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Dave Kerpen: How To Conquer Social Media


Welcome to session 57 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast, we are so glad you are here! 

You are going to love todays session because it is on a hot topic we get asked about all the time…This session is about social media and growing your business using it the right way. 

Our guest is NY Times Best Selling Author Dave Kerpen. 

Now for those of you that don’t know who Dave is here is a quick intro for you…

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable Local. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Likeable Media and theNew York Times best-selling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business. 

Dave has worked with thousands of businesses, from small business to Fortune 500 companies tap into the power of executing social media the right way. He is the man!

Here is a quick taste of some of the power info Dave unleashes in this session. 

- The importance of listening to your customers on social media channels. 

- How to delight your audience with your social media. 

- Digging into which social networks you should be active on

That again is just a small tease of the direction this conversation with Dave Kerpen went in. 

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This is Dave Kirp in, theCEO of likable local, and you're listening to the dealer playbook. You're dialedinto the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning out or dealer strategiesthat deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weisman and Michael Cirillo. Hey there, what's going on? Michael Cirillo here from the dealer playbookpodcast. I'm joined by my man, Robert Wiseman, was going on episodefifty seven, Dude, of the dealer playbook podcast. Of the dealer playbookpodcast, we're sitting down with a New York time best selling author. He'swritten like eighty five books. No, I'm kidding. He's written three booksworking on his fourth. We're going to be talking to him today about abook that he rolled wrote called likable social media. Will be hooking you guysup in the show notes. He's got just a whole wealth of information abouthow you guys can take social media to the next level and and just buildrelationships. You know, we talked a lot about this on the show,about Brt, build relationships of trust, and you're going to hear our guesttoday talk about that we're sitting down with Dave Kirpin. He's the CEO andfounder of likable local and I think he said he had a software product calledlikable hub, which will also just linked to in the show notes. Robert, you you've read this guy's book and read it a few years ago.Now. There's an updated, there's an updated, there's and yet so it'sis the one we're talking about. But heat the guy's sharp man and hesaid that he moved into like more of the software, but I know hehas some agency experience. I know he had a company that used to workwith a lot of brands and businesses social media and his books very, verygood. I definitely recommend you picking that up. This is a good session. I mean in the thing I like about him is he's he has experienceworking with dealerships. So the information you got, you guys are going tohear Dave talk about today is relatable directly to the efforts that you are tryingto make on social media. So without further ado, let's jump into thissession with it. Dave Kurpin, here we go. All right, Dave, how you doing today? I'm fantastic. Thanks for having me. Hey,yeah, absolutely, and you know what, we're super pumped have youon the show. To Tay. You've written a book called Likable Social Mediaand there's a revised and expanded edition available. Will Link to in the show notes. But I wanted to read off this subtitle because I think it's soit's so descriptive of what the reader will learn and I want to just tieit into a question I want to ask you for those of of our listenerswho are ready to just kind of bite out of this. So subtitle ishow to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand and be amazing on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, instagram, pinterest and more. So the question Ihave for you is, you know, you read Books Like Jab Jab JabRight Hook, who say, okay, look, each each social network orsocial channel has kind of its own language and there's things that work on facebookthat maybe you don't necessarily translate that well to twitter or Linkedin. Yet inthe auto industry we know that social is such an important part of the consumerspath to purchase and connecting with people and building relationships. How does you knowfor those listening and how do they dig in? Where do they start?Is your subtitle and indication of the chronology of what they should be doing,in other words, delighting customers, then focus on brand building and then focuson being amazing in each individual network. is at one at a time.Where does somebody get started doing these things... that they can, I guess, essentially see Roy out of out of social media? Sure well, Ithink the first place to start is a new chapter. One of my booktalks about the most underrated part of social media, which is listening. Andso really the first place that I always urge businesses and like car dealers tostart is by listening, is by using social media to pay attention to whatyour customers are saying now about you, about your competitors, about your products, etc. And then eventually join the conversation and start engaging with them and, to your point earlier, delighting them, surprising them, adding value for them, so that you can turn your your customers, into true word ofmouth ambassadors. Really all social media is there. There I find there's alot of folks that are still relatively new to social media and certainly relatively overwhelmedby social media. But when you think about social