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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 6 years ago

DPB 093: Ryan Stewman (aka Hardcore Closer) on How to Negotiate and Close a Car Deal


Ryan Stewman (a.k.a Hardcore Closer) has never had a salaried job in his life. He has a real 'eat-what-you-hunt' mentality which fosters his consistent entrepreneurial approach to sales. 

In Episode 93 of The Dealer Playbook, Ryan walks through the best way to navigate negotiating and closing a car deal. Using real examples from his life as a car sales professional, he shares a unique way of viewing everyday challenges that every car pro faces. 

Understand the common phrases that car shoppers use 

From "just looking" to "what's the best price you can give me", understanding why car buyers use these phrases is essential to working through the sales process. 

"They've been taught to say those things from their parents, and their parents, and their parents and on and on..." It's all they know how to say when placed in that situation. 

The sooner you can get over the fact that most car shoppers will repeat the same phrases, the better off you'll be. 

Rather than complaining that all of them say the exact things or have the same objections, leverage those phrases to come up will killer solutions. Each customer provides you with one more opportunity to get your work tracks right. 

Learn the word tracks 

It's no secret that certain word combinations work better than others. Ryan Stewman shares some valuable word tracks that can break the ice and seal the deal. 

Ask questions 

When asked about the most valuable sales lesson he's learned was, Ryan responded, "Ask questions." 

This is a practice that comes preloaded in every sales training course there is. Sadly, very few adopt the practice into their routine. 

A significant element of asking is listening. If you ask questions, you have to be willing to genuinely take an interest in what the other person is saying. Once you do, it may surprise you how much information they volunteer that will help you advance the sale even further. 

Insist on the business 

If you've gone out of your way to answer questions, convey value and provide an enjoyable experience, don't be afraid to insist on the business. If the customer is asking about the lowest price you can offer, consider the vehicle sold. Ryan Stewman submits that when customers ask for a price, they've already agreed to buy the vehicle, they're just kicking off the negotiation. 

Play the game 

Not only is it vital to know the game you're playing, but you need to be willing to play it. 

It's crazy how many car pros complain about the negotiation process when working a car deal, but that's just part of the game. If you take the time needed to know how to navigate the game, your chances of winning increase exponentially. 

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Welcome to the dealer playbook podcast. My name is Michael Cirillo and each week I sit down with the brightest minds and marketing, sales and leadership to help you level up your career in automotive thank you so much for spending your time here with me today. Now let's open up the playbook. Here we go. Hey there, thanks for joining me on session ninety three of the dealer playbook podcast. Man, have we seriously locked out or what? We've had some of the most amazing guests on the show and I'll tell you what, this week is no exception of the rule. Our guest today absolutely brilliant. I'm joined by Ryan Steuman, who many of you know as the hardcore closer. Now, Ryan, being someone who has never had a salaried job in his life, is going to share some pretty fascinating insights into the power of mindset, the differences between a salesperson and a closer, and you're also going to get some strategies that you can use immediately to enjoy more powerful, massive incredible results in your career in the car business. Now, before we dive into the episode, something really exciting to share with you. I can't believe how fast the time flies. It has been one year. Can you believe this? It's been one year already since the launch of my best selling book don't wait, dominate, and in the spirit of anniversaries, I want to do something special. So stay tuned for the message at the end of the podcast, where I'm going to share with you how you can get a free, complementary signed copy of my best selling book. Don't wait, dominate and listen. You're only going to want that if you're ready to level things up, rise above the clutter and absolutely freaking dominate your market. Now, with all that in mind, let I don't want to keep you any longer. Let's dive into this episode with Ryan Steuman. Here we go, all right, here he is, Ryan Steuman, Aka the hardcore closer. What's going on, man? Hey, what's up, Michael? How are you today doing? Doing fantastic. Listen, thanks for taking the time to meet with me second time around on DPB, but you know, first time I actually got to meet you. I think I was sick or something the last time when Robert had you on the show. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty special, man. You know, like I've been to a lot of people's houses where they didn't invite me back over again. You know, yeah, I think we've all been there. But now, super, super pumped, have you back and just kind of dive into your brain here for a few minutes. I think you know there's a lot of sales people listening to the show going. Okay, we've heard, you know, other people's takes, whether it's Gary V or grant card own or, you know, even some car sales professionals takes. But you know, I think a lot of people are interested in in hearing, you know, from you and what your take is. I mean, I know you know something that makes you very unique is that you've never had a salaried job or career in your life, and so you're able to approach the topic of sales, I think, from a very genuine and raw place. So I want to dive into this. I know there's a I mean, if you look at the car industry today, there's like two hundred and call it, two hundred and Thirtyzero new car sales people alone. I mean that's that's not even counting independent dealerships or R V dealerships or any of those sorts of things. And you know, they're walking around there calling themselves sales people. Is there a difference between a salesperson and somebody that actually writes business or in in an other words, a closer? Yeah,...

