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Dave Kerpen: How To Conquer Social Media


Welcome to session 57 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast, we are so glad you are here! 

You are going to love todays session because it is on a hot topic we get asked about all the time…This session is about social media and growing your business using it the right way. 

Our guest is NY Times Best Selling Author Dave Kerpen. 

Now for those of you that don’t know who Dave is here is a quick intro for you…

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable Local. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Likeable Media and theNew York Times best-selling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business. 

Dave has worked with thousands of businesses, from small business to Fortune 500 companies tap into the power of executing social media the right way. He is the man!

Here is a quick taste of some of the power info Dave unleashes in this session. 

- The importance of listening to your customers on social media channels. 

- How to delight your audience with your social media. 

- Digging into which social networks you should be active on

That again is just a small tease of the direction this conversation with Dave Kerpen went in. 

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This is Dave Kirpin, the CEO of likable,local and you're. Listening to the dealer, playbook you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weissman and Michael Serilla, hey there what's going on MichaelSerillo here from the dealer, Plabo Podcast, I'm joined by my man, RobertWeisman, was going on episode. Fifty seven dude of the dealer,playbook podcast of the dealer play with podcast we're sitting down with aNew York time best selling author he's written like eighty five books. No, I'mkidding he's written three books working on his fourth we're going to betalking to him today about a book that he rolld wrote, called likable socialmedia will be hooking. You guys up in the show notes. He's got just a whole wealth ofinformation about how you guys can take social media to the next level and andjust build relationships. You know we talkd a lot about this on the showabout Brt, build relationships of trust and you're, going to hear our guesttoday talk about that we're sitting down with Dave, Kirpin he's the CEO and founderof likable local, and I think he said he had a software product calledLikable Hu, which will also just link to in the show notes Robert. You you've read this guy's bookyeah. I met it a few years ago now there's an update, there's notdadeversion yet so it's just the one we're talking about, but the guyssharpman and e said that he moved into like more ofthe software, but I know he has some agency experience. I know we had acompany that used to work with a lot of brands and businesses, social media andits books re very, very good. I definitely recommend you picking thatup. This is a good session I mean, and the thing I like about him is e 's. Hehas experience working with dealership, so the information you got you guys aregoing to hear Dave talk about today is relatable directly to the efforts that you aretrying to make on social media. So without further ado, let's jump intothis session with it Dave Kerpin. Here we go all right Dave how you doing today, I'mfantastic thanks for havving me, hey yeah, absolutely, and you know whatwe're super pump to have you on the show, totay, you've written a bookcalled Likable Social Media and there there's a revised and expanded editionavailable will link to in the show notes. But I wanted to read off thissubtitle because I think it's so it's so descriptive of what the readerwill learn and I want to just tie it into a question. I want to ask you forthose of of our listeners, who are ready to just kind of bite out of this.So subtitle is how to delight your customers, create an irresistible brandand be amazing on facebook, twitter linked in Instagram, pinterest and moreso. The question I have for you is, you know you read Books Like Jab, Jab,Jab, Righthook, who say: Okay, look each each social network or socialchannel has kind of its own language and there's things that work onfacebook that maybe don't necessarily translate that well to twitter orlinked in yet in the auto industry. We know thatsocial is such an important part of the consumers path to purchase andconnecting with people and building relationships. How does you know forthose listening Ain? How do they dig in? Where do they start? Is your subtitleand indication of the chronology of what they should be doing? In otherwords, delighting customers than focus on brand building and then focus onbeing amazing in each individual network is at one at a time. Where doessomebody get started doing these things... that they can, I guess, essentiallysee Roi out of out of social media sure. Well, I think the first place tostart is in chapter one of my book talks about the most underated part of social media,which is listening, and so really the first place that I always urgebusinesses and like car dealers to start is by listening, is by usingsocial media to pay attention to what your customers are saying now about youabout your competitors, about your product, etce and then eventually join theconversation and start engaging with them and to your point earlier,delighting them surprising them adding value for themso that you can turn your customers into true word of mouth ambassadors.Really all social media is th. I find there's a lot of folks that arestill relatively new to social media and certainly relatively overwhelmed bysocial media, but when you think about social media, simply as word of mouthon steroids, we all know that any any any business grows from word of mouth. That's themost important aspect of any of any of any real businesses, marketing andcertainly for auto dealers. It's the same and I've had some some greatexperiences with aute dealers and some, not so great experiences, and so, ifyou're, an auto dealer, that's thinking about how to embrace social mediadefinitely start by listening and eventually, I think about how you can take your customers, your happycustomers and turn them into true word of mouth ambassadors for you, okay, so what you know the thing thatimmediately comes to my mind is: How long does that take? Is it is this adrawn out process like you know I feel like for me. I don't spend all day sitting behindthe computer and, and I mean people selling cars or dealers really don'thave the dat the time to do that. How do they bite into this and and still beable to make kind of, you know, have a positive impact onwhat they're trying to do yeah. Well, let me say a word abouttime: First, because people don't have time for things that they don't seevalue in. So a lot of people don't have time for social media. That's becausethey don't see the value in it. But I'll tell you if I, if you're an autodealer and and and and I can show you how, with a few minutes Aday, you cansell an additional three cars a month. Think you might find time right. I mean,I think, that hen they we find time we make time for theactivities that we see in our lives have value, and I make an awful lot oftime for social media myself, because it's driven millions of dollars worthof business. My Way and- and I value it in terms of how much time it takes. On the one hand it's just like, I said earlier- maybe a fewminutes a day. On the other hand, it's it can take months to to drive a prospect and turn that person into acustomer on social media. The sales cycle is certainly a little longer onsocial media than offline, but but it's very powerful. Nonetheless-and you know when I think about a traditional, auto dealer thatconverts a customer right- you work really hard to get this customer. Well,the moment that you have this customer that customer goes into becomes yourbecomes a potential source of many prospectsand connecting with your customer on Social Media and getting your customerto like you and follow you and and...

