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David Risley: How to Grow Your Audience With Blogging


Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook” session number 53 and we are so excited that you are here. 

In our latest offering we are sitting down with “your favorite bloggers, favorite blogger”, a professional blogger that has been making it happen in the blog game since well before they even called it blogging in fact…

 Founder and creator of the “Blog Marketing Academy” and also one of Team DPB’s favorite podcasts “Coffee Break Blogging”…

Mr. David Risley!!

David is one of the most sought after experts when it comes to blogging for business and in this session of The Dealer Playbook he dives into “How To Blog The Right Way To Grow Your Business”.

In the auto industry especially we hear so many different strategies and tips from so called “experts” it makes it easy for todays car sales professionals and or auto dealers to be well… Unsure when it comes to blogging. 

If you want to learn more about this sessions guest David Risley check his bio: 

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about in this session: 

- How a committed blogging strategy can sell you more cars. 

- How you can generate an insane amount of leads in your marketplace with blogging. 

- How to engage with and handle the leads you generate from blogging. 

You will get all that and so much more in this action packed session of The Dealer Playbook Podcast. 

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This is David Rizzley from blog Mark Academy, and you're listening to the dealer playbook podcast. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning out our dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey there, thanks for joining us on the dealer playbook podcast, session number fifty three, where we feature weekly interviews with elite trainers, speakers and authors for you today's automotive professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo and I'm joined by the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Robert Wiseman. What's going on? What's up, Cham you man? I'm chilling like a villain of my gruff side kick, my brother side Kike. Yes, love it. You know what, we're having so much fun doing the show. Thanks so much for joining us. We love doing this podcast. You know, we had that that two week hiatus, you know, a little while ago and Robert and I were like dieing man. We just felt like something was missing from our, you know, weekly enjoyment, and it's the show. We've come to find out we got back into it, we've got some incredible guests lined up, such as one we're going to feature today for you, and we're just having a lot of fun. Robber man, what do we what do we have coming up? June's a busy month for us. We've got we're going to be at you a amg here in the next little while. Yep, that's a looking forward to connecting with all those people. And then they seems in his camp. Yeah, that's right. And then, for all of you Canadian dealers listening in, love you to join me at the driving sales Canadian dealer form. You know, forever I've been been kind of an advocate for getting, you know, Canadian specific content happening for Canadian dealers, and I remember the first driving sales executive summit I attended a few years ago in Las Vegas and I was like, Oh man, you know what, we need something like this, you know, north of the border, and you know what, we've got our events that go on, but they're nowhere. I just feel like, you know, something's missing. That going down. So that's coming up on June, twenty two and twenty three. And you know what, for those of you listening in, hit me up, send me send me a comment in the show notes, triple w dot the dealer playbookcom for fifty three, because I want to see if I can hook you up with a pretty freaking incredible VIP discount for that event. So again, if you are, let's say, you're enjoying it horses, you've joined our sold yes, a good deal, I should say. I'm one of the breakout speakers at this event. I'm super excited to be a part of it. It's the inaugural driving sales Canadian events, so we're looking to make a big splash here. So those you listening in, hit me up in the comments, you know, with your contact information and or just let me know that you're interested and I will reach out to you to hook you up with a VIP discount for that event. Will love to make it a big smash. Got Some incredible speakers and and I think it's just going to be a real, real hit. So that's coming up again June twenty two and twenty three in Calgary, Alberta, and...

