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Episode 6 · 7 years ago

Danny Benites: How To Get The Most Out Of Car Dealer Conferences


When it comes to running and or owning a automotive dealership, monitoring your ROI is crucial to a successful operation. When you are buying more internet leads, doing a direct mail campaign, or switching website providers ROI always comes up in the conversation. Ever notice that? Where you do not hear a lot of “ROI” talk though is when you hear about the workshops, 20 Groups, seminars, trade shows etc.


In this episode of The Dealer Playbook the boys sit down with funny man and 30 year plus automotive industry veteren, Danny Benites. Danny is the General Manager of Greg Lair Buick GMC of Amarillo Texas, and he has created some resources and techniques to get the most out of the automotive workshops, seminars, etc. You know, track an ROI?


A dealer will spend 2-5 thousand on attending or sending a team member to a automotive conference. Do you ever track the ROI of that investment, because it is not cheap. Combine the money for travel, hotel, tickets to the workshop, food, etc. plus the time away from the dealership to attend, you end up with a lot of “skin in the game” to much in fact to not have a plan.  


In this episode you will learn more about:


How to choose the right team member to attend educational events

Choosing the right automotive event to attend

Narrowing in on what parts of your operation your looking to bring home “nuggets for”

How to retain the “ideas” you get at the workshop, and how to structure your idea lists/notes

How to take your ideas back to the dealership and get buy in whether your the top dog decision maker and you need to get your team on board or a sales manager, GM, etc and need to get your dealer to buy in

That and much more Danny talks about that will get you and your the team the most out automotive educational events. This guy knows what he is talking about.


Here are the links for the work sheets Danny refers to that lay out the plan for you: Danny's Worksheets


Keep up with Danny Bientes he has some great content:


Check out his website here: Danny B website


Follow him on Twitter here: Danny Twitter


We had a blast having Danny Bientes on the show and really hoped you enjoyed it as well. Your feedback and comments mean the world to the DPB team, so please drop a line below. As always thank you for listening to The Dealer Playbook, make sure you get subscribed so you get notified when we release new episodes.