...actually, I've written several articles about this. Hell, funny you should ask something. I've written several articles about this because I'm a believer that there's a difference that you know, anybody can call themselves a salesperson, but not too many people can call themselves a sales closer. That's that's why I have the name that I am. You know that I have. The hardcore closers is it's one thing to be able to sell some stuff. A lot of people like, yeah, man, I'm really good at sales. I can sell things, but sale doesn't necessarily being able to sell something doesn't necessarily insinuate the fact that you can get paid a commission from it. Right, in other words, like, but closing does right, because when your clothes it's over with done. Right now, my I'm going through a process for buying a house and the real estate agent sold me a house right and did the sale. Here's the Nice walls, we can put this interior, tear this down, make this beautiful. All that stuff right. But until that thing closes, right, until the mortgage broker decides that I can get the money, really the sale is made. It the mortgage right, getting the money. Then that sale didn't really do anything. And and and that person, the real estate age. I'm not taking nothing from but they didn't have to. They didn't sell me on the House. They just presented some houses and never like which one do you want? That's not really a salesperson. Now, if it was, if there was a hundred homes to show and the salesperson went in, in the real estate agent went into home number one and he's like, dude, this is it. Think about this, here, this, here, and like sold it to me, I'll probably be like hey, yeah, I'm done looking at houses, this is it. That's that's a that's a person who's a closer, right, close here. Sign the contract. Then start selling the bank and a lot of people think that sales is easy, and I think sales is it's easy to go hey, this is a great monitor or a great house or a great car or whatever it is, but closing something's completely different. That's the hard part. Right, asking for the money and getting paid right. Everybody a lot of broke sales people. You can't be up. You never seen a broke closer, you know? Yeah, sure enough, fair enough. And so it's almost like eating. In those terms, being a salesperson is almost like the assistants job. It's like all the things that you would pay an assistant to do, but as the closer, you're going to roll in and you're going to have the difficult conversations. Well, you know, I went to carmacks the other day and we were going to get an estimate on one of the cars that we own. We have an audie and we it's a least but put a little money down on it. It's got a few thousand dollars in equities. So we took it to car MACs, you know, just to get out from underwritten and, you know, collect a couple grant to move on. And while we were there there was like, you know, thirty people that said sales on their on their cards. They're right, and none of them said closer, by the way. They said sales right, and those people really aren't sales. They you know, they're paid hourly. They they show you cars, their showers, you know what I mean. But again, that's that's that's that's sales right. It's just completely different being a closer. And again a lot of people don't call themselves closers. You got one percent. And then what's funny is usually when the people do call themselves closers, people kind of giggled about it. You know, I saw this morning one of my friends posted on my wall. He's like, what are your five taught nicknames? And one of them me tag closer, which you know, usually eliminates my name on their right and he tag you know that one of his nicknames was closer, and one of his friends laughed. It's like, Hey, you're only laughing because you can't say that. You know, you don't have a choice. But he's confident enough to know it is paychecks big enough and what he does when he gets on the phone to be able to call himself that. And it's rare that people do. Do you think it's because, I mean, the guy that makes the snarky comment doesn't realize that he's he's not really suggesting that he closes a hundred percent of the business transactions that he goes into, but they think that, you know, like when you say you're a closer, to somebody. I think the gender general public is kind of thinking, Oh, doesn't this guy think he's God's gift to sales and and so is it more about that or is it more about the fact that a closer is just willing to kind of go into territory that most people aren't willing to go into? And you know, I don't even think it's that. I mean, I guess it could be right. You could dig deeper and in, in going too territory and maybe say some things that...

