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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 4 months ago

Erik Huberman: How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan


Erik Huberman is the founder of Hawk Media, the fastest growing marketing agency in the United States. He shares the ins and outs of what dealerships should consider when developing a strategic marketing plan. 

The retail auto industry has glorified marketing like it's the Savior to all business challenges. From websites and SEO to email and content marketing, there has always been a solution or provider that professes the solution.  

Marketing is more about human connection, and conveying the right messages at the right time in the buyer's journey. The tools available are just that; tools. 

Topics from this episode:

2:49 - What has been your journey like starting Hawke Media?

6:08 - If you want to grow a business - you need to be a good person and understand the importance of service.

9:10 - Marketing experts are setting businesses to fail to scale their businesses.

12:13 - What tools do I already have in my disposal I can use to it’s fullest potential?

13:40 - Filtering qualified leads over trying to sell to anyone.

16:20 - Mistakes businesses make when it comes to email marketing.

17:55 - Finding friction points in your sales process.

19:45 - Process to support buyers who will never purchase a vehicle online.

22:01 - How do you navigate everything you could do to grow your business to the things you actually should do?

24:28 - What leaders should focus on that can directly impact the business growth?


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