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David Johnson: The Best Way to Run Google Ads


“There is a big difference between the dealers that get it or don’t.”

David Johnson


Our Guest:

In this powerful session of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast we are sitting down with automotive digital advertising expert David Johnson Of 3G Engagement.

Google Adwords is nothing really new for auto dealers when it comes to digital advertising, but it is still very powerful and yet a lot of times not handled properly.

When it comes to Google Adwords there is no one that knows how to maximize it more than David Johnson and he discusses best practices on doing just that in this session.

David is a true expert when it comes to digital advertising he dives in deep, to help you dominate the web.

Quick Preview Of This Session:

- Getting started with Google Adwords

- Auditing your current Google Adwords strategy

- Getting the most from Google Adwords/Digital Advertising


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You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, episode thirty two, and today we're sitting down with Mr David Johnson. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, they're and thank you so much for listening to the dealer playbook podcast, where, every single week we are delivering real and winning auto dealer strategies that will deliver you results in greater profitability. Thank you so much for being here. My name is Michael Sirillo. I'm joined with my cohost, Robert Weisman. How you doing, brother, Michael? I am doing excellent. Thank you, you guys. Sometimes it's tough, man. We smile and laugh when we you know we'll let out because sometimes we by the few takes before we got a lot here and something funny happen. So it gets hot, tough to keep a straight base sometime. Well, and you know why it's funny, man, when we first started doing the podcast and you remember how like perfect everything had to be, but now it's just like, you know what we love just kind of letting a little bit of that shine through and found. You know, we've got a lot of good feedback regardless. Today we're sitting down with somebody who I don't I don't think I know anybody else who knows as much about digital advertising then our guest. Today. We're sitting down with David Johnson from G engagement. You know, I've had the privilege of being associated with with David now for a few years. I first met him online. Actually, facebook is how we connected. We ended up getting together at an industry event and from there of just stayed so connected and, and I mean the guy is just so knowledgeable and so passionate about what he does. He's helping not only dealerships but but other small and medium sized businesses every single day throughout North America and I believe now in Australia, dominate the web.

Bye Bye, you know, maximizing their digital advertising. So you're going to hear David today just outline some simple things that you can start doing immediately to a audit your current ad words campaigns or PPC campaigns, if you're doing them, but also if you're not, to get started on the right foot and make sure that you know as much as you can going into it so that you can get the most out of it. All Right, man, you guys ready, let's do it. So so, without further ado, let's jump in with David Johnson from three G engagement. All right, and we are here with David Johnson and, like you heard US talk about there in the pre show, there's nobody that we could think of who knows more and executes more aggressively and knowledgeably. If that's a word, can we make that up about the topic of PPC and add words and digital advertising strategies that will help you know your dealership and increase in profitability. So, David, thanks so much for being on the show with us today. Thank you for having me. Yeah, it's been a little while in the making, hasn't it? Yes, it has, fair enough. Well, you know what, like I said, we can think of anybody better to just kind of break down this digital advertising topic than you. I mean, I've had the pleasure of working with you and working with you on a lot of, you know, digital advertising projects, and it's just been exciting to see and learn from you. And and, like I said, we couldn't think of anybody better to talk talk about with this. So let me ask you when it comes to dealership specifically, because I know you guys help many, you know, small and medium sized businesses out there with with the PPC stuff, but specifically to dealerships, what are you what do you see as the common problem...

...or objection or obstacle that dealers are facing who are currently involved with some level of of digital advertising? Well, it's a really good question and one that is deaf only loaded and there's a lot of problems. There's a lot of different things that I think I can say to that, but one in particular is two words knowledge gap. I see there's a big difference between the dealers that get it and those that don't. Now, of course they hire vendor and you think, okay, well, let the vendor do it, let them handle our ad words account, let them handle PPC, let the handle being and yeah, all that stuff, but I always see a big difference between the dealers that get it and those that don't. One of the big problems is is that there's a lot of companies out there in the vendor space who don't do a very good job of explaining you know what the reports mean. Why this particular part of your campaign is working. Why this particular part isn't, and I think that the knowledge gap for dealers is a big deal and why it's great for podcasts like this for dealers to learn to take a education first approach to anything that they do, especially when it comes to digital marketing, because there is so much to it, and I've personally working with dealers. I do like and I do enjoy working with those who ask a lot of questions, those who who know what they want, because it's much better to have a partner when it comes to marketing, and especially digital marketing, then it is to have somebody to say hey, you're the expert, just run with it. You know, while on the beginning that may be kind of Nice, you know, to say hey, okay, well, where the experts? Let us run with it, but then we come back and say, Hey, this is working. You know, what are you seeing on your end, and are like, just run with it, you're the expert. Yeah, yeah, you know. And the thing I love about this is it's it. It evens the accountability payload on both parties.

