The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 3 months ago

Break-Free From Your Comfort Zone w/ David Spisak


It's easy to get stuck doing what you've always done to alleviate the discomfort of trying something new. 

The dealership community is no different. The previous generation had a way of doing business which gets passed on to the next generation. 

Developing a healthy dealership culture and fostering greater employee buy-in is no different and likely why the turnover rate in the industry is so high.

David Spisak shares his wisdom around developing a healthy culture. 

"People go to work for a company but quit their managers."


This episode is proudly sponsored by our friends at Fortellis. No two dealers operate the same way which is why Fortellis provides the tools to create unique apps that help your dealership meet the needs of the market while catering to your operations. 

Not only has Fortellis created an amazing technology platform that’s designed to make life easier for dealers, but they are also pouring back into the community with events like their dealer dev day. It’s a 3-day event that empowers attendees to network with each other to create smarter, faster, and better apps for the dealer community. 

Visit to browse their marketplace of apps and integrations that will allow you to run your business, your way.

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