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Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 082: How To Sell A Car Per Day with Fran Taylor


In this power packed session we are sitting down with our friend and automotive sales expert Mr. Fran Taylor the founder of Taylor Techniques sales training company. 

You might remember Fran from episode 29 where he talked about sales prospecting for car sales professionals and in this session he sits down with us to talk about “How To Sell A Car Per Day.

Here is a quick preview of this session with Fran Taylor:

Steps a car sales professional needs to take to sell a car per day.

Fran breaks down the activities and strategies todays car sales professionals need to be taking daily in order to sell a car per day.

Setting your goals.

Fran chats about the power of goal setting and how you should be setting yourself goals that money can by.

Investing in yourself.

Fran always says invest in yourself and you will make money, invest zero in yourself and receive zero in return. Learn what a car sales professional should be investing in and how to leverage those investments.

That is just a small sample of the valuable information Fran Taylor drops in this session.

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This is the dealer playbook. Hey, what's going on? This is episode eighty two of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we bring creative strategies for you. Today's advanced automotive professionals. Once again joining you Michael Serrillo and my partner in crime, Robert Wiseman. What's going on? What up poems? How are you? I want to put together like like an audio byte of how just the different times I've said what's going on like over eighty two episodes now. But yeah, man, super, super pump for this episode. You know, looking forward to just sharing this topic with you. Guys. Our guest today is none other than the powerhouse Fran Taylor, and for those of you that follow this guy, you know how big a powerhouse he is. I mean we're talking about, and you're going to hear him say later in the or when we move over this episode, that I think he said his lowest month selling cars was like twenty three or twenty five or something like that. But this is a guy that knows how to sell fifty cars a month, and so he's helped so many other people out there, I mean with the groups and seminars and all those sorts of things. The guys really, really active, somebody who you should definitely listen to. So if you're at a desk, definitely be prepared to take notes and if you're in your car, just keep your eyes on the road. It is a hot cop today, hot topic, man. So I don't know, man, you got anything to say before we're going to jump into with frand tailor on how to sell a car per day. Here we get to do it all right, guys, here we go. Our guest today back from Episode Twenty Nine, if you remember, an incredible topic. They're the lost art of sales prospecting. We're so glad to have our friend Fran Taylor back on DPB. Friend, thanks for joining us today. Pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me. Yeah, you know what, we're always looking forward to the topics that you're going to bring to us, not only because we know that you have so much proof behind you, you know, coming from from the business yourself and and all that, but you got so many incredible groups where you just keep the training and the value dropping. So, you know, no exception. Today, Robert and I super looking forward to diving into the topic. When, when we found out what it was. You know, it hooked us and we knew for a fact that those of you listening and would would really enjoy this. Yeah, yeah, friend told me the topic and I said, can you record tomorrow? Yeah, exactly. I mean it happened that fast. So we're really excited to bring this to you. But I'm going to turn it over to you, friend, and just introduce that topic. I mean it's how to sell a car per day. Okay, like how do you how to sell a car per day? So I just think I want to turn this over to you and just dive into the action. I mean where do we get started? Like, you know somebody in the business, they're listening right now, ready to go crazy, you know, fire off, the papers are going to be writing so fast or whatever. Where do they start? How do you sell a car per... Well, when I get into car BNUS, I was like a lot of other new salespeople and fortunately I was in the number one to two dealership and allimited lating Toyota, so I had people to look up to or look after and I quickly realize there were some things that they were doing that I didn't want to do. So I didn't want to be there eighteen years and selling fifteen cars a month. So I came up with the idea I think it's easier to sell a car a day than to try and put a goal of fifteen, eighteen or twenty cars out there. So once I discovered that, I said, okay, now let me focus on that. So I started to think what I can do to how to sell a car a day and I was lucky enough I sales in a month my first month. I think my worst month was twenty three, and I ended up doing fifty plus cars and a little over two years. But it all started with how to sell a car a day. So then I sat down, I started to think what I should do, and whatever