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Elise Kephart: Go The Extra Mile in Car Sales



"Find the right recipe, and then stream line it".


Elise Kephart - Adame



"It's about time" and "Finally" have been the response from any one that we told "DPB Session 23 was featuring the newest Phone Ninja Elise Kephart-Adame. 


In case you don't have the internet, Elise Kephart - Adame is a phone consultant for Phone Ninja's, a leading training company in the automotive industry.


Elise or maybe you know her as "The YouTube Diva" is well known for her personal videos she would use to follow up with prospects online. 


Elise is more then just an expert when it comes to showing sales people how to maximize the phone, she also has easy to execute tips that any one can start to do now, that will sell more cars. 


What you can expect to hear from Elise


- Dealership Internet Department Infrastructure 


- Using multiple channels to follow up with prospects 


- Handling inbound & outbound phone calls


- Creatively staying top of mind with prospects


Elise brings lots of experience to the table and as always she delivers valuable information for any one in the car business.


Even in todays age where all the buzz in the auto industry is digitally focused, the phone is still a big money maker. 


How are you on the phone?


What is working best for you when it comes to phone follow up?


Does your dealership have a different structure then most for their internet department?

Ask your questions for Elise in the comments section below or any other comments you might have. 


The team at "DPB" wants to keep the value steam rolling, so don't be shy, and connect in the comments section below. 


Connect with Elise Kephart-Adame 


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Feel free to reach out via text with Elise - 805-441-3398

This is the dealer playbook podcast,episode twenty three, and our guest today is a lease kept Arta. Dammy, here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it'sall about winning out our dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now yourhosts, Robert Weisman and Michael Cirillo. Hello and welcome to the dealer PlaybookPodcast, episode twenty three. My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm here withRobert Weisman. How's it going, buddy? It is going excellent. My Man, what's up with you? Oh Man, you know what, lotsof stuff going on. I mean, you're going to be at unfair advantagemaster, by the vacation. Apologize, we took a little vacation week forthe dealer playbook. You know, there are lots of things going on,back to school with the kids. But you know what, that gave yousome extra time to catch up on all of those episodes that you probably ormay have missed out on, because, you know what, the podcast thatwe do is all about delivering you winning strategies that will also bring results.Now, we understand that getting results can be a little bit subjective, becausethere is the need for application. So we hope and would love to hearfrom you about your application of the things that we talked about with the guestson the dealer playbook to see what's working for you. We would absolutely loveyour feedback. Don't forget, you know, in line with that, to gocheck out itunes and leave us your feedback there. We would greatly appreciateit. Now, today, in the spirit of De livering those winning strategiesfor you and your dealership, we have an incredible guest and we've really kindof been vibing on this whole women in the car business thing lately, haven'twe? We were getting to the point where it was a little bit,you know, of a dude fast, but we've had some incredible, powerfulwomen from within the automotive industry to share with you the things that they seework so incredibly well. Today is no exception. We are sitting down withat least kept heart, a Dommy, that's right, a dommy mommy.I forgot she was a girl, Oh, who's over red phone, Nin Jazzand you know what, and she's a specialist in setting up BEDC settingup Internet department so that you can get the most profitability out of your department. We realize there's a ton of dealerships in North America, around the worldeven, who are struggling to increase show rates and increase and increasing profitability,and that's why we felt it so important to have a someone like a leiseon who's work the front lines, who's also work in the vendor side now, but who brings just a wealth of information at least, is great andshe's just, you know, I've been friends with her for a while andshe has, you know, great work ethic and she's highly trained and,you know, just just knows her stuff flat out well. I mean she'sI mean, aside from you. I mean the show's about her today andabout helping the dealerships, but I mean you guys are really the most usedexamples at any events that I've attended in the automotive industry about, you know, people car, people who execute and who saw incredible results. So that's, you know, why we wanted to have her on the show. Likeyou said, you know, we're so glad to call her a friend.She's a great friend of ours, and so, without taking too much timehere in the Intro, let's just jump into at least kept hart a Dommyfrom phone inches. Here we go and we are here with at least keptheart a dommy. That's right, I said it right. The last namea Dammy, who is over at phone injes and you know what's so coolabout her, isn't that? It is that I say right now. Yougot it right. You got it right.

