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Episode 510 ยท 4 weeks ago

Paul Daly & Kyle Mountsier: The Rebirth Of The Automotive Conference


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Paul Daly and Kyle Mountsier (ASOTU) join the pod to talk about some really exciting projects they have in the works, one of which is an exciting new podcast called Auto Collabs hosted by Paul, Kyle, and Michael Cirillo. They are on an adventure to bring the rebirth of the automotive conference coming September 2022 in Philadelphia.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Paul and Kyle share how they ended up collaborating and how that venture ended up becoming a beacon in the retail automobile industry. Their goal is to create a community and space where purposeful conversations can happen โ€” conversations that move the industry forward.
  • Michael, Paul, and Kyle met up in Philly to record episodes of the all-new podcast called Auto Collabs. Despite all hosting their shows, it was important for the trio to share fresh perspectives rooted in meaningful conversations with their list of amazing guests.
  • The goal of creating content is to help the industry move into a new era of collaboration. Historically, vendors have stuck together, and dealers have stuck together. We believe the real magic and growth happen when everyone communicates about important issues outside of the silos.
  • Paul and Kyle share some exciting details about the upcoming ASOTU CON or the "rebirth" of the automotive conference. Michael was fortunate to see some behind-the-scenes details of how exciting the event will be.

Listen to the full episode for more insights and context from Kyle Mountsier and Paul Daly.

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Thanks, Paul and Kyle!

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Connect with Michael Cirillo

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Get Your Google vehicle adds up and running fast with FLEX DEALER DOT COM. The car business is rapidly changing and modern car dealers are meeting the demand. I'm Michael Cirillo and together we're going to explore what it takes to create a thriving dealership and life in the retail automotive industry. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with subject matter experts that are designed to help you prow this is the dealer playbook. All right, gay, welcome to this episode of the dealer playbook podcast. So delighted to be joined by my buddies, my pals. I feel like I just saw them yesterday. Coyle mounts here and Paul Daily. What is going on? Welcome to the show. It's good to be here. Great fled of you. Uh, so we did. We did a thing, we did a crazy thing, and we were talking about this actually yesterday in Philadelphia. What what not West Philadelphia, with the CADENCE, just Philadelphia. And Uh, we were talking about how the industry has so many people in it, so many opinions, so many voices, but every now and again there are those that somehow gravitate towards one another. It's like our thought processes start getting aligned somehow and and then it just takes, I don't know, a stroke of luck or something. In this case, Kyle gets all the credit for kind of unifying all of us and being like hey, you're doing a thing, that I'm doing a thing and we're kind of doing a thing. I want to just get some history on the two of you. How did this all come together? The so do the emails. You're doing a conference. I want to talk about that in a bit. How did this all come together? So go ahead first finish each other. Baby. If we can get through five minutes without me crying because I'm laughing so hard, this is gonna be a really good thing. Well, it's interesting because, if you really think about it, it literally how we connected. Is the proof point to the thesis of everything that we talked about. I don't know if I don't know if you know this, Cirilla, but the reason why Paul and I are connected. So we were connected on social media through Linkedin and stuff like that, but just Super Oh, now we're connected, and so we're social media friends. Well, go to about seven or eight months after we were initially connected, because some one of us. I can't remember who hit the connect button and the other one said yes, I was scrolling Linkedin and Paul had a post about an automotive marketing coffee...

