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Gideon Shalwick: How To Maximize YouTube To Grow Your Dealership



BOOM!!! Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook” podcast we are so honored you are here! We are diving into session 48 and you are going to love this one! 


Today we are joined by video/digital marketing Jedia Mr. Gideon Shalwick founder of as well as and he is bringing the thunder!

Now team DPB has been following and engaged with Gideon for some time and you also might have been but for those that have not… Here is some more about who Gideon is and why you should tune into what he has to say:

Gideon Shalwick is a self-confessed YouTube junkie and loves anything to do with video marketing and building a global audience using video. He is co-founder of, the world’s first ever YouTube video ads management platform, to completely automate and optimize the whole YouTube Video Ad creation process and allow every day businesses to start leveraging incredibly affordable, but extremely targeted traffic on YouTube. He also freely shares his knowledge about video marketing.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about in this session.  

What makes people BUY?

Gideon has a amazing track record of building businesses and selling products online and has an amazing knowledge base of todays online consumer. In this session he dives deep into what makes online shoppers tick and how to get them to become your customers. 

Gideon Shalwick’s top YouTube marketing tips

Gideon is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to YouTube marketing and he breaks down his top tips that you can implement right now to kick your YouTube game up a notch. 

YouTube Video Ads 

YouTube video ads are a super affordable way to get in front of a highly targeted audience. Gideon has had amazing success with YouTube Ads and in this session he reviews his best practices as well as how to make the process easier and faster. This you can not miss! 

That is just a preview of the amazing YouTube information Gideon shares in this session that will automatically separate you from the pack. 

To get more from Gideon 

Gideons Websit 

Check out VeeRoll to streamline your Video Ads here.

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Hi this is Gideon Shelrick and yourlistening to the dealer. F playbook podcast you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weisman and Michael Sirilla, hey there. Thank you for listening tothe dealer, playbook podcast session, Forty Eight, where we sit down and haveconversations with entrepreneurs, experts from within and out of the autoindustry. For you, today's automotive professional, my name is MichaelSerloan, I'm joined by my partner in crime, Mr Robert Weissbeen. What'sgoing on bowel, that's up brother, how are you doing well man and couldn't bemore thrilled to introduce our car peeps to the guest we have today, Godby the name of Gideon Shawwick our second week in arow with an Australian,but this guy? You know you and I 've been following him for quite some timenow, and I attribute a lot of the things that I've learned. I mean he wasmy first exposure to a lot of this online marketing stuff. You know backyears ago, and you know just a perfect example of somebody who has applied. You know principles of personalbranding and video creation and seen incredible success, and now hehelps so many other people do that you're going to hear later on in theshow, after all of these power bombs of information that you can put into useright now about a tool that you can also use that he uses, that will just make the wholeyoutube and video creation and advertising process much more efficient,but more on that later, Robert Y you've been connected to him or been followinghim for a while, like I mentione when what's kind of your big standout with this guy. Well, I got toCA. You know I connected with him and started. You know following his contentearly and before he broke out toward you, know to the level superstar todayyeah and it was Eeser to engage with them and get you know face time withthem and he taught me you know one of my early influencers and you know guysthat you know really steered my my thoughts on video marketing and youknow, strategies that I put in for myself and for dealerships but he'sgreathe's cool, dude man, and he knows this stuff and he's been doing it for awhile. So this is exciting. I think everybody's going to get a lot of valuehere. So you know if you're driving, don't worry about trying to writeanything down, because this is always available on itunes or on the dealerplaybookcom. So you can rewind it as many times as you need exactly sowithout further a do, let's jump into our sit down here with Gideon Shelwickhere we go all right and we are sitting down now...

