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Antonio Centeno: How Fashion Contributes to Selling



The Dealer Playbook Podcast is back with another new episode! 


In session 65 we are sitting down with Personal Style Consultant extraordinaire Mr. Antonio Centeno founder of Real Men Real Style a insanely popular mens fashion and style blog. 


The Importance of Your Appearance 


Like it or not the world has a tendency to judge a book by its cover you if you know what I mean, so it is important for you to present yourself in a style that works for you. 


Antonio gives some super helpful tips to figure out what style is going to work for you to help you accomplish your goals. 


The Truth About Beards 


A hot topic we see in forums and groups for sales people online is the whole facial hair controversy. 


Is facial hair ok or is it a professional No-No? 


Antonio delivers the truth about beards and other facial hairs. 


The Best Shoe For The Job


Like the topic of facial hair the best shoes for the job is another topic that sees a lot of chatter. 


With shoes being one of the first things people notice an abundance of people judge the whole book just by the shoes so its important your shoe game is tight! 


In the dealership life not only do your shoes have to look good they need to feel guide and perform good on that black top right? 


Antonio gives some great advice on selecting the right shoe for you that will get the job done. 


That is just the tip of the iceberg of what Antonio Centeno teaches us today. This session was a absolute blast and very educational. Antonio really knows his stuff and is always up for sharing it. 


More From King of Style Antonio Centeno 


Check out his site:

Real Men Real Style


Check out Antonios YouTube channel packed with over 500 video tutorials regarding Men’s Style:



Real Men Real Style YouTube


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Hey, before we jump into thisawesome session of the dealer playbook podcast, because we value you so much asa listener, we have a free gift just for you. Head on overto the dealer playbookcom lead, and get instant access to your copy of thesecret dealership lead generation blueprint. This is going to help you discover the sixsimple steps that will help you get more high quality car buyers, all onautopilot, and it's completely free. Head on over to the dealer playbookcom lead, and get yours now. Now back to business. This is the dealerplaybook. Hey, there, what's going on? You're listening to session sixtyfive of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we're having conversations with thesome of the most influential people from inside and out of the automotive industry.My name is Michael Sirollo, joined by, y'all know them, Mr Robert Wiseman'sgoing on? Hey Man, what's up? Yeah, I mean thisis this is a cool one because it's a it's subject matter that we haven'thad on the show ever. And you know, one thing that I'll thatI'll say is, I mean there's going to be a lot of guy talkhere. I mean a lot of what we're talking about as specific towards men'sfashion with our guests today, but you know, you can take the sameprinciples and apply them to yes, yourself as sorry, Ladies Lady in theoutible. Ladies, if there is an expert like this for ladies that cantalk this, what you're about to get into here, please hit a seton twitter. Yeah, deal playbook on who, because we'd love it.We'd love to get her resolutely. So our guest today is a gentleman bythe name of Antonio Senteno. This guy's a very, very influential INFO marketerand we could have gone that route with him. But specializes in what's hiswebsite again? Real real men, real stylecom real man, real stylecom heis, you know, one of the...

...foremost experts on fashion for, youknow, dressing for success. Yeah, he's a style consultant and so wethought, you know, it'd be really cool to bring him on the showand talk about ways that you can present yourself to get the most out ofyour sales career or whatever it is that you're doing at the at the dealership. But, Robert, you've been you've been connected to this guy watching,you know, and checking out his blog and stuff like that. Yeah,I originally got the guys Youtube Channel. You definitely want to check out.He's got five hundred plus video tutorials on there of awesome stuff, man,and that's where originally started following him, is from his marketing. You know, just watching his marketing and thought he was a great marketer and I wasjust looking at like his strategies and tactics in regards to that, and thenI've really fell in love with this content and it's so good for like everythingit you know, the whole you know business, because your personal brand isso much of you know, your style. We go into that a lot here. So stay tuned in this episode because you're going to hear Antonio demistifyand dig deep on a lot of the questions that we know you have abouthow to present yourself, how to make yourself, your appearance, you know, really kind of kind of shoes where everything. We're going to dive deepon the beard topic, what kind of watches you should be wearing, everything. So stay tuned for this this episode in our sit down with Antonia's whyyou should be wearing it. Let's do it. Hey, Antnio, thanksfor joining us today. You're welcome. Good to be here, guys.Yeah, we're really looking forward to this because it's, you know, subjectmatter that we we haven't really had on the show, actually we haven't hadon the show at all, but something that we're very particularly interested in andI know is going to go a long way for those that are listening in. But I want to kick this off...