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This is the dealer playbook, episodesix, and this guy used to be a stand up comedian. You're dialedinto the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning out ter dealer strategiesthat deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo, and here we go. Hey, everybody, what is going on?Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiseman with the dealer playbook. Robert, what is shakenbrother? What is up everybody? How you doing? Man, we havejust lucked out with these things. We just been lining up guests like crazy. If you haven't subscribed to dealer playbook, you've got to do it right now. Subscribe on Itunes, visit our website, triple w dot the dealerplaybookcom. Today we are fortunate enough to be speaking with Mr Danny Benitas ofGreg Lair Buick out in. Where's he? Amarillo Texamaillo Texas yet general manager there. He's been doing this since like ninety five. He's been a generalmanager. Thirty years of experience in this business, so pretty much as oldas you and I are. He's been a GM in the business and youknow we're will apologize ahead and ahead of time for, you know, revealingwhat his ages. But you'll hear in the interview man, the guys sofunny. He's like yeah, that means I've been a manager since I wasnine years old, right, guys. So it hit man, I loveI love Danny. I'm looking forward to seeing him at this come of weekat the Internet sales twenty group, which in fact, is what we're talkingabout here, is he's dropping a little formula and techniques that he's created thatthat are going to help you and or whoever you send in your dealership toget the most out of the workshops, the twenty groups, the seminars,the trade shows, things like that. Right, Michael? Yeah, Imean there's so many things going on in the industry at almost you know,I feel this way. Maybe it's not exactly the case, but I feellike there's a new conference or a vent or workshop like at least every sixweeks going on somewhere in, you know, North America. But the thing thatI love about this, I mean you and I attend conferences, wespeak at these things. Were panel us, Adam, there was my little plugfor Internet sales twenty group. But you know, I feel like thedealers go to these things, they get all pumped up, they come backand they don't really know how to execute. So you guys, stay tuned forDanny coming up here in a minute, because he's actually going to just revealthe process. And I feel like in any success there's got to bea process, and you definitely, if you've listened to our past episodes,you're probably catching on to that trend that hey, if you want to besuccessful, there's a definite recipe for it and each thing that you execute onthere is a solid winning strategy. So, you know, let's just jump rightinto this. Danny Beneit US again, general manager over at Greg Lair Buick, who is going to reveal the solid, winning, true brood andtattooed process for, you know, measuring a solid Roi from attending conferences.Let's turn it over. Here we go and just like that, here weare the dealer playbook, and I am happy to introduce again our guests today, my friend Mr Danny Benitez, General Manager of Greg Layer Buick in Texas, at Amarillo, Texas area. Danny, thank you so much for taking thetime out. I know you're there on the front line right now.So I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today. They goahead to be here. Awesome, awesome. Now that Danny is a he's aninteresting guy, ment super hilarious. We go back a little ways.Week connected first at the Internet Sales Twenty Group in Dallas. Definitely has someinteresting takes on things and and we've been in touch ever since. And that'sbeen a you know, few years back... he's been in this game.What how long have you been in the AUTOMO around this business? Danny startedthirty years ago. Thirty years ago. As long as I've been alive,he's been in the auto industry. Everybody. I mean that's that's that's pretty impressive. An alms Abert. How long have you been a general manager?Since one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. Wow, that's credible. I wasfifteen years old and Danny was a general manager of a car dealership.Could you made me feel it? Could you made me feel older? Imean I actually became a general and rum and I was nine. Yeah,I was Kong. You, you and I've done a really good job atkeeping in touch too. I mean over the last fifteen minutes that we've actuallyknown each other. Yes, so, you know what, thank you.It's been a pleasure. I mean I've enjoyed every minute of it absolutely.Yeah, well, we got we went on a whole tangent about dead wrestlers. Danny has an obsession. You, everybody knows, I'm a professional wrestlingjunkie. Well, Danny is doesn't much care for professional wrestling that's active now, more so as an interest and a fetish and obsession with dead wrestlers ofthe past. It is when you use the word fetish, it in currencernsme a little bit, but hi, I do. I like dead wrestlersbetter than real life. Awesome, awesome. Sorry, that's a definitely odd butnonetheless so. Anyway, guys, still, reason why we have Dannyhere today is not only because he's a friend the guys, a wealth ofknowledge, has such a different outlook on things and he's there on the frontlineexecuting this stuff every day, but I had a conversation with him the otherday and we're both Michael, him and myself. We're all going to packingup and head to Atlantic City, New Jersey, here in the next fewday days for dealer synergies and our friend Sean Bradley's next installment of the InternetSales Twenty Group, which is always a blast and is always a great event. He does, Shawn does an awesome job. If you haven't been there, you definitely want to check that out. But Danny was talking about, youknow, the whole workshop thing. You know the workshops, the twentygroups, the seminars, the masterminds, whatever. You know. In ourbusiness that's a big part of it is we invest a lot of money andwe invest the time. Maybe you go to them, maybe you send somebodyto it, what have you, but it's a big part of our businessand they can be very, very, very valuable to you. There's awesomeand amazing resources and tactics and strategies that are presented there every single day,nonstop. But the big problem in challenges are hey, listen, it's easyto go there and get some ideas, take down these ideas, but it'sbringing them back and then getting, you know, buy in if you requireto get by and will either either way, even if you're at the top,you have to get by in from the bottom for them to even execute. So Danny has some strategies and techniques that I was blown away by that. I want him to want to bring them on here and Michael and Iwanted to let you get it a little taste on this because it's such animportant and vital you know, actions to take back and you know, putthem in act. What goods and idea? We all have ideas, we allhave plan strategies, but we got to execute them. So, Dannyagain, thanks for coming on and good men, just give us a littlerundown on what we were talking about. Well, first of all, bothof you, thank you a lot for having me on the show. I'mreally excited for for both of you very talented people and and I know I'mgoing to be listening on a regular basis. Well, as a general manager,you know, my job is to go in and examine expenses and determineroy on different things that we do, whether it be, you know,marketing, advertising expenditures, personnel whatever. Well, you know we spend atremendous amount of money sending people to conferences...

