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It’s no secret that in today's automotive market, providing a "Wow Experience" for shoppers is an absolute must. Car dealers all over the world invest tons of money and time in making sure customers are taken care of and are getting a top-notch shopping experience.


We try so hard to provide the ultimate shopping experience for our customers, but let’s switch our thought process. What are we doing to create an incredible dealership culture that inspires and energizes our internal team? Keeping your people motivated, engaged and happy all ties back to the dealership’s internal culture. Every dealership has a culture - it’s the way your employees feel when they come to work, good, bad or indifferent. What is your dealership’s culture like? If you don’t know, it’s probably not a good.


It’s a simple, yet powerful, concept - if your team is happy and each member feels a sense of satisfaction in their individual roles, they’ll perform better. Yet so many employers, especially in the automotive industry, aren’t putting energy and resources into into creating that ideal positive, motivating environment.


Keys to building a dynamic dealer culture

  • Personnel, from top to bottom, shares the same goal. There is team “buy in” and everyone supports the underlying message and objectives.


  • A recruitment strategy that targets premium, dynamic team members


  • Education. Empower your team with resources and knowledge. Ongoing education is an important part of any career growth and individual development.


  • Collaborate with your entire team. Encourage creativity and idea sharing. Create an environment where your team feels comfortable and safe sharing their thoughts and opinions.


Buy in is key. From the dealer principal to the clean up crew, everyone has to be onboard with your message and goals. Without buy in, employees will never become brand evangelists, sharing the message and inspiring others. Once you have the workplace culture ‘recipe’ complete, your team will be the greatest form of marketing you have. They will proudly, with no hesitation, spread the message of your dealership’s greatness.


Recruitment is a significant process. The automotive industry notoriously has struggled with this part of the business. Many dealers recruit with the mentality, "a body is better than no body." Are you breathing? Do you have a heartbeat? You’re hired! Dealers spend tremendous amounts of money on bringing customers through the showroom doors, but all of that cash and those efforts get flushed down the toilet when those same customers are mishandled by a unprofessional, unqualified salespeople.


Ongoing team education is an important aspect of most successful, long-term businesses. Think about your current staff, especially individuals you think could be doing better. Have you provided them with right tools and resources needed for them to reach the next level in their position? While poor job performance doesn’t fall entirely on the employer’s shoulders (individuals need a certain amount of internal drive), it can’t be argued that a happy employee who feels job satisfaction will outperform their unhappy coworkers. And when we’re good at things, we tend to like doing them more (like selling cars).

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Episode · 6 years ago

Dr. Willie Jolley: The Ultimate Do More, Be More and Achieve More Secret

While I was attending the Internet Sales 20 Group in Atlantic City a few weeks ago, I had the incredible privilege of listening to, and eventually interviewing Dr. Willie Jolley. While I do admit to not knowing who he was previous to the conference, I was completely blown away by his message; something that resonated deep within me. He spoke about how to do more, be more and achieve more.


After his keynote address at the conference, I had to go and shake his hand and express appreciation for the message he shared. It was refreshing and motivating; something that I think we need to hear more of in the auto industry.


I asked him if he’d be willing to join me for an interview and without hesitation, he agreed.


If you still haven’t “Googled” him, here is a brief introduction: Dr. Willie Jolley is an international motivational speaker who has been named as one of the top 5 outstanding speakers in the world, alongside heavyweights like Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. He has written 4 best-selling books which I think you should definitely check out:


A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback

An Attitude of Excellence

It Only Takes A Minute to Change Your Life

Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks

In addition to his outstanding books, Dr. Willie Jolley is credited as the reason that the Ford Motor Company never accepted a government bailout. After reading his book, “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback”, Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, hired Dr. Jolley to come and help them scale the business, refine process and help Ford’s employees build their dreams.


In this episode you’ll learn more about:


How doing something ridiculous may just be what’s needed to advance and conquer

How to get started when setting out on your success journey

How to look at your current situation differently and capitalize on the assets and opportunities available to you right now

We have a connection to Dr. Willie Jolley now and we know he’d love hearing your feedback and questions. Hit us up in the comments below and as always, thank you for listening to The Dealer Playbook.