So it's like, you know, it alleviates that. Well, I thought you were going to do this, and and, from the vendor standpoint, saying well, I thought you were going to do this, and and and. It avoids all of that, but it allows you to really move forward in that spirit of partnership so that you can sit down and counsel with each other and say hey, look, what are the objectives of Your Business? What do you want to accomplish? And I know the blanket answers. We want more leads, we want more sales. But it's like, I mean, what's your approach? How do you approach coming into a dealership and doing an SEO? Are doing a PPC campaign for them from ground one. Say, they say they've just maybe had a bad experience or they've never done it before. Okay, well, I if they've had a bad experience and if they never done it before, I always started off two different ways. They've had a bad experience, of course you always want to ask them why was the experience bad? And sometimes, looking at this data, and I'm looking at it, the date is good, right, but just maybe they're their education level wasn't there to see. Okay, well, this is equaling sales. They didn't understand how to correlate one to the other. All right. And so those that have never done it before, it's kind of the same thing for the fact that they don't really know what to expect. And then from there I'd like to take in and really teach them. Hey, this is what you expect, this is what you're going to get, this is what the KPIS are, this what's important. And, incidentally, going back to your initial question, is is that's where we start right. So not every deal I wants to focus on use cars, or not every did want to focus on new. Maybe some don't want to go to parts or service or other fixed up. So we really start there and kind of figure out, okay, what are your kpis? How we're going to track, you know, lead form submissions? How we going to track phone calls with some sort of keyword level call tracking, so that way when we're doing reports or with the DEALO's getting reports, they can say, okay, this is equaling me sales, this is my bottom line. So that's kind of how we start things. And again it goes back to what I said earlier is education first. You know, I can say every day at the dinner table I...

...always ask my kids, just probably like you know, parents all across, you know, Canada, in the US, all across the world, are always asking what did you learn today? But you know, I don't say it just to just to say it. I say it because I really want to know and get my kids as excited about learning as I am. And if I can put that on them, and I could put that on dealer set excited about learning about this space, I think the better off they're going to be. How do you abridge the gap, though? I mean you know, ultimately, we know from our own experience that you know and, like you mentioned in the beginning, that knowledge gap. There's some dealers who are really invested in this and want to learn as much as they can. There are those who would just prefer to, you know, hand it off or have somebody else do it. What do you say to I mean the concept of education? First, how does that apply to everybody? I mean is it? Is it? Hey, look, if you want to be successful at digital advertising, your ad words, PPC, even facebook advertising, it's it's on you to learn as much as you possibly can about this topic, whether it's your own spare time, whether it's taken an hour of your lunch break to learn as much as you can, so that you're that much more empowered to make a go of it. Or is it okay? Yeah, you know, you don't want to learn anything about it. Will just do our job. Do you know what I mean? Like, yes, yeah, I could say that that second one can be a little frustrating, at least from my perspective. Is I know there are a lot of vendors who will who like the idea of someone telling him a deal, telling you heyes, run with it, and maybe they don't have to live up to any sort of expectations. But I think is the dealer. I think that they really need to go what you said and kind of go out there and learn. There's a tons of courses, lots of videos out there, lots of blog posts and great podcast again and plugging you guys again. Deal a playbook here is a great thing to listen to and really to learn right if you make it part of your part of your commute, part of your day, to actually learn. Is an example. Now you ask me to maybe...