...or myself attending conferences, and soyou know, in the past it seems like we've done that haphastardly as anindustry. We just go to these conferences a lot of times there's fun,there's some entertainment, involves some good food and fellowship and all these fun things. We get a lot of ideas, we come back, real life hitsus in the face and they kind of dwindle and, you know, wemay pull a few things out, and I just didn't think it was anefficient process, especially when you're talking about spending a thousand or fifteen hundred dollarsfor enrollment in one of these conferences, whether it be a one, two, three day event. You're talking about travel expenses. I'm getting ready tofly to Atlantic city from Amarilla. Text is that. I promise you it'snot cheap. Then when I get there, you know I've got my expenses ofthe hotel and, of course, my gambling expenses, which I'm sureare going to amount but you your way. These are things that we're going tospend money on. Well, anytime that somebody comes in here and hassome great new idea of a way for us to increase our business, wewant to measure how much your costs and what we're going to get back outof it. Right. Well, here's the deal. Why aren't we doingthat with the conferences that we're attending or things that were trying to go toto gain knowledge. And so what I've done is just come up with aplan. You know, it's funny how many things that we do get betterwhen we just have a plan and we execute a plan and we just thinkabout what we're going to do with this conference number one before we go.So what I'd like to do to begin with, it's really three steps.We're talking about what to do before you go, what to do while you'rethere and what to do when you get back. So, before you go, what you really need to do is to determine, my suggestion is foror less subjects that you want to learn about now, and I'm going touse the Internet, upcoming Internet sales twenty group as an example. And thisis digital marketing, this is BDC's and phone skills. You know, that'skind of the the crux of this particular conference I'm about to go to.So please understand. You can adapt this. If you're going to a used carseminar, inventory, General Manager Dealer School, you're going to a salesworkshop about the showroom sales process, whatever it is, you're going to knowthe subjects that are going to be presented once you go. Here's the thing. At this particular deal we're going to and your you know what I'm talkingabout. It in a net sells twenty group. I mean the subjects are, you know, building BDC's and phone skills and email leads and KPIS andvideo and sales management and paper click and SEO and social media and Blah,Blah. I mean there's a million subjects. So if I go there without aplan, Robert, I'm going to be inundated. I'm going to bescratching things down right and left. It's going to be convoluted, it's bemessy, one idea is going to trump another idea and I'm going to beoverwhelmed. And we all know paralysis by analysis. You get too many choices, are too much information, and what do we end up doing? Nothingbecause it's just overwhelming. So my the first thing I want to do isI want to say, you know it my dealership. I really feel likephone skills is an area we need to work on. Third Party leads tosomething. I want to learn about sales management and SEO. Okay, it'sso, whatever it is, I want to limit it to for I wouldn'tbother me a bit if people did one or two, because that's palatable.I can really get in there and concentrate. Now I'm going to record ideas underother subjects, but I have a sheet here that I call my kickass subject sheet and basically there are four forms. Each one has a listof a bunch of ideas for this particular conference of subjects. So I'm goingto look through there, maybe pick one, go off the board and pick oneof my own. I'm going to write at the top. Email leadsat the top of this little page. Then the next page I might putwebsite traffic or whatever. So I'm going to separate these into the four subjectsthat I want to go there and concentrate...

...on. Then I'm going to haveanother sheet that just says nuggets. And I actually have these forms, bythe way. will say this again later. These are available on my website atwww dot benet us da, nny, be and ITESCOM and you can gothere to my toy box section and it says downloads. Go there andyou can download these forms and you can look at him. You will besure to link to that, put links into the show notes and on thesite in the post for this episode two for everybody to go ahead and andget to those two. So don't worry about writing that down, people,you'll have access to it. Awesome and so anyway. But this particular sheetI'm talking about that has my so one of my four subjects. There arejust simple blanks there where you can start writing ideas down. Next to itis a Gros a column that says rank. We're going to do that later,but the first thing we're going to do is with when I hear somethingabout email leads, my ears are going to perk up and I'm going totake that sheet and I'm going to write down these ideas. I need towork on my templates. I just heard another guy talk about doing video businesscards. Wow, that sounds good. I'm going to try that. Anotherguy saying we're working towards five minute responses. I'm going to write that I'm workingon a video walk arounds attached to my emails or whatever that has todo with email leads. So I'm writing these ideas down. Once I getthrough the weekend I'm going to go back through my notes. Then I'm goingto rank these ideas within each subject. This subject may have five ideas.My other page, that's on paper, Click advertising. My have ten ideas, so and so forth. Now, once the once the conference is overand I've accumulated all these great ideas, then I'm going to go back andlook at the fourth subject. And first I'm going to prioritize those subjects inthe subjects that I think are most important to my dealership, that are mostactionable plans. And so I'm saying email leads is my big thing. Sothat's going to be my number one. My paper Click advertising, that's mysecond most important, fast number two. So let me recap. I'm goingto categorize my subjects. Then I'm going to prioritize the ideas I get withineach subject. So now I have a very organized set of ideas. I'vetaken all this chaos and I've created a uniform way of recording them while I'mthere, because if I try to recap later, Robert, I can't reallyremember the context in which these ideas were given. So I'm doing it asI go. So I have realistically five sheets. I've got four subject sheets, then I've got one I called nuggets, and you know, on the othernuggets could be something totally off subject, like I need to buy an orangeso some don't need to buy an orange tie. I need to buya south the dog hat and silver chain. Does something I need? I needto learn to play the guitar, you know whatever. And so theseare these are the things and then I'm going to look at those. Thoseare just little things that I want to do later. So now I havemy plan. So I've planned ahead of time because I know what subject needto work on, I've been to the seminar and I've got these ideas.Now a hard part. The thing I wanted to spend one more time onis I've got this idea and I'm ready to go back. And what I'veliken this to is the difference between carrying something around on a flatbed trailer andcarrying something around in an armored truck. It seems like when we go toconferences, we back our flatbed trailer up and we throw these ideas on thisflat bed trailer, then we get in our truck and we drive ninety milesan hour down the highway as these ideas blow off the trailer. Okay,if anybody's ever had a fat bed trailer and you didn't tie anything down.You're going to get to your destination. Nothing's going to be left on atrailer. However, in an armored car, I know, everything safe and securein there. So that's one of the things that I've one of theanalogies I've created in that, you know, we have to take these ideas homein a secure manner and in by...