...thing that him, uh and drew we're putting on and drew Delaware, and there I hit like and I clicked through and joined this coffee talks thing. Happened every couple of days. Well, fast forward like seven or eight months and we're talking about, well, how do we first connect? I think it was over this coffee talk thing was really well, we go back and find this post and the post still to this day has four engagements on the post. Now, if you know Paul or you know myself or you know Michael Cirillo, if any post on Linkedin gets four posts, we probably said something inappropriate and that's just not normal. Normally the mode, and so you know, the thesis is like Hey, you never know when the right content, the right message, the right whatever gets put out on any media platform to connect to the right person, to your business or your ecosystem or anything like that. So that was how it's our little dating story story. I've had both of you on before individually. We've talked about this concept to varying degrees. I think it was you, Paul, last time we were talking about when you were doing some stuff with Gary v part of his his program, his mentorship program, and one of the things that came up was low engagement on social and you're like, dude, I don't how any followers, like, it's not gonna land, and he's like, we can talk about your ego if that's what you want to spend time talking about, and I hearing that from you call it brings this whole concept full circle. So many people approach social or the concept of Biz Dev or demand Gen from what I see is what I get like, Oh, it didn't get any views, it didn't get any of this, or nobody commented. I didn't get enough thumbs up, but you never know. This is this is proof in the putting that Gary v understands. But who did that reach? Who did that impact? That didn't take the time to click a light button, but it's still had an impact on them. And now all of a sudden, here here we are. Yeah, there's a USU, lady the you know, we create content, the three of us do. Lots of people do. We talked about linkedin because we spend a lot of our time there. But you know, it doesn't matter the platform. But you know, if you're in the auto industry, Linkedin is is a pretty great place to be these days. We create content. Two we've used this, we've used this concept of a beacon and we used that metaphor and that illustration saying I'm going to put like a light. I think of that, that pyramid in Vegas that has that light. I don't know what it's called, but the light shot straight up in this the luck yes, and it's almost like that. And when you put content out, it shows other people where you are right, it shows other people what you believe. And so that mentality that we all have. And it doesn't matter how many views, you know, it doesn't matter how many likes, it doesn't matter any of that, because that is... we find each other in this day and age. Sure, you can go to conferences, you can't meet everybody. Sure you can go places, you can't talk to everybody, you can't understand. That's why we we try to be transparent. I try to be as transparent as possible and I know both of you do as well. You read through our post and you realize like, Oh, I think that's really how they feel, right, and there's an element of like I'm gonna put it out there because it attracts the other people that feel the same way you do. So, like every good community. And now I'm officially saying that that is the Buzzword of the next the next four years. Right, it was brand for the last four or five years. It's community now, right, that will we get deluded and everyone will use it and just think by saying it you can have it. But the reality is every community, like real legit community, starts because people come together around a shared need or a shared belief. Are usually a little bit of both. And all of this go to go back to your question. All of this got started because there was a shared belief and there was a shared need and then, little by little we realized that be can started drawing a lot more people closer to it and then, you know, like the smaller communities find each other and now you have a larger community and then they all start moving and I think we're seeing that in retail automotive in real time right now. Yeah, I love the visual to like this concept of a beacon. It's it's like the war, the war cry, you know, like there would be people, whatever you want to call them, watchman on the tower or on the hills, and they would light there their flame and then you'd see one down the way and they'd like theirs and would send a signal, and that's really the visual I love is we're all coming together in a collaborative way to light a signal and send a signal out to the industry. That changes here. We welcome it. Collaboration, Mac you know what it was? Cooper coopetition, how everybody was like, let's soften the term company. It's like, dude, shut up there. Yeah, because I don't believe in competition. I believe in COEP petition. It's like cool, it's like friend of me. And this industry is not immune to that, where everybody thinks, oh, somebody's doing kind of the same thing, therefore they must be competing. What I love about this ecosystem is now we welcome it. We want everybody to be a part of this. This is not a push people out if it's to be a welcome everyone in, and so that that's led to. You know, Kyle reached out to me. Is like, I see you're kind of doing something similar, and this is cool. And so a conversation started there. You guys are starting to have conversations, you start to formalize something. You guys reach out to me and say, Hey, sure, and I could rest my arm on his head, you know, like we should reach out to hammerst was that? That was a direct quote too. I actually I thought you were taller than me until I met you. Maybe just in spirit, I don't know. What's no, no, Hey, look at this. Your head is actually closer to the top of the frame than mind. He must be taller than me.

