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DPB 086: How to Hustle Your Way to a Balanced Life w/ Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to create success. In fact, for many of his followers, the terms 'hustle' or '10X' have become synonyms for his name.  

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo sits down with Grant Cardone to dissect what being obsessed looks like and how you can use it to gain more balance in your life than ever before. 

Grant's journey toward what he has become today started when he was 25 years old and recovering from a drug addiction. He found a car dealership that was willing to take a chance on him. That dealership is where he became obsessed with creating a bigger life for himself than he could have ever dreamt of.  

Today, Grant is perhaps the poster boy for what possibilities can come from having a career in automotive. He now owns one of the most successful sales training companies on planet earth and a real estate portfolio that keeps growing. 

Grant Cardone on being Obsessed 

But with his 'in-your-face', do whatever it takes, persona, have come some misconceptions about the sales tycoon. First, that he never stops working. 

In this episode, you'll hear Grant mention that he spends more time with his family than most people and that he never compromises on sleep. He even takes a nap every now and again. 

So how is it that he can be as obsessed as his persona exemplifies while maintaining a healthy work-life balance? The simple answer: He's obsessed with everything in his life. 

He's obsessed with his career, his family and his spirituality. In so doing, he finds the ultimate balance and fulfillment in his life.  

The challenge for most people today is that they are only obsessed about one or two things. They either only want to work and as a result, they miss out on their family, or they only want to play and have fun, and therefore miss out on what a diligent work life has to offer. 

The bottom line: By becoming obsessed with the various elements of your life (whether career, family, spirituality, play), you can find greater balance, more fulfillment, and big successes. 

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Welcome to the dealer playbook podcast. My name is Michael Cirillo, and each week I sit down with the brightest minds and marketing, sales and leadership to help you level up your career in automotive thank you so much for spending your time here with me today. Now let's open up the playbook. Here we go. Hey there, what is going on? Thank you so much for joining me on this session of the dealer playbook podcast. My name is Michael Cirillo and if you're just joining me for the first time, thank you so much for being here. We're just starting up the show again after a brief hiatus. I tell you what, man, it feels so good to be back behind this microphone and back with you, especially those of you who have been joining me for a while. Thank you and welcome back. You know, we have some pretty powerful content lined up here for you that I think you're really going to enjoy. We've really been trying some new things. We're going to have a lot more video content. We're going to be adding more segments to the show, which you definitely need to stay tuned for. Now, like I said, for those of you who have been joining me for a while you probably are wondering, okay, where's my partner in crime, Mr Robert Wiseman, and I'm excited to tell you about his brand new podcast, the car pro insider, which, you know what, I think you should definitely check out on itunes. I wish him all the best. I'm really excited for him on his new show, but you know what, that's me. I get excited a lot. I'm really excited about today's guest because you're going to hear a side of him that you don't typically get to hear that often, you know, like the terms like x and Hustler have been made famous by him, especially an automotive. That's right, Mr Grant card done is on the show today and, like I said, you're going to hear him dissect the concept of being obsessed and hustling and going ten X in a way that, you know what, will make it so much more clear, especially if you're that type of person that really is like killing yourself or beating yourself to death trying to keep up. Just before we jump in, I want to let you know that if you're listening to this episode on your mobile device via itunes or stitcher radio or something, like that, you definitely want to go and pop over to the dealer playbook Youtube Channel when you get a chance, where you'll also get to watch the video of this interview. Him and I were together at an Ada and you know, with that, though, what I want you to keep in mind, for those of you who are listening to just the audio podcast version on Itunes, that because this was a location shoot and I had limited audio recording capabilities, the audio isn't quite as creamy and clear as it usually is when we connect via skype or whatever it is, with the guest. So don't worry, though, it's not horrible, it's not going to it's not going to make you mad or anything, or at least it shouldn't. But I just wanted you to be aware, if you're listening to this, that that's the reason why, and if you want further context to that, go check out the video on Youtube.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to dive into this episode of the dealer playbook podcast with grant card own. Here we go. All right, guys, so we're sitting down now with grant car Dune. He hasn't been on the show since episode fifteen. Actually we asked for thirty minutes. That time you gave us like an hour and a half. We spent at two shows. I'm an idiot, they know. You know what, there's still our highest listen too, highest downloaded episodes on DPV. So thanks so much for taking the time to hear you know, I think since the last episode. Even on on facebook this morning I said if you had fifteen minutes along with Uncle Gee, Uh Huh, what would you ask him? Well, I probably want to know about the uncle g thing. How did the uncle g think stick so easy? You know, I've been marketing and promoting for years and and I mentioned this. I mean it's a true story. It's about me being a kid and I'm ten or eleven years old, maybe twelve years old, and that whole area after my dad died, I was like and I wish my uncle would call me. I had to. I never told anybody, right. It was this private little thought, you know. And I told my mom one day. I said I'M gonna grow up and I'm to help people, and it was really I would. I wanted to give people what I didn't have, and I said that a couple times on the stream or something and all of a sudden is sticked. I mean everywhere, everywhere I go now people would see what's up, man. So I do you know, that thing we did for thirty minutes and I get into it and I do want to give to people and I like given to people and and it's always helping me, I mean given. You know why? I think the course would be beyond the Humple Geez. Why do you give? You know. And and when I was selling automobiles, I discovered that any time I went on a cold streak, yeah, and I couldn't sell anyone because I thoughtt I thought I was supposed to sell two or three a day, every day. So anything lower than that, I went three days. Dude. I thought that, man, I need some something wrong. And when I would go cold, what I would do a start helping people and I would I caught. Tell you, Michael, any do you have phone calls I can make for your Teo's? I can take anything, I can do with any of your customers, or I don't want it. And the question was always what do you want? Yeah, yeah, and no, I don't know anything. I just want to kill my cold stream, dude. So and I love that you went there because, you know, you hear so many people say the same thing. Giving is essential to receiving. Tony Robbins, I mean dude, even the Lewis House, who we were both kind of connected with same thing. Give more than you take. You say it. I mean everybody that we know who's achieved any measure of success. Yeah, whatever, they're death finition and is on that. There we talked about giving, but breaking that down to the where the rummer meets the road salesperson and they go, dude, I got nothing to give. What? Yeah, yeah, but everybody else about to...

