The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 2 months ago

David Long: Mindset Over Tactics


The real change-makers in the retail auto industry all have one thing in common. They believe and deploy the power of a positive mindset before any job-specific tactics. Isn't it ironic? Those who focus strictly on tactics never seem to get a head while those who have a positive, willing, and committed mindset tend to rise the leaderboard consistently?

David J. Long is the Executive General Manager for Hansel Auto Group in California and has helped thousands of individuals throughout his career reach new heights through the power of a positive mindset.

Listen carefully as David helps us understand the importance of remaining positive and provides a glimpse into how he makes it happen for himself each day.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

4:16 - You speak a lot about mindset. Why?

10:07 - How do you pivot or adjust and still keep on track?

14:25 - Is there a difference between positivity and happiness?

15:38 - How does one cultivate an attitude of positivity?

22:12 - How do you foster a culture of positivity?

26:22 - Caring drives us. 

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