Uh, we're all actually just bust. People are disappointed when they meet us in person because they're like, you're just a bust, like Mozart, like you, I was just pressure to just sitting there on a robotic chair. Um, and I love I love this. I love coming together with you guys. I mean we had a blast yesterday. I really you know, I hope people that get to listen to our new collaboration enjoy it, are edified by it, but also realized. Man, you can have so much fun and be total goofballs while still doing something productive and and I don't know about the two of you, but boy did I need a day like that yesterday. It edified me. It sent me back into my part of neck of the woods just so much more inspired and thinking bigger and and I think that's the power of what we're trying to have happened here. And so, for those listening, you know, each of us individually have our shows. Obviously you're listening to this or you're watching it. Um, you've you've heard Paul's podcast, you've heard Kyle's podcast that he's starting back up tomorrow and Um and UH. And then we come together and we we explore, like what can we do together, how can we collaborate? And then you guys were talking to me just a few weeks ago about this concept of we want to start a podcast, and I'm like, funny, I wanted to talk to you guys about the same thing. The next thing you know, I'm in Philly with the two of you, overlooking the city, recording a new podcast, I thought the pent house. By the way, I love what you said about this, like it restored and rejuvenated me, because I felt the same way. And I think that the best the best thing that you do is continue to press into what brings like that innate joy and the energy around what you're doing. Like Paul and I are doing the daily podcast. The reason why we do a daily podcast is not because we're like and everybody in the world needs a daily podcast. It's because for four months he and I sat on a Google meet from eight to nine every single day and it was like, you know what happened? Yet yesterday, do you see this news? Do you see that? Hey, I'm thinking this. I'm thinking that. I saw this linkedin post and we're like, you know, it would be crazy we this thing. You know, it's like it was. So it was an easy walk to go there and I think, you know, the three of us have had lunch meetings over over zoom and text message conversations and I think what's cool about the best content or the best collaborations it's it's it's an easy walk to the next step, whether that be a technology collaboration or a content collaboration or a business partnership, the next step is typically a very easy walk. Tell me a little bit more specifically for those that may not be familiar with a so do a s O tu dot com. You've got a newsletter, you've got events that you're working on. How did that? So you go from the daily podcast and meeting together and saying hey, we should record this too, now having a really robust daily output of... and fun and the newsletter and everything, and I want to talk about the event coming up here in September in just a minute. But how did that all come together? Was it just, like you said, an extension of the conversation Um? No, yes and no. A Soda, by the way, stands for automotive state of the Union, and that was just way too long like to type into like a website, and so we we abbreviated it and we were were fortunate enough to actually get the domain and then we're like, people will just know it's a soda will have no idea what it means for a while. So that's fine with us. You know, it was a soda started as an extension of Um. You know what I was just doing, like both of you, were working in the auto industry, trying to make our way through a pandemic when it started, not knowing what to do. And you know, everyone seemed to feel better when they were on zoom calls with other dealers and vendors across the country, even though no one knew what was going on and, you know, several states were locked down, and so I just thought, how can I scale that mentality? So I thought, okay, we'll call it something official so people will think it's a thing. You know, that if we called automotive state of the Union and make it look presidential, which is literally what we did. We were like make it look like a state of the Union address. I told the designer and people just started saying yes, and there was just this huge appetite for the industry to just be together in one place, you know, and it was an idea. Had just happened and then everything started getting canceled, and so thousands and thousands of people showed up to the first live stream and then just kept getting together, just trying to rally people around. Kyle and I met in the midst or you know, like as the pandemic was kind of opening up and we, you know, we started realized like we wanted to do something because our heart was the same for the industry. And then it became very, very clear quickly that Asoda was what we were supposed to do together. This was how we were going to make our mark on the automotive industry and invite as many people together as we could. So we started. You know, we've turned it into an official company. We incorporated, we got seven investors to raise a seed round, which we're all auto dealers, so we're the only dealer owned media company and we had were having these conversations in the morning and then I just hit record one day and we were like let's just have more conversation around. I literally just hit records. You go back and listen to the beginning episode. We were having this conversation, like Kyle just said it, and I was like I'm just gonna hit record, and I just hit record and we do it every day to give people a bite size something. Sometimes they're gonna walk away with a little piece of information they can use, sometimes they'll walk away maybe with just like a little hope, right, because people come to work in all different states and at the very least if people can walk away with a like a smile and a laugh, we think we did it. But all of it, all of it is to just give everyone that one next thing that they might need to lean in further to, you know, what we all believe is...

