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Episode 10 · 8 years ago

Gary Vaynerchuk: Facebook Best Practices For Car Dealers


"Nobody here is Mother Teresa; we're trying to sell stuff" 

   - Gary Vaynerchuk

Unless you’re not familiar with this thing called “the internet," you probably know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. 


Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of the NY Times best seller, "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" which has been making a lot of noise in the auto industry since its release. 


Gary is co-founder of VaynerMedia, a social media agency. With offices in New York and San Francisco, his company manages some seriously powerful brands on social media and online content strategies, like the NFL, NHL and Campbell's Soup.


In April, Gary spoke at the Driving Sales Presidents Club in New York City, where he was dropping knowledge bombs left and right, helping auto dealers with their social media strategies and determining ROI. 


His guest ‘appearance’ on The Dealer Playbook was just as epic!


In the DPB podcast this week, Gary talks about:


   - How there’s no Facebook without investing in paid ads


   - The truth about Facebook ads (& "dark posts")


   - How to do a Facebook ad campaign or unpublished post 


   - A step-by-step rundown on how to build a successful Facebook ad strategy


   - Creating content that appeals to your audience’s interests based on what’s trending 


Gary is definitely the guy to be listening to when it comes to building a bigger social presence. His tactics on Facebook are -without a doubt- proven tried & true strategies worth exploring and incorporating into your own business.


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This is the dealer Playbook Episode Ten with Gary Jab Jab Jabber Ride Hook thatter chuck. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your host's Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, everybody, what is going on? Michael Cerrillo here with Robert Wiseman. Hey Man, how you doing? Hey Michael, what's going on then? How are you? Not Much, not much. We've been joking around a little bit. We're just super pumped for this this episode. You guys will not believe this, but we have the one, the only, super sought after. I mean this guy's everywhere and we're hearing about him a ton in the car business lately. Mr Gary Vaner Chuck, Best Selling Author, speaks all over the place. Robert, you just saw him at the driving sales executive meeting, didn't you? Yeah, the President's club man. Thanks to Mike Jeff's and everybody over driving sales for getting me into that last minute. It was pretty epic, man. I had a blast, and I mean this guy's incredible because he tells it how it is. If you're not aware of who Gary Vaner Chuck is. Man You you need to be hitting Google like right now. Will wait for you hip pause. Go to Google. Find out that influence. I mean just the scope that Gary has. You know, we've got word that he's kind of been investigating the auto industry and that, you know, is really timely. I mean we all know it. Dealers, you need a lot of help when it comes to the social media. But that's not unique and you'll hear about him talk about it later in the interview. It's really not unique to any other business out there. But you know, it's really just super thrilling to have him agree to be on the show. We know how busy it is, or how busy he is, and so, I mean, Robert, what can you tell us? I mean you've been following him a lot longer than I have and and so I mean it's got to be even more exciting for you to have them on the show today. Yeah, without a doubt. I mean it's you know, he's allocated us. We were able to squeeze fifteen minutes out of them and it was it was a lot of work to get to just that. Really. If you could probably imagine. I was following him. He was actually some of my early inspiration with a lot of the video series that I started to do just like that. We're just, you know, off the cuff type things, because I somebody put me on to him doing the Wine Library show, you know, Wine Library TV, that he was doing on Youtube and on his website to promote his family's wine business and they were selling a ton of it online and he started this whole Wine Library TV thing and it exploded and that's why it's, you know, the expert that he is today is from from, you know, the tactics he executed in the past. But you know, not why you're seeing them post pictures of the wine on on facebook and stuff. Yeah, yeah, but you know, I feel, you know, great to finally have been able to speak with them, you know, in person, and then to have them agree to do this. Is Books are great. Crush it. Thank you. Economy and Jab Jab Jab right hook the latest. Most of you probably already face first into those. I see a lot of it, you know, in the feed and the facebook feeds and the groups and stuff. So just his youtube channels, website or or awesome, and he took it to he took the interview to a twist for us and it's just an and and you can hear his passion in it and and that he wants to drive a good message, because in the pre show Michael and I talking about where we want to take it. Like we both knew, you know, the importance of the facebook ads and and utilizing those that you know they're doing great for lots of different businesses right now, but we wanted to really just come up with something a little bit you know, we were thinking of trying to come up with what would you say, Michael,...

