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Elise Kephart: Go The Extra Mile in Car Sales



"Find the right recipe, and then stream line it".


Elise Kephart - Adame



"It's about time" and "Finally" have been the response from any one that we told "DPB Session 23 was featuring the newest Phone Ninja Elise Kephart-Adame. 


In case you don't have the internet, Elise Kephart - Adame is a phone consultant for Phone Ninja's, a leading training company in the automotive industry.


Elise or maybe you know her as "The YouTube Diva" is well known for her personal videos she would use to follow up with prospects online. 


Elise is more then just an expert when it comes to showing sales people how to maximize the phone, she also has easy to execute tips that any one can start to do now, that will sell more cars. 


What you can expect to hear from Elise


- Dealership Internet Department Infrastructure 


- Using multiple channels to follow up with prospects 


- Handling inbound & outbound phone calls


- Creatively staying top of mind with prospects


Elise brings lots of experience to the table and as always she delivers valuable information for any one in the car business.


Even in todays age where all the buzz in the auto industry is digitally focused, the phone is still a big money maker. 


How are you on the phone?


What is working best for you when it comes to phone follow up?


Does your dealership have a different structure then most for their internet department?

Ask your questions for Elise in the comments section below or any other comments you might have. 


The team at "DPB" wants to keep the value steam rolling, so don't be shy, and connect in the comments section below. 


Connect with Elise Kephart-Adame 


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Feel free to reach out via text with Elise - 805-441-3398

This is the dealer playbook podcastepisode, twenty three and our guest today is Alease Kepardadammi. Here wego youre dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your Houst Robert Weissman and Michael Serillo, hello, and welcome to the dealerplaybook podcast episode. Twenty three, my name is Michael Srillo, I'm herewith Robert Weisman how's it going buddy. It is going excellent. My Man!What's up with you? Oh Man, you know what lots of stuff going on. I meanyou're, going to be at unfair advantage: Mashback er, vacation apologized. Wetook a little vacation week for the dealer playboot. You know there werelots of things going on back to school with the kids, but you know what thatgave you some extra time to catch up on all of those episodes that you probablyor may have missed out on, because you know what the podcast that we do is allabout delivering you winning strategies that will also bring results. Now weunderstand that getting results can be a little bit subjective because thereis the need for application. So we hope and would love to hear from you aboutyour application of the things that we talk about with the guests on thedealer playbook to see. What's working for you, we would absolutely love yourfeedback. Don't forget! You know, in line with that, to go check out itunesand leave us your feedback there. We would greatly appreciate it now todayin the spirit of delivering those winning strategies for you and yourdealership. We have an incredible guest and we'vereally kind of been vibing. On this whole women in the car business thinglately haven't e. We were getting to the point where it was a little bit.You know, of a dude fest, but we've had some incredible powerful women fromwithin the automotive industry to share with you the things that they see workso incredibly. Well, today is no exception. We are sitting down with atleast Kephart Adami. That's right, Adami Obby! I forgot she was a girl ohred phone in Juzan. You know what andshe's a specialist in setting up BDC SETTING UP Internet department so thatyou can get the most profitability out of your department. We realize there'sa ton of dealerships in North America around the world, even who arestruggling to increase, show rates and increase and increasing profitability,and that's why we felt it so important to have someone like a Lison. WHO'sworked the front lines, who's also work in the vendor side now, but who bringsjust a wealth of information at least is great and she's. Just you know, I'vebeen friends with her for a while, and she has you know great work, ethic andshe's highly trained, and you know just just knows her stuff flat out. Well, Imean she's, I mean aside from you, I mean the shows about her today andabout helping the deaer ships, but I mean you guys are really the most used examples at any events that I'veattended in the automotive industry about. You know people car people whoexecute and who saw incredible results. So that's you know why we wanted tohave her on the show. Like you said, you know, we're so glad t to call her afriend she's, a great friend of ours, and so without taking too much timehere in the Intro, let's just jump in to at least Caphart Adami from phoneinges. Here we go, and we are here with at least keppart aDammi. That's right. I said it right. The last name Adami, who is over atphone injas, and you know what so cool about her, isn't that it is Thati, sayright that you got ight yougot it...

