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Brent Wees: How Gamification Can Increase Conversions


Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast session 59! We are super excited and ready to dive in! 

In this session we have one of our good friends sitting down with us Mr. Brent Wees.

Brent Wees is a Partner and Client Service Director at Powered by Dashboard, a digital automotive product incubator in Toronto, Canada. A fixture in the Canadian automotive digital landscape for over a decade, Brent cut his teeth in the vertical as an account and strategic lead on the Ontario Toyota Dealer Association's digital advertising mandates. 


Brent has also been a featured speaker at automotive events on both sides of the border. Brent's energetic, comedic and uniquely engaging presentation style keeps him in demand at events such as the Innovative Dealer Summit, Driving Sales Executive Summit and the Digital Dealer Conference Series.

In our conversation with Brent he dives into “gamification” and how you can use it to up your conversions online. 

Check out this quick preview of our conversation with Brent Wees

- What is “Gamification” and how you can benefit from it.

- Examples of “Gamification” strategies that a working for auto dealers. 

- Why “Gamification” is a easy way to increase conversions and help you stand out from the crowd. 

This session was a blast and that is just a taste of some of the awesome information Brent Wees delivers in this podcast. 

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This session of the dealer, playbook isbrought to you by Flexdealer, attract, engage and convert high quality vehicleshoppers with innovative digital marketing strategies that will dominateyour market check out more at the dealer playbookcom forward flex. This is the dealer playbook all right,and here we go the dealer playbook podcast, sessionfifty, nine, whereevery single week were sitting down with the WHO's who, in and out of theauto industry, for you, today's automotive professionals, automotivepeeps. This is Michael Serillo, I'm joined by my partner in crime, MisterRobert Weisman, how you doing pawl I'm doing excellent man. Thank you forasking you are so welcome. I mean you know it's just such a delight toconnect with you every single day episode, fifty nine man, the Big FiveNin episode, Fifty Nine Yeah we're moving into we're moving into you know,sixty episodes coming up and it's been such a fun ride. You know we've luckedout with some incredible guests. You know our guests today is pretty cool,will tell you about him in a minute, but you know just a lot of really coolthings going on that. We're so glad you guys are keeping a CH. You knowchecking out the show you're leaving US reviews on itunes. We just want toexpress our appreciation to you for for checking that out. Okay, so enough ofthe sappy stuff there. Today's guest, you know good friend ofours, Brenton Weez over at you know, we are dashboard, is the name of hiscompany. You know, they've got a lot of really cool things going on and you'regoing, no you're going to hear him talk about today, something that you know has been around forever andyou're going to hear him talk about how it's been around forever, but somethingthat is is unique to the the you know to what's going on n theautomotive industry. It's something that we haven't really seen inside ofthis space, and you know you're going to hear US talk about in this episode,how you know, even though it's been aroundforever, it feels new in the auto industry, and so there's really anopportunity here to be an early adoptor for what we're talking about. So you know brunts a pretty crazy guy you're, goingto hear US derail a couple of times, becausewe're crazy, but you know Robert.You got anything else ad here, Wewman, let's dive into it. Man Number FiftyNine Brent weese. Here we go hey. What's going on thanks for beingon the show today, hey you're super welcome, I'm totally stull to beon with you fine gentlemen. Today Yeah- and you know, like I'm already laughinglike this- is this is going to be crazy. Okay, so I mean it's taken us how long fiftynine episodes to get you on and talk about. You know some of the stuff we'regoing to talk about today, which is really cool, really exciting. You guyshave some cool things on the go over there, but you know first, I guess I just wantto jump into this real quick. I was in your session at Canadian digital dealer.It was all about this topic, I'm going to let you intro it, but I was therebasically keeping score and the whole session was interactive. Based aroundaround this topic, wwe're going to be talking about today I was scorekeeping.It was high energy everybodyw's really engaged. Can you tell us a little bitabout what it is that you were presenting and then and then you know,give us the history like how this all come together, and why is it? Why is itI relevant topic for for dealers, especially this dayand age, digital age? Sure- and you know again thanks forhaving me on Fellos. You know fifty nine actually is my lucky number. So,like we're lyining things up really nice Yeahyeah, we had. We had acancellation. This woi'll take what I can get here. You Go eed the prices right...