...just more like, you know, organic content, not talking about paid advertisement, just some good for focusing on facebook, of course, just because in get in your he'll get here. Gary. Agree with that. Yeah, and I mean, you know the thing is, I mean I had just recently finished Reading Jab Jab Jab right hook. Like you said, that's kind of a big popular book right now, especially in the industry. Lots of people are, you know, talking about it and of course you see all the pictures from the driving sale event and you know the I mean it's all over the place. People are, you know, use they're signing the book and stuff, and I mean a lot of that book is it's really reads like an almost a textbook for social media and, you know, building value. He relates the jabs to building value and the right hook to the kind of ask where the here's what I need you to do, or the call to action, and he talks a lot about how business is do a lot of right hooking. They don't do a lot of jabbing or giving a value. So I mean, I feel like you and I we as we were prepping for this episode, we were kind of going in with the Mindset of Jab Jab, Jab, right hook, and you're going to actually hear him throw a left Hook when we were expecting the right hook. You're going to hear a little bit how he talks about facebook advertising, and that's where you need to be. I'm not going to reveal too much here, but you know, stay tuned for this episode because we've got Gary Vane, or Chuck Again, best selling author, speaker, big name in the auto industry right now teaching us what we need to look out for and what we need to engage in in social media so that we can have lasting, sustainable results for the dealership and for your dealership. It's about bringing things to the next level and you are about to hear it from the master himself. So, Ladies and gentlemen, without further ADO, here is Mr Gary Vanner Chuck. Here we go. Okay, Gary Van or Chuck Man, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the dealer playbook man. Seriously, my pleasure. Guys, how are you? I'm awesome, as I mind you. All right, so listen, your time is limited. Everybody knows that. We're going to hop right to this. Okay, so I saw you at the the driving sales event where you spoke, and you mentioned there how it least prior to up to going to attending their speaking there, that you you've been paying attention to and looking at the automotive space a bit. Correct on social okay, Great. So you know, as a you know Mike and I both are. You know, study, you know, study your content, consumer content a lot. I mean we understand the there's different, you know, languages, you speak on different platforms. So we're just going to just going to hone in on one right now. We're going to talk about facebook for auto dealers and and and would you agree, first off, that that's probably the the right topic? Yeah, I mean I take state facebook at scale, the add products of scale, everybody's listening is you know, has been on it, are used it, don't use it. It's just at such a mass level that it has the biggest blanket to everybody who's listening. So I think it is the great please start. Okay, excellent, I agree. That's where I thought. Okay, so, seeing what you were seeing, in studying the in the space facebook in particular, based off of what you were seeing that was not executed right or not even the right idea of the right direction. You know what can you tell dealers right now that they can you know, for them, for to resonate with them and for them to, you know, turn it around and and really get it and and put a good schedule. Let's tell what this stay. Let's go in. My firm belief that for dealers who are listening right now that facebook will be in the next half decade, thirty six months, it's done properly, their biggest driver to business. That I'm a firm believer that the local television, local radio, local print at Cem, bad words play is not as effective as facebook advertising if you know how to do it, and I think that's the opening line, right, guys, I mean like yeah,...