See what I'm saying. It's nota dame, it's not Adams, it's not. Oh really, see, I always thought the whole time at least kept part Adam blow in thehouse. Represombie. All right, we're we're high five and right now atleast. How you doing? I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Howabout yourself? Love and life and love in that. We just showed RobertUp and pretty much the whole automotive world how to pronounce your name. Butlisten, we're so excited to have you with us today because we are goingto be discussing, you know, some things that, let's face it,a lot of dealerships need help with. Would you agree with that? Absolutely, a lot of there's a lot of dealerships that need to need help,and that's that's why I'm so excited to be to be where I'm at rightnow because I get to get to help dealerships. Cool so, and Imean primarily what you're doing over there at phone Ninjas is, you know,you're really jumping into the dealerships, helping them set up their internet departments,helping them set up their BEDC's and the then also a focus on training,and I mean we've had some guests in the past that have been very trainingcentric, and I mean, and there's a good reason for it, andthat's because people just absolutely need to know what to do and we've found thatthe various departments inside the dealership have different you know, should we call themrecipes for success? And and you focus on one of those. So Ifigure, you know, let's just jump right into it and talk about phonetraining. Let's talk about the the right ways, the dues and the don'tsof setting up a dealership's Internet department so that they can see maximum results.My first question to you along those lines is really where should let's say,you know, talking to our friend the dealer principle or general manager? Whereshould their focus be? What's the first step that they should be kind ofimplementing to get a successful Internet department. Well, you had, you hadjust kind of brought it up just now. And that first step, you know, is finding that recipe that works and streamlining it through, you know, through their Internet sales people. Whether you have it set up, youknow, the BDC set up, where it's just appointment setters and then theyflip it to the salespeople, or if it's full Internet sales people that actuallywork a cradle to the grave, those initial steps of handling, you know, getting an Internet lead on the phone and then setting that that that phonecall to an instore appointment. You know, is the first step. I wasthinking about it the other day and I you know, a lot ofpeople know my background. Way before the car business, I worked at starbucksand with stuff. When you were when you're working at starbucks, you know, they put you through training and this is this is something as simple as, you know, how to make a white MOCHA and how to make aMOCHA and how to make coffee drinks. But essentially they train you on thisis the recipe to make a, you know, a venti white MOCHA.You know, this is what you need to do and this is how youmake it. And so it's essentially kind of just taking again that same formatof this is the recipe on what you need to do to take an Internetlead, to get them, you know, to get them on the phone,to make that first contact and then to set the you know, setthe appointment, whether it's for yourself, again, if you're working the dealscradle to the grave, or if it's, you know, if it's setting anappointment for this, for the actual dealership, and then having a salessalesperson work with that client once they're in the store. All Right, solet me ask you this. So let's Bat. Let's take it a stepeven prior to then, with your experience and with your exposure to many dealershipstructures, what do you feel is the best back end, you know,structure to that? Is it a BEDC that, because I know, Iknow our friend Shawn Gladly with dealer synergy. He is against take. He hashis his beliefs and right he believes that you, if you're on theBEDC, you don't come out and greet that customer and do like a handoffand or anything like that, because that person should not be taken away fromjust laser focus on the phones and set...

