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David Bradley: How To Build A Winning Car Sales Team



" Just because your pumped up about something, doesn't mean you know what your doing".

  David Bradley 


Sales Manager for "Cardone Training Technologies" David Bradley sits down with " The Dealer Playbook" to talk about "How To Build A Winning Sales Team" in todays dealerships. 

Dave is a long time friend who knows inside and out how to build a powerful sales team that will deliver winning results. 

In session 11 of "The Dealer Playbook" David Bradley talks about how vital a good attitude is from leadership on down. The leadership in the dealership needs to be inspiring to pump the time up and keep them pumped up. 

 David is a very smart guy that has been able to keep his position with serial hustler Grant Cardone for several years now, so believe me this guy knows what he is talking about. 

 In this session David delivers some free and easy ways to get your team fired up, ready to learn and go out and sell cars! 


In this episode you will learn more about: 

- Tightening up you and your teams attitude

- Narrowing in on the right approach 

- The actions that leaders can take to prepare their people

- Tips on role playing with your people 


This and so much more are packed into this 30 minute sit down with again David Bradley from Cardone Training Technologies, one of the nations top sales training companies. 


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This is the dealer playbook podcast, episode eleven, and our guest today will never stop and we'll never quit hustling. Let's do this. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning out or dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. All right, everybody, what's going on? Michael Cerrillo here and Robert Weisman with the dealer playbook. Dude, we are like busting these things out, having a blast. Man In. This is the whole thing. Is Is. You know, we're doing this to, you know, to get some great information out and and try to educate everybody as much as possible and think differently. But I'm loving just the free train and that I've been getting out of these SIS. All right, I mean, boy, we got these guys full, don't yeah, and well, and here's the thing. I mean, I've just been, and I know you have to, just overwhelmed by the response that we're getting. I mean people are taking pictures of themselves watching, you know, listening to dealer playbook in their vehicles on their way to work. And you know, just the feedbacks been overwhelmingly positive and you know so I just wanted to quickly give a shout out to everybody listening and thank you so much. It's been an incredible journey. Today is is going to be an awesome, awesome episode, because we've got David Bradley, who is the sales manager, or one of the sales managers, for card down training technologies. That's the online training module or program that grant card own has put together. I've personally been involved with that with my team. We were subscribed to it and, you know, it just did wonders for for our sales abilities and and, you know, just helping us grow our business. So I'm excited to have him. I've known David now for the last couple of years and if there's one thing I have to say about him is he is a proof in the pudding hustler. Like he he's the WHO's who of being in the trenches, you know, closing deals and making things happen. Yeah, I mean this guy's definitely was a good car guide. He was in the business for a while and he's so he's so smart and like his he's creative with his words and his delivery and he's just he's real intelligent guid and I think everybody's going to love this. It's a great follow up to his his old partner in crime, jared gland from again the the VP of sales for, I guess that would be his boss, vpus sales for cartoon technologies, where he talked a lot about the just, you know, getting it down, getting the trainee schedule in, making it consistent and just drilling it down. Dave's going to talk about that a little bit deeper and I have this is kind of a this is the perfect fall blow up to to jared's episode, which was like how to get started with training and the consistency, and this is like a, you know, a good carry on from...

