The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode 1 · 7 years ago

Building A Team Culture In Your Dealership


Dealer Playbook Episode 1


It’s no secret that in today's automotive market, providing a "Wow Experience" for shoppers is an absolute must. Car dealers all over the world invest tons of money and time in making sure customers are taken care of and are getting a top-notch shopping experience.


We try so hard to provide the ultimate shopping experience for our customers, but let’s switch our thought process. What are we doing to create an incredible dealership culture that inspires and energizes our internal team? Keeping your people motivated, engaged and happy all ties back to the dealership’s internal culture. Every dealership has a culture - it’s the way your employees feel when they come to work, good, bad or indifferent. What is your dealership’s culture like? If you don’t know, it’s probably not a good.


It’s a simple, yet powerful, concept - if your team is happy and each member feels a sense of satisfaction in their individual roles, they’ll perform better. Yet so many employers, especially in the automotive industry, aren’t putting energy and resources into into creating that ideal positive, motivating environment.


Keys to building a dynamic dealer culture

Personnel, from top to bottom, shares the same goal. There is team “buy in” and everyone supports the underlying message and objectives.


A recruitment strategy that targets premium, dynamic team members


Education. Empower your team with resources and knowledge. Ongoing education is an important part of any career growth and individual development.


Collaborate with your entire team. Encourage creativity and idea sharing. Create an environment where your team feels comfortable and safe sharing their thoughts and opinions.


Buy in is key. From the dealer principal to the clean up crew, everyone has to be onboard with your message and goals. Without buy in, employees will never become brand evangelists, sharing the message and inspiring others. Once you have the workplace culture ‘recipe’ complete, your team will be the greatest form of marketing you have. They will proudly, with no hesitation, spread the message of your dealership’s greatness.


Recruitment is a significant process. The automotive industry notoriously has struggled with this part of the business. Many dealers recruit with the mentality, "a body is better than no body." Are you breathing? Do you have a heartbeat? You’re hired! Dealers spend tremendous amounts of money on bringing customers through the showroom doors, but all of that cash and those efforts get flushed down the toilet when those same customers are mishandled by a unprofessional, unqualified salespeople.


Ongoing team education is an important aspect of most successful, long-term businesses. Think about your current staff, especially individuals you think could be doing better. Have you provided them with right tools and resources needed for them to reach the next level in their position? While poor job performance doesn’t fall entirely on the employer’s shoulders (individuals need a certain amount of internal drive), it can’t be argued that a happy employee who feels job satisfaction will outperform their unhappy coworkers. And when we’re good at things, we tend to like doing them more (like selling cars).

You're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autortaler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your Houst Robert Weissman and Michael Serilla, hey everybody what's going on, my nameis Michael Serelo and I'm here with my good friend and Co host of the dealer,playbook Robert Weisman, how you doing Robert- I am excellent, Michael I'msuper excited at everybody, how you doing good! So Hey, listen! I am superexcited about this. I mean you and I've been tossing in this around, for youknow a few few weeks now at least several you know, trial runs, and wejust wanted to make sure that this was. You know super perfect, and you knowI'm excited about today's topic because we're just going to really jump intomeat and potatoes. You know we're going to be talking about culture and how wecan create an empowering and enlightening and aggressive and aunique culture at the dealirship level. But before we get to that, you know. Ijust wanted to say that I'm super appreciative of everyone,who's listening ind right now. We've got some great support rate out of theget go, and I got to tell you just right out of the gates that you know.This is something that you want to get dialed into consistently, because weare going to be dropping some crazy, crazy information on everyone wholistens. So I'm thinking you know, let's, let'sjust get right into this and let's do just start noway yeah no way still tellvalue their time guys. We want to jump right into this and deliver you guysthe goods. I mean we're ready to get im up everything we have in this podcastwe're going to bring on some of the best in the industry and otherindustries that are going to help skyrocket, your dealership or your yourcareer within this industry. So Michael hit it man, let's go, and you know whatlet me just say to that. We love the car business. I meaneverybody, you know Robert goes without an introduction. He's he's the WHO'swho this guy made things happen. So...'s going to be cool to get yourperspective Robert, on a lot of what we're talking about today. So you knowgetting into the idea of of a dealership culture. We were talkingabout this the other day, and you know it's really about the heartbeat. I workwith a ton of dealers on a dayto day basis and you know coming from themarketing side of it from the back end. You Know Vendorside, where we sit withdealerships and we talk to them and get to know them and as we're creatingtheir web presence for them. You know a typical question that we ask is whatsets you apart from your competition? What makes your dealership unique- andyou know it's maybe a little bit shocking and for those of you that arelistening, might might listen to the answer tongue and cheek a little bit,but we get the same answer from everydealership. We've been around for thirty years, we're a family owned, anoperated business. You know we give back to the communityYadayadayada whatever it might be, but that's the essence that we get backfrom every single dealership that we're working on so for those of you that arelistening, I'm going to just let you in on a little bit of a secret. If that'swhat every dealership tells me as I work with with you on a daily basis,then that's that's not unique enough for those of you that are on anautomile and you've got twenty dealerships next door to you. You gotto think of something different. What makes your dewlirship unique so todaywe're going to be talking about ways that you can set yourself apart from acompetition that, where you can rise up and really stand out, we're going to betalking about things that you can do inside of the dealership.That will ultimately create an experience for the consumerthat will make them come to you over your competitors. Exactly, and Imean that's. What this is going to be about is, is not so developing that that uniqueselling proposition that USP for...