decided to do, I made a decision right there. I was going to do it in abundance. Excuse me, I was I watching these guys. They were doing twenty five Mel ors a day. One was doing at morning and one was doing in the afternoon, and I spent more time my first week to try to figure out which is the best to do it in the morning or night rather than just get the doc job done. So one of the first things I did is they really lies. Okay, after I have my daily routine down. You know. I just wanted to do my mail or so I decided to do those right off the bat in the morning and I made up my mind. If they're doing twenty or twenty five, I have to do thirty. Not a lot of people say, Hey, I don't have people to call, to make eighty phone call today, or I don't have thirty milers. So I'm going to go over how you get those people to call and it has to be a part of your daily routine. With the goal with mine, to sell one a day, to be honest with it. One a day, so simple, one or two ups, one or two appointments and one or two incoming phone calls. Now, if you stick with that system, and it's on page forty in my book, that are really stick out. After while you get that routine, you know, spend more time on the things that's going to produce you income or revenue and less times on the things that don't. Don't come a time, will you, guys, just like it did to me after a while. Wasn't work, it was fun. So I made sure I did my mailer's right off the bat and that could be thank you for calling. Thank you for stopping, thank you for buying Happy Birthday, anniversary, to car holiday cards. It don't matter. You need to get those mailers done. And when I mailed at a mailer, of course I put a magnet in there with my picture on mention to my hundred dollar referral and of course, three business cards. Okay, after that, if I had any deliveries, I try and do them early in the morning. You got to remember people only by our card every couple of years. So I found out to ask them like, especially on a Saturday, you know. I tell him, Hey, it's company policy to deliver your... before noon. So I had all my cards delivery before noon and I was taken ups where the other guys were delivering cards at two, three, four club and all the customers there. So that daily routine just gives you more time to spend closing deals or taken up. Okay, ten o'clock I would get on facebook. I see too many people wasting time on facebook. When I say waste in time, they spend entirely too much time rather than doing the things and make the money. So I would get on there make a post, I would ask questions to get people involved, but I wouldn't stay on there all day. The Internet is great, but I think a lot of US spend way too much time warning. There's more things you can do to sell a car day, to spend a whole day on the Internet. And don't Miss Understand me, I love the Internet. It's done wonders for me, but I also spend time doing the other things. Is going to generate a lot of income. If you guys have youtube, spend a couple minutes on that doing a video. I know one guy, the salesman. He has over millions views and he gets a lot of people from that. It's just another form of promoting yourself. All right, phone call. So this is real important. You know, you got to make sixty eighty phone call today if you're going to sell thirty, forty, fifty cards a month. You can't use, excuse, I don't have anybody to call. What I mean by that, as a lot of people are will do a orphan owners or things like that, and you will have some success at it, but not that much compared to some of the things I'll share with so you're talking about calling the people that that are your database and whether or not they're they even just bof from you, or they're hot prospects now. You still want to be just touching those beat like those can be included in the eighty calls a day right. Absolutely my goal. My goal was to live on repeats and referrals. You know, it didn't take me long to realize people coming in, they beat you up, which is part of the sales process, you know, and then they're five hundred over costs and they want retail for theirs and they want to go. They want to go. Think about they have the lower percentage. Absolutely, Yep. So I made up my mind. My boss taught me the first week. He said, for and there's more customers outside ready to buy that I'll ever be here to our biggest sale. You just have to go get them. Well, I took that to heart. I mean, I had fifteenzero names in my birthday system in three years. You don't have to sell somebody a car to send them a birthday card. So my my best days were just sitting around calling up hey, Robert, how you doing? Happy? Did you get my birthday card? That data data. By the way. Who Do you know looking to buy our new Yus car? To me, that was fun and the more I did it, like you said, the more people flocked to me because they took a little bit of time to call those customers back. And a couple things that real crucial. You have to have appointment a day. Like I went out lunch time. In my book it says for o'clock, but sometimes I went out at the one o'clock to o'clock. It don't matter. Now, listen how easy it is to sell cars. If you meet fifteen people outside the dealership a day, that's four hundred and fifty a month.