...with somebody who Robert and I havebeen following for quite some time. WHO's influenced a lot of the things that we believe inand actually put into practice, so we're thrilled to introduce our gueststoday with you he's a self confessed, Youtube Junkie and loves anything to dowith video marketing and building a global audience using video he's thecofounder of v Rollcom, which will link two in the show, notes and he's theworld's first ever youtube video ads management platform. Okay, that's whatV role is to completely automate and optimize the whole youtube video adcreation process and allow everyday businesses to start leveragingincredibly affordable, but extremely targeted traffic on Youtube. He's alsofreely shares his knowledge about video marketing at Gideon Showwickcom. Sothere you have it his name, Mr Gideon Shewwick. Thank you so much for beingon the show with us today, wassome great to be here Gos, looking forwardto the coal yeah so, like I said you know, Robert and I've been followingyou for quite some time. In the very you know, ethical online kind of way,not the creepy kind of way, and, like I said you know, I had to preface that, of course. Soyou know, and like I said, you know, we've put in a practice a lot of thethings that you've taught through your youtube videos- and you know all we cansay is that they work, but I kind of want to turn this over to you for thethe member of our audience, who has perhaps not been exposed to you. Canyou give us an example from your own experience, what Youtube and video marketing has beenable to do for you yeah absolutely Al, perhaps take anexample that I helped a friend with a few years ago, just after the globalfinancial crisis, he approached me and he said Gideon, I'm struggling with my business as alocal magicians. He was doing geegs round the round the city and I'mstruggling because with his GFC thing, a lot of the people are lot of.Companies are cutting down on the air budgets for Geeks like this magic gigs, and I needsomething to leverage what I'm doing I as okay. Well, let's, let's dosomething to get us, we actually formd the partnership and we started theeugypt channels, an I ge Lit's. You know for from my point of view, this isback in two thousand and nine. I said for my point of view: The quickest andeasiest root to getting a global audience, not just the local audienceglobal audience is to go on youtube and create some videos there buildangaudience, Bilde relationship with them and and see what happens. So I said:Let's, let's try this for a month and see what what you know what we seecoming from it within a month. We had so many views and subscribers that wethought hey, there's, definitely something here and it was gave us thesignal to go ahead. So that's two thousand and nine. Today the businessis sitting on over two hundred and seventy thousand subscribers on Youtube.I forget how many millions and millions...

...of years I think, may be getting closeto firty thirty million views or something like that, and you know the channel now is if you do a search for three magictricks. It's a number one channel on Youtube in the world for three magictricks, and you know to think that we went from just one little individuallittle, but you know an individual working locally in a local area and being able to build aglobal audience using a place like youtube is just incredible. It is justincredible and of course you know you, you know that's talking on a globallevel, but you can of course go much more narrow than that as well and justcompletely own a space I mean, if you can own a space globally, why not gomore locally and own a local space as well? So that's pretty exciting yea. Itshould be easier to accomplish to right absolutely yeah yeah exactly so that that's really powerful, becauseI think you know. Sometimes we have this misconception, that it onlyworks for a few people but you've given us this example of of a friend of yourswho who's been able to apply these these tested and true, you know,youtube marketing, videos or video creation. You know strategies to nowlook at the audience, build an audience and I think that's so relevant forthose listening in because theyre, you know, they're struggling to build abrand and they're struggling to build their experttisen and authority.Undoubtedly somebody that has two hundred and seventy thousandsubscribers and a global audience with thirt plus million. You Know Youtube.Video views becomes that expert. What has happened to to your friend or their business as aresult? F of these videos? Oh well, just Chi rocket it. You knowwe with through the roof. I think what was interesting was that you know the it's the flow on effectsthat happen when you build an authority like that, you know I it's notnecessarily just youre existing products and services that that at Gro,but it's also the the other opportunities that become availablebecause it you get lifted on to a totally different level, a totaldifferent platform where a lot more people can see you- and you know- inJaga, for example- approaches potential new client. Now you know all he has todo is SI has to check up my yeutube channel and immediately it gives thatinstant credibility that you know he's a player. He knows what's going on andhe's got credibility to you know to perform so so much so that you knowmore recently, jjs been asked to host some of the biggest events here forYoutube in Australia. There's one coming up very soon and he's going tobe pretty sure. I'm not sure it's going tobe hosting that, but it sounds like th they're talking about it at least- and you know, those sort ofopportunities would never have come his way if, if you didn't build a presentsong on a place like Itcu, so of that you know just applying that back to say...