...we will say, and I am personally sending a bill to driving sales for that little up awesome marketing you did. I know. I don't know why I I just you know what, I'm excited. I'm excited that something's happening. They're bringing the show up here and, you know, excited to be a part of its speaking you've definitely got to check out my session when I'm there. It's titled Don't wait, Dominate. Dare I say that's the title of a book that I've written. But it's going to it's going to be really incredible event and an awesome session. So I look forward to you joining me there in Calgary. But, you know what, onto the show here. Okay, after all that, after these messages, will be right back, you know. So our show today super, super thrill to have our guest on today. Guy's name is David Rizzly. He's made a business out of blogging and we're super thrilled to bring that information to you listening. And because you know, Robert, like you you know and like I know, bloggings just one of those things that's really difficult for people to bite into in the automotive space and just find out how to how to make an efficient use for it. So you're going to hear David, who's an og blog, or this guy. I mean, Oh yeah, it's blog and it's but he was blogging, yeah, before there was blogging. That please there, as I say in this session, and I think this is the great, Great Punch for him though, but he's been doing it so long and, like Michael, if we go to like guys like we like, like Chris Doker and stuff like that, they recommend his blogging courses and training nonstop. So, like this guy is your favorite bloggers, favorite blogger. That's right. He is the WHO, not the WHO's who, he's the WHO of blogging. So super excited to jump into this session right now with David Rizzly, if you got nothing else to bring up, since I took all the time with my marketing. Let's dive in. Let's do it. Okay, and we're sitting down now with the founder of blog marketing academy and he's also the host of coffee break blogging, which is a podcast you absolutely need to check out. It's a really cool format. I'm going to turn it over to him and let him describe it, but our guest today is David Rizzly. Hey, thanks so much for being on the show with us today day. Thanks so much for having me. So you know, Robert Actually got me onto your podcast, which is kind of like, it doesn't feel like a podcast. Can you tell us a little bit about what the format is and and just tell our listeners about what you do on that podcast? Sure. So, basically, I had a podcast back in the day and it had a really, really creative title, called the blog program one of my best product titles ever. Now, with the the podcast I went into it,...

I didn't really have the best game plan, so it kind of just dropped. I got really a regular about it, but I wanted to bring it back because I know how effective podcasting can be. So I went with the coffee break blogging model and essentially what it is is a shorter form podcast. It's not interview style, so they tend to be ten to fifteen minutes in length and they go in a chronological order. So we're basically it's basically a course on building an online business from scratch and we're doing it and you know, episode format really cool. Well, I got a question about that now, more so for me, that I'm wondering so with like is this going to have like an end date that you'll just like keep it up there ever green and then kind of like move on to a different maybe show format under a different title. ORS You do think it'll just keep plugging away for now? I don't have it end in mind. I'm now. I am basing it around a seven stage like framework that I set up, and that's more for me than for anybody else, so that I can actually sit down on plan these things in advance. But the thing is, let's be real, there's so many things that one could talk about that even if I get to the end of stage seven, there's still plenty more I could go for. So for sure. So, yeah, I don't have an end in mine at the moment. Fair enough. So, you know, you absolutely need to check out that podcast, or should I say chronological online course in podcast format. But you know, Dave, tell us a little bit more about yourself, where you've kind of come from, what you're doing now, and and you know just what it is that you're accomplishing through your blog marketing academy. Well, I guess started back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. I was still in College of the time and started up with a technology site talking about building computers and upgrades and networking at a bunch of really, really geeky things and you know, and Robert, I was the nerd fast over there. NERD fast into that stuff back then. Sorry, David, and I ali used to talking to tech savvy savory, but that's the comment about the yet right. Yeah, so I was into that stuff back then and started it up as a hobby, primarily just because I thought it was interesting and never really thought that it would grow into a business. But you know, when the with thecom you know, boom coming up at the late s and stuff, people started talking about being able to make money doing so, one thing led to another and, you know, to shorten the whole thing down, I did that exclusively for about ten years before I decide I really wanted to branch out and started my next site, which is what became the blog marking academy. It actually wasn't called that at first. So that's what yeah, it was by it was your name, correct, stuck off and like. And if I remember correctly, I mean you've been blogging like befo since before it was even called blogging. Correct. Yeah, I mean, I mean if you look at the basic, you know, framework of what we do, we're putting articles on the Internet, you know, so I was doing that back when I had to manually code it in html.

