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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 4 months ago

Fred Lennartz: What The Most Successful Car Sales Pros Do


Frederick Lennartz (a.k.a The Subprime Hero), is the host of the Car Guy Coffee Podcast and has nearly 20 years of automotive retail under his belt. Fred's mission is to help the automotive retail community be the very best it can be, and he's doing that by helping shift the way car dealers approach the road to the car sale.

In this episode, Fred shares how he works tactical sales strategies into a more caring, and service-oriented approach to working with car shoppers. Car salespeople who take the time to build relationships and show care and the desire to serve continually rise above the clutter and stand out in their communities.

Also a big thank you to Fred for his service in the United States Air Force where he worked as an aircraft mechanic on Michael's favorite fighter jet, The A10 Warthog. Listen carefully as Michael and Fred tie the fighter jet back to the automotive industry in a relevant and unique way. 

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

6:24 - Cater to what customers want, not what you want.

9:23 - Remove as many obstacles for the customer so it is easy for them to say yes.

17:59 - What creates the urgency of the car buying experience?

28:05 - Treat others the way they want to be treated.

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...the car business is rapidly changingand modern car dealers are meeting the demand. I'm Michael Cirillo andtogether we're going to explore what it takes to create a thriving dealershipand life in the retail automotive industry join me each week forinspiring conversations with subject matter experts that are designed tohelp you grow. This is the dealer playbook. Mhm Yeah. Mhm. Mhm Yeah, yeah. My guest today is the co host of thecar guy coffee podcast and president of consistency for the certified solution.Aires, he's on a mission to help the automotive industry be at its very best.You're going to hear him talk all about how he does that at the store. He'scurrently at. Dude's got almost 20 years of automotive experience underhis belt. You might know him as the subprime hero. My man fred Leinart'sthanks so much for joining me here on the dealer Playbook podcast man. Thankyou for having me here man. I'm so excited, been anticipating this thingfor a couple of weeks Now, let's go, let's go. Okay, I gotta ask you, uh,we've been chatting here before the show, uh, military, were you in the carbusiness? Pre military or is this a post military thing? Post military. I,I got to serve the country straight from high school. Um, came right outwhen? Right into the Air Force. So I did four years. I was an aircraftmechanic. Did avionics, electronics actually was called it a mechanic jobbut I was more of wires and, and you know, Checking, checking wires, makingsure they're good pulling out box to make sure the radios, navigation. Itwas a great time. I worked on the a 10 station out in Tucson Arizona is myfavorite aircraft by the way. No kidding. Well I know a lot about thataircraft. I can tell you that. I hope you do. Yeah, I broke that whole thing.I've taken one all the way apart and put back together at 1.2. So yeah,they're awesome. There are unique aircraft. Um, they really, uh, that gunon it man is unbelievable. I've watched...