If you only have a three percent closure issue, that puts you in thirteen to start the month. The difference is I went and did it and the other guys are rather set around outside and beat each other up to see whose turn it was. All right. So how do you do what you just said? you go out and meet fifteen people. So let's let's say we're okay. So you're out at launch or you're out, you know, roum around. Tell me how you get them fifteen people? Well, number one, when I say anybody's within ten feet, I'm saying hello and soon as they see me, I want them to see my happy, Smiley, friendly face. So I'd say hello, how are you? So you wore a mask. Oh, absolutely, sorry for that. Sorry, let's dude. You know, I kind of like you, Robert. It's like, and that's the other thing too, you have to have fun if you're going to go out there all stone face. It's tough. So when a customers see me, I want to see him smile, and I'm a happy go lucky guy, you know. I want them to get that warm, fuzzy feeling right off the bed. And all you have to do is be normal and nice. So I'd say hello, how are you, and they say pretty good in you. I'd say, well, better if I could sell a car to who do you know? Look, nobody. So that's when I turned my business card over with a hundred dollars on the back and I say why? Help make people's car payments and house payments, because they send me customers. Could you use a couple hundred dollars a month? And thirty years I never had anybody say no. And they say well, yeah, it's a great how'd you like to work for me? And Start Talking, talk, now, listen, this is crucial to even if they didn't know anybody and they weren't in the market. If they were really nice, I'd say, Hey, Robert, you seem like a real nice guy. Can I get your birthday and I'll send you a birthday card and if you're in the market at that time, I appreciate it. Comes to me and I'll be just as nice to you them as I am now. Is that okay? So I get to a day that's old. Seem like much has seven hundred and fifty a year. Yeah, I mean it's like taking candy from a babe. And you know what I like about that is that even if you like, you're going to the same place as you go to the restaurants. There's only so many and some of these guys towns and whatnot. But even if you go to the same place, the more that you keep this was I was thinking about earlier, the more that you ask that person that and even though they say no, the second that they hear somebody needs a car or they need a car, they're instantly going to think about you, without a doubt. You know, might not be tomorrow, might not be next week, but they will. I agree with I've had people come back a year later and I met him at a restaurant or someplace and they say you remember me? Well, of course not, but you know that's the people. If that's why so crusha, do a birthday car and call them on their birthday. That should be all part of your daily routine. That'll equal appointments. You know, you give a little, you get a lot. Give nothing, get nothing. These are people even that you've done business with. Yet or not you take the same type of you want to do that same approach with right, why not? You never did hate mail for being nice. You know what I love about this too, the good one.

I love the fact that you know at the onset your mindset was, I'm going to work so hard that it becomes smart and then it's eventually. It's fun for me. It's something that you can be passionate about, but it also kind of reminds me of a farmer like you were in there, you know, planting seeds like a crazy freak in nature, not expecting that, well, I mean maybe expecting that you would you would find something that was ready to sprout right away, in which it sounds like some cases you did, but you're also like. I mean the whole birthday play is genius and I think you know, even what you said about hey, I don't have to sell you a car to to wish you happy birthday. I mean, I think a lot of people are are so inside the box and so just wanting to harvest what what's been planted before that that they forget about the kind of the patients, having fun with the patients and keeping the movement going, not just like planting something once and just sitting there waiting for it to sprout up. So I think that's really, really cool and something that a lot of people need to need to remember is that this, this is a full on harvest. It's yeah, it's the long game. Yeah, it's the marathon, right. I mean that's the that's the way you're really going to be successful. I mean, if you're just in it to get in and out make money quick, like I said, go sell crack. You know, you don't need so cars if you want come in and make quick money. Right. Well, if you really want to take it to another level, I see it all the time, you know, when I it's on my delivery check sheet on page seventy two, that she make anybody ten to twenty grand a year extra. And here's what I'm talking about. This should be a part of your daily routine every time you deliver a car. You See, I put the whole family in the birthday system. Not Most guys and gals put the buyer in. And if your systems doesn't have it, get one. Who Does you see, if you have a husband and wife and three children, you're only sending the buyer. You're only twenty percent effected. But man, I'm calling everybody wishing. Parents don't know how to handle it. When you call him up and say hi, this is friend Taylor for maybe see motors. There's a little billy there. What do you want to talk to in for? What's this? What's the birth day? I just want to wish him happy birthday. They don't know how to handle it and I promise you you're probably going to be the only guy that calls a little billy up and wishing happy birthday. And when you're on the phone, usually dad or mom takes a phone at the end. Hey, your last question should always be hey, by the way, who do you know looking by our new use car? I mean, once you figure it out and get into that daily routine and make up your mind, you're going to sell one a day, man, it really takes off. But I agree with it, Robert. This didn't happen to me over night, and what I like about it is it's like, even if the value again on, you know, the more I think about this, even if it's like man thiss got, every time he asked me this, you know, and I never tell him anybody. And you some people might be thinking, well, man, I and every time I ask him and they never tell anybody. I don't want to keep asking him, but every time you ask them they're still not Max your calling for a birthday doing it's being nice. Then you ask them, so it's still kind of charming. And then, even if they say no again, when they're ready or somebody they know is, I guarantee they're going to think about you first, you know, without a doubt.