Wow. Yeah, and I mean this guy just for the context that you know, person listening, and I mean is some of my favorite bloggers. All right, like other before I was introduced to you, you are their favorite blogger. That that's your new hey, your the you're your favorite bloggers favorite blogger. That's your new leml right, like the like the old dareas of David Prisdy. Yeah, love it, man. So, so it's fair enough to say that you've learned a thing or two about blogging and how to how to kind of grow, monetize and online business. So let me ask you, in the context of, you know, our our audience, car sales professionals, general managers at dealerships, do you are principles all those sorts of things? You know, we find that blogging is one of those elements of the marketing mix that just kind of get overlooked and probably from from just not really knowing how to execute. So if we had to turn this over to you and say, okay, well, where'd you get start? Started? What was kind of a what was the the list of actions that you had to take to kind of get your online business and blogging to where it is and what really are the benefits the blogging? So I guess two part question. How'd you get started and what would you say the main benefits of blogging are? Well, what that original technology side? I mean, it's funny I've been asked this question how I got started before. It's not. It wasn't beautiful and chronological in the way that I did that because at the time, I mean, this stuff was very new and I was kind of feeling my way through it. But essentially, if I had to cast a wide net over the whole thing, I was taking a something that people wanted to see on the Internet because at the time there was a shortage of plain English style. How too is when it came to computers and I and I supplied it. That's essentially what I did and it became to be noticed by the techmedia at the time. What was the other part of your question? I forgot. Just you know, the benefits of that you've seen from blogging. Yeah, so here's a thing. I mean blogging is kind of a long term marketing strategy, but it's very effective because content is what powers the Internet. It is what everybody's out there looking for nobody is out there looking for ads, they're looking for content, and so the blog happens to be the best delivery mechanism for that and it's a way to have organic traffic coming to your authority site that you don't have to pay for. Now, I do believe there is a definitely a time and place for paying for traffic, and I but I think we need to have the quote unquote free way going as well, which would be blogging. Right, they complement each other absolutely. So you know, and I kind of refer as to the the traffic that gets generated from content marketing kind of like conduct. It's traffic that you you don't control per se because you're throwing out topics. But would... say the objective of blogging is to turn that traffic into something that you own, in other words list building, making sure that they're opting in for something and what not, to kind of Crow Your Business that way? Yeah, absolutely. I mean all blogs, by nature, are going to have and the majority of people come to it and immediately balance off. I mean that's just human nature. It just kind of is what it is. It's about predictables gravity. Now that but that. It being said, the primary purpose of that blog is to get people onto your email list so that you can proactively reach out and get and direct their attention at whatever you want, on your control, not on their's. And then there's also a second list that that's is what I call it, which is essentially building up a retargeting list with the blog at the same time. So both of them allow you to reach out proactively and direct them. That what you want. And the thing that I see, you know, applying this directly to dealerships. I think that list. You know, we talked a lot about list building and in online marketing and the benefit of that, but when it comes to the car business, I feel like we don't realize that those people aren't just opting in onto a list to get your monthly newsletter per se. Those those people should be treated as leads. Correct. Oh yeah, that's exactly what they are. I mean, if they're if your site a set up in such a way to promote your business in any way, shape or form, then everybody who comes on your list should be looked at as a weed. Well, yeah, but in and how you approach that lead per se would be based off of the offer or the page, the piece of content that that drove them to the list. Is that not? Because if somebody's on there and they're looking for information, let's say I see people doing content in automotive that's about like check engine lights and stuff like that. Okay, you know standard things, how to change a headlight, okay, you come to there like mine. My next move shouldn't be to ask you to do business, you know, buy a car, because you didn't come on a twenty five to like if a review page or a review post of a new model year or something like. Somebody that's clicking on that to me like that seems more like a buyer right, like a ready to buy a car. But there's also your fixed operations, like your will changes, your you know, the maintenance at dealerships. So how do you, David, how do you find out what topics you should be blogging about? I well, I'm I keep my ear to the ground. So one of the things that I do is when I send out an email to my list, the return address on that is always something that they can reply to. So I'm not there's no bounce or you know, nothing, nothing anonymous. They're they're actually sending an email to us and we'll answer it. I also sometimes periodically, will put a question into that email and just say hey, in order to answer me, just hit the reply button. So it kind of gets a conversation going that...