...first categorizing the subjects and then prioritizingideas inside there, I feel like we're going home with with this information moresafe. So let me ask you this. So back, backing up to thepre you know, the preconference and and and sketching out and developing.You know to mean what what you're you know your top you know, takehomes that you're looking for, where you're looking to get the most help in. So, like do you sit down with you know, your depending onthe position that the individual is in the dealership, but are you analyzing thisstuff bringing it down yourself, or are you going to like your desk managers, or even, you know, Internet to part? You know, Internetpeople, BEDC's, etc. Sales people, asking them. Okay, where doyou think in this? You know. Okay, so we're going to adigital this is, but this is predominantly digital stuff. So we're herein the digital realm. Do you think we need the most help? Basicallyto we understand the question and I'll return it with a question. What doyou think I'm going to get more buying when I get home? which technique? If I go to find these ideas out myself and go in decide myself, or if I involve the very no doubt. Yeah, absolutely effects.So, without a doubt, that's today. The answer to that is exactly whatI'm sure you you're expecting. Is that it's a team situation. Soif I know that I'm going to come back, hopefully with the primarily withprimarily ideas for my BEDC I'm going to talk to them about what they thinkthe areas that we need to improve on. Now I may lead that conversation asa general manager and the same way a salesperson does with a customer.I may lead them down a path knowing what we need, but I wantthem to identify it. When I come back. If I presented as ageneral mancher them and I say I have some great ideas that will help youaccomplish the things you automatically, they're they're they're going to be defense it alltheir body. Yes, they're ready to go because I flew all the wayto Atlantic City to support something they felt was important. Yes, but what? Okay, so I missed UNDERSTO, we're saying. But I'm saying,though, if you come back, let's say, you don't do that andsit down there and that's that's a good one. Right there, people,is that something that I guarantee a lot of people that are going to theseconferences do not do. And it just a simple fact that, even ifyou know, listen, I already got these things listed and I know whatI'm going to get. But even just the simple fact of you just,like you said, what like a salesperson with a customer. You're just leadingthem down that road just to just to show that, hey, I carewhat you what you think, what you say does matter, you know,and it's just the simple fact that, and it could go such a longway. And that's coming from someone that was in that position that that justdidn't feel like I was being engaged with enough from, you know what Imean, my higher ups, and I you know they weren't maximizing me atall. So I can tell you. Let me tell you the peak thattoday's employees. It's different than when I started. Today's employees, their numberone and the number one thing they'd want with an employer is they want tofeel like their part is something bigger and they want their voice to be heard. Salaries number for number one is they want to be a part of something. So make them a part of something. And I hate to say you're doingit for selfish reasons, but I'm telling you, you can set thisdeal up. It's their idea, they come back and they jump in.Now that's just part of it. That is a general manager or a dealergoing to a conference, coming back and wanting to sell and get it implementedwhen he's selling to the people. Now, the sad part is is a probablyonly about twenty fivetors sent. The people that are attending these conferences areactual dealers and general managers, because most dealers and general managers are lazy andthey want to just send someone. Hey, you go to this conference, yougo get smart, come back and make me a lot of money.I'm going to be at my beach homer...