Yeah, I haven't never had anybody complaining about me wishing them them or anybody in their family, birthday. You know, it's sort of like in January, my best munch was fifty three in a January with a foot of snow on the ground. Everybody I send a holiday card to in December. I called him up in January, which is part of my daily routine making phone calls. I'd say, Hey, Robert is friend, teller, maybe see murders. Did you get my holiday card? Oh yeah, friends. Thanks. I add another that. My last question would always be, by the way, Robert, who do you know looking to buy a new use car? I mean it's like taking canny from a baby. If you just make up your mind you're going to sell a car a day and be willing to do what it takes, very good, very good. All right. So we're at lunch. We want to launch start doing this. So we come back. We've already had launch, so we're already following up and you know, we're putting a birthday box. So we're at what else is part of this routine to sell a car a day? Well, the other thing is you have to get prospecting tools working for you. I mean, there again, you know, you spend a little, make a lot, spend nothing, make nothing it. You know, when I started selling cards, I didn't have nothing, you know, so I looked out. I had my name on pizza boxes cost me four hundred bucks. I probably made thirty fortyzero from thinking outside to box. You see, God created everybody equal, but nobody said you're going to die that way. You had choices. So I realized the more prospecting tools that had working for me, he's going to help me sell a car a day. I mean I had matches with my pictures on, of course, the magnets. I had key yeah, key rings. I had little mirrors for the women, and I can't tell you how many times women would come in from service and say, a friend, you have any more of those mirrors? Well, sure, by the way, who do you know looking to buy a new use car? All that stuff I'm talking about gets people to follow you. You see, you got to put the work in for them to follow you. And when they do, I'm telling you, if you just stick with that routine, watch what happens. And and you can't just do it one time. I mean if you go out meeting fifteen people a day, watch what happens in thirty days. I can tell you this. It's not happening at the dealerships and never is. And you may have a sale, but I never needed a sale. I didn't care. I had enough questioners of my own. You know what, and I think what you just said, you know, hit's the nail on the head. It's like you have to you have to actually put the work in and I think, I think you know, a lot of people out there are struggling because that. You know what you started out by saying earlier on in the conversation about how much time people spend on the Internet. You know, they can use it as a tool, they can work it, but a lot of people are just hanging out and and looking at you know how you know who won the WHO won the lottery or all those sorts of things, whatever they get involved in, you know, but it's a matter of like actually putting in real work, not not this. You know, I think a lot of people talk a lot and that feels like work to them and they feel like they're accomplishing stuff. A lot of people...

