredible job. And today we're looking forward to sitting down with Ann Fleming. She is the founder and president and CEO of women drivers and you can check out their website. Will Link to it in the show notes and she has some incredible information that will empower your dealership, or you and your sales abilities or whatever aspect of the dealership that you're working in to effectively reach out to female drivers. The statistics that she had to share with us were mind blowing. The cool thing about statistics something that I've learned early on, and you know full well, Robert. You know a lot of us say that were we make gut decisions and I've learned early on that gut decisions well, for lack of better words, your gut sucks at making decisions and when you really look at the anatomy of a gut decision, it actually comes after the acquisition of a ton of Intel first. It's like, you know, you go into the shoe store right and you say, man, my guts telling me I should buy the nikes versus the rebox, but that's actually after you've conducted research. Well, it's the same in the automotive purchase process. Nobody really makes gut decisions. And do you know your dealership should definitely not be making gut decisions, you should be acquiring Intel and understanding and analyzing it so that you know how to make offitable marketing decisions. Well, today and is going to share a ton of statistics with you, and it's all for good reason. And really first it's, you know, she's painting a picture for you to help you understand how powerful female shoppers are and the influence that they have over the automotive purchase process. You know, Robert, you and I, we visit a you know, and attend a lot of conferences and we talk more about the influence that female shoppers have over the purchase process, but to look at the sheer numbers of how many actually conduct the purchases, I was blown away away. Yeah, so she does go over a lot of good statistics and gives you a lot of hard data here. So don't worry about pulling over the side of the road with a pen and a pad and to write some anything down. We're going to have it all for you linked into the show notes. So, without further ado, let's jump in with and Fleming. Here we go.

Okay, and we are here with my friend, also fellow mastermind, or, at the unfair advantage, automotive mastermind, founder of women drivers, at Women's driverscom is and flemming, and thank you for taking time to hang out with us. It's a pleasure boot you, guys. Thanks for having me on the program no doubt. No doubt, we knew that well, that like I try to be as transparent honest as possible. You know, Michael and me, we were, you know, sitting back watching the the the you know, thankfully, success of this podcast, and we're on there and we're looking and we're like man, these we have nothing but dude, yeah, we are rich, general man heavy. Yeah, and we I've met some phenomenal women in this industry and the we just wanted to bring that perspectives there and we have gotten great feedback from women. Even when it was just, you know, a dudes fest, but we've been slowly bringing more in. And then I knew that. I knew that your topic, and you just happened to be a woman, is phenomenal. What and does, guys, as she is? She's again the founder of women driverscom and she basically helps dealers sell to more women. Is that the in the nutshells, at right? And that's it, Robert, I mean that's it. I mean our our entire platform is all about bringing together this powerful, powerful group of sellers and and buyers and we, you know, we've got a couple different tools. That's all about engagement, engagement, engagement, and you know, it's really a new day because you know this, this buying segment, I mean women, by you know, it new and used dealers. Approximately twenty five million units a year. And you know, I'm I'M A, I'm a data. I'm going to say that again, data corect up. I'm not to interrupt you say that. Say That number again, and that's in units. Well, let me break that downly. So let's let you know. We we look at it annually. Is Twenty five million units a year, but let's look at that on a daily basis. Because you know our our dealer principles and ore. You know our executives are general sales managers that are listening. You know, everything's broken down. We look at our business monthly and daily. So seventyzero UN us a day is what women are buying. I'm not talking about the influen you know we always think about. We's talk about Oh well, women influence. None, no, no, I'm actually talking about buying, buying, purchasing a vehicle at at at a dealership. So seventyzero units a day is what women are when our women are buying suppicially serious coin. You know, trends being transacted at dealerships by is buying segment and frankly, that's that's what our business is all about, is really helping dealers help themselves by being be becoming more of a trusted advisor. You know, we've got so many different social platforms, what digital platforms? And of course we still use traditional platforms, right, that's still a you know, there's still a lot of money spent in traditional platforms. So so, you know, our business is really helping dealing showcase themselves, to engage women, you know, to to you know, solid part of them. So, yeah, Seventyzero units a day, twenty five million units a year. But again, that's that's used and new gentlemen. Yeah, and and is and is that United States? North America? Is United States, and that's according those units. Are that those that is according to an ADA and cwn...