...with a question to you. Youknow, I've attended a ton of different, you know, business seminars and,you know, wealth seminars and all those sorts of things in the past. You know, very, very much so invested in the concept of personalgrowth and all those sorts of things, and there's one particular topic that alwayscomes up, doesn't matter what seminar I go to, and it's it's thethe concept of dress for success. And you know, there's a lot ofa lot of, I guess, questions that I have for you that Iknow are our listeners will have as well, that we were hoping you can kindof address and demistify. I guess the first one is, you know, for me, the first, I guess, business seminar that I attended. They they talked about the importance of being clean shaven, and I don'tknow if that was specifically directed at the the type of business that I wasgetting myself into or the type of sales that I was getting it at myselfinto, but at that time I had a pretty big, delicious looking beardand it was a hard thing for me to to shave that thing off inmy own pursuit of whatever my definition of success was at the time. Butyou know, what I found is that it did actually have an impact onmy ability to sell. I want to turn this over to you because Iknow beards. We're going to jump off right into this topic. Beards isa is a big thing right now. They've kind of come back in,you know, Roberts kind of sport in this this manly mountain beard going onright now. What's what's the consensus on that? I mean what, whatkind of do you have any conclusive information? Yes, beard or no beard?What are you finding works? All Right, Michael, let me goahead and that's it. That's a great place to start, because it's atrend and so a lot of people in sales, I know you guys arestaying up on you know, you see what is popular and you also feela little bit of pressure and you want... try it out. But whatyou so the answer was actually in what you said Clean Shaven. So theassociation and for a long time has been if you are if you have hairon your face, you are not clean. And my friend Eric over it beardbrand. He has a big issue with the word clean. He hasbuilt an intakes on shark tank and the guy has built an entire business onbeard products and he he likes to call it fully or completely shaven, notclean shaven. But there is still an association and it is out there.Some people feel that if you've got a beard you are in some way dirty. So that's the issue with beards. Isn't that you are dirty or thatyou are clean. It's simply that they're polarizing. And so it's kind oflike if you're in the Chicago land area and you're a Green Bay packer fan, you don't wear a Green Bay Jersey and try to sell cars in Chicago. You're it's going to be now some Green Bay fan will probably say,man, you're friggin awesome. I love how you go against your I lovehow you go against the crowd, but if you do that, you're justgoing to polarize and people are going to be you as this guy like it'sgoing to be. It's too polarizing do so. You try to reduce thepolarizing things that you you try to set things up for success and if yourjob is to sell and be the number one salesperson, you want to eliminateanything that's going to cause sub basically subconscious distrust, and beards, unfortunately,are one of them. Sin With mustaches. Okay. So, but how doesthat tie back to because another thing that eyes, that I think alot about style, though, is it's so important. Could and in atopic we discuss here a lot is about personal branding, and your style washuge with your personal brand. But I see what you're saying. It's likeit could turn some people off, but it might not turn other stuff.You know what I mean? It might not so exactly. There's a guyin Austin, or I've even seen a lawyer, I think in Portland,and the guy is completely covered with tattoos...