media simply as word ofmouth on steroids, we all know that any, any, any business growsfrom word of mouth. That's the most important aspect of any of any ofany real business, is marketing, and certainly for auto dealers it's the same. And I've had some, some great experiences with all the dealers and somenot so great experiences. And so if you're an auto dealer that's thinking abouthow to embrace social media, definitely start by listening and eventually, I thinkabout how you can take your customers, you're happy customers, and turn theminto true word of mouth ambassadors for you. Okay, so what you know.The thing that immediately comes to my mind is how long does that take? Is it? Is this a drawn out process, like you know,I feel like for me, I don't spend all day sitting behind the computerand, and I mean people selling cars or dealers really don't have the day, that the time to do that. How do they bite into this andand still be able to make kind of a you know, have a positiveimpact on what they're trying to do? Yeah, well, let me saya word about time first, because people don't have time for things that theydon't see value in. So a lot of people don't have time for socialmedia. That's because they don't see the value in it. But I'll tellyou if, if you're an auto dealer and and and and I can showyou how, with a few minutes a day, you can sell an additionalthree cars a month, I think you might find time right. I meanI think that then they we we, we find time, we make timefor the activities that we see in our lives have value. And I makean awful lot of time for social media myself because it's driven millions of dollarsworth of business my way. And and and I value it in terms ofhow much time it takes. On the one hand it's just like I saidearlier, maybe a few minutes a day. On the other hand it's it cantake months to to drive a prospect and turn that person into a customer. On social media, the sales cycle is certainly a little longer on socialmedia than offline, but but it's very powerful nonetheless. And you know,when I think about a traditional auto dealer that converts a customer right, youwork really hard to get this customer. Well, the moment that you havethis customer, that customer goes into becomes your becomes a potential source of manyprospects, and connecting with your customer on Social Media and getting your customer tolike you and follow you and and subscribe... your updates and all that funstuff allows you to then start to leverage their network, your new customers network, and that's really where the magic of social media can take over. Ilove this because I think, you know, I agree with what you're saying.What I what I see and what I observe most often is, Ithink, you know, for the most part, I think people are prettydecent at connecting with potential customers, but the the temptation to sell quickly overtakesthem and they're not reversation, isn't right? Yeah, the conversation not a conversation, it's just a sales pitch. Where does I mean? How doyou delight a customer simmer? Are you offsetting your comments with your own personalblog, like, are you driving in them to information that you think wouldbe helpful? Like, how do you really connect with them in a waythat they will see, de light our or enjoy the conversation that you're engagingwith them? Yeah, so my friend Laura Fitton, who works for hubspot now has she's an author and she has a line that I've adopted alot which I like, which is essentially that, you know, she candefine your social media strategy with two words be useful. When I think abouthow to engage people, whether it's one to one or one too many,via social media, I think about how you can be useful, how youcan be helpful, how you can be friendly, how you can be amazing, how you can be delightful, not how you can sell them. Andso so car dealers and and other, dare I say, kind of classicallytrained sales people and sales focused individuals have to completely shift their thinking and andinstead of, you know, always be closing, you know, it's reallyalways be curious and instead of sort of focused on how I can sell someone, it's focus on how I can help someone. And when you do that, which is, by the way, good sales methodology anyway. But,but, but it's really important for it for social media, and when youdo that you can, you really can attract customers. I got, Igot a phone call. I tell a story in in my book about howthat. You know, I'm really keen on giving away valuable content, valuableinformation. In fact, if if you go to likable Resourcescom, you'll findtwenty nine free ebooks, Webinars, guides to various social networks, etc.And for years and for through both of my companies, likable media for bigbrands and like of a local for small businesses, we've given away massive,massive amounts of content online, so much content at not one but two peoplehave actually walked up to me at conferences and said, Dave, I wantto thank you for all of your free content. It's been so valuable thatactually I started my own social media company thanks to everything I learned from you. HMM. Well, wait a minute, wait a minute, I'm not onlyI'm not only helping competitors, I'm inspiring new competitors. But for thosetwo people, we've also gotten literally, you know, millions and millions ofdollars of revenue from folks that have called us up or emailed us or tweetedus and already knew, liked and trusted us and wanted to do business withus. Already I got a phone call from somebody who said, you know, Dave, we're pretty large company. So I have to technically do anOURFP request for proposal here, but I want to let you know, I'vebeen following you guys on social media for the last year, read all ofyour updates, all of your blog posts, everything that you write on facebook andtwitter and and I have a five hundredzero dollar budget and it's yours.So you know, I got that five...