...think of a resource or two as I use personally. I use net vibes. It's an RSS reader and I have a bunch of different blog posts that I subscribe to and I always very first thing in the morning is I when I when I get to the office, because prior to the getting the office I'm checking my email. Right one of the first things I do is I kind of run down the list and see what's new, is and exciting and SEO and social media and add words, marketing everything. I take a look at it and I see what applies to me and then I read it, I consume it and I take notes. Now, I know as a vendor I probably go to a deeper level than maybe a dealer would, but I think it's really important that a dealer again has a partner with them. It's, like I said, we're looking for a partner. But so they should be able to learn and then go and ask her vendor. Hey, I saw this. Are you guys doing this? Show me this and really and I think if you're working with a vendor, you know that's worth their salt. They're going to say, okay, let's set a time aside and let's go for every bit of this and I can kind of walk you through it. So yes, education needs to be needs to be spearheaded by the dealer, but it also may be supported by the vendor that they're working with. Sure, so, suppose. Suppose I'm a dealer and I want to just dive in get my feet wet. What are some steps that you would suggest I follow to get going? You know, say we're going to do this in house. I'm the Internet director. I want to I want to make an efficient use of of ad words, but I'm not necessarily at a point where I would partner with somebody. What can I do right now? We've covered education. That's ultimately the first thing that needs to happen. Where do I go from there? What can I be doing and what should I be focusing on? Is there a magic number budget wise that I should be looking at? Is it market specific? Let me turn that to you. A big missed or even a big mistake? Or the things that you see when a lot of people do get started? Yeah, that they're doing completely wrong.

That's just like deathcom five. You know, it's like the worst possible thing you could be spending your money on. You know, because that happens, you know, and that's a shame, because then you'll never like it, will never catch on for you. Okay, yeah, so it's easy to get out to count it. You can do add words. It's easy to Outur to count. Definitely connect it with your Google analys account and then again, of course education. First you got to learn how to use those tool but beyond that, you know, when you're setting up your count. One of the things I can say just is keep your campaign's, your ad groups, your keywords and your your ad text tight right. If it's a FE hundred and five, it's a two thousand and fifteen F F one hundred and fifty, your ad should say two thousand and fifteen f one hundred and fifty and should laying them on the appropriate page on your site. Now, typically that can be on the VDP page, but then sometimes it's even better, if you have a special lease deal, to lay them off on a landing page. It talks about the F one hundred and fifty least that you have and then, of course, a button at links into the appropriate inventory. Okay, so this is good. Sorry to cut you off. So so you're saying, Hey, so it and this is probably a common mistake that you see is people don't don't separate out campaigns and add sets and the keywords inside of that ad sets. They probably just create one overarching campaign that has so many different themes inside of it and then so many different keywords and adds inside of that. So it's it's you're saying keep or create campaigns that are specific to whatever your objective is. Right, right, absolutely. And internally we use we use a buying funnel, right, that goes from the top from awareness to interest, to learn to shop and then to buying. And of course there are different keywords at each one of those levels. And I think at the very beginning, and go back to your budget question, I'm that's difficult to answer. I mean it depends on, you know, what they're running. If they're running dynamic used inventory, if they're running parts and service, it depends on a lot of different things. So it's really...

...hard to say where you should start. But I don't see many dealers that really get a lot of benefit, except for a small, maybe independent, use car lot, you know, spending less than you on fife. Hundred Bucks, you know, of course can they? Yes, but to be a player, you know you're going to have to spend more of that, depending on the market. But really focus on those. I'm sorry, go ahead, no, no, I mean so really focus on finish that thought. Yeah, so really focus on the lower funnel, right, like I said, it starts to awareness and goes down to shopping and buying. So really focus on those buying keywords. So someone says, you know, how much long tail? How much is it? Two Thousand and fifteen for F one hundred and fifty cost right, or they're looking for a specific model, two thousand and fifteen for F one hundred and fifty lariat. Right. So you can see that it's very specific, sargeted and ready. And in that you know that two percent buying mode that they say everybody's in in the market, right. So like they're real low, like ready to pull the trigger. Right. So focus on that and if you have budget leftover, then go up the funnel, maybe to shopping and learning, into interest and awareness, depending on your budget, but always stop at the bottom and focus on those buying keywords, because each keyword has a different intent behind it. So buying intent keywords are the ones that you want to go after. I love this because, and let's just break this down real quick to I mean this is my understanding. David, correct me if I'm totally wrong, but an example of like an awareness keyword that someone would type in would probably just be like trucks, right, or or maybe even model specifically, my say f one hundred and fifty. But as they move down the funnel, as they kind of, you know, acquire information, you'd talked about how you consume information. As the consumers purchase decision is shaped and qualified a little bit more, their searches will also become more specific. So they would then say,...