...a car car dealerships or people workingin the car industry. You know you could be building your own profile verysimilar to. I guess what Robert Did with with with his personalbrands there, and you know when, when you're dealing with people and theyre have any sort of question aboutyour integrity or credibility and they come across your yougube channel andthey can experience you and Axan Experience Your Business before doingbusiness with you. I mean that's just incredible when you think about you know whatmakes people buy. You know what makes that transaction take place. It's acombination of three things. You need, first of all, a person or an audience that you can, that you know that's going to do thetransaction or make the transaction. You also need an auter for that personright. You need to be making an offer to that person, but then you need thethirtinggreeting, which is just incredibly important, which is that oftrust. You remove the trust from the equation and there's no transactionthat will ever take place. So looking at Youtube as a trust building exerciseis, is incredible. So so obviously, yes, you can build the audience with Youtubeas well and through your yougtel. You can also make offers, but you know wenormally do it behind the scenes. You know through threeh email or a bitlater on down the process, but certainly from a trust, buildingperspective thes, not much that can bet it and an I'm well I'Mnot, actuallysure that there's anything that can beat having really awesome prisence onYoutube for bolding trust with the audience. You know I couldn't agreemore, I mean you think about it. You see some of these youtube celebritieswho have more viewership than some of the. You know, Prime TimeTelevision series that play on TV these days than I get. My kids watch this guynamed like Tabuccus or something, and he does like des Mind craft likecartoons and he's singing songs like parode, songs and they're. Like fiftyeighty hundred million views on videoindividual videos, I mean, if worta incredible, unbelievable eah, it's incredible. So let me let me ask you this. I mean fromyour advantage point now in helping others and and yourself achieveincredible success. What are some? You know tips that you have for ouraudience: Those listen again that they can apply straight away to startbuilding their brand and start building their credibility on Youtube. Wherewould you suggest they start, and then you know later on. I'd really like topick your brain on the the Verol com thing you guys have going on andthe value of ads, but first I really want to start with the the getting started for forsomebody that says: Yes, okay, I'm ready and willing to make big thingshappen, and I know videos the way where do they start? I think the place to start is with youraudience that you want to attract and...

...really getting to know them. So ifyou're already in business- and you understand who your target audience asthat, that's what e a massive step in the right direction so and just beingaware of that and and acknowledging that that's the most important thingwhen you're thinking about building a presence on a place like Youtute, youknow it. It comes down to really knowing so well and knowing what kindof content they would love to see from you, that's the beginning of all of it sofif you don't have a great handle on who exactly it as you want to attract andthat you want to target. You got to do some work on that and Geti real goodclarity on that, because then the next date, you can't do the next age unlessyou have that first thing in place. The next thing is to ask yourself aquestion of what is it that they want to learn from you or see from you? Whatkind of videos do they want to watch from you and and what kind of videoswould they want to watch that would bring them closer to you as a customer,you know get them closer to that point of making a transaction with you. This is thing called a Zemot on theinternet or in a google. I think came up with it a few years ago and itstands for am zero moment of truth, which is basically at the point wherepeople start researching your product or service. You know thisbefore you even know that they exist that they're already in there onyoutube or on Google, researching your product or service,and so I guess, when they're buying a car, they might you know, first of all,Goon Youtube and say type in something like t e, the model of the car and thenreview or or a test drive or something Lik, I'm just just to see what' what'shappening on there, so that's to on that Z, Zema kind ofstage, maybe they're at the stage a bit but further along with Thar going okay,I know which Cari want, but now I want to know which dealership I should go to.Maybe they now go and research the dealership, maybe they even go onYoutube and type in the name of the dealership or the the area that they'reliving and then and then dealership. You know- maybe it's Detroit dealershipor I don't know, what's a smaller suburb there in the states, but thename of the suburbal area and then dealership or we can, I buy a car orwhatever it is, and and then, if you're, on EACSUBE and you're ranking for thosesort of keywords, and they find your videos, that's a fantastic way to tobring them a bit closer to you and then maybe the next stage. They come and seeyou on the shop and they want to. You know, look at the car or give it atest drive and then from there on. Maybe they go ahead and purchase andthen and then there's afterwards were after purchase. What Ideo, maybethere's more content, more kind of vidies that you can use to builletrelationship Bein further because they might want to buy another car or, butthey might have a friend who wants to buy another car or they might knowsomeone who wants to buy a fleet of cars. You know so so. There's n its starting from the Zema, the zeromoments of truth and then looking at the whole customer buying cycle andasking yourself the question throughout this cycle. What kind of videos wouldmy ideal customor client want to watch and want to see from me and thencreating that content specifically for...