...and so you know. So ifthis is just part of it, I want to make sure we get tothe part where, if you're a salesmanager, salesperson, Internet coordinator and you goget these ideas how to come back and sell this, do your generalmanager and dealer? So kind of along these lines we're talking about. Youknow, we kind of did a rewind to pre event or preconference and,you know, you talked about the plan that you have in place and itreally sounds like we're approaching this, you know, primarily from the angle of, you know, one of the higher ups, the GM, the dealerprinciple or somebody attending these conferences and what their process is. are to anyof those steps apply to determining who from your team you're going to send toone of these conferences? Absolutely, I think that's something that we don't thinkenough about. So I'm the general manager of the dealer and I'm ready tosend somebody that that's going to attend one of these conferences. I, asa general manager dealer, have a responsibility. Number One, I'm spending my hardearn money. I'm spending money that I get paid on. It's ageneral manager because I get paid on that. The dealer spending money that they havesending somebody. So the way to maximize their Roi is to make surethat they know the subject matter of the conference they're sending it to and notjust an over for you. They need to know detail who speaking, theyneed to listen to youtube videos from those people, read some material, makesure the information they're giving is information that they want their people hearing and sothat they're trusted in their people that are in the industry and that have agood track record. Because, as a deal in general manager, I'm notsaying you don't want to trust your people, but don't put your five thousand dollarsin the hands of somebody who wants to go to a conference in LasVegas, because why? Because it's in laws of Vegas. Yeah, youknow, hey, there's this really good thing in Las Vegas I want togo to. Well, who is it? I don't know. It's some guy. What what are you looking for in your in your team to,you know, help you identify? Yeah, you know what it's going to makesense for this individual to go to that conference. What are some keycharacteristics? Well, first and foremost, I would love to tell you thatI think that strategically about it, but I really look at it more likethis. What kind of a human I mean, this is just a goodpurson. I know this person. They're hard is in it, they're passionate, they're going to go and really want to learn to come back because theywant to succeed. I really care more about that than technically where they're atin the dealership. But if they are, you know, of course, ifI'm sending the Internet sells twenty group, I'm not going to send my warrantyclerk. I will I definitely you don't want to send my BBC coordinatoror my director. Maybe it's someone that needs the concepts that are that aretailor made to what's going to be taught there. Maybe it's my director thatmaybe it's going to be a white spectrum of topics. I need somebody whocould absorb that, with the knowledge they have or the knowledge that's at thatat that conference, is going to take them to the next level. Reallydoesn't take a lot of thought. I think it just takes some thought andmake sure the expectation is in the process. You've got a process out. Theyknow what's expected of them when they return from that conference. Yeah,thanks. Thank about this. I'm saying. I'm saying a Robert, don't wantyou to go to this conference. Here are some sheets. The firstthing we're going to do is set and talking about what we need, whatyou think, what I think we need. Secondly, here's how I want youto record these ideas. Third here's the analysis. I want you todo that. That's perfect for accountability, also to track where your money's doing, what this investment is doing for you. Make it or this person didn't goout there and and throw down all night. Well, and because you'veengaged them prior to going to the conference by, you know, kind ofgetting them geared up, showing them what it's all about, getting their input, I believe it's it comes from a certain and I really like the thethe part where you're talking about like fine, get the list of the presenters andthe workshops, who's putting on the...

