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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 7 years ago

David Bradley: How To Build A Winning Car Sales Team



" Just because your pumped up about something, doesn't mean you know what your doing".

  David Bradley 


Sales Manager for "Cardone Training Technologies" David Bradley sits down with " The Dealer Playbook" to talk about "How To Build A Winning Sales Team" in todays dealerships. 

Dave is a long time friend who knows inside and out how to build a powerful sales team that will deliver winning results. 

In session 11 of "The Dealer Playbook" David Bradley talks about how vital a good attitude is from leadership on down. The leadership in the dealership needs to be inspiring to pump the time up and keep them pumped up. 

 David is a very smart guy that has been able to keep his position with serial hustler Grant Cardone for several years now, so believe me this guy knows what he is talking about. 

 In this session David delivers some free and easy ways to get your team fired up, ready to learn and go out and sell cars! 


In this episode you will learn more about: 

- Tightening up you and your teams attitude

- Narrowing in on the right approach 

- The actions that leaders can take to prepare their people

- Tips on role playing with your people 


This and so much more are packed into this 30 minute sit down with again David Bradley from Cardone Training Technologies, one of the nations top sales training companies. 


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