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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 9 months ago

Bob Lanham: Creating a Full-Funnel Dealership Marketing Strategy


Bob Lanham is the Head of Automotive Retail at Facebook and shares his best advice about creating a full-funnel, omnichannel marketing strategy for your dealership.

It's not about running a few Facebook ads or Google ads with a dash of Tik-Tok - Bob speaks to the importance of how one channel will drive awareness to another channel. Vroom is a perfect example of how Television (channel 1) drives awareness to the Website (channel 2), which can drive awareness to social media (channel 4), and so on.

Not only that, Bob shares his counsel about addressing a full-funnel, from top to bottom, where most dealers concentrate most of their budget on low-funnel (decision) opportunities.

Topics from this episode:

4:10 - What do you believe dealers are not utilizing enough of when it comes to marketing on Facebook?

9:16 - How do I turn traffic into leads? And how do you measure all of it?

19:07 - You need to spend money on testing different marketing channels.

23:11 - Start telling your potential customers about what they don’t know and why they should buy from you.

30:04 - Are people prepared to pay a premium for customer service and/or convenience.

32:20 - Change your mindset from the thrill of the sale to the thrill of the experience.

36:10 - People are looking at $60,000 purchase the same way as buying a cell phone.

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Hey, before we hop into this episode,let's talk about why your website and digital presence isn't working. Now Iknow what you're thinking, Michael. We talk all about the Web sites all thetime. You talk about the websites, the websites, a hammer yada, yada, yada. Weget it. But for real, though, it's shocking to me how much guesswork stilltakes place and how its having a detrimental effect on whatopportunities you are able to leverage now. Over the last decade, especiallyfor the O. G. D P beers, you know, I've poured my soul into assembling a teamthat cares deeply about the progress of the retail auto industry that believesin my mission to enrich and empower dealers to perpetually grow. Now I'mmaking my amazing marketing team accessible to the dealer playbookcommunity so that you can start to thrive rather than merely survive.Right now, we're providing a just for you free website diagnostic that willshow you exactly what you need to do in a priority sequence so that you canfinally get the answers you need. Claim yours by visiting triple W dot flexdealer dot com forward slash website audit that's triple W dot flex dealerdot com forward slash website Dash Audit. Hey, gang, welcome to this episode ofthe Dealer Playbook, a podcast that explores what it takes to create athriving career right here in the retail auto industry. I'm your host,Michael Cirillo, today, joined by the head of automotive retail at Facebook,Bob Ladd, um, is going to share the importance of working a full funnelomnichannel marketing strategy. Now, depending on who you speak with orlearn from, there are many varying opinions about the best way to roll outan effective marketing strategy. There's several ad platforms, socialnetworks, television, radio, print, email, word of mouth. Uh, what am Imissing SMS? The list goes on in the digital age. One might think that allthey would need is some Facebook and Google ads, maybe Sprinkle in someYouTube pre roll a dash, a tic tac. Or maybe you still believe that TV andradio is your best bang for Buck to turn a result. Whatever the case may be,there's one thing that we know for sure in today's business environment. Wehave abundant access to data that helps us understand how consumers move to apurchase. Today we're joined by Bob Lanham, head of automotive retail atFacebook. Who you will hear advocates for a full funnel omnichannel marketingstrategy. Now one might think that someone from Facebook would only wantto speak about, uh, the impact of Facebook ads and products and whatthose could do. But this conversation you will hear Bob. He's going todemonstrate just how interested Facebook is in helping dealersunderstand not only what's effective, but what attribution points should bereviewed and monitored along the way. I really enjoyed the conversation. Sowithout further ado, please enjoy my conversation with Bob Lanham. DoesFacebook even need to prove that it is the go to for so many elements ofpeople's lives? You've got marketplace Video Messenger instagram uh, we knowthat people are flocking to this platform, and I think it's sofascinating, especially during the pandemic, to see how much things haveincreased and how much user ship is actually happening there, andespecially as it pertains to automotive right. When the pandemic first onelockdown started to first hit, I think everybody in the automotive kind of weall clenched like we're about to fall off a bicycle because there were somany unknowns. But you can speak to just how much activity has happened byway of car searches and things of that nature in using the Facebook platform.But I have to ask you,...