...that, which is like okay, now how do we do the people process thing? Yep, all right, so let's hop right to the guys. Everybody enjoy David Bradley. Okay, and guys, listen. I am, you know, so excited to be here with our guest today, David Bradley, who's The sales and Marketing Manager for card own training technologies. David, thanks for being with us today. Hey, I'm so glad I was able to get the time to come and hang out with you guys. It's an honor to be on the show. Thank you so much. Thank you. I I think we first met a couple of years ago at Otto Con two thousand and twelve. That was the time that my company, flex dealer, signed up for card own university and that was my first exposure to you be in the Hustler of all hustlers. And so, you know, I couldn't imagine a better person to act as the follow up to jared glant, who was a who we had on a couple episodes ago. Jared spoke all about, you know, volume of training and consistency and training and how to get started with training. But you, as the hustler in the trenches day after day, pound in the phones, work in the deals, close in him and and, as you like to call yourself, the the what did you say? The gap closer? That's right, the gap closer. You know, we couldn't think of having anybody better to act as the follow up and really talk about today how we take the training and use it to build a winning team, and you've written an article about this. So I wanted to just turn it over to you and say okay, Great, now we've got training, we know where we need to get our training from. We know what material to be looking into. How do I get started building a winning sales team inside the dealership? Yeah, perfect. So I think if you go back to the what I've nicknamed myself is like the gap closer. Grant talks a lot about closing the gap between what's real for you right now and then where your true potentialize, and whether we take that as in the micro, so in the macro. So if I'm taking a large dealership, we look at, Hey, what's real for us right now? What kind of numbers are we putting up? What's our right up ratio like? Is a store? What's our demo ratio like? What are we doing right? But that that's what's real for us. But we always know the potential is greater, and we talked about this with youers all the time. It's like, Hey, I'm not hitting it. I know I could do better. I want more. How do I get it? So my job is to literally come in here and help you guys, as a dealership, close that gap. And Graham is put together a formula and jared touched on this, which is some big fill in jared shoes, picking up after him. That's just intimidating for me. Like what am I like? He touched on so much. That was such a solid call you guys did. Like where do I pick up? So what I'm going to talk about today is is literally that. Where do we go from here? So how do I take and create a winning and effective sales team now that we know that greatness doesn't come without training, that it's part of our culture. We've made that commitment. Now...

...what? So when jared talked a lot about attitude, approach and action, it's like how do we take those three concepts and really plug it in? And so grant put together a formula based on sales meetings, sales training and then sales solutions, and then how do we put that in every day and really get our heads around those three specific concepts right? So, I mean, what are you finding? Is the the biggest struggle for dealerships who have committed to do the training but not really knowing where the next steps are. I mean, what is the struggle there? The biggest challenge is always going to be attitude and it's the first it's the most important piece. If you looked at the attitude, approach and action as a pyramid. It's the base, it's the foundation. If you don't have that, nothing's going to happen. And if you want to really put a number on that and quantify it, there have been studies done that will show you that a customers perception of the deal, not just the dealership but the actual product itself. Like if you sell Honda, they'll make a value decision about Honda based on the attitude of the people they deal with at the store. Right right. So it's almost a fiduciary responsibility of management to make sure that these guys show up to work today, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. And the thing we talked about in this article is that this is a sales team and while everybody's out to take care of their family, nobody's going to work for somebody else's family. We're going to work for our family. We still need to function as a team and I think if you look at some of the great coaches and you look at some of the great teams, whether that's Vincelambardi or the Navy Seals, these guys have meetings, but for a football team takes the field, they have a meeting and in that meeting they're not talking about who left the keys in stock number eight, seven, zero, four, nine two. They're talking about getting jacked up. Today we're talking about what are we here to do? What are our goals? And I remember listening to Tracy's call talking about how he makes sure that what these guys want is in front of them all the time. That's terrific. So, like you got to make sure that your guys are here to work on time because, if you think about it, you've got a sales guy who hasn't sold the car in six days. He's already decided he'll never sell something ever again. Right, he had a fight with his wife last night. Bills are do right, you can't get the level forty on candy crush. He's been listening to the news in the car on the way to work. The dudes crapped out. You don't want him taken it up right now, you know. Okay, so let me ask you this. This sounds like it could be a daunting task for, you know, the sales manager, general manager, dealer principle, whoever's running this team. You know, I'm sure there's senior level executives inside the dealership who are listening to this right now going, holy crap, I'm not a motivator. How am I supposed to get my team jacked up when I can't get to the next level on Candy Sago...

