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Episode 10 · 7 years ago

Gary Vaynerchuk: Facebook Best Practices For Car Dealers


"Nobody here is Mother Teresa; we're trying to sell stuff" 

   - Gary Vaynerchuk

Unless you’re not familiar with this thing called “the internet," you probably know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. 


Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of the NY Times best seller, "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" which has been making a lot of noise in the auto industry since its release. 


Gary is co-founder of VaynerMedia, a social media agency. With offices in New York and San Francisco, his company manages some seriously powerful brands on social media and online content strategies, like the NFL, NHL and Campbell's Soup.


In April, Gary spoke at the Driving Sales Presidents Club in New York City, where he was dropping knowledge bombs left and right, helping auto dealers with their social media strategies and determining ROI. 


His guest ‘appearance’ on The Dealer Playbook was just as epic!


In the DPB podcast this week, Gary talks about:


   - How there’s no Facebook without investing in paid ads


   - The truth about Facebook ads (& "dark posts")


   - How to do a Facebook ad campaign or unpublished post 


   - A step-by-step rundown on how to build a successful Facebook ad strategy


   - Creating content that appeals to your audience’s interests based on what’s trending 


Gary is definitely the guy to be listening to when it comes to building a bigger social presence. His tactics on Facebook are -without a doubt- proven tried & true strategies worth exploring and incorporating into your own business.


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Did this episode give you any insight or some ideas for your Facebook marketing structure? Leave us your comments and keep the conversation going. We love it!


This is the dealer playfok episode, Ten,with Agary Jamjap Jamverid Hook Better Chi there we go you'r dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodaler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your hosts Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hey everybody. What is going on MichaelSirilo here with Robert Wisman, hey man, how you doing hey, Michael, what'sgoing on man? How are you not much? Not much. We've been joking around a littlebit, we're just super pumped for this. This episode, you guys, will notbelieve this, but we have the one the only supersaut after I mean this guy'severywhere and we're hearing about a a ton in the car business. Lately, MrGary Vaner, Chuck Best Selling offther speaks all over the place. Robert. Youjust saw him at the driving sales executive meeting, dintsha yeah thePresident's Club Man, thanks to Mike Jeffsond everybody over driving salesfor getting me into that last minute. It was pretty epic man. I had a blast,and I mean this guy's incredible because he tells it how it is. Ifyou're, not aware of WHO Gary Vaner Chuck is man, you need to be hit andGoogle like right now, we'll wait for you hip PAS, go to Google find out theinfluence. I mean just the scope that Gary has you know. We've got word thathe's kind of been investigating the auto industry, and that you know isreally timely. I mean we all know it. Dealers, you need a lot of help when itcomes to the social media, but that's not unique, and you hear about him talkabout it later in the interview. It's really not unique to to any otherbusiness out there, but you know it's really just super thrilling to have himagree to be on the show. We know how busy it is, how busy he is, and so Imean Robert. What can you tell us? I mean you've been following them a lotlonger than I have, and, and so I mean it's got to be even more exciting foryou to have them on the show. Today, Oh yeah, without a doubt I mean it's, youknow he's allocated us. We were able to squeeze fifteen minutes out of them andit was. It was a lot of work to get to just that. Really, if you you couldprobably imagine I was following them. He was actuallysome of my early inspiration with a lot of the video series that I started todo just like that were just you know, off the cuff type things, becausesomebody put me on to him doing the wine library show. You Know Ine Library,TV, that he was doing on Youtube and on his website to promote his family'swine business and they were selling a ton of it online and he started thiswhole ine library, TV thing and it exploded, and that's why I s you knowthe expert that he is today is from from you know the tactics he executedin the past, but you know that's why you're always seein post pictures ofthe line on on facebook and stuff yeah yeah, but you know, I feel you knowgreat to finally ave being able to speak with them. You know in person andthen to have them agree to do. This is books are great crush it thank you,economy and Jab Jab JAP right hook, the latest most of you probably are alreadyface verst into those. I see a lot of it. You know in the feed and thefacebook feeds and the groups and stuff. So just his YouTube channel is websiterors awesome and he took it to. He took the interview to a twist for us andit's just and you can hear his passion in it and that he wants to drive a goodmessage because in the preshow Michael and I talking about where we wanted totake it like, we both knew. You know the importance of the facebook ads andand utilizing those that you know they're doing great for lots ofdifferent businesses right now, but we wanted to really just come up with something alittle bit. You know we were thinking...