...from your vantage point, I guess I want to kick off theconversation this way from your vantage point. What do you believe? Dealers arenot utilizing enough of when it comes to marketing and advertising onFacebook running a full funnel strategy on ourplatform. And what do I mean by that? Right? We have 231 million adults, 18plus on our platform every month. Here in the US we have 178 million adults,18 plus on our platform every day. Okay, this is simple math. If you want to getin front of various audiences to drive them down the funnel, we will most likely be the top platformto do that. And I've said this a number of times. What what we Some for somereason, forget when when we're when we're putting together. Our marketingplans were being sold. A marketing plan is basic consumer behavior. Okay, whichis this? And I always equate this to the meet and greet in the store right,which is the most important aspect of the sale. They say the best closers arebetter openers. Why, it's your first impression you're gaining trust, arelooking to start to gain trust, right? You've got a customer who's comingalready with their guard up right? Because there's this perception thatthe sale is not fun, right? So the meet and greet is the most important. Whydon't we bring that online to a full funnel strategy? So what do I meanbrand advertising of your store? Why should I buy from you versus the othernumber of dealers that I could easily go to down to? Well, what inventory doyou have on the lot? Right down to retention and loyalty targetingaudiences, right? We have the capability because of our size to trulypush people down the funnel, but you have to start it with the brand. Thewhy by and for some reason a lot of it has to do with the ecosystem that callson dealers. They solely focus on the lead, the lead gen. And we forget aboutthe behavior of Well, before I submit you my information My p i i before Iget into this process, why should I even consider you first brand plusdirect response Plan brand plus D R. Yeah. This is First of all, if we werein person, this is where I would give you the creepy. We just met hug,because I just want to say thank you. I've just put so many exclamationpoints on the notes that I'm taking here because that, uh and I love whatyou're saying here because as a marketer, I think about how much moneyI have to actually spend too strictly advertise low funnel to weed out all of the crap to find theblue Ocean, which we perpetually never find because everybody spending all oftheir ad dollars competing for the same low funnel business. And for years, you know, I guess, And this is not myThis is just from my learning and from my experience to take somebody fromhere high funnel awareness brand you said, Why buy like USPS differentiationand take them out front with by the... hand building a relationship oftrust with them all the way through to purchase. And then I love what you saidbecause we typically don't go there. And automotive, we don't talk enoughabout it. I should say, which is the retention and loyalty piece? Or orsometimes I call it the ascension on the back end. Like, how do I turn theseinto lifetime value generational buyers? Because we do hear that we hear thedealers that do it really well. And they go, Yeah. I sold him his firstvehicle when he was 19. And guess what? He just brought all of his kids to buyfrom me. We hear about those. They're few and far between. But we do hearabout that and everything that you just talked about here. I've just I've got12345 I've got over 10 exclamation points because I love that you'respeaking to this. Now, let me ask you, though, because we do know that to adegree, however, things have happened and I'm not pointing fingers. We havecreated a bunch of lead zombies. We want the lead. Give me the lead. Um, how do we What do you suggest todealers who are like. Okay, I understand what you're saying. How do Iquantify though? Awareness. How do I quantify traffic? How do I eventuallyget it down to lead or loyalty and ascension? Do you have you foundcertain patterns that work better than others? This is my favorite subject, bythe way. And I have a huge passion point for Okay, How do you measure allof this and listen like, let's be real for a second. Most general managers oreven G s M s moved up from the sales ranked rank. Right. So they'reingrained. They're trained for sale, sale, sale, sale, Right? Becausethey're always That's what they're absorbing, that they don't have to doany of the marketing or historically, haven't had to do any of the marketing.They just sat and waited for the up, and then they just instantly got onsale in sales mode. Right? So it goes back to consumer behavior, goes back tounderstanding why people choose right to do business with one business overanother business that may sell the exact same product or very close tothat. So let's get to your question. Right. Well, how do you measure this?like, how do you tell a dealer, principal or GM to get out of theircomfort zone and say, Hey, trust me on this, Give it some time. This is aconcept that has been around for a long time, which is called media mix.Modeling right, which is in its in simplistic form, is take every expensethat you have for advertising and marketing, your TV, your radio, yourdirect mail, your search, your social. Put it all together on one spreadsheet,all of it. Some even put their CRM expense right because they use it forfor direct mail, Right, Put it all on paper, map it all out. Right. Costdivided by sales. There's, at the very least, the mostsimplistic model to understand how your how all of your advertising andmarketing is driving, which is driving the key result, which is the sale rightthen once you have it, mapped it out. And Michael, I can't tell you how manytimes I have a slide in my presentation where I challenge dealers and say, Doyou know what you're buying? And most of them are texting theirstore, right? Not only do you know what you're buying. Do you know how much ofit you're buying up? And then finally, how are you measuring at all? Becausewhat happens is they measure all of this in a silo. Let's take my Facebookand Instagram hat off, right? If I'm if I'm selling a product, I want to lookat all of my market in the silo to understand it because it could onlytake one platform that's driving it all...