...other people don't. But I think the difference between the closer just someone who insists on the business right. When I sold cars, that's where I got the nickname right, and and when I sold cars, which was a brief period of time, but I would notice most guys were scared. Right, they had a hundred and fifty dollar a month car payment. So they were scared to ask somebody for eight hundred car payment, or they had a four hundred dollar month car payments. They were scared to ask some money for fifteen hundred carpet. I wasn't. I would go in there, sit down with him and be like a man, if you want to drive this fo hundred and fifty off the truck with his turbo charge, diesel for doors and a n freaking steel to haul a trailer home. You're going to have a fourteen hundred month payment, man. There's just the that's the way it is, man. Just put the money down, drive out of here in the truck. You want to move on. And it didn't mean that I was like rude. It didn't insinuate that I was some kind of over asshole or anything like that. I'll just wasn't afraid to ask for the business and then when they told me no, I wasn't afraid to go. Why not? Let my little son, he's he's for years old, and every time I he's like Hey, let me get some candy and I'm like no, me, can't have any candy. Well, why not? Ready wants to know. He didn't just take my answer and be like okoy right, he'sa wants to know, and we lose that somewhere along the way. But the few of us that are willing to go above and beyond the normal dialog and just say it, well, Hey, why not? You know what I mean? Like, you liked it a few minutes ago. Now we got a number on it. You don't like it. What's going on in you know what happens, conflicting stories, you know what I mean. So I think, I think you know, if we're being honest, there's a lot of people in the industry that would lean towards the the first side of that. Yeah, you know, I'm okay presenting, I'm okay, you know, maybe even talking to people, welcoming people to store, all these sorts of things, but when it comes down to those difficult conversations or insisting on the business, I love that, you know I love you said that. Would you say that that's a character trait of a closer, I mean or, you know, insisting on the business. How do you go from what you just said to me, okay, insisting on the business, to to not, you know, further ruining the reputation that car dealership specifically have when it comes to the general population right? I mean there's this black cloud hanging over car dealers. They're like below lawyers on the totem pole. To be insistent. I mean you said no, I wasn't a jerk about it, but what does that actually look like? If you're breaking that out for the person listening, how do I do how do I be persistent or in assistant on asking for the business without, you know, perhaps killing the reputation? Well, first let's just like take take that back for one second, right, and I don't know that car dealers are lower than lawyers. Man, that's a that's you know, hold on a minute now. I don't like lawyers very much, but I I like car people. There my people, right, but so, but here's the thing, right, I think it works like this. The media consistently puts out terrible movies about us, Wall Street, a greedy ass salesman named Gordon Getko screwing everybody over, Wolf of Wall Street, you know, a greedy ass dude named Jordan Belfort screwing people over the boiler room. You know this, like these mythical dudes that were like stealing from people, really the the I mean anything, right, like they just they portray us as like these evil people, any kind of like Vince Vaughan, the goods already like are was the biggest douchebag and all of entourage. Right, the media always, always portrays the salesperson. And what happens with the car people is they're like one of the last people on Earth that has sales as their title on their business card. If you go and you get your real estate license, it says specifically on the license Michael Real Estate Salesperson. Have you ever in your life heard a real estate agent called themselves that? Know, they have gotten away from that name because they realize that the media has put some negative connotations to it. So the reason why I say that is if you understand that, it's not the the prospect being mean to you and you're not being mean to the prospect or route or anything else. The prospects been pre disposed and everybody's been look, the world full of dumb people, right, and when a salesperson sees a dumb person, it's willing... do some dumb shit. You'd be stupid not. The salesperson would be dumb not to take advantage of that, right. Yeah, and if you don't do your homework, then you know what. Like if I go and I overpay for some food that's cheaper down the street, I should know, right. I know Chili's hamburgers really ain't that much better than water burger, but I know they cost three times as much. So if I decide to go pay for the same damn thing at three times then had that makes me the dummy, right, as long as I enjoy the experience. It doesn't matter, though, and so what I'm saying is like, if you're in car cells or whatever cells and you have a reputation like that, well, here's the thing. It's like just accept that and understand that they're just pretty program that way. That doesn't mean they really feel that way. It's like the legend. Z Ziegler tells the story. It was a thanks giving dinner and his wife was cutting off the ends of the Ham and putting them in the Pan and he's like hey, what in the world you cut off the ends of the hand? That's like the most delicious part of the whole pig, right, and she's like, I don't know, ask my mom. My mom always did it, so I'm doing it. She goes in there and he asked the mom. He says, Hey, when he cut off the ends of the HAM, and she goes, well, you know, my mom always did it. I never really thought about it, I just did what she did. He goes the grandmother and, by the way, Zeke was old, so this had to been a long time ago, right. So it goes to the grandmother and says, why do you cut off the ends of hand? She goes, I don't know why these two goofballs do it, but I never had a pan big enough fit the whole hammet. Right. And so objections are the same way. Like you know your parents, they don't know anything smart to save someone. You go buy a car, they go. Don't get ripped all by the salesman because they don't. They don't know anything else to say, because that's what their parents said to them. Right, we have the Internet, sticker prices, all these things didn't exist when your grandparents were buying cars. You know what I mean? Like we have all these things. The same thing. When you go to a bank to like I asked them for a low interest rate. Do they have the CFPB and place? Dude, you couldn't get a high interest rate if, if you agreed to it, you could sign the papers, they would let you out of it. Right, but that's the objection they think. Walk think that rates to our write like because that's what they're their GRANDPA taught them to do, their GRANDPA taught their dad, their dad taught them because back in the day, you know, we live in a very regulated society. Back in the day, you know, you could fender trade and all this stuff and things that weren't even around in our lifetime. And yes, salesman took advantage of dumb people, but it's almost impossible to do that on that level today. But yet people still give those same objections and it's similar to cut the ends of haymos. Like my great grandpa always said, ask for the lowest rate, you know, asked for the sticker price or the invoice price. So that's what I do right. So yeah, and I should clarify those are not my feelings about the car industry, by the way. I love the industry. But you know, we know that you're here giving back to him. Yeah, well, there you go, fair enough. So, you know, because that is how people have been brought up, and I mean the the media, like you said, does kind of perpetuate that negative, you know stigma or whatever you want to call it that looms over the car business. I think that's that's a mental block. been a lot of sales people, as we talk to them, have like how do I differentiate myself? How can I be persistent? How can I be the closer, when that's exactly what everyone's expecting me to be like, you know, like people are coming in with their guard up and they know that you're going to be asking for the business. I mean, like, let's face it, it's two thousand and sixteen. If you don't know what a car dealership does, then then, like you said, you're kind of a dummy. I mean, everybody knows that the second they walk foot into a car dealership, somebody's going to be doing something to sell them a car. I mean, that's just the nature of the establishment. But how do we get around that? How do you how have you differentiated yourself? Is it, you know, the best service, or is it just caring? Is it building relationships of trust? What have you found is the kind of magic formula for cutting through the clutter of salespeople and dominating? Well, you know, when I sold cars it was two thousand and eleven and I made videos. I know that still works today because I've got a client that came through my Brake Free Academy program. Now he's a broker owner right like he owns the dealership there and but it's just a one man operation. He...