...research. Wow, so that's that's United States. And so I'd imagine then, even outside of physical transactions that are happening conducted by women, the influence of women on the purchase process must be even, far greater expanding than that. It is. It is general. General research shows in the automotive sector, Michael, that it that the influence goes up to approximately eighty eighty percent. So, wow, it's it's a big, big, big influence. While I know it's the influence in my household. Yeah, and that's the part where I've we're always, would think, was where it carried the most weight. Pre Learning. You know the statistics, and what Anne talks about is that. Hey, listen with in the end, we know the woman has the bind decision, but this is just solely them, you know, research and driving to a dealer and and buying their car. I mean that's big time. Okay, so when we're when we look at this I you just mentioned, and that what you do is you go into a dealership or you help dealerships reach out to this market segment. What are some of the things that dealers should be focusing on in order to, I guess, for lack of better words, break out into this segment and start speaking to them in a way that resonates? Well, that's that's great. Okay. So again, what what would maybe I'll just back up a little bit and sure and talk talk about so we're one of the key platforms. That that distinguishes what we do. Of course we're in their review and reputation platform and we focus again, entirely on, you know, the most powerful and influential Byron in the marketplace, obviously women. But, as I said, we're very slanted towards data and the research side of women's experiences, and I should say that we're not a traditional, I'm going to say, a five star right at all. Let me explain. So, after a woman does her, you know, five questions survey, she is then on women drivers. She's then invited to answer a twenty to a twenty five question deep dive survey about her shopping or her purchase or her survey experience at that dealership. And here's the thing. Ninety two percent, I'm going to say that again, ninety two percent of women who reviewed the dealership fill out this optional survey question. So that's where we get all of this data, because nine out of ten women that reviewed the dealer should then go on to fill out a two thousand and twenty five question survey. So again, I just want to give you a background. So when I'm sitting no one, I'm when we're talking about all these stats, that they come from these deep dive surveys, from from the reviews, from women themselves. So I just kind of wanted to create that context because you your listeners might be we're very good, very good, yea. And all her stats for the record everybody, because we don't want to go in here and just spit, spit stats in the short times that we do have. We're going to have links to a bunch of her content that can that dig you deeper into the percentages and and really show you why you need to take this serious. So, Robert, you have or Susan likely as a question about so what can dealers do? So first of all, one thing that we know is women go to women's shop at one point nine dealerships, let's just call it two dealerships, right before she buys a vehicle. And if a if a woman goes to a dealership and she leaves that dealership without buying a car, she leaves that dealership without buying a car, there is just a one third chance she's going to return. So I'm...

...going to say that a little bit differently. Sixty six percent of women leave and do not return to that dealership if she didn't buy a car. So that's a pretty big ouch right. It really shows that that dealership really needs to get it right with women. It at first engagement, at that first opportunity, at that first discussion. Now another thing that we track. It's taking that further. What can dealerships do? We also know the emotions that women we ask them. It's one of the questions on that two thousand and twenty five questions. We know the questions. We excuse me. We know the emotions that women bring with them. Fifty over, the number one emotion, of course, that women have when they go into a dealership to buy a vehicle is they're excited that's great that they're excited, but then it shifts pretty quickly. Three and ten women, three out of ten women, are apprehensive when they buy a car and twenty percent of them are down right overwhelmed. So here's the question for dealerships, for a dealership owner or principal or general sales manager, is what are you doing to really mitigate that apprehension or that over you know what, that that confusion or that overwhelmed for women? To really create a pain free business, actually, I'll say it differently, to create a business that really attracts this buying segment. Okay, that's that. And and before you move on, there what or unless you're going to cover it, you can tell me what, what is currently leading to those emotions? What factors are in play that? Is it just the atmosphere? Is it? Do you know what I'm getting at? Is it? Is it the perception? The perception? Is it only the above that leads to that apprehensive and there's Overwhel US feel being a woman. It said, if it's, there's a couple of things. There's a couple of things. It's a great question. It is a question. It is yeah, it's really it's called the past. It's called the past. That's right. Yeah, they tend to feem women have a high percent. I don't know if you have this that, but they do. They tend to have a high percent of like holding on to the past and bring up the past, do they not? Perhaps the discussion for another day. Seeing so many similarities here. So I'm going to see if I can implement some of this maybe into my personal life to and you know, really great, fine, a nice woman. It's really that's a whole nother you know what I'm a I don't even have speechless on that because it's the past and it's perception. Got It. It's all of that term of women last time they bought a car. It probably has a lot to do with the way that the the car shopping experience is painted to I mean, if they're doing all this research, they're they're here in the horror stories that the net is filled with, you know. So that probably and and you know what, and I wanted to. I wanted to bring that up because, you know, and certainly not to shed that in a negative lighter at all, because for me it's the past, it's the negative perception. There's dealerships that I won't go to today because I was dealt with him properly. And so I do go into some dealerships, even now serving dealerships, when I when it's me making the purchase, and I do sometimes feel apprehensive, and it's actually for the same reason. It's because of a past experience, it's because of, you know, perception all, you know all of those sorts of things. So it's a I would say it's even similar on the other side of the fence. Now the flip side to that is, you know, the top reasons why women buy from the dealership. Absolutely absolutely is her engagement with the sales advisor and it's all about respect and trustworthy to have a trustworthy engagement. If those two things don't...