...absolutely, but people want to sell cars, right, and so you know, if I'm listening right now, if I have empathy, if I'm listening to from guy feel about it. Stuff, okay, good, fine, cool, but how does it actually help? We sell a used car or get somebody to come in for service because that's where my margin is, or fell a new lease, or educate the market, and that's all that matters. That I believe that car dealers for the last fifty years have wasted like every other every other media and marketing company, in the last ten years especially, has wasted a good portion of their money on people not actually listening to where they spent their money and the lack of spoilage, as I would call it. That facebook target, it adds, allow is going to create this market? Oh well, no doubt about it. So, but outside of adds, because I still think like, specially in this space, none. Yeah, there is no outside of that. Everybody, everybody who's listening right now, needs to be posting spot unpublished posts on their on their facebook account, which means it doesn't go on your wall or your fan page. It means a good you go into the add editor and you create, create a piece of content, which, all, by the way, is what mainter media does were, which I think is the most important part, and then you go and use the polk auto data and you start targeting people and in front of them on a Cheo location basis, because most of you care about a local area, and buy a behavior in the market for Mini van and put out a picture, whether it's about band or some other value proposition, and you amplify it and spend as many dollars you can to get to it period. Take money from where you're spending it elsewhere and apply it to that and you will get r a y on that spen. Okay, so the message in that post, because I've seen you know, I've also heard you talk about how you know bad. You know. You want to test the content out, though, before you put money behind it. Correct. Yeah, I mean the ability to like, spend two hundred bucks and testins here it does, and if you see a lot, if you responded to it, then also you amplie for a thousand dollars is definitely in place. Or Fivezero, what a hundred bucks or over? Yeah, I mean you really need a test and triple down is in place. It facebook bad infrastructure is just remarkable and it's pretty. It's actually not not that hard to use either, is it? I mean for anybody. Look, I mean some level of Nerd, you know, but like, yeah, the bottom line is you could definitely Google this facebook Scott video tutorials now and get videos on Youtube, and Youtube is really the great place to like learn how to do things right. You know, id be flabber gas that. I have to look. If you're in type on FACEBOOK DOC post. It's there. Let's get that. It's there. You'll tray. That's the name of those posts, right gary, facebook down cons that's for flying term. I think the official term is facebook unpublished post, but that's it. Okay. So, all right, so quick, because again, time is of the essence. Tell me, let let's give them something to take. So give a just give a generic facebook add strategy for a car dealer with like the message in the post, like, you know, kind of what kind of post to do, with a photo of a video, what have you. Yeah, I mean, I mean there's so many ways to go. You have the broad one, which is like hey, the you two thousand and you know, sixteen models in stock and he talking to people that are fans of bmwor Hondo, tell yo or whatever you've got. And you know and you target somebody wo's in the market for, you know, a minivan. Andy showed them the minivan one and then you do the next one. And you people that are market for, you know camera, you show them a camera. I mean what? What? What I want to get more than like what you're asking for, because I think they can. You know. Look, I mean you go to my blog and see examples of I get a whole car dealership things right. So just turn and getting into the card your show and you'll find that what I want to give some value here, and a lot of people understand. They need to understand that. They need to make...