...hang out online. Maybe they wrote an article and they feel like that accomplished like the be all end all for them. So they feel the exhaustion of working without the fruits and they get discouraged when when what you're talking about is like hey, this is like real bare bones work, like these are the things you should be working at. Well, it's work to start. I can tell you that because, and I got a whole bunch of nose. When I started, however, it wasn't work to me. I didn't think about a career until after I got it gone. And because, like you said, about playing this field, it's with seeds, you know. After well, it just gets crazy because you start called people on her birthday, you start talking to people within ten feet after a while. To me that was fun, where the other guys wouldn't do it. I said earlier about a few meet fifteen people a day. It's fifty month. That's thirteen a month. Here's the other thing. A lot of people don't realize. Stay on the phone until you get appointment to day. Twenty six working days af two people show up. You got a fifty percent closed ratio. So that's thirteen cars. Yeah, that puts it seven a month. Right there said do the math between thirteen and seven. Right, there's twenty without taking it up, without taking a phone call or any of that. Hmm, let me ask you this, friend. I mean because there are some places, you know, especially here in Canada, where you know the the referral thing, like the the I shouldn't say the referral thing, let me be more specific. Bird, the bird dog fee, the hundred dollar referral feed that those sorts of things are are not permitted. Would you can still stamp replaced with gifts and something like that, though? I do believe correct. I mean there's I don't know. I don't know the depths of it. I just know, like a lot of people hit me up on facebook and they say hey, man, what's your strategy and I say well, for me, no brainer is a business like entrepreneurial minded individual. I'm given out a hundred bucks all day long to referrals, but they go, you know, some of them come back and say, Hey, we're just not allowed to do that. You know, maybe it's stayed or provincial regulations. You know it is that. Is that the route. Is What Robert said, kind of the route you would go with, like hey, I'm going to send you a gift card or or well, try and kind of find a way around it. Or there are other equivalent actions that you could take to in exchange for referrals. Well, number one, I would talk to your managers. I do work in states that you're not allowed to do that. So if I'm talking to somebody's in, look, I'll take care of one way another. And what I did is I bought them state dinner for to as a gift, you know. So you're not exchange and you're not exchange in money. It's just like the manager, sorry, yeah, the president of for Hershey Foods. He didn't want no money. So I took in fishing lores and a bottle of wine and every two weeks I could put my little flyer up in the bulletin board. There was five thou people and hers you or something like that. So a lot of people don't want money, but that the win. You can't be nice back. Yeah, and that's the thing. I think sometimes that it's not a lot of times is they don't. Most people refer you like the money is just the hey. It's great, they'll take it, but a lot of times, when you give the...