...lose owt of IT, listen! So here's whathere's, what we was all about. So I got talking about Gameification, andlately this year I've been aske to go, speak at a lot of different eventsabout it. You know, has a ties with marketing automation. They seem to be bigger buzzwords this year in theindustry. You know a lot of vendors are talking about it, a lot of people atthe Ol Willams, where you're, seeing your seeing it used for a lot oftraining. You know, we've Seen Chrysler, use it and employed for some trainingin different verticals. So as the dealers now go to these events- and youknow, of course, they're there to learn and find out new tactics, newstrategies- this has being talked about a lot in our company. You know justhappens to be one that we have a lot of background with it from from ouradvertising past, and it really is to help the dealers understand that it'sactually been around a lot longer than just the past year or two. You know ithas been: We've been using for decades. Okay, so you say gamification realquickly. What is it? What does it entail and then give us some examples?You mentiond that we've been using it for decades. Whatare some examples of that? Well, you know in game of ICATION. Thispurest form is any sort of mechanism where you know users either they redeem or they work towardssomething or it's a contest or an instant win mechanism. But it's aridemfition award, an incent sort of flow and pahing and in historicallyit's been used a ton. You know think about air miles right. The airlineswere one of the first adoptors of a really hardcore game. IFICATIONplatform. You know people hated flying, they hated certain airlines, soairlines got smart and went hey. Let's, let's give people points for travel andthen they could redeem those and keep coming back to us and using those onour airlines- and you know mean it was- it was a stroke of brilliance on theirpoint. We see it in you know grocery stores. You know, especially not maybeso much in Canada, but in the US you see a ton of incentifying throughGamification, with with points collection and- and you know, incentivecards but again like go, go back even farther. You know when I was a kid- andwe were talking about this just before the podcast. You Know Star Wars, had aBoba, fet action figure and if you bought four other characters and sentin those proofs of purchases, you got the Bobafette and it was the only wayyou got that character so again, like that. Gameification go back evenfarther through comic books. Where you would you know you would send in somany bottle tops from certain soft drink beverages to get a baseball hator an autograph something it's been around like Ns have used it alllong thedealers see that you know they see that it'sbeing tossed around as a new term. But in fact, when you start to look at this,you see that it's been around all the time. Interesting, yeah man. I just did one acouple years ago, with a vinsmicman figure that you had to send in throughtoys or Rus your proofs of purchases than just the the shipping boom. Yougot it well, I mean in exactly- and you know you sorry go ahead. Goead go ahead, Michael,I was Gointo say in Canada. o Get all the time. Now you go. You know inCanada. You see it all. The time right like I was IAS, fine, I'm going yeah, we've totally beraild. You know Iwas soling up with gas the other day right. I was filling up with gas andit's like hey every time. You use this points card. It's going to go towardsyour chance of winning a free year of gas, or I mean in Canada. It's thewhole roll up, the Wind Rim to win thing right. That's all thrimalGamication, perfect game of I okay, so it really lit up. Like my wife in particular she's like Iam freaking winning that you know whatever they're, giving awaythat super ru impresent. It's like! No, now we're just not super people. No I'mkidding you know, but she gets. She gets really fired up about it.