...down, right it easily. But if we focus on oneplatform, right, well, let me look at my search report. And then over here,let me look at my social. Well, then, over here, Let me look at my O t. T. Uh,media platforms don't work that way. They actually work in unison. Mediaplatforms will drive the success of other media platforms. But if youmeasure it holistically, you're doing yourself a disservice because you don'treally truly understand the impact. So what would I say to a GM? You have toget out of your comfort zone, and you have to try this and I'll tell you. Andwe've got a number of case studies on this and I'll close this topic withwhen the dealer principals G. M s get out of their comfort zone, understandtheir mix, start to visually see it. We've seen most of them have theability to cut, not spend, cut, put back to their bottom line upwards of50% of what they're currently spending. They just now have an understanding ofhow the mix works. And they're pulling levers here and there to say, Well, Idon't need to buy as much as this as much of that, and I'll save half ofthat. Maybe I'll put a little bit over here. Yeah, you have to understand yourmodel. Yeah, I love this. That. And you know what? It makes me think of you toyour point about media certain. You know, media platforms are drivingawareness or activity on other media platforms. And if you look at them in asilo, though, if I were to look at TV, for example in a silo and I go, I'llscrew it. TV doesn't work. But then what came to my mind is you weresharing. This is shark tank. How many times you know when they do a sharktank recap they go. Hey, we didn't even get a deal, but our website explodedbecause I was on Shark Tank. Well, you have one medium feeding another medium,which fed another meeting, and then our Facebook fan page blew up. And then ourInstagram followers. I'm even seeing it right now. I promised I wouldn't talkabout clubhouse pre show. And now here I am, talking about clubhouse. I wasalmost. I have not been super active on Instagram. And then three weeks ago,clubhouse exploded for me. And now I'm active on Instagram because so manypeople migrated from one medium over here, or one source rather to thissource. And they're like, Where are you? We want We want to see the face behindthe voice. Let's take your shark tank Example for your let's let's just diginto your shark tank. Example, right? Those who measure media media mix theirmodels. They see that right? They they see the correlation. But butunfortunately, in our world, what happens? Well, the vendor, that soulsearch says Man, look at your last click attribution. Look what I did foryour business when in reality it was vendor over here, probably a completelydifferent department. Maybe that even bought it right and maybe in adifferent rep. But if it's not looked upon, Listen, we have many reports thatshow any product or service that does. Advertising with us will create a liftand incremental lift in search activity for that product or service. Right? Butguess who gets the credit for that search, right? Even though we didn'tget the click, but the ads shown drove the search. This is why dealers I'mtelling you the second day, map it all out and truly understand what they'rebuying. First they're going to say to themselves, Man,I could cut some media. I could cut some costs, which all that does isincrease PVR, which all that does is increase growth. And all that does isput more to the bottom line. But you have to look at it holistically.And I have a passion for it, because...