...good experience and you're staying in front of them and staying on their mind, they're going to send you people regardless. Well, think about it. They couldn't do nothing without seeing my name. I had my magnus on the refrigerator and they started a car. They see my name. The soul by stickers are there. The whole family got birthday cards, plus a phone call. I told him it's friend. I told him it's federal law. When you come in for service you have to see me, and they'd laugh and I'd buy a coffee or so to for them and things like that. I made it fun. I mean I made sure when they were in service I got up and went see him and only takes two three minutes and I'd say, Roberty, happy, everything cool? Yeah, that I oh, thanks for the cards, friends, and that it had. My last question would always be, by the by the way, who do you know looking to buy our new use car? That stayment alone, that that that word track alone, and make it tenzero dollars a year if you just ask everybody what a novel idea. Ask everyone. That'll make more if you ask them. Then if you don't, yea well or money. If you ask them. If you don't, no doubt about it. And it's a whole lot more fun too. Like I said, you know, somewhere around after my first year it wasn't work because I had people crawling out of the woodwork for me. You know, my bonus is used to start at thirty cars a month. I you know, but that's what got me to Thir forty, fifty cars a month, and it takes the same amount of time to sell twenty cars a month as it does fifty. The difference? If you're living on repeats and referrals and getting these people coming back, it takes a lot less time. It's pretty much okay, Robert, what do you want? Where do you want to be? I mean it's I'm telling you this daily routine. If you stick with that, it'll tell you how to sell a car a day. It's really simple, but you have to work at it, but you'll get paid for you'll have more time off, make more money, and that's how the car business is supposed to be, to be honest with yeah, very nice. Is How it was supposed to be. Supposed to be. A good time. It is a good time. So you know, because I know there's a lot of people out there that are very task driven, like they want the step one, two, three, and we've covered so much ground, you know, for those listening in that kind of want to know, hey, when I walk into my store this afternoon for my shifter, tomorrow morning for my shift, what am I banging out? Where should my head be at? What do you say to that? I mean, where do they start? There have a golden mine. You want to saw a car a day, if you don't have a plan, it's not going to work. It's like I started, like I said, my first started. I actually stopped and took some time and say, okay, what do I do to sell a car day? To me I was easier in trying to pick fifteen, eighteen or twenty and go fight with all the guys. And my first thoughts were hey, if they're all my friends or somebody I know or referral, and you know, that's a great start. So I made a list, like I said in my book, it's a daily routine. I covered all I do my mailer's I did my deliveries in morning. I have have phone calls like five different times. I have go prospecting. I mean it's all right there. You have to juggle it around the fit youth. Is it going to work that way every day? Know sometimes...'re going to get to or three customers, but you should not go home unless you did. Your mailer's phone calls more than the average person. That's when you can expect more back. And that's what I did and well, I was just so lucky to figure it out. I mean you tell the same thing to other guys. They say what else you have? Well, I didn't want to be there. Of eighteen years and so fifteen cars a month. The key is whatever it makes you the most money. Spend more times doing that and it's working smart. I'd rather call you up and say hey, Michael, happy birthday, you know, or something like that, rather rather than let that special day go by, because I promise you, not many people call you, especially a car guy, to ever wish you happy birthday. I mean, we may be as a little bit, but heck, it's only two minutes. And I said I'll make sure you come see me when you're in for service federal law. And they laugh every time, and they would. They would come in. Yeah, tickle my funny bone right, yeah, it is. That's good. You know what I love about this? I mean, you know, everythinging that you've talked about is so strategic. I mean it covers mindset. Hey, you need to have a goal. You're selling one car a day, and if you're selling one car a day, work backwards from that. Would actions. I mean you gave kind of a simple breakdown. You know that that equals one or two ups today, one or two incoming phone calls a day or one or two appointments per day, and it just kind of breaks out from there. And so all of your actions really in between those numbers should be things that will equate to those numbers