Hey, it's not not trucks anymore, it's trucks with six thousand, six hundred pound toe capacity, and then from there it might be like black trucks that can tow a travel trailer. Yeah, just keeps getting more specific and, like you said, that's how specific their searches as an indication of how close they are to purchase. Right, right. You know, I would love to say that you are wrong because you told me to tell you that, but but you're not. You know. So if you, if you're the top of the final PERF, you have interest your truck car right awareness. So once they are familiar with, okay, the trucks out there, then they might go to a model like I use the example of for f one hundred and fifty. Then they're starting to learn about it. So, okay, what's The for F one hundred and fifty s towing capacity? Then they might be then they might be shopping. So they're looking for, you know, for F one hundred and fifty Larry. It is an example. And then a buying keyword is even more specific and they might even use the word by or leasing in there or finance deals or or something else. But it could be, you know, two thousand and fifteen for fo hundred and fifty Larry at four wheel drive blue, right, right, and that's a that's a very specific example. Or maybe even like comparison shopping, right, like they might they might say, you know, what's the difference between the F one hundred and fifty and the chefs overado? Yeah, and that's more in the learning, the learning phase, right. So yeah, so learning is they're looking at that versus. So that's really great for organic by the way, if I can Swiss to that is those versus pages do a great job. If you're, you know, if you're a Toyota dealer and want to bring in Honda customers, right, those versus pages work very well because the people that are in that part of the funnel of learning about what they want to buy. That's a perfect way to go. Love it. Can I ask a question here? Absolutely, because this, this is definitely more Michael's speed and things and definitely more of his specialties than mine. Hence I haven't been very active. I Apologize. Saw My fans out there, but you know all your skint all your Fan, my fan, Dad. I...

Apologize. Saw Your Fan, Hey, dad, shout out that. Yeah, all right, so, but no, seriously. So I want to assume that and tell me if I'm way off that. The higher the funnel keyword, the cheaper, like meaning, like the more that it's awareness, you know, like the when you're doing more of the awareness keywords and you're buying those clicks, I mean, are they cheaper than when you're buying those closed bottom of the funnel keywords, since, well, it's a competitive at the bottom load question. I totally off the map. Well, yeah, don't think you're totally off the map. You're going to have more searches and more people at a weariness face because, like I said, look at think of it, the funnel. You'RE gonna have more people up there. And if you're if you're truck, if you're buying the word truck. Typically you might not see a lot of people buying the word truck, because I personally would never run a campaign like that because I haven't seen anyone that had that must disposable income. Hell, we can just run truck right, because we don't know what that intent is. Maybe they are. You know, I guess I can probably give a better example if I take it outside of the auto industry, to make it ridiculous, because sometimes I think make it things ridiculous. I do with my kids want it makes them laugh, but I gets some thinking. If somebody know what a television is, right, they've never seen more for in their life. You know what are they going to search? They're going to go searts television, right, that's the term they're going to use. And then there's are digging down a little further. They're go plasma TV, LEDTV's right, all right, and go on down. So yeah, so, having said that, typically awareness, I don't want to say it, but typically, yes, they'll be a little cheaper, because I don't think there'll be a whole lot of people who are buying the term trucks unless, like I said, and lets they have a lot of disposable income. Yeah, but a lot of people are buying budget and the cord. Correct. Yeah, correct, yeah, so surprised. Okay, and then you had also mentioned something here that I want to I want to...

...point out as well. You know, just I don't know if you caught it, but there wasn't a effective little strategy in there, which is from your ad driving the traffic to a relevant page. I can't tell you, just to my own personal experience in David, you've got so much more experience than I do, how many times we see an ad for, oh, Gosh, I don't know, two thousand and F F one hundred and fifty, and it just lands you on the home page of the dealer website. If you can see me on pick on my head right now. Yeah, hip face palm right, because look, and you had mentioned as you were just kind of skimming over this, was that you need to go from relevant add to relevant landing page. That's the ultimate equivalent. You what you just said. YEA, like blowing somebody out on the on the lat when they walk in and somebody just blows them right out, and it's get a click on an ad and you'd take to the home page. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's just and we see that so often, but I love that you had mentioned that. Can you maybe get into a little bit more about, you know, I guess, the psychology of why that's important, and I mean what dealers can do right now. WHAT'S THE IDEAL SCENARIO? Is it add to relevant landing pages? It add to VDP page? What's your opinion? Okay, so there are lots of studies with this, not only the auto interstry but outside the auto industry. Before I give the psychology, though, there's a thing that Google that add words uses, and being does too. It's a little bit it's a little bit different than how they you know how they do it, but add words use a couple of different things in their add rank and what that is? It determines the position of the AD. Right. So if you're looking at the at the SERP, the searches and result page, you're seeing at the top, you're seeing you know, you see any know, the three ads and then you see all the ads on the side. So those, those are your position right right. And add rank is quality score multiplied by what you're bidding. So the quality...