...give. You know, everybody has something. You know, I got called me and said, man, I'm broke. I said, you know, I was twenty five and I was broke. Financially broke, spiritually broke. Yeah, intellectually I was probably almost been grew up and physically I was broke. Emotionally, every I mean like I was busted. And you know, when I started getting my life in order, the money didn't come first. You know what came first was so I got a little self esteem. Now Myself, with the Steven started increasing as I made a commitment to myself and barn and not doing a bunch of stuff. That was that I didn't feel good about you. Right, if you're smoking cigarettes and you're smoking weed, whatever it is, or your your whatever you do in your own little private moments that you don't tell anybody about the rest of the day, they if you think about it more than once, you're not you're not good with them. So they're dropping your your number one resources, the belief and confidence in yourself. And this guy was like, I'm broke. I'm like, but how are you emotionally, you know. He's like, what do you mean? I said, well, that's an asset man, emotionally, spiritually, physically. You know, you pay in the price. Right now. Are you listening to program yeah, I'm doing within. You're not broke. Broke, you're out of money, yeah, but but the things, the things that are most valuable to me, if you took all my money away from me today, okay, which we don't want that happen, but if that had happened, if that did happen, I didn't in case somebody really dolful was listening. If that did happen, you know, hey, I'm left with my I know how to persist, I know how to knock on a door cold. I know how to get up in the morning, show up. I have my discipline, like I'm I can never be broke. The things that are most valuable to me or not money right. That being said, on this gift thing, you know the thing people that tell you the Louis House and Tony, they don't want to talk about it because they don't want to cross the line of being politically correct. You need to learn how to take two. People need to learn how to make themselves first be be selfish before your generous for long, a long period of time, until you got enough bank resources and surpluses so you can actually hamp up and give some more. Nobody really talks about the nobody talks about that. And when? When? Even when you've talked about it, for me, even in the past of my own personal development, I was like, what's this guy talking about? Be Selfish, right, because you hear the give more than you take first, and that's kind of a prominent message. I think that's just a popular message. I think it's yeah, I think it's a it's pulling heart strings some people. Yeah, it's what Ted Cruz would do. He would, he would be that the pause. I know all the stuff. Yeah, look down, reflective. I guess that's not who I am. Yeah, it works for a lot of guys, but it wouldn't work for me when I put my head on my pillow at night. See, I know, I know that you can't if you just go out and give. If you're going to be mother Theresa, that's good if that's your deal, but I mean on this planet, you live on a planet that, if financially, is getting you're getting banged on every day. So you got to learn how to take you got to learn how when you give something to a customer, you give exceptional customer service to a customer. You should be paid for that. You should be paid, maybe not in money. Maybe you're in a store where you can't. You don't you don't profit because you make...