...ightse. What I'm saying it's not a dame!IT'S NOT ADOMS! It's not oh, really, see. I always thought the whole time aleast kept hard abum, so relo in the house, Repisomi all right, we're highfiving right now, at least how you doing I'm doing good, I'm doing good.How about yourself, love, ind life and love in that we just showed Robert Upand pretty much the whole automotive world how to pronounce your name, but listen, we're so excited to haveyou with us today, because we are going to be discussing. You know some thingsthat, let's face it, a lot of dealerships need help with. Would youagree with that? Absolutely a lot of there's a lot of dealerships that needto need help, and that's that's why I'm so excited to be to bewhere I'm at right now, because I get to get to help dealerships cool so andI mean primarily what you're doing over there at phone injas is. You knowyou're really jumping into the dealerships helping them set up theirinternet departments, helping them set up their bdcs and then also a focus ontraining, and I mean we've had some guests in the past that have been verytraining, centric and I mean and there's a good reason for it and that'sbecause people just absolutely need to know what to do and we've found thatthe various departments inside the dealership have different. You knowshould we call him recipes for success and- and you focus on one of those, soI figure you know, let's just jump right into it, and talk about phonetraining. Let's talk about the the right ways: The dues and the dones ofsetting up a dealership's Internet department so that they can see maximumresults. My first question to you along those lines, is really: Where shouldlet? Let's say you know talking to our friend the Deaer, Principale or general manager, where should theirfocus be? What's the first step that they should be kind of implementing toget a successful Internet department? Well, you had you had just kind ofbrought it up just now, and that first step, you know, is finding that recipethat works in strianglining it through. You know through their Internet, sallspeople, whether you have it set up. You know the BDC setup, where it's justappointment, setters and then they flip itto, the selles people or, if it'sfull Internet, those people that actually work a cradle to the gravethose initial steps of handling you know getting a an internet lead on thephone and then setting that that that phone call to an n instore appointment.You know as the first step. I was thinking about it the other day, and Iyou know a lot of people know my background way before the car business.I worked at starbucks and withwhen you wor when you're working at starbucks.You know they put you through training, and this is this is something as simpleas you know how to make a white MOCA and how to make a Amoga how to make opydrinks, but essentially they train you on. This is the recipe to make a youknow a Venti White Moka. You know this is what you need to do, and this socitymake it, and so it's essentially kind of just taking again that same formautof this is the recipe on what you need to do to take an internet lead to getthem. You know to get them on the phone to make that first contact and then toset the you know, set the appointment, whether it's for yourself again, ifyou're working the deals cradle to the grave or if it's you know, if it'ssetting an appointment for this for the actual dealership and then having thesell sales person work with that client once they're in the store all right. Solet me ask you this. So, let's Bat, let's take I a step even prior to thenwith your experience and with your exposure to many dealership structures.What do you feel is the best backend you know, structure to that. Is it aBDC that, because I know I know our friend Sean dly with the other synergyhe is against, take he has his beliefs and he believes that y. If you're onthe BDC, you don't come out and greet that customer and do like a handoff oranything like that, because that person should not be taken away from just lezor focus on the phones and set...