...way. I also watched comments on the blog, watch comments on social media, you know that kind of thing. I also am doing Webinar, so I see the types of questions people ask. So it's kind of like a varied approach to getting all that information. Okay, so and really just making sure that you are interacting with your audience and and asking maybe questions just to get their feedback and gage you know what topics they're they're wanting to learn more about. Absolutely, I mean, at the end of the day, what we're doing online is communication. It's it, that's it's it's just the same as if we were talking to somebody across a desk. It's just that we're doing it over the Internet. And when we get stuck in its mindset of talking to the anonymous ether of audience, you know we don't, when we forget that they're actually people, that's when our marketing becomes a much less effective. So you should be trying to get to a conversation going all the time. This is something I see like this is a big gap, because we've talked about okay, you know the purpose of your blog is to get traffic or get new fresh eyes on on your content or maybe some just returning loyal, you know, followers, back on your content. But really the purpose of it is to convert them into a lead of some sort. And and Robert, you mentioned that. You know, car shoppers aren't coming just to buy, like, especially if they're looking at a check engine light blog or or, you know, something that's not related to buying a car. So really the objective, once they get on the site is to, shall I dare I use the word bribe, bribe them into opting in for something more value so that they beat they then join a mailing list. Well, that's essentially what it is. I mean it's a lead magnet. That's what it's typically called, and that lead magnet is it's something that they can opt in order to get. It could be a video, it could be a checklist, you know, maybe a checklist on how to do something on their vehicle, whatever it might be. Now, the thing is, when you set up that lead magnet, you set it up so that you know that the very fact that they wanted it indicates a what they're interested in and then that can dictate the follow up sequence that they get afterward. Love it. No. Yeah, so the and I think that's a big thing though, Michael. Where you hear that? That people talking about that? Yeah, we tried some blogging at our dealship, but it really gets no leads. We don't get much from it a bit, and that's because that they're on a blog about a change jtie or something and then you're called action is, you know, check out our inventory. Well, that is I think it's it's changing the way we view leads because I think traditionally in the I don't think, I'm pretty certain that the way we view leads or the way we count leads in the car business is if it's a specific to the the profit centers that are at the dealership, oh it's a credit APP, okay, boom lead. Oh we buy cars. This person just wants to sell us their car. That you know. I've seen more people that that's not a lead to some dealers, you know. But but changing the way we view a...

...lead. No, if you have something relevant, you know, an engaging piece of content and like what you're talking about, Dave, is is bribing them with a lead magnet, so to speak, with something that they would find more value in exchange for their email address. That's also a lead. They may not specifically give you their name or their phone number, and you know best time to contact and they're inters, they're interested in, but they are a lead and you can nurture them, and I love what you just said, by virtue of what they subscribe to, you know what they're interested in and you can kind of nurture them from their build a relationship and build a relationship. Love it and I think that we're relationship is the real big key here. I mean, if all were concentrating on or the you know, the top of the funnel metrics in terms of credit apps or cars or something like that, and it leaves a lot of stuff on the table that's not even being, you know, worked with it all because it's a little bit it's a little bit shortsighted, you know, and and I think a lot of especially in this business, I would think that a lot of the stuff that we need to do, we do need to think a little bit about that long game. And that's what the relationship comes down to, and that and then that just gives you something that you can leverage over and over and over and over again. Right, yeah, absolutely. And if you create that relationship with a person, even if they're not going to do business with you for a year. And the thing is, if you got that relationship, though, more likely going to come to you over somebody else just because it's that's that's just the way people tick. They want to go where they're familiar. So let me ask you this and then we can move it into the context of the car business. But what would a typical say? I'm you know, I've done a search. I find a blog post by you. What's a typical like? I Guess Funnel Conversion Path that you would bring me through from your blog that turns me into a subscriber to one of your lists. Well, it's like I've got my funnels. Typically go right into trying to turn them into a customer as quickly as possible. So it's typical funnel might be that they come to the block marking academy. They can opt in order to get what I call the blog montization model, which is essentially a business model that we use, or they could get one of the other lead magnets, which is a checklist on what to do with a blog post in order to prepare it in order to get maximum traffic. So those are two different lead magnets. Now one of them, I think, goes directly into the subscription, which is the blog montization lab. That's a monthly recurring subscription that they can get into. The other one goes directly into the first front and offer, which is one of my action plans. So basically just a back up. Essentially, they opt into a lead magnet that puts them on the list and then the very first page that they see is going to be a very targeted offer that basically they like, forestcump would say,...