...targeted towards your consumers. Thisis going to be about internally what you can do to create the environmentthat that is organically, going to create a better environment for theconsumer, and you know the first step is okay. You get on point figure outwhat your culture is, but you got to get everybody from top to bottom. Fromthe head Han show to the bottom of the totem pole. They need to all be on thesame page, chasing the same goal. You know you want to provide your yourworkplace needs to be a place that you know your people want to come to. I meanthat's key, I mean Michael who wants to go somewhere that they don't want, likeyou know you wake up and you have to get out of bed and go to a job. Youhate, so many people do that, but who wants to do? And that's really Noverstep. The first step to driving more consumer traffic into your dealershipis to create an atmosphere for the people that workat your dealership to want to be there, because it's going to shine throughit's going to be the difference between being a genuine dealership and being aflattering dealership, an and your consumers of people that are coming topurchase vehicles or products and services from you can see right throughthat. You mentioned something that is, I think, absolutely vital, which isthat it starts from the top down the way I see it is whoever is running orsteering the ship. They need to have a vision of what they want. The cultureat the dealership to look like and that person has to share it with the next incommand and the next in command need to be able to share and expand that visionto whoever comes next to them and so on and so on, and so the message needs tobe driven home hard with a hammering te exactly get the crew on the same page,which then will lead to to the next key component. To this is you know?...

I guess my goal would be more so likethe G, your recruitment, your standards, you know who you're looking for torepresent you and it just doesn't- and I don't mean just from a sales level,because I mean that's definitely wherewhere most of our focus will be,but I mean it's everywhere. You know set that create that Avatar, that ideal,employee and don't settle for anything L E andyou don't settle because you need to protect the vision, keepthat vision in the forefront. That's going to help you shape the idea or theconcept of what the individual looks like that you're going to bring intothat vision, yeahthe body a body is not better. Youknow a body is Yo better than anybody. You know like and that's that's kind of. Unfortunately, a lot of youknow what goes on in dealerships across America. I Know N dealerships that I'vebeen in that I've worked in the front line with that happens, they're soworried about people not getting waited on or or whatever that they just willput somebody that is not qualified. That is not committed that they're, noteven there. For the long hall, they'll even tell you that they're verbal aboutthat, so you have to set your standards and tighten that up. Well, I mean thinkabout it. You know we're speaking o individuals right nowwho are joining us who either own the dealership, or they havea ton of invested interest in this dealership. You know, I understand whatthat's like you understand, what it's like to start a business to run abusiness and how much of yourself you have to put into it. So at the verybare bones this, this concept of a body is better than anybody. You got to think how much haveI actually put in to make this business flourish or how much did your familyput into it or or whoever h? How much did people sacrifice? Keep that in the forefront of your mindwhen you're shaping the idea of who...'re going to recruit, to bring thatin I mean you, don't want just anybody. You want somebody who is going to takethe ball who's going to take the vision, who's going to understand the hard workand sacrifice that you put into your business and drive it home. Like youmentioned earlier professionals, I mean look forprofessionals or look for somebody that you genuinely feel that you can moudeinto the professional and the word. The phrase I was looking for was a body isnot better than no body. That's that's the that's the mentality that you seethat they think that somebody is better than nobody which is completely false,and it's the major issue with this industry and a major issue with why, onthat, whatever list of least trusted professionals, while the autosalesperson was number two and that takes A. I take a lot of offense tothat, because I was so committed in love with what I've done, that that'sgot to stop and there's only way that we can stop. That is by tightening upwho we're looking for tightening up hireing. You know raise the Bar, raisethe standards and don't be ashamed to do so. Don't be scared to do so. Thepeople are out there. You just got to get more creative on ways to find them,and then once you get them in there, then we'll go over to the next. I meanyour education process needs to be needs to be tight right. I mean Yahthat that was a perfect question I was. I was about to ask you. You know onceyou found this person, you had mentioned something just a couple ofminutes ago, where you said that you know you can mold this individual. Imean we're not talking about finding the perfect, perfect, perfect person.Unless that person exists, we're talking about, you know, seeingcharacter, traits and qualities in an individual that you know, can you can use to mould into theindividual that you need to carry out the culture of your dealership, soyou're talking about education, and I was going to ask you- you know now that Yo now that thisindividual has been recruited, how do...