...videos, we're, we're losing most of theaudience now, but sorry folks, I've watched the, uh, it doesn't matter WhenI, when I, I seriously love the a 10. In fact, my, I, I think my life dreamshave revolved in and around the storyline to a degree of top gunbecause ever since I watched that movie is like a seven year old, I was like, Iwill fly fighter jets, I will ride motorcycles, I will marry a blondewoman and we will ride to the marina and then make out ferociously on theback of my motorcycle. Uh, I did marry a blonde woman, a gorgeous blonde womanwho refuses to get on the back of the motorcycle with me, yep. Uh and I stillhave not flown a fighter jet, but anyways, I've heard the gun on thatthing is so powerful. It actually slows the jet down and actually they have a,it has to reignite the engines so it's crazy. So as it shoots it's so powerfulthe nose will naturally kick up. So it's so the aircraft naturally fliesslightly nose down, right? So as it kicks that gun off it'll lift insidethere, the guidance control systems cause it to keep the nose down. So asit shoots it's gonna push it down naturally to the exact where it needsto be right. It's pretty it's pretty amazing. But it does, it slows it downto the point where the aircraft has to go a little bit faster as it goes. Soit keeps igniting everything in there to make sure that it's punching andmoving, man, it's a powerful aircraft and that rifle, I mean that big old gungatling gun in the front of it will destroy anything in its path. And it'sjust amazing how that thing flies. You know, we're gonna lose some audiencesgo real quick. This will give it to me, wings out there if each wing gets blownoff, half of the wing gets blown off, It still flies, it has two runners inthe back with two engines to those two runners in the back with the twoengines. If one engine gets blown off, it still flies if one runner gets blownoff, it still can fly, it's completely Kevlar at the bottom, like thicker thananything you can imagine. So whenever... gets shot up because they will getshot because it is a slow aircraft, it comes in just it's the tank killers,what's called. Yeah, so it comes in and just blast stuff but it can take a lotof damage. It's still land. I mean it was proven during the gulf war whenthey had it. They had a bunch of them get those pictures of them, they comeback and they're just torn to pieces but yet they still flu and they werestill able to complete their missions. So that's what brought him back. Theywere actually in the bone yard, they were actually getting ready to get ridof those aircraft and then gulf war happened and they were like hold on, Ithink we're going to need these aircraft. They're amazing. So theymodern them up, added like digital instruments instead of the analoginstruments and just make them a little bit better nighttime flying all thattype of stuff. I want to tie this to the car business just for a second if Ican do it because We, we see this exact same scenariohappening happening in the auto industry and what I mean by this isthen the F-22 comes along and that thing is supposed to replace all jetslike this is the deal. Um actually interviewed Justin lee major, Justinlee who flies F 20 two's F 30 fives. He flew the f 16. We talked about thataircraft and how advanced it is. What I think is interesting though, especiallyin the aviation community. We go, whoa, this thing. Look at the specs on thisthing. Look at how incredible it is. Look at what it's supposed to do and itdoes do those things extremely well. But don't you think it's kind ofinteresting that we still need The A 10 warthog to do what it does extremelywell Despite all of the listen with your automotive, yours folks, all ofthe new advancements in the way in, in technology and performance and ability.Doesn't this happen in the car industry? Carbon is supposed to kill the cardealership. Yet more and more dealers...

...are standing up saying, wait, no,actually I can do this process. Yes, new. I've seen this working in the techspace. Oh, that new website feature that we're going to launch at N A D A.That a year later, nobody talks about because it didn't work. I didn't knowanything. It was all hype. This happens in, I think all phases of life and solet's that, that there's my how well did we do, did we tie in thinking aboutit in? Perfect. Because it's true, it's exactly what you said the A 10 wasgonna really be and this is right when the F 22 was before the F 22 was evenidea. But there was aircraft already out, you have the F 16, you have the F15, You had so many other aircrafts, you know that we're out there that werejust some more superior when it comes to air to air combat, even air toground now because you can, these missiles now are so accurate, you canlaunch one and it'll hit pinpoint spots now. So you know how to even be closeto really do it. But but when it comes to what these a tens did, they broughtback that old school, they came in and they did it. Now. What they're doing isthey use in today's world, these a tens, they came back to show, hey, we couldstill do what we do and we do it very effectively. But they updated it alittle bit. They made little adjustments, but they were still ableto deliver what they were bringing, which was that power right? That that,that overhand that that gun that can come in and just destroy and that isexactly what the business is doing right now. There's a lot of amazingtechnologies out there that are really great. Don't get me wrong, I love theconvenience that Carbonneau brings. You know, a lot of people hate them. I'm acar guy and I don't Actually, I appreciate them because they helped usstep up our game. I appreciate them because they deliver to people that maynot want our experience. There's a lot of people that really hate us so muchand shame on us for allowing that to happen. But they hate us so muchbecause of our old techniques of selling cars and there's a lot of themare great. Don't get me wrong. I I use a lot of old techniques. I still teachmy 10 steps the road to the cell. I still show people different ways toclose. But I also believe that that's not exactly what you say. You have tounderstand every deal is a snowflake. Everybody is different and you have tomake sure you cater to what they want,...