...of trying to come up with. What wouldyou say, Michael just more, like you know, organic content, not talkingabout paid advertisement, just some good for focusing on facebook, ofcourse, just because in Getin you hill get here Gary agree with that yeah an Imean, you know the thing is I mean I had just recently finished. Reading JabJab Jab right hook, like you, said, that's kind of the big popular bookright now, especially in the industry. Lots of people are, you know, talkingabout it and, of course you see all the pictures from the driving sales of ent,and you know the I mean it's all over the place. People are, you know, usngthere signing the book and stuff, and I mean a lot of that book. It's reallyreads like a almost a textbook for social media and you know, buildingvalue. He relates the jabs to building value and the right hook to the kind ofask where the here's, what I need you to do, or the call the action- and hetalks a lot about how businesses do a lot of right hooking. They don't do alot of jabbing or giving a value, so I mean I feel, like you and I we as wewere prepping for this episode. We were kind of going in with the Mindset ofJab Jab Jab Right Hook and you're, going to actually hear him throw a leftHook when we were expecting the right hook, you're going to hear a little bithow he talks about Facebook, advertising and that's where you needto be. I'm not going to reveal too much here, but you know, stay tuned for thisepisode, because we have got Gary Vaner check again best selling author speaker,big name in the auto industry right now, teaching us what we need to look out for and what we need to engagein in social media so that we can have lasting sustainable results for thedealership and for your dealership. It's about bringing things to the nextlevel and you are about to hear it from the master himself. So, Ladies andgentlemen, without further Adou here is Mr Gary Van Ner Chuck. Here we go okay, Gary Vanerchuckman! Thank you somuch for taking the time to stop by the dealer. Playbook man seriously mypleasure guys. How are you I'm AWESOMETASIC S, you all right? Solisten! Your time is limited. Everybody knows that we're going to hop right tothis okay, so I saw you at the the driving sales event where you spoke,and you mentioned there how it least prior to up to going to attendingtheire speaking there that you've been paying attention to and looking at theautomotive space a bit correct on social, okay great. So you know as a you know, Miche- and Iboth are you- know, study. You know, study your contact, consumer content. Alot I mean we understand the there's different. You know languages peak on differentplatforms, so we're just going to just going to hone in on one right now we'regoing to talk about facebook for auto dealers, and would you agree first offthat that's probably the the right topic yeah I mean I tik a facebooksthat scale the AD products of scale everybody's listening is, you know hasbeen on in as used it. Does you that it's just at such a mask level that Ihas the biggest blanket to everybody who's listening? So I think it is theright place. O start? Okay, excellent! I agree. That's what I thought. Okay,so seeing what you were seeing in studying the in that space, facebook inparticular, based off of what you were seeing that was not executed right ornot even the right idea of the right direction. You know! What can you telldealers right now that they can? You know for them, for I to resonate withthem and for them O ou know turn it around and and really get it and andput a good schedule Wat with th statement. Let's got Tis Doit S, my firm belief,afor dealers were listening rig now that facebook will be inthe next halfdecade, Nex twenty four thirty six months, it's done properly theirbiggest driver to business that I'm a firm believer that the localtelevision, local radio, local print at cmit adword play it's not as effective as spacebookadvertising. If you know how to do it-...