...when I got into this space, I just Isaw you know, I'd ask a dealer. How many people do you work with? 15 20like, Well, how do they work together? Right, and it's like you guys have tobring this all together. Then you'll start to see the impact, and ultimatelyyou can save some money and, you know, and I don't want This is not aboutselling against any other platform. But once you have the model down, once youhave it all down, you can see, man, I'm spending quite a bit on this oneplatform platform A we'll call it. But could platform be do the same thing?That platform A could do just as well, If not, maybe better, but platform becalled Cents on the dollar compared compared the only way to know that isto model it out and start testing and learning. And the second you do that,you start to see, you know, yes, I can. I can do what platform they can do onthis platform for cents on the dollar and put the balance to my bottom lineor to the floor plan or to service bays or wherever they are, wherever theychoose to do that. This brings up a really valuable 0.2,which is we know the OEM's spend hundreds of millions of dollars doing Rand D. We know that many vendors are spendingmillions doing R, and Lord knows we have on r and D over the years. But when it comes down to the localbusiness, I'm not even to say dealers, because I see this in various verticals.We certainly do see it in dealer world too. What? You just said testing andexperimentation. Everybody needs to be comfortable with the fact that thatcosts money. It just does. And I know you know, as Ithink back over the last 25 or 30 years, the silos that we live in is because we,you know, if you go back 30 years, it was like, Hey, you need to build awebsite. If you build it, they will come silo Then Then, you know, Yahoocame along and they were like, Hey, you know, all you need is Yahoo advertising.Penny Penny adds, if you do that, they will come. And then, you know, all ofthe other things have kind of compounded on top of that. But I lovewhat you're saying about know, how do we unify these? How do we actually know?Like we need to map this all out to understand what it is that's actuallyhappening to see how these work together. I love I love people that,you know, kind of the digital doomsday preppers that are like, No, if you haveFacebook or Google, you don't need a website anymore. Or if you have a website you don't needemail, marketing or email. Marketing is dead or s e O is dead. And these arejust people like that is an indication to me of somebody who is on a soapboxwho also lives in a silo, not understanding how all of these channelsfeed to the whole. And they all cost money because you got to test if you'renot going to spend the money to test, who do you expect is going to do it foryou? Yes, this isn't hard. I mean, I I don'tI hate to say it like, I hate to say it that way, but it really like the autobusinesses. So you like like no other channel works this way, right? Likeevery other industry tests and learns and understands the impact of searchinto other mediums this now. But for some reason we get so focused on thatlast click or that lead gen and and and And if that doesn't happen. I sellnothing. Well, what did Google just come out with their their guidebooks.74% of people who buy within the month do not do an online action. Do not do an online action. So what arewe measuring? So So if you believe that, I'm only going to target people thatare gonna buy for me today. We're gonna buy from me this month.

Then what do you buy? Right. And moreimportantly, like, Do we really think people are stupid? I mean, do do welike, do we think that, um, you know, if someone does a search for specificbrand name if we stick another brand name on there that that person willnever go back to that to the original brand name Searched, right? Like, Comeon. Right? Yeah, sure. They may be influenced, and they might explore, but,like, that's not how it works. Like people know what they want and wherethey want to go. Right? I'll tell you in the dealer space, Michael, You know,most people know what vehicle they want, right? They picked to I want this oneor this one. These are the two I'm gonna stick with, but they don't knowwhere they're going to buy, and they're doing more research on where they'regoing to buy versus what they're going to buy. And if you think a price at isthe reason why they buy again, we don't understand consumer behavior. Andthat's what I'm trying to get to meet and greet first, then drive them down.Yeah, the the validation here is literally every world renowned marketer, I hope. Are you listening? Dpb gang.Every world renowned marketer which now includes Bob adding his voice to thispool, have said and shared this exact same pattern. This is a mission of thedpb. It's to shift the way we think, so we can think bigger and break free fromthis box that we we have placed ourselves inside of, um and and this isjust the way it is. We we often refer. I don't know if you're familiar withMollie Pittman. She used to work at Digital Marketer. Now she's with EzraFirestone, but she says the same thing like, would you ever walk into a bar,see a beautiful person across the room and just walk up and ask to marry themright out of the gates. No, you got to get to know the build a relationship oftrust, get to know them. Um and you know, for me, too, I think of everyinteraction that I've had with with a woman that I wanted to date. Perhapsyou know, even obviously with my wife, how many interactions it took for us tofeel comfortable enough around each other to get to know each other. I wentthrough moments where it felt like I was failing. Oh, man, I said a stupidthing. She's gonna hate me now like that's the R and d of all of this. ButBut if I track the overall trend even though on a micro scale it was doingthis, you know, and I pulled back and obviously my scale went up. I scaledupwards and and obviously married this woman, three beautiful Children, allthat kind of thing. And it's the same way my seven year old daughter knowswhat car dealers sell. Yet that's what we spend most of our advertisingtelling people we tell. We just keep advertising to tell them the thing weknow, or they know that we do instead of what you're saying, Why don't youstart talking about the things they have No clue that you do or why theyshould buy from you. So two things. I sold cars for four years. Never once inany training I had never once. I never had a script on this. I was nevertaught by any trainer to take it up like this. Hi, I'm Bob Lanham. Welcometo target of Sarasota. Can I have your name? Phone number? Email address? Areyou gonna buy for me tonight? But But we do that when we're only running bynow. Adds by now, adds the genocides by now. Be better by now. And give me allyour information online that that's not how it works. Like the person wouldturn around and walk away. Now, maybe many dealers did. I keep going back.David Kane, A good friend of mine in...