...happen again, that's why, you know, that's why sixty six percent leave and she's going down the street and she's buying from from a competitor. But I'm telling you, if a respectful and a trustworthy engagement or experience happens, she's buying her car there. She is absolutely going to buy her car at that dealership. And so, you know, warm, genuine greeting, just simple things, you know, just simple, simple things, answering every question with respect. And I'm going to say something, and it's this may sound so elementary, but honestly, I see it time and time again, answering questions with a full sentence. I think sometimes we're always like, okay, leather cloth. No, it's actually you know what I mean. I mean, letthercloy good, very good, just answer, asking her questions in full sentence sentences, answering, answering them in full sentences. I contact. I can fact, they like that. We all. You they we don't? We all? Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm so bad at this. I mean I've already had held myself back from many, many comments already. You are the reason and is in business, Robert, but I meant it's and then it just as asking her questions and, you know, offering your cup of coffee. I mean, look, I think it. Think it goes without saying. Like ten years ago throughteen years ago, culturally, women felt underserved, socially, women women felt underserved in the car industry. And today now they're buying another car, maybe they're divorced, maybe they're on their second or their third marriage, you know. And and and now they're going in and they're having great experiences in car dealerships. We really have to acknowledge, I don't know a few gentlemen of seeing some of the WSI reports. So that's by the way. That's women satisfaction index both to the the car brands. I'm telling you what, brands and dealerships are getting fibulous scores on women drivers, and that is women acknowledging their car dealerships and their car brands. So obviously our platform is showcasing dealers and brands and I don't want to say how far they've come because there really wasn't a benchmark ten or fifteen years ago. Certainly our company wasn't in business. But it's really showing a new day in two thousand and fourteen and and frankly, isn't that great? But again it we track why women buy from a dealership and it all starts with one singular person. And so in exit it's not the executive, it's not a general sales manager, it's the sales advisor, and so having that individual really having those skill sets and a high eq is imperative. Does does the sex of the advisor come into play at all? I don't think it. I don't think it does. I don't think it does. I think women, frankly, we you know, just anybody. Anybody, doesn't matter what they look like with their skin color, is what gender they are. I think it generally we like to see people who look like us on the sales floor. Certainly today and in this in the automotive sector, at the dealership level, we're now up to eighteen percent of all employees are female, but a lot of them are in BDC advertising, admisterry. Yeah, no doubt or out right. They're not necessarily on the sales I'd like to see it in the sales in the sales context. Right, yeah, right, A. for some I don't think it matters. It's just all about engagement and women showcase are on our through our platform, that they're having remarkable in engagement, so that that really doesn't matter. I just think we'd like you know, I think what whether you're, you know, buying clothes at at the mall or you know the cable person is coming to put in,... know, your new best buy TV, I think generally we just like to see people who look like us to some degree and I think that is augmenting to some degree. Certainly in our industry. How now, because we've kind of approached this from the female shopper perspective, what about any apprehension or overwhelming feelings coming from inside the dealership, perhaps not knowing how to reach out to the segment effectively? Is that the is that there? Is that it is that the case? Are I mean because, I mean we know that the auto industry, or the inside the dealership, is still predominantly a a male organization and we are seeing a breakout of some very, very powerful women in the industry. But our dealers apprehensive? Do they know the right approach? Or is it, again, that the whole reason that your business exists? Dealers, one on one in a back room or in a closed room, Michael, that's where they'll tell you it's certainly isn't the Internet sales manager or the BDC, that individual that will ever say that. That person typically will say, oh, we treat everybody the same, and when we coach that individual we're like, please don't say that. Don't say we treat everyone the same. Please don't ever say that again. Oh my gosh, don't do that, because does your physician say we treat all of our patients to the same. Do you want your do you want your teacher to say we treat all of our students the same? Please don't ever say that it's a given, or it should be. Everyone wants to be treated special and like they are your only customer. In any event, and certainly we, for instance, we work with six hundred, six hundred dealers across the nation. We're not. We're not working with seventeen thousand dealers. Were a relatively young company, first of all, second of all. But no, not, not