...and I think that's the opening line,like guys, I mean like yeah, absolutely peo want to set cars right, and so youknow if I'm listering right now is iempathy abom listening to some guys,speel about it, stuff, okay, good fine cool, but how does it actually? We sella used car get somebody come in for service, because that's where my marginis for Sellanele or educate the market, and that's all that matters that Ibelieve that pardulars for the last fifty years have wasted like everyother. Every other media and marketing companyin the last ten years, especially has wasted a good portion of their money onpeople not actually listening to where they spent their money and the lack ofSpoilit S. I would call it that facebook targeted ad to allow is goingto create this market O will no doubt about it so but outside of ads, becauseI still think like especially in this space. There is no outside of that everybody.A everybody whos worsing right now needs to be posting, unpublished, post on ther on theirfacebook account, which means it doesn't go on your wall or your panpage. It means a good you go into the ad editor and you create create a pieceof content which no, by the way, is what fain or media does Wer, which Ithink is the most important part. And then you go and use the Poe Pano datathan you start targeting people and in front of them on a to location basis,because most of you care about a local area and biabimeader in the market formining ban and put out a picture, whether it's Atat ban or some othervalue proposition, and you camplify it spend as many dollars. You can againstte period, take money for where you're spending itelsewhere and apply it to that, and you will get ry on that, spes, okay. So themessage in that post, because I've seen you know, I've also heard you talkabout how you know bad. You know you want to testthe content out, though, before you put money behind it. Correct yeah mean youdoe need to like spend two hundred bucks and test and see how it does, andif you see a lot of you Respondeng to it, then l sudden Youampliz for athousand dolars is definitely in place for Fivesand Ater, a hundred bucks orwhatever yeah I mean e o test and en tricple down is in place it as te sadinfrastructure, its just remarkable, and it's pretty it's actually not notthat hard to use either. Is it I meanor Anybimean Itonot thatsomlevel of Erdyoknow but likethe bottom Lineis, you culd. Definitely gothlist bacebook gotvideo tutorials, now agen videos on Youtube, an youtube is really the greatplace to like learn how to do things right. You know I be flaergastat. Ihave o look if Youre Intagen facebook dark post, it's the let's Er, that'sthe Ame of those postright Gary Facebak Ankerm, itipecial term O facebook onpublishe post, but that's it okay. So all right! So quick because again timeis of the essence, tell me let let's give them something to take so give ajust give a generic facebook add strategy for a cordealerwith like the message ind, the Post, like you, know, kind of what kind ofpost to do with a photo with ha video. What have you yeah? I mean I meanthere's so many ways to go. You have the broad one which is likekay Thetno,two THOUSANDAD. You Know Sixteen models in stock that you talk to people, Thot,fams of BMW or Hando. Tell you wh whatever you got and you know and youtarget something s in the market fom. You know a Manidar and you show themthe mini ban one and then you do the next one and people that are market.For you know camera. You show them a camera. I mean what what I want to getmore than like what you're asking for, because I think hey can you know? LookI mean you go to my blog and se. Examples of I det a whole ardularshipthings right. So just turing gaing in a separd yourself and you'll, find thatbut want to give o some value. HEARE and a lot of people understand th. Theyneed to understand that they need to...