...more money on the transaction. But why don't you get referrals for that? Right, why don't you move him? Get Him some wheels? Man, the better I feel, the more I want to spend. Yeah, you know I come. I come to this hotel. Is it commer came? I don't know if we're here. We are in a Steve Win Hotel. Right, I'm here at this place and we came for this Alex Becker event. Happen to me on the same wee can event Ada. We weren't coming to an idea. Did did the Becker event. So we started stack another stuff where I could profit, because, I mean, look, the fact is the person that gives ends up with the most, the biggest. Yeah, pays. I'll come over the long haul. Yeah, I mean I get something when I give something. It makes me feel good. Yeah, people wouldn't give if it didn't do something for and I think that's the piece that people miss, that personal feeling good. Yeah, projects you to another level where you can perform and him and may what. I should be paid for that. So here I am in this hotel. They take care of me, they give me a nice room. You know, people are unbelievably nice here. Yeah, compared to other hotels. Make sure. But when I go down stand with my Inbous, yeah, nice to you so. But but I go to the spot, yeah, they said, hey, it's forty but bucks to go work out here. So the point is, while they're willing to give exceptional service, while they're wound, it's Steve Windows. Hey Man, there's comes a time when I got to take. Yeah, it can't just be give one way. How do you know when that time is right? Because I know a lot of people are like, wait, I need to see what's set up, like written on these stone tablets, and I need to see like Lyon item twelve that says now you can take after yeah, yeah, I would just intuition. Is it? Is it? You know? I mean I would tell a customer straight up, look, I'm going to give you the best service that you back. I'm here, I'm here to make a limit. I'm here, I got two kids. Okay, I'll put them on the phone. Here's Subrina, here Scarlett, here's my beautiful wife. I'm taking care of and the way I'm going to take care of them is by taking care of you. Everybody knows what's going on. We're doing a free we're doing a free thing on CNBC. Innocent I ad right, it's an ad which is bombing a radio right now for our university and I say, look at Hey, I want to give you this thing. We're going to give you eleven months free or a year free, whatever whatever it is. I'm going to give you a trial, whatever the offer. Everybody knows. Listening okay. Well, when you get when will you get money from you? You know, the whole planet knows. There's no free yeah, and so I would just say to you, look, go to work with the intention of making money, not working. Don't go to work to work. I used to argue with Tom Stupid about this all the time. I said, I don't want to go to work to work, don't want to go to work to prosper, I want to make some bank yeah, I'm going to make money today. I want to make money. I want to come home with a paycheck and my my my spouse and my kids should be on the same pipe paint with me. My kids already talked about money at four years old. Anything money's in part. Yeah, you know, and the last time I checked it was it's fine, because I think you're the only person I know that's talking about this...