...the industry. You know, one of the besttrainers out there, He he had a slide, and I've traveled with him greatly on anumber of road shows. He has a slide that I still follow today, which is theGallup poll that measures honesty and ethics and professions. Right? And I'veposted this number of times and we chatted about this in clubhouse, right?We fall, we flip flop between last place and second to last with Congress.That's who we flip flop with every month now, I would show the sliderDavid would show the slide and we'd say, Look, all of you in this room we knowyou're not that we know you have a good process. You're good people, yourethical you want to do right? But why in 2000 and 2021 does the Gallup Pollstill show where last or second to last? Well, because we don't tell theindustry or consumers. Otherwise, I will put brand marketing above anyother marketing. A dealer does easily, but you know what? They're not soldthat they're so legion. Last click lastclicks to their website. Low cost for VPs, right? Right. And I'm not sayingI'm not saying that's not valuable because it is. It's a metric. It's aproxy. We need to understand. Understand it. But decisions should notbe made solely off of one or two metrics again. What does the what's themodel doing? Is the model driving sales and then, more importantly, profitablesales. Or is the model not? Yeah, easy. Easyto find out. This is I mean, what you say resonates deeplywith me. Obviously, as an agency in this space, the challenge that we haveis that this is what we do, what you're talking about. This is why I have theexclamation points on the page. Because I'm like, wow, man. And by the way, Ihave not paid Bob to be here. Uh, this is also why I've produced this podcastfor seven years and maybe mentioned the name of my agency five times throughthe years because I'm not here to sell my agency. I'm here to provide, youknow, we want to provide as much value to the industry, But what you just said,this is what we do. We align the goals of of the dealership with the demandsof the consumer. Until we find that marriage of what they expect and whatyou're actually trying to do, it's really difficult. And to do that, weneed to adhere to the buyer's journey and understand where the buyer iscoming from and what they're interested in and who they are and where they areand what what are all of the sources they're looking at is they shape theirdecision? Where are they doing the research? We look at that, but here'sthe problem, Bob and you and I know it. Then there are the others out there whoare going in for the quick cheetah who are just saying Leeds, Leeds, Leeds,Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. We're gonna get you $13 leads. We're gonna get you$30 Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. And so that makes it. That's thechallenge is it becomes somewhat difficult to have what sounds like alonger process to the wrong, you know, to certain individuals. Let's be honest.This sounds like a longer process. Then just pay C A 1 to 1 mapping to lead.But what we've identified is that when you do it the way Bob is teaching itright here, when you do it this way, the quality of that lead and theprobability of clothes is so much higher, you're going to think they werelaid down when they actually weren't. You've actually been helping themthrough the process. They're choosing you because ABC Motors the most famousdealership on Planet Earth. ABC Motors guided them as a trusted advisor fromgetting on their on their radar to...

...educating them to to to showing themoptions to making it easier to helping them make a decision for them to showup. But, you know, it reminds me it reminds me, Bob, back in the day whenwhen we were printing automotive magazines, you know, like the buy andsell type 12 pictures of cars on a page. Yeah. Yeah, Just like the auto trader.Yeah. And the metric was, you know, I remember fielding calls sometimes. Yeah,we gotta cancel. Why is that? Well, nobody's walking in with your magazineslike it was that 1 to 1. We've been conditioned this way for a long time.We didn't see your magazine. Therefore, uh, we didn't see people walk in withthe magazine in hand. Therefore, it didn't work, right? Um and we kind of have adoptedthat into the digital space, but everything that you're saying, Bob forall those that are listening and tuning in. And I hope you're paying specialattention and taking notes when you pay attention to the customer journey andprovide value in that journey. You increase the probability of that sale,and you're going to think that they're all laid lay down, even though they'vebeen in the buying process. Also, I love what you said earlier aboutcustomers aren't stupid, like we gotta stop thinking people are dumb here.They and and and part of that is they don't fit inside of the same 30 daywindow that you keep forcing yourself inside of it's, you know, it's February9th. Somebody started their buying journey today, and they will not buyfor another 45 to 74 days or whatever. The number is that there's no 30 daycycle in this. You can say whatever you want to say. They're not buying byFebruary 29th or 28th, and by the way, they know what they want to buy.They're actually looking where they want to buy that, And that's the key.Uh, you know, to anyone, to anyone that's listening right now on yourcomputer or on your phone, go do a search. Are people willing to pay apremium for customer service and or convenience?Go do a search and get what Go go that you're on the go go Look, Your searchresults, the answer is yes. I'll save you the time. The answer is absolutelyYeah. Why do you think digital retailing has increased PVR? In somecases, I've heard two X right. You've put that you put the buyer in control.You made it feel like they're actually in control of sale versus you as thedealer, right? And that's why we're seeing right margins go up. So I've said this a number of times, andand maybe I'm still trying to refine it or get the feedback on it. But I've often said Let's change thementality from the thrill of the sale to the thrill of the experience, right?Like, I can't wait for you to connect with me or come into my store because,man, when you walk out of here, you're gonna not wait to tell everybody it'snot. Listen, I got a text. This is a true story. Colleague of mine sent me a text andsaid, Check this out and I'm guilty. I'm guilty when I sold cars, so I fulldisclosure I I did this as well. The sale was over. This happened to be aservice. You know, this person was working. And guess what the servicemanager or service technician and or the salesperson does? After theexperience pleads to get a 10 on the survey, mycompensation relies on what you score. She sent me the text. She goes, Can youbelieve this? I was like, Oh, my gosh, that still happens today. Now, right?Like the C s I programs. Are they in line with this? Like, they're probablydriving this behavior, so there's probably bigger issues. Yeah, Well, howis that a thing anymore? Yeah, If you...