...make tirteen different pieces F,retontent for all thirteen different versions of Tuetar. Of that you knowbrand and then target people that actually give a crap about that exactversion. The days of going broad, eighteen and thirty five year olds,like this man, that's a classic one, eighteen or thirty, five yearolds Imean when you think about the notion of Eightheen, O thirty five, the waymarketer said: That's Luprous, I don't know a single eightee year olds thatlooks like ten thirty five year old, but people that's how people market itright. Ik, IGUESS, yeah in New York, like different names anddudes that like live in Arkasas right and you know, and and Dude Tar ar fiftyone like different things that Youd con Fertainan, I think ther were Bein her oyeah. You know, there's not tha many things that bond us. You know it's gotto be contextual, it's got TA matter. So if Youre Card dealarship in New YorkCity, maybe you're playing off, you know the yet what's going on with theYankees or the jets or you're playing off with your know, what's going onlike the museums for the worldtrade Ceare just open, so you put that inyour copy or your pictures, there's so many things you do. They have to becontextuaized, and then you have target the proper audience right. So I'm lessworried about GIN. You ont example because Olas had a small little fliverof the people here I want them to understand to really focus on whatmatters right now. A par dealership in Montreal should focus on the fact thatthe Camadians are one step away from the stairy top and use that emotion toTarnet Canadian fans who also happen to be in the market for in it size thisand we happen and spend this kind of money and the targeting is justunbelieable on Facebok who, in five miles from your dealership, I mean thatthat you see where I'm going. Yeah Neve had that and so lok it takes timelike what stinks about what I'm saying is you culd, spend all day coming upwith different interest, matching with people that are interested in car orbuying a car or you can ust go goto cn have one broad stroke, one picture of aMiniban Talkng Abo, the people that are in the market for many vands that arefifteen miles from your place and you write something clever or interesting,or best del the seur or creat purgency, no difference in what you did withMabor television and you go broad. But I would tell you that if you add a wireof atinity music sports, you know other things that people care about. Incontext of that picture, all of a sudden you Dan get that personsattension a little bit more and that's more battling Fort Atention, so sesegment, the market drill into the market, find out what people areinterested in o long, right, yeah, aright so and what's different, isfacebooks APTRCO, your Niy two percent. So when you play the long tail game,you're getting good data right. So now, all of a sudden- you know it's worth it.You know, you know, you know, you're, not getting told data. You were gettingtargeting males that are in relationships with males right, ther,Aer, whatever you want you geting. If it's a jet Fan, you got me like: I'msing jets and Wido Richy ads, and that makes sense, yeah atchaging and I'm probably sing things, becauseI've spent a lot of money on my mastercard and they got that data, andso you know and delter they got that bit of they now travelwat and so gon onand on and on and ot, so so really get them excited. Though Gary Gess can yougive a realistic pricepoint just because it sounds likeit'd, be so expensive to most people, but what's a realistic price point,let's say a secondary market with like a Toyota, you know that Kinon littlpiece or contect, one of those ads with the list. You know the kind of equatieswould just came up at you can spend two hundred bucks and gets it, and how manydoes that like for the clicks or for the people? Vieus Nuer? You pay you payfor a reeach right for you're, getting an audience. I mean look, I believe,with some of the queeries I just made up, you could probably sell two carsfor two hundred bucks. Is that a good R, why I think so? Absolutely: Okay? Wellso like, but UTTHAT'S THE FASEBOOK...

...expense. Once you say, like both of you,reacted Portoo FAVORLA, not Ogoen, Sayo Praptice, this crap work O. I don'twant to do this so all of a sudden, now you're paying two people full time tomake all the pictures and do all the targeting now so that to undre Mu isactally. Nine hundred bucks, couse salaries ar included right right, butbut it selling two cars wort about nine hundred buck ces yeah for two deliver oguarantee with the Christ pode in usaverage, no doubt so so they're goingto have to hire a lot of nerds, then, is what you're saying right. I wouldsay you need to hire one person or two people, depending on the person you canfind, who equally understand how to do the targeting a day, o the works andsomeof that can do the creatire at a bar minimum. I'm the far media as eightto eleven people per on account to deliver on this thomase. No doubt so.He shouldn't be spending his time waiting on customers to right, tellthem that they need to dedicate somebody o yeah. I mean you know you e.You obviously remember what I said, which is the thing that pissed me ofthe most everybody's listening and Saing. I don't have that kind of money.Meanwhile, you got sales people sitting around Monday to Friday middle of theday, just sitting e Plin angry it Gary really did look at Tho spaceman. Youcould tell by the stuff he was talking about. He was he was tuned in which Iyou know, that's Kan, O Mo ineficiencies right for sales. Peopleon a Wednesday afternoon sitting around looking at each other. Does nothing foranybody that whell, I think is happening is between that and betweenall the money. Wook I've done a lot of homework. Now the amount of money, evenmidside dealerships or spending on media are real numbers. Yeah, there'sreal money being spent on Radio Television, print outdoor media right,Gillboards, yeah, I'm telling you got you guys, are paying ninety five centsfor for zero and five centsis working for you and you need to flip that model. So let me ask you this Terysabe Yeah,Oh yeah, I was Gonno, ask you. I mean comparedto the other spaces that you work in. Where would you position auto dealers?As far as grasping onto the social media? Bandwegon I mean I mean all ofthis sounds great, but is there something you can say to help dealersunderstand where they're actually at as far as social media is concerned? Arethey way below the average that you're, seeing as a whole, I would say they are? They are M. I would say you know wh. I would saythey're Stheyre, pretty much inlone with everybody else: okay, Sarnow, everyone, s hol,everybody else! Very Hi Tuth. Ninety eight percent of the market has noGoddam idea. What they're doing right I mean it's. A crap show rightnow guys like and that's great. This is you know what this is I'll. Tell youwhat it is for all the marketers out there if they care this is Seo and semin one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, two thousand two thousand and onegot it right. Yeah. You know you're, saying social, THAT'SSOCH! That's that's where we AA for right now, the that's! What wedefinitely are with Pasebook at. Let's put it that way. Right and so you'vegot several people that know what they're doing and they're on the verchand building huge companies, because they're marketing like in the year welive in a n. We have a ton of people that you know don't know and they'regoing to get hurt, put out of business, not do it as well, and it's capitalismwheners going Ta Lan a losear going to lose that that's like okay. So let me I'vegot another. I've got another question here for you, I'm actually here inDallas sitting in a hotel room, Robert Somewhere on the east coast. I was just at a conference. We listenedto the you know, quote unquote social media expert. He talked about doingthings on social media. I mean really. You know stuff that you talk about inthe in the Jab Jab Jab right, hookbook about you, know providing value, andbut what he essentially said is talk to them about everything else. But cars or you know, find people that arehaving a bad day and send them a joke,...