...appoinments. But then again there's thewhole. You know the relationship because you, as we know it's Rere, youget them y ink on in touch with them. The you know the first call and a lotof times you don't close the appointment on the first contact right,so tthere there starts that relationship so that turning that overthat can that makes some people sour. But that being said, I mean where doyou feel is? Tyothere was a plane where I said everybody should you know evenlarger stores with thousands of Internet leads should just cross trainit. I mean, I think I truly think everybody should be cross Traden toknow how to talk on the phone, how to set their own appointments. How tomaster you know the phone to kind of create their own leaves. I think that'simportant, but you know I do see the one. The one flawin that method, in that, if everybody is busy, so if you havereally strong hitters that are working deals cradle to the grave andeverybody's busy and you have internet leads coming in and everybody's, youknow working with customers at that point in the store, then you know thoseInternet leads. Are you know waiting until someone could handle them so I',almost kind of in the middle? I think there should be some type of hybridversion, because I do think there is a strength there. Whenyou know you are talking to the customer and setting the appointment anthen you get to work with them directly, but I do realize that there are timeswhen Y, U N W. even there was even times for me when I was you know,working with customers in the store for the appointments that Ihad set, andthen I would get a texnoification on my phone that a new lead had come in, andso when I was selling cars we kind of hada hybrid setup where there was like a backup person to at least try and makethat appr that first additial contact. If you know the the actual Internetsells, people were with customers in the store. You know on test drives orwhat or whatnot. And what I do like where you said. Is that and that's thething that that gets ignored that I saw a lot is that you set people woilh setappointments all right, but then whoever they were coming to see forthat appointment. That person would not be available at that time because theyhad either book doublebooked appointments. There were waited on afresh up that came through and you're talking about people that it's like. Ifyou want them to honor the appointment and to show, then you have to respectthem when they get there. The person that they have an appointment withneeds to be free and needs to see them right away, not to sit that you don'tset an appointment to come, sit and wait for another hour. I mean unlessyou're at the doctor's office right, that's just promoting the whole thing.It's like. Oh, it doesn't matter. If I send an appointment or not because I'mgoing to wait anytime anyway or you know, why should I honor? Why should Ieven call an cancel or reschedule? Because I can't make it because once ifI get there anyway, th, I'm Goingno wait around right for Sorin anyway.Absolutely- and I would you know that that's a that's a keypoint there aswell, you know and some people you have situations where sometimes iy don'thave an apploinment and you might just have a referral top in or just someonecome in unexpectedly, you know, and I always like to have someone in thestory that was kind of that you buddied with you know that you knew you couldyou could work, deals within trust and if it was a situation where someonejust popped in or I did happen to overbook, you know a lot of times. Iwould usually schedule you know in two and a half to three hour increments, myappointments. But if someone came in a little early and then the first personcame in a little later, you know, then I would have to make that transition,but I always had kind of a go to person that I knew would handle the customers.You know my customers accordingly, so so I mean, even if it's you know,because I work with a lot of dealerships where there's just oneindividual at the dealership. So what you're really saying and correct me ifI'm wrong, but ther're, still kind of needsit to be a team effort? Even ifyou are the main point person there, you have to have this buddy system. Sowhat? What was your process for finding the right individual to you know Ben onboard with you on this? Well, you know the story that I was at. We kind ofwent through some some different...

...different setups and you know we tryand you know there wasn't. You were an appointment setter pretty much at onetime at one time, right Becausewat was happening is exactly what wew'retalking about. I was setting so many appointments that you know. Four peoplewould show up at once and then I would take one one customer and then theother three. I would you know hand off to to my buddy and then the other twowould be just people on the floor and it created a little bit of conflictthere, because you know nobody. I mean it's o controversy, but a lot of sales.People don't want to work for half deals and so essentially what th? Whatthe story that I was working on did was, they said you know: Okay, we're goingto just have you work. The Internet leads set theappointments and then we're going to give everybody on the for theappointments that you set and that worked twelve for everybody. You knowin the store because Everybodyn all the salls people were seling mor cars, butfrom a personal standpoint, I you know part of what I really enjoyed in thecar business when I was selling cars was being able to finish the deal allthe way through. So so I did yeah. I just did theappointment settings for you know three hundred leagues for about eight months,but it to be I for me personally. It drove me crazy, just because I had beenon the other side of things where you know I go on the test drive and I getto work the figures and negotiate and do all do all the you know stuff afterthe customers in the store. So let me ask you this and I'm Gongto,just just top around just say Waik on it's something: to expand theconversation when you ere talking when you're trying to follow up with withwith a customer Internet lead whatever how many times. Well not how many, howmany times do you need to confirm? Let's say they set something up. Let'ssay we all get that Tuesday, Wednesday lead or engagement and they're like Ican't make it until Saturday all right. If you look them into Saturday, thenwhat between that three day gap period between that that day and that day,what what kind of process do yo recommend just just t that thatincrease their show ratio, because what is it I remember? It's like x amount ofdays they book Ri poiyment out the right, the the percentage of themshowing drops. So one of the things that I would do is so let's say I spoketo the I made contact with that customer. Let's say I was a Internetlead that came in on a Wednesday and let's say that the same day I wasactually able to make contact with him that same day try to get them inWednesday, and you know the book through th the Work Week, so they youknow they commit to a Saturday appointment in between those aredifferent in between those three days. What I'll actually do is I wouldn' makethese these these, like VIP packets, and Iwould get like an eight and a half by eleven envelope and then inside theenvelope. I would have like a cover a cover letter, that I would that I hadto kind of preset up through my crm. I make a quick signature on it and thenjust a quick note on the one O hey look forward to seeing thes Saturday at youknow two o'clock and then all and then the other pages in that packet would bea testimonial page like with pictures of my customers and some quotes of whatthey said about working with me. I'd have like a quick biopage about me andthen I would include a you know, an actual factory brocher on the car thatthey were interested in or the cars that they were interested in. I wouldmail it out that same day. So if I scheduled that appointment likeWednesday at ten o'clock, the mail would have picked up till noon, I wouldput that packet out and it would usually if it was local, get there onThursday or Friday at the latest and a lot of times these customers would comein like for their appointment and when I was appraising their tradeor whatnot.You know I would see that packit on there on their passenger passenger, Ithecol sea yeah in the car or and then of course in between their you know, Iwould send them a follow. Video grading as well as like a text message,confirmation of their appointment. You Know K. would you call the day beforeor that morning? If they had like a one o'clock, would you would you call himagain that more make sure to call thim...