...the appointments. But then again there'sthe whole you know, the relationship because you as we know, it's rareyou get them my ink on touch, in touch with them the you know, the first call and a lot of times you don't close the appointment onthe first contact right so they're there. Starts that relationship. So that turningthat over, that can that make some people sour. But that being said, I mean where do you feel is the strongest? I there was apoint where I said everybody should, you know, even larger stores with thousandsof innerant lads should just cross training. I mean I think, I trulythink everybody should be cross trained to know how to talk on the phone,how to set their own appointments, how to master, you know, thephone, to kind of create their own leads. I think that's important.But you know, I do see the one the one flaw in that methodin that if everybody is busy, so if you have really strong hitters thatare working deals cradle to the grave and everybody's busy and you have internet leadscoming in and everybody's, you know, working with customers at that point inthe store, then you know those Internet leads are, you know, waitinguntil someone could handle them. So I almost kind of in the middle.I think there should be some type of hybrid version because I do think thereis a strength there when you know you are talking to the customer and settingthe appointment, then you get to work with them directly. But I dorealize that there are times when even there was even times for me when Iwas, you know, working with customers in the store for the appointments thatI had set and then I would get a text notification on my phone thata new lead had come in. And so when I was selling cars,we kind of had a hybrid set up where there was like a backup personto at least try and make that a person that first initial contact, ifyou know, the the actual Internet sales people were with customers in the store, you know, on test drives or what or whatnot. And what Ido like, where you said, is that, and that's a thing thatthat gets ignored that I saw a lot, is that you'd set the people wouldset appointments, all right, but then whoever they were coming to seefor that appointment, that person would not be available at that time because theyhad either book double booked appointments there or waited on a fresh up that camethrough. And you're talking about people that. It's like, if you want themto honor the appointment and to show then you have to respect them whenthey get there. The person that they have an appointment with needs to befree and needs to see them right away, not sit that you don't set anappointment to come sit and wait for another out. I mean, unlessyou're at the doctor's office right that's just promoting the whole thing. It's like, Oh, it doesn't matter if I said an appointment or not, becauseI'm going to wait any time anyway. Or you know, why should Iown it? Why should I even call and cancel or reschedule because I can'tmake it? Because once if I get there anyway, there I'm going towait around right for someone anyway. Absolutely, and I would you know that that'sa that's a key point there as well. You know, and somepeople you have situations where sometimes they don't have an appointment and you might justhave a referral pop in or just someone come in unexpectedly, you know,and I always like to have someone in the store. That was kind ofthat you buddied with, you know that you knew you could, you couldwork deals with and trust and if it was a situation where someone just poppedin or I did happen to overbook, you know, a lot of timesI would usually schedule, you know, in two and a half to threehour increments my appointments. But if someone came in a little early and thenthe first person came in a little later, you know, then I would haveto make that transition. But I always had kind of a got personthat I knew would handle the customers, you know, aren't my customers accordingly. So I mean even if it's, you know, because I work witha lot of dealerships where there's just one individual at the dealership. So whatyou're really saying, and correct me if I'm wrong, but there's still kindof needs it to be a team effort. Even if you are the main pointperson there, you have to have this buddy system. So well,what was your process for finding the right individual to, you know, beon board with you on this? Well, well, you know, the storethat I was at, we kind of went through some some different differentsetups and you know, we tried.

You know, there wasn't you werean appointment set are pretty much at one time, right, at one time, right, because what was happening is exactly what we were talking about.I was setting so many appointments that, you know, for people would showup at once and then I would take one, one customer and then theother three I would, you know, hand off to my to my buddy, and then the other two would be just people on the floor. Andit created a little bit of conflict there because, you know, nobody,I mean it's controversy, but a lot of salespeople don't want to work forhalf deals. And so essentially what this what the store that I was workingat did, was they said, you know, okay, we're going tojust have you work the internetly, it's set the appointments and then we're goingto give everybody on the for the appointments that you set. And that workedwell for for everybody, you know, in the store, because everything,all the sales people were selling more cars. But from a personal standpoint, Iyou know, part of what I really enjoyed in the car business whenI was selling cars was being able to finish the deal all the way through. So so I did. Yeah, I just did the appointment settings for, you know, three hundred leads for about eight months. But it tobe honest, for me personally it drove me crazy just because I had beenon the other side of things where, you know, I go on thetest drive and I get to work the figures and negotiate and do all doall the you know stuff after the customers in the store. So, andlet me ask you this, and I'm going to just just hop around,just segue kind it's something to expand the conversation. When you were talking,when you're trying to follow up with with with a customer, Internet lead,whatever, how many times? Well, not how many. How many timesdo you need to confirm? Let's say they set something up? Let's saywe all get that Tuesday, Wednesday lead or engagement and they're like, Ican't make it until Saturday. All right, and you look them into Saturday.Then what between that threeday gap period between that that day and that day? What's it? What kind of process do you recommend just just to thatthat will increase their show ratio? Because what is it? I remember it'slike x amount of days they book the appointment out the the the percentage ofthem showing goat drops. So one of the things that I would do is, so, let's say I spoke to the guy, made contact with thatcustomer. Let's say I was an Internet lead. They came in on aWednesday and let's say that the same day I was actually able to make contactwith in that same day. Try to get him in Wednesday and you know, their booked through the the work week, so they you know, they committo a Saturday appointment in between those sort different in between those three days. What'll actually do is I wouldn't make these these these like VIP packets andI would get like an eight and a half by eleven envelope and then insidethe envelope I would have like a cover, a cover letter that I would thatI had to kind of you set up through my crm. I'd makea quick signature on it and then just a quick note on the lot onmhey look forward to seeing you Saturday at, you know, two o'clock. Andthen all and then the other pages in that packet would be a testimonialpage, like with pictures of my customers and some quotes of what they saidabout working with me. I'd have like a quick biopage about me and thenI would include a, you know, an actual factory brochure on the carthat they were interested in or the cars that they were interested in. Iwould mail it out that same day. So if I schedule that appointment likeWednesday at ten o'clock, the mail wouldn't pick up till noon. I wouldput that packet out and it would usually, if it was local, get thereon Thursday or Friday at the latest. And a lot of times these customerswould come in like for their appointment and when I was appraising their traitorwhatnot, you know, I would see that packet on their on their passenger, passenger in the car, yeah, in the car, or and then, of course, in between their you know, I would send them afollow up video grating as well as like a text message confirmation of their appointment. And you know, keeping would you call the day before or that morningif they had like a one o'clock would you? Would you call them again? That won't make sure to call them...