Okay, so you mentione that this is kind of a new. I guess buzzword inside of the autoindustry. But it's you know it's been happening forever. How does this apply?What are some of the things that dealers can be doing to? I guessGameifi or engage people to you know. What's the end result? Is it get people in the show? Thens filledawareness, what is it yeah? I've seen it on all differentlevels. You know, especially we've seen it as social media really matured and grewfor the dealers and as they started using social media, you sawgamification all over social media. You know like this picture, we're givingyou know post here, we're gaing away movie tickets, so it's an awaredisplayin social media as the dealerships were building up their communities and theirsocial media strategies, but you also see it. You Know Wha, I mean dealers,you know were using it like. You know, you'd get the big cash wheel in thedealership on a Saturday and they were running it that way. Those are thoseare tactics that have sort of been around, especially the latter wentabout. You know actually having stuff at the dealership on a special sale ona Saturday afternoon. You know, along with your barbecue and your you know,inflatable gorilla, but what I'm seeing it now is. What I was talking aboutwith tdhealers recently is: If we look at the reliance of Gamification, ansocial media, it's more of an awareness playan from what I see. It's usuallynot benefiting a business case for the dealership itself. If you're givingaway movie tickets- that's a nice to do, but if you're using gamification, whywouldn't you start to think about bringing it back to the dealership andwhat we're trying to educate dealers on? Is You know if, if social mediais notreally driving that traffic, because for me awareing? This is a great thingabsolutely. I think it has to be a part of your marketing mix, but naturallydealers, you know they need to conquest customers right. They need to. Theyneed to continually sell products, ind services at their stores. So if we seethat children traffic is slightly starting to dip for dealers as peoplestay on their sites longer and as de are working their websites to be moreof the experience, why not take some of that gamification and build it rightinto that destination online instead of relying on outside channels bring itright into the dealership and actually incent and game a FY with productsright from the dealership? Okay, so you're saying thinis, sort, Ofrainer,okay, so right and so you're saying actually put a what like a video game or a somethingon the dealers website, or I social media page or something could be yeahyeah it could be. It could be just a really quick, instant wint. As we said,like a roll up, the rim, you could be a very quick, instant reveal of anincentive off a vehicle. It could be a skill, skill based game. You know itdoesn't. The mechanic itself doesn't have to be heavy, but people do like toplay. Games beve a console Beit Mobile. It doesn't happen Ave to be tooinvolved, especially when those visitors at a dealer's website are onlyat the site between you know two and a half and six minutes, there's only alittle bit of time where you want to engage them, but if it's something that's going tokeep them a little bit stickier and with them, you know on that site,there's going to be a benefit and a lot of times to do. What I'm, seeing withthe companies that are are using tactics like this and helping dealersput it on their sites. The the cost of execution isn't high,either. Okay, so ut. You know, and somethingcomes in my mind. You know I mean everybody knows, I'm a big SEGMENTATIANGuy Thayou know my mind's going kind ofgravitating towards that. So say: We've got this gamification piece who's itreally geared towards or or can you gear it towards different segments? Andwhat I mean by that is, is this going to be? You know with what we're talkingabout specifically here is this more for in market consumer? Is it do you knowwhat I mean? Is it going to be really focused on somebody who's kind ofactively in the buying process, or are there other mechanisms in place thatcan help build awareness of Oh wait?...