...and piercings that works for those townsand he's the lawyer for the ant. You get caught with weed, yougo to this guy and that is the message that he's going for and that'show we standing out from the crowd. So if you are the bearded youknow, the bearded dealer, you know, you go for it, but understandthat is part of your branding and you've got to own it. Gotcha. Here's one that I have off the cuff that I see a lot ofpeople asking about. Is Very important. So, Antonio, think about theseguys. You know, whether they're established or not, they're on their feeda lot. Some of the newer guys are outside. They're stumping around inChicago winters and then you know the or Texas Summers and stuff like that.What is the your feet, man, they start aching no matter what shoeyou have. From your perspective, I would really like to hear the Contonwhat shoe you would wear if you were in that terrain. Well, one, I would have probably a variety of shoes, so it would be somethingyou keep two or three at work if you're in Chicago for the weather andactually rotating through shoes in a day, because what really happens is you startto get moisture build up in in a you know, it's a hot,humid day in Chicago. Or out maybe on the northeast coast. And Yeah, you want to be able to rotate through shoes. You do want niceshoes, though. People were look at shoes and they're going to look ataccessories and they're going to quickly measure you up. So if you're selling BMW's, you don't want to be running around in a fifty dollar pair of shoes. Your customer, he may not dress so, you know, he may, you know, be He may keep it, you know, a littlebit lower key, but he probably is more he understands quality. He's buyinga quality car and if he looks down at your feet and you're wearing somethingthat's glued together and cost fifty bucks and his square toad, he's going tosay, you know, can I really trust this guy? Versus if youpick up something like Alan Edmonds or maybe you know Paul Evans, it reallyis finding a brand that works for you also making sure you get the rightpair of shoes for your feet. Go...

...through and go into a store,try on multiple brands. They all fits you differently, and practice wearing them. I think sometimes people are pretty darn soft. Honestly, when I wasin the Marines, you know, we throw on a rucksack and you gomarch thirty miles and that's when your feethood hurt. You know, it's andI understand being up all day. Well, yeah, dude, but don't someof those like with the wooden bottoms and some of those really, reallynice shoes that are beautiful and constructed great, like walking on pavement and walking onlike you know, it's different than walking through an office all day.But then when you're walking on blacktop and grass and all that is there.Like any particular brand. My favorite go to, and I'd like your opinionon this, was the Coalhan Santa Barbera'd get him in the tans and theblacks over and over again. Like looked good, comfortable, air macx likeare and it felt good on the foot. Well, I would say, Imean if you feel good about them and if you can make a knowledgeabledecision that they do look good, that I would say go for it,and that's the way that I like to teach. There's an infinite number ofdecisions you'll have to I mean men are around the world will have to makewhen they get dressed, and my thing is you need to focus in onfit fabric and function. And if you understand those three things in men's styleand just to apply them to your shoes. Do they fit you properly? Dothey feel good? It sounds like they passed that. You know aredo they function properly? If your job, and I don't know what type inthis case, what you were selling or we were always selling something,if they actually fit, you know, if they function right for your position, then great. And when I say fabric like, what I mean isthe overall by the best you can afford. And you want to do that inthe difference between sewn up shoot shoes, shoes that are actually sown, versusshoes that are actually glued is going to be simple. You can getthem resold, rebuilt and over the long term you're going to get more value. But you're right. Some men they are simply going to want a brandthat has everything that you talked about.

But you just need to own itand you need to make sure it fits right. I mean, if youdecide to be running around in a pair of Air Jordan's and that fits yourstyle and you actually you're dressed, great, but you got this flashy pair ofAir Jordan's and you're a young guy and you you are a Chicago Fan. You you can make that work for you and people are going to rememberand I'm that that is stylish and you can even measure. Hey are Idon't remember the guy's name, but man, he was running from point to point, he brought me water and he was wearing those Air Jordans. Ithink those are like. Those are so overlooked. Everybody's always talking about waysto stick out and spending a lot of money marketing whatever to do so,but little things like that, if you just have the have it in youto take that chance, like they can go along way and today, morethan ever, they're accepted. But you said fit. So my opinion,let me ask you this, if I'm right here, is that the fitis is everything, like it's more important than that. Then you have thisyou know, great fabric shirt on made by the you know, high enddesigner. Everybody knows it and it's you know, the style was great,but if it fits you bad, it's like worse than having something cheap onthat fits you good. Right, it's close. I compare it to itto a stool, and in it still has three legs. Like I said, fit, fabric and function. And fit is the first leg of thatstool that I would say you need to have on there and the last oneif I had to lose on quality of the material in build and if Iif I was a little bit off in the function. The fifth, though, I do not compromise on. And there's, you know, from thepractical concern of if it fits you, you will actually be able to moveeasier and it just simply looks better. It makes you look healthier. Alot of guys spend time in the gym or there in the best shape oftheir life and having something that fits you is going to make you look great. If you're in bad shape and you've got an extra, you know,on five and twenty thirty pounds around the Midsection, well, the act,if you've got something that fits you and...