...those people and for the specificstages that there in throughout the Dole process, awesome an and so thisthat really makes up really robust kind of organic youtubestrategy? Oh Yeah sedbling an audience so yeah in is there a way? To I mean, is there a way inside a youtube to findout or help identify? What kind of videos you should be? Making yeah there's a few little things youcan do I mean just within Youtube. You could use just the normal search tool.You know the we normally search for videos. We, you type an a keywit inthere. Let's see if I type in, for example, right now into the search bar car dealer. If I just happen, car dealer youtableautomatically show a bunch of different other keywords that relate to that Ku.At fresh forr example, I'm seing here now car dealer prank, so Bayby, I don'tknow if you know. Obviously, people are searching for that AG y no you're Gontodeside, where you want to go down that road or not this. When it comes up. Icar dealership, one comes ou for a car dealership, pizza guy car dealership,Databas, Car Deale, dealship, ads car dealer secrets, car dealership, pankagain and name Gorditor ad and carddelership commercial. So this liketen results or something now, if I go and type in space after car dealer andthe liter a 'll come up with a different list. Now I see car dilleraid cardiller auction, cardeler advertising, you know now I can do cardilor space B and see what comes upnow is see. A Different List can dealer Badger Brazilian cardiler Prank Agamboret car taler et citos. I can go through the whole alphabet there and very quickly see what people aresearching for and that goes for like makes and models, they could put twenty fifteen hunday Sonada a Hundesonata B, and then I mean and then basically fromthat list. It gives you a good idea if, if you C N, if there's a good title inthere, something that you, if you don't want to go like you said the carddealership, prank route, then you can kind of make. You know, create yourvideos around those topics right, but you know you could you could evenleverage the concept of car dealer prank, especially if a lot of peopleare searching for it and you could create a video that was like you know. Maybe it's a really awesome specialthat you want to promote and you say: Hey Look: This isn't a prank. This isthis is legit. I mean I think of that that dealership on April Fools Day inwhere was it New Zealand might have yeah. I think it was no not New Zealand,South Africa or one of those a D and they put an ad in the paper that said,hey come in the first person that asks for Tom is going to get a specialwhatever, and so the first people that...