Maybe we do need a new vehicle, andmaybe we should hop into th this process and this gameificationmechanism or this this awareness mechanism or engagement mechanism ishelped with that. Yeah think its a great question,Michael and in honestly, I feel that the way you can use game ification isyou can actually touch a lot of different segments, O det right downthrough the filter. Now that funnel like our highest funnel people may notnecessarily engage with something directly, but you know now. If you getmid and low funnel people at differentfrent segments say from aconquest, an you know, if you, if you put it in the right place while they'reyou know, while they're in that midlevel, you know assessment of whatthey want to do. You know gameification might pull them ahead, a little bitquicker. You know because you're giving them something that, may you know ifyou, if you, if you write it the right way, if you, if you surround like you,know some of the products we create, we allow the dealer to massage andmold themessaging. That's on the gameification engine, for instance. So if you, if youcreate that urgency, you could pull ahead. Those segments that may be amidlevel funnel low, funnel it's easier to engage people naturally, becausethey're in the buying market. There you know they could be in a thirty daywindow and then all of a sudden, you sort of put something in front of themthat sort of locks them in a little bit more and has or even gives them thatlittle. You know hey in my back pocket. I know I've got this extra dinsenitfrom dealer, a I'm, probably going to consider him a little bit moresurewhere we're also seeing gameification work on fixed ops, though,as we saw a lot like with some of bar tools, we saw, we saw dealers using iton parts and service pages and they were you know, incentifying theirexisting customers to you know, get their tires, changed and sense storage.You know this time of year. You know air conditioning services likedifferent things. They were using on parts and service and fixed ops reallysaw a really good way to ladder in and think about different tap actics theycould use because normally at the tables month in a month out, you know a lot of times you just heare the tableKay. What are we going to do this month and sometimes these gamificationengines are low, cost quick execution pieces that can help you. You knowmaybe engage a segment a little bit differently, but it allows you to go inan Testinab test, a lot. You know a lot quicker as well. Okay, this this isreally cool. I'm I'm going down a fat process here and I Love I love what I'mhearing so far so and I can certainly see how they miapplying for a job or something Y ye. Maybe the HASHTAG flocks box. You know flox Yeah S, ut there you go wismanserio wis, it'slike a law firm, so hit sounds like okay, so never wins that never winsonly in their own heads, yeah, exact. Okay, so that, while you were, while you weretalking about that, you know, I can see how the whole low cost quick executionthing. It would be appealing the the from the consumers perspective. You know I was reading a report not toolong ago, as it was something crazy. I think a thousand people were pulled who had recentlypurchased or were in the process of purchasing a vehicle within a three orsix month period of which I think was like fifty fourpercent of them said that the excitement of buying a car quicklyturned to fear of being taken advantage of where I'm going with this. Is Youknow that that stigma that that black cloud or that dark cloud still kind ofseems to be hanging over the consumers perception of the dealer and we're youknow we inside the industry? We talk about all the time and we try and takeall these measures to eradicate that and make people more comfortable. Howdoes how is I guess, how is from what you'vebeen able to observe how is gameification being perceived? Is itbeing received the right way, or is it...