...subscribe to your updates and all thatfun stuff allows you to then start to leverage their network, your newcustomers network and that's really where the magic of social media cantake over. I love this because I think you know I agree with what you're saying what Iwhat I see and what I observe most often is. I think you know. For themost part, I think people are pretty decent at connecting with potentialcustomers, but the the tempttation to sell quickly, overtakes them andthey're, not really ousation. Isn't right, yeah the conversation, not aConosaton, it's just a sales pitch. Where does I mean? How do you delight acustomer? Are you offsetting your comments with your own personal blog? Like? Are youdriving in them to information that you think would be helpful like? How do youreally connect with them in a way that theywill see the light or enjoy the conversation that you'reengaging with them yeah? So my friend, Laura Fitton, who works forhum spot now, has she's an author and, and she has aline that I've adopted a lot which I like, which is essentially that youknow she can define your social media strategy with two words be useful when I think about how to engage people, whether it's oneto one or one, to many be a social media. I think about howyou can be useful. How you can be Helpelik can be friendly. How you canbe amazing, O can mee TDE lightful, not how you can sell them, and so so cardealers and other Darei says kind of classically trained sales, people andsales focused individuals have to completely shift their thinking and-and instead of you know, always be closing. You know it's reallyalways be curious. Instead of U Osort of focused on how I can sell someone, it's focused on how I canhelp someone and when you do that, which is by the way good salesmethodology anyway. But but but it's really important for it, for socialmedia, and when you do that you can you really can attract customers. I got I got a phone call. I tell a story in in my book about how the You know: I'mreally keen on giving away valuable content, valuable information. In fact,if, if you go to Likable Resourcescom you'll find twenty nine free, Ebookswebenars guides to various social networks etc and for years and for through both ofmy companies, likeable media for big brands and like Oba local for smallbusinesses, we've given away massive massive amounts of contentonline, so much contented not one, but two people have actually walked up tome AV conferences and said Dave. I want to thank you for all of your freecontent. It's been so valuable that actually I started my own social mediacompany. Thanks to everything I learned from you, one wait a minute wait, a minute: I'mnot only I'm not only helping competors, I'm inspiring new competors, but fothose two people we've also gotten literally. You know millions and millions of dollars ofrevenue from folks that have called us up or emailed us or tweeted us andalready knew like hand trusted us and wanted to do business with US already.I got a phone call from somebody who said you know Dave we're a pretty large company, so I haveto technically do an RFP request for proposal here, but I want to let youknow. I've been following you guys on social media for the last year, readall of your updates, all your block post, everything that you write onfacebook and twitter and- and I have a five hundred thousanddollar budget andit's yours. So you know I got that five...

