The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 4 months ago

Chris Gronkowski: How to Grow Your Business in a Saturated Market


Former NFL Athlete, Chris Gronkowski, knows a thing or two about competition. Having played for the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts, his wisdom about going "all in" has direct application to business. 

After his NFL career, Chris founded a promotional product company that would be well suited for dealerships! ICE Shaker produces kitchen-grade, stainless steel insulated bottles that are fully customized to meet business needs. He pitched the company on Shark Tank and now shares the parallels between professional sports and starting a company from scratch - both in highly competitive arenas.

4:13 - What are the most common misconceptions people have around NFL players?

9:20 - Did NFL training help to set you up to be more successful in business?

12:04 - Do you find there is a difference in how you have to coach in a professional or athletic setting?

15:16 - What led you in developing IceShaker and enter into such a competitive market?

18:01 - What is your process to turn a business idea into reality?

27:16 - Is ego the enemy in business?

30:45 - How did you go about building your website?

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