...just advancing this okay? Well, thisdealeris just trying to do anything to get me to come into their store ofwhich then I will be feared, fearful for my money and not being takenadvantage of. Do you know where I'm going with that? I'm I'm trying to findthe right Ay I do. I do no, I understand it because you you want toyou know the dealers have been told Time and time again over the pastseveral years, right like be transparent, build that brand image ofwhat you offer as a deal orship, and the reason we brought in gamificationis one of our products on our platform is, is because, from our agencybackground for years we did a lot of digital work for different brands likeYuuna leaver, an Iong, direct and skittls, and you know a you know: Rigle, you know JC fruit gum, so we hadall this background and experience in digital contesting and digital andsentifying, and you know it's one of the things that always came out of whenwe worked as an agency and what works now is there's you know, what's Callethat surprise and delight factor, so if the dealership and what we're seeing isand we're seeing nice conversion on it, because we know people like playinggames, they, like you, know, peel and reveals they like instant winner tha.You know quick contest mechanisms. I think what we are seeing on our sideieswe're getting some nice conversion deeper on the site because a we're nothitting people- and we recommend that you know don't put this on the frontpage of the website. You know strategically wrop it on a VDP of avehicle. You may want to be looking at moving or certain vehicles or on aparts and service page. So when those people go there when they're. Naturally,you know, following their flow of engagement on that dealer's website,they get it a little deeper because they're getting hit with enough stuffon the front page. The surprise and delight factor actually is been, hasbeen so far a benefit as we've seen it. It hasn't driven people away and, like we said, we're seeing six tonine percent conversion rate on things that are set deeper in the site. Okay,so and then I guess the the other half of this is okay. Now we've got thisgamification pieace we're you know getting betterconversions, we're engaging our site, visitors, better wrwherever, I'massuming you could do this on social or or somewhere else online. We'reengaging people were seeing those conversions, but now we also, I guess,need a process on our side of the table so that we actually know how to handle the. I guess these leerect right, Yeah D and absolutely sorry. No, so I was justgoing to say what in Yourt, what is the? What is the process I mean? Is there kind of a blanket process for these? Isthere you know? Is it the dealers responsibility to kind of sit down andsay: okay, we're running, you know, I don't know two hundreddollars off if they roll up the rim to win or hat whateverthe the GA is yeah. How do we? How do we handle these? Because I guess whereI'm going is? Is I mean we see traditionally that training is verycrucial processes ar very crucial Robert? I mean you can speak to this. You know more than I can, but I guess where does that fit into this,where it does the process on the dealers side fit into the effectivenessof of this game working? Were this thisgame of how it alls out yeah to speak to our platform, ourrevups platform, which is our gameification engine? You know becauseit's a SASS base product, it's a elserve product that you know dealerscan come in and use when they want it's a payperuse environment. So it's not aswhite glove is historically has been in place. So normally we've seen- and youknow, Robert Being at the stores- has maybe seen this in the past, where youknow a local radio station or a marketing company or an advertisingcompany, will come in and set up this sort of environment or this m mechanismfor a store and there's a lot of setup and there's a lot of time built in toget this already. What we've built is in our system. You can go in andactually set up your full campaign in five steps. You can set up your pathingof your leage pathing into your BDC or... you know which staff needs to getthose and react to the customer. Our system also does a little bit extrawhere you know if a customer comes in, plays a game redeem, something and thenthat information is hitting the dealership. You know the customers alsogetting you know, communications going out directly from the engine, lettingthem know that the dealerships going to be Taukingto. It is up to thedealership because we don't want to. We don't want to tell a dealership howto run their Leagu process because weare, you know I mean we are in thewe're in the market to build product for dealers to use at their leisure.You know at low cost and easy engagement. You know, there's there'speople, you know like yourselves or you know like people like you know likeGlen Pash, that will come in and help dealers train better and work better,but we need to. We need to just make sure that they understand that and thedealers so far that are using this understand that they know it's theirresponsibility to go hey. You know what. If this game, iffication engine isgoing to drive an x amount of leads, our staff needs to know Oa. This is the day we're starting on.This is the way the leads are going to look, and this is the the communicationand the experience that we want to deliver as people redeem and why I saythat last part is because on our engine we have R, our analytics environment iscalled a dometer. So while, if someone's on the game- and they do likea appeal- dree rveal or a roll up of the rim- and they win something at thedealership- The minute that customer executes that redemption, our trackingsystem starts showing the dealership every vdpdey looked at every pay. Howmany miles they are from the dealership, how many visits? So it's not just sortof the you know what the general look and say:Google analytics where you're getbing those big numbers you're, getting itactually customer by customer and where that may help a dealership whore a BDCis because they're getting all of the Intel on the customer. They know whatthey've won. They know what vehicles are looking at. They can tailor anexperience to be even better for that customer instead of going out and maybehitting them with the you know the quote: Unquote the usual questions ofengagement to get them in for that appointment. They already know all thatstuff. You know the syt, the gamification engines now are reallygiving the dealership so much intel that they should be able to reallytailor a great experience for the customer and be efficient with theirtime to okay cool. So, but no, what the heck is this roll up? The Rim thing youguys keep hitting on like I've, never even heard of it. So in Canada, Robert There's, thisdonut store called Tim Hortons and it is sort of the crack cocaine of coffeeup here and Canadians love their coffee and ther. It's brooed it's brewed in away that it only tastes good. If you have two creams and two milks in it, soeveryone orders it double double, and so, though they sell so much got damncoffee up here, ther are lines around their drive throughs. It's a phenomenonthat I can't even explain, but twice a year. They do this, they do a contentcalled roll up the rim and you take your lit off your coffee and you rollup the side and you went the car or you win a free don nut or you in a Muffin,but people get spun out. They get nuts. When this happens. It's sort of youknow where you have like say the fourth of July roll up the Ram I store,probably our biggest national holiday. Now Right, mio, Iwas gonna say youcould open up like you could seriously open up at Tim, Horton's right next toanother Tim Hortons and you would you would make millions of dollars do allright. Oh yeah, crazy, like ne youneeze money, O yeaweleand andtell Bhat, I digress. Try To what does game ification look liketheug on a dealer level like tell me some games or like so you know theperson listening right now and myself can really grasp a better. You knowvisual of this, but tell me like something: That's workd! Well, you knowwhat I mean. I believe it like Hook logic. They got like a really coolpiece right where you know you get on a...