all dealers are interested in working with women drivers because, you know, they either make a may not know about us or be they may think that they have women, you know, the women's business or their women's audience. You know kind of I handled. If it figured out, I will. I will share with you a couple, a couple of things again. In the deep dive survey that we ask, women report that their dealership, their dealerships website, is the very first place they go when they begin researching for a car. That is extraordinary news for dealerships. That means, I mean that's huge. They go to the dealerships website before they go to Oem's website. I mean, that is extraordinary. Now that's the good news. Now there's a little bit of not so great news in there, and the what I'll call the other news, rather than saying that the B word. The other news is that one third of women say that the dealerships website is actually not helpful at all, that there there could be a lot more research information on there. It's basically broken into here's our here's our inventory in our pricing comme on end for credit and will help you out for service, but there's not other information, ancillary information to really help them in the research funnel. And further to the not so good news is just thirty two percent of women visit the dealerships facebook page. So from a social perspective, you certain you, you folks, are certainly in this business. Dealers could be doing a lot more posting relevant and at posting that could could really engage women. Right now, and when I say right now, I mean certainly seems that a lot of posts are all about cars, cars, cars, cars. Again, I'm using a very general statement, so forgive me, but only one...

...and three women are actually liking their dealers facebook page. So there's a lot more engagement and again, like you said, certainly that's where, you know, we we offer, we offer, you know, solutions that are all around engagement and building, building trust and and then marketing that back to their community, their city and distinguishing their dealership. Certainly, women can buy a car. They've got a number of choices in any given city across the United States. Are in North America, and they can buy that car virtually for within a couple hundred dollars of each other. So why are they going to go to one dealership? Best be another. So finding a way to really market and distinguish your dealership, to have it be really a a women friendly and were a family friendly dealership and really stand out BC of you the competition, is exactly what many forward thinking or elite dealerships it's exactly what they want to do. Yep, so we definitely want to post, you know, content to facebook that is more resonating with with female buy or shopper in general, more because you have thirty two percent, a good amount of them, or checking it out. And well, I don't mean on what side that yeah, you know. On top of that, I love what you said and it's about it's something I call Br teeing, build relationships, of trust. And you know, like you said, I mean when we audit facebook walls or when we look at website content, it's all very self serving, it's not very informative. But aside from that, we find that there's just not that layer of affinity that you know. It's always just hey, check out this two thousand and ten, blah, Blah Blah for three thousand nine ninety five. Won't last long. And we sit here and think it's absolutely going to last long because that's the worst, you know, worst messaging we've ever seen. So what you're saying, though, is, I mean, and I'm just seeing here on your website, about how research shows that ninety one percent of women say her family and friends influence or help influence the purchase decision. And what better place to kind of engage with family and friends and with a network then on facebook? So if the dealer can, you know, effectively market themselves in a way that resonates with the various market segments out there, especially the female buyer, then they're going to be that much more likely to have an influential purchase decision. Is that is that kind of what we're the conclusion that we're drawing with that absolutely. I mean I can cure a hundred percent. I mean when it comes to facebook, when it comes to, you know, instagram or various social channels, women leaves the car once every three years. She buys a car once every five or six years, but she gets in her car four or five times a day. So coming up with, and that's obviously what you folks offer your dealer clients, coming up with, you know, a social strategy that that is, you know, relevant, timely content that's all about her, her and then the dealer. You know, it's not about the call, you know, selling cars. It's really about, you know, a strategy that helps her and and she then looks at the dealership as really being a trusted adviser. That's not just there about selling cars, because that only happens once every three years. It it's really about like, I love that brt. That's fabulous, Michael. If I can just throw again, you got to forgive me. I'm all about statistics. But one suggestion, if I may, for your listening audience. Robert and I were talking about this a couple weeks ago. A lot of you know, you know your listeners. They are so great at tracking their numbers of units that they sell every single month. If I...