...workshops, and and and watch youtubevideos of it. Make sure that their message is what you want your peopleto hear. It's the way that you do business, or you you're willingto do business or sabotaging your own effort. Absolutely, yeah, I'm reading aboutpreaching this message and I'm just sending him to a guy preaching another message. And I'm just compounded my problem. So in again, the fun part, the part that I think your listeners and you guys both are going toget a huge kick out of, is this third part, and I'd liketo attack it first, unless you guys have other questions, I'd like toattack it. Go for it, go for it us far as someone who'snot a dealer, a general manager, who has been down, they've gonethrough these steps, they've got these great ideas because, let me tell you, typically what happens. I wish I could take a snapshot of the People'sface that are at the seminar and they've heard these great ideas. I mean, you've done it, both of you, to everybody so pumped up. It'sjust ridiculous. You know, I'm pumped up my pin. I've gonethrough three pins. I've written out nineteen pages and notes. I'm going togo back and I'm going to get rich and it's going to be exciting.G I hope my manager go for it, but either way this is going tobe fun. I'm pumped. Okay, you get on the plane, youjust can barely set still. You're making your notes, your category.You know you're getting all excited and then life sets in. Your cell phonestarts blowing up. You get back to the dealership, the lot quarters backedinto another vehicle, you got service heat to salesman quit. Your finance managerwants to raise you're getting contracts bounce back. Your numbers have slipt, you've droppedpace. All these things have happened and you take those guy ideas youso pumped out out, but because you have these immediate problems, you saidthem on the corner of your desk and you start attacking problems. Your excitementlevel drops immensely. Every day, every day, you keep looking over atthose ideas. Yeah, I got to get to those one of these days. Back to the heat, back to the grind, blah, blah,blah, oh gosh, the for us gone. It's gone. The ethersworn off and we're back to square one. And as adither. What has mymoney done for me? Nothing, I mean a lot of times,sadly enough, nothing, not just a little bit, nothing. So thislast part helps to kind of break through that, because sometimes less as more. So we've really let's let's just paint a picture where we've gone through this. We've categorized, we've prioritized. We've got right now an idea that Iknow is going to cost our dealership fifteen hundred dollars a month to sign upfor these. This new company called Super Leads is is a company. Iwant to buy these leads because I've found at this seminar that they have thesebest leads. They scrub am around, they all buy cars within fifteen minutes. And yes, this is something I want to do. This is something. We need more leads anyway. This is really the first thing I wouldlike to implement. But when I go back to my store under the normalscenario and say hey, boss, I got this really cool idea. There'sthis company called Super Lead, just one five hundred a month, but everybody'sdoing it, I think we make like get out of here, get outof my office. You know we can't spend any more money. You're wearingme out with these expenses. Then you walk out with your tail truck betweenyour legs. All the rest of the ideas are you know, you trunthose in the trash because my boss doesn't love me and it's back to squareone. Right. Does that sound familiar? Yeah, I mean I think itsounds from mere with anyone that's ever been and they come back and it'sbecause they didn't attack the whole conference try and they went into their general managerdealer and they didn't present the idea. So, realistically, the Salesperson orthe Internet coordinator or whatever, when they...

...come back, they need to presentthis idea to their general manager or a dealer the same way as salesman presentsa product to a customer. I'm going to go sell this to him.So I really need to kind of go through the steps of the sale withthem. I need to make sure that I'm prepared, that I've qualified,I've done all these things and I understand what is going to get my generalmanager excited and what he's not going to really care about. You know whatgeneral managers and dealers like? They like net profit. You know what?They hate? Expenses. Why do they hate expenses? Because it affects hernet profit. Why they hate that? Because that effects her paycheck. Sowhen you just go in and throw an expense at them, that's all theyhear is expense. So I wouldn't go to Mexico City and present an ideain German. They're not going to buy it. First thing I have todo is I have to learn to speak his language. Dealerships. This isan important point. Dealership managers, general managers and dealers speak net. Everyoneelse speaks gross. Everyone's pay plan is based on gross. The general managerand the dealer typically the deither for sure. The general managers, typically their payplans are predicated on net profit. So that's why you use car managerwants to start Ninezero cars, and that's why we want to do all thesethings, because we're just paid on sales. So the idea is to prepare,are this idea. So what I've created, the third form that you'llfind at the link later to download is called my kickass idea profit and loststatement. We are going to create a miniature statement on an idea. Now, I don't know about you, but my dealer speaks this language. Hespeaks financial statements, he speaks profit and lost statements. And even if you'rea person who's never looked at a financial in your life, you never lookedat a pl this sheets so easy it's ridiculous. But it puts things inthe category of income and expenses and net profit, which, as a generalmanager. Now you're singing my song. Now I'm listening. Would you?Would you guys agree? Yeah, yeah, for sure sense. So here's thedeal and and through the power of PODCASTS, I will paint a pictureof this. For the very top, a little section just says here's mybrilliant idea, and that's where you ride out that I think we should buyleads from this really cool company called super leads, and that's it. That'smy idea. That's I just want to name my idea up there. Thenext segment basically is income and it's it looks like a miniature excel spreadsheet,but there's just a few columns in a few rows, and so what Ihave to do immediately is I have to find out I have to monetize myidea. Okay, so I'm going to analyze and monetize at this point.You remember, before we categorize and prior ties. Now we're going to analyzeand monetize this idea, and so I have some formulas in here because atit works off like the one I'm going to there's a few things that everythingare few to subjects that we can funnel everything into, or a few categories. For instance, this idea will do one of the following things. Thisidea will get me more leads, right this. This idea will get memore website visitors. This idea will help me set more appointments. This ideawill help me get more shown appointments. This idea will help me get morevisitors from our website via social media. Right. So I know there issome some ideas, or there's some there's some categories in which this, theseideas, I learn, are going to benefit my dealership in a financial way. Does that make sense? So basically I have on the left a blankand so I think if I'm going to buy these leads, I know onethos five hundred a month and I know that I'm getting an additional x amountof leads. So I'm going to write...