...or you know, I'm right there. I mean, how are they going to get people that are themselves? How our unmotivated people beat that have no experience to motivate people aspose, you know, adapt, to adapt to that challenge in and accept that challenge and be accountable for that. I mean how did, how do they go about, you know, starting there, because that seems like the big starting point. Yeah, totally. So. The for us, we've got, you know, you had the Carton University. We've got car down on demand. That's one option and not to get I'm not going to go into a sales pitch here, but that is an option. And whether you use grants material or somebody else's material, you don't have to be the motivator. Nobody said, you know, when you signed up for the GIG that you got to turn into Tony Robbins or you got to be Matt folly from Saturday night live. That's not. It's not your deal. That's not most managers came up because they were performers, not leaders, and so now you found yourself in this for karious position. How do I get these guys jacked up? Well, you take a program like car Don Underman or you you go to Youtube, or you crack open a book or you just read something. Put something in front of these guys that not only motivates you but motivates them, and then we use this to have a guided discussion. So in our world will launch, will watch a video from cardown on demand. We use that to stimulate a discussion. We do that in our office. So you know, jared talked about how they role play. But before that we have a meeting and will watch a segment. We have a discussion about it. We never start our day without talking about what we need to do to be successful. Now, and I think right there is a super nugget for anybody, if for any and everybody that's in there for and the dealership level, is that you know, instead of putting it all onto your sales manager, which I've never been into a sales meeting before that they did something like that, and you know what it's easier. It gets you off the hook. If I'm a sales manager, like most sales managers, I'm looking for the easy way out, you know what I mean, and and like most people are. So boom, put that on. It's going to be more effective because the person on the F if it's one that's inspiring you, obviously you know it's a professional up there. That's either professional motivator, a professional trainer, etc. What have you. Boom, take the weight off the so shoulders of your people and and put it on this content. That's that's on demand, whether it's a paid service or again, I mean that's a great, great great not get their Dave on Youtube. I mean that's people missed the boat on that. Like you could sit into a sales meet every day, go in and take your team and do you know, the cardown stuff is what you like. Most of them were between two to five minutes. So if and if you're not plugged into that or or somebody else's version of that, boom, go to YouTube. There's IT's nothing. And I'll tell you what, there's plenty of videos on youtube that of jacked me up over the years. Man, without a doubt. Imagine if every day for one week at a dealership, we just watch the game of inches speech that Theo gives any given Sunday. You go there's that, there's the raw I love the rocky one from rocky, like the six,...

...where he's like, you know, it's not how hard you can hit, how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit. Keep going. So boom, guys right there, like that was what that was worth. It alone is just try that once a week. It costs you nothing. And I would go as far as saying that just an attitude alone. You know, they still have to execute upon that that, you know, with that great attitude, but at least it's going to deliver that, if not for you know, good half an hour, an hour. Yeah, and I'm almost hearing you say to day. And what we're talking about here is that, you know, part of getting your attitude straight and part of being who your team needs you to be as a leader means that you need to make the commitment. I mean, well, you know, whether it's a book, whether it's the training videos, whether it's youtube, you need to make a commitment as a leader to you know, make sure that your head is right, that you are in the game that you're doing, the things that you're expecting your team to do. Is that what I'm hearing you say? Absolutely, and if you take a look at some of the great leaders, and I mentioned Vince then Barty, you take a look at Phil Jackson, you look at or even some of these, Mark Divine, for example, he's a I don't know if you'd red anything by him, but he's a former navy seal, business professional. Now the GUY is not this raw row dude. None of those guys were. They weren't these guys jumping around talking about living in a band down by the river, and they certainly weren't going down the Tony Robbins road. It just getting people pumped up for the sake of being pumped up. These guys have purpose. You look at Phil Jackson and you want to do something, it's just a look in his face. So you don't have to save that guy. You just you need to be a leader, you need to take charge. This is what we're doing, this is how we're going to do it, this is what I need from you. Go get them right. So do you feel like you know in your observation when a team is trained, when they show that commitment. Do you still find that there's a gap between their commitment and their knowledge, now that they've been trained and that, and between maybe a fear to execute? Do you know what I mean, because I feel like I feel like that's the second piece of the puzzle here. It's like, great, you have all this training, it's been consistent or jacked up, motivated, pumped up, but do you still find that there might be some sales reps out there that are fearful of ex secuting on the knowledge that they receive? Yeah, just because you just because you're pumped up, doesn't mean you know what you're doing. You know, grant will say even a blind squirrel can get enough and showed debt. You know, squirrels are active there, they're energetic, they're bouncing all over the place, they're full of energy. They got the right attitude, but if the approach isn't there, then forget it. So jared touched on this a little bit too. Is it you got to have some consistent training in the dealership. That happens daily and that... the approach piece of the puzzle. So you've got your attitude. We're doing that with our daily meeting and now we need an approach that we can do, that is customer centric, that we can train on it daily and that removes thought. Okay, so what do you what do you mean by removes thought? Well, look, if I throw a football at you right now, or I'm so you're in Canada. So if I shut a hockey pucket you right now, okay, how much time do you have to respond? Split Second Right. So you need to know what to do about it. There's no room to decide, there's no room to think. You got to you got to react. And if you take a look at leveraging your sales training with that same level to get your people to the level of knowing this, that they don't have to think about it. And High School, in college I did a ton of theater, and if you get stuck on stage having to think about your line, you are so screwed it's not even funny. Okay, so this is this is deep. This is deep because what we're talking about here is like subconscious competence. It's like, you know, the first time somebody said Hey, tie your shoe and you reach down and you realize you don't know how to tie your shoe. That's conscious incompetence. But then you start training and you start learning how to tie your shoelaces and you become consciously. You know, you're made aware. So it's like conscious and competence to conscious competence where you still have to think about it. But I mean any of us now if we said, hey, tie your shoes, we just know how to do it, we don't have to take any thought. It's it's subconscious competence. So you're saying, Hey, train yourself, this is what I'm here and you say train yourself to the degree that action become becomes some subconscious competence. You just do it without thought. Yeah, you should be able to handle an objection with as much use as you drove to work today, because it's the you know, jared talked about this. We hear the same stuff are every single day. When a customer says just looking, not buying a day, whatever it is, there should be an immediate response. There shouldn't be any thought involved. So is true? Is Getting that into your team? Okay, for the for dealers, managers and whatnot out there that want to get their team ready and Sharp, okay, they need to do training. But is it more than okay, playing the videos, reading out of a book, even sending them with material. When it comes to role playing, what is it? What is a good example? Because role playing is powerful and I did it, you know, with my girlfriend at the time on a nightly, nightly basis when I first started getting into, you know, this business and was introduced to your material. Yeah, and now she's not, and listen to this. She's not with me anymore and now never was in the business ever, but now she runs a BDC department for a dealer group. Go figure, just from bouncing off, just from it, bouncing it off of me, bouncing off or all night long, but said, training off of her all night luck.