VDP and something will come up and showthat hey, you know, like you, know, teno drive this car set up a test,drive and you'll get a twenty five dolar gift card at you know a target,or you know a Tim Hortons or wherever McDonald's starbucks doesn't matter,they're, just they're insenting a gift card to get someone to come in and dotest drives on our engine. When you come into a dealers website that has arevup on it, that game will be anything from a spin to win like right.Spin, the wheel we've got, we've got vvagas Slot Games, we've got sportsskill games. Simple just reveal instant win mechanisms. We've done some some sort of more elegant, you knowreveal an incentive that, like highline dealers have used, it could just be anoverlay that says: Hey. We've got a three day event on right now. Would youlike to you know dealers can use revups just to just to do something that justcomes out a little bit more? It's not sort of your typical pop up that yousee with chat, windows or different things like that. It scrims out theentire screen for the dealer makes it elegant. You know, allows Tho user toturn it off. It's not intrusiive, but we really we've run just about any kindof game you could think of, and we always sort of weere adding to therevups library all the time. So, for instance, I was up at a nice ondealernorth of town today and they they love. They used to love the the Spinda winwheel right in their dealership, the big the big CLICKETY clack wheel. Sothat was one of the first ones we made, and you know so- therthey're settingone up for next week to start running with a media campaign. They've gotmarket because they want to use the gameification they want to. You knowthey're going to go out and do a media campaign in their area in the northpart of Toronto and they're, going to push everything to the page that thegameiffication will launch on, because they want to use that game to likereally make that campaign sticky for them now. Are they again ranging? Is itrequired for them to like exchange to drop their info or anything prior toplay in this game? Or that's not, I mean there's no dody or anything. No,it's not gaited at all, so the game will reveal itself. If the user wantsto play it, they can, and they still don't have to redeem. We'll still pickup. The Nice thing is, our system will pick up all of the say, ups against thegamification and the redemptionans and well report that to the user as well,because what we want to see is you know, we may have a really cool game thatpeople like to play when they're on a dealer's website, for you know fifteenor twenty seconds, but we may see some that aren't aiming as hard as other ones, so wellactually either turn those off and in our environment, dealers that userevups can actually go in and rate stuff they've used, just like anappstore. So again to your point, we want to see that we want to see that which ones engaged the most. We want toshut down things that just aren't working and e're, always working withour dealers to make sure that you know if they've got something in it's justnot hitting the conversion levels we want. We you know we and sent our owndealers to say hey if we're not hitting a certain conversion ragt for you we'regoing to we're going to turn that around and make good and give youanother one and work with you to make it make it really sing. Okay, so that helps with the LEAGNP, sowe've engaged them. We've got them to play this game if they want to redeemthey put in their contact in fo, so we got to lead. I guess the last thing youknow big big takeaway fror me is that you know this. This should obviouslywork in conjunction with other strategies. So in other words, I guesswhat I'm getting Rasit, not the beall and all magic bullet, but you know it works inline. It's got to be part ofunified strategy. You need to understand what you'R objective is withit, how it's going to how it's going to fit, and you mentioned you know, thedealer needs to understand the lead process and and how they're going tohandle those leads and what they're going to look like, but then you'd mention something I justwant to touch on to so that you said that you pick up the UPS regardless. Isthat, like an IP based, Goo Yeah, an thin, you know yeah, we do a few different things onthe measurement. So...