...and you know things like that. How doesthat fit in line I? What we're talking about? I think that guy's, probably less of asal than than I am okay, fair enough, I meaning so thatshould be a part of it. I would call that a job right, but a jab can also beinformation about cars right but like I think you should throw jabs an cabinfor ma like that. Are Teaching people more about cars. So you can talk aboutcars like what he's basically saying is: Don't throw white hooks on every atthat right, Lik right, don't try to sell a car every time like a joke isfine and you know Johnny's Auta Group, an Minnesota, saying a joke and talkingabout the and talking about the wild. You know big win, Lasit and hockey andthose kind of things great, but equally as great as hey here's, an inpographicabout the new COOTA, you know and all eten features right. That's bringingpeople value without selling without having a price, ragt value. Ihtyo Tantalk about cars. The final one is going in and for the salen saying right nowby this weekend we've got a deal, that's a! Why Hook and that needs to bepart of the equation, because nobody heares mother to Besex Wer Lot. I selfstop. So how do you know how many jabs to throw before the right hook? Comesit's completely predicated on how good your product is right like if you gotit, look if you're the best looking guy and the richest guy and the mostpaineless guy of all time. You can roll up on somebody at the bar and ask themto go upstairs t your room and pull it Onan right, but if you're swomg, sluband you're out of shape- and you live with your mom, you gotto throw aShitboad of Jap, fair enough, very nice yeah, absolutelyif you're in Tha marketwer for great other dealerships and you're allbattling. You have to be really good at abving right, but if Youve got themarket to yourself, probably a little bit less rice right and I mean rightnow- every dealer is battling over price ethey're, throwing up a pictureof a car and their sinabrise it'. Ta. That's a terrible place to play priceis the worst place to play. It's a yeah. It's the fuckiest place to play. Iagree Gary. You guys got any, not the prize, it's Your Business, butyou got any dealer clients over there on van or media or you Coan, Imagiethem through some of the talks. Ha've been giveng and some of the smoke inThi we've been. We've got three or four that we're kind of pitching activelyright. Now, no that's kind of. What's going on well good for you, mancongrets, which is why I'm soming to right now right, I'm doing the homeworkyeah, I'm telling you you do it! That's! Why that's why I was et made so muchsense. Man I had to have it had tha had to have this this go down here for thatall right, Cayeahi'm heading to the airport, so I'm pulling up. I don'tknow whichbrother thanks! You soand there you have it everybody, Mr GaryVan Ner, chuck giving it to us. You know we wanted toturn it over to him as much as we possibly could. Because of the time wasyou know so limited. We were just happy to get what we what we could, but you know it was a big super sure mybrain would explode if we had any more time with him, because I still tooklike four or five pages of notes and- and that was fifteen minutes almost tothe dot yeah yeah, and I mean he he definitely like. I said he took it. You know he threw US astray a littlebit with with just how how you know confident he is, and it's facebook adsor it's really. You know you can't really look for any true. You Know Roieven yeah out of it. It was almost like that was thecontinuation of Jab Jab Jab Righthook, which we will definitely link to in theshownote. So you can get a copy of that, but hey here's, something to we forgotto mention. I want to mention it right now. If you haven't read that book, Iwant you to be the first one to comment on the show notes well put up thelinkoln social media you're going to be hearing this, but if you're the firstone to comment, we're actually going to send you out that book for Free- andyou know so so comment on the show-...