...that morning, or would you makesure that one day prior? Yeah, one day prior. So let's saythe appointment was for Saturday at two o'clock. Let's go with that. I wouldcall them on Friday and just leave a hope. If I didn't makecontact, I would just leave a voicemail and then I would also send atech a text message. Text messaging seem to work really well with a lotof customers and I know even for me, like my email right now, myyahoo account, I have like a thousand emails that I just haven't hadthe time to clear clear out, but text message is usually all respond to, you know, more frequently than email. So I would send so I wouldcall them on Friday and confirm it and then also send them a textmessage to confirm it and then they would get that. They would get thatpacket in the mail like on Thursday or Friday and that pack in the mail. That's just kind of again, one of those those little things that doesn'ttake a would it take a lot of time. I would get it,shoot it out in the mail that day and it's it's personal too, becauseit has just a quick handwritten note for me and then just kind of ayou know, a little bit about me. And then definitely I used to dothe same kind of thing and that and that it and it works becausethere is there's more competition and more spam in their in both their email inboxtoday than there actually is in your physical mail box. Believe it, youknow, as funny as that me sound. So a real quick about video inyour follow up. You and we we're talking about this the other day, the video. So in your process, your follow up process that you talkedabout, video is it's not really, and a lot of people mistaken this, but it's not really your secret sauce to why? What? Youknow? Why? Yeah, you had success with it. It's just oneput piece of that recipe or component, etc. Yeah, so a lotof you know, a lot of feedback that I've gotten is like how youknow, is videos. You know, if you don't have the right trainingon in or a lot of knowledge, like it could take a while toput a video together. But what I would always do is I would usevideo. Like you said, it's just kind of one piece of the bigpuzzle and that video would always be aimed towards if I hadn't made contact withthe customer, that video would kind of be breaking the barriers a little bitto introduce myself and then get the customer on the phone. And so withthose video messages, you know, prior to prior to understanding the proper phonetechnique. I would send video messages. That would be pretty you know,that would that would get the job done, but they wouldn't be as effective.They would say something like Hey, Robert, it's at least here atABC motors. Just wanted to thank you for your Internet request. If youhave any questions, let me know. My numbers listed below, and Ilook forward to working with you soon. And that, of course, youknow, kind of did the job right. But as I started to learn theright the right technique, I aim those video messages to say something morealong the lines of like Hey Robert, this is a least here at as motors. I just left you a voice Speil, as mentioned, Ihave some really great news for you and regards to that Internet request you sentover for the Honda Civic, give me a call back. My numbers listedhere below. It's about morning time here on Tuesday. I'll be in theoffice till about US seven o'clock tonight, and I'll be sure to reach outto you later today if I don't hear anything back. And so that videogreeting is essentially very similar to what I left on. We know, onthe voicemail, right on the voicemail, except they can see my face andthen I would have like a ten second will testimony. So you're using thesame, same playbook, so to speak, that you do on the phone becauseof obviously what you what you've done on the phone, works for you. So you you just incorporated into video and well, and it's all theuse. It's always elements to keep you different versor s top of mine.Yeah, yeah, right, right. So I'm trying to hit him fromlike every you know, like every angle. So so they're getting a voicemail fromme, they're getting an email with a video greeting. I'll copy andpaste the link and the text message format as well so they can open iton their smartphone. They're going to get a packet from me that's going tobe there the next day in the mail. So essentially every form of communication otherthan just actually stopping him hardcore knocking on their door in person, youknow, every every form of communication. I want to I want to bethere so that you know that I'm hitting...