Yes, exactly, so, so, so, so what tell how can they easily do that? I think a lot of dealers, like I've seen them talk about it, but I really don't think they know how to like get their team together and do it. Okay, break off in the pairs, or let's do it all as a group. I mean, what have you seen from being inside, in and out of dealers and within your organization, the way that that type of prep training for and preparing with role playing is just works and roll smoothly with big groups of people. Yeah, so, like, here's this, here's a simple example. You take an objection that gets in your way. You can whether you use grants, book the Closes Survival Guy, you use our online program, you bust out our clothes of sale, out whatever it is that you do. And today in in our training session, we're going to work on that. So let's and we just talk about, Hey, what's getting in the way? You know, well, it's the wife objection. Okay, so we're going to find a way to handle let me talk to my wife, let me talk to my husband. Will find a way to do that, and then we're going to split up into groups and we're going to practice it until we're blue in the face and then maybe later on in the day a manager is going to roll up to Joe, salesman and say hey, Joe, let me talk to my wife and if Joe Responds right away, pass, if not, flunk. So it's just handle that particular objection. Don't continue with with going through the sale like after that. Just drill that initial response and don't be distracted with where you go with it after that. Is that what you're saying? Totally, because then you then you start thinking, well, if he says this, then he does additor. Just let's just handle what's in front of us right now, good enough, which is I need to talk to my wife. Okay, so I'm going to handle it before I worry about anything else. I'm going to get that out of the way. Okay. So there you go that. That says it and that makes complete sense. So all you got to do out there with your stores as you go and then you take even if you're you, you don't want to turn to your team for feedback or they're shy, they're like, oh, I don't know, well, not much. Well this one. This will just go through the lists of any any seasoned that can tell you what objections they hear it on a daily basis anytime they engage with a customer, and then just go down the list get, you know, formulate the response, pair them up and together and just keep it like the word of the day. AH, most but but around the dealership, just always being a running anybody ask him about the objection. Make sure they got that that response. That response. Yeah, Cock and regular store. That was that was working on there was really struggling on the phones and so they found the one call that they thought was the biggest challenge and every day in their meeting for two weeks they practiced, drilled and rehearsed and role played the exact same call for two weeks. The GM told me that like on the eighth day, sales people started threatening to quit if they practiced it one more time. This is not we're doing it for two weeks. If you blow out, you blow out what. We're doing this for two weeks. And at the end of the two week period, guess what? That was not a fact. Every call got better.