...came in April, in February sold eight cars. I'm sorry. In April we sold eight cars and that was his biggest month, right, small operation, it's just him. In May he sold thirty two cars. Last this month I think he's almost up to fifty cars, and I can tell you exactly what it is, right, because I've experience into my life and now I'm seeing him do it in his because he's our first car guide ever come through this right, and honestly, I was concerned. I'm like, men, if this dude does it, do what he's told. He you know, and he made discredit it because, like car sales people, they will this churls. Yeah, they cut my tie off, laughing at me for videos and shit like that. Two weeks later I'm selling circles around all of them, right, and then they will know what I'm doing, like none of your business, right, and I'm a charge for this. One of these days you can buy my program in the future Sun. But so the thing is, I believe it. It's several points. You have to earn their trust first of all. So when people would come on the car lot back in the day, and this still worse the day. Right, just because I did it two thousand eleven, don't discredit this stuff. It works, guys. And so people come on the car let. They almost always say we're just looking right and there again, that's one of those things like cutting the ends of the Ham off right. That's what their dad tone hate. Salesman comes up to you tell me, just looking right, like that's exactly. That's that's normals. So I say hey, you know what, I hear that almost every single time. Here's the thing. I'm not here to sell you anything either. I've got it. I get paid whether you buy to day or not. I'm here, I'm on the clock, I'm working. And so here's the thing. If you like the car, just asked me questions. If you have questions about it, just let them out. If you want to go test from a specific car, if you got an idea, look, you know, it doesn't make any difference with you move forward. Cool, boom riding. At that point, then we're all of a sudden their guards down right. It's like hey, if you like get paid the same, whether you buying a day or not. Right and by saying that. I'm not lying because if they don't buy and nobody else buying for the day, I did get paid for the same. If they do buy today and I've already sold another car, which most likely is going to happen, then I'm going to get paid the same. Right. So it's not you know, it just takes that off the table. Form. We're just how you packaged it, absolutely man, and so what I'm doing is I'm just taking that objection off, because they think if they say that they're there to buy, that I'll start ripping them off immediately. It's like all the sudden they say they're there to buy, the next thing you know, I'm like a rabbit and the magician's hat with a freaking credit card of theirs in my hand right charging them full price. Ten grand, about sticker in a bunch of you know custom at ONS, right, that's what they're fearful of. And so at that point of my camp, you like it, just tell me, doesn't matter to me one way or another. Let's go check out what you like, and I sit down in the first thing that I always did before. I showed them anything. They can want to see a car and you know what, people didn't really fight me, but maybe one or two times on this I'll sit them down to the table and ask him some questions, right, and I kept a little notepad with me and I would ask him, you know, why they want the car. Is what I was trying to get after, right. So you need a four doors to day and one because we just had a kid. Boom, right, you're in a twodoor musting right now. Okay, boom those. You can't remain in that life anymore. You have to change, right. So that means that deals going to get done. I might as we might as well be the guy to get it done right. If, if it's someone coming in in a suburban and they're like, dude, I just can't afford the gas anymore. Man, you know, I'm looking at this focus. That's somebody who's pockets hurt and they have to make that deal right. If it's if it's somebody who comes in and they're in a nice vehicle and they're wanting to decked out Mustang is like a side vehicle, man, they don't have to make that deal right. So I've got to find out that inner motivation in there. So I did some fact finding, and what I would tell them is this. I'd say, Hey, let's sit down, because, listen, there's like five hundred cars on this lot and it's hot as hell and Texas. Let me put you down the seat here, let me figure out which one it is that you like. You tell me a little bit about what you're looking for and I just pull it up front. Make it easy for you, right, and there's an excuse for them to start giving me information because I'm off from them convenience, right. So instead of saying hey, you tell me which one you like, now, just get you to sign it up and you'll buy and I'll take your wallet, beach over sticker price or trying to get them to walk on the lot, let's go take a looks like came. Man, listen, I'm really good at this. You tell me what you want, I'll bring it around. Right. So it's and so the concierge service. Yeah, absolutely right. Hey, I get paid regardless, and then I go through this. Then...