...came in said, hey ware, you, Tom andYeu, said yeah, I'm Tom and guess what did you bring a car in yeah? We broughta car in well, we now own your car and you get to drive away in this Mercedes,and so I'm thinking Abouti ways that you could leverage the things thatpeople are searching for into. Maybe some creative ideas of videos it itsowis it's Amau creative. You can get basically Eahyeah, it's a beautifulplace and the opportunities are well, it's almost infinite. You know itis really almost approaching that infinity line or I'm not well, it's nota wal infinity. You can't really define it. Can You? But it's it's huge. Youknow like this. Three hundred as AI three hundred hours worth ofvideo gets UPLEA every single minute to youtube. You know it is. It is Isane ifyou in one day's time, I think it's eighteenhosand days worth of videos.They go uploadid every day, sorry, eighteen thosard hours. So ifyou were to bench vice that, I think it would take you. Forty nine years to youjust watch one day is worth of upload. It's incedible sous in it's just oneday, right and so every single day, there's that same amount of videogetting uploaded to Youtrube and and all of them has different keywords. Allof them are different, all sorts of different nices and topics and interest.Anything Yiu could imagine it's incredible, so so thees there's reallyalmost limitless opportunity there to play around with, and that's justthat's just the organic side. You know when we start talking about tha thepaid advertising side, you all of a sudden, get a lot more leverage,because now you can say all right. Let's look at what's already on therelike Yiu, say with a Prag, video and then just say: Let us show our video adin front of that video and an eleverish. You know all the traffic, that's allthat that video is already getting so I the ton of really awesome stuff. Youcan do with that and is that kind of the concept is thatis that what you're referring to is the preroll video, correct, yeah, thosethese scipable videos e in the front of Videona when you on Youtube- and youwant to watch a video and then a silly ad shows up in front first yeah, there's onces yeah. 'We found a way to make themsuperrelevant and get most people to actually not skip the video and watchthe video and click the video, an evisit our website and that's Omrom.That was Geddinead and Giddy and tell him the best part about it- is they'repretty inexpensive to aren't they oh yeah, these views, you can get themfor very cheap, an obviously the fat depends, abot on the industry, you'rein and the natio targeting and and how many other people are bidding againstyou. But you know we're. We are seeing things like. I don't know quite often four sents ofview. Some people are saying like one interview, but you need not sure howtargete they are or often, but certainly you know up to ten centsof Vea is very common, but once again it depends on your industry n and howcompetitive a video of area targeting... well Gat, Gotca and so is that isthis the concept of V role is it you know u. We talked a little bitabout in the Intro, how it's a management platform for your youryoutube. Videos. Can you maybe walk us through? You know we kind of startedthere, some of the benefits of of going the paid ad way onYoutube versus organic, or should they complement one another? Well, I think, ultimately they need tocompliment each other. The this and it's this Prosan cons withwith both of them, the the massive pro wirth going, organic and building anorganic channel and lots of free content. Is that overtime you builtsomething that is extremely valuable. You know, because you can build itaround a brand. You built an authority channel that that helps you rank over the long term and the concend youcontinual new audiences and new traffic and leads and sales overtime. The onlytrouble is that it takes time it can take a long timeand roburt. You probably can vouch for this as well. I don't know how long ittook you to really get get nice traction with your channel. Sometimes you can strike it. Luckily,like we did with the Magic Nitio we we picked a really good niche Nich stereon Niach, like you guys would say. Sometimes it's a bit slower andsometimes your industry is still developing on on Youtube and not enoughpeople are on it just yet, and so you got to grow with a market, so it can'ttake time with video ads a massove advantage. There is theshortcut in time, it' short, Cuttin time to get in front of an audience andto get views and to get traffic back to your sihe very, very quickly. I N we'retalking here if Youre, using the virol Tolin in particular with Yhe all platform, you can get youraid up and running within the hour or with A. I normally do normally tiemyself when I show people- and it's run about- I don't know, fourteen minutesor so an that it's up and running on on adwards ready to rock, so you can and then you can get viewsand traffic very very quickly. Another big advantage with with paid youtube ads is that you can get in front of any audience that you desire so like wetalked about before they say this that thieis a really popular dealership card,dealership, prank, video, atthe anfactlets. Let's do quick search forTlat. Let's see car dealer Frank Right, since peopleare sitching for it. Let's see what comes up all right, so the top videothat comes up- it's not as big as I thought it would be because the prackcsOm going to get more. But this particular one has fifty three thousand views: okay, that one year soover the last yearocause. So you could potentially show your head in front of that video...