...first thing we do is like we said: Ifsomeone's engaged the game but didn't redeem, we can still track the useagainst the you know the game itself right. So that's what I call that up.We do a lot of Ip tracking Thoue to what we found is based on the IP datathat we pull in. When people play Redeemer Nonredeem, the Ip data we canpull in is to show usually against a just classic. You know, Canada, post orUS postal database access that you can get. Youcan usually get a fifty percent accuracy rate on where the people arecoming t from and where they are in your neighborhoods or in your N, yourtrade areas. So we can start to show that to your earlier point, though about youknow having this is a part of a mix. I think that's integoral, you know it'snot. You just can't put this on on your own on your site, and just you know youcould you could do it and rely in your organic traffic and for people to getthere on their own? But you know in our in our platform, one of the things wedo for the dealers is not only do they set up. You know theyr their spin towin game or theyre. You know their football game, TOR sports game,whatever it is they put on there. We also actually provide them full bannersets for media purposes. We also provide thempanel, sets, for you, know, facebook cover pages or their panels on theirpages of their websites. To your point, Michael you've got it. You got to havea mix of a tactic and a strategy to ive. You know to drive your traffic to the desiredfinish point right to the desired and game and then hopefully then, and thenhopefully, we've Giveou you enough analytics that you can. You know really,you know close it out. Yeah used to use Dataas your guide, don't make gutdecisions, always track measure and improve okay cool. So you know what Ireally like about. This is it's something that might sound new, butit's actually not new. It's been around forever, but it's something that youlistening in can take advantage of the concept of of game ificashun to engageusers to understand, maybe where they're at in the bind process based onthe Games that they're they're playing or interacting with and then it's areal cool lead conversion strategy. The name of the game is to be differentthan you know, everybody else in your market- and this is just the easy wayto be different because nobody else you're not seeing it everywhere. I knowyou have a lot of people that are probably engaged with the pro and I canimagine, there's probably a hesitation to right, there's, probably hesitation,for I mean we see this all the time. There's hesitation for dealers that arelike, Oh man, I Gota, I got Ta Pay, I got to pay more money or I got to giveaway free oil changes or I got to give away. You know who site was on. I was on a dealer site.That's actually doing this and they're given away they're, giving away like athree hundreddollar restaurant voucher as part of a game. You know. Well, if you don't know howthat fits in and how that three hundred dollars plays a role in getting peopleinto your show room or whether that's costper acquisition. However you'regoing to attribute that I mean yeah this could this could seem like areally risky thing, but you know it works yeah you know so andand what we're trying to do to it was well like to Roberts point like youknow. There is at hesitation and that's why we've done it in a way that you can.You can set up an account, for instance, on revups and never spend a dime. Youcan set up games. You can look and see how they'll act, how they'll work, howyou know once you customize it with your dealerships logos and how you putthings in, but to your point too, is don't give stuff away. You know, haveprizing levels that are all tied into something that's part of the businesspractice of the dealership. It does free stuff all the time you know if you want- and you know yourcustomers better than say I gu, but that's why we allow the engine to bepayd for use as well so go into it at one point and you know for at ourcostpoint we try to make it low, so the dealer can go in and if he executes-and he pulls in just a few- leads that...

...the cost of execution like Fal areoutweighs. You know what they've paid for to actually just put it into market.It's and woe do that because we like to robbers point. You've got to dodifferent things, but everything doesn't have to cost a million dollarsright and we don't want our dealers having to rely on, for instance, a lotof third party glove support to do something that they can do on their own.In Five staps, like we Dai, we just try to make this environment SCO right.That's that's sort of our mandate. So to that point, stealers are hesitating. Yeaf yeah, I mean it's. It's a great idea.You know I mean be different. Try Try things out, I mean! That's! That'sreally the thing I was having a conversation with with my team and itwas like you know what th the adage is. If it ain't broke, don't don't fix it,but I say if it ain't broke, try and figure out how to break it. In otherwords, you know always be comfortable testing stuff and and seeing what it'sgoing to do and be comfortable experimenting and throwing agamification piece on your site and and driving some traffic to it and see howconsumers are engaging. The worst thing that can happen is you gain a bunch ofvaluable Intel on how consumers interact with with you as a brand or asa dealership, and that's I mean that's valuable- that that you know that'svaluable data for driving your business yeah exactly, and I think too rightlike, as I said earlier from from a technical standpoint, you've got it.You've got to test things. You've got to try things, you have to evolve Y, ifyou, if you sit there month after month and go what are we doing this month andthere's all these great small nimble tools out there, you got to startyouing these things like for me. Personally, it's a no brainer, but Ialso try to practice what I preach when I can like what can we put on our ownsites to and sent dealers like when I do presentations at you know thedifferent conferences. What can I ve doin scent a dealer there to try to dosomething and with our platform right? It's just s like let's test stuff andit let's test up together right on man, appreciate you being on the show withus today, Brigd ones, the the Linda run tead to my er Nevel yeah. Where do wefind you at that's right? Where do you find me at I'll, be at Tim, Horton Einthe co you Canou, you can always find me at at Brent. Weeson twitter is my maintwitter handle. We got a ton of products on twitter as well, butconvert with octancom is where you can get more information on the revegameification platform. You know Bren at Dashford, Dotsa is always whereyou can get a hold of me. We love showing dealers wat. This is all about.I have to say you know, I'm watching Canadian dealers adopt this a lotquicker than the US guys right now, and that's that's a bit of a difference.You know, because usually our markets kind of followed, what's going on inthe US, but we've seen our guys north of the boarder, actually are takingmore of a they're diving in with this a little bit more because they like thethey like everything about the nimbleness of it s Ey like Tho, playgames up there. They like the place- Yes it'swe're, still under about sixfeet of snow, and you know we got nothing else, T no. No, it's just it's an interesting trendto see that you know seeing the Canadian dealerssort of bite into this a little bit harder off the onset, but we think the SGY's a limit and we'rejust adding to it all the time more games, more mechanics, more measurement,it's really exciting for us and we're we're really looking out for you knowfor our guys at the stores and Tryig to help them just conquest, more customersright on thanks, pan appreciate you yeah thanks, Gur for having me on. Ireally appreciate it and I think this is an awesome podcast and I lookforward to it every every week right on. Thank thank you, and I'm I'm not justsaying that, because I'm drunk I'm just I'm saying that because I really do lot bar man brought me the tears you'rewelcome and there you have it. That was MrBrentwes and he was breaking down. You know gamification and how it can youknow, benefit your dealership, how you...