...this in the box, in theone that says more incoming leads. That's that's what it's going to get me. So let's just break this down. I'm my Mat's going to be terrible, but I'll say this thing's going to get me a hundred more leads.That's easy to figure. So it says more incoming leads times ten percent equals, because we know if we get incoming Internet leads realistically, we want toclose. Robert Twelve to fourteen percent. Correct. Yeah, but I'm goingto I want everybody to be real conservative when they're doing this. Is goingto go ten percent. I'm going to say ten percent. So a hundredis going to get me how many more cars sold per month? Ten?Yeah. The next column says Times average Gross Front and back per unit.Well, I know our store average is three grand a car, but I'mgoing to put twenty five hundred. So ten cars times twenty five hundred meansI'm going to get twenty FIVEZERO dollars worth of additional monthly gross because of thiside. One five hundred a month. Well, yeah, yeah, andbut we're going to go into more detail in one fifteen hundred. So I'vegot twenty five hundred dollars, I mean twenty fivezero worth of additional gross onmy worksheet. Now the same applies. If I'm going to get more websitevisitors, I'm going to apply. I'm going to multiply how many website visitorsI get times one point five percent. Jim Flint, who does the moneyball presentation and thinks, you know, he thinks that if you get ahundred visitors you're going to sell two cars off of that. You know it'stwo percent, so I backed off and said one point five. So youcan multiply that whatever it is you think it's going to help your dealership.So I'm only speaking on more leads. But again you can monetize each ofthese different categories. So back to more incoming leads. We're at twenty FIVEZERO. So my income on this idea is that I know it's going to bringtwenty fivezero dollars more gross profit to the dealership. Okay, now we're goingto go to expenses, and here's where you get your dealer in your generalmanager's attention. First of all, they understand the secondly, you've gone tothe trouble to understand their plight that there are expenses that are involved with anyidea. So I've I were, a statement has a bazillion lines on it. I've really separated this into one two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven lines and another one for miscellaneous. But the firstthing says monthly product cost. In the description says the average monthly cost ofthis product or service, if any, whether it be a subscription or persale or per lead or whatever. So I'm going to move that over.One thous five hundred set up charge. There's not one personnel labor. We'regoing to add another BEDC person for fifteen hundred dollars because we need some morepeople. The gross on Twenty Fivezero at thirty percent is seventy five hundred dollars. And I'll go quickly through this because I know we're getting short equipment.Am I going to have to buy anything? I'm going to buy a fifty dollarheadset. No marketing or promotions and no training expense involved in this.So I'm going to add those numbers up and come out with a total monthlyexpense. I'm going to take my income sixpence for a net profit. Thenat the bottom I have some additional uncategorized benefits like culture, CSISI, efficiency, speed, whatever. Now when I go talk to my general manager dealer, I want to tease them with this statement. Hey, boss, I'mworking on idea that I think's going to put about out fourteenzero dollars worth ofnet profit on the bottom line for the dealership, but I'm still analyzing allthe financial parts. I'll get back within a couple of days. I guesswhat happens that dealer is going to follow that person around like a little puppydog for three days. What's this idea? What's this idea? Why? Becauseyou're speaking their language now. Now, who's holding the cards? How dowe flads and influence people? I'm telling you. So now you're speakingnet and so they're not only going to really listen to this idea because itmakes some money, but you thought this thing out and you're not only probablygoing to get your idea through, you're...