...they go to, go to like peas and carrots. You know you want. You want that lead magnet and that offer that comes after it to go together. So what makes sense? It doesn't blindside them. Love it. Yeah, now let's try to make that in a context for well, I think it's simple. So because his offer is saying, though, you know, like the trip wire type, you know, things that they don't have. There's not necessarily with somebody that they're not well I mean, I guess, depending on like, like I said, if somebody comes to a page and they're looking to how that they're watching a video, reading a blog post on how to change a headlight, the quick offer could be like, dude, don't do it yourself, man, it only costs this much down here, and that's I would that, you know what, and you might even do something like this. This is this is coming to me. So say, say it is a blog post to about how to like, how to check your you know, how to check in what? What's with the check engine lighter? How to check your oil or any of those things. Your opting could be like get a free oil change on us, they opt in. Once they've opted in, and that customers, you know, effectively inside the dealership getting their oil changed. You know, you could instruct your sales people from there to start the conversation. Oh Hey, you're driving that. We're looking for a ton of those that and not even like the and that's really Gott getting me thinking now, because the percentage than ability. It's get those thinking here. Somebody buying, like doing business to with your dealership goes up like tremendously if they're currently servicing their vehicle at your dealership and I just feel like in that model a ton of people like even even what with what you just talked about, David, is, is your you've essentially taken time right and put something together and Info product or a checklist it. That took you time and I think people shy away from doing that because they always talk think in terms of what if m and what if nobody downloads this, or what if all I do is give away a bunch of of, you know, free oil changes. But would you agree? I think it's not so much about the time you put into that as much as it is what you execute after the fact. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, for one, I would say that the lead magnet is not a time consuming thing to do. Okay, and most cases. The other thing is that, yeah, I mean it really does come down to the follow up, and I mean if you if you have a zero perccond version right, you got to really look at what your sales process looks like. Is that wouldn't be very good at all. And especially in a service business where you've got facetoface interaction, it shouldn't be difficult at all to to get conversions out of that. Love it I love it. Yep, it's getting me thinking. So, for those of you listening in, think about this concept of blogging to drive traffic. Would you agree David, is at the primary purpose of blogging? Are there other purposes of blogging or objectives? It's primarily to drive traffic. It... an SEO play. It's kind of a long term play, but it hit. But the thing is, and if you don't have the blog going on, you've got no authority, site, nothing to bring them back, because it's not just about the initial contact with a with a person, it's also about that ongoing contact with that same person to bring to bring them back to your sight and then, if your site set up well, then you can lead them into maybe even another lead magnet there's a little bit different than the one they came in the first time. But if you're not doing this type of thing, you then you're completely reliant on paying for every single piece of traffic that you get, which that's fine. That works, but we I think we need to have this other long game going on so that we build up some leverage. How do you how do you address the fact that you know, say there's I mean we know there's other people online who do similar, you know, things to what you're doing with blog marketing academy. And obviously there's card you know, car dealers are all very, very similar. What do you say to someone who's maybe reluctant to execute on a blog because they think, well, man, that this information is already out there from so many other people. Should you be shying away from that? Is that a legitimate concern or what's your take on that? How do you address topics that other people are addressing so that you can still kind of carve it, carve in your place into the mix? Well, a couple things got to by a lot of times with content. It's not just a fact that it was said, it's also how it was said. You know a lot. There's not a lot that I talk about on block marking academy that hasn't been said by somebody else somewhere. But at the same time, and the people who come to me are typically more confused than ever ask to what they're supposed to do because the material wasn't presented and the most simple, applicable way. So a lot of what I do is taking a complex topic and make it simpler and more applicable. And so that's one angle. You can just basically look at how you're approaching it. That could be different from other places. The other thing that comes to mind is that you can curate content as well, to where, instead of creating everything originally, you can be put yourself into a position where you are curating the best content out there and bringing that to your blog and republishing it and adding your own unique twist to it. So, you know, if some head, you know headlight changing video or something like that that maybe somebody else made on Youtube, what, there's nothing stopping you from posting it at that person's probably going to appreciate a really good point. And if I may jump in, tell me, David, like just for that person listening and what are, like, some the Best Practices for when you do curate somebody's content, like what are the things you would need to make sure that you do instead of just copying and pasting their product on your page? What is the right way to curate? Well, if it's it depends on the content that it is. I mean I would...