...can put it into action Mike What d youthink man. I know you've seen this. This is my first time. Herei Hi hidndiscuss this topic, so I was definitely into it. But yeah I mean not. You know,like I said I watched him speak at Canadian digital dealer on this topic,and I thought you know this is a really cool thing because, like Youhadmentioned in the episode, this is something that can make your dealershipunique. It's something that you know almost guaranteed the dealership. Nextdoor isn't doing, and I mean with the way he was talking about it doing itkind of digitallywe, where we know everybody is, is hanging out these days.It's I mean a huge money saver because you're not looking at the cost of likesending out the like special key in the mail to ten ousand people who you'regoing to try and get them to all come into the stores it's low cost in thatyou don't have to pay for mailing stuff out the mail outs, thewhatever you know, the plastic key or the the badge that you bring into thestore that that most of the time probably just gets chucked into thegarbage. This is online, so it doesn't cost you anything really to have it upthere and on your website. But I like what he was talking about, how you knowit's important for it to be a part of an overarching marketing mix. It's notthat be all end all but they're, seeing some real cool things happen with thisconcept of Gamification to engage site users in a way that that really I meanyou couldn't engage them. You know by not having it so tha definitely was a good session,something. I definitely think that even from a salesperson having websitethere's ways that you know get creative, you can really tap into this thing andagain it's it. The name of the game is to be different, separate yourself fromeverybody else, and there's so many little easy ways that you don't havelike Brendsay, you don't have to drop a million on it. You know or cost you bigmoney that can separate you from everybody else, yeah absolutely. So,thanks guys for listening into this session of the dealer, plabl podcast,you can check out all of the information we talked about in thisepisode as well as get connected to Mr Brent Weez by visiting triple w dot thedealer playbookcom forward. Fifty nine and you know what I'm going to go outon our limb. I forgot to congratulate those of you who won freesignd copiesof my book. I'm so glad you know so so appreciative to you guys for wanting tocheck that out. I think we should extend that again. This episode, youknow, let's, let's round up another five copies of the book, so the firstpeople to visit triplew dot. The dealer playbookcom forward itunes leave us areview on itunes and then just tweet at dealer. Playbook done, you know justsay done in the tweet and the first five people that do that. Listening tothis episode will will send you out a free signed copy. All you got to doafter you've done that is visit our contact page and send us your contactinfloane, who you'd like the book made out to, but again thanks. So much guyswould love for you to get your hands on this book help you take your digitalmarketing to the next level and with that robber, you got anything on a manready. Thank you got thanks. Everybod will see you next time, Mata.

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