...topic. From that you totally right. Nobody talks about nobody breaches. Hey, get money. Your parents didn't tell you don't be broke. Yeah, they didn't say don't just get by. My mom used to tell me, hey, be grateful for where you are right, and there's all kind of iterations of that. I love you just the way you are. You know, I had these big dreams. I'm like, Oh my God, I'm gonna do this in this Oh yeah, that's good grant, but just remember, we love you the way you are. My sister still does that today. Something happens, I got this big deal. I'm like, Oh, my sister got this big that's great grant, but just remember, I see, I love you no matter what. And like what, what is that? Man? Whychet to piss something right there at the end, right, because I want those things, you know, and nobody saying. Nobody on TV is saying. Maybe trum trump's the only one that says. I like doing deals, I like making money. Okay, I've been. I've been greedy for my entire career, but people can't have that concept because they've been program so heavily they greed as bad. Yeah, and and what I would like to reprogram people if I ever make a contribution worthy of my my length of time on this planet, it would be hey, that guy taught me to take care of myself financially. That is not bad for me to take care of myself, because if I can't take care of me, how can I actually help anybody else? Yeah, and that's the context of be selfish. Yeah, be selfish, but, you know, be willing to serve everybody. I mean, if you want to make a billion dollar, serving billion people, if you want to make a million dollars, serve a million people. So on Facebook, like I said, I put off the message. If you have fifteen minutes long with G and and I mean some people were you know, they asked them the same questions. What was the dumbest thing? What was the dumbest thing? Somebody ass I'd ask the stuff. I like why? Why are we alone in a room? And I was like you need know that value. Yeah, see, even that question. Where your questions come from? Yeah, yeah, you know it. They like dumb stuff that POPs up in your head. I mean it really holds people back. Yeah, well, I know it's comedy in the the guy that asked it think it's funny and everything, but the reality is, dude, like you got this much time. I mean you might really want to tap into something valuable. Yeah, you know, you might want to like Hey, what we we had dinner for some people last night. I said it was sat down. I'm like, okay, let's just do a little bit of business and then we'll have fun. Yeah, I want to get something out of the deal. I'm working to deal with a group here in Vegas. Jared was working with the guy. He said he wanted to do this thing in December. The thing in December, count of Jerich. I said, jared, go put a nail at freaking coffin. Yeah, it, and you do it. What happened was that? Happened was the guy, the guy started scoring. Yeah, so I called, got up on the phone. So I'm coming to Vegas. He's like, Le's hang out, let's have a cigar. Said before we hang out, before we have a cigar. Yeah, I need to know what your doubt in your reservations are on this thing you said you wanted to do with me. Yeah, Oh, I don't have any doubts. So, dude, if you didn't have any doubts, it'd be on my count and I would have money in my bank. Yeah, so you have doubts. Well, maybe a little bit. Good, let's talk about okay, and this is what I'm thinking... mind privately amongst you. Yeah, people watch it. Dude, if he don't freaking do this deal with me, I have the cigars with I have that much time. Okay, not just in a day, a month, a week or my lifetime. Right, I got that much time. I have to figure out how do I'm in? What am I worth? You know, the people that don't want to do business with me. We were in a deal yesterday. Okay, I pitched the guy for a little while. It's just, it's just going all around it. Okay, sure, we get the cards that. Don't even bother. Don't even pitch the deal again. He's the wrong guy for us, the wrong guy. Don't waste any more time on it. I don't want to deal with him. I don't want to do business with you. Now that the benefit of that, of that is the questions you guys don't ask. Men. You want a band with so big that you can actually tell people, Hey, I don't want to do business with I was just gonna say, when did you get to that point where you're like, you know, because I mean even look ye nowadays, with startups, with salespeople who want to do a sixfigure thing, they're not in a position where they can say, well, I want your business with that person. Yeah, so, yes, I mean trading on wide, going deep, going, yeah, I mean it's by Ab's a big mistake that I'm made. It's a huge shoes. You need to get a shot of what I'm looking at. What at the end of this because, yeah, when I'm talking to other guys in man, that's beautiful. So, because what I'm looking at is why? Right, see, see, when I started by business, I operated down that street right there. I was working just with car deaders, right down there. Yeah, that thing. And then, and so I had to come to every Nida. I had to, you know, do stuff that I didn't want what you got to do, right, but you know, an ADA is there. I'll just say right now they're not nice people at an idea. They're not nice people because they don't give more than I take. Yeah, sure, they take more than they give, right, and you can see it in their speaker rosters, you can see their conventions that they're paying jeff foxworthy probably a quarter of a million dollars. WHO's the other guy to paying peyton man? Okay, well, I don't know what those two guys can teach anything about anybody about selling automobiles. But the point is, like, people come here to learn stuff, right, but the draw card. They need a draw card. I'm getting off talking. Yeah, but it's good. See they went wide even they went wide. Yeah, they didn't go deep with me. They said, Oh, we got to give Jeff Foxworth, he's going to do redneck jokes, it's going to bring an audience, people going to be so happy. Yeah, but they won't give me anything to exchange value. Now I'm saying that to say this. The when you're dependent upon a customer that you don't want to do business with, is only an indication, not at the customer. I'm not really bad mouth in anyda right now. Yeah, one day, but one day an ad is going to come and say, did we want to pay you what we paid Fox already? Yeah, be like, you know, I can you read between the line? I'm not available. So if no, no, I think I just kidd read. I just can. But would you like to be in that posession? I never say that to anybody, but you know everybody privately in their mind says it's yeah, yeah, and so in the beginning, in the beginning, dude, you do whatever you gotta do. You...