...just mention the youtube video. I mean all youtube videos have an embed code and if they didn't want you to embed it, they would not, they would turn it off and make it an unlisted or private video. So the fact that it's there, it's kind of like, yeah, you can't use it, you know, they just in the nature of the inbed it's going to link to their youtube channel and everything. So it's not like you're taking anything, it's just there to be used. Now, if it's somebody's blog post, then I would not copy and paste that. That would be pretty bad. But what you what you can do is take a little clip of it backlink to the original and then you can turn that into your own piece of content by you, you putting your commentary on top of it. Yeah, that's same, kind of like with the video, you would see instead of just pasting like the video and that be the post itself, you kind of do a little, you know, introduction in your thoughts on why it's valuable. Well, yeah, I don't think of a blog post. I have nothing, but a youtube video would be that? Well, I mean I'm not gonna say it wouldn't be that useful. It's not going to be that useful in the eyes of Google because it's really not much for it the CHOMP on. So I mean I would definitely write some conduct to go along with and it really wouldn't build your authority any further either. What it right. I mean that's a big reason why, you know, like my podcast is primarily me talking. I mean the part of it, part of it is to build me up as the authority. HMM. So the thing I love about this is is it does break the mold everything we've talked about. It breaks the mold with what we're currently working in, which is, you know, Robert, you had mentioned and David, you kind of brought it full circle with your comments. You know, Robert said, traditionally what dealers do is they will blog for the purpose of like the whole thing just leads everyone into view our inventory like it's very self serving content and and like you said, David, at that's a very top level, short sighted strategy and you're leaving so much on the table. So I think for those listening in that the objective is to grow your business. But would you agree, David, it's not to just blatantly do this harsh sales pitch. I mean those lead magnets are for getting leads and those leads are for building your business, but it's not, hey buy this, hey this cart, like what we're seeing review of the twenty fifteen dodge charger, and then it's like the dodge chargers the best thing ever and you should buy it from our dealership because you know, there's a La to our in our dodge stars, a link to our dogs chargers. But it's kind of a softer approach that we're talking about, which is why I love it so much. It's, you know, speaking to people about the things they care about and and you know, compelling them, but really getting them do opted in of their own free will and testament to something that would interest them further and then estabt me. You know, helps establish your authority and credibility in the market place even further as well. Yeah, you need to meet them where they're ad I mean, if the if all you're doing is talking about inventory and specials and you're only going... meet those people who are ready to go buy a car right now. But thing is, most of the world isn't there yet, but they will be and you've got to build that relationship. Every day somebody's in and somebody's somebody K new cut it's the fairest will you know they're getting on and getting off and the when you create content. My opinion, for that, want the people that are ready to buy. I mean that's the smallest percentage of your market there is that they're ready to buy now. And further than that, like you said, it is a it's a constant revolving ferris wheel. You know, I'm month ago I wasn't in the market for another vehicle. You know, all of a sudden I'm in the market for another vehicle just because of a simple thought process. Change like, Holy Crap, I hate, you know, I hate having to borrow somebody's car. I hate having to do this or whatever. Now I'm in the market, but all I've learned up to this point, being a consumer now, is I know the dealerships that I won't buy from because and it's the ones that didn't give me the information I was looking for right so awesome information, David, you know what we're going to in the interest of time. There's so many more questions we could ask you, but for the sake of those listening in, how can how can they get in touch with you if they've got more questions about blogging and how they can, you know, become an authority on the topic such as yourself. Best Bet would go right to the block market accademy. So I will be blog marketing ACADEMYCOM and from there it will take you into the next up. Love it. And are you on twitter or the facebook or anything like that? I am. Yeah, it's what is it? My handle with David Rizzley? All right, my name super active. Yeah, well, it's funny, I it's my my usage of twitter is actually evolved over the over the last few years. I'm it is a little bit more of a megaphone now for me. I'll be honest. I don't know if that's the right way to go, but I just look at it from a perspective of best places to put my time and that's kind of how I'm looking at it right now. And that's why you're on here. As the bloggers fit, your favorite bloggers, favorite blogg or not? The twitter, not the social twitter guy, right, right, right now, guys, everybody, check it out. Man's one of my favorites. Definitely. All Right, man, David, thanks so much for being on the show with us today. We greatly appreciate it. Tons of value and would love to have you on again. Cold out a problem. Thanks for having me. Thanks, Bro. All right, and there you have it, live and direct your favorite bloggers, favorite blogger, David Rizzly, Michael So. I mean I've been listening to this guy for a long time. I know you've been checking them out here and there, but what you think? Yeah, you know what Super I mean. There's no doubt that this this guy knows what he's talking about right. I mean he, like we talked about pre show. He's the WHO of blogging. He's been doing it forever, before...