I then what happens is they let their guard down, man, they go in, they're like wow, I like this. They start like the truck. We get back to the table. I could turn my head around backwards. Right. I went from the guy that it was. You know, hey, your buddy really like this. You can tell me anything to want. Wouldn't you buy this today? You said you like him. I'm giving you a price you're not going to get anywhere else. Right, I'm giving you a price that here. I am full disclosure, full transparency, househouse work, and I told you I'm going to get paid the same today, whether you buy or not. So, when it's all about, you want to people and I just ask them and oftentimes they'll say something crazy. Well, go talk to my bank. Man. We got banks right here. We'll finance it through your bank at a cheaper rate than you could get if you walked up to the window right now and faster. Yeah, you know, you're removing, you're removing all their obstacles and just providing solutions. Everything, everything, but I put first thing I did was I get I'm addicted to the car. Right, because if they if they fall in love with the car, then we can make it look. Man, if you like the car, I'll make what needs to happen on your in work. Right, if you have realistic explacitations, because you can't expect a fiftyzerollar for one hundred and ninety nine a month on a sixty month notes. Just not going to happen. But if you'll come to realistic expectations, I'll make that happen for you. You like the car. There's nothing to keep you from happening. Okay. So this brings my brain starts moving to okay, how did you navigate? How did you navigate management right, because I think a lot of people shy away from Hey, if you love the car, will make whatever got to make happen. You know, everything's figure out about or whatever you want to call it. Then you bring it to management, they go, Whoa, what are you doing? Right? How did you navigate that? So here's exactly what I would do. I got my little, you know, pad that I'm painting notes on, and I would say, so, what's okay, what would you pay for this? Like, let's like, what did you have in mind? What do you think this vehicles were? And it's a eight hundred dollar vehicle. They say, well, I was expected to pay somewhere around three hundred and ninety nine. Perfect, okay. Well, three nights. So if I can make everything come together. Today, at three hundred and ninety nine, you'll sign papers and drive out of here. Absolutely okay, man, look, that's a little low. I'm so be honest with you. But I know you want the vehicle, so let me go talk to my sales managers. No Way, they're going to do it for three ninety nine right, like there's no way. Your five hundred bucks off. However, however, like that's good negotiation skills. And now that I know you want the car, go to Badfoot and I would just go talk to the sales mayor's like, look, I got him to commit that he'll buy the damn car today. He just signed next to this, like I know we going to get to this neighbor, but we got our this number. But I got them somewhere. And so here's the thing. You know from there that I would ask the manager to hit me up really high. But I also had a deal where I got paid from the financing as well, so if I didn't make it on the girls front, that I got a piece of the financing as well. So I could sacrifice a little on my end to get a piece on the back right. But I wasn't the business of given shit away. I promise you that we are. We were one of the highest grossing Ford Stores. I think we were the highest grossing Ford store out there. And again I would just get them to commit somewhere and then come back and say, like say that the Internet manager hits me one, three hundred, a thousand dollars more than what this dude wants, right, and then I'm able to go see dude. I told your numbers were off, like look, how far apart we are. Worth a thousand bucks. But don't get up right. What if I work some miracle man and I got us down to seven hundred bucks? I know it's a little bit more in your thinking. It's just a couple hundred bucks, right, but it's way less than a thousand dollars are talking about over there. I'll go fight for you. If you like the vehicle. We can make it happen. Right. And it stucks that we got to play those psychological games with people. But they have their as this is what happens, their expectations down here, but it's really not. He was probably willing to pay seven hundred the whole time. He just knew that he had to start with some psych when you go put a bin on a house. I put a bit on a House to buy in Florida, right, and I made a ridiculous low ball bid, like, you know, hoping that they would give me some kind of mid level count. In the suns of Bitches, accepted it right. I didn't even know what to do. I'm like, do they took that really? Really, they did. Wow, right, like I was totally blown away. But anyway, and so usually that's...

...not what happens. I made that offer expecting them to, you know, hey, lucky for me, they laid down. But I made that offer expecting for them to come back at like I made a one hundred and fifteen offer. Expect them to hit me back one thirty or something like that, you know. But I wanted to hit them low, but my expectation was one thirty all along. But I'm not just going to put it out there, and I assume that most people come to negotiation table the same way and instead of US trying to you know, if, because what'll happen is if iinally came out with with seven hundred from the jump, then they would have just soon that I had some more built into it, because nobody hit you with their best offer up front. It's just like they're not going to hit me with their best offer up front, and I know that I don't take it first. It's just moving on through the system. That's how we do it over here. Yeah, you're moving in the same direction as the money. You're not. You're not. You know, it's fascinating. I love this because you go on facebook, and I mean we could scroll through facebook right now and do a screen share and I'm sure we would see at least ten or ten or so sales people being like, I can't believe this person's trying to go lowball me on this and that, and they but, but what I love about what you're saying here is it's a mind show. What I'll do. Yeah, you, you should be expecting that. I mean it's like, Dude, you've been in the business how long now? You should expect every person to come come through, just like you said. You're analogy about cutting off the ends of the HAM. They've been precondition to come and be like, I got to offer the low ball offer. So, instead of complaining about it, and especially making yourself look like an idiot on facebook by complaining about it, Shift Your Paradigm, shift your mindset and be like, dude, I expect it's going to happen, so let's play the game. Yeah, Hey, you know what low ball offer means. They what will you have? What a bigger buying side? What bigger clients? I could you possibly ask? Well, they're saying, if you'll come to this dollar amount right here, I'll take this. Some of a bitch today and driving home right and all. You and most people get offended the light, but that dollar amounts absurd. I would take it at that dollar amount too, like perfect. Now's the time you negotiate, because you know they want it and they've already committed, basically to the fact of letting you know that they want it. lowball offer or not right. But you can't blame them for taking a swing either, because what if you said, hell yeah, let's wrap it up, just like I would expect in that house, the offer on the House to go that way? But they said Hell Yeah, wrap it up. I called them Azeratti dealership a few months ago and I was like Hey, man, I'm looking to do this. Here's the moves I want to make, and I made him ridiculous off from like thousand dollars down, nine hundred and ninety nine a month. I want this car right here in the dudes like call me back thirty minutes later, done, come pick it up, like no shit. All right, but I again, I wasn't expecting that, you know what I mean. I was expecting them to come back one thus five hundred bucks. So what kind of a dumb ass would I be if I hit them with one Thousan five hundred bucks up front? I would be paying five hundred dollars more a month from our car, because I'm sure they had taken that too. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I know. It's it's brilliant and it it shows how important mindset is in application. I mean, you see all the fancy, warm and fuzzy facebook posts about, you know, your attitude equals altitude and all these like things that people say, but this is what mindset can actually do in application on the front lines, on the on the ground level. Understanding that what you may currently not like about the negotiation process is something that you should be welcoming because, like you said, I love you. I Love The paradigm that you introduce. They give you a low ball offer. Most people are sitting there getting mad about it? Do? They're calling them names, are doing all these sorts of things. You're saying that's exactly what you want, because that means they want the vehicle, they want the product. Okay, so here's a question I have there. Okay, go ahead, let me say one more things. Sorry, that. Yeah, it's it's the ultimate buying side. I remember one time I started work at this mortgage company and the first day I sat down and within five minutes to sit down, they threw six leads into my inbox and I was like, I was blown away. I said, Holy Shit, man, these people actually want what I'm selling. How easy is this going to be? And the due next to me and like. But then, probably ten minutes I had an application from two of them, which was like unheard of in the company, but dude, I was excited. Meanwhile, I overheard the guy that started the same day as me tell the dude in the cubic gold that also started about...