...thirteen different piece of the content for all thirteen different versions of the car, of that you know brand, and then target people that actually give a crap about that exact version. The days of going broad eighteen to thirty five year olds like this. I mean that's a classic one. Eighteen to thirty five year olds. I mean when you think about the notion of eighteen to thirty five, the way marketers say, that's ludicrous. I don't know, a single eight year old that looks like any thirty five year old. But people, that's how people market it, right, like, I guess, yeah, Dude, Dude that was in New York, like different things. And dudes that let live in Arkansas, right, and you know, and and dudes that are fifty one like different things that dudes and thirteen me. I think they're are being you know, yeah, you know, there's not that many things that bond us. You know, it's got to be contextual it's got a matter. So if your car dealership in New York City, maybe you're playing off. You know the yet what's going on with the Yankees or the jets, or you're playing off you know what's going on. Like the museums for the Lord Trade Chutter just open. So you put that into here copy or your pictures. There's so many things you do. They have to be contextualized and then you have to target the proper audience, right. So I'm less worried about give you one example, because billy's hit a small little sliver of the people here. I want them to understand, to really focus on what matters right now. A car dealership in Montreal should focus on the fact that the Canadians are one step away from the Staiey Cup and use that emotion to target Canadian fans who also happen to be in the market for in its size, this and lappen and spend this kind of money. And that's targeting is just unbelievable. On facebook, who in five miles from your dealership? I mean that that you see where I'm going. Yeah, now, head out, man. And so look, it takes time. Like what stinks about what I'm saying is you could spend all day coming up with different interests, matching with people that are interested in car or buying a car. Or you can use who bought. You can have one broad stroke, one picture of a minivan, target with the people that are in the market for minivans that are fifteen miles from your place, and you write something clever or interesting or best deal of the season or create urgency, no difference than what you did with radio or television, and you go bought. But I would tell you that if you add a layer of affinity, music, sports, you know, other things that people care about in context of that picture, all of a sudden you can get that person a tension, a little bit more, and that's who we're battling for potension. So Se segment the market, drill into the market, find out what people are interested in. The Long Tale, right, yeah, yeah, all right, so and and, and what's different is facebook's accuracy of ninety two percent. So when you play the long tale game, you're getting good data. Right. So now of a sudden you know it's worth it. You know, you know, you know, you're not getting whole data. You you were getting targeting mails that are in relationships with males. Right, you're getting that. You're getting that. Whatever, whatever you want, you're getting. If it's a jets fan, you got me, like, I'm seeing jets and Hyal, which he adds, and that makes sense. Yeah, that's what I'm engaging with. Yeah, and I'm probably seeing things because I've spent a lot of money on my Master Card and they've got that data, and so, you know, and Delta, they got that Beta. They know I travel a lot, and so going on and on and on. Not so so really get them excited, though, Gary Gisk can you give a realistic price point, just because it sounds like it would be so expensive to most people. But what's a realistic price point. Let's say a secondary market with like a Toyota, you know that kind of little piece for content, one of those ads with the list. You know the kind of the clues we just came up. But you can spend two hundred bucks and get to end. And how many does that like for the clicks or for the people use of you paid? You pay for a week. Right for you, you're getting an audience. I mean, look, I believe with some of the queries I just made up, you could probably self two cards for two hundred bucks is not a good aline. I think so. Absolutely. Okay, well, so like, but but expe's the facebook expense. Once you say like, both...

...of you reacted pretty tably. Now you can say crap, there's this, crap works, I don't want to do this. So all of a sudden, now you're paying two people full time to make all the pictures and do all the targeting. Now of something that two hundred bunches of electly nine hundred bucks, because salaries are included. Right, right, but but as going two cards works about nine hundred bucks. Good. Yeah, for to deliver out guarantee with the Christ for a deal and in US every no doubt. So they're going to have to hire a lot of nerds then, is what you're saying right, I would say you need to hire one person or two people, depending on the person you can find who equally understands how to do the targeting and in the wisps, and somebody can do the creative at a bar minimum. I mean the Fayer media has a eleven people per an account to deliver on this, Thomas, no doubt. So he shouldn't be spending his time waiting on customers to write tell them that they need to dedicate somebody to you. Yeah, I mean you, you know you. You obviously remember what I said, which is the thing that pissed me off the most. Everybody's listening and saying, I don't have that kind of money. Meanwhile you've got sales people sitting around Monday through Friday, middle of the day, just sitting there playing angry. And Gary really did look at the space man. You could tell by the stuff he was talking about he was. He was tuned in, which are you know, that's look inefficiency right for sales people on a Wednesday afternoon sitting around looking at each other does nothing for anybody, and well, I think is happening is between that and between all the money. Look, I've done a lot of homework now. The amount of money even midsize dealerships are spending a media are real numbers. Yeah, there's real money being spent on radio, television, print, outdoor media, right, billboards. Yeah, I'm telling you got you guys are paying ninety five cents for for zero and five cents is working for you and you need to with that model. So let me ask you this ary a little quick. I'm just going to say ninety five cents out of every dollar in the garbage. You got a problem. Yeah, Oh, yeah, I was going to ask you. I mean, compared to the other spaces that you work and where would you position auto dealers as far as grasping on to the Social Media Band Wag? And I mean I mean all of this sounds great, but is there something you can say to help dealers understand where they're actually at as far as social media is concerned? Are they way below the average that you're seeing as a whole? I would say they are. They are. Yeah, I say, you know, I would say there's they're pretty much in line with everybody else. Okay, fair enough, which a like everyone's in line as a hold. Everybody else very hot. I mean is ninety eight percent of the market has no God damn idea what they're doing right. I mean it's a crap show right now. Guys like and that's great. This is you know what this is? I'll tell you what it is. For All the marketers out there, if they care, this is Seo and Fem in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine two tho two thousand and one. Got It right. Yeah, you know, you're saying social. That's so, that's that's where we're out with social right now. That's yeah, we definitely are with facebook at let's put it that way. Right. And so you thought, several people that know what they're doing and they're on the virgie build a huge companies because they're marketing, like in the year we live in, and we have a ton of people that they're, you know, don't know and they're going to get hurt, put on a business not do as well. And it's capitalism, when I's going to win and lose. are going to lose. That's that's like, okay, so let me. I've got another. I've got another question here for you. I'm actually here in Dallas, sitting in a hotel room Robert's somewhere on the east coast. I was just at a conference. We listen to the you know, quote unquote, social media expert. He talked about doing things on social media. I mean really, you know stuff that you talk about in the in the Jab Jab Jab right hook book about, you know, providing value and but what he essentially said is talk to them about everything else but cars or, you know, find people that are having a bad day and send him a joke and you know, things like that. How does that fit in line...