...just gave a good experience, youwouldn't have to ask. Ask for that. You know what it makes me think of likewhen you, you know, when you buy something or you're you're you'reexcited to give a gift to a loved one like the anticipation of giving thegift because, you know, it's it's gonna be exciting for them. And you're soexcited to give it. I love what you're saying. Change it from the thrill ofthe sale to the thrill of the experience. That feeling, Yeah, onlineoffline, hybrid. Like, whatever it is you're gonna put them. And how Do youwant to work with us? Yeah. You can go online. You can. You can desk your owndeal. You can figure out if you have any questions. Call me or you can comein. If you started, like you tell me right again. Do a search. Are peoplewilling to pay a premium for customer service? Slash convenience? The answeris yes. I mean, all of the top consultant consultant agencies havealready proved this out. You know what it makes me think of, andand I know some Some are sick of it, but it makes me think of Tesla. When you go to Tesla's website, let'sjust say you pick the model s. They ask you three questions. Do you want fast?Faster and longer range or fastest and longest range. You pick the one youwant. Then they go. Here's two wheel options. Which one would you like? Iwant that one. And then they go for a third question. What color do you want?Here's four or five colors to choose from. So you're like, Okay, well, blackboom, they go. Here's your model s three steps. Here's your model s put inyour name and your credit card info. We're going to take 2500 bucks today.PS click this box If you want us to save that credit card for future totake the future payments off of so easy Yet when I go into a traditionaldealership to buy a car Hey, can I put this on my my business? Amex Since it'sa business Oh, no. The finance company. This does have a get out of my way.Plus why are there 70 7000 options on this vehicle You want fast? Faster orfastest? Fastest? You want these two? Yes. Do you want this? Yes. Here's theHere's your truck. I always use the apple store as anexample. I always used to show a picture of the of the blue genius. Youknow, the person in the blue shirt. And if you think about Apple very similar.Maybe similarities to auto, which is 100% of the people that walk into anapple store have done their research online. They know exactly what theywant, right? So then they get paired with a genius, right? You sign in, youget paired with a genius and the geniuses not talked to bait and switchor Upsell. The geniuses talked to basically help you remove buyer'sremorse before you actually get buyer's remorse. I notice you selected a 19inch monitor. Why? Oh, well, I use it for game. You know, that's fantastic.But I notice you use the lower memory card if you were just there to helphelp facilitate the sale. I I looked this up, and this is a couple years ago,so the stats may have changed. I looked this up. I used to say to dealers in the room,How many of you know that? Almost almost 100% of the products that youcan buy in an Apple store you can buy at best Buy for 32% less. But how many of you walked by an applestore where you haven't seen a line to get into the store? Why purelyexperience Purely experience? Well, there's your example of peoplewilling to pay a premium. Now some will say, Well, there's a difference betweena $1500 purchase and and a $35,000 purchase. Maybe, maybe, maybe not. Right now, I believethe experience...