...hundred sand dollars, on the one hand,from doing no selling at all but on the other hand, from consistently providinga market with really valuable content and positioning myself and my companyas the go Cho Resource- hmm, okay, so, and everything I have to agree withhere, because that that's exactly you know some of the stuff that we focus onis just overdeliver value and just always focus on that. Here's a questionI want to move on to this because I feel, like I've, never received a clear answer on thisquestion. It comes up all the time you know and referencing back to youryour book title be amazing on Facebook, twitter linked in Instagram, pintres,there's so many social networks out there do I and I'm, and I'm asking kindof for myself here. Do I Michael Sirillo need to be active and and superlike consistent on every single one of those ithink. It's why every thinggles,spocial nhetworks every single network, so facebacktwitter, linked in instagra interest and who the Freake Maoanether are EI'm. Onthirteen myself, it's a good question to the the answer is: probably no youdon't. I mean, I think it would be too hard to be on all of them for most frormost car dealers. I think that you know you start with one and then work yourway up and really think about where your customers are. So you know the bigthree are still the big three facebook twitter and linked in it might make sense if you have aparticularly young audience to be, you know, sort of more active on instagram or or a mit might make sense. If you have aparticularly female audience to be more active on Pintritis, it might makesense if you have a particularly I don't know older audience, to be more active on myspace linked in or something but but butultimately I mean, I think, the big three our facebook, twitter and likeDin and if you're, if you're a card dealerthemselves for sure, face bowitter Linein, if you're a salesperson, Imight start with with linked in and twitter. Okay. So- and you just said somethingthat just kind of I think it's an Aha moment for me- you know, especially speaking o. Youknow you said, depending on your audience and I'm huge on audiences so and when you said you know MOMS andwomen think about pintrest. So maybe is there a way, then that you can use the social networks for theirintended audiences. In other words, I mean I feel like, and we see this allthe time somebody will post something to Facebook, they'll, post the exactsame thing to instagram the exact same thing to Pintris the exact same thingto twitter, the you know they just it's the exact same message, but maybe doesit need to be more on a campaign basis. So, for example, from a car dealer'sperspective, they're saying: Hey: look. We want to push out our inventory ofmini vans. We've got overstock, we know. Typically, people who purchase manyminy vans are young families, mothers who are concerned about safety, seatingconfiguration, entertainment options. Maybe we should go heavy on Pintrissbecause we know that's where the majority of them are going to behanging out or do you still want to spread out that message across facebook,twitter linked in and Pentrist Yeah? I mean you probably want to spread it out.You have to think about what what what you can manage and- and you know our tools that, like I will ha, allowyou to manage multiple social networks really easily but like if you're doingit on Yur own. You know if you can't...