...them at every angle. And sookay, so you had mentioned three things. First one was the VIP packet.Yeah, second one was, I guess, the video kind of followup series phone and video or video with the objective of getting them on thephone. Right. So I so the first thing is, I mean ifI want to pick up the phone first, that's going to be my first initialmy first initial step, because if I can, you know, luckbe told, if that customer picks up the phone, you know, firsttry. Then I don't have to send him a video grating to try toget him to call me back. All Right, let me ask you this. I'm going to cut you off, but this based off that. SoI used to do. So here's what I did. Not You. We'vetalked. I think you've done the same thing. If I didn't have aphone number, all right, and and automatically a lot of people discredit aliethat doesn't have a phone number. That's just an email, and to meI think that's that's how I submit a lie. That's me as a lad. Right, there is email. Only now me, because I am me, I used to copy and paste the name, you know how it is, into White Pagescom whatever, get their phone number and call them up likeit was nothing. Yew. But today now, on the outside, lookit into it and me being the consumer, I am. It's like, Dude, if somebody did that to me, like I would automatically be done witha lot doctor I because if I wanted to engage with you VI ata phone connection, I would put my phone number in there. Sure Iwouldn't. You know. I if they didn't have a phone number, thenI would still look them up on white pages for their address. I'd getthat packet sent out first day and then I would send them a video guy. I would send them a video grating like you know, hey, Robert, it's elite, my name's at least here at ABC motors, I didsee a phone number to reach out, but I have some really great news. When you have a quick moment, a quick moment, give me acall. My number here is blah, Blah Blah, and I would sendthem that video message. And a lot of times with no phone number.The reason they don't put a phone numbers because car sales people and dealerships inthe whole car business in general, you know, has a has a badrep you know they yes, but it's still could be also that, yes, that's true, but it could be open minded into the jewels that stilldon't want to be. They'd rather engage with you via via email. Yeah, let alone what, no matter what. If I'm shopping for a computer,insurance, whatever, sure that I'm want to engage through email. Right. Yeah, no, absolutely. So I again, I would. Iwould still try and, you know, focus. If they didn't put aphone number, I would still send them. We try to sell them on aphone call the right yeah, try and try to and if and ifit came down to I only want to communicate email, that I'm not goingto fight it, you know, and that case then I would go intookay, perfect, just to verify a little bit. Information is, youknow, and it would almost be like a chat, but but an email, because they wouldn't a lot of times they would respond straight from their stuff, like comes back quick. It's almost like a chat with something. Soso, basically, don't, don't kick against the prick. If you ifyou're if you're trying to, if you've done everything that you possibly can totry and convert that customer into a phone lead and then into a show,but they're not going for it, then don't fight against it. If theywant to be an email lead and correspond on email. Then just go withit. I mean, don't create resistance for yourself. Right. No,but but initially at least you would try to. You think that? Imean you're the objective is through email engagement, whether they have a phone number andyou can't get ahold of them or it's just an email is at leasttry to close them on the phone call from that, no matter what.Like I never would try to close appointments through email unless they were engaging likethat, but I would always try to my clothes at that step of thestale was blows them on a phone call. Okay, I got a phone callscheduled. That's that's that. Then I'm going to close them on theappointment. Okay, so I mean it. Would you agree then? At leastit goes without saying. I mean both of you have have the experienceinside the dealership. But you know,...