...not what you want, what they want. AndI think that is the difference that we were going through and I think the oldschool, the a 10 that's coming in, it's great to do what you do. We justunderstand you have to maybe Instead of what the 18 was used for years ago, itbecame more of a hey now we can use this for tanks inside a situation inthe desert because because helicopters can't do really well with all the sand.You know, there were so many reasons why that was so important, but that'swhy doing what we do in the automotive industry, being able to change themindset maybe and saying, hey, you know, you're doing great the way you do it.But maybe if you do it out of a different place from your heart, beinga little bit more empathetic for today's society because they'redifferent. They want different, They want to know who they're buying fromnow. They don't care about how great the deal is. So you have to just adjustthat a little bit. But you can do that. I'm 20 years in the business. Youyou've been doing you've been around this for a long time man. You yourgodfather as we call you. These podcasts came when it comes to this,right? And but it's true, you have to adjust slightly. Doesn't mean youchange who you are. You still have to, you know, as you call live yourpreferred experience, but you have to make sure that you're giving peoplewhat they need if you're in sales especially they're not you're notselling them anything. You're solving the problem. And when you can do that,it it flips it up and that's what basically the attended it came in andit solved a problem and then they updated it a little bit to make surethat it fits today's world. You know? So yeah, great analogy brother.Seriously, I want to I want to touch on this just a little bit more what youjust said there solve a problem. I've had recent discussions with our revenueteam here at at our agency flex where I think sometimes we get our wirescrossed as far as sales is concerned, we go, sales is about selling always beclosing. But I actually think and I would love your thoughts on this. Ithink it's more about what you just said. I think sales is more about howquickly we can remove as many obstacles from the customer as possible so thatit's easy enough for them to say yes.

Right? What do you think? I agree. Iagree. You know, I think that this technique is not new. I think that it'skind of been around in a lot of different ways, just not necessarily insales. Right? So the way we advertise, um that's a that's a form of sailing tosell, right? But it's a different type of form of cell. It's more, hey, let meget you interested. Let me ask questions. Let me make you think. Andif we can do that as a salesperson said saying, hey man, I got this amazingproduct right here and you should have it. How the heck do you know if theyneed it? You know, so you find out their needs. So that's the difference.You know, I think that what we do as cells people Yes. When let's say we'retalking automotive industry, when a customer walks in on the lot, yeah,they're there to buy a car. So you don't even have to ask them to look fora car. That's a silly question. Yeah, they're there to look for a vehicle.Right, popcorn in the yeah, I come here and hang out because this place is fun,right? I got my whole family with you feel sterile at all. All right? So youso obviously we don't need to go through that kind of questionnaire andwhen it tucks people say, you know, set of questions. No, I think that's just ait's not about the questions or the exact I guess it is about the exactquestions, but it's not about a set set of questions for people becauseeveryone is different. You just want to get to what their pain points are.People have their guard up when they come in, they're gonna hold back a lotand people say the buyers are liars. I don't think they're liars. I thinkbuyers want you to earn their trust. Um and when you can do that, it's muchbetter now sometimes learning someone's trust might be two visits, three visitsbefore they buy something from you. And I think that is something that kind ofold school guys are not used to. They used to that first time. You know, ifthey buy or die, we've heard that before, they need to either buy or die.And I'm like, no, they don't. You know, you need to show you care and thenthey'll share and then that's kind of what needs to happen is we need tostart being more focused on that and bringing that into the world. And Ithink that if you do that and you apply to that, it can really make adifference. Not just in your your personal sales, but it can help withyour personal life because it makes you...