...manage at all, don't don't try right soso maybe you just want to focus on one social network for that campaign, butthe chances are maybecause. These networks are all so popular. You knowthe chances are that you can. You can manage a facebook twitter linked in andand pinterest. If you can keep up with it, then your audience is probably onall for it's my only point, but if you can't keep up with it, if you can onlykeep up with say, one social network chose the one that is most consistentwith your audience that you really want to reach okay, fair enough, then, andthat makes total sense. Moving on to the next question I havefor you here, you know, because your book is allabout using social is kind of at like you referenced earlier word of Mouth Marketing on Steoids,okay, so you're engage in conversation. You've got campaigns, you're, focusingon excuse me, you're, focusing on specific audiences you're, engaging inconversations with them. Where how do? How do I mean? Are we talkingabout word of mouth as in you're the one sharing your word of mouth, or arewe talking about getting to a point where people are actually talking aboutyou of their own free will and testament,and is it a consistency thing that makesthat happen? Is it a you know, just focus on value and justkind of post, our engaging conversation when whenever is there a formula tomaking or getting or compelling people, I'm using the wrong words? Is there aformula to getting to encouraging people to to talk about you or make you the topicof conversation on social media, yeah, yeah, good question, so so, first ofall, it's both dance. Your question earlier sort of word of mouth is, ofcourse, word mout that you can generate, but it's even better if you're, if youcan generate it from your from your customers and I it really starts with your businessitself even before you get into marketing, and actually that's why Iwrote my second. My second book was called Likable Business and it's aboutbuilding a likable business and building a business. That's worthy ofword of mouth, rather than like just marketing aboutthat word of mouth mor rather marketing about about that business. So the most important thing is look cardealers, D carters have a pretty bad bad reputation in general, the industryright, it's not thought of as the most CA car sales. People are not thought ofgenerally, as the most likable laid back easy to get along with people onthe planet. Now so hcourseputting it out twilling to put it out there. WhatI'm Gono say is this differentiate yourself? First by being LikableDifferentiat, your Fr yourself, first by being the kind of dealership or thekind of salesperson that is worthy of people, saying Dude you talk to thisguy he'll. Take care of you he's not just interested in selling you the mostexpensive car in the lot he's truly interested in in your your happinesslike if you can really get that reputation by earning that reputation.Well, then, that's the very best word of mouth generator possible right, okayand the number one hack right being like well in the first place. Nowbeyond that, okay, of course, how do you? How do you get word of mouth? Well, you know I wouldstart by incentivizing it right. We have we all of our referral programsthat we run through our software have entered win, so everyone who shares areferral enters to win a you know: Five Hundred Olar Gift Card on iped or athousand dollars cash or different prices. I mean the bottom line. Is Youknow people don't don't like to go out of their way to promote other people?It's not! Even if I really like you, it's not I'm super busy. So it's veryhard for me to go out of my way T to... promote you. Tell your story. Giveyou the positive word of mouth that you so want, so make it easy for me, makeit simple for me and incentivize me to do it and all those things are going toincrease the likelihood of getting that word of mouth that that we all wantokay. So I have a followup question of this because I feel, like you know, belikable. I feel like I'm a pretty likable person,except I'm pretty sure, there's at least one person on the planet that ifthey saw me walking down the hall in real life, they'd, probably like duckinto a garbage, shoot or something like that and and Robert- and I know people likethat where I've tried to like jump into the bushes. You know when I see him, I think peoplethink they're likeable what are the traits? What are the character traitsof some someone? That's likable, like you know, I guess what I'm getting atis hey. You Know Robert Be Likable. What does that? Look like Howas Roberbecome likeable? Well, listen! Your! We see you thought you have me on and talkabout my first book and the and you're setting me up for all about the secondbook, and you know I write about eleven cor features of a likeable business, anlikeable business person, an inlicable business, and so I'm wontlist at all. Eleven Buti'll share some of the ones that I believe are the mostimportant of the eleven. So the first starts with listening or somebody. Thatis really a really good listener and someone of hat listens. Not SomeoneNotthat, that's waiting to talk, but that's actually listening to understandand I closed with gratitude somebody that truly expresses gratefulness andgratitude on a regular basis. I handwrit three thank you cards everymorning. It's really important part of my routine as busy as I am as socialand digital as I am. I handwrite thanks. Three thanks you cards and that really-and I send them to you- know my customers, my prospects, my staff,vengors media etce, and that really adds to my life and hopefully my likeabilityand then a few more that I've got our storytelling. It's so much better totell stories than to like just just you know: share data like people in respondO to storytellers. Storytellers are the most popular people at any party andand often hat the best sales people as well authenticity and transparency, andthose last two are particularly challenging for people. But but if you can embrace your ownauthenticity, Oprah Winfrey has a quote. You know if I'd realized, that being myauthentic self would have made me this rich. I would have done it a lotearlier. Authenticity people are really drawn toauthenticity and vulnerability and transparency and just sort of tellingit like it is those are all really important traits of of being likable, very good man like that. Definitely soso I basically we got a link up to the this follow up book. We got Ta Link Upto your second book in the shownotes which will do as well, because now Iwant to know what all of the other AA the other attributes are: yeah, Hey,real qool. Let me dive the go back on something you said a little bit of godave. That kind of surprised me did I hear you say that, as far as for salespeople you, your top to would be platforms, would be twitter and linkedin yeah, twitter and linked in, becausejournal Linkin allow the most individual one on one connectivity andas sales people, one on one is really kind of more appropriate than one to many. So forthe auto dealer themselves, facebook is awesome, but you know, for I don't want to connect to asalesperson on facebook. Like facebook is for my friends and family, whereas I'm totally willing to followyou, if you have good content to share on on linke in or twitter, if thatmakes sense that Ya Yeah Rano, actually this concept of social sellingis kind of exploding in the last you...