...could make a suggestion to them for two, three, maybe even six months, to actually track of the units sold. How many units are sold to women, to women? So of the total units sold, just simply break that down by gender. Now here's why I say that there are we provide tools. There's no charge to them whatsoever, through through a newsletter. We call it women's Wednesday, and there's a number of tools or they're totally free to to your listening audience and they're they're really simple. They're actually simple to to to institute. But over the course of a couple months, if your dealerships sold, you know, if they after instituting some of these some of these policies, some of these best practices, if they sold an additional five units each month, and then over the course of twelve months, that would resonate to you know, I don't know an average. Now, average car cost? What? I don't know. Thirty two thousand dollars. What's that? That's two million dollars. But but over time, if they sold an additional fifteen units a month, which is what some, many of our many of our certified women friendly dealerships do. That's an additional fifteen, excuse me, excuse me, six million dollars a year. So it's just getting into the practice of not only tracking, of course, what they already do, how many units are selling each month, but how many units are selling to women, and making it a bit of a game. Of course, gamesmanship and competitiveness resonates at every single dealership across America, and just selling a few more units a month to women and by instituting some of our best practices in art, some of the best practices that already existed some and many, many the dealerships. It's amazing how that can impact a dealerships bottom line. It's I mean that's why I told you, when we first were talking about coming on, how I knew that Michael would be interested in this one, because it's so segmenting on just that. You know, it's just a huge buy or segment that is looked over. Yeah, and I mean is you've touched on a couple of things that you know flow so well with with what I believe, and I mean you know you touched on it. You said, Oh, okay, the first place that the female shopper is checking out online is the dealers website, and you've also said something that I talk a lot about, which is that the dealer website just doesn't have enough information. And so isn't it sad to think that, you know, the average dealership, who's likely getting between three and six thousand visits a month online, doesn't have the information necessary to actually impact purchase decisions and there for all of these shoppers are going elsewhere? You know, I was reading a Google report that said, you know, something like twenty four different touch points are used in shaping the consumers purchase decision. Now I have come unprepared. I don't know what the Stat Oh, you know how many of those are are females, but I think it's safe to say that eighty percent of them are influencing that that and fifty four four percent, or is that the number? Fifty four percent, are actually doing the purchases. So it's sad to me to see that what could be the most powerful resource for shaping a purchase decision is actually so under utilized by the dealership because they're not providing content on their website, you know, the brt content. They're not providing information about the vehicles in a way that it resonates with the female shopper and are therefore missing this massive opportunity to help shape purchase decisions. You know, just a few things as we...

...look forward into the next five years, there's a report out last year that women, thirty women out earn their husband's in households in the United States. So one third of women out earn their husband's and there was actually a report out last week that thirty percent of millennial women will not marry until at least the age of forty. So again, as we you know, we're looking at different cultural, social and, you know, financial segments that are happening with women over the past ten years and as we look forward over the next five or ten years, there's a lot of, you know, women that are that are staying single longer and they're also now out earning their husband's so there's just so much opportunity and money on the table for dealerships that want to step out of, you know, the traditional come on in this weekend and get your best prep. You know, we have the best pricing. That model has worked and it's worked great for forty or fifty years. But reviews, you know, reviews are now a completely different model, because women rely on reviews fifty percent more than men. Why? Because she wants to get right, IE, she wants to avoid getting it wrong. So women rely on card dealer reviews. Your lawnmode, I getting my my lawnmode on. My Gosh, what's that? That's on that. What's the stats on women picking their well, that's one point. None. I'm skiddy, but so so. You know, there are some forward thinking deals that are now incorporating their SI, their SI, into their advertising campaign. There, you know, they're there their commercials, they're online campaigns. But again, just in so many different dealerships, they're still using we have the best part, you know, the best. What does that mean? For Heaven's sakes, our research shows that women buy a car because of price. That is the number sixth reason. It doesn't mean it's not important. It does not mean it's not important, but boy, she's got to get have a have a car advisor, a sales advisor who's got to have a high eq. He or she has to pass being trustworthy, being respectful, being likable, being understanding. Boy, there's a litany of Eq test in a two or three minute time span. That that those that those skills have to be your skills. I guess they're more of what are they? What are they called? Let's get character traits. Character traits. Yeah, very good, right, Ye, have to be emitted. And then she'll get into the conversation of price. So there's really different ways for dealers to advertise and distinguish and really segregate themselves from other brands and their respective city and in towns. And you know something here as well. I mean going along with the market segmentation, as I was learning more about you and I had noticed some past experience in the marketing industry for what is it apt? Was it a from here? American Eagle? Eagle? Yeah, and in an experience. You know, something that I tend to draw on is when you walk into these retail outlets, you know specifically by the imagery, the posters hanging in the in the store, the way they're laid out, that that store is for a specific market segment. I use, you know, companies like American Eagle or Abercrombie, because when you walk in you don't see any old men wear in their you...