...the same time that was new next to him over there. He's like do they give us these leads full to like these people that watch the Stern Cherry Springer man, that these leads are terrible, and I'm like, dude, he got the same we started the same day. So it's not like they like, it's not like they were hey, give Ryan Leeds, because he's like, you know, like, dude, whatever. Right, we got the same stuff. And I was like it's all in the attitude. Same with the car guys. Right, somebody comes in and they're like, dude, this guy's freaking chep skate. No, he's not. He's a still our negotiator, doing what is great great grandfather taught his grandfather and his grandfather and his dad and everybody else to do. Start out low, do your freaking job, quit being quit Beingso thin skin. I think that's a lot of salespeople's problems. Their their thin skin. They take things personally. They they feel like they bonded with somebody. Then they're like we just going to do me like this man, and I did all this work for you're not going to pay me. And it's not like that man. Just like shut up and press forward. Look, can't believe this, man, I thought we were friends. Yeah, yeah, I known you for thirty minutes. We went on a test right together. How are we not best buddies and you trust me with your your life by now? Yeah, with your thousands of dollars. So and and you know what, even even going further down that wormhole. I mean, doesn't that show the integrity of the customer that they're willing to follow through on something they're great great, great, great grandfather taught them? So, you know, it's about shift. It shift in mindset. I love that conversation because I think it's so important, so relevant, and I think a lot more people in the industry wait in any industry, any any person that's in sales, would be so much more successful, whatever their definition is, they would close more business if they just shifted the way they saw things and the way they looked at things. So that's that's huge power bomb right there. Let me ask you this. In your career you're if you had to kind of sum up the most valuable lesson or lessons that you've learned that have brought you to where you're at, what would they be? The biggest lesson I've learned in sales, and I'll share this with you and you probably heard it a million times, but that doesn't make it any less valuable, is ask questions. You know, last night I had fourteen or fifteen salespeople doing interviews with me and with a few of them I did some role playing. I'm going to get through the rest of them tonight, and with a few of my did some role playing me as a customer, them selling me my stuff. I mean there's plenty guys selling pin and water. I'm not into that. Like I'm hiring these guys that so my shit, selling me my shit, you know what I mean. And and so I have these guys doing it and my mentor, Kevin Nations, he's behind the scenes over there and I know what he's thinking. I know it. He's cinemy messages, my sales team, centemy messages, and they're saying, you know, hate. None of these dudes are asking me questions. They're over here pitching this stuff with in none of them are asking questions. And the biggest lesson that I can tell you is ask questions, man, because here's the thing, especially with social media, everybody gets on social media and they start talking about themselves. Here's what I did, here's how I'm rolling, here's what's up with me, here's what I got going on. Very few people are talking about them right, like the the people that are watching. So like when I post, I post for my audience. I don't post for me. It's not look at what I'm doing, it's like, look what you can do if you do this right. I'm giving it to them. I'm being different, I'm standing out and the the thing about sales is most salespeople talk and then when they they have this perception, because of the meeting everything else, that sales people are big talkers, right there talking and we think we have to fill that role of sales people. But I'm telling you, the best sales people don't talk. They ask questions and they let the prospect talk. And what happens is the prospects so used to everybody in their life talking about themselves and not listening to their needs. Man that it shifts the prospects perspective. And what happens is they start really trusting you. They're like this dude really does care, because he's the only person of the last hundred people I ran into this listen to me. It's actually asked me that question that actually cares about that, and you're shifting their paradigm. You know, del Carnegie said it best to be to have people interested... you. You need to be interested in them and when you start showing somebody that you're interested by asking questions, because you're asking questions about them and letting them talk, then it. Nobody else does that. Other sales people don't do that. And here's the thing. When you when you're asking questions, they lead the confessions. And if somebody confesses to you they have bad credit or they made a mistake or going through divorce, guess what, they're going to stay with you because they don't want to admit that mistake to everybody around town. You know, when somebody goes to the mortgage company, the main reason they don't shop arounds. They don't want fifteen places known that they've got, you know, credit cards to porn stores and pornhub automatically drafting their bank accounts. And you know what I mean. Big Dildo Buckscom on there for conbay statement and all this stuff. Right that that's why they don't go anywhere else, because they've made that confession somewhere. Right. So if you ask them the questions and get that confession, you're going to retain more sales. In a lot of sales people. That's the number one reason they screw up. They don't they just start talking. Last night on my show is evidenced it. You know, this is a similar conversation I've had with my team and it's like, you know, sometimes it's like, Dude, stop talking so much. I mean like I know for myself I've closed deals without even really telling people what we do, because I just sat there and listen to them. This last Friday was a perfect example. I, you know, had a conversation with an individual who had requested some information, and I mean it was thirty minutes of listening and at the end of it they're like, okay, we need you to put together this whole strategy and Yada, Yada, Yada, and I was like isn't that like I didn't even talk about what I do with it. And and so you know the validity I think firsthand. You know, I guess maybe adding my voice to that is is at works. You mentioned Dale Carnegie and, and I mean how to win friends as probably one of my all time favorite books and and you know he talks a lot about the power of listening in there and how people have complimented him, you know, by they've complimented him on being such a great conversationalist by just listening. He's like I didn't. I didn't say two words in that conversation. So by asking questions and actually being interested in the answer and not, I mean, I feel like don't don't you feel like people just want the next word? It's like, yeah, I asked You a question and you're answering me, but I'm not actually listening. I'm thinking about the next thing I'm going to say. Dude, it all the time, people in their head. You know, we were talking about that was part of the thing last night too. But here's the thing. When you're acting interested in somebody, have to actually be interested in them. People can tell if you're fake, right, and you know it's like go great, sir, and then what right like, come on, man, get the hell out of here. And that's what I'm I'm really good at, is I just naturally act interested right, whether I am or I am I'm not right, you know, because I'm I can get bored just like anybody else. Right, but I actually knack. I act naturally interested right. I'm not like trying to be this refined and but in people get that. They when you're when you hold yourself staunch and you're like yes or no, ser and you're like hold yourself up. They know that you're hiding a lot of stuff because that's not how they are. They know as soon as they leave, you're like yeah, fuck them, you know what I mean? Like they know that they have that like different mentality. People aren't stupid. They can see the fakeness. Right, the waiter walks up to your table and he's like, good evening, folks. You like, dude, that's not how you talk to your friends, you know, like that, you don't walk into your old hold me sign. Yeah, they turn into characters from like downtip. Exactly, yeah, exactly, and so it people's in cells. People think it's like okay to do that too, but what I've always done is people been like man, this guy's just like a regular dude asking questions, trying to solve our problem. That's how they always look at never mind, I'm a creeper because I have the same intention as the dude that don't shut up down the street over there. The only difference is I'm actually listening to them, being intentional, making it natural, because I'm just a natural connector anyway. And I believe if you're going to be a good salesman, you have to be. It's like, Oh hey, I made people feel like within five minutes and knowing me, and you probably attested this just being on podcast, I made people feel like they've known me for forever. Yeah, you know, I talked to him just like we're good old buddies, went to high school together and we just happen to run into each other at...