happening, in other words, facilitate the one to two ups or facilitate the one to two appointments and those sorts of things. But I love you know, you know the common sense of this. I mean, going back to the whole well, I don't need, I don't need to sell you a car to wish you a happy birthday. I mean everything you've said, I guess, the overall and this is something that we really groove on here, you know, in our agency and all those sorts of things, is be a good person. Like, if you want lasting, long term relationships, just be a good person. And so what's resonating here for me, Fran, is everything you've talked about, like, like, you know, the lost art of saying hello. How are you to people that are, you know, in your immediate sender feet away? Yeah, I mean, people don't do that, you know, and so it's an immediate differentiator and really, again, like I said, everything you've talked about is is kind of like hey, you know, how can I be a positive influence in this in this community that I live in, so that more people know me? And the reality of it is, for those of you listening in, nobody else is doing this. So you have an immediate advantage if you are the individual, the car sales pro that starts doing this stuff. I mean you're going to you're going to you're going to stand out, you're going to rise above the clutter, you know, faster and more sustainably than anybody else. No doubt that out about it. There's there's one other thing that that made me do this that you see, you're not going to make any changes if you don't have a reason or purpose. So I remember my first day I wrote down as my goals real estate, race sources,... round world, Hunt Fish and had moan game reserved by my grandmother House. The difference between me and those other twenty five guys is I was serious about it. So every time I got paid, I put a little bit of money towards each account and one of my main goals was prospecting account. See It, wasn't afraid to invest in myself, where everybody says, Oh, that's stupid you know, sometimes you got to go out in the limb to do things you don't like to or do things. That's the unknown. And I can tell you this. Like you said, Michael, if it's common sense stuff, man, why not do it? That's what I did and I was lucky enough every goal I wrote down that day I got. And people are going to laugh at you, so get used to that. But Hey, well, I could tell you this. All the guys that laugh, most of them aren't even in the car buoness anymore. And it's and it's fun. You take more vacations when you want. Instead to say, and you can't do that to boss, what I always say, are you coming back? If the yeah, if you could make some money in the car Bennis by focusing on selling a car day now and and and everything that you went over there is stuff that that really anybody can start putting into action like right away, no matter what resources they had, no matter how long they've been in and out of the business. Because, again, anywhere you go, just be in your mode, even if you're out with your friends. If you're want to life, you like the Party and go out with your time, single bachelor or single guy or girl. you go out, there's a everybody, there's a potential customer. You know, I spend thirty. I tell people I spend thirty and made four or five grand. I used to have a sweatshirt made frontened back and had on it. Neither you new use car. See Me, Frand Taylor, Hartman Motors, five four, five, four, seven, two six. I had people stop being grocery stores, gas stations will say, Hey, you're going to need trucks. It's like you said, Michael, you got to use common sense stuff. I'll spend thirty to make me a couple grand a differences. If you tell me that, my next question is going to be do you have anymore? You know, this isn't a rocket, scientist, it's the will to want. When you when you lose the will to want, you go backwards. So come to work with a mission to have to have assets, not just sell cars. And the more assets you have, brother, I'm telling you what, you will become a time you can talk to King Kong and he won't scare you. And and that's when, that's when it gets rocket. Let me ask you this friend, on that topic. Why do you think you know what's your your take white. Why are people hesitant to invest that thirty dollars at the prospect of making forty five grand, like you said? What's holding them back? You don't, I don't. We know. So many people are, I don't use the term feel fearful in a derogatory way, but just kind of like I mean, for lack of better words. Why are people fearful of doing the you know, taking those steps? Two things. Either they don't know or they don't get the hell. Like when I started, I didn't have a car, I didn't have clothes in under wardment clothes, and I told him the same excuse. I said it look, I can't afford prospecting tools. Well, I won't tell you exactly what he said, but I got his message. So I went...