...that morning or would you make surethat one day prior yeah one day prior so let's say the pointment was forSaturday at two o'clock? Let's go with that. I would call them on Friday andjust leave a hope. If I didn't make contact, I would just leave a voicemail and then I would also send a a text message. Text messaging seem towork really well with a lot of customers, and I know even for me, likemy email right now, my yahoo account. I have like athousand emails that I just haven't had the time to clear, clear out. Thut textmessages, usually I'll respond to you know more frequently than email, so I was send so I would call them onFriday and confirm it and then also sent him a text message to confirm it, and then they would get that they wouldget that packet in the mail like on Thursday or Friday, and that pack inthe Mil that's just kind of begain one of those. Those little things thatdoesn't take at would it take a lot of time. I would get it shoot it out inthe maile that day and it's it's personal too, because it has just aquick handwritten note for me and then just kind of a you know a little bitabout me and then that's something I used to do the same kind of thing andthat and that it and it works, because there is there's more competition andmore spam in their in both tha rtheir email in box. Today, then thereactually is in your physical mail box. Believe Ih, you know as funy as thatmay sound. So a real quick about video in your followup and me were talkingabout this the other day, the video. So in your process, your follow up processthat you talk about video. Is it's not really and a lot of people mistakinthis? But it's not really your secret sauce to wha what you know why yea had successwith it. It's just one put piece of that recipe or component, etc yeah. Soa lot of you know a lot of feedback that I've gotten is like how you knowis videos, you know if you don't have the right training on in a lot ofknowledge like it could take a while to put a video together, but what I wouldalways do is, I would use video, like you said it's just kind of one piece ofthe big pozzle and that video would always be aimed towards if I hadn'tmade contact with the customer that video would kind of be breaking thebarriers a little bit to introduce myself and then get the customer on thephone, and so with those video messages you know prior to prior to understanding the proper phonetechnique. I would send video messages that would be Prett. Oithew thet wouldthen would get the job done, but they wouldn't be as effective. They wouldsay something like Hey Robert, it's at least here at ADC motors. Just wantedto thank you for your Internet request. If you have any questions, let me knowmy numbers listed below and I look forward to working with you soon andthat, of course, you know kind of did the job right, but as I started tolearn the right, the right technique, I aim those video messages to saysomething more along the lines of like Hey Robert. This is a least here at emotors. I just left you a voice bell, as I mentioned, I some really greateses for you in regards to Internet rerplus you sent over for the HondeCivic. Give me a call back. My numbers listed here below it's about morningtime here on Tuesday I'll be in the office till about seven o'clock tonightand I'll be sure to reach out to you later today. If I don't hear anythingback and so that video grating is essentially very similar to what I lefton wes on on the voice mail right on the voice, milk, except they can see myface and then I would have like a ten second Il Testim, so you're using thesame same playbook. So to speak, that you do on the phone because ofobviously what you what you've done on the phone works for you. So U You justincorporated into video and well it's all the used. It's always elements tokeep you as it SA Oser, stop of mind yeah right right, so I'm trying to hithim from like every you know like every angle, so so they're getting a voicemill from me, they're, getting an email with a video grating I'll copy andpaste the linkon. The text message format as well, so they can open it ontheir smartphone they're, going to get a tackit from me. That's going to bethere the next day in the mail, so essentially every form of communicationother than just actually stopping them hardcore noking on their door in person.You know every every form of communication I want to. I want to bethere so that you know that I'm gitting...