So it's like Hey, we've got people who are committed their training. Now we're learning some solid process, we're role playing, we're figuring out how to overcome these objections with subconscious competence. I'm going that's my word for the day, that's my phrase. Here you go. But it's like doing that, like having these people, these committed people who are committed to training themselves, and then having, you know, those people paired up with the right process. That kind of eliminates the numbers game in selling. I mean I feel like we always think that selling is a numbers game, but it could be more just like having the right people in the right process or having people with the right attitude. It exactly it is. That's what it is about. Yeah, I mean just a number. No matter how hard you try, it's going to be a numbers game. But at the same time that that doesn't excuse you from taking full responsibility and control for what those numbers look like and taking responsibility for your side of it. It's like, okay, you know, there's nothing stopping that individual by pulling the wife card, but you can control how you respond to that individual. I feel like I remember. This could be a really harsh example, but I remember like listening to a grant rant or something about being always in control, and he was talking about, Hey, look, if I'm in a car accident, I want to be the one that caused it because I'm in control of the situation. Yeah, and even if you didn't take responsibility for it anyway, so somebody crashed into you, it's my fault for being there. Yeah, you could have took a shortcut, you could have drove a little faster, a little slower. You could have won another way. You could have just called in sick and broke the first rule and not even showed up. Yeah, you know so it's like, Hey, I can't control it's guaranteed that I'm going to get objections today as I'm trying to pitch these vehicles or as I'm trying to present these vehicles. That's out of my control except that. But also accept the fact that you are in control of how you respond to it and how you like what process you follow. Yeah, I mean one of my favorite words in the English language is is responsibility, because when you break that word in half, its response ability. It's the ability to respond. Boom, right, it's a it's it's I think it's what separates man from from beast. Right, the power nugget. Right, if you know Mama, Mama Bear doesn't choose if you play, if you pick up Mama's bears cub, she does not pause to figure out if you're going to eat that cub or not. She just destroys you. If you look at a human being, Mama, when you touch your kids, she'll take a moment. Is this person safe or not? And that, when we translate that into dealer speak, that's my instinct. Just told me that's a jack or a stroke, but I get to decide what I'm going to do about that stimulus. I can act on that, if you have the Gut, my business card...

...and go out back and have a cigarette, or I can handle just looking correctly and move this guy into my process. Okay, so let me ask you this. You've got the I mean you're the person, you've committed to training, you're doing it, you're executing, things are going well. What's the incentive to continue training? I mean, we know can. I mean I know continued education is a big thing, but why? What's the incentive? What do we tell people? Or, as a sales manager, what do I tell my team or do to my team or share with my team to keep them motivated to continue training? Grant spins a lot of time talking about he mentions the word why a lot, and why can dial into your customer, which is understanding why they're here today. But why also needs to apply to why you're here today. And everybody at home has a family, has to some degree, they have goals, they have dreams. If you're a leadership in your in if you're leader in the organization, you hire these people because you saw potential in them, and so we need to tune into what are they doing here, and one of the first things I learned from grant, which blew me away, was you don't go to work for the dealership, you go to work for your dreams, in your goals, and if you don't have those things, then you need to get those things. And whether you're in the car business for one week, one year or thirty years, the moment you walk in the door or the moment you pop out of your car, you got to commit to that day to make that the best day you can possibly make it and you got to commit to that for a purpose that's bigger than you deep. So you know, grant, I'll talk a lot about the acceptance of average, which I think is incredibly dangerous. If you look at another great team I'm I'll bringing up all day long, the Navy Seals. They train not to train for the sake of training, because it's the right thing to do. They train for a mission right and they trained and they trained to execute on that mission. And so, as a leader in a group, I want to know what my salesperson mission is. I need twenty cars this month because I need a bigger house, because I want to have a boat, because I, you know, whatever it may be that gets him jacked up. We need to make sure that they're training from mission, not because we're supposed to. So it's really in the best interest of a sales manager to know the, will call it the y statement of each team member. Yeah, why do you want to be here? And then why are you not where you're at right now? You know, and one of the things that can be very effective with sales training is to make it very specific to that individual. We could consistency in the store and while one day we're working on the life objection, if salesman billy doesn't need help with the wife objection, I need to make sure that I'm...