...the gas station in the old neighborhood one summer. You know. Yeah, yes, and that's what works, because a lot of people are refined and hide and stuff and trying to act like this. On the other I worked at this dealership and I work the largest bank in the state of Texas, this privately owned I worked at the highest gross and for Dealership in Dallas, over in highland part which is, you know, a very staunch sophisticated part. Well, that's where I live and I should be talking about myself like that, but you know, we we have my garage down there's full of you know, my cards. I got Mazerani porst there's McLaren's and Froy's. It's like that part of town, very up upscale people to go buy their kids forwards and stuff like that. And, Dude, I'll talk to those bee I would cost, you know what I mean, and be natural, and nobody ever said a single complaint because they just felt like, dude, this guy's just my buddy that I've known forever, and I got them to trust me because I really did care about it. First of all, because I I've never ripped off anybody my entire sales career. I've always taken care of everybody. I really do care about them and they get that sense from me like someone comes into like come man, and put my arm around you and help you, as opposed to hey, man, how can I beat your head off? Because, dude, I don't. I'm the king of referrals, right, I make you feel so good about doing business. When you whine, in the hell, wouldn't you send your friends over my way, because you normally take care of them too? Yeah, totally, yeah, I mean it makes sense. If, if you, and I'll wind it down with this one, but if if you were to go back and start a career in automotive in sales, what would your first actions be? What would the first thing you do inside the dealership be? So advertising to hug right. So let's say you got a few cars on the lot, already. Right, the first thing that I would do is run advertising, because if you get good at adds, you don't even really need that good to sales people in car dealers. Just take take note right now. It's May Piss you off, but you know, I bought a hundred and tenzero dollar car, on a lease rather, but still the price is still the same and never seen it. I send an email to a dude, he sent me some papers, I Gamm a credit card number. I would pick the thing up right within two hours. I had a Maserati. The day before I bought this Porsche Kay and it's a ninety fivezero dollar vehicle. I same thing. I sent email to the people, they came and they drop it off at my doorstep. Now here's the thing. I get it. You might sell fords that are Twentyzero or thirty two. Who Am I kid? In twenty they're going to be thirtyzero or whatever. Right, you might sell forward to Thirtyzero. You say, well, we can't afford to do that. But here's the thing. Deals you should have that service set up to where somebody can go online, pick up the car and by the time they show up at the dealership, like all they got to do is signed three pieces of paper. It does no need to play games and take them back there and everything else. They signed three piece of paper and send them on their way. Because here's the thing. People's biggest complain about the dealership is they make you stay there for forever. And if you did, those dealerships did eliminate that problem. Are the dealerships that are going to be around of the in truth is man like. I hate say this, like I don't think car dealer ships will be around in the future. I think Tesla is doing their damn just to replace people driving cars, and only cars that will be around, or like McLaren's and Moserti's guys like me that want to get a specific license. I don't think most people get a license, but a specific license to like drive supercars, whatever. Yeah, I don't. I think that you'll just hit like an APP like Uber, and a car, a tesla or a Google car or whatever. Come pick to pick on what where you're living, right, like teslaft you got some money, Google, if you broke as hell. Yeah, come pick you up and and take you wherever you go, you need to go. I think that that's like the future. So, you know, if I was a deal right now, two things. I'd be trying to sell my cars to Google or the city or whatever and make sure that I had that account underway to kind of heed that little pass off, and in be I would be doing advertising to make it it's easy for not only just sells person but it's easy for the customers possible. You know that, like the last like I said, when I bought these two cars, even if I did overpaid for which I might have, I was so like relieved that only took me thirty minutes to get what I want. And Hell, I've been thinking about going back down there and getting the McLaren from I'm shit you not, like it's on my...