...them at every angle and so okay, so you had mentioned threethings. First, one was the VIP packet yeah.Second, one was, I guess, the video kind of follow up series phone and video or video withthe objective of getting them on the phone right. So I so the first thing is:I mean if I want to pick up the phone first, that's going to be my firstinitial, my first initial step, because if I can you know, luck be told if thatcustomer picks up the phone, you know first try, then I don't have to sendhim a video grating to try to get them to call me back Al Right. Let me askyou this: I'm Gon to cut you off, but this based off that so I used to do so.Here's what I did not we've talked, and I think you've done the same thing. IfI didn't have a phone number all right and and automatically a lot of people,discredit a lead that doesn't have a phone, not hats, just an email Anto me.I think that's that's how I submitalea that's me as a leag right. There isemail only now me because I am me I used to copy and pace the name.You know how it is into White Pageoscom, whatever get their phone number andcall them up like it was nothing Yoa, but today now on the outside lookitinto it and me being the consumer, I am it's like dude. If somebody did that tome like, I would automatically be done with thedoctor I, because if I wantedto engage with you via a fone connection, I would put my phone numberin there sure I wouldn't you know I. If they didn't have a phone number, then Iwas still looking up on white pages for their address ID get that package sentout first day and then I would send him a video. I would send them a videograting, like you know, Hey Robert, it's Allte, my name is at least here atABC motors. I Didn' see a phone number to reach out, but I have some reallygreat news. When you have a quick moment, you know- and I would try andengage them- that when you have a quick moment, give me a call. My number hereis Bor Bahwa and I would send them that video message and a lot of times withno phone number, the reason they don't put a phone numbers, because car sales,people and dealerships and the whole car business in general you know has ahas about a rap. You know they as, but it still could be. Also that, yes,that's true, but it could be open minded individuals that still don't want to be they'd ratherengage with you via via email, yeah, t alone. What no matter, what, if I'mshopping for a computer insurance, whatever sure that I'm want to engagethrough email right, yeah, no, absolutely so! I again I would. I wouldstill try- and you know, focus if they didn't put a phone number. I wouldstill send hem would try to sell them on a phone call. Yea Try, trynd S NFN.If it came down to, I only want od communicate email that I'm not going tofight it. You know in that case, then I would go into okay, perfect, just toverify a little bit information ass. You know, and it would almost be like achat but but an email, because they would a lot of times they would respondstraight from their stuff. Iy comes back quick. It's almost like a chatwith Someiso. So basically, don't don't kick against the prick. If you, ifyou're, if you're, trying to if you've done everything that you possibly canto try and convert that customer into a phone lead and then into a show, butthey're not going for it, then don't fight against it. If they want to be anemail, lead and correspond on email, then just go with it. I mean: Don'tcreate resistance for yourself right. No, but but initially at least youwould try to you think that I mean you'r. The objective is through emailengagement, whether they have a phone number and you can't get a hold of themor it's just an email is at least try to close them on the fhone call fromthat, no matter what like, I never would try to close appointments throughemail unless they were engaging like that, but I would always try to SMI myclothes at that step of the sale was close them on a phone call. Okay, I gota phone call schedule. Bom, that's that's tat a then I'm going to closethem on the appointment. Okay, so I mean. Would you agree, then Alis? Itgoes without saying, and I mean Bot...