...we mold them, and I mean you're alreadytouching on it with education but exactly Ao, a gs all right so againwe're discussing some key points, components, factors to create and anOmbiance and and an enjoyable positive upbeat. You know culture within yourdealership, a Montror so to speak, so education and education just doesn'tstart with somebody new all right. An education is not. You are certainly notdoing yourself any justice or this individual by throwing him them into anoffice and having them doing o em product knowledge stuff, which thatstuff. I understand you got to do it. You got to get certified. There is someyou know. Learning the product is very, very crucial and key, but that's notthat that's not the extent of what education is and education needs tohappen from the top down to the bottom same same as everything else that youhave to be. If you you know, if you're the leader, you have to be willing tolearn, you have to show and express, and let your team see that you'rewilling to learn, and that is then going to empower. You know these. Youknow the underlings o whatever you want to call them your sale staff, your team,that's going to empower them to do the same thing, so you know we don't haveto tell you about the list of sales trainers and things out there, butthere's tons. So just you know get the team on an EDG on a schedule to andhold them accountable for doing so and then practice drill and rehearsepractice Drell an rehearse. We all have know that there's downtime in thisbusiness and don't be scared to send them home with assignments and homework,and things like that. I mean there's more opportunity in this industry. Thenthen, I think anybody getting into it today, really, you know, has a clueabout. So the only way to do that is is to learn it study. It get your mastersin it. I mean that's what I did I was. I spent more money than I was making onmy education because I wanted...

...til. You know I wanted everything Iwanted to be the best, and I you know some stuff I bought was crap. Some ofit was, you know, changed my life and that's going to happen. Yeah and butyou'll find that that that you'll find that that you know your base, you knowyou'll find what's going to work and then you just practice drillerhearse itand it needs to be consistent. It needs to be people need to be heldaccountable for you need to held yourself accountable for it and they it needs to be embraced. Imean that's. I can't stress that Andno, I think tose are the three power powernotes of this whole episode. You know those things you just touched on, I wasI was going to add to that by and I don't think I can, because that was soperfect. But you know it's not rocket. It's notROCKINSIENC. It's a process, and you know a little bit about what we'retalking about today is that things need to start from the top down. So I lovethat you, you know mentioned that. Not only doesthe team need to be accountable for this education, but whoever is running the show needs to beaccountable for this information as well. You need to know it. You need tomaster it and that's the only way that you'regoing to be able to get any sort of buyin from those that work with you.It's a reward. Education and you're never going to go. Rom E you'll nevergo wroung with an word and if they don't embrace it, if you have peoplethat are being negative about it, that they're doing at this service to theteam, because they're bringing everybody else down about it. So keepthat in mind. You know the big guy that that's the you know. The big swingerand he's killing it every month, he's gotta think he doesn't need it this andthat oh he's not going to be killing it every month for long because I'll takethe new guy, that's hitting and cracking the books and it's and is inthe badding cage day after day after day, my money's on him yeah. So that'seducation, listen Wi'MNOT, we're not going to spend. We could spend so muchtime on it, but you get that so just... know you need you want. You knowwell give in for contact information at the end and will not be happy toforward. You listen, listen list of the stuff that I swear by okay, soeducation is a big one. Obviously I was going to ask you you know, and I'malways so intrigued- to get your feedback Robert, because I mean youknow, I love getting more insight from the front line. You know obviously we're talking to avariety of of auto professionals who are working on the back end and they're,also working on the front line. So here's another question I had. While wewere talking about education- and we had touched on it earlier- whichis that the the consumer walking through the door yoyour expectedcustomer, they can quickly catch onto whether ornot people your team enjoy being at work. Exactly so exactly. How do we, yourteam, sorry, go ahead? No, no, no and your team, and not only that, but alsoI mean I've been so many places that that I hear people out and about, likeyou know, in the mix in the community talking negative about their place ofemployment. You know that just is crazy and they are doing that about yourdealership. If your dealership is not, you know on the same page, recruitingproperly training properly and you so another thing a we create. How do wecreate none? I was going to say non superficial, but really what I'm askingis, how do we create or how can a dealer, principal or general manager,create genuine brand ambassadors or company abassadors? What incur ope thethe old saying, the the open door policy, encouraging your staff tocontribute their ideas and and when you get a good one, put it into action andlet them know great idea, you know what I mean and and let them watch it. Letthem be involved with it. Even if you...

...know, because that that's going tothat's going to boost Moran, what would you say BIOS times? I gave ideas thatthen in sales, an meetings. The management means that I was not. Youknow therefore, and it was'. You know I wasn't involved with that P. Otherpeople were taking credit for that, okay and H, so actin the ACI guaranteethat happens. Everyhin and I mean what would you say is the would be thebiggest hesitation for somebody to not have an open door policy. I mean the biggest hesitation I mean,maybe just Ido, you think, there's a fear factor.Do you think that this could be the fear factor that that you know what Imean that they're thee they're concerned that you know the next personto fill their seat? You know might be on the rise within that organization.Who knows right, it could be just the they weren't trained or they didn'tcome up in that type of an environment that that encouraged. That, and I meannumerous reasons I mean it can be just a personal like you know, Propr, you know problem negative,negative issue that they have with themselves right. They don't want to toyou, know synergize with the team and- and youknow just open up together. I can tell you and some people have a problem,really genuinely have a problem doing that on a personal level, professionallevel, etc. I don't mean to keep trying to jump in here and try and cut you off.I just get so passionate about this topic. In particular, I mean you know,working in a startup environment and and working with a team where youknow you have to be very conscious about who you bring into, because Imean as a startup here who you bring close to. You will either help advance what you're trying to door they're going to really. You know push you further down, but something that I found worksextremely well, something that I'm so...

...passionate about is that you know ifyou create an open environment where everyone can collaborate, I'll tell youwhat happens the first one is yes, it contributes to the education which wewere talking about because, as you collaborate with your team you'll findthat new ideas and new strategies, W will you know surface but e Lur.Everybody learn something new, but the other part of it is that you know as you're as you're collaborating what you'rereally doing is your validating your team. You are showing them thatyou matter that you are an important piece of this puzzle that not just apawl and not just a pun on the chessboard, and you know, I fear thatthere's too many people out there of influence who havea social responsibility for the team that maybe feel that way hey. I gothere because of a lot of hard work and I did what the next guy wasn't willingto do. Well, if that's the case, we need to be able to foster that conceptand share it with those that we bring in this isn't about job security. This is about doingwhat's best for the dealership, and so I know for F. Speaking from you know apersonal standpoint here that the team that I work with- and I mean you Robert-can can attest to this or not here on on this podcast, but I really do valuethe opinion and the thoughts and the concepts brought to the table by theteam, because that shows them that there's something here for them and sogoing back to that idea of you know your customers can tell if people don'tlike working at your dealershit. I people pick up on it. It's like Oh man,what the BADPA Walk E th moment. They walk in the door, but they walk inversa. opend. You know a place where everybody's got a smile on the face,and you know what this is really Manifestan in a few ways that I'veobserved I've walked into so many dealerships.

My wife and I just went through theprocess of purchasing a vehicle and, and we I can't tell you how manydealerships we went into where we didn't get a Hollo where there was nonobody to be found, and I can't help but think what's what's been fallingapart here and well in anywhere anywhere you go, anybody can spake asmile. Anybody can fake and be phony that that they're loving their job.They live love where they're at but listen when it's organic, it's only tw.It comes across easier you're, not investing any energy into it intoposing or acting like some. You know acting like you're, something you'renot and it when it's organic it just it flows. You know the consumers bsradarsthrough the roof right now and to them that's BS. So when you put this opendoor policy and we'll call it the you know, the morale is going toboost. Everybody is going to feel part of a team which being part of a team.Do you can't just say you're a team and that were a team and then that thatthat makes it a team. You have to function and operate as a team and andpractice like a team, so you can, you can sit there and even f.that's not what you're doing now, if you're not empowering your people tocontribute, then at least fake it and listen to what they have to say, or atleast have them, give you some some some input, if thereit's all crap, whocares at least they're, getting it out out there because it just might therejust might be that that somebody on your team just might have that thatthat you know no get that you know secret weapon, that's going to changeeverything for your organization! Here's something that I can tell youfor a fact in the dealership. Right now there is power. There is greatness. Yousee something that that I you know have found out of myself in the last fewyears. Is that greatness resides in everyone. They just need to recognizeit, and the people that are closest to... can either help bring out thatgreatness or they can push it further down, so that it's not recognizable andin the dealership. Right now you know there are individuals who are a memberof your team who are great and how you treat them and how you enable them andhow you listen to them and collaborate with them will you know, enhance their experience,working with you sideby side and will cause them to become what they alreadyare, but what they just need to recognize in themselves. Courage,Creativit, don't cure, encourage innovation, exactly and sky is thelimit. Okay. So there's your next one open door in body, Heava, sales meeting,heave meetings, that's not addmin garbage and make it a collaboration andmake it a creative, just fest. You know which is going to go to what I think isthe next big big thing: that's going to increase morale and create an appealingplace and an appealing. You know business where people are going to bebeaten down, want to be beating down the doors to get to who doesn't want toown an operation or work and be a part of a team or operation that there'speople lining up to get down with the team. I can guarantee you frank autos.You know Frank Myers, Auto Mac, Tracy myrs place does not have a problemgetting employees and good people because the guy creates at Disneyland.He creates a place that people were beating down the door to get into. Soyou have to show the value to your people, value them like genuinely valuethem in invest in them, invest your time in them, invite them to your homeeven for parties for dinners and and just empower them think of theirfamilies. Think of the Little League Games and the things that I know thatI've missed that. I felt I had to...

...reintroduce myself to my kids. You knowonce a week as their dad, but you know think of that and think of the caliberof people that it could be think of how many people that we filter out justbecause of the reputation of the schedule that we have, that everydealer has. You know, Mikelike always say this on thel four times we tried todo this episode already. I always always bring up the the whole like the oems, especially ifyou're new car franchise and new Carg store the oems. Have this weird thingwhere they don't close out the month on a Saturday? So, let's say the actuallast day of the month: Thirty first or whatever is a FIS, a Saturday or Sunday,depending on what state you uperate in right or what country and then thesecond or the third even or the first is that Monday and you still bring yourteam all in because it's your fiscal or whatever. You want to call it last dayof the month, and it does it's stupid. I mean it is you're just drainingpeople and it's like just because you have to be their managers or whateveryou don't need to to drag everybody in there guys. I meanthink about, I think about just something as easy as letting somebodyoff early or rotating every other Saturday, with a few members of yourteam, depending on the size of your team, to let people off, I mean thatthat that is such an easy, easy task to do, that it Wull Sky, rocket, moraleand every and really in the grandy scheme of things. It's such a smallthing I mean you know. I remember workin retail, and you know it's likeyour whole life has to revolve around that job. You ask for time of ree. Youknow your kid has something like a school play or a soccer game that youwant to attend, and you know you go and request that time off and the kick backthat you get it's like. What do you mean your life doesn'trevolve around this store, but you know what I mean talking about this. Havinga balance and helping your... create a balance for themselveswill do so much for Morelle. It will make people want t work with you. Youalso mention something that you know. I find reallyinteresting, which is you know to have your team over to your house? Let theminto your life. I was having a conversation with Rand Fishkin he's the I think he juststepped down as the CEO of Moz, but he was you know the founder of Maza GratSeo Company, and I asked him that question. I said: Hey Man, you know:How do you find that balance? Between being you know, the boss versus you know howdeep Ino Your Life, do you let people in? Are you going out for wings withthem after work? Are you you know going to hang out with them after work, or isit a very clear like no I'm your boss, I'm not going to get involved with youwit that way, that's Lam! Well, you know what he said back to me was I've.I've never even considered that that's never been an issue. I there isn't an employee in my mycompany that I'm not involved with some way on a personal level, whether it'syou know hanging out after work or just you know, walking to work together orwhatever it might be, and I think you know that contributes to this wholeconcept of wow. I love where I work, because not only is it a team and Ifeel wanted there, but I feel, like I've got some friendships there, andthat is one of the easiest ways for so for you to get meo say and have themover every week. Okay, even if you don't want to do that Babe, you knowokay, but you know let them know their value. It's natural on the backack tellthem that they've done a good job. Don't worry about their heads blowingup, let their heads blow up, because people work better when they'reconfident and got a little bounce in a little pop and a little bit ofcockiness, that's not going to kill anybody so show them value, show themthat they are valued rather b. be you know one hundred percent interested inthem and what's going on with their lives, all right guys were not going toyou know. I don't want to keep you here all day. I'm you know, I'm so glad andhonored that you're going to give us...

...the time today, so so Mike justrecapiral, quick, just a few things guys we're going to go so more intomost of all this stuff. We just want to jump on here. You know for twentythirty minutes and and just drop some things on tha hit that Michael and I'vejust been kicking back and forth. That, just really just you know, just reallydon't make sense that notthat, it doesn't make sense. You know, becausenow I've been on the inside and now I'm on the outside. Looking in it's justlike simple things and small tweiks can have a timeless effect on your brand,your operation, ind on it, your bottom lock. That's that's just it! It's thesesmall things that bring about a massive positive impact on your business andthat's really what we're talking about. We call these small things becauseguess what these are things that you can start doing right now you can, youcan sit down and you can say: okay, what is the culture? What is mydealership all about, and I'm going to tell you if you start writing down,we've been in business for thirty years and contribute to the community. Justpush that note. That's a different tipe yeah! I mean push the pad out of a offTheyeah we're talking about what does my dealership stand for? What makes ustruly intenally in terms at I don't yeah exactly what's the message forinternally for your employees, what do you want them? How do you wanteverybody? That's part of your team that is building this business. That'shelp that that's generating your paycheck. How do you want them to feelabout exactso quick run down on these to just improve the culture which Ouwill improve everything? That's what it does this thing. What this does is thisimproves everything, so you want to get everybody on the same page, whateverthat page is figure out that page get Hem all on there. You want to have ayou know: a firm Recruitment Ava, this description, ideal people you'relooking for- and you want to be picky and stubborn when it comes to that now,if you meet somebody comes in and they...

...captivate you, you know, get it takethe chance, but recruitment set the standard. Stick to it. Don't settle abody is not better than you. Let the cream rise to the TIPE, the cream ridesto the top. The open door policies encourage contribution, encouragecreativity, andcourage innovation, because innovation and creativity isreally going to be a crucial peace to the puzzle of your industry of Youroe operation in these years to come.Believe me on that, we will get way more into that moving forward, make ita prioority all right and then also just the appeal, create a positiveappeal show value in your in your team. Let them know that they are a team.They are family and and think and show interest in their life, so sointeresting hey, they might need saturdays off hey just because I neversaw my kids little league games or didn't see my kids grow up. Does itmean that my team does not have to because they were don't think that theywork for you go to work for them. You work for them. Your team is your. IsYour Heart Bom that was power right guy ar where to find US Michael? We got. Wewent a little bit over them. We wanted to guys. Thank you so much everybody,though, for first stickin this out man. This is going to be again. This is ourfirst one, so we're only going to get better and better and better, but Ijust hope this information had some kind of value. Michael Give Him. Therun down on were were to all right to check it out. You know likewise, Iappreciate everybody tuning in you know this is this is going to be soincredible, we're so happy that you're with us and you're sharing this timewith us go ahead and subscribe. Itunes, and youknow, of course, leave us your feedback. Also. You know we'd love to hear fromyou hit us up on the dealer. PLAYBOOKCOM leave us your comments,your feedback, your questions. You know if you've got some topics that you'dlove us to talk about and to dig into leave all of that information thereagain the dealer playbookcom hit us up.

You know and stay tuned for ourupcoming episodes, because we've got some incredible people lined up. Youknow that I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon, butyou know we've got so many people lined up that are just going to be subscribe and comment. Onfactosubscribe in comment. So thank you. I appreciate you guys be in here. Yoursuccess starts here and we'll talk to you next time, Om Seleda,.

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