...scores. A lot of different things that go into there. And one of them is landing page relevancy. Right. So or relevancy can be the word for this podcast. Right, relevancy really important. So if you land somebody, if somebody's looking for a pink Tuto, right, I think I think Michael mentioned that Robert was looking for one the other day. Okay, so, if you're looking for, wow, wow, a pink to to write and you click on the ad and and you go to the page for slacks, right, someone's going to bounce off right. Right. The reason are going to bounce off because it's not relevant to what they were looking for. It's going to cost you more money for the click because, well, you know, you're not landing them on the right page. But too, it's going to cost you more money because your quality score is going to drop and you'll have to spend more money in the bidding process to get your ad to show up higher. MMM, right, so there's a lot of reasons in there. Now, incidentally, being doesn't use what you're it is how much you pay for it to figure out what your addrink is or your quality score is rather. But was a lot of things that go into that. So psychologically it's kind of what I just said. You know, someone's going to bounce off the page. By bouncing off mean they're going to go to the page, look at that one page and mean I click the back button or exit out and go to another search right then might's go out of the page. But yeah, you just want to land them on the right page. So something that you can do listening in right now. If, if you're concerned about this, I would definitely go into your ad words account. I hope you've got access to it. You need to have that for the level of transparency that's needed and make sure you find out where your ads are landing your customers. So if you're running a specific add on a certain year, make model, make sure that you're not you're not leaving them or dropping them off on your home page. Make sure that there's some relevant place that that you're leaving them right right. Yeah, it goes back to what you said about V asked about VDP. If if the term is two thousand and fifteen...

...f one hundred and fifty, right, and you're having exact match right, that's that's what you're searching for right now. Incidentally, we only need to get into a bout add words. Might be getting rid of the exact match keywords, but anyway, let's just say that's the keyword. You don't want to land them on a specific VDP because it might be the wrong vehicle they're looking for, right. So they're they're in the there may be in the interest or the learning phase, right. So laying them off, laying them on, you know, all the two thousand and fifteen for De, F, Hud and F s. But of course, if it's a two thousand and fifteen for to f one hundred and fifty Lariat, you laying them on that one. And then you could even go to dynamic inventory and in laying somebody on a specific vehicle, right right on the VDP paid. So and something that I see that I that I really like is even, you know, pulling back one step from there. Yet. Well, it's like, Hey, go from the ad, you know, the two two thousand and fifteen Ford F one hundred and fifty, add to a I call them hub pages, but like a two thousand and fifteen for F one hundred and fifty information page that then has a very prominently displayed call to action that says, I view our in stock f one hundred and fifty inventory or something, something along those lines of that SRP to when they think can go into the VDP from from that. Yeah, take some absolute later step. I agree, because there's no world are totally darning out here. Yeah, that's what I like, because that's why I think Edmonds. That's why Edmonds and KBB and those guys. It's not because everybody automatically trust their name going in. If you're really not actively shopping for a car, like you don't know much. You don't see them. They're not all over the place, you know. So when you do do that and you land on their site, it just has information about vehicles. I think vdps just get a lot of hits. They're mostly one of the most you know, you know or visits than in anything else on a dealer's website. It's because, unfortunately, it has the most information about a car on their website. But VDP information does not speak...