...what I'm hearing is you want peopleon the phone. I mean that's your most qualified lead, right, andthe reason for that, I mean it just goes back to the site,you know, prior to even prior to when there was email or internet orvideo or whatever it be. The psychology of selling as you know, froma set, from our perspective, you know, as far as you know, as far as selling, when you can communicate with a customer, youknow, over the phone, then you can hear their voice and you canhear the words that I'm saying. And then when they're in the store,now you have that face to face part of it where you can show alot more expression, hand gestures and whatnot to, you know, to selland to show your product. And so that's why, you know, Inever would try, like my phone calls typically were very short. I wouldn't. I wouldn't try and sell the car over the phone. I would geta little bit of information on, you know, what they think they mightbe looking at and what they're driving now, and then I would always go intohold. You know, we'll hate great news. You know, weactually just got a new shipment of Honda. Of course, I've really good availability. Speaking of which one, would you be available right now or latertoday work best for you? And it would be. You know, alot of times it would just be as easy as that, just in settingthe appointment and then be like well, I gotta you know, I'm moretoday, you know, possibly tomorrow, but I got to bring my wifeand then, you know, handle it from there. But a lot oftimes if you can just keep the the phone call short and not try andsell the car about all of its accolades and awards and warranty and what notover the phone, then you know, again your focus is getting the appointment. But you need to it's an artcraft, a most you need to really getthe training and the right way to do it to where it sounds,you know, where it's a genuine and I think that's that's part of whatmade me really successful is I would you know, I learned it and thenI would be doing it so much and I trained on it of course,that it just it just became natural to where it wasn't a script, itwasn't you know, I didn't sound like a robot, it was just somethingthat that came natural to me. Yep, and and that's, I think,where a lot of salespeople lack on the problem with on the phone isthat there they don't have the preparation, they don't have the training and scriptsand it's like when you just because you really, you know you're using scripts, does not mean you're reading from the script and a lot of people.They confuse that and the benefit of like, you know, having the scripts,knowing that the word tracks for the phone it. You know, whenyou don't have to wing it, your confidence level is skyrocketed, which isgoing to in you know, the the person on the other end of thephone's going to feel that. And you're not speaks you know, you're notinvesting energy and time into winging it. You know, because when you getsexhausting, right, right, preparation is is key. Right, I wasthinking about sorry, go ahead, I was just going to I mean,just just like when I first got into the car business, you know,you get a little bit of training on these are the steps to the sale. You know, you get a you get a walk in, you meetand great you builderportor you investigate and you go you learn those those steps.It's kind of the same type of learning curve, except now you know thecustomers, not facetoface with you. Now the customers you know all. Youknow their name, email and possibly phone number. And how do you whatare the steps to get that customer on the phone and then from the phone? What are the things that you say to you know, get them inthis, get them in the store. Okay, so, good point.Good Point, good points. So, and I mean this kind of Iwas thinking about this the other day. Believe it or not, I've hadmy own customers, some of them, say to me that they don't creditit as a lead unless it's a web form submission, and that sounded sobizarre to me until what you what you guys were just talking about now,which kind of makes sense. You're talking about word tracks and kind of havingscripts and not winging it. Do you think that some dealerships are kind ofdiscrediting their phone leads because they don't have...