...think as a better person, it actuallymakes it easier. You know we as cells, people kind of put a guard up, we kindof put this fakeness up how you doing. I'm fred I it's nice to meet you. Letme show you this car. I'm really knowledgeable about gee golly, you knowyour, I love your shoes and your wife wow nice. You know, you love my who,right? No one cares about that anymore. Just talk to them. They don't even carewhat your name is until you figure out who they are that in his facts. Theywon't remember. How many times have you seen somebody come back to that one guy.Uh, he was tall. What's his budget? Yeah bobby No. You know they, theydon't know and they don't care until you care and you don't really careuntil it that's that's just the way it is. So start leading with love andstart worrying about what they want and then maybe you don't sell them anythingthat day. Whoa, how scary is that? It's not scary. We automotive industry wehear no all the time so quit being scared of the no anticipate the knowand know why there is no when someone says no ask them why? How powerful isthat question right? Like why? You know, why wouldn't you want to do this. Youknow, you said the vehicle was not if you go through yourself, you said youlove the vehicle you said you liked as you love the dealership experience. Yousaid if the payment was correct, you would buy it right now. What what,what's the issue right? You know, you have to earn that though. You can'tjust get it, just like going out and meeting somebody for the first time,going on your first date. You know, you can't ask him to come home with you.Hey, how you doing? I'm fred when I come home with me. It's not the way itworks. No, Well you said you liked the restaurant and you said you liked meand you said you liked, yeah, it's so much involved in it and it's, it's justthe way it is. You have to earn, you have to earn that from people, You haveto earn their business. You know, we've heard that before. It's why it's notold school. You know, it's, it's, I mean it's not new school, it's oldschool. We have to earn people's business, but we don't have to forceproducts down their throat. We have to figure out what their problem is andthen give them a solution and when you do that and your mindset changes tothat man, it's so fulfilling. When you...

...can say I helped them, I didn't sellthem, I helped them. Yeah, we're selling man, I love, I'm a good closer.I love all that type of stuff, but I only close based off of truth. Alfafacts. I don't make stuff up and fluff things around. I tell them exactly whatthey said, what I said, what was shown to them And then a lot of times that'sall they need to hear some clarity. Somebody to tell them. You can do this.Sometimes it's just, hey, but you can't tell them that unless they trust you.So start with trust. Start with Love earned their trust and you'll go farman. And I think that's the key and I think that hopefully I'll answer thatquestion. I might have rambled a little long there. But this is brilliant. Thereason that we produce the show to begin with is so that we can hear frommore individuals such as yourself who are proving that this is in fact thecase that the narrative doesn't have to be, you know, like when, by the way,I'm a complete lay down, I've said this before when we bought my wife's suvdude, I thought because I would say I'm a little bit spoiled now because I cantypically go to one of our clients and say, hey, I want that one, you know,but in this particular instance, my wife wanted to palisade the Hyundaipalisade. It's gorgeous suv. It's like they, they thought about families inthat that deal, all the U. S. B. The entertainment, the plug ins, thecomfort to this and that the configuration. So we go to our closestHyundai store and I say I want that 1? They brought me into the office stilldid, did the four square did the, how soon are you looking? No, I don't thinkyou under. I said I want that one and uh suppose we didn't have it in thiscolor but you do because it's right there. I see it. How soon are youlooking? No, you don't understand. It's 12:00. I have to pick my Children up at2 30. I want to do it in this vehicle and but they still, so everythingyou're saying resonates because yes,... do have a process. Yes, there'ssales training. Yes, there's all these things, but I love what you're sayingabout care first be a human being first. Just pause for a minute. You know, it'salso funny what you were saying about, well not really funny but interestingin that um, you know, I had a conversation with the dealer years agoand I remember this what you just brought up about, you know, people maynot be ready to buy on this visit. Maybe this is the first time they justwanted to scope it out. Like let people do what people do because you know,you've got a process as the business, but you gotta understand too that thatcustomer also has a process that they're comfortable with. And so I saidto this dealer who was frustrated. I just asked him, I said, hey what's thelast kind of big purchase you made? And he says, oh yeah, well we just boughtall new appliances for our kitchen. I said great, how long did that take? And it wasn't until we kind of framedit in that way that he realized, oh shoot, we went to multiple appliancestores, we looked at multiple websites, we priced out multiple options. Weopened hundreds of fridge doors and slid open hundreds of freezer doors Anddishwashers and et cetera et cetera to make up what? $8,000 purchase. Yes,we're talking about a $79,000 truck. And it wasn't until we put it that way,it's like dude, you're just doing the exact same thing that they're doing soyou can't knock them for doing what is just human nature to all of us. Butwhat you can't do is build a better relationship like if anything that'sgrace, that is grace. Because you're getting you're getting time to actuallybuild a relationship with these people. Well let me ask you this friend, whatdo you think adds to the urgency? Is it us like as businesses have we createdthe urgency to just like sell, sell, sell, sell sell, sell like gatling guns,like selling, selling, selling, selling.