...with what we're talking about? I think that guy's probably less of a sale from the I am okay, fair enough. I meaning so to be a part of it. I would call that a job, right, but a job can also be information about cars, right. But, like, I think you should throw jobs that have been for me, like setter, teaching people more about cars so you can talk about cars. Like. What he's basically saying is don't throw white hooks on every bath right, like right, I don't try to sell a car every time. Like a joke is fine. And you know Johnny's Auto Group and Minnesota saying a joke and talking about the and talking about the wild, you know, big win last night than hockey and those kind of things. Great, but equally as great as hey use an infographic about the new Toyota, you know, and all with new features. Right. That's bringing people value without selling, without having a price. Right value, right. So you can talk about cars. The final one is going in and for the sale, saying right now, by this weekend, we've got a deal. That's a white hook and that needs to be part of the equation, because nobody here's mother to recess. We're st of self stuff. So how do you know how many jabs to throw before the right hook comes? It's completely predicated on how good your product is, right, like, if you've got it's look, if you're the best looking guy and the richest guy and the most famous guy of all times, you can roll up on somebody at the bar and ask them to go upstairs to your room and pull it off, man, right. But if you're some slub and you're out of shape and you live with your mom, you got to throw a Shitload of Jabs. Fair enough, fair enough. Yeah, absolutely. If you're in the markets for great other dealerships and you're all battling. You have to be really good at chatting, right, but if you've got the market to yourself, probably a little bit less. Right. Right, and I mean right now, every dealer is battling over price. They're throwing up a picture of a car and their sent price. It's t that's a terrible place to play. Price is the worst place to play. It's so yeah, it's a suckiest place to play. I agree, Gary. You guys got any? Not The pride that it's your business, but you got any dealer clients over there on Vanier media, as you can imagine through some of the talks have been giving and some of the smoke in this that we've been we've got three or four that we're kind of pitching actively right now. So that's kind of what's going on. Will good for you, man, and Congrats, which is why I'm still into right now. Right I'm doing the homework. Yeah, I'm telling you, you do it. That's why, that's why I was made so much sense. Man. I had to have it, had that, had to have this this go down here for that. All right there. Well, yeah, I'm heading to the airport, so I'm pulling up and I don't know which turn you, guys, brother. Thank you so much. Man Takes here and there. You have it, everybody. Mr Gary Vane Nur Chuk giving it to us. You know, we wanted to turn it over to him as much as we possibly could because of the time was, you know, so limited. We were just happy to get what we what we could. But you know, it was a big surpriretty. Sure my brain would explode if we had any more time with him, because I still took like four or five pages of notes and that was fifteen minutes, almost to the DOT. Yeah, yeah, and I mean he definitely, like I said, he took it. You know, he threw US astray a little bit with with just how how, you know, confident he is, and it's facebook ads or it's really, you know, you can't really look for any true you know, Roi even yeah out of it. It was almost like that was the continuation of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, which we will definitely link to in the show notes so you can get a copy of that. But Hey, here's something to we forgot to mention. I want to mention it right now. If you haven't that book, I want you to to be the first one to comment on the show notes. Will we'll put up the link on social media. You're going to be hearing this, but if you're the first one to comment, we're actually going to send you out that book for free. And you know, so comment on the show notes. Go to triple w dot...