...perhaps confidence that comes as a resultof training or education? But they're they're may be more comfortable with webform leadsbecause, I mean what you know, when you sit down at your computerand you're sending an email to somebody, it's almost easier for you to knowwhat to say and and, Michael, there's nothing that is more hot thanan incoming phone call. Well, and that exactly. That's why I askedlead in the game. That's why I ask that that original question about phoneleads. I mean, I understand it's leading and I know the value ofof you know, in our own business getting people on the phone. ButI wanted to say that because I know that there are dealerships listening in whomaybe have that mindset where they are discrediting their phone leads and I wanted tokind of draw that that or align it with the fact that maybe it's there'sa because there's a lack of confidence, because they don't have the right wordtracks or scripts or properly know how to handle those leads to get the realvalue out of them. Well, yeah, I mean if you if you said, you know here, take a hundred phone calls and you just kindof winged it and you didn't see any result from it, then typically salespeople and you know would get frustrated because they're not seeing results and they're like, oh, it's just another customer calling in. But if you, youknow, get the training and you have the right recipe to convert that youknow and you know the right steps to convert that phone phonely to get theircontact information, you know, first last name, phone number, email andthen set the appointment, then you're when, once you start seeing results, thenthe mindset almost changes. But it's demotivating for a lot of sales peopleto to take to take phone calls or in a leads for that matter,and knock it and when they don't get care from it, right. Yeah, yeah, it's because they start there, they stink at it. Like I'mI'm no good at golf, so I never want to play golf.Well, cool, fair enough, so that. But I mean, thething that I love about this, and I think the both you would agree, is that this is something that's in your control. And typically when wefear things, it's because we feel like they're out of our control. Butsomething in this case can be easily remedied. The fear of handling phone can canbe easily remedied by educating yourself and training yourself and then applying what youlearned so that it doesn't become a problem for you anymore. Yeah, well, you know, I'm just always so conscious of how many leads are kindof falling by the wayside because a lot that Eyler doesn't not handle them.Yeah, yeah, and, and I mean and it can be easily remediedwith the right training, learning the right recipe for the right desired outcome andthen applying it. And once you get comfortable with the phone and and andreally start to dive in head first and and and learn as much as youcan about handling the the inbound or outbound. There's really only the advantage is isthat there's really only five caught, maybe six, different ways the conversationcan go. And with that kind of you know, knowing that going in, then you can prepare yourself for what happens. If each one that's onlyfive or six, it's easy to prepare yourself for each scenario, you know. So that's that's something that that gets so overlooked is the planning of listen, we know how it's going to go. Okay, yeah, but it mightnot go about price on this one. This one might be about availability oryou know, my trade value, this and that, but you knowin it, you know sure straight out where it's going to go. JustI mean again, it just goes back to like the foot. One ofthe first things that I learned is, you know, selling cars, waswhen the customers even at your desk and they say, you know, Iwant to think about it. Well, you learned of the you know,like a almost like a belt buckle of things to say back when they sayI want to think about it or, you know, when they say likethe payments too high or I don't have...

...the money or whatever. It is. Like you learn all those word tracks when the customer is is in thestore, and so it's just kind of the taken that same mentality and learningthe right things to say on the phone, you know, to close them tothe appointment. So the amount of deals that are blown from just somethingas simple as saying the wrong things at the wrong time is mind blowing.Right, right, that they that you necessarily don't know right then and thereon that phone call or in person with that person, that man, Ijust killed this deal by saying this. They're not letting you know that either, because they don't want the confrontation. Most people aren't going to want thatconfrontation right then and there. But when they're even believe it, you're youknow, you're watching drive off for the last time. Right, right.Absolutely. Well, let me just tell you at lease is a wealth ofinformation and it's information that she's learned through experience. She's been in the trencheson the front line. She's applied what we've been talking about today at least. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you, thanksfor having me. I says Geek, you me to say, but Ithink you guys know I listen to to the dealer podcast, you know,every time you guys have one. So I'm I'm a huge I'm a hugefan, so it's I'm really thankful that I got to be on today.Well, we're a fan of you and you know, you covered some incrediblethings that will definitely help. I mean, if you're, if you're in aposition at your dealership where you feel like man, there's got to besomething I can do to kick things up a notch, to, you know, increase my show ratio. Here are some things that you can do.It's like at least talked about, you know, get a VIP pack together, just do things, think outside the box, and I think it,you know, it goes without saying at least. I mean you are alwaysshared as an incredible example at any conference or event that goes on in theindustry of just someone who thinks out, who thought outside the box to thepoint where it just turned into great profitability for you. So the things thatyou teach are absolutely vital. How can our listeners get in touch with you? I will, I'll give this to you and so you can put itin the notes, but my my phone number is area code eight, hundredand five four, forty one, three and three nine eight and my emailis my first name. Else Eli se at phone, Ninja'Scom elitst what.How do you pronounce the last name again? What has I come on of it? On Adam? What is it? A dummy, Dommy, Tommy andso, Alice? I'll see you on Sunday. Right, Sunday?Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've got yeah, I'M gonna fly in onyeah, I'm flying in on Saturday. Actually, come to think of it, I find late Saturday. Yeah, you guys are going to be rockingout at the unfair advantage. Yes, mastermind group. Yeah, I'll be. That'll be a little. So I get to do breakout sessions on Sundayand I am first and like always, she is behind my coat tails.She's said name, rightliner. Yeah, so are you saying? What I'mgonna do is I'm gonna go out and talk about everything my stuff I have, and then go ahead and talk about all of her stuff too. Andyou know, great, and and you want to share your twitter handle aswell, where people can follow you on twitter. Yeah, yeah, thetwitter handle is the youtube diva. Great. So one word. You've got.You've got some events coming up. You've got the phone Ninja's thing goingon again if you want to get in touch with the least kept part adammy eight, five, four, one, three, three, ninety eight,and then on twitter at the Youtube devout. Thank you so much again. We'll talk to you soon. And...