Yeah, I think that as an industry, youknow, we're numbers, you know, we don't look at people in a sense, you know, I think Ithink working by the numbers, you know managing by numbers? I've heard allthese things, I think that there's great parts of that and it reallybecause numbers don't lie. You know, we all know that and we've heard that termand it's true, I'm a big mathematician, I love math and I know how exact mathis, how that and then how it correlates with so much in the world, but um, butit's at the same time there is a human factor in there. There's a, you know,it's just like when you have a salesperson who is not doing well a lotof times you might call that laziness, but sometimes it's actually most oftime it's something going on in their life. You know their, maybe theirspouses sick or, or their kids are not doing good at school and they're havingthis discipline them and they don't like disciplining and they feel bad andthey don't know what to do or maybe their parent just passed away or theirgrandparents did. You know, there's so many factors, but that's why I thinknumbers is a good thing to look at because you can kind of find that ifyou really look into it, that's why I love numbers. You know, you seesomebody that normally does this many cars all settings dipped to hear,you're like, hold on, you want to catch it quick, hey man, you're having a badweek, what's going on, you need to speak to, you need time off what'sgoing on is, you know, that's, that's kind of where it's different, you haveto figure that out. You can't just go by numbers, how he doesn't deserve towork here. No man, there's here people, there are people and as leaders, wehave to do that with our people so that they do it with their people, right?It's the same thing. We have to lead and show them how to lead and when youstart to have a culture that involves that type of situation where you canfreely speak to people and really learn them and understand them and reallygrow with them and watch them grow and feel great about their accomplishmentsand feel sad when bad things happen with them and, and feel the joy of whentheir kid gets their first goal to and they, you know, just like I heardsomebody and it was really cool. They said, I know I'm probably a little bitoff subject, but they said that the, their cells, people, you know, we allcut their tie the first time they sell...

...a car. I remember who said this, uh,menu, but they said they cut their tie the first time they sell a car, They doall these things, They celebrate it. But then the second car, no one talksabout it. The third car, no one talks about it, right? It is, but why notcelebrate every single one. How great of a culture would that be?What's so funny is that I heard that and when I heard that I heard that andI went back to my store you know so I love about life, you find inspirationin all kinds of different places, it could be today in my clubhouse room,somebody said I looked at somebody's profile reading Maya Angelou quote,there's like man inspired me and I was like man that's amazing how you canfind inspiration in the weirdest places right? And but it makes you smilehaving a bad day but that that inspired me. I went back and now man every timeI'm involved and I'm there and I can say something, I I cheer them on highfive them slap them on the back, whatever it is, I want them to know howmuch I appreciate how exciting it is, you know it's just a minute, who caresbro you just help somebody, you just help somebody change their life, you'regoing to leave here in a car, look how happy they are. Yeah. Imagine how muchmore that brother you keep them good, you follow up with these people theseare the type of people that will come back and buy multiple vehicles, they'llsend all their friends to you but they have to remember you not just theexperience, the experience are gonna remember that, remember you too, somake sure you stay in front of them, make sure you love on them you knowshow them love on social media, show them love on their birthdays, show themlove on their anniversary, you know, Carver three days when they bought thecar, all those types of things that we need to do and man honestly, I justkind of rambled on, I do apologize about that, but you get what I'm sayinghere, right? Yeah, I get, I get deep into that and it's just, it starts fromthe top and you have to, it breaks it down and it can get so much, but it'sreally simple. I think all of everything that we want to do in salesand all of everything we want to do on this planet, let's just do the rightthing and beat human being to each other, you know, we hear the verse andwe've heard this scripture and we've heard this before is that you know, doonto others as you would do on to yourself. You know, treat yourneighbors like you would treat yourself yourself not how you want to treat yourneighbors, but how you want them to...