...does a good job of hiding that, it's going to make you look, you know, better, healthier andtherefore more trustful. Okay, so I've got a question here. I meanit's kind of off of the topic of what we've been talking about, youknow, the fit, fabric and function, but I mean with you know today, in today's, I guess, society, as you know the millennialsare coming up and we try and be as as non judgmental as we possiblycan. How do we approach this topic of your appearance matters without, Iguess, offending people? You know what I'm getting at? I mean Ifeel like people are like, look, I've got, I've got. I'mjust going to throw it out there and for those of you listening, andI'm not suggesting that these are my opinions, I'm just throwing it out there becauseI see a lot of it. You know, hey, visible tattoosor length of hair. We've already addressed the BEREA thing, like they're likethat. My opinion with that. But I say with that is it's youknow, we don't make the rules, you just learn how to play thegame and, unfortunately, like those assist salad well, I feel like youknow, I've even had this, this conversation with my own team. There'sthe two varying schools of thought and that's why, Antonio, I'm interested inyour perspective here. There's the the perspective of Hey, look, people arebecoming much more accepting. It doesn't matter what you look like. Everybody's agood person. Yeada Yada, Yada, let's all hold hands and sing Kumbayah. There's the the other school of thought, which, I will admit, iskind of closer to what I believe in what you just said, Robert, which is hey, I didn't create the rules, but for some strangereason in the in the universe, we just naturally feel more open with somebodywho presents themselves well. You know, I'm a big sit away that weconsider. Well, yeah, exactly, I'm a big suit where I there'snothing bet like. I tell people I was born, born wearing a suitand that I'm going to get my wife... sew me a para suite Jammasso I can sleep in a suit, you know. But, but so, that's kind of my school of thought. I really enjoy it, I likethe way it makes me feel, etc. How do we approach thistopic, especially in this this you know, in the auto industry, which attimes can be very controversial? How do you approach that topic? Look, I'm not judging you, I'm just telling you, but this is whatI am judging you and I'm going to be straight up here. So whatyou know? What the kill radius of an m sixty seven grenade is?To have no clue. It's fine, it's five meters, and if youcan't throw that grenade five meters, I don't want you near me or goinga foxhold with me, close to me, because it's going to kill both ofus. And if you hold onto this PC belief that looks don't matter, when you chose your mate based off of how they looked, when youmade a decision to cross the street because the Guy Walking towards you look likehe may be high on some type of drug, you're ignoring reality and that'swhy I don't focus on opinions here. I bring up the signs. I'vegot a, you know, evolutionary biology degree from Cordo college and that wasmy background. In my experience in the Marine Corps is in something you wouldthink that it shouldn't matter how a Marine performs or how a soldier or itshouldn't matter how he looks, but they are. You know, the haloeffect, which is where we associate good feelings, you're bad feelings based offof simply how somebody looks. came out of the milita. was called thehalo defect and Thorndyke talked about this in the S and for over a hundredyears they've been doing we've got hundreds of studies, I cite many of themover on my site, about how this is a real phenomenon and we wantto believe that we shoot. I mean it's something we try to say andit feels good, but it is not reality. And I was just readingabout, you know, the protests on Wall Street, the Occupy Wall Stand the guy was saying that he worked there and you know what, whenyou wore a suit, you walked right through the police barriers. If youweren't wearing a suit, they stopped you.