...helping him with what he needs help with. Maybe he's got that down, you know. So, I mean both of you. Correct me if I'm wrong, Dave, but you started out in a dealership, correct. Yeah, and Robert, I mean we all know Robert's been inside the dealership. From both of your combined experience, how often are top level exactit the dealership invested in actually knowing what your reason why we're coming to work is? is nothing I've ever seen. It's pretty rare. I think in the almost ten years that I was on the deal a level, I saw maybe one manager that really pushed and took you under a wing and made you you know, wanted to see you succeed legitimately. So I mean the bit. The big value play here is for sales managers listening, general managers, general sales managers, whoever, dealer principles, if you're sitting there and you can even remotely relate to Gosh, how do I get my team motivated, going or whatever? Here's your power. Power play is sit down with each of them and find out, you know, what their goals, dreams and ambitions are and then figure out how you can play into that. Yeah, because if you have a one on one coaching session with the salesman were not only do you talk about, you know, what do you want to have in your world and what do you want your life to be like in ten years, but then we start looking at what standing in the way of making that happen right now, and we bring that down to today, like it's the twenty four of the month and your right up ratio is only at forty percent because you've had a hundred ups and you've only demoed twenty right well, you know, if that's the case right now, why is it? And you want to have this three bedroom house because you're breeding faster than your income. You need, right, we need to get your ride a Racio up man, which means you got to be driving more people. So here's some things that we can that you can work on to make sure that you're putting more people on a drive and then you bring them inside to look at numbers. Right, cool. So, and I'm going to link to it here in the show notes. But you know, we've kind of used an article that you've written as a guide here, and I something that popped out to me was you say success is a skill. What do you mean by that? Well, if you take a guy like Michael Jordan, for example, right, this, here's a dude that flies right, literally flies gay. Right. That guy, though, had some talent, but what he also had was some mad skill. Yeah, the talent, the talent, God gives you the skill, you got to go out and get yourself. Yeah, the people that we see that are the most amazing people, and whether there's Jordan on the court, put Chino on the screen, you know, grant and a seminar, whoever it is, these guys do not get there. There's no such thing as an overnight success. There's no such thing as just being born...