...hundred thousand dollars, on the onehand from doing no selling at all, but, on the other hand,from consistently providing the market with really valuable content and positioning myself and my companyas the go to resource. HMM, okay, so and everything I haveto agree with here, because that that's exactly you know, some of thestuff that we focus on is just over deliver value and just always focus onthat. Here's a question. I want to move on to this because Ifeel like I've never received a clear answer on this question. It comes upall the time, you know, and referencing back to your your book titlebe amazing. On facebook, twitter, Linkedin, instagram, pinterest, there'sso many social networks out there. Do I, and I'm and I'm askingkind of for myself here, do I, Michael Serrillo, need to be activeand and super like consistent on every single one of those? I thinkit's why I re single suscial networks, every single network. So facebook,twitter, linked in, instagram, pinterest and a. who the frequents?How many either are? I'm on thirteen myself. It's a good question.To the the answer is probably no, you don't. I mean I thinkit would be too hard to be on all of them for most, formost car dealers, I think that you know, you start with one andthen work your way up and really think about where your customers are. Soyou know, the big three are still the big three. Facebook, twitterand Linkedin. It might make sense, if you have a particularly young audience, to be, you know, sort of more active on instagram or chat. It might make sense, if you have a particularly female audience, tobe more active on Pinchristris. It might make sense, if you have aparticularly, I don't know, older audience, to be more active on my space, on a linkedin or something. But, but, but, ultimately, I mean I think the big three are our facebook, twitter and Linkedin. And if you're if you're a card dealer themselves, for sure, facebook, twitter and Linkedin. If you're a salesperson, I might start with withwith linkedin and twitter. Okay, so, and you just said something that justkind of I think it's an Aha moment for me, you know,especially speaking of you know, you said depending on your audience, and I'mhuge on audience. Has So and when you said you know MOMS and womenthink about pinterest. So maybe is there a way then that you can usethe social networks for their intended audiences? In other words, I mean Ifeel like, and we see this all the time, somebody will post somethingto Facebook, they'll post the exact same thing to instagram, the exact samething to Pinterest, the exact same thing to twitter, the you know,they just it's the exact same message. But maybe does it need to bemore on a campaign basis? So, for example, from a car dealer'sperspective, they're saying, Hey, look, we want to push out our inventoryof many vans where we've got over stock. We know typically people whopurchase many minivans or young families, mothers who are concerned about safety, seeit and configuration entertainment options. Maybe we should go heavy on pinterest because weknow that's where the majority of them are going to be hanging out. Ordo you still want to spread out that message across facebook, twitter, Linkedinand pinterest. Yeah, I mean you probably want to spread it out.You have to think about what what, what you can manage and and youknow our tools, that Likable Jab, allow you to manage multiple social networksreally easily. But, like if you're doing it on your own, youknow, if you can't manage it all,...