...both of you have have the experienceinside the dealership, but you know what I'm hearing is you wantpeople on the phone? I mean that's your most qualified blead right and thereason for that I mean it just goes back to this lite. You know prior toeven prior to whin there was email or internet or video or whatever it be thepsychology of selling. Is You know from a sit from our perspective. You know,as far as you know, as far as selling when you can communicate with acustomer, you know over the phone, then you can hear their voice and you canhear the words that I'm saying and then when they're in the store. Now you havethat face to face part part of it where you can show a lot more expression,hand, gestures and whatnot to you know, to sell and to show yourproduct, and so that's why you know I never would try like my phone callstypically were very short. I wouldn't I wouldn't try and sell the car over thephone. I would get a little bit of information on. You know what theythink they might be looking at and what they're driving now and then I wouldalways go into you know we'll hate great news. You know we actually justgot a new Shitman of Honda, of course, Yae really good availability, speakingof which, when would you be available right now or later today, work best foryou and it would be. You know a lot of Tims Itoud just be as easy as that.Just in setting the appointment and then be like well, I got Ta, you know I'm working today, you knowpossibly tomorrow, but I'v got to bring my wife and then you know handle itfrom there, but a lot of times. If you can just keep the the phone call shortand not try and sell the car about all of its accolades and wars and warrantyand whatnot over the phone, then you know again, your focus is getting theappointment, but you need to it's an artcraft Amos. You need to really getthe training and the right way to do it to where it sounds. You know where,where it's a genuine- and I think that's that's part of what made me andreally successful is I would you know I learned it and then I would I be doingit so much and I trane on it, of course, that it just it just became natural towhere it wasn't a script. It wasn't. You know I didn't sound like a robot,it was just something that that came natural to me, Yep and and that's, Ithink, we're a lot of sales. People lack on the problem with on the phoneis that the they don't have the preparation? They don't have thetraining and scripts, and it's like when you just because you e you knowyou're using scripts, does not mean you're reading from the script and alot of people, they confuse that and t the benefit of,like you know, having the scripts, knowing the word tracks for the phoneit s, you know when you don't have to wing it. Your confidence level isskyrocketed which is going to in you know the the person on the other end ofthe phones going to feel that and you're not spak. You know you're, notinvesting energy and time into winging it. You know, because when itsexhausting rightpreparation is is key, I was thinking about sorry go ahead wasjust geing, I mean just just like when I first got into the car business. Youknow you get a little bit of training on these. Are the steps to the sale.You know you get a you get a walk in you meet in great you build repor, youinvestigate and you go. You learn t hose those steps, it's kind of thissame type of learning, curves, except now you know the customers not pace toface with you now the customers, you know all you know- is their name, emailand possibly phone number. And how do you? What are the steps to get thatcustomer on the phone and then from the phone? What are the things that you sayto you know get them in this, get them in the store. Okay, so opointgood point so- and I mean in thiskind of I was thinking about this the other day believe it or not. I've had my own customers, some of them say tome that they don't credit it as a lead, unlessit's a web form submission, and that sounded so bizarre to me until what you,what you guys were just talking about now, which kind of makes sense, you'retalking about word, tracks and kind of having scripts and not winging it. Doyou think that some dealerships are...