...that way. You Bust your ass to get like that. That's not something that just POPs up. There's no pill for that. That's work, without a doubt, and that's and that's the thing. I mean. If they investing dealerships, you know, invent the more they invest in their team, and I'm not saying just doll you know, investing capital into him, I just mean invest in their education, invest in knowing them, knowing what drives them. It's, you know, could get you some lowhanging fruit that's not there right now. And that's what I think. Something so easy like look here, instead of having your sale your sales manager, whoever, lead the meeting for a week, just do like you, like Dave said, play a youtube clip of something that that that jumps out to you, that's relevant to your team and you think might have the same effect on them that it did you, and see what could happen, because it's not going to hurt but chances are if it, if it moved you, it might move them and that'll help at least grab some lowhanging fruit just from their great attitude, because you know, grand thoughts about it. How many of how many people have even witnessed it and done it? How many times have you bought something off of somebody and, like, they didn't even seem completely raised or sharp about the product or whatever, but their attitude was just, I mean, a dime? You know, we all do. Yeah, yeah, you know it's interesting too and and I'm glad you brought that up because it kind of reminded me of like my early experiences in the car business, and Tracy Myers talked on a little bit where you just didn't quite get you know, you got some stuff and you got a pat on the button. Good Luck, kid, and go get them and don't let them leave. You know, you get that thing. But what I found was really interesting was that when I looked at the demographics of management and leaders, at the first yew a ship I worked at, you had there was two managers and manager. A manager be manager. A would see a salesperson and be like that dude can do it, there's greatness in them and I'm going to help him get it out. Same me, different manager. Same salesman would be like he's a week suck and in the same vein that we've all the salespeople decided that that customer was a stroke. We didn't bother to up the guy, the guy that did up them, you know, lay them away and made like a fifteen hundred commission on them. We learned that lesson, but I think management sometimes can fall into the very same trap of doing that with sales. For you, without a doubt, I mean that's that's a guarantee. You know, you can't judge the book by its cover, you know what I mean? And and eat two Scott to empower your people, believe in your people, get behind them. Yeah, you want to expect greatness, you then you have to believe that there's greatness in them already, and then we just put a plan in place to pull it out. Dude, David, thank you so much. I'm going to wind this thing down. You've dropped some serious power bombs on us today, which I mean, listen, if the people listening in don't see the value and what you've shared with us, I don't know what will, because that was extremely powerful. Tell me, how do we get Ahold of you? How do we get in touch with... How do we follow you? Okay, so I'm I'm on twitter, it's the at stop don't quit. Calm okay, hold on. Why? Why is it at stop don't quit com? Tell me about that real quick. So yeah, the short history of that is granted a social media contest right when I started, right before I started working here. In fact, that contest was what led me to come work for grant. But I didn't have a twitter account at that point. But what I did have was a self published book on how to Stop Smoking. It's called how to stop smoking without killing anyone. and As grant was driving this contest, you said, Hey, promote you know what you've done. Promote yourself. So when I joined twitter, stop don't quit. That's my website. So for the book it's Dot Stop Don't Quitcom. So I said I'm going to make that my twitter handle. So that's how it is. That's how much my t and will link to that in the show notes. For everybody. How else can we get a hold of you, David, at grant card owncom is my email address and then my bad phone at the office is three hundred and ten seven seven seven zero five two. Oh, and everybody please note that David is not on eastern standard. He is on still on Pacific Time. So he's three hours about. You had to throw that in and resist the last man standing out lest they had packed up and head east. Than Dave is left to hold down the entire west coast. Good for you, but work. The whole place was cleaned out. It didn't even leave. It's not like the movie. The office, though, right, like you actually still do work there. Yeah, wait, yeah, wait, that I need to let me do some comp formation before we put this thing live. Man, this could be a hoax. Love it, David. Thank you so much for being a stats a million brother. I appreciate it so great to be here. Thank you, guys. Wow, that was incredible. I mean that guy drop some power bombs on everyone who is listening. Power bomb, great, classic, WWe executed move. Yeah, and I mean, as I was saying, that after we wrapped up the call, something like those youtube videos, and I just don't think that a lot of people that all get the value. Yes, a lot of you are like, well, Duh, you know how many of you don't? You know the real hustlers and go getters. They're banging those videos out on a regular basis. Take an advantage of any free content they can get. But a lot of you go are not, and I highly suggest you do that because I again that's low hanging fruit, that will cost you nothing and I can and for sure at least will improve attitude of the team. They're without a doubt. Like you said, it's so obvious youtube. I mean you're sitting on Youtube anyways nine times out of ten, yes, and you know, you even see him on facebook. You're scrolling through your news feed and somebody's posted something that's inspiring, motivational and and so I love the fact that that's just something that's so accessible, that doesn't cost any money for you to get in and you know if you're feeling motivated, nine times out of ten, just through common sense, you know that showing it to somebody else will get them...

...motivate exactly exactly. And Guys, David, I mean we had them on here because he is you know, I've known David for for a long time now and he is razor sharp and he is open to talk. Anytime he dropped his email in there, it will be in the show notes. He'll help you even build kind of like a training strategy for your organization and he's not going to sit there and just try to cut hard close you on his products or anything like that. Great Guy Really knows what he's talking about. So definitely take the time to connect with him if there's any way you feel that he can help your organization, please. So, Michael, I mean I'm I had a blast with that. I again, we're so grateful for everybody that takes the time to to let us, you know, into your headphones, into your car, wherever you listen to us at. We we are appreciating the love more than you can now. Yeah, absolutely, and don't forget check us out. Subscribe on Itunes. We've been blasting new and noteworthy on itunes. It's been incredible. But we're on stitcher radio as well, and don't forget to check out our website, the dealer playbookcom. You can listen to the episodes there. Check out the show notes from today's episode, where there will be links to the article that we were referencing, and will also throw in a link there to David's book so that you guys can check that out. But leave us your feedback, leave us some suggestions for future episodes. We love that kind of stuff. Talk to you later. Right, everybody WHO'S.

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