...notes- go to triplwdot the dealerplaybookcom again we're going to be posting the linkon social media. But ifyou're listening to this, we want you to get a copy that book. Because, again,I feel like this was like almost where the book leaves off and he kind of justjumped in with you know the the summary and some editions of knowledge. It was just. I thought itwas incredible yeah, it changes it's a platform that changes so fast and sooften that that book, when he wrote, I mean think of how long ago it wasactually that he put the last. You know the last bit of ink on that book for itto go in to Publishin to go into his marketing and him promoting it, yeah,etc, and he was promoting the hell out of that thing for quite a long time. Soit's probably been in the can for a minute. Well, and I feel, like you knowwhat I mean it's been in there for a while, but it's like you know the stuffthat he talks about. There won final win, still powerhouse, because it's heit's what you know for your facebook adds it's your content that you use ishese teaching in there. It's still it's still in iresonates O us. I mean I feellike it resonates really. Well with you, and I because we're kind of likefundamentals, guys like you- have to start from the beginning and- and Ithink, a lot of people- they start at. You know high up in the sky, thirtythousand feet, thinking that that's actually the foundation, but it's notin you know, Jab Jab Jab. That book is all about here's, how you actuallycreate good content, and I like how he breaks it out and he says hey. This isgood content. This is not so good. You know helping any business, not just dealerships, butyou know by reading that book, you're going to you're going to understand howto best penetrate your market and the needs and the wishes and the desiresand interests of the people that live in your market, but this was acontinuation. This is like. Okay, now, you've got content down. This podcastis all about. Where do you go from here, and I mean Clearas the Sunshinesfacebook advertising, I'm yea, I mean, like you said what other platform isthere, where you can literally know everything there is to know aboutsomebody. Some people think that's Freaky, but as a business person, Ithink the marketer Drean it', just atra marketers dream to go in there and beable to you're essentially doing- and it's funny Gary Talks about this in thethank you economy. How direct one on one marketing is pretty much here. Youknow it's You'ow able to market one on one as Ike as in your favorite thing,Michael segmanted, you know what I mean extremely segmented, because there'smore because there's there's so many people that interest are the like. Youknow at I mean are similar. You know that Tattar into similar things, soit's easy to market to those particular groups and it's still yourit's stilldirect one on one marketing, because you're speaking kind of you know what Imean a similar language, familiar age, Yep, totally an so valuable. Thisinformation- Hey, listen everyone! Thank you! So much for stopping by andlistening to episode, Tenenshin Baby, the big Hansh Double Zros Doul Yeata,the dealer playbook s supportigoing now on were to get over to grab the BOT.First comment gets the gets the book. If you don't have the book or if youknow somebody you can give it to that's cool, but yeah man we're going to giveaway a few of these books. I think so be the first few to comment: triplewDot, the dealer playbookcom again we're going to be posting that link onfacebook and all other social avenues. Click on it comment on the post. Tellus what was your favorite part about this episode? What really stood out toyou? What do you think you're going to want to try immediately to bring yourfacebook ads in your facebook presencs for your dealership to the next level?Be the first few to comment. I'm thinking you know the first two orthree to comment and we will get you a copy of Jab. Jab Jab right hook alsostay tune. You know, we've got some incredible episodes coming up afterthis one, and you know we're just super excitedabout- what's been happening with the dealer playbook, all the support checkus out on itunes and stitch your radio-...

...and you know until next time, thanks somuch for listening, we'll talk to you soon. Take Care.

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