...list, like as soon as we get we got to buy this house and close in the mortgage first, because you know how the rules are, right, you can't like it, but I'm like ninety nine percent sure I'm going down back over there because I have but glared thirty minutes. That's a hell of a value, promised. Well, exactly, and you understand what thirty minutes, or for four hours a year time inside a dealership is worth. As much as you're probably going to put on the down payment. It's it man, so that you're paying for the communities. You know, it's funny you say that too, because I've told my team I think my prediction for the next ten, fifteen years is most of the dealerships, the way we see him, are going to just turn into these show rooms. They'll have like one of each model. There be an IPAD or something. They're set up that says you can get this car in five different colors, pick the one you want, boom, the cars going to roll up to you and then they just become more like service centers for those vehicles like Tesla. Right. But that's funny that you say the same thing, because that's kind of where I'm going. So just to kind of recap this, shift your mindset. Start thinking big, start thinking positive. Is kind of where what I took from this, you know, start start little thing. Let me sorry to interrupt, but yeah, but start thinking. Start thinking if they make you an offer, that they want the damn thing that you're selling, right, start thinking like nothing, whether it's positive or not, if they make an offer, that shows that they that's like the number one buying sign ever. So start thinking of offers as a group as a gift from God, because you're about to get a commission check if you'll just press for Mana from heaven when they make you an offer. So it's so shift your mindset and look at those things that you're currently complaining about in a different light. And most likely they will. They will be very blatant opportunities for you to increase your income. And then, you know, like you said, be it, be a phenomenal listener and ask a ton of questions, be more genuinely interested in them. You know, I think this stuff is incredible and, like you said, advertising, knowing how to make the right offer, making it convenient for the customer, and you're going to rise above the clutter and dominate. That's that's huge stuff. So, you know, just turn it over to you real quick. In closing, Ryan, how can, how can those listening get in touch with you? Find me at Click soocom forward, slash closer. That cly xocom forward slash closer. Listen, I own that company. Click so is my company, of a hundred percent soul owner, and I would invite you to sign up for one of our free profiles over there. I don't have shit to sell you right for once in my life. It is a freeze, that free no gimmicks program. I'm being nice to the sales community by invest in my dollars and given this back. That's real talk. You guys that you know. You have instagram, snapchats, websites, all this different stuff. Dude, click so fixes that for you and you can find everything just in one place, and it's easy to set up. Takes you less than ninety seconds to get every profile from every social media channel you have, whether your own desktop, phone, whatever. Man, it's super easy. I've sent a lot of money into this thing because, a, I wanted it right. It's like, you know, not something that I needed, but be I wanted to give back to the community. Two, so, go to Click soocom sport, slash closer. Connect with me at wherever the hell you want. That saw on the page there, and then set up your own account while you're there. Love it, man. Hey, thanks so much for joining me on DPV. Hey, man, thanks for having me again. Repeat. Yeah, yes, that feels special. There is thanks, man. All right, there you have the hardcore closer, Ryan steuman. Would you guys think you know? I really, I really like how he broke down you know some of the common obstacles that that we face in this industry when it comes to working deals. He just made it so natural how he was able to navigate the negotiation process and definitely, you know, for those of you listening in and saying yeah, man, that that was really cool, how he just naturally have the word tracks and was able to position things. I mean that comes from a lot of the things that we talked about in this episode, like having a genuine interest in the people that you're working with and, you know, asking a lot of questions. There's a certain level of confidence that comes from knowing the game and how to play it. So here's kind of my recap...

...some of the things that stood out to me. Shift the way you think, ask questions, show interest, build relationships and solve problems, and those are all keys to enjoying a powerful career in automobile sales. If you enjoyed the topic this week, don't forget to like, subscribe and share, share, share triple w Dowt, the dealer playbookcom forward ninety three. Also, like I said, we're coming up on the one year anniversary of my best selling book don't wait, dominate. So for those of you that can leave an honest review of the dealer playbook con Itunes, send me a screen grab of the review with your address, I'm going to send you out a sign copy of the book. That's it. That's pretty simple. So I'd love to get a copy of my book in your hands for free because it's going to help you rise above the clutter and dominate so many different strategies and ideas that you can implement immediately. Whether you're a dealer, principal, general manager, sales manager, Internet director, BTC director, sales professional, finance professional, doesn't matter. There are nuggets in that book that are going to help you absolutely rise above the clutter and dominate your market. So that's it for this week. Don't forget to keep the playbook open and doubt it.

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