...the dealer playbookcom. Again, we're going to be posting the link on social media. But if you're listening to this, we want you to get a copy that book because again, I felt like this was like almost where the book leaves off and he kind of just jumped in with, you know, the the summary and some editions of knowledge. It was just I thought it was incredible. Yeah, it changes. It's a platform that changes so fast and so often that that book when he I mean think of how long ago it was actually that he put the last you know, the last bit it ink on that book for it to go into publish, it to go into his marketing and him promoting it. Yeah, etc. And he was promoting the hell out of that thing for quite a long time. So it's probably been in the can for a minute well, and I feel like you know what I mean. It's been in there for a while, but it's like, you know the stuff that he talks about there. One final it's still a powerhouse because it's the it's what you know for your facebook adds, it's the content that you use. Is He's teaching in there. It's still still in. It resonates with us. I mean I feel like it resonates really well with you and I because we're we're kind of like fundamentals guy. It's like you have to start from the beginning and and I think a lot of people they start at, you know, high up in the sky, thirtyzero feet, thinking that that's actually the foundation, but it's not in you know, Jab, Jab Jab. That book is all about here's how you actually create good content, and I like how he breaks it out and he says, Hey, this is good content, this is not so good. You know, helping any business, not just dealerships. But you know, by reading that book you're going to you're going to understand how to best penetrate your market and the the needs and the wishes and the desires and interests of the people that live in your market. But this was a continuation. This is like, okay, now you've got content down. This podcast is all about. Where do you go from here? And I mean clear as the sunshines. FACEBOOK advertising. I'm I mean, like you said, what other platform is there where you can literally know everything there is to know about somebody? Some people think that's Freaky, but as a businessperson, I think the marketers dream. It's just a mucus dram. Marketers dream to go in there and be able to your essentially doing and and it's funny, Gary Talks about this in the thank you economy. How direct, one on one marketing is, is pretty much here. You know, it's you're able to market one on one, says Lee, as in your favorite thing, Michael, segmented. You know, I means extremely segmented, because there's more, because there's there's so many people that interest are the like, you know what I mean, are similar, you know that that are into similar things. So it's easy to market to those particular groups. And it's still your it's still direct one one and marketing, because you're speaking kind of, you know what I mean, a sense similar language, familiar luage. Yep, totally, so valuable this information. Hey, listen everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to episode ten and Shin Baby, the big Henshit, Double Zeros, doubles. Exactly the the the dealer playbook is supports the going not on where to get over to grab the book's a first comment gets the gets the book. If you don't have the book or if you know somebody you can give it to, that's cool. But Yeah, man, we're going to give away a few of these books. I think. So be the first few to comment. Triple w dot the dealer playbookcom again. We're going to be posting that link on facebook and all other social avenues. Click on it, comment on the post. Tell us what was your favorite part about this episode? What really stood out to you? What do you think you're going to want to try immediately to bring your facebook ads and your facebook presence for your dealership to the next level? Be the first few to comment. I'm thinking, you know, the first two or three to comment and we will get you a copy of Jab Jab Jab right hook. Also, stay tuned. You know we've got some incredible episodes coming up after this one, and you know we're just super excited about what's been happening with the dealer playbook. All the support. Check us out on itunes and stitcher radio and you know,...

...until next time. Thanks so much for listening. We'll talk to you soon. Take care.

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