...know a couple years, but social sellingis t's, just social media for sales people and- and I see more and more sales peoplestarted the leverage twitter and like Din and doing a very nice job ofbuilding their own personal brand on these networks and and gaiting audienceand getting sales. The thing that's so cool about car dealers and carsalespeople is you know your sales and N. it's a big ticket item right, so youknow you every one sale you make you get paid on. So if you can, if you canstart to Generatea a pipeline on social networks, it'sdelivering you one. Two three, you know solid leads a week. Ow Man, you startto convert those leads into into opportunities and sales man it'll beworth it. Yeah, absollutely, yeah! Well, an you know what I love about thisconversation. I feel like t this is exactly how things have happened forfor our agency, Robert Mine. You know most of the connections. Actually, Ithink in the last three years the connections that have that I've beenable to monetize have come through connecting withpeople on social media. So you know the more you're talking the more you'reanswering our questions, the more I'm seeing how this really kind of comestogether because it isn't overnight, but it's sorewarding, because it creates these lasting relationships that you buildwith people who you know view you in a certain light. You build your brand,you get some more information out there. You continue to. You know, communicatewith people and then eventually, one day, someone comes through the pipethat says: Oh Hey, we'd love for you to do this, or or like he said, the guythat dropped half ead, a million dollar budget exactlly, and that's exactly howit's happened to us. So I guess maybe there's a case study for what you'retalking about here and that's the way it's going to happen for those of youlistening and you get in there resist that urge to sell and just be a goodcontributor to a conversation, be likable, be likable. You know what Ifeel like there's so many more questions. We could ask you, but, but Ithink this is enough- R information for now, so I'm going to I'm going to closedown the conversation, but thank you so much for being on theshow with us today, because this is something that I see so crucialto to I mean well, this is the way things are done these days, thingshappen through social media, so again Dave thanks. So much for for being onthe show with us today. My pleasure thanks so much for having me before wesign off. How can those that are interested in getting more information-and I mean we'll link up to your books in the shownotes? But how can peopleget in touch with you? What's the preferred method of contact sure so one of my core values? Actuallyone one of the other eleven that's in my little guide to being likeable isresponsiveness, so I get over a thousand questions a week,vea social media and I respond to each and everyone. So if anyone has anyquestions for me, you can hit me up on twitter at Dave, Kirpin, Ker pen, andif you are looking for perhaps a faster response or you're not on tritter.Quite yet you can search likeabale. So we're really all things. Likable we'vegot three books on Amazon with Likeabol in the name and any big brands out there can talk tolikeable media and any smaller businesses or sales people should checkout, like Aa hub our brand new, totally free product to help you manage yoursocial media. Awesome appreciate it thanks for being on the show with usDave te thanks, so mucy Hav have a super likable day some brother, and there you have it. That was ands yt New York Times best selling author...

Dave Kirpin sorilla. Would you thinkman? Well? I mean he knows what he's talking about right. I think he's very.You can sense the passion that he has about this and that that it's worked inthat Aha moment that I kind of had halfway through the show where I waslike. Oh Yeah, you know what everything he's talking about is exactly how it'shappened for me and I think what relationships we talke about this allthe time. It's like what relationships haven't I built in the last three tofive years, that didn't start on social media. Absolutely, and it's like we'vementioned this before it's it's, even though you know we so much segment. TheAutomobile Industry Unti like it's so much different than anything else, butit's still that build relationships is the same. You know what I mean.Building relationship is the same, no matter what Youe doing and that's whereit all starts. N and Dave went deep into that, and you know he goes so much.You know further into it in the book. Sometimes we wish we these things couldbe longer, but you know we're not trying to keep you there all day. YeahI mean this isn't a university course. It's just to get you guys plug Bein,but I mean such such incredible information and it tied in you know.For me, it ties in so perfectly so well with our last gas, Jordan Harbingerfrom art of charm, because he talked about kind of the real world offlinenetworking and connecting and building relationships with people, and he did reference. I think at onepoint how you know a lot of this stuff can start online and now we're pickingup that conversation with with Dave and he's talking all about how you can getthat conversation start on social media so that you can network and build thoserelationships. I mean Dude, you and I met on social media alot of the people that we call friends now we all metfirst on social media built relationships with a translated offline,so th the whole thing about being likable, I think, is really reallyimportant and I want to get my hands on that book. We're going to be linkingtoin. The show notes over at the dealer, Playbookcom forard H, fifty seven so besure to check that out guys. Thank you. So much for listening, and weappreciate your support, your feedback, your reviews. We love you guys for checking out mynew book. Don't wait, dominate, which is a is an Amazon best seller incertain O on her yeah. Exactly so. If you haven't checked that out definitelygo check it out, Wi'll link to it in the shownotes triplew dot the dealerplaybookcom forward. Fifty seven. If you've got nothing else. RobertI'malready T goout of here Yep Talkin, Yo, guys a you BA.

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