...don't don't try, right. Somaybe you just want to focus on one so social network for that campaign. But the chances are may because these networks are all so popular. Youknow, the chances are that you can. You can manage a facebook, twitter, linkedin and and pinterests. If you can keep up with it,then your audience is probably on all four. Is My only point. But ifyou can't keep up with it, if you can only keep up withthe one social network, to choose the one that is most consistent with youraudience that you really want to reach. Okay, fair enough then, andthat makes total sense. Moving on to the next question I have for youhere, you know, because your book is all about using social as kindof it, like you referenced earlier, word of Mouth, marketing on steroids. Okay, so you're engaged in conversation, you've got campaigns, you're focusing on, excuse me, you're focusing on specific audiences. You're engaging in conversationswith them. where. How To? How To? I mean, arewe talking about word of mouth, as in you're the one sharing your wordof mouth, or are we talking about getting to a point where people areactually talking about you of their own free will and testament? And is ita consistency thing that makes that happen? Is it a you know, justfocus on value and just kind of post or engage in conversation? When,whenever, is there a formula to make king or getting or compelling people?I'm using the wrong words. Is there a formula of getting into encouraging peopleto to talk about you or make you the topic of conversation on Social Media? Yeah, yeah, good question. So so, first of all,it's both, to answer your question earlier, sort of word of mouth is,of course, word a mouth that you can generate, but it's evenbetter if you're if you can generate it from your from your customers, andit it really starts with your business itself, even before you get into marketing.And actually that's why I wrote my second my second book was called LikableBusiness, and it is about building a likable business and building a business that'sworthy of word of mouth rather than like just marketing about that word of mouthmore rather marketing about about that business. So the most important thing is,look, car dealers, don't carters have a pretty bad, bad reputation ingeneral the industry, right it's not thought of as the most car salespeople arenot thought of generally as the most likable, laid back, easy to get alongwith people on the plane. No, yeah, of course, you know, I'm just putting it out there, willing to put it out there,but what I'm going to say is this. Differentiate yourself first by beinglikable. Differentiate your for yourself first by being the kind of dealership or thekind of salesperson that is worthy of people saying, dude, you talk tothis guy, he'll take care of you. He's not just interested in selling youthe most expensive car on the lot. He's truly interested in in your yourhappiness. Like, if you can really get that reputation by earning thatreputation, well, then that's the very best word of mouth generator possible.Right. Okay, the number one hack is being like well in the firstplace. Now, beyond that. Okay, of course. How do you?How do you get word of mouth? Well, you know, I wouldstart by incentivizing it, right. We have. We all of ourreferral programs that we run through our software have entered wins. So everyone whoshares a referral enters to win a, you know, five hundred Gift Cardor an IPAD or a thousand dollars cash or different prizes. I mean thebottom line is, you know, people don't don't like to go out oftheir way to promote other people. It's not even if I really like you, it's not. I'm super busy, so it's very hard for me togo out of my way to like promote..., tell your story, giveyou the positive word of mouth that you so want. So make it easyfor me, make it simple for me and incentivized me to do it,and all those things are going to increase the likelihood of getting that word ofmouth that you that we all want. Okay, so I have a followup question to this, because I feel like, you know, be likable. I I feel like I'm a pretty likable person, except I'm pretty surethere's at least one person on the planet that, if they saw me walkingdown the hall. In real life they'd probably like duck into a garbage shootor something like that. And and Robert, and I know people like that whereI've tried to like jump into the bushes. You know, when Isee him, I think people think they're likable. What are the traits,what are the character traits of some someone that's likable like you know, Iguess what I'm getting at is, Hey, you know, Robert be likable.What does that look like? How does Robert Become Likable? Well,listen your we see you thought you have me on and talk about my firstbook and that and you're setting me up for all about the second book.And you know I write about eleven core features of a likable business and alikable businessperson in in in in likable business, and so I'm won't list out alleleven, but I'll share some of the ones that I believe are themost important of the eleven. So the first starts with listening, or somebodythat is really a really good listener. And some of that listens not someoneout that that's that's waiting to talk, but that's actually listening to understand.And I close with gratitude somebody that truly expresses gratefulness and gratitude on a regularbasis. I hand right free thank you cards every morning. It's really importantpart of my routine. As busy as I am, as social and digitalas I am, I hand right thank you three thank you cards and thatreally and I send them to, you know, my customers, my prospects, my staff of enjers media, etc. And that really adds to my lifeand hopefully my likability. And then a few more that I've got ourstorytelling the it's so much better to tell stories than to like, just justshare data. Like. People respond to two storytellers. Storytellers are the mostpopular people at any party and and and often that the best sales people aswell. Authenticity and transparency. And those last two are particularly challenging for people. But if you can embrace your own authenticity, Oprah Winfrey has a quote. You know, if I'd realized that being my authentic self would have mademe this rich, I would have done it a lot earlier. Authenticity.People are really drawn to authenticity and vulnerability and transparency and just sort of tellingit like it is. Those are all really important traits of being likable.Very good man like that. Definitely so so it. Basically we got alink up to the this follow up book. which we'll do as well, becausenow I want to know what all of the other and met the other attributesare. Yeah, Hey, real cool. Let me dive the go back onsomething you said a little bit of good day. That kind of surprisedme. Did I hear you say that? As far as for salespeople, youyour top two would be platforms would be twitter and Linkedin. Yeah,twitter and Linkedin, because turn linkedin allow the most individual one on one connectivity. Um, and as salespeople were, one on one is really kind ofmore appropriate than one too many. So for the auto dealer themselves, facebookis awesome, but you know, for I don't want to connect to asalesperson on facebook like facebook is for my friends and family, whereas I'm totallywilling to follow you if you have good content to share on on Linkedin ortwitter, if that makes sense. That yeah, rallow. Actually, thisconcept of social selling is kind of exploding... the last, you know,couple years. But social selling is it just social media for salespeople and andI see more and more sales people starting to leverage twitter and liked in anddoing a very nice job of building their own personal brand on these networks andand and and gating audience and and and getting sales. The thing it's socool about car dealers and car sales people is you know your sales and it'sa big ticket item, right, so you know you everyone sale you make, you get paid on. So if you can, if you can startto generate a pipeline on social networks, it's delivering you one, two,three, you know, solid leads a week and you start to convert thoseleads into into opportunities and sales man, it'll be worth it. Yeah,absolutely. Yeah. Well, I you know what I love about this conversation? I feel like this is exactly how things have happened for for our agency, Robert Mine. You know most of the connections, actually, I thinkin the last three years the connections that have that I've been able to monetizehave come through connecting with people on social media. So, you know,the more you're talking, the more you're answering our questions, the more I'mseeing how this really kind of comes together, because it isn't overnight, but it'sso rewarding because it creates these lasting relationships that you build with people whoyou know view you in a certain light. You build your brand, you getsome more information out there, you continue to, you know, communicatewith people and then eventually, one day someone comes through the pipe that says, Oh hey, we'd love for you to do this or or, likehe said, the guy that dropped half aheadache exactlion dollar budget, exactly,and that's exactly how it's happened to us. So I guess maybe there's a casestudy for for what you're talking about here, and that's the way it'sgoing to happen for those of you listening and you get in there, resistthat urge to sell and just be a good contributor to a conversation. BeLikable, be likable, you know what I feel like. There's so manymore questions we could ask you, but but I think this is enough informationfor now. So I'm going to I'm going to close down the conversation,but thank you so much for being on the show with us today, becausethis is something that I see so crucial to to I mean, well,this is the way things are done these days. Things happen through social media. So again, Dave, thanks so much for for being on the showwith us today. My pleasure. Thanks so much for having me. Beforewe sign off, how can those that are interested in getting more information,and I mean will, link up to your books in the show notes,but how can people get in touch with you? What's the preferred method ofcontact? Sure, so, one of my core values, actually one ofthe other eleven that's in my little guide to being likable, is responsiveness.So I get over a thousand questions a week via social media and I respondto each and everyone. So if anyone has any questions for me, youcan hit me up on twitter at Dave Kirpin K are pan and if youare looking for perhaps a faster response or you're not on twitter quite yet,you can search likable. So we're really all things likable. We've got threebooks on Amazon with likable in the name, and any big brands out there cantalk to likable media, and any smaller businesses or salespeople should check outlikable hub, our brand new totally free products to help you manage your socialmedia. Awesome. Appreciate it. Thanks for being on the show. Withus. Dave, thanks so much having super likable day, awesome brother.And there you have it. That was...