...there you have it. That wasagain our friend Alice. Kept Heart. What is it? A dommy?A dommy at least kept heart of Dommy. Man, I've been saying that wrongfor a long time. Again, she's you know, we were talkingabout how much we like when people like, at least people that we were genuinelyhave real friendships with. I mean not against anybody out you know,not trying to sound a certain way against anybody from our past episodes, butwe, you know, we mightchael and myself we have a good relationship withor we always hang out because we're always traveling to all the same events andstuff. So we've definitely become friends. So the conversations are always interesting.Well, and I mean have this type end of itsual. Even just recentlywe had a very how I met your mother experience in Seattle which was somuch fun. So, yeah, that's a great time now, you know, and I mean the thing I love about what we were talking about todayis it's something that's so many dealerships need help with, you know, andI didn't get to we didn't get to any statistics, but I imagine,you know, a good percentage of dealerships in the United States, Canada,well and again around the world are just struggling to know what they can do, and so I love that she just kind of had a simple process.It's like, Hey, look, if you know your objective is to getpeople on the phone, if you can't get them on the phone, hereare a couple of things, like she talked about the VIP pack where sheput a cover letter and some testimonials and and a brochure that she would,you know, mail out. And I loved your point about how things havekind of gone reverse there, where it's like you're getting so many spam messagesin your emailing box that it's almost cool. You know, it's a breath offresh air to kind of go back to the yeah, Bro that takesus back to what what of in our first meet first couple episodes, firstten where we has to Troye Spring and he talks about that same that sametheory, and really not theory, but that same strategy, that good maleis still valuable and still converts and and that she's putting a lot of timeand it's a personable packet and it's you know, nobody else is sending them. Yeah, and then and of course, just having you know, scripts thatyou can work off to make your own so that you know what todo. We talked a little bit about how, you know, there arethose of you who maybe a little bit fearful of the phone, but thatreally is in your control to eliminate by educating yourself and by getting the training. So again, you know if you want to reach out to a leaseI know she had loved it. Her phone number again, eight hund forforty one, three, three ninety eight, or you can connect with her ontwitter at the Youtube Diva. Now listen to these links. Are Atdealer playbook doc. That's right, that's right. That's what I was justgoing to say. Any three check out word it exactly. Jordan, theJordan episode, the dealer playbookcom forward slash twenty three. Also, do usa favor we'd love to hear your feedback. So comment on the show notes,ask your questions. Will have a lease look through those as well andshe can kind of jump into the conversation and we can jump in and andyou know, the whole objective here is that we want as much learning tohappen as possible. Also, do another favor, because we want you toconstantly be learning what works and what you can be doing to expand your profitability. I want to just give a quick plug here one of my three favors, which is go check out Michael A SIRILLOCOM forward book. I've got abook coming out that's going to talk a lot about the online marketing aspect.You've got a connection here to alas. So we want you to connect thatthe dealer playbookcom for twenty three. And then, of course, the lastthing is subscribe. We'd love for you to get the latest dealer playbook episodedelivered right to your Inbox, complete with the show notes and link to theaudio, so you can kind of take it with you whether you're in yourcommute to work, whether you're at the gym or whatever else you might bedoing. Well, in the lawn or raking leaves as we're heading into thefall. We appreciate your support. We're so excited being listen to an overfifty countries. So yeah, thank you... much. Thank you here.We definitely appreciate that. We'll talk to you next time.

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