...treat you and how you would treatyourself, your family yourself is your family, the people you truly care, loveyour blood, how you treat them is how you treat somebody that you don't evenknow how you treat anybody. You just treat everyone the same with love andcompassion and all these things and when you do that and you're reallythere to help them and help somebody accomplish something that they're soscared to do that coming to a dealership takes a lot of energy forsomebody. It really does man, I don't blame them man, I used to bang them upfor a long time and I did it for like a long time. I was a, I was a hammer. Iwould make people do stuff that I knew that was not right, but I would, butyou know, it's sad that I did that and I'm not smiling because I think it'sfunny that I did that I'm smiling because I've become so far smilingbecause I'm so excited because if I can, if I could change after the way I was,I know the whole business can change. It just takes a little bit at a timeand the more people like us talking about it and trying to do what we doand encourage people and show people, hey, I can have a good time smile, bedifferent. I could have tattoos on my arms. It doesn't matter. I just got tobe the best version of myself, give myself the preferred experience that Iwant, right? And, and it's, it's a beautiful thing and I think that that'swhy when you talked about it before we got this, you talked about thepreferred experience, I know I'm still rambling, I'm sorry, but you talkedabout the preferred experience in your life that you're just, you live for thepreferred experience, I didn't realize I was doing the same thing and but notalways, but since I've been doing that, my life has become my experience that Iwant. It's more fulfilling. I get it. What's crazy is that it's touches a lotof other people when you do that folks, you want to be fulfilled, live yourlife and people will just, they are going to first be like, oh, what areyou doing man? Why are you doing this? What's your endgame? I hate that same.What's your enemy? My name is that I'm going to die. Thank you. I don't knowwhat I have an end game. I hope I want to live here as long as possible as Ihope that's not anytime soon. My whole...