...the best industry in the country in the world. I need to know, though, at some point when you were conceptualizing the podcast and you were like man, we should do an intro. What should the intro people maybe we'll be like the tell me, Kyle. You were like, Hey, here's what we should do. Both. Let's sing both off tune, but be like subscribe to what's out DOT com. I had to be a good part of it. Oh shoot, that was US yesterday with auto. was US yesterday and if you happen to listen to the NF episode zero zero, you may hear that take. So let's talk about the podcast real quick. We've talked a lot about auto um collapse, without really naming it, this new podcast that we're working on auto collapse. What's the thought process behind that? What do you hope to be able to achieve between the three of us, Um stooges? Well, yeah, I think that you know, when when I look at even just the first, you know, set of guests that we've got planned and recording and and and moving forward, it's not like you've never seen these people speaking in automotive or outside of automotive. You may have heard multiple podcasts or multiple live streams or been to conferences with them on I think that what we what our intention is, is to bring a particular spirit of the conversation. We might have, you know, some background stories and things like that, but really the spirit of the conversation is going to be allowed collaboration what needs to happen in the automotive industry for retail automotive to not just survive but thrive, and so that's gonna be from technology to retail mindset, to culture and people, and so there's actually gonna be like dialed in particular commentary around what people are seeing or doing or practitioning in and among dealerships, whether that be industry partners or dealers Um, so that we can get our thoughts around, you know, actually doing something. We're gonna be actually intentional about asking industry partners what they do. You know, you hear a lot of uh, you hear a lot of podcasts and it's like Nope, pitch shown right. It's like no, we want to be intentional about connecting dealers and industry partners and o e m s to make sure that everybody really understands like how can we pitch in to solve what we think is the kind of Holy Grail of what we need to solve, which is experienced, so employee and dealer and customer experience, and if we can solve for that, then we've like we've made sure that retail automotive is is will thrive. And so those those are that's the context in which the conversation is going to happen. Um, so you might have heard some of these people before, but we're going to contextualize and buyal that in and then we actually one of the really I'm just excited about this. I think we figured it out, this out two days ago. was just that, you know, for us, we'd love to provide some commentary around that. So well, we'll wrap every episode with just hey, here's just a few minutes of thoughts of, you know, our context on that conversation because, Um, we got some thoughts... you know that old nugget. You know, what I love about it too, is the point of this is not two to to really teach the individual. Right, like, who are we? I really I love the fact that we're all fellow students, including those that we have on the show. They are they are avid learners. They love the journey of learning, but hopefully, as the listener participates with US and they're listening in, it's inspiring thought processes for them to say, AH, I'm inspired by that little piece, I want to go and try that out or I want to go and do something there. What's what's your take call? I I love when I get to hear other people's questions because a lot of times those questions that other people ask open it up for me. Like we're all musicians here, and I love it when someone starts the music because for me that is more of an unlock than me just starting something from actch and some I'm much I'm a much better reactive thinker than a proactive figure. It's just how I'm wired. So when other people get to to ask the textured questions, oftentimes that's what opens me up to my fresh thinking, like I need something to start my thought process going so to be able to provide that to other people. For me it's just a real personal way that I learned and I enjoy and I kind of UNPACK context by different perspectives and and I don't think there's anything like that in retail auto. I mean there's stuff like that in all a bunch of different industries. But I don't see that and I think that there's a lot of white space for it and I think that even when, like, there's an audience, a group of people that align around certain questions, around a certain topic, it helps that group mentality solve problems faster, I think, because it just helps focus the thinking for a short period of time and like Oh, maybe we can now find the right place for this, or maybe we can now, you know, make a correction here, maybe we can now develop the gap that we've just uncovered in that so, Um, I think again in the spirit of collaboration, which is why we named it auto collabs. And Kyle just said, you know, what we're really trying to solve is the customer experience. There are gaps, there are blind spots and you know, I think yesterday you'll hear this if you listen to episode zero zero, Kyle Really Astutely said we never talk about the consumer as a part of the solution that we need. We talk about dealers and industry partners all the time. Then we kind of loop in o e m s on that, right, which is important. Right. We need to be working together. And then, you know, when Kyle said we need to bring the consumer into the conversation a lot more, because that is going to highlight more gaps and that's gonna help us develop better solutions and work together. So, Um, really the spirit of collaboration, like you hear the word Collab all the time and it's a big thing on social media or the dual collab, but for really like real collaboration means all of our thoughts and questions together, you synthesize a better solution than any of us ever could have on...

...our own. You Know How many people message me? I'm sure you guys got this. You know we posted a few photos on on the socials. How many people message you saying I've got a beard, I could get a black hat. What is that? So do I have to invest in in beards, black hats and black shirts? Man, we should have I think Lori Halter caught it a she caught it an outfit and I was like, you have an outfit, I'd prefer uniform. I think we should dispel the myth. When you walk into my closet, you see my wife's three quarters of the space and it's beautiful and it's colorful and there's so many different you know, dresses and and all these sorts of things work out closed. You look to my side, it's three pair of black jeans and like six black t shirts and no very like. You will know if you ever see black t shirts, and I have like this, the three t shirts that I used to wear it to mow the lawn, right, and that's that's over here, right. So that's the let's let's be honest. I have a lot more than that in my side of the closet, but they're still like but there's still maybe I'll show up to this and everyone will be confused. I mean people will know when it's laundry day, when I'm wearing like a blue shirt. It's like, crap, that was the bottom of the that was the blue shirt that I got from that trade show that one time. It's like it's usually the workout shirt, but I guess it'll be the one I wear today. Um, my kids, my kids bedtime clothing is like an anthology of automatives and your t shirts, you know, it's my daughter comes, all my pajamas are in the Washwood can I wear one of your shirts? I'm like, here you go. It's like some old it's like a company that doesn't even exist, but their t shirt has held on stands of the test of time. Ms Shirt on me right exactly. Oh Man, it was so much fun being able to hang out. I'm excited. I'm really, really excited for for everybody to to get their ears and eyes on this auto collapse podcast. Of course we're gonna link up to it in the show notes. Uh, stay tuned for that when it goes live. And, Um, you know, just excited to um be able to participate with the two of you. Let's talk about a soda con you guys. Can I just by the way, can I just say you two are phenomenal at like just building anticipation, because it's like, Hey, stay tuned,...