Episode · 6 years ago

Jarrod Glandt: Dominate Your Market With Team Training

“In order for training to work properly inside of the dealership, there need to be two things. Consistency and volume.” - Jarrod Glandt

Building a successful business (or business inside of a business) doesn’t happen overnight. It takes following a strategic recipe in order to get the desired end result.

Whether you’re just starting in the automotive industry, or consider yourself a veteran, a best practice in being successful is to always be learning and then apply the things that you learn. That’s why when it came to the topic of automotive training, we couldn’t think of anyone better to teach us than Jarrod Glandt. Jarrod is currently the Vice President of Sales at Cardone Training.

Jarrod has a pretty fascinating story about starting out in the car business. After much struggling and sacrifice, he decided that there was more to having a career than what he was experiencing at the time. By taking a risk, Jarrod took a job with Grant Cardone, barely making ends meet. During his early days with Grant Cardone, Jarrod learned how crucial a role effective training plays in achieving success and look at him now! He’s made it to the top and he’s confident you can too.

The specific topics that we cover in this episode address how to implement consistent training so that automotive sales professionals can be more and do more. These topics all require work, and that’s likely why many people give up on them and never reach their potential in the car business.

We want you to achieve more!

More Specifically, You’ll Hear About:

How to properly do training inside the dealership

How to hold your team accountable

Why turnover can be a good thing

Why most people won’t achieve their definition of success inside the car business

How to achieve your goals and dreams

How to increase your willingness to do whatever it takes

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Don’t forget to follow @JarrodGlandt and @GrantCardone on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out #YoungHustlers airing every Thursday at 1pm EST.

Your Turn…


Did this episode help you understand the importance of consistent training inside of the dealership? How do you currently handle training? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear about what’s working well for you!

Episode · 6 years ago

Tracy Myers: Giving a Wow Experience To Your Employees

The Dealer Playbook Episode 3


In the dealership business, your team’s attitude is crucial. Today's automotive consumers are smart. They know when you’re being sincere, and they know when you’re feeding them a line of bull.


Dive into this episode with one of the automotive industry’s top experts, Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In this dose of the Dealer Playbook, learn some of Tracy’s key rituals and tips that propel his dealership toward constantly creating a positive work environment for his employees, resulting in a phenomenal experience for his customers. Tracy gives the play by play on how to build a thriving, positive dealership culture.


Keeping your service teams motivated not only creates a better dealership environment, but it sells more cars and repeat services. When you amp up your dealership culture so your staff is genuinely excited about your products, that energy is contagious. Before long, you’ve gained long-term customers who are pumped to be doing business with you.


Tracy is an undeniable expert when it comes to creating a ‘Disney World’ kind of experience for every single person standing within his dealership property, but he’s quick to admit it’s a huge waste of time if your staff isn’t completely on board and proud to be a part of the team efforts..


As a dealer principal or any level of manager, you have the power to directly affect your employee’s work experiences and job satisfaction. Making changes as simple as showing interest in their personal lives and getting to know your team members can have an amazing affect on their attitude and commitment.


If your team doesn’t support your dealership’s message and objectives, all the sales training and product education in the world is worthless.

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Episode · 6 years ago

Craig Lockerd: Recruiting Tips for Automotive Dealerships

The Dealer Playbook Episode 2


If you want to pack your dealership with elite professionals, there’s no way to cut corners on building a disciplined recruitment strategy. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit your dealership culture or who isn’t qualified hurts your team. You’re only as strong as your weakest player.


Craig Lockerd is a top expert when it comes to automotive recruiting. His professional recruiting company, Automax Recruiting, is the industry's number one source for finding and hiring quality people to add to your dealership team.


In this dose of the Dealer Playbook, recruiting expert Craig Lockerd reveals some key recruiting strategies. Craig discusses every step of the recruiting process, from the interview, right down to actionable tips on how to sift out the good applicants from the bad ones.


In Craig’s 15+ years of recruiting experience, he’s seen way too many auto dealers tailoring the interview process around their applicants, instead of creating a rigid interview process that’s right for their dealership and sticking to it.


But before the interview can happen, you need to know how to get qualified resumes in your hand. Craig discusses some universal “super strategies” that any dealership could start implementing to increase ROI on their recruiting efforts, including shaping your initial ‘help wanted’ ad to bring in more motivated individuals.


For more on how to turn up the volume on your hiring efforts, check out Craig’s Automax Recruiting website.


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