...know, shirts untucked and unbuttoned and all this kind of it's very young hat Hampton's kind of, you know, looking young surfer guys and and the you know, the good looking, you know, blond, blue eyed, bikini wearing kind of and so you walk into those stores and you know exactly who there for when you go to their website, you know exactly what audience there for when you go to a dealer's website. I think we're still focusing on people who purchase vehicles and we don't necessarily break that out and say, okay, well, who are they? Who are people that purchase articles? Can't point and and you know in the other thing you said they're about the price. I mean, I'm so passionate about this because I feel, like you know, dealers out there are waging this fierce battle over what is probably only like two to five percent of in market consumers and, like you said, there's a whole litany of Eq tests that happen based on the character trait of who they're dealing with in the dealership that they're working with, before they even arrive at price being a relevant factor. I even think about like what is the the what is the phase of life that the individual is and you know, I look at young families, I look at the you know, maybe it's female shoppers who just graduated, you know, college or who are going to college, or who are young mothers or retired mothers or whatever it might be. In those sorts of you know, the phases of life also can impact purchase decision. You know, I think of you young mothers who are interested in safety and and economy and seating configurations and all those sorts of things which first lead them to specific types of vehicles. And so there I you know, I feel like with all of those research touch points that happen online, these market segments are qualifying themselves to varying degrees before they even show up to the dealership. And then when they do show up there, it's almost like a job interview for the dealership. It's like hey, why am I going to give you my money at or in other words, why am I going to hire your dealership to provide me with these products and services? Is that accurate? Is there something I'm missing out on there or anything that you can elaborate on? No, no, I think I think you're you're you're a hundred, a hundred percent, Michael. I think you're I think your spot on. I I would take that even even further. Again, I'm always about in dealership. I'm always about in dealership. And what else can dealerships do? I I I think I frequently like in again, I'm always thinking about the future and what dealerships can do to really make a difference, you know, with with women and and I think about like, you know, grocery stores. You know, it's sometime, some time ago. I don't know when that was, but you know, even when I was a kid, they just simply sold food and I sold food. That was it, you know, and then at some point in time they became larger and they became more like convenience and they included banking or, you know, cafes and they you know, childcare was included or dry cleaning or pharmacies were added and and I do think it's some point in time, and this is really for larger dealerships. This is certainly not for you know, maybe a single store, but I do think that for larger dealership groups it's really an opportunity again to become not just dealerships but destination points, to add become more it's not just women, it's not just women friendly, it's really family friendly. So adding value services like, I don't know, like a yoga studio or a boutique fitness you know, just a small studio with a changing area, you know, and you know not everybody wants to sit there and watch TV. So having, you know, a playstations. You know there's a lot of mom gamers, not just for the kids, but certainly for mom Gamers,... know, while their cars being serviced. There's just so many opportunities for dealerships to to add value so that their dealership is really more of a destination shop. The the other thing here's a takeaway for your listeners. Here is a definite takeaway. The number one requested concier service from from women on women drivers is that women want an overnight vehicle. They do not want to have to sit there in the service drive and and or have a shuttle bus take them back and forth. They've got kids at home. That's usually one there. They're single MOMS, they frequently out earn their partner. They don't get and again, this is all your kind of in the path. This has been a service that has been made available by luchurary brands. You know what share Valet Tia dealerships don't just let the the luxury brands make that available. How have you know, hund just make that available to your customers and it's a service and it's appreciated and you know what, she really will appreciate that and she will remember it because it's certainly we all know it's not about just the sale. It's about retaining, retaining and the relationship. Those are two things that go hand in hand. And if you make it easier on her, because women it's all about time, it's all about time and money. And but if you can make it easier on her, that's going to go a long way in that relationship. And right there is one. Adding the fleet, adding overnight to your your value proposition all automatically increases your your your chances of selling the more women, because it's a thing that hits him with them. Michael, absolutely and thank you so