...there's another one here, a little bitfurther down called spray painting cars prank. Soyou know that's got three point four million views on it's. Maybe you couldshow it out in front of that one there's another one. Further down isgood, like I don't know if it's his so this is,this might be, I'm not so thir's, not aid, I'm not sure, but this one that has says Jeff Gordon testdrive to Pepsi Mac, some sort of video from Pepsi. That's got eighteen millionviews on it. I'm getting click on that and just see if they're running it outin front of it, so that particular ONS Zot Monitoz. She probably can't show anAdaman in front of it. But the point here is that you can handpick videos orsaid of videos that you can show your add in front of and get in front of theexact audience that you want to show your video to, and that is incrediblypowerful and that's one of the reasons why we're getting such good resultswith Withour Platform is because we are so good with the targeting the toolwould be credit for that helps. You just find the exact videos to show youad in front of and and that makes a big difference and and being with somethinglike purch the the vehicle purchase that they travel through. So manydifferent research steps. You know, there's the broader search t an there's,this search so depending on the video you get in front of them at you knowit's since it's t, you know exactly what to say to them there. You know at that stage of theyou know the process that they're at because then you can go to like a motortrend or one of those car magazines to one of their sites. They might berunning they're, probably running preroll, and then U, if somebody'ssearching for like the review on the two thousand and fifteen whatever youcould put some Siin there about saving you know whateve, you know an ad referring to one. Absolutely I mean youcould there's other cool things that you could do. For example, you can eventarget channels whole channels for your fear ads. You know, for example, if Ido seach using our tool now this is this is hearing ou using Ou to youcan't do this in Youtube, but if I do a channel Sitch for just cars right justto see what channels are showing up just for when I do search for cars andif I sought by subscribers okay, so this is interesting. Thet the Topohethat comes up is Disney. Car Toys they've got one point, seven millionsubscribers, so it might not be fully appropriate for a card dealership. Thesecond was also nother Disney one, but the third one is called Mighty car muds and that could one point two millionsubscribers and over a hundred, forty six million views on the channelthey've got two hundred and eighteen videos on the channel and so whart. Ican do here, for example, I's, go and extract all those videos on theichannel and run my ad in front of those videos if they monotize tatus. Ofcourse, gin of a quick look ot that one, because you know that might be a good one to shaw you ad in front ofit. Let me just have a quick look here,... I m looking at Oh yes, so they do. Ijust looked at the there one of the latest videos. It's calledgrams, the elevent second car part of the Livin and there's a little video act that pops upin front of it. So you could definitely show you ow Ono, those fas think of howpower of it would be powerful. It would be from like the service and fixedoperation standpoint where, like somebody's searching on there, how tochange my oil on a t, thosand and fourteen whatever, then you have avideo dude. Why you wastidg your time changing your e come down here, Fr onethousand, nine hundred and ninety nine in me before yeah. That's your car up!You got it ere, you caneaand! You can do some somereally cool things like that. You can have at very targted towards the topicof the video and you can also have it very targeted towards the location. Youknow if it's someone in no Kentucky- or maybe I don't know what a local subrobis once again, but you could you could target right down to that or even acity and say you know you and I remember when the video, not the video h, the movie for transcendence came out much ure if youguys saw that with what's his name, Edward says: Afancis aHans Johnny, Deni Gi, yeah, Johny, depyeahyeah, and they had these ads for the for the movie and they targeted by city.So I was sitting here in Brisbane and then the ad came out saying: Are you?Are you in Brisbine? Are you are you feeling just saying? Are you feelinglonely or not lonely ot was it? Are you in Brisbone and it's something along this lines ina sort of that that made me feel kind of it was kind of eerie. You know in away, but it's like the first Myfirst Responseis, Oh yeah, I am in Brismn.How do they know I'm a Brisban, and you know they probably ran that exact samead, but just for Los Angeles or for New York or for wherever you know, and thatway you can. If you know where they are,you can you tellher, you add or something like that, as well plus t thecontent of the video to and it's so powerful- and you know like what youjust said getting your attention. You know through that hyper targetingof an ad, so this is very valuable. You know for anybody who wants to either build abrand or increase the exposure of their dealership products services. You heardRobert say like your fixed, ops or or your you know any of your service orparts or anything that you have. You can get in front of. You know targeted relevant consumersand then, of course, give them messaging, that's relevant to them.That will resonate with them and so you're, saying you're, saying Gideonthat that that's something that you mentioned you're using your tool,Verolcom, that that's that's something that they get in your tool that theywouldn't get through youtube standard kind of Ad Platform. Well, so the the Youtube ad platform isbasically more just place where you you... your ad right, it's not a that!Don' really provide it's like ence, basically, for you for Youtube, exactlyexactly so Godu so Vereallis. Is it a tool that compliments that and thefirst, the first thing that helps you with is with the targeting and it just you know you can find. Basically,instead of just one video or one channel, you can find hundreds orthousands of videos and channels to show your add in front off withinseconds. I Mea. If I just do a N. give me give me a model name of acar that that you think is you know popular or something like that: TwoThousand and fifteen Toyota camery. So if I go Toyota Toy Toota, camery, two thousand and fifteen, did you sayyeah I mean her. Doesn't matter mean just searhit all right? So if I dosearch osing a tool, it brings up all the keywod phrases the people arecurrently searching for that relate to that N Tis. While this a ton isprobably at least a hundred that I'm seeing here immediately spits it outand then I can go and sort it by essentially the most popular, to least popular keywodