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3 Simple Steps to Creating a Solid Content Marketing Strategy


Episode 51! 

In the past few sessions we have had some super guests discussing some insanely valuable strategies and tactics. 

In episode 49 “The Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan said we need to be the “Wikipedia” of what we do. He dove into how big of a mistake dealers are making buy allowing the Edmunds and etc. produce all the content. 

Check out Marcus Sheridan’s appearance on DPB here.

Then if you heard episode 50 with Convince & Convert founder and best selling author of the book “Youtility” said we don’t need to be the “Wikipedia” about cars, but producing content people are interested in every day. Not just when they are in market. 

Check out Jay Baer’s appearance of DPB here.

Do those sound like opposing strategies? Well in this session we dive face first into how you can marry these strategies together and how it will benefit your dealership. 

Here is a preview of a easy two step process that will take your content creation to the next level.

1. Google Trends 

This powerful tool will help you dial into your specific region and what topics are popular with them online. This is a crucial first step in creating a powerful content marketing strategy. Michael Cirillo breaks down the step by step process in this session. 

Get dialed into Google Trends here.

2. Keyword Tool 

Once you have done what Michael discusses in the step above you will take that information and plug it into a Keyword Tool. is the one Michael is using but if you have another preference you can use that as well. You will learn how a keyword tool works and how you will work into your content strategy. 

Michael Cirillo’s favorite keyword tool here.

3. Content Editorial Calendar 

Once you have the “hot topics” in your region you need to hammer out the content. Michael delivers some powerful tips to help you create awesome content and how a editorial calendar will make your content strategy better and easier. 

That is just a taste of the valuable and actionable content that this episode is packing! Let us I know what you think! 

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This is the dealer playbook, episode fifty three. No, dude and dude fifty one, episode fifty one, Yo, fifty one, hundred and fifty one. Oh, I thought you had episode fifty one. Let's go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. All right, and we are here in session fifty one of the dealer playbook podcast, where every single week we're sitting down with the WHO's who in and out of the automotive industry to share actionable insights with you, today's automotive professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo and I am joined today by my man, my partner in crime, Mr Robert Wiseman. was going on. Dude, man, what's up? You know what? Love and doing this. We're trying something new. I got people watching in on periscope right now just getting the behind the scenes and, you know what, I love what's going on. We're getting so much love on twitter. I just wanted to shout out a few people, you know that are listening in, who have given us some pretty crazy feedback on the twitter. We got at Michael Rita Otto. Michael Rita man send us a cool shout out the other day. He said at Michael a Serrillo, your show motivated me to go above and beyond the typical salesman. Thank you for your wisdom. I love the dealer playbook. Dude, we love you. We apreciate you listening in. Here's a couple other people. We got Kina Moore and as if premg man. These people been shouting us out a lot on twitter, so make sure you're following us on twitter. We'd love to hear from you at dealer playbook and if you're going to tweet something that has is going on with the show, Hashtag DPB. That's that's where we'll catch you. Would love to get your feedback here, your you know, success stories here, your favorite episodes and the things I really stand out to use follow us there at dealer playbook and Hashtag DPB. So today we're going to do a solo show. There's a couple of cool topics that were vibing on and we wanted reference, you know, some of the past guests that we've had on the show that have dropped some Freakin power bombs and you know, as Robert and I sat down and tried to identify what we wanted to talk about in this solo show, there were some really cool concepts that stood out to us that we want to share with you today's automotive professional. So, Robert, you ready to dive into this? Yeah, man, I'm ready and I just wanted to before we dive in, I just wanted to give a shout out to the to the the three people tuned in on Pairs Go. Absolutely is more than that left. Just kidding. Yeah, and you know what, for those of you listening in, I'd love more followers on periscope. It's such a cool new medium that nobody's quite figured out yet, including myself, and it's fun to just get in there and periscope. You can find me there at Michael Acerillo, and on twitter at Michael a Serillo, and then, of course, Robert Weisman, at Robert Wiseman. Love for you guys to follow us there.

Show US some love. Will show you some love back. So let's dive into this. We've had some pretty freaking incredible guests over the past fifty episodes of the show and you know, we talked about we don't keep any secrets, that we learn so much from these guests, and the thing that's really stood out to me lately is just the validation behind what some of them has said, you know, when it when it comes to your online presence and wanting to, you know, rise above the clutter and dominate the website, to speak. I feel like still online. Is this this topic that has so much mystery surrounding it, and I try to identify what all of the reasons are that there's so much mystery surrounding the web. And really there's a few things that come to my mind and and I think the first one on just to get the conversation going. I don't know how you feel about this, but I feel like, you know, you go to these conferences, you listen to the web in ours, heck, you might even be listening to the dealer playbook podcast, and there's people who have varying opinions and stances on various topics and when people listen to that, they don't quite, you know, know how to put all of that information together so that it's cohesive and so that it makes sense for them, and the result is that you have a lot of he said, she said, said, they said, you know, I'm doing it the right way. No, I'm doing it the right way, and there's always these big arguments that arise. Everyone's trying to validate their opinion on on how things should be done. What do you think is that? Is that accurate or, on my totally in left field? Well, man, you're always in left field, but you're right when it comes to this that. I mean, it's so I mean, how do you? How do you solve that? And that's what we want to talk about today. There's some cool things that I want to reference, some cool power bombs. I want a reference from the past couple episodes of the show, for example, episode forty nine with Marcus share it in the sales lion. He had some pretty cool, you know, content marketing ideas that dealerships can start implementing today. One of them was that dealerships need to be the wikipedia for what they do. And you know, that's really cool information because when you when you consider how much information is out there, autotrader produces information, edmonds produces information, carscom produces information. His argument, and I agree with it, is that why would you give your ability to educate people to third parties who then distribute your potential clients to other dealerships, right. And so he talked about how you need to focus on becoming the wikipedia for what you do. Now, traditionally speaking, I think dealerships when they hear that, they might be thinking, well, okay, so I need... get information about all of the vehicles that I have on the lot. I need to be getting walk around videos, I need to be doing testimonial videos, I need to be doing all those sorts of things. But there is they do need to be doing, which they do need to be doing absolutely. But if you then jump to episode fifty, our most recent episode of the dealer playbook, featuring Jay bear, you know who, by the way, Marcus and Jay Bear, Marcus Sheridan Jay bear, good friends in fact, if you notice, if you've read the book utility by Jay Barry, you'll see that marcus actually wrote the forward for it. But you hear a slightly different opinion. Jay Bears opinion was that you're not gonna out cars, docom. Exactly's thecom exactly? You're not. You're not going to out CARSCOM and you're not going to out edmonds and all of these. They've got so many years worth of information that they've been providing. You're not going to oust these these other, you know, third parties by simply just focusing on becoming the wikipedia for what you do. So his suggestion and he admitted, he openly admitted on the show that this would be kind of freaky for most dealerships to jump in on. He brought up the fact that instead of just talking about the vehicles that you have and instead of, you know, talking about the different services that you have, that you want to actually focus your content marketing strategy around topics that people are interested in today. I think the statistics do you do you remember what it was? I think he said something like eighty or ninety five percent of people are out of market for longer periods of time and then five, it was at five percent or in market. Yeah, something, something on those lines. You're right, because this, you know, they're only going to see the stuff about your cars. That's a certain level of funnel by or you know person that's, you know, in market for sure. Yeah, people are. People are out of the market there. People aren't looking for cars every single day, especially people that have just purchased a vehicle. They're not necessarily in the market to buy another vehicle today or maybe even for the next two or three years, but every day they're in the market for good information. Absolutely so. So with that, what what Jay Bear suggested is that you get a blog on your website, and he threw out a really crazy one. It was. It was to add the what was it? The add the little league scores to your website and send them out in a weekly newsletter, a monthly newsletter. The other one that I thought was genius was blog about road trips and the things to do along the a. So why is that genius? I think because that's that's information that people are searching out anyway and it's about topics that they're...

...interested in. And his argument was that when, though, when the ninety five percent eventually become the five percent, they're not going to shop around to look for who they should be, you know, purchasing a vehicle from, because you've built a relationship with them, you've service them already with with the information. Yeah, exactly. So. So they're going to be there's going to be a level of loyalty and trust with you. They're just going to come straight into you and purchase. So that was his argument. Now you have these two content juggernots, okay, these content kings who have slightly opposing views, but the question is, do they really okay, Marcus is saying become the wikipedia for what you do. Jay Bear is saying don't be the Wikipedia for you do. Be The wikipedia for things that you know the regular joe is looking for every single day of the week so that when they you know, so that when they're in the market to purchase a vehicle, they'll be loyal to you. So how do you bridge the gap, because I think you know, most of the time in the industry we hear those opposing views, not realizing that there is a way to marry them together so that they work well. So I think that's that's a good place for us to kind of to jump into. Okay, we want to talk about a strategy that I use that you know, a load of successful k high highly successful online marketers use to help them identify how they can kind of bridge the gap between becoming the Wikipedia for what they do and Building Authority that way and then addressing topics that people are interested in majority of the time and also becoming an authority of that way. So I'm going to just give kind of a quick overview, step by step, kind of Action Plan that those of you listening in can implement so that you have a solid content marketing strategy that will help you dominate your market, build authority and expertise and make sure that you're attracting high quality automotive shoppers or automotive buyers. K now, the caution with this is that you may not, okay, you may not see an increase in traffic to your website. Okay, let me repeat that. You may not actually see an increase in traffic to your website, but what you will see happen is leveraging existing website traffic and you'll you'll likely notice an increase in leads. We've seen this all the time. We've got some really cool case studies with some dealerships that we work with where website traffic actually decreased and their leads increased by thirty or forty percent during that time period, and it's phenomenal stuff. But that's what you really need to be focused on with this. You shouldn't keep your eye on increasing site traffic if you don't already know how to leverage existing website traffic, and that's what this is going to help you do. So let's just dive into this strategy. It's going to help you guys...

...out. It's really actionable, it's really simple. Okay, the first thing that you want to do in order to kind of marry the concept to becoming the Wikipedia of what you do and providing content that people are interested in every day of the week, is a really cool tool. Google provides it. It's absolutely free. It's called Google trends. Will link you up in the show notes, so you get direct access to that. So make sure you check them out at the dealer playbookcom forward fifty one, and what you can do in this tool is actually just enter in a search term. So, say you're a Ford dealer, you could just type in Ford and click search and then refine your search by the region that you live in so that you're getting more accurate data. You don't you don't really necessarily want the national data. I mean, it's not going to hurt you, but let's start with just finding out what the trends are in your area at this given time period. The cool thing about Google trends is, once you kind of drill in that deep, you're going to get a good overview of how the topic of Ford is trending over an extended period of time. You can look at it from the past month, the past few weeks, the past year, the past, you know, quarter, whatever. And once you've identified a topic like Ford, what you do is you go to a keyword tool, and I'm really I'm really digging on one right now. It's keyword tool dot ioh and again we'll link you up in the show notes to that. And what it does is it plays off of Google's autosuggest feature. You know when you do a Google search and you you you type something in, you just start seeing the autosuggestions. Well, Google is is autosuggesting that data to you from this massive database that they have that because, I mean, like, let's face it, they track every search that's ever happened since the dawn of you know, the Internet, essentially, and they use that data, they present that data back to you so that you can see some of the hot searches that have happened most frequently. So keyword tool dot io is really powerful because it uses that that database or that autosuggest feature that Google has in you can then cross reference the the topic that you've seen trending from Google trends into this keyword tool to help you get insights into whether or not that's really a hot topic or not. Now the the the cool thing about that is, once you have that validation, you can then start to chart out a content strategy surrounding that topic. Now, remember earlier when I said that you don't want to necessarily just primarily be focused on your make model content. I mean you do want to have that, but it shouldn't be your primary focus because, and Robert, you know, we know this very well and you know this very well, there's so many other things that you could be talking about at the dealership level, like, you know, the frequently ask questions. There's, I mean they're wealths of content opportunities float around dealerships. Yeah, exactly.

So you could take your frequently ask questions. You know what would an example of a frequently ask question that you heard a lot when you were work from the work in the front line? Well, you can do them in sales or even in service too. But I mean you can have people that are like just particular, what's the gas mileage on x vehicle. That's something that gets searched all the time, things like how to change the headlight. Okay, so you could, actually you could. You could take that, put that into Google trends, see if that's a hot topic in your area over an extended period of time and then go over to the keyword tool. You know, again keyword tool that I oh, or you can use Google's free keyword planner. It's not as accurate, but you know, a lot of top SEO experts still, you know, still use that tool and I still use it and and you can take that frequently ask question topic, put it into trends, find out if it's trending over a period of time in your market place, if it's a hot topic, Cross reference that to a keyword tool and that's going to validate for you whether or not that is something that you should be creating content on. So in so doing, you're finding out what you should become the wikipedia for, you know, for the things that you do, but you're also finding out right away, straight away, what people in your market are interested in so that you can give them that information, you know, and and so doing it this way, you're really bridging that gap between what Marcus is talking about and what Jay bears talking about. It's much easier to get eyeballs on something that people are interested in, you know. Well, and that's just every we talked about this all the time. Dealers go what, what should I be talking about? You know, I'm sitting on top of this fifty million dollar a year business that has eighty six employees and several different departments with product services, you know, and cool offers and cool things that people want to see. What should I talk about? And I say just that. How about you talk to the your customers or your potential customers about the things they are interested in? And then the follow up question is always well, what are they interested in? Well, again, this is what you can do to find out what people are interested and that's the thing I love about doing business on the Internet. There's so many people out there going stupid Internet man. It ruins such a good way of doing business. Ill, all I had to do back in the day was throw, you know, splash some pictures of vehicles on a page in the newspaper. All I had to do was blow up the freaking big grill on and well, blow up some balloons. Yeah, I don't understand how busines this was even done pre internet, you know, like any business, it was done with FAC simile. You know, it's like you know, and that's just it. It's not stupid Internet, and I know a lot of people still feel that way. They're going, man, the Internet,... stupid, right. But it's like everything about doing business online can be tracked, measured and analyzed. Never before in the history of our planet have we had such abundant access to data, one of those data points being that we can find out much faster and watch with with much more clarity what people are actually interested in learning about. And so what do you speak to people about? You speak to them about the topics that they're interested and I mean, have you ever been in a conversation with someone where they're speaking, they're trying to you're trying to hold over this conversation with someone and you have zero interest and what they're talking about? You talking to me on a regular basis, yes, on a minute by minute the word of once a day, every time I talk to Michael, you know. And so, anyways, the thing is that you know, you want to speak to people about the topics they are interested in and get that information on your site and don't be afraid. Okay, don't be afraid if it's not the standard year, make model, you know, Comparison Info, get, you know, dive in, start seeing what happens. If you do find out that tons of people in your market are taking the drive from well, Robert, let me ask you in your part of the country, what is like a typical routine drive that people would make, you know on a frequent basis? Like are they commuting from where you're located to another same from like thirty minutes to an hour? Yeah, thirty minutes to an hour. Well, I know. Okay, what I would find valuable that that's the same for me, right if I want to get into the car and do like a costco run or something, I'm driving thirty minutes and I have three kids and guaranteed, okay, guaranteed. Anybody who has small children knows this. Guaranteed, the minute you get in the car and far enough away from your house, one of them is going to go, I'm about to pee my pants right dad, I got to go to the bathroom. It's like, dude, I told you, I asked you if you had to go and you're I didn't have to go to thirty seven seconds ago, and it's not a preview. Like d I think I gotta go there at like deathcom five, like dude right, they're scrambling the jets and and they're like doing the dance in their car seat. And so, as a parent, knowing that I make that drive frequently, imagine information that was like hey, traveling from here to here, here's the places you can stop with your kids, and it's like, boom, here's a restaurant, here's a rest stop. Boom, here's a place to get ice cream, here's the here's a cool pizza shop. Those are things that people are looking for, because I'll tell you what, I've lived in this area for like twenty years and I make that thirty to forty five minute drive regularly. But guaranteed, you know, there's other things that come up, not just bathrooms. Okay, it's more of a rural area, so there's not much between where I'm located and where I'm headed to. You...

...know, a couple of gas stations along the way, but guaranteed my kids are also going to be like, Dude, Dad, we're starving, you know, or whatever it is. And so if if I can pull up on my mobile phone some quick information. All right, cool, there's a there's a cool pizza, you know, pizza parlor like five minutes from here or whatever. Can Get something light, light snack, grab my light snacks. Yeah, the Meat Lover's pizza life. That's a that's valuable information. So you can, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with that. As far as servicing them, you know, it's just builds a trust factor. That's they won't forget, you know, like the one with like the little league scores and stuff like that. Bro That's real smart man like, because people are so involved in like their communities and with sports and so or, you know, auto dealership only seems like it should be there. It seems like real Friday Night Lights Ish. Yeah, yeah, you know. Well, and here's the thing. I think you know the the general tone is, Hey, Mr Dealer, miss a dealer, you need to be doing x, Y and Z with your content, content marketing. In the general tone. I don't know about you, but my observation is you get the hey, nobody got time for that. Yeah, you know. And and another thing, though, is Michael, that I mean, what do you think, though? Okay, so you give the full you know, great, you know step by step on you know the keyword research and stuff, which is obviously important. Yeah, but what about all this if they say, if they really don't have somebody that, you know, knows how to then create that execute that piece of content? Yeah, absolutely, to appeal. So I mean that has to be strategies, one thing, but execution is going to be really key. Correct. Yeah, absolutely. I think you know what. The first step here is acknowledging no, I am not just a dealership, I am a business and in most cases I'm up between a twenty million and fifty million dollar a year business. And the reason I bring that up is because the first step is run it like it's a business. Don't you feel like sometimes? I mean, I own a business and I want to be so involved in understanding the various aspects of how my business functions. That way I can hold people accountable. So I bring that up first, because let's say you don't have somebody that can shoot, you know, bite this off and chew it for you internally and you need to hire an outside source to do it. If you at least understand what's involved in it as a business owner. You and and look, we're not just talking about dealer principles here. We're talking about you, the automotive as professional, because we say this all the time. You are an automotive Preneur, you are a business owner. If you, if you can get into that mindset, you'll be much more successful. But you will are then empowered to hold those that you work with accountable, just like you would your employees. There's so...

...much of this Freakin us against them. You know, we even experience this in full transparency. I experience this with some clients and I say, dude, it doesn't work this way. Let's counsel with one another, right, let's work with one another, and I fully expect you to hold me accountable because I expect you to also understand what's involved in the work that's being done. Now, there's some pros and cons here that I see. The first one is you can absolutely hire somebody in house. In fact, we're seeing we're seeing dealerships do this all the time. They're hiring an individual to oversee the marketing that that gives them what they feel is greater control, and I don't necessarily disagree with that. The hard part that the hard part for me to swallow when it comes to doing everything internally is that you're you are essentially accepting the the expense of building your own agency, and it's not enough to just have one person. Okay, it's it's like well, and you need more than just a marketer, because a marketer does absolutely you're great at writing up, be in writing articles and and that long form or short form pieces of content that are going to be interesting to people every day. Can't be said. CRAPPOLA. Perfect example of that is Mrs Leblue, right, Tammy Leblue, and she was working in her niece on dealership. Not only did she have to duplicate herself, but she hired a full time graphic designer who rolled with her. Like when we go to the conferences and stuff, when we meet up with with Tammy, she'd have for graphic artist. Like Dude, she employed a graphic designer. So you're not going to be good at everything. You might hire somebody that's good at, say, content, and maybe they got some Seo Chops k. But what about funnel creation, email marketing? You know trip wire offers, creating offers, promotional offers, social media marketing. What about the graphic graphic design? What about all of the various aspects? So that's that's kind of a tough pill for me to swallow when it comes to hiring inhouse. And then ready for this, what's to say that that person won't jump ship when they get an offer, a better offer, from some other dealership? Now you're freaking hooped. You've got somebody who's got access to everything who's now jumped ship. You've got to try and figure out how to hire a new individual. And I've seen this right I show seem shuts down, shop shuts down. You're screwed. So that's you know, I'm not saying all of this just to create a whore story for everybody, and that's whore roar story for everybody. But you know, that's really kind of the fact of the matter. For the same price, K on the flip side, for essentially the same price, that you would likely hire somebody to do all of that in you know, do all of that work, plus the overtime, stat holidays, the headaches of babysitting somebody,...

...all those sorts of things. You can get a team of five or six, you know, individuals who are specialized. Kay, I almost sad, experts, but I don't fully agree with the term expert, but people who are specialized. For the same price that you would hire one person internally, you can hire, for you know, an agency who has now people who specialize in social media, content marketing, graphic design, video creation, etcetera, etc. I mean, and it's to the point like this. To Be Realistic, to do this, I think, like fools full head on steam. You if you if you want to, just if you think hired one person is going to be the solution, man, you might as well hire nobody for it, because there's no way one person can be Yep, I'm a designer. They do three hundred, twenty seven different things. You know what I mean? I'm a designer, I'm also the writer, I'm the, let me guess, to the leads. I take photos, because I'm the the Internet guy. I'm also, for some reason, you believe I know how to work on a computer. That was is the best you know, and then you see this person in action and they're freaking one finger on the keyboard typing. You know. I mean look, unless you unless you've created some anomaly where your content marketer is like God himself, there's always going to be breakdowns in and what you might have been sold on with, you know, having an individual do it in house, versus what you might be able to get with an agency. Now this leads me to one other thing, and I feel like I'm kind of ranting here, but but I'm not. I'm just really passionate, K and Robert and I are really passionate about giving you information that you can take to the bank. K and this is a hot topic. We hear so much about this. So what this is leading to is, yeah, but I always have so many problems with my my vendor. I always have so many problems with my agency. I never get the things that I want. Well, the reason for that is because I'm just going to lay this on the line. If you hate me for saying this, hate me in the form of following me on twitter at Michael a Serillo. AMMY. Know they're Kay, but here's the thing, right, here's the thing, okay, the reason you hate your vendor and the reason your vendor doesn't seem to be, you know, working for you, and the reason dealers are freaking switching their vendors like they change their underwear. Okay, in some instances, is and as often as others. But that's a that's a different show. The reason is is because you've been conditioned to have that type of relationship with them and they've been conditioned to have that type of relationship with you. But come on, guys, this is business, okay. Your objective is to not just have the OH, they're my vendor, they do everything I want, rely on their expertise, many their specialist I know this sounds weird because I'm, you know, technically a quote...

...unquote vendor and I'm sitting here advocating from my competitors right now, but I you know, the nonsense has to stop. Look, if your vendor is just hiring a bunch of loans and they're just not capable of servicing you, that's a different story. But have you set the stage as the business owner, okay, as the accountability partner, have you set the stage for a crappy relationship at the onset by treating them, or them treating you like you're just another number, you're just another pile of revenue. Sit Down Together, counsel with one another, make plans together, and that effectively becomes your strategy. The reason that most vendors are quote unquote, failing the dealers is because nobody has sit there, sat down together and identified clear goals and objectives. And No, it's not as easy as just saying I want more leads, that's my goal. I want more traffic, that's my goal. Dude, what kind of traffic do you want? Yeah, what kind of leads do you want? Do you want new car leads? Do you want use car leads? Do you want parts leads? You Want Trade and leads? Do you want test drive leads? You Want Freakin landing page leads? What do you want? I got a nine year old that can drive traffic. Brother, you know what I mean. Like there's nothing talented about driving traffic exactly. So I'm not I'm not ranting here and I'm not I'm not trying to come across you. Actually you are, but I am kind of ranting. Great, great, I'm enjoying it, I hope. But to look, look those are you listening in man, I'm doing this for a reason, Kay, and it's so vitally important. You want to be successful. Let's stop treating each other like we're pieces of crap. Let's stop treating each other like everyone's out for the word like everybody's got bad in negative intentions towards one another. Let's start working together, let's start addressing the the objectives of your dealership and coming up with a plan that will work for you. There is not a thirtyzero foot high level approach that will work for every dealership, because every dealer's market is different. How does this relate to content? Here's an example. Okay, I was recently speaking with a dealer. Or sorry, no, I want to share a different example. My team was speaking with a dealer who says, you know what, I don't make gut or heart decisions when it comes to my content, marketing and the things I do with my website or my my digital presence. I only make data driven decisions. So here's an example of the data decision that this dealer was making. They were comparing their Honda store in the sticks K in a town of about eightyzero people in the prairies. Okay, Farmville, you know, back forty they...

...were comparing that store to a GM store in a town of three hundred and Fiftyzero people. Okay, the problem is, look, if you look at the Nada data from two thousand and fourteen GM has like a market penetration. The brand GMCGM has a market penetration of nearing twenty percent, and Hondas is that like seven percent? Not only that case, so that the data doesn't lie, Dude, the reason people might not be buying Hondas in your region is because if I'm a farmer, if I'm working the oil rigs, which is big in this part of the country, what am I going to buy in F one hundred and fifty? A GMC Sierra or am I going to buy a Honda Ridge Line? Like, look, I'm not. If you're a Honda dealer, I'm not trying to diss you right now, but that's just kind of the fact. But it's it can work in reverse in other markets, like if I'm in Toronto or New York, am I going to be buying a preous hybrid or am I going to be buying a like Chevy crew? WHO's I mean, it's it's very regional based, and so you need to be looking at things. That's where Google trends comes back into the picture. You need to be looking at how topics are trending over a period of time in your market and then compare yourself to well yourself. Don't compare yourself to other dealerships. They got different things going on. I know that's really difficult because the OEM's publishing all this kind of crap about who's stacking up where in this and that, but everybody's in a different market. That da doesn't even make any sense. It's irrelevant data. You need to be comparing yourself to yourself. If you did a hundred and fifty leads from your website and organic, you know, strategies this month. You need to create a campaign of strategy with your vendor, your third party, whoever's helping you, your inhouse person, to get to a hundred and sixty leads next month, a hundred and seventy leads, you know. Do you see where I'm going with us? And so you use this content marketing strategy to really help you identify what will work for you in your market, based on the consumer trends in your market and and and surrounding the topics that people are interested in in your market, not anybody else's market. Dude. I don't care how you know a Manhattan that's bad example. I don't care about how a long island dealership performs. Can compared to the dealership in my hometown, which has thirty eight thousand people. But but we do so often and then we pass those. We pass those, we pass those limitations. I'm going to call them on to our vendor and say I want to be performing like that store over there. Dude, it doesn't work that way. So and there's so many different strategies and things you can put in there too, you know, for that growth. But the one thing that's for certain is you create this content like this. I mean that you know that there are that there is interest for, and that's on. All that's done once Bro and keeps on rolling.

Yeah, absolutely. So that's pretty much all I got for you today. You know, that's that's the concept. You can marry varying strategies together so that it becomes one cohesive strategy. The objective is to get you better results this month then you got last month. That's the way you need to be focusing and you can do that by, you know, using Google trends, which again we're going to link to in the show notes, using keyword tools to help you validate, you know, what you're identifying from Q, you know from Google trends, and then create an editorial calendar or a calendar of topics that you're going to create content about. What we're going to do, also in the show notes, is link you up with a template that you can download for free of an editorial calendar, example, that we use inside of our company to help us just chart out what we're going to post, how we're going to post it and where we're going to post it and and doing so. I'll tell you what, guys, that just takes the pressure off. It's not as overwhelming. When you do it this way, you're actually working on a plan and a strategy and you can really bring all of the facets of your online marketing together so that you're moving to dominate the web. So that's all I got for you today. Again, check us out triple w dot the dealer playbookcom and listen. We'd love to. Would love to connect with you on the twitter at dealer playbook and if you're going to tweet something out from any of the shows, we'd love if you'd include the Hashtag, Hashtag DPB. And again, you can follow myself on twitter at Michael a Sorillo. I'd love to connect with you there and at Robert Wiseman, but again, check out the show. Triple W dot the dealer playbookcom forward. Fifty and I'm one five hundred and fifty one. Fifty one stole my Intro, stole your Intro, then I screwed us. Damn. Yeah, for fifty one, Robert. You got anything else say before I drop this? Mikes, man, this was a good, good episode. I think you drop some some good stuff. Man, I set back and was was learning a bit. Love it, love it, but you know what, that's the best we can do. Guys, have an incredible week. We appreciate you listening into the show. Again, check us out twitter, check out the show notes. Will link you up to those those different assets that you can use and to dominate the web. Appreciate you, guys, and will talk to you later. Take care.

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