...truly when done correctly will outweighthe price. Not to mention that during a pandemic how quickly the industry wentand then bounce straight back, I would submit that there's 100% validationbehind what you're saying. No, they're looking at a 35 to $60,000 purchase thesame way they do. Looking at a cellphone. Absolutely. Absolutely. I don't.Michael, I don't know how to change the perception, right? Like I've presentedit. You know, your good buddy, Paul J. Daley presents it. You present it, youknow? Listen, I'll just say this Mhm. I'll just say this. You know, there's areason why some groups are getting bigger and others are not right, right?They do it differently and they're not going to tell you, by the way, how theydo it. They're not publicly telling you exactly what their flow is. Why? Well,because they want consumers to go to them because of their experience. Thelast thing I guess I'll say on the topic is I'll give you this story I had to knowam come to me and say, Hey, we wanna we wanna We wanna do this specificinitiative, right? So it doesn't matter what the initiative is and we're goingto support our dealers. Uh, with funds on this. Great. Um, what should we have them do isliterally what the regional person said. I said, Well, I can't tell you whatthey should do without knowing what they're already doing. Like I couldcome up with our best program. They should be doing that. But, like, Idon't even know what they're doing right now. So let me at least auditwhat these 10 dealers in this pilot is currently doing. Then we I will comeback to you. With what? What? My suggestion. It could be Dealer is doingeverything perfect. Just give them more money so they could get more reachDealer B could be an absolute debacle. And we have to actually re rework thewhole thing that they're not following, You know, the strategies correctly. SoI guess what I would say to any any dealer, maybe agency of record of thedealer is if you're thinking in a silo, looking at reporting in a silo, buyingin a silo, challenge yourself to stop that and start to look at everythingholistically because, uh, this is my last story. I'm a storyteller, so Iapologize for my last story. I was with an agency a couple years ago. I went tothem, Uh, they were basically just asking for advice on and I was lookingon the wall and I saw the business card in a in A in a frame. And I said, Whatwhat's the business card? Oh, that's my dad started the agency and and I said,What's the story behind it? Well, he was a radio, sells a salesperson andwalked in. And the Steelers like, Well, I don't know what to buy. I'm not anagency. So my dad turned his radio business card over and said, Well, I'llbe your agency. But he said, before I can be your agency, I need tounderstand your business and what you're already doing and what you'renot doing. And then why you chose to do what you're doing and what you're not.And that became the foundation. Like an audit became the foundation, right? SoI'm a salesperson, man. I I can be sold anything like I'm the first to be soldanything, but I'm at least aware of. Okay, well, if I purchase this. How isit going to fit in if I want to buy a couch? What do I have to do? I have tofigure out where I want to put it. The style of couch. So I can't just go outand buy any couch. It has to fit my model. It has to fit my room. Right. SoI asked the questions. Right? Is a module. Does it break apart? Like,what's the cushions and so on and so forth? So, um uh, yeah, holistically, Iguess. All I can say is holistically.

Remove the silos. You're going to seeyour business dramatically change. I love it. I love it. I love it. Bob, lethim head of autos at Facebook. Thank you so much for joining me on thepodcast. Where can those listening or viewing learn more or get in touch withyou or get access to all of the stuff that you're talking about today? Yeah. There are two destinations that Iwould love to drive people. The first is our Facebook Auto MarketingCollective group. And this is a group that we put together for, for fordealers and their agencies and and others to collaborate with each other.And it's been fantastic. And it's not about buying Facebook products so thatit literally is a collaboration on a lot of subjects. Facebook AutoMarketing Collective. The second is our dealer hub. Okay, so just do a searchfor Facebook dealer Hub or Facebook, Uh, dealer playbook. And they'll go to ahub that's got a book of our strategies. It's got a pdf of all of our free toolslike you mentioned in the beginning. We've got a Facebook page. We've gotmessenger, We've got stories. We've got Facebook. Live, right. We've got allthese free assets marketplace that can be utilized to help drive business andreach as many of those 231 million people that are on our platform everymonth. So our auto group and our dealer, amazing man Thank you so much forjoining me on the podcast. Dude. Awesome. Anytime. Mhm. I'm Michel Cirillo, and you've beenlistening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, pleaseclick the subscribe button wherever you're listening. Right now, leave arating or review and share it with a colleague. If you're ready to make bigchanges in your life and career and want to connect with positive,nurturing automotive professionals. Join my exclusive dpb pro community onFacebook. That's where we share information, ideas and content thatisn't shared anywhere else. I can't wait to meet you there. Thanks forlistening.

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