...probably going to be in line forthe next promotion. You know what I mean you, because you're thinking ofthis as an owner now and you're looking at the expense structure and you're treatingthis idea as something that's going to make a net profit for this dealership,not something that's going to put money in your pocket. If you're a dealermanager, do the exact dealer principle, or general manager, do the sameproject and go back to your people and say, here's how much money wecan make. I'll take care of the bottom part the expenses. That's onme. Pal, I believe in you and we're going to put this,the what you get paid on, in your pocket. I'll take care ofthe expenses. Now you get buying from them. So you can go takeit from the general manager or dealer down or you can take it from thepeople that work in dealership up and it's a beautiful thing. And those formsagain and get everybody will have links to that. It's at Danny been needas bee and Itescom and then it f if you just sit and then atwheld you say you had them at the any is is twentyg right, yes, that's yeah, that's right. For the Internet, Show Twenty Group andYeah, I asked twenty g. So it's Danny Beny. Justcom back.I is twenty G. or just go to my website, click the Torybox and then the downloads and it'll be right there. You can print themout and modify them. I don't care the look and it's free. It'sfree, guys, and like that seemed to be effective. You know,that's a good you know. It's probably better than what you're doing now.You know, and and especially from a dealer standport or general manager that's sendingpeople there, this is a way to hold somebody accountable, you know,and and have something to to reference and and just have a process for thatbecause that's when you said this. That's why I really wanted to have youon to talk about this, is because that's something that we don't normally talkabout, that you never hear really anybody talking about or giving input on,which is probably why you thought it would be a good workshop as well.That's why I do it. I love doing what people don't do it well. And you know what, and it's the beautiful thing about it is,you know, everyone throws around the term Roy. Yeah, you let's measureRoy Roy, but they never talk about the process behind it. So Ifeel like, you know that you just drops a wealth of information for carderswho are going to be attending these events. What, you know what, evenif it's a Webinar, man, I don't care. I feel likethis stuff could apply to just, you know, the variety of INFO sessionsthat dealers can be a part of. That right now, you're right,I didn't even think about that. So, look, you could get these formsor you know, and go into the build these strategies, going into, like Michael said, webinars or, you know, your own meetings whereyou know where to gather it. Let's say you're a larger dealer group andyou're meeting, the managers meeting or general managers meeting, everybody's getting together tokick around things. I mean it's it's good. It's good. You knowwhat you mean. Structure and outline and something to fall absolutinitely. Danny,thank you so much for being with us today. That was incredible. We'relooking forward to seeing you at Internet sales twenty group again. Everybody check outas website, triplewdandy Benitascom. Download those forms. You can actually get him. Triple W dot Danny Benitascom. Forward Slash I s twentyg and you knowwhat, if you're not attending conferences like this, you definitely need to makethat a part of your plan. Again, Danny, thank you so much now, no problem. Also, on the website you can subscribe to myDanifesto, which is a newsletter that I'm going to be doing awesome stuff.From what I found, learn about how you're not really good at surgery.I think you should really pick up on your surgery skills. There I'm workingwell, you know they say work on your strengths and just forget it,forget your waitnesses and let somebody else do it. So I've decided to letother people for surgery on me from now on. There you go, done. Love it. Thank you all right, Daddy. Will see in a fewdays, brother. Look forward to it. Man. Thanks, guys, thanks, civilian. Thanks, you...

...two. Okay, and guys,was that not incredible, Mr Danny Beneitas, man, I took three pages ofnotes. Man, I don't know about you, Robert. Oh,yeah, I got him and I'm going to categorize and prioritize them. I'mtelling you. You know what? The thing I love that he said was. You know, he started out he was talking about analyze and paralyze,and it's so evident that that's what's happening at a lot of dealerships across NorthAmerica. You know, they go to these things, they come back witha wealth of information, a ton of ideas, pages and notes. Theycall their sales meetings, they call their staff meetings, they try and conveythis message, but nothing ever seems to happen. And I mean the thingthat I loved about it was this was a true conversation about Roy. Ifeel like Danny drops some incredible hints about how to actually track an Roy andand what we can tell. It's all in a process. You've got tohave a solid process leading up to the conference, for at the conference andthen when you return back to the dealership from and he's the real deal.I mean you can tell it when he sits there and he talks about okay, you're coming back. Boom, real life hits, there's issues, there'sproblems arise because in there, in this world, in the dealership world,that's what we do. We we put fires out on a daily basis.And he's one hundred percent right. You're a row than decreases because you leavethere on cloud nine, jacked up and then heat. I mean, he'she couldn't explained it perfect. That's a guy that's been there, you knowwhat I mean. He's speaking from from experience. Without a doubt love it. So I mean we're both going to be there. We're looking forward toseeing Danny in more detail talk about this whole thing Internet sales twenty group,Sean Bradley's Event Dealer Synergy. It's going to be incredible. Looking forward toit. You know, we're going to be dropping some crazy content from Internetsales twenty group, so everybody definitely want to stay tuned for that. Ifyou haven't yet subscribed to the dealer playbook. We'd love to have you listening inon a regular basis because we're going to just keep dropping crazy bombs ofinformation like that. Yeah, if you get any value out of this ofus, with it being a new podcast right now, really helps out alot. So if you can, you know, subscribe and I if definitely, if you got some value out of it, please leave us a review. We definitely would appreciate that. Give you a shout out, but again, hit up his forms, Danny Benitezcomis g. The links will be inthe notes. So you know I'm ready to get going, man. I'mabout to go pack my bags for Atlantic City. Subscribe. Like comment,feedback, anything you can give us. Visit US triple w dot the dealerplaybookcom and we'll talk to you next time. Take care of everybody.

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