...he's even called blogging. He's and I think the thing I enjoyed about him is, you know, he's very open about the fact that he's not one of these gurus that had this like big secret that he figured out and it turned into this, you know, millions and mill years now. I'm yeah, he's all, you know. It's like here's a real, tried, testing, im proven way that you can use blogging to build your authority and to to, you know, reach out to customers. But then it's really what what we talked about inside of the blogging getting people to opt in for something that's valuable and and changing the way that we think about those people. They're not just newsletters subscribers. Dude, nobody wants your freaking newsletter. You News Let, the sucks and it's Operon for value. Yeah, and those the leads. I'm sorry, Michael, and they stopped the cart. And Yeah, they don't get that the conversation stops online immediately when you stop speaking to them the same way that you were. So they're there, they read this information, like we said, and then you're giving them a different offer, different opt in, or they do opt in and then immediately somebody that opted in for an oil change INFO or something maintenance. Wise, you're saying great, big sale on cars, you know, like that's that's its fastest way to stop the conversation, basically, and that's where we're doing. It's like great, we have one subscriber to our newsletter. Dude, nobody cares about your newsletter. Like I said, your newsletter sucks. People want information and you heard David Talk about that. People aren't going online to look at ads, they're going online to, you know, gather for conversation, look for constent like that one. And and we're treating currently the dealers that I that I see that are blogging or doing social media or any of those things they're treating it like advertising, because we have this instinct in us where it's like, if I'm not promoting, if I'm not advertising in the traditional sense, hey check this out, low kilometers, lady driventh it. It's not worth it. But we're we've flipped that on its head and and guys like David and the other guests that we've had on the show have flipped that on its head and proven no, no, wait, if you provide people value first and then give them more value and get them to opt in for more value, you absolutely need to think of those people as leads because you can nurture them into your store. And and like you heard him say, it doesn't take a lot of money, a lot of time and it doesn't take a lot of time most of the time to put this stuff together. So doesn't take a lot of time, time most of the time, to how many more times can I say time? anyways, so super at a time, super incredible. Yeah, we're at a time. We hope you found value in this with thank you so much for joining notes. Yeah, check out the show notes, triple w dot, the dealer playbookcom forward fifty three. And you know what, since we're given away a bunch of stuff today, like VIP discounts to conferences and stuff like that. I'm going to throw in their check out the dealer playbookcom forward slash dominate book, because I want you guys to opt into my new book that I've got droppin is going to bring all of the information we talked about here on the dealer play but here.

I got a question for you, reguard. Yeah, let's do that. How many copies are you going to give away free to everybody, to our listeners here on the show, once you get them all in hand? How many do you plan on and now for Yep, I'll tell you what. So, when we launch this book, people are going to have a certain time period where they can actually get the book for free. I think it's five days. I'm going to be giving this book away for free. So there is absolutely no reason why you want't go over to triple w dot the dealer playbookcom Ford Slash Dominate Book to get to opt in, and I'm going to send you out a notification when the book formally launches so you can go over and get your free copy of it. That's going to be a free digital copy but you know what? The this book is going to help you guys just absolutely freaking obliterate your competition when it comes to online marketing and teach you some strategies, k not theory, but real strategies, that you can use to rise above the clutter and start thriving online. No more of this complaining about the economic downturn of eight and how online barely works and all I need is a website or all I need is PPC. I'm going to show you, I'm going to walk you through how you can actually put all of these pieces of the marketing mix together very simply so that you can dominate the market. Okay, and then after that there're only be one thing left to do, and that is to don't wait, dominate, in other words, excute like your life freaking depends on it. So check that out again. I'm super excited about it, super excited to be speaking Calgary, super excited to be back with you, Robert, in person. At You AAMG in your Lena. Shout out to Mr Tracy Myers. But again, guys, thanks so much for listening to the dealer playbook. We appreciate you guys so much and we'll talk to you next time. See You.

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