Now, how did they make thatdecision? Based off of looks, based off of presentation? And ifa man wearing a suit cross Jaywalks, three times as many people will followhim, versus if he's dressed like a slob. If a man falls downand he is dress, he looks like he's having a heart attack and he'sdressed like a homeless man, people walk right by him. If he's dressedin the suit, people stop immediately try to help him, not find outwhat's going on. That's the the world, that's the world we live in.I'm not proud of that. We do judge. I mean I've got, you know, three I got four kids. I want them to livein a great world, but I also need them to understand that gravity isall exactly. Gravity is not a theory. You know, this is a lawand you know you've got to understand that. Yeah, you're going toif you if you fight this, you're going to lose. I agree.I think anybody that's it that, that's it out there agree. You likenot to, but it is. It is the way it is. Soit kind of goes along with you know, I say stop moving against you know, stop moving in the opposite direction. On the money and in the contextof what we're talking about today, it's like, look, if youwant to like you said, Antonio, if you want to be number oneand you want to achieve your definition of success, and if that has todo with building trust making money, then stop fighting against it. Stop Me. You know, I guess what the political correctness of everyone's a good person. It's like, look, they might be a good person and, likeyou said, it's it's I you know, I mean I'd love to to havepeople not be so judgmental, but appearance does really affect how people treatyou and what kind of an affinity or not, but they have with you. So if that's the case, moving the same direction as the money.Stop fighting against it exactly. Hey, Antonio, what about the like theability can is it possible for the guy to be overdressing that we talked aboutBMW? Of course you're talking the higher end cars. Is One thing,but let's get down to somebody that's working.

You know that guy listen in thatworks at Kia. You know the girl listening that works at Ford,like you know, you know what I mean. Like how what can youadapt? Can you adapt from your customer? Do you take anything from that or, you know, going into that, how do you design your style?Yep, and that's where the function comes into it. So, andit's you have to remember who you are and what you're trying to do,but also pay very close attention to your audience. So I was just talkingto a gentleman. He's going to be going to a conference. It's aactually a plant based. You know, talking about holder. I forgot theword holder culture. Whatever you know, but basically is a lot of landscaping. In that case, he's not going to want to wear a threepiece suit, he will not connect with his audience. On the other hand, he's alawyer and he's talking about GMOs, so he definitely he want. Youknow, he's already talking about a controversial subject and he needs to be presentedin a way that he doesn't betray the expectation of the audience. That's thebig thing. If if you've got you guys have Robert? You guys haveany kids? Or Yeah, we both do. I have two boys,he has two boys and a girl. So you walk into an emergence roomat two o'clock in the morning and your immediately your son's your kids are sickand they've got a fever and you're looking where's the doctor, and some guycomes out. You always twenty five, but he's wearing torn, torn,tight eye shirt, shorts. Say I'll take the kid, I'll take alook at him. Now you could have it, he could have a degreefrom Harvard, but unless you got that white jacket on I have, youhave betrayed my expectation with my most precious, you know, with my child,and I'm want to I want to see your want to make sure you'renot some random guy just on high you know, walking around the halls?Yeah, good point. I mean we do. We did. The jacketmakes it happen. That's the key. We've all got a uniform and inthe military it was very clear what that uniform was and what the rank signify. We have those same things in the civilian world. They're just a bitmore subconscious. So when I expect to meet a salesman, I have acertain expectation of what he's going to look... Now, if you're selling, you know affords, if you're selling you know BMW's, you're selling youMercedes, that uniform is going to change based off of not just you knowthe the area you're at, but also your clientele. So what tips?Before I know you get we got to wrap this up, but I likewhere that's going to should I want with this while. What tips can yougive on them? Determining that just some quick ones, like feeding off thethe individual and knowing that you're kind of in the right you're not too toofresh, but you're right in the just right zone. So you know anumber of things you're going to take into is one. You want to lookat your environment. Obviously, if in Chicago you're going to have. You'regoing to have the weathers. You're going to be out there when it's cold. You know it's good you. So you want to still present yourself well, but you don't want to be shaking. You don't want to look like you'reill prepared. So pay attention to that environment. Also look at,you know, the city you're in. There's a difference between if you're indowntown Chicago or if you're going to be maybe in highland park or you're goingto be out, maybe out in Joliet or something like that. So itwas a little bit different feel for those areas. Or if your day,if you're outside of the city, in you're in Evanston, Illinois. Sothat goes into you'll be able to dress down at the Mercedes dealership in Evansthat you know, versus, you know, if you're in downtown or if you'rein New York City. So all that goes into it. Then youstart to bring in what type of message do you want to send in areyou know, if you're, you know, a starting if you're starting at thebottom at the dealership, you're not going to be wanting to work cufflinks. You also have to pay attention. What are the people in the companygoing to be thinking of me? Do? Are they going to thinkon pompous, and I'm sure I'm a little bit, you know, becauseI'm out dressing them. So pay attention what the unspoken dress code is atthe company and you can stress very similar even if your company does have adress code, you could actually take your clothing and get it adjusted to fityou, and that would be something. Most people never go that extra mileand have that done. Then you want to, you know, pay attentionto, like we talked about, what...