...plan is just to be better than I wasyesterday. Find a way to be a better human, try to be as close to christ asI can be and if I can do that every single day and try to be as christ likeas possible. I know that I have, I can be much more than I could ever imaginebecause this world gives us opportunity. God has given us opportunity to beeverything we've ever wanted to be. You know, it's it's, we restrict ourselvesto our own minds. We believe we're a product of our environment. Yeah, wemay be slight products of our environment, but that's because of ourmind once again, we grew up in that Your environment was only for if you'reif you say, Oh my parents were 18 years was all you had with them, What if I'm42? So that's that's 24 more years that I got to have a whole other lifetime toget a different experience, become a product of something else and that's mypreferred experience, the one, I want. you know, and and that's something thatI didn't realize. I mean, honestly, like that's kind of stuff hit my headwhen you were talking about earlier is like, man, I've I never I when I lived other people'swhen they were pushing me, I was living that I was happy, I was somewhat, youknow, I was doing things and uh but but once I started pulling myself changed up, man, that changed it all up.And I and I think it's the same thing in this business, we have to be thatway as salespeople because individuals want their preferred experience, figureout what their preferred experiences, ask questions, give them theirpreferred experience as close as you want. Yeah, we have our processes, butyou can you can tailor it to that, you know, I used to tell my guys there's 10steps to wrote a sale, but you don't have to do every 10 step by 123456789,10, some of those you're gonna kind of do in order, but you just have to makesure you do all those because if you didn't, you didn't really do your joband one of my favorite parts about One of my favorite parts in the 10 steps ofthe road to sell isn't the delivery? I love delivery though don't get me,wrong. but its build rapport and and the reason why I love that becausethat's what I always did really well because I ask a lot of questions. I, Iget to know them by the time they leave. I know many kids they have, how longthey've been doing it, what kind of job they want, what's your favorite colorand vehicles interiors, why they're in..., why don't like their last vehicle.What's what was the things I hate about that one? You know, so many questions Iasked and I gave them, but I gave them the opportunity to tell me and then letthem talk. You know, I asked questions and let them talk more than I talked,you know, and that's kind of what what you have to do. You have to become thattype of person. Um if it's not become, you have to be that person and I thinkit's all inside everybody, you just have to understand. You have to be a Idon't know, empathetic a little bit. I think some of us lose a little bit ofempathy um, in life because we think it's all about us, us, us, us, us, us,us and it's 100% not about us, it's totally nothing is about us, this worldis huge. We're just a flick in time and space. But you know, we were being justbeing the best version of yourself and giving to others. It does so much manbro. You know, here's what I love about you. You think you're rambling andmaybe that's because this conversation has become so part of your nature. Butwhat I promise you is everything that you just spat out at me was was purefire and more people need to hear it. You are the thoughts that come throughmy mind. Um My wife says that I am logical to a headache sometimes becauselike I'm listening to you speak and my logic starts kicking in and I start thinking about how inbusiness we all loved the quotes and the analogies and teach a man to fishand all of these sorts of things. Right, well how do we love teach a man to fish concept yet keep trying to get somebody to fishfor us day after day. Like we're always in the immediate I want fish now. No,that's not the concept. You can't say... love the concept of teach a man tofish and he'll be fed for his lifetime because that in and of itself meansthat you are willing to bait the hook, throw the hook in the water and whatweight troll do the actions, It doesn't mean you're immediately going to catcha fish. But then when that's applied to business, it's like, oh my gosh, whatare we gonna do? Nobody bought today. We didn't meet our goal today. Wedidn't move enough metal today. Dude, you can't love that concept and but butthen when push comes to shove in your business, you actually don't love thatconcept. Like you need to make up your mind fool. Mhm Right. And then thesecond thing that comes to my mind is, you know, you bring up, you bring upthe concept of do unto others as um you would have them do unto you. But youalso brought that full circle because if if if we're living a christ likelife in my opinion. Um well that means that we do our bestto do what the savior would do if he were here personally to do it. And whatdid he do? He didn't do anything for himself. He treated others the way theyneeded to be treated. He wasn't blind but he healed the blindthat was their them need, he wasn't possessed but he healed the possessed.Yes, he he wasn't lacking virtue yet. He was able to forgive the harlots andthe he gave so so it makes me think of the golden rule, treat others the waythat you want to be treated. But what you're really talking about man and andI think this is a perfect place to end full circle is The platinum rule andthe platinum rule is to treat others...

...the way that they want to be treated.So my man, thank you so much for bringing this this wisdom to us fromyour 20 years in the car business. Thank you for noting out about a 10warthogs with me. Sorry, sorry DPB gang. That was self indulgence right there.But my man, how can those listening get in touch with you man? It's very simple.Of course. You can always reach out to me my cell phones public to 7087 to 9to 77. Or you can get me on my email fred at car guy coffee dot com. Fredcar Guy coffee. Thanks so much for joining me on the dealer Playbookpodcast. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah, I'm Michel Cirillo. And you've beenlistening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, pleaseclick the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now leave arating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Mhm.

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