...could do whatever you have to do. How do you go wide in the beginning, like it's something that's just starting our bro You mean every more since for you is now for your audience. You're trying to figure out how to go. Why? Well, now we you and I've already had the conversation about going wide. It was actually, what was like maybe two and a half months ago. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you were cruising on some popcorn and we we talked about it and you know, a lot of that was super beneficial, which it was a light switch for me. Yeah, but I mean a salesperson just starting out, yeah, a new business owner just starting out the concept of going wide. What does that even? You know it needs it means that every person needs to be a target for your product or your service. Is that the referral? We talked a lot about referrals in the business, doing the bird dogs and all those sorts of things. As that was that still limited thinking. I mean there's there's my breakfast. You know what were you just need to think bigger like this, like if you're thinking automotive sales, you know, well then, why don't you also join network marketing? See, nobody told me this. They said you sell cars, you're there at eight o'clock or nine o'clock in one until six o'clock at night. I was there seven o'clock in the MORN until freaking thirty at night. Yeah, and nobody said, man, join a network marketing group. I'm like, I don't want to do network marketing. Bro Everybody there drove a negative stigmas. Whatever wrong with and so and I did join to network marketing. Good groups, but but I didn't join it for the product or the opportunity. I joined it later for the people. Man, the people are unbelievable. Yeah, and the car dealership that I worked in, two people were not they were not incredible. I mean there's if they were in a room right now, I'd say Jimmy. There's Jimmy. Jimmy's a hundred pounds overweight. Jose, satisfied with everything, Jean, smoking weed all day long. I know because I used to smoke it withy. Okay, okay, probably couldn't read, probably totally aliterate. Bobby, bobby, bobby, I don't know whatever his name was. He was kind of a country club manager. Yeah, you know, want to play golf twice a week. Thought that was a big deal that he one day would have his house paid off. Yeah, and and then there was the owner, and he was as bad as arrest though. Yeah, so, so it was average. Everybody was like in that thing, right, that hammock. See, this is the middle cluck. There's are not connected enough where there's nothing, dude, there's no there. You know what they read? They read the newspaper. Yeah, they read the the what happened today? Yeah, I don't need what happened today. What happened today is already the past. Yeah, I want to know. What am I doing to more? How am I going to be better, to more like Assi people I wanted to be around. So that's what I mean by going wide, because when you start going wide, let's say you sell wild bills. Man, once you call up the God that runs the bank in your town. Are the most successful forty, three or four entrepreneurs call them up and say, look, I want to be successful, I want to be super successful, and I pick for five people in this town that can help me, and you're one of them, and I'd like to get fifteen minutes with you every month, once a month, fifteen minutes. It's all on one and for the fifteen minutes, by the way, I don't want you to mentor me for that fifteen minutes. You tell me what you need done,...