...the way your customers are dressing.Look around see what the average especially the people that are the best customers.How were they presenting themselves? How do they like to be addressed? Iwould say always have a sports jacket and maybe a change of clothes so youcan dress up, because you may not always find yourself on the lot.You may be called into a meeting with, you know, company exacts that comein from Toyota and they're dressed in suits. You at least want tobe dressed, you know, be able to take it up to another level, Y ish. So you want to be flexible there. And you mentionedchange in the shoes. And stuff too. So like you got to be likeMr Rogers, changeing twice a day. They're at the dealers. But makesure you say there's letters. Yeah, you know, there's. Never there'snot a when it comes to the extra mile and business. There's nota whole lot of traffic there and that's why that's the that's why some peoplelike that seat and other people don't. And if it's too much for youto have that extra gear and to go that extra mile, then you're probablyjust not going to be that top one percent performer. Yeah, it's andI've even known people that have gone as far as having like a, youknow, an electric razor and their top drawer that they can just kind ofrun into the bathroom and clean up real quick if they're getting a little bitscruffy or whatever. I have one last question for you to kind of addto this rapid fire. You mentioned accessories. Is the does the size of yourwatch matter? I wouldn't say the size of your watch, I wouldsay it matters for some, because that is a so if you were ona high end car dealership, I mean if you look at what did BMWstart off as? What type of what I almost gave it away. What, what did they manufacture? Wasn't a motorcycles first or something? Didn't this? Airplanes when their place? That if you look at the logo, it'sa propeller and yeah, it's and so and airplanes. I mean it's aprecision instrument. If that fails and you go down, there's a you knowthat that's not a good thing. Yea Difference between the airplane in the car, but definitely, yeah, and,...

...but that's a precision instrument. AndI would say the same way that people get wrapped around their cars and theylove them, they give them names, the same thing with watches. Soyou want to focus in on a quality piece and you know, for arelatively small investment you can get something you know under you know, just acouple hundred dollars. That is respected once you spent and you get into ifyou happen to catch the bug, Gosh, there are watches out there that costhalf a million. I'm not recommending that. You should probably be havingto work in a dealership if you're make it, if you can spend halfa million on a watch, but the point is, is it there.It is something that if you're going to go into, go into and becomepet you know, understand it could become a conversation piece. So and sowith that, thoughts on smart watches? I mean, there it's not somethingthat's really a collector's piece. You'll get more compliments or more people will talkto you. A respectable yes or now it depends. I mean, ifyou're wearing it to grab it, if you actually enjoy the tech and youlike being part of a movement, then sure. If you're a tech you're, you know, on your your side time, you're a podcaster and youknow you're not just a guy talking about cars, but you love watches andyou love to be part of the first generation. Would say the apple smartwhat you know, the Apple Ie, the eye watch or whatever it is, then sure, but if you're doing it thinking that's going to impress somebody, I would say no, not at this point, because that technology hasnot even come close to being perfected. Okay, hold on here, I'mjust taking I'm excited to see what the brands are going to do with that. The accessory, as in like the watch band for the smart watches.I envisioned, like a lot of brands, stepping forward with designs for the I'vegot a friend up in Montana called the Strap Smith and he has justbeen bombarded with orders for for straps for from the Smart Watch. Sweet's amazing. Listen, guys, you got to check this guy out. Antonio manthat not only is he, you know,...