much for being on the show with us today. So much information. I love that you are an encyclopedia of statistics because, yeah, I'm telling you what, because, but I'll tell you why. Because those statistics six represent how dealers can absolutely take action to improving the experience delivered through the dealership to become more profitable and to become more successful. Some of those numbers that you shared with us like, you know, simple things that can be done to increase sales, but or or the attribution of sales to like six million more dollars per year. Those, those types of things are so powerful. So, once again, thank you so much. How how can our listeners get in touch with you? We're pretty active on twitter. We certainly have a press. What's facebook? What's our our handle is women drivers, women drivers, so follow that on facebook everyone, and again twitter. I'm sorry, and again all all the ant's links and everything that she's talking about. Will have them in the show. Note. She's a good friend of mine. She has a lot of great, great, you know, value to bring to the you know, your organization into the industry with, you know, the the just the insight, lease stats man. If when you know stats like this, it makes a valuable person. I'm telling you because nobody wants to compile all that stuff again, and thank you so much for taking the time. I know you said Twelve fifteen, so you're probably running out the door, so we will talk to you soon. Okay, gentlemen, it's been a pleasure. Thanks so much, but you find here and there you have it, folks, that was our friend and Fleming Women driverscom Michael, this was her kind of...

...your first real engagement with Ann. What did you think? I told you that she's right up your alley, man. Yeah, she totally is, and so professional and I love the way she speaks. She's very engaging. And again, I mean those statistics. I don't know anybody just off the top of their head. And the cool thing, you know, you and I were talking about this, is that those statistics, much of them, I mean some of them, come from any yeah, but most of them are coming from Ida, the data that she's acquiring and, you know, from a powerful customer base, the acquisition of all of this Intel to share in further enhance the industry. I think you know, she's just so professional and I love, you know, I love anytime we get a human glimpse into our guests and and here in that we'd whacker going in the background. was just it made my day awesome. Well, you would have heard my kids yelling upstairs after I gotta like locked the flowers in the attic, locked upstairs while I do this recording. Love it. Last week is summer, but yeah, and the liver verse, you know, pure data. Some of it is just obvious on the actions that you take to you know, you know benefit from it. And right there was one. I mean a woman is you know, one of their main, constantly aire's requests is an overnight vehicle when their vehicles and service. So there you go. I mean that's an easy thing. That really takes nothing to put an action. There's that and the validation that your website is the first place that that not just all shoppers, but especially female shoppers, are going and the fact that you know, like she said, a third of them that are filling up these surveys are saying that they're just isn't substantial amounts of information to help them shape their purchase decision. So right there, that's a simple thing that you can start doing to really kick things up a notch and start dominating online and have it translate to the offline interaction. Do us a favor. Go sorry, go ahead, I think one time. It's sorry about that. I think one time, though, we should, because your nobody does that like you men. Nobody knows how to, it's so doubt in on how to talk to these individual segments using your website. We should probably, you know, drop a session for them covering that and and with ideas and actionable ideas on the what what you need on your website to attract to these segments, basically to resonate with them. Yeah, absolutely, and in fact, actually before we kind of rolled us out, what I wanted to say is something that fits along with that is did did I tell you about the book? Check it out, man. So you know I've got this book coming out. Title is don't wait, dominate and it's all about how to release the floodgates of online opportunity and it fits so well with what we talked about today and market segmentation, and I do get into a ton of detail, but what I'm doing is I'm offering free VIP access to bonus material that's going to go to those who sign up now, and so what I wanted to do is just quickly tell you about that. Check out Michael Acerillocom forward book where you can register for those free, exclusive VIP bonus materials, and it fits so well with what what Ann is talked about and how to reach out to those market segments. Check out ands website, women driverscom and then, of course, connect with her on twitter at women drivers and Tho notes. All the data and resources exactly in this session will be at where the dealer playbookcom listen. Guys, we are so grateful for your support. Like I said, we're being listened to in fifty countries and that is because of you. Guys. We love that you're coming back every week. We appreciate you and we look forward to talking to you next time. See You then,.

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