...and bought the prospecting tools and once I discovered I got a couple sales from it, I went back and bought more. Now, if the salespeople do like I did, and that's on page seven in my book, right down eleven goals that money can buy, you know, and they start putting a little bit of money and that that you start to have a better attitude, then you'll start investing yourself a little bit more. I'll give example. When I was jam I help the salespeople. We always had bonuses, as say as somebody sell them ten. Okay, Michael, your goals thirteen. Robert, you used ten year goals, thirteen. If you hit it, I'm I'm always going to raise the bar. I'm going to give you three hundred dollars. However, you get hundred and fifty cash and other hundred fifty goes in a prospecting account. You see, if the salespeople don't have skin in the game, the prospecting tools set. So you got to you got to teach him, you got to help them. I mean you got to share the love. Look, this works, I'll work with you. So if you do that with the salespeople long enough, I'm telling you what I know. Guys got their own billboards up now. I mean I know guys that make two hundred grand a year and Robert, you know Tony. I mean some of these guys are rocking. But like, he was in the business ten years and he said no one ever showed him. So I don't think you know, to be honest, with enough many managers, and I'm not knock any managers, there's nothing wrong. We're looking for help. You know, the stuff I teach and share with the guys, as common says, down there stuff that's guaranteed to work, you know. So sometimes they just need a little love. It's Ay, brother, you will do this. It's no different than a too or demo. Hey, look, we're going to help you go get this stuff and let them pick what they want. Yeah, makes sense me. And so much information in this episode. I'm going to wind it down just by turning it back over to you again, Frand, just to let everyone know, because I'll tell you what it's like. I can almost here like pen to paper and like key's on keyboard, with all the notes going yeah, we only got so much time. So we really have so much. Where can they catch up with more from you? From? Where do we catch up with you? Well, I my websites, WWF Taylor dotnet. I have a lot of stuff for there. That training is I got it a whole lot more detail. Also, we have a group I started by luck. It's called thirty sales a month. I just I couldn't talk to everybody because a business, so I hooked a couple great guys up there were selling thirty forty cars a month so they could talk to each other. And Heck, right now. Then, eighteen months I think we got fivezero people. And you have to be you have to be invited in it. It's a special group. It's a secret group. It's called thirty sales a month. So if you're my friend on Facebook, I'll trying to add you if I can. Yeah, send it. Can it? Is it okay if they just send you a message, look at look you up on Facebook, send you a message and maybe you'll add them if they're eligible. Oh, absolutely, and they're all car people. I don't have I think there's two vendors in there, you know. So we don't promote on there. It's all it's all about selling cars and there's some great people on there and it's free. You know, I learned that from selling cars. You know, if you give a little bit, you get, you get a lot. You don't have to expect it, but it just explode it. You know, we do workshops around the country too,... that's a lot of fun. But Anyway, I'll help anybody anytime. My phone's always turned on. If you leave a message up, I'll call you back when I can and you're going to be and friends going to be at Nada to and actually Michael and you'll be hanging out with them a little bit over there. He's at booth what is it? Front fifty eight fifteen north right. That's correct. Yeah, so you can catch up with them there, catch up with me and Michael if you're going to be in Vegas, and that's the end of next March, right, yes, recording this, that's next month. Awesome, awesome, right on. Man. Hey, friend, thanks so much for being on the show. Just power bombs left, right and center. I say this a lot, but I actually got for four or five pages here. So thanks so much for being on the show with us today. Thank you for having me. Thanks, friend. Okay, bye, boom and back from his short hiatus from episode. What was he twenty nine, said twenty nine, back for eighty two. Is the king of prospecting, Mr Friend, Taylor, that was a good time. And what you think? So Ella? Yeah, I mean no doubting that. The Guy knows his stuff. He's got the proof behind him and you know that. The energy was so, so good. You can I don't know about you, but I mean I think everybody listening to this guy could just sense his passionate about this because he knows it works, you know. And so my big takeaway was kind of twofold. Do these things because they work. There no brainer, common sense things. And then the other part of it is mud. Be a good person, like don't be a don't don't be a crappy scammy. I'll be a schmock man. Don't be a shock yeah, yeah, so, and what I like, though, really about having friend on like we have so many, you know, amazing people on here that we get to hang out with and learn from to and we go so much on market, like the you know, marketing and the content stuff, which is very important at but this stuff with Fram what I like is, like this is something that you listening and man like. If you're not doing it, like, don't sit there. It makes a difference. You just got to commit to it, and you can turn this on today if you want. You know what I mean. This is nothing that that you have to wait to put into action. You don't have to save up money to start putting to action, like you can start executing on it now. Yeah, exactly. I mean, if you're if you're listening to this in the bathroom right now because you're hiding from the sales floor because you just don't want to be there. This is like you're don't wait, dominate moment because you can. You can take what you're listening to right now and just go back out onto the floor and start executing on this stuff. Start Banging the phone, start wishing people happy birthday, you know, go to the dude like, go to the food court at the mall and just start talking to people. Hang out the food core. You got a captive audience. They can't go anywhere. They're there. It's just slice it. Gets yourself a slice of Sabarro. Borrow the effect. What do you say? Yeah, I could go for some authentic Italian. I'm going to head over to all of garden. Yeah, anyways, you know what Super Fun...

...episode. Looking forward to hanging out with frant again at an ADA. Will you guys, if you're there, you'll see us hanging around there every now and again. What was the booth number again? Five eight, fifteen north, north. So definitely come by and say hi. If you are at any DA. Would love to meet you. Thanks. Thanks so much, guys, so much love. We feel it grateful to you. Guys, for listening to the show every week and for all the feedback. Don't hesitate to give more feedback, as it really helps us know where we can take the show. We got people giving us a guest you know, suggestions and topic suggestions, so definitely feel free. We love hearing from you, guys, and until next time, catch you later, later,.

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