...the consumer language. You know, for by, for are are a see, you know all that stuff that saysn't yeah, I mean that. Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah, very good point. Again, it's it's all down to talk about relevancy, search intent. You know, the keyword has to laying on the right page, whether it's Seo, whether it's SVM, right. So if somebody is doing the versus, laying them on the versus page right, that's the keyword. If someone's looking for the hub page type information like Michael's talking about, then that's where you lay in them. So look at the keyword. If and you got to think about what is the intent behind this? What are these people wanting to land on? Start there. You can't go wrong. Love it. Okay. So I'm going to in the spirit of because I mean, like, let's face it, we could nerd out on this for four days. Let me just kind of give a recap and David Fill in the gaps if you if you hear any. So step one education. Learn as much as you can. I mean it's your duty and obligation as the business owner or as the Internet manager, whoever is going to oversee this, to learn what you can so that you know exactly what's what's happening. Then the next step is is dive in. You could sign up for a free ad words account and and then you want to make sure that your campaign's ad sets and keywords are all kind of theme specific. I had one question about that. When we talk like theme specific, is it model? Is that considered a theme, or is it more like new vehicles, used vehicles? And then inside of that you would have your make model add sets. Yeah, so you have it. You have campaigns and the campaign maybe can be, you know, new Toyota's right, new forwards, and then under there you have specific add groups like, for the F one hundred and fifty or the ton Dr Right, and then you have churmon. Those ad groups you have, you know, very specific keywords, five to six keywords per ad group that go to a specific Adalanta...

...on specific page. Love it. And then from the ads, you know you'd mentioned the quality score. You know, make sure that your ads are dropping your customers off on a page that's relevant to the ad that they clicked on. I mean, can you imagine how deceiving it would feel if you thought you were getting one thing but you're actually delivered elsewhere? So do it, do a quick audit, if you're running some PPC, running audit and make sure that you're driving your traffic to relevant pages. You're going to see an increase of in conversions and you know, ultimately that's what's going to help you deliver higher quality traffic. Now, ultimately, like I said, we could be talking about this for days and days and days. I could sit and listen to David impart his knowledge on a digital advertising for Wolf. That's what you say you want to do. I'm going to head on out of here, man. No. So, so talk to US fans? Yeah, he's gonna go talk to his band. He's going to cause that. Yeah. So let me ask you, David. So, for those who want very good information, David? Yeah, I mean for those who want to, you know, learn more or who really want to take a bite out of this PPC thing and see greater profit, profitability, come to their dealership, how do they get in touch with you? Okay, well, my email address and we give my email address and will give you the office number. Here. Email addresses David Dot Johnson at g engagementcom and that is the number three. And then, of course, the office number is seven, one nine four two four seven one four nine. Love it. You have any social profiles? We can point people to. Yeah. So you reach on facebook. Is Sports David Johnson one hundred and one. Of course, it's hard to find anything with David Johnson. You can find me my on my blog it David in johnsoncom, or persuasive conceptscom, for that matter.

You can find me on twitter David John Underscore son. How many, however, you have to his day with Johnson? Come on, it had to get my blog. I've been trying to get David Johnsoncom for like ten years. Right, I'm sure every David Johnson the world doing the same thing. So my middle initial came up about a year ago, so I snatched it up. Love it. Okay, thank you. And and who the David? Yeah, there's probably a million of them. Yeah, my mom wasn't very imaginative. Sorry, mom. Hey. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Michael Sorillo was taken. And I mean how common is the last name Sorillo? I know right. Anyways, Hey, listen, thank you so much for being with us today. For those of you listening in, I know Robert. He owns every domain under the sun. Stockpile the things, I'll tell you what. For those of you listening in, please check out triple W dot, the dealer playbookcom. Check out the show notes, because we're actually going to include the blueprint for getting started with digital advertising. You absolutely need to go check that out. Stay tuned for the show notes. David, thanks so much for being with us today and we'll talk to you soon. I'm honor say to David, and that was David Johnson and Michael. I can tell that was definitely a man session that you enjoyed. Man, that was r than our alley. I say this all the time. I take I take pages of notes, but you know, it just in my own experience help and dealers with their their digital advertising. I mean, you know, David such an extremely, like I said, passionate individual who I don't think I know anybody that knows more about the stuff. So it's cool to like be able to bend his ear get, you know, real questions answered. I think every day in the country,...

...globally, there are dealerships who want to see more happen with their digital advertising efforts because it's such a cool way to drive really high quality not shoppers but buyers, people who are further down in the purchase process. And so you know, you heard David Outline these strategies that you can start using. Like I said, if you if you check us out triple w dot, the dealer Playbookcom we are going to include in the show notes a blueprint, a free download for you, which will include the steps that you can take to make your digital advertising more profitable. So again, don't forget to check us out. Triple w dot the dealer playbookcom. You can also subscribe on Itunes. We would love for you to do that, stitcher radio if you're on an android user or if that's just what you prefer, and, of course, on soundcloud. Thanks so much for being with us. Will Talk to you next time. See You then,.

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