...worth a hundred times at yeah, that's how valuable your time with me would be. See, that's what I mean back going wide, because then you get connected. You know that old saying about it's not what you know, it's who you know. That's what I didn't I didn't know how valuable that was. So while I was trying to make five grand in a month or then man I got to make ten Grandam I should have been trying to make tenzero dollars of connections every month, because it's who you know. That's a bit of show. You look at TV. You look at TV and you can see it's who you know. Yeah, because you know, I'm more talented than ninety percent of people on TV. I gutwise. I do that. I'm better than Jorge me selling the slapshot. No, no, I don't mean that. I mean like I should be a we star, something you should. I just can't. It's probably just one of them. There's probably people out there thinking you should be going for a botus right now. Yeah, that that never happened, but there you're. You know, it's interesting kind of stuff. That people freak out on though. Okay, because I was telling the story on one of our shows about service right and I was like look, we're here shooting a bunch of customer service content right now, and I was telling the story about when you get on an elevator in a hotel. Okay, we're on the fifty nine floor and I go from zero two hundred and fifty nine. I don't really want anybody stopping me. You know, if you get on and you're like it twenty seven, I'm like there, please, let me go to fifty nine and then you go back now. Yeah, much less a housekeeper. Yeah, okay, the housekeeper is going to be here all they want our room service all day long. It won't happen in this hotel. But I get on, I'm going to fifty nine and she stops six. I said, I said this is wrong, hotels, you not do that. Okay, the people the holiday in Ramato, wherever, they are right, they should not stop me. And a guy on facebook says what I mean. Dude. The guy went off. His name is Danny. I love Danny because Danny's an idiot and Danny reminds me not to be India okay, and Danny's say your ass. Actually, he said he called me The d word that ends with a K. Yeah, yeah, and so he's like you happen and and that's ridiculous. Who Do you think you're? Why you think you're so freaking impartant that you can't stop and let the lady off? And I'm like, Bro, you just don't. You don't value time. Yeah, and, by the way, this is my freaking life. Okay, I get to say whatever I want, but notice how people get all freaking rolled up that I would even say, why is the housekeeper stopping me? She's going to be here all day. I want to go straight to fifty nine and get up. I'm the one that's pay and she's getting paid. Yeah, you know. So I think that's how people need, like if you can start seeing those things and those things start becoming like like Oh wow, why am I doing that? That's how that's why there's an Ubert. Yeah, so, because somebody said, hey, these taxis take forever to get here. Somebody thought bigger, yeah, and they went wide. Yeah, right, and they solve problems for a lot of people, not just an in consumer that needed to ride to the airport. Cool. So, for those of you that ask questions on Facebook, everything we've talked about pretty much summed up every single one of those questions. You don't really seriously, man. I mean people...

...were saying, you know, if there was one thing you if there was only one thing you could do to launch your career or yeah, you know what's the ones mind. And some people were like, there's grant hiring, and I'm always hard. We always I was going to say it, but I don't know that money. Dude, I run out of good people, I'll never run out of money. People do not cost money. So if you work at a place where they're like, oh, we don't hire because people, people don't cost money, you might not work out. If you don't work out, we won't keep paying. Yeah, but we got guys making what's our top guy going to make this year? Five hundred, four hundred grand. Okay, I there are people at dealer socket, dealer, track, v Auto. You got people that for exactly give they don't make as much money as my sales guys. Yeah, because we're not we're not a monster, we're not for we're not a public company. Yeah, yeah, it well, and, like I was going to say. I mean you've taught your people to go wide. Yep, you tell him go wide, think bigger, and that's pretty much the concept of think bigger. I think is what sums up all the questions that I got from from the audience. I want to kind of shift gears because I know you've been plugging this new book that you're writing. I'm not going to look for too many details other than is it a follow up to ten x? Well, I'll be everything's a follow up, right. I mean everything's actually probably not a follow up. Everything is continuation of something. Just anybody that writes a book or writes or speaks, they're really talking about their own wife, you know, most of the time, unless they get on automatic, which some guys are. They get on automatic and they just start doing the same thing they did. I did that. I know what I know exactly. For Ten years did the same presentation over over. But my books are basically I'm trying to discover problems. Right. This book is basically giving people permission. We're not finished. The ten next rule. What happens is there's got to be a deadline on that book, right, so's I books got to be finished. Didn't matter what I was finished or not sure, the books got to be finished. Yeah, so we put it, we cap it like I obsessed. I would a eightyzero words. They call me and said, do we got to cut it back? It's just too much. They cut it back. Cut It back, they send it back to me. They said that, you know, they said we need this input. They cut it back from Eightyzero to sixty. Okay, so it's a lot of content. They cut one part of the book out. Hey, but we do need these little stories in here. I went back to eighty again. New Content, you information. So the point is you like if you, if you, if you tapped the book I'm writing now or the ten actual when I finished it, and then came back and ask me questions tomorrow. I have I have new material. Yeah, you know, jared, jared works with me every day. We do shows every week and he'll be like dud at least once twice a month. I never heard you said before, because I'm looking, yeah, you know, I'm looking like okay, so obsessed came out of the ten actual because so many people are asking me about it. But wins it too much. How do I handle my wife, my wife is freaking out. She thinks I'm a maniac. Probably a lot of balance,...