...a master of style, he islike a marketing monster to just so you know, we did. Wecould have went that way with him, but thought that in this session thiswas the way to go. Where's the website where you have like five hundredplus plus block blog posts and videos and whatnot? Five hundred now we gotfifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, we've got about we got about five hundred videosfree on youtube, and you know it's something. Hey, email me ifyou're a dealer and you've got specific questions. I love creating content that addresses questionsto people who are, for me, qualified leads. He's got great stuff. That's like how to roll your sleeve up the right way and sackthat. Five or five different ways to do that and I give it toyou a quick and short bites, but if you've got a specific question,just some emails. We love creating content for guys because I find that it'sjust a great way to build trust and to, you know, in theat the end of the day, create more sales with our courses and products. Love it. We're going to link to all of that in the shownotes. But all man real style. That's right. Yeah, I loveit, Antonio, thanks so much for being with us today, Robert Michael, appreciate it. Thank you, rock the bro Thanks and there you haveit. That was real men, real styles, five founder and Tonio Santana. Michael, you like that? I could tell you like that. Wouldthrow it in some quite less and hold on, I'm still trying to takeoff my smart watch over here. Throw back, throw back, but yougo boss back on or whatever. Yeah, Bud Ebay, right that. Yeah, exactly. It's like, Oh man, I just bought this thing. No, so, yeah, I mean this this is a topic,like I said, I mean you heard me say in the episode I haveconversations about this topic so frequently. You know, I like I like howhe just kind of took my question there halfway through the show and chewed itup and spit it out and just was very candid and frank and said luckyeah, this is at we're absolutely judging...

...people and gave a gave some examplesand he's not judging them from them as being a good person or a badperson, but just strictly from how how we perceive things and how we buildtrust with people. And so I really like just kind of that's who Iwant to solve my problem. Yeah, exactly, and so it's hit ormiss, because it's we were talking, Michael, what's you want? Sometimesyou want to turn off a certain type of person. Yeah, we're bigand segmental. Work with exactly. I mean we're big and segmenting, andso you know, and and he addressed that rate at the onset, it'slike, look, you need to dress appropriate for the audience that you're tryingto attract. So if you're, if, I mean if you're, you know, in the context of Your Business, if you're running like a you know, I'm going to go to an extreme obvious example, but if you'rerunning a tattooed shop, I mean fill your boots. Yeah, that's you'regoing to have a specific target audience. But if you're a BMW dealer andMercedes dealer, you know there's there's also a specific target audience there and youneed to make sure that you're presenting yourself to match your audience. So that'sit, man, that was great. I had a good time with that. So check him out, get up, subscribe to him on Youtube and thenalso real men, real stylecom that was a bit he's got some greatstuff and, you know, learns every day. Yeah, absolutely. Sowe're going to link you guys up in the show notes. Triple W DOTVDdealer playbookcom forward slash sixty five, if you can believe that, sixty fiveepisodes in on our truck to a hundred episodes and beyond. But listen,check out the show notes. Would love comments from you and again, ifyou, ladies, have anyone that you know of that talks on this topic, but specific to the dates fashion. As to the dealer playbook on twitter, please absolutely hit us up at the deal with playbook on twitter. Untilnext time, guys, thanks so much for listening in. We'll talk toyou data. See You.

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