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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 7 years ago

The Difference Between Advertising & Marketing For Your Dealership


Here we are at DPB podcast episode 14, and it has been all the back to episode 1 since we have just heard from Michael and Robert. 


 So in that case we present to you "The Dealer Playbook" podcast episode 14 "The Difference Between Advertising & Marketing For Your Dealership" featuring Michael Cirillo & Robert Wiesman. 


 Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman are two professionals who are obsessed about content! Online and offline they both love it all! 


 The misconception of things "moving fast" when it comes to the web for a lot of dealers is intimidating as well as overwhelming for most. 


 As stated above that is a "misconception". When it comes down to it the good news is it is really not that hard for a dealership to push through the clutter and make noise online in their market. 


 Make sure you download this episode now, and hear Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman talk more about.


Here is some of what you will learn today:


 - How to make your dealership unique online


 - What is marketing?


 - What is advertising? 


 - Creating a story for your dealership that people can buy into. 


 - How to leverage your OEMs marketing and advertising, 


 All of that plus so much more! 


Now it is your turn!


 Write your comment below and let Michael and Robert know your questions and they will do their best to respond to them all. 


 Make sure if you have not to subscribe to "The Dealer Playbook" podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and to please leave your feedback and comments below. 



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