...a lot more life balance. How do you do balance, man, how do you balance Your Life? You know, how do you get it all down? Blah, blah, blah. So I'm like, Oh wow, and I started saying wow, why is this question being asked? You know? Yeah, and so people take it too far and look did they go. He's talking obsessed. If I'm not as obsessed as he is that, I'm not going to achieve the same outcome. I think. So they're not differ enough. Yeah, you're not. Yeah, you know, if I don't play, if I don't play in the I cannot be a billionaire. If I don't play the way billionaires do. So in a with a billionaire, a billionaire would do what he move. First of all, he's going to be leverage. Don't Wall Street. You nobody's making a billion dollars without having the assistance to all street. You can't tell me of a company's done that. Yeah. So, like if I'm working out my billion dollar formula, okay, I'm Stuart, I'm going to study the billionaires, the billionaires of today, the UNICORNS, are all Leveragey Wall Street. So now I got to go play. I got I have a play A. Yeah, right. So, if you're not going to get obsessed with spending the money to get in the room with Goldman Sachs or JP Martin, okay, these guys don't want little money, they want monster money. Sure you don't even do deals like hey, the deal is forty million. They're like, we don't do we don't start anything forty mode. So they're think. You see, to think is in Orm so like if you guys are not going to get as obsessed as I am, first of all, I spend more time with my family than anybody watching this. So people like and I guarantee I sleep more than anybody that watches this. So see, see, the perception is, Oh, if he's obsessed, he doesn't sleep. I sleep eight hours a day, every day. I take naps sometimes, but man, that's sixteen other sixteen hours. If we can jam something in twenty minutes and I say no the whole way. Jerald, do you should interview jared about being with grant? Sometimes I might have to be a follow. Did they be a good one? Because follow do that. Bitch all the time. Do I bitch all the town. He did other night. He's like, Hey, man, I got I got reservations for dinners of Saturday night, Sunday night and whatever. I am like, yeah, we gotta do a dealer playbook interview. Why do you even ask me about the dinner a couple weeks ago? Because a couple weeks ago is like, should we have to shout schedule dinners every time? I like that. I don't want to do dinners every night, because that's how I yet right, because I don't want to do stuff either. And then he books it. I'm like good, you should never ask me to just do the deal yeah, in this human nature I don't want to. I don't know, maybe this is more comfortable than having to go work, but you but what French here is that you do it. Yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, and I'm not. I'm not twenty seven and broke anymore either. So when I was broked out was one thing. But you know, it's harder, it's harder to hustle. Yeah, when you got when you have a cushion, it's harder to hustle. I'm telling you, nobody understands this, but it is more difficult to get up every morning because you have all these justifiers. You got a bank accounts and stay in there. It's good, it's all good. Yeah, but I got a heart. You know, I didn't want to... this interview with you. Yeah, I don't want to do this. I don't. But you know what, I didn't want to do the interview with me. But, but you know what I like. When I say yes, I'm always better. Yeah, yeah, you know, until it starts bleeding me, until there's no payoff. Yeah, I don't know what the payoff is here, but me either. That's the uncomfortable smile loft. No, you know, I totally makes sense. So's there's kind of three things I'm gathering from this. Think maybe you do a good interview. That I I got to tell you're good to my good. You're awesome. Run on for your TVTV would buy you in a second. Think so. No, after I lose a couple of the the day. They light US like that. They like the Seth Rogen ask you know, three things I'm gathering here. Think bigger? Yeah, bigger. People aren't thinking big way there. I say this to my team, like once you thought big, think bigger. Oh yeah, right, because I don't think people know how to think that one layer bigger than where they're at. Yeah, so that's the first thing. Second thing is go wide, and I like what you said, especially as a release to save even car sales or whatever, whatever type of sales, start start building relationships with the community in ways that you're not doing right now. I think too many people are sitting there going Oh, man, you know my might deal with principal. My GM is saying I can't do this, this and this, and they put themselves in and these boxes go big. And then the third thing is going to take not to go to church. Man, who's going to tell you not to be part of the voice goes, yeah, you just make it stuff up. Now, let me and by the way, by the way, when's the last time that? When's the last time you didn't break some of the rules? Yeah, okay, so good point. Well, they're breaking rules right now just by sitting at their desk doing nothing, watching this, watching that. Cool man, you know. Third thing was what the third thing was? Get obsessed. Yeah, yeah, and understand that there is some measure of balance inside of inside of obsession. Well, get obsessed with whatever you're doing. I mean, you know, my wife's here. You kind of pack it together, don't you? Yeah, tell her I live in British, Columbia, Canada. I drove twenty somehod hours here with my three kids and my wife so that they could see their grandparents. You. Wow, you hack it together. That would forty five minutes into the drive I was like, so something's gonna Die Right, but you know, you do it to day to day. You kind of Hack it together. You end up. My level of obsession and building my business or building the show hasn't been diminished because I put family and put balance in there. You all. Family is my I'm obsessed about fair so it all fits into the mix and I don't think people, I think people. And doesn't mean it's all fun. You know, how are your friends? Six? Five, six and a half five, and you get there. Yeah, are we there yet? Twelve minutes again, okay, we have fifteen and a half hours worth of driving to my sixth year old. Let six year we got in the car the other day. We leave my place, we do a you, we do a turn the first term. Yeah, we don't. We going to be there got we've been in this car forever, like dude. I love that...