...and Whyte New York Times best sellingauthor, Dave Kurpin Sorella, would you think? Man? Well, Imean he knows what he's talking about right. I think he's very you can sensethe passion that he has about this and that that it's worked in thatAha moment that I kind of had halfway through the show where I was like, Oh yeah, you know what, everything he's talking about is exactly howit's happened for me. And I think what relationships? We talked about thisall the time. It's like what relationships haven't I built in the last threeto five years that didn't start on social media? Absolutely, and it's,like we've mentioned this before. It's it's even though, you know, weso much segment the automobile industry into like it's so much different than anything else, but it's still that build relationships is the same, you know what Imean? Building relationship is the same no matter what you doing, and that'swhere it all starts. and and Dave went deep into that and you knowhe goes so much, you know, further into it in the book.Sometimes we wish we'd these things could be longer, but you know, we'renot trying to keep you there all day. Yeah, I mean, this isn'ta university course. It's just to get you guys plug being. ButI mean such such incredible information and it tied in, you know, forme it ties in so perfectly, so well with our last guests, JordanHarbinger from art of charm, because he talked about kind of the real worldoffline networking and connecting and building relationships with people, and he did reference,I think, at one point how, you know, a lot of thisstuff can start online, and now we're picking up that conversation with with Dave, and he's talking all about how you can get that conversation start on socialmedia so that you can network and build those relationships. I mean, Dude, you and I met on social media. A lot of the people that wecall friends now we all met first on social media, built relationships witha translated offline. So the whole thing about being likable, I think isreally, really important and I want to get my hands on that book.We're going to be linking to in the show notes. Over at the dealerplaybookcom forward fifty seven, so be sure to check that out. Guys,thank you so much for listening in. We appreciate your support, your feedback, your reviews. We Love You, guys, for checking out my newbook, don't wait dominate, which is an is an Amazon best seller incertain Plod here. Yeah, exactly. So if you haven't checked that out, definitely go check it out. Will Link to it in the show notes. Triple W dot the dealer playbookcom forward fifty seven. If you've got nothingelse, Robert, I'm ready to go out of here. Yep, talkto you guys next week. By.

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