...kind of discrediting their phone neadsbecause they don't have perhaps confidence that comes as aresult of training or education, but theyre? Maybe more comfortable with webform leads, because I mean what you know when you sit down at your computerand you're, sending an email to somebody, it's almost easier for you toknow what to say and Michael. There is nothing that is more hot than anincoming phone call. Well, Imai! Exactly that's why I a ED in the game!That's why I ask that that original question about phoneleads I mean Iunderstand it's leading and I know the value of of you know in our ownbusiness, getting people on the phone, but I wanted to say that, because Iknow that there are dealerships listening in who maybe have that mindset where they arediscrediting their phone leads, and I wanted to kind of draw that that or align int with the fact that maybeit's there's because there's a lack of confidence because they don't have theright word tracks or scripts or properly know how to handle those leadsto get the real value out of them. Well, yeah, I mean if you, if you said nohere Takin, a hundred phone calls andyou just kind of wingd it and you didn't see any result from Itit, thentypically sals people and you know, would get frustrated because they'renot seeing results and they're like. Oh, it's just another customer calling in.But if you, you know, get the training and you have the right recipe toconvert that you know nd. You know the right steps to convert that phonephonely to get their contact information. You know first laute namephone number, email and then set the appointment. Then, when, once you startseeing results, then the mind set almost changes, but it's it'sdemotivating for a lot of sales people to to take to take phone calls or Internetleave for that matter and not get in. Then they don't et arol from it right,yeah, yeah! It's because they stop e. They stink at it like I'm, I'm no goodat golf. So I never want to play golf cool fair enough. So but I mean thething that I love about this, and I think that the both of you would agreeis that this is something that's in your control and typically when we fearthings it's because we feel like they're outof our control, but something in this case can be easily remedied. The fearof handling phone can can be easily remedied by educating yourself andtraining yourself and then applying what you learn so that it doesn'tbecome a problem for you, anymore yeah. You know, I'm just always so consciousof how many leads are kind of falling by the wayside, because a lot, thedealer doesn't know how to handle them. Yeah, yeah and- and I mean- and it canbe easily remedied, with the right training, learning the right recipe forthe right desired outcome and then applying it, and once you get comfortable with thephone and and really start to dive in head first and learn as much as you canabout handling the the inbound or outbound. There's really only theadvantage is. Is that there's really only five pot, maybe six different ways.The conversation can go and with that kind of you know knowing that going in,then you can prepare yourself for what happens if each one, that's only fiveor six, it's easy to prepare yourself for each scenario. You know, so that'sthat's something that gets so overlooked as the planning of listen.We know how it's going to go: okay, yeah, it might not go about price onthis one. This one might be about availability or you know my trade valuethis and that, but you know in it you know sure sraght out where it's goingto go. Just I mean again, it just goes back to like the tr one of the firstthings that I learned is. You know, selling cars was when the customers,even at your desk, and they say you know I want to think about it. Well,you learned of the you know like a almost like a belt buckle of things tosay back when they say I want to think about it or you know when they say likethe painments too higher, I don't have...

...the money or whatever it is like. Youlearn all those worktracks when the customer is is in the store, and so it's just kindof the taking that same mentality and learning the right things to say on thephone. You know to close them to theappointment, so the amount of deals that are blown from just something assimple as saying the wrong things at the wrong time. It's mind, blowingright right that ey that you necessarily don't know right then, inthere on that phone callor in person with that person that man, I justkilled this deal by saying this they're, not letting you know that eitherbecause I don't want the confrontation. Most people aren't going to want thatconfrontation right then and there, but on they, even believe it you're. Youknow you're watch hem drive off for the last Sin Right Right, absolutely! Well,let me just tell you: Ilese is a wealth of information and it's informationthat she's learned through experience she's been in the trenches on the frontline, she's applied what we've been talking about today, at least thank youso much for being with us today. Thank you thanks for having me, I I saysGeeki me to say, but I think you guys know I listen to to the dealer podcast.You know every time you guys have one. So I m I'm a huge I'm a huge fan, soit's I'm really thankful that I got to be on today. Well we're a fan of youand you know you covered some incredible things that will definitelyhelp. I mean, if you're, if you're, in a position at your dealership, whereyou feel like man there's got to be something I can do to kick things upand Otch to you know, increase my show ratio here are some things that you cando. It's like a least talked about. You know, get a VIP pack together. Just dothings think outside the box, and I think it you know it goes withoutsaying. At least I mean you are always shared as an incredible example at anyconference or event that goes on in the industry of just someone who thinks out who thought outside the boxto the point where it just turned into great profitability for you.So the things that you teach are absolutely vital: How can our listenersget in touch with you? I will I'll give this to Im, so you can put itin the notes, but my my phone number is area code. Eight O five, four, four one,three, three, nine eights and my email is my first name Elis El Ise at phoneinjascom El. What's how do you pronounce the last name again? Whathappened to come Onaadam? What is it Ole Sha'll see you on Sunday right Sunday, yeah yeah yeah, I got yeah, I'mgonna fly in on yeah. I'm playing in on Saturday actually come to think of it.I fly in late Saturday, O you guys are going to be rocking out at the unfairadvantage. Yes, masterline group Yeah Lota be that'LD, be little for I get todo breakout sessions on Sunday and I am first and like always, she is pickebehind my coatails shes, a iner yeah, so R, you sayin. What I'm Gongto do. IsI'm Gong to go out and talk about everything, my stuff m? I have and thengo ahead and talk about all of her stuff too andyou know great, and do you want to share yourtwitter handle as well, where people can follow Yor, twitter, yeah, h, thetwitterd anital is the Youtube Debet Gri, so you've got you've got someevents coming up. You've got the phone injes thing going on again. If you want to get in touch witha lease Keppart Adami, eight o five, four, four one, three, three nine eightand then on twitter at the Youtube Deva. Thank you so much again, we'll talk toyou soon y...