...attitude. Now you got a plane in there, like, when are we going to take off? Oh yeah, yeah, they're awesome. So you know. But but you know, all of it comes with baggage. Yeah, it all comes with stuff, and it's life, it's like. So, dominate life, own it, bro it, just be obsessed with it, have fun with it, have a blast with it, kill it started again. To appreciate your time. You got it all right, there you go. Pretty cool episode. Right. That was my sit down with grant card own and, like I said, pre show, you know, I really enjoyed how he, you know, dug in. He I like that he dissected what ten x looks like to him. And the more I've thought about this, you know, the more I've realized that if you're obsessed about everything going on in your life, that level of obsession creates balance. And I mean, you know, think about this. I mean for most people they aren't balanced because they're only obsessed about one or two aspects of their life and that, and in so doing, that amplifies their let's call it laziness and everything else that they've got going on, whether it's family or business or spirituality. I mean, I know people who only think about play, they don't want to work, they don't want to do whatever, they're so invested in playtime that it hurts their family and it hurts their career. I know other people that are so obsessed about their career but not about their family, not about play. And I know people who are so obsessed about their family that they forget to see how work is inseparably connected family, and this creates all levels of unbalanced but, as you heard grant say, he is so balances because he's obsessed about all of the various aspects of his life, and so that was a really big takeaway from me. I hope you found as much value in this episode as I have and if you enjoyed today's show, I definitely, you know, one hundred percent appreciate a review from you on itunes and if you want to start watching more video content from team dpb, go subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We're like I said, you could watch the full length of this interview with grant Cardon as always, you can check out the show notes at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom forward slash eighty six and I'll catch you next time.

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