...this is just like a social post and it'll say stay tuned, ellipses and everyone's like something's coming down to pipe, some's coming down to pipe, and then you launch a U R L, but the the U R L is just like a type kit form, like who wants to be in? Ever, I'm like, I don't even know what this is. Is it a pub crawl? I want in. I'm like, I don't even know what we're doing. We could be going doing pretty email going in this thing already and people do it, and so I mean that is that is truly unique. But now the site is up, a SODA CON DOT Com. Tell me how this all came together and what those attendees can expect. Well, historically kyle and I have been like we should do an event and it's thirty days from now attached to another event and we're like we can do it, and we do it. This time we've always wanted to do a standalone event because we've always done Bolton events and we want to flip the whole script on automotive events, which is why we're calling this the rebirth of the automotive conference. We're not saying the other ones are bad, we're just saying the format needs and interrupt right. The format needs a reset and you know, we get to go to things that are outside of automotive and pay tends to a lot of you know, marketing and culture, things outside of auto. So we're like we need to bring those things into automotive and we knew the only way we could do that was to do a standalone event. So we we have this amazing venue in Philly that's right in the middle of all the major ballparks. It's designed to like, you know, to to heighten the senses. It's designed to be communal and conversational. It's got energy built into it, it's it's only six minutes from the airport. It's like the perfect spot and we knew that spot was the right spot. And we said, let's design a conference that is about conversation and not about one way, you know, advice on how you should do this or how you're doing this wrong or how you're doing that wrong, because dealers want to hear what other dealers are doing. Savvy industry partners want to know what other industry partners are doing. They want to know how they can adjust their products and their services and their thought process. We said, let's wrap it all into one and if we don't pick a date and do it, it will never happen. So we said, let's do it in September, and that was four months away, which to us felt like an eternity. But in reality this is probably an event, Kyle, that usually takes a year or plan at least. Yeah, for especially a first shot like we have no systems and structures, we don't have the spreadsheet like we're building while flying, which is which is actually really fun, because what it forces us to do is think outside the box, like there's no formula that we're going after, and I think that that's really important to us and it'll be interesting like as we come out of this one. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we're gonna constantly push ourselves on that, thinking outside the box, like how can we how can we be flexible within what we're given right now? Um, and and...

...also, honestly, what's been really neat about it is because we are so close to it, we're paying a lot of attention to what's happening in real time in automotive and in retail. Uh. So the conversations will not like there's no there's there's no conversation that's been like pre filled on a form that says I want to talk about this in seven months from now. So it's just gonna be like really hyper relevant content. We actually I don't think we have an official title for any of our panels. We know the panels, we know the general thing, but we still are dialing in those like official titles, because we know that dealers need what's right now. Industry partners and need what's right now, because the dynamics of retail right now are every day there's something different. You know, we get news one day of like inventories coming back, inventories not coming back, you know, and so adjusting and shifting like that is what we're trying to work on Um with all of the content. Uh, and then, and then we're excited to bring some outside of the industry, you know, thinkers. You know we've we've announced that Jim mcklby will be there, Dave Meltzer will be there, Claude Silver and Nicole lip Dr Nicole Lipken. Uh. I won't go through the Diet tribe of all of them, but we're definitely focusing on making sure that it's not just automotive thinkers, because we as retail businesses need to think about retail business as a whole. Right, the thought that came into my mind yesterday getting a sneak peek into the venue and some of the plans, I got incredibly excited. Obviously you had mentioned it earlier. We all go to a ton of conferences. I mean, think of all the conferences we've been too over I mean you've been in the industry, Kyle since Oh nine. You know, we got a twenty year old GRANDPA in the industry here, Paul Uh and, like we've been to a lot of stuff. Walking into that space yesterday, I had two thoughts. First thought was this the space you were talking about the energy. The space is a character of the event. The energy exp like you walk in and you're right, you can feel a shift in energy. I got excited immediately about witnessing others experience just walking in and the plans that you guys have for how they're introduced into this environment. I want to I want to watch everybody's faces as they walk in. The second thought that came to my mind is, AH, finally something I could bring my wife to. That was the second thought. I was like, I want my wife to experience this because this is a side of automotive and don't get me wrong, she's been to others, and I'm not knocking the others. They have their space, they found their lane. They're just not fun for the wife to come and attend and I want her to experience the relationships, the collaborations that I want her to experience first time. Seeing uh Paul's license plate, that says Fam Damn Lee on it. You know what I mean? Like, because I'm like here's family, not just for his family.

I'm like, uh, I feel like I'm at home. I feel like it's a family reunion. I want, you know, my kids need uncle Kyle and uncle Paul in their life. You know what I mean? Like that's the feeling surrounding this ecosystem, which which I think is tremendous and not a small feat in the industry. But let me ask you this, just as we wind down. Um, I see secure your spot in Philly at prices even your penny pinching grandma would get excited about. So tell us. How can, how can those listening learn more about a Sodo con and get get their tickets? Yeah, well, they get. You know, we go ahead. We did. We wanted it to be really approachable from a cost perspective and so, uh. So, yeah, you can go to Astokn a s O t you C O n Dot Com, uh, and you can get tickets. Right now, dealer tickets are only three bucks. So if you're an employee at a dealership or dealer group, you can get tickets for only three bucks, which is crazy, because we see some like one to four o'clock in the afternoon, events hosted for three bucks, and so you get for the welcome reception all the way through the second fold, you know, all the way through Tuesday. So it starts Sunday night and then through Tuesday lunch, and so that's I think we counted six meals, happy hour, a a concert from one of Nashville's absolutely best party bands on Monday night. So we're gonna keep the energy there and exciting. We're doing things like a silent disco and Karaoke and we've got a DJ coming. Like. We're doing that crazy stuff plus all of the content. Um, we're starting it in a dealership. So that's three ninety nine. Industry partners are only five ninety nine and we don't have many industry partner tickets left because we prioritize all of our collaborators. Um. So definitely if you're an industry partner and you want to come, jump over there. UH, dealers as well, those, because we have a we do have a lot on how many people we can have there. Uh. And then, you know, being in Philly like right now, I was looking if I, like, if I bought a ticket, got my flight and got my got my hotel rooms. I think I'd be in and out of that place, including Ubers, for under eleven hundred bucks. Uh, and so that's that's pretty nuts. Thinking about just what a typical event costs, I first of all like yeah, here's what I love. I don't know whether this obviously it sounds like it was intentional. First of all, I think you guys are crazy because that's so inexpensive, but with the amount of value that you're throwing in, uh, that's a different that. That'll be in our text message conversation later, like, let me mentor you on how to do that. I know I have nothing to do with your business outside of a podcast, but...'s what I think. Enough from it. Um, it's just insane to me. However, what I love about it is a testament to everything we've been talking about, the conversations you've been like right back to the concept of the beacon, sending out the signal, welcoming everyone in. There's nothing maybe it's the marketer in me. There's nothing that drives me more nuts than going to a website that's like come one, come all, and, by the way, here's our tiered pricing. We don't want we want you all here, but we don't, but we do, but we kind of don't at the same time. If you can't afford it, you guys are making this so achievable. Um, and just for those listening, what I would say is don't, don't sit on this, don't think about it. A SODU CON DOT COM forward slash tickets. Uh, you'll see the pricing right there. It's very transparent. The meals alone. Um, I don't. I don't know how you guys are doing this year. Here they have. They have a cheese steak place, Gino Cheese steaks in the venue and Ben do. I don't know how. You gotta go check it out. A SODOCON DOT com forward slash tickets. Will Link to it in the show notes for those of you that are listening, are watching. Um, I'm excited about this. I'm and by the way, here's my little sneak peek. I don't know if I'm allowed to share this, but we're we're a month and a bit out from this deal and yesterday the event coordinator was already talking and reminding these two goons about fire code limits. So so you need like this is gonna be legit, like this is gonna be legit, and and so you need to definitely get involved in this. I'm excited to be able to participate and observe and learn a SODO CON DOT COM. Forward slash tickets. Boys, thanks so much for joining me on the dealer playbook podcast. Our pleasure, our pleasure. Yeah, I'm Michael Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. m.

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