...and there you have it. That was againour friend Alease Kephart. What is it a Dommi, a Dami at least Kapport of Domiman. I've been saying that wrong for a long time again, she's. You know if we weretalking about how much we like when people like at lease people that weregenuinely have real friendships with I mean not against anybody else. You knownot trying to sound a certain way against anybody from our past episodes,but we, you know W michelnd myself. We have a good relationship with her. Wealways hang out because we're always traveling to all the same events andstuff, so we've definitely become friends. So the conversations arealways interesting. Well and I mean have this type individual an justrecently. We had a very how I met your mother experience in Seattle, which wasso much fun, so yeah, that's a great thug. No, you know, and I mean thething I love about. What we were talking about today is it's somethingthat so many dealerships need help with. You know, and I didn't get to we didn'tget to any statistics, but I imagine you know a good percentage ofdealerships in the United States, Canada well and again around the world arejust struggling to know what they can do, and so I love that she just kind ofhad a simple process. It's like hey! Look! If you know your objective is toget people on the phone, if you can't get them on the phone. Here are acouple of things like she talked about the VIP pack, where she she put a coverletter and some testimonials and and a Broshire that she would. You know mailout, and I love your point about how things have kind of gone: reverse there,where it's like you're, getting so many spam messagesin your emailin box that it's almost cooyou know it's a breath of fresher tokind of go back to the the yeah bro that takes us back to what one of inour first me first couple: episodes first, ten where we hister tro spring,and he talks about that same that same theory and I'm really not theory, butthat same strategy that good male is still valuable and still convert andand that that she's putting a lot of time. And it's a personable packet andit's you know, nobody else is sending them yeah and then and of course, justhaving you know scripts that you can work off to make your own so that youknow what to do. We talked a little bit about how you know there are those ofyou who may be a little bit fearful of the phone, but that really is in yourcontrol to eliminate by educating yourself nd by getting the training. Soagain, you know if you want to reach out to a lease. I know she'd love ither phone number again, agt, O five, four four one, three, three, nine eightor you can connect with her on twitter at the Youtube Diva. Now listen tothese links or at dealer, playbook DOTHAT'S RIGHT! That's right! That'swhat I was just going to say three check out: Oword it exactly Jordan, theJordan episode tha dealer, Playbookcom Forrdh. Twenty three also do us a favorwoe'd love to hear your feedback so comment on the shownotes. Ask Yourquestions. We'll have a least look through those as well, and she can kindof jump into the conversation and we can jump in and- and you know, the whole objectivehere is that we want as much learning to happen as possible. Also do anotherfavor, because we want you to constantly be learning what works andwhat you can be doing to expand your profitability. I want to just give aquick plug here, one of my three favors, which is go check out. MichaelACERILOCOM Ford Book. I've got a book coming out. That's going to talk a lotabout the online marketing aspect. You've got a connection here to a Lese,so we want you to connect that the dealer playbookcom for Ash Twenty threeand then, of course, the last thing is subscribe. We'd love for you to get thelatest dealer. Playbook episode, delivered rate toer in box, completewith the show notes and linked to the audio. So you can kind of take it withyou, whether you're in your commute to work, whether You'R at the gym orwhatever else you might be doing, Molinte, Lan or raking leaves as we'reheading into the fall. We appreciate your support. We're so excited beinglistened to an over fifty country, so...

...yep. Thank you so much ranging here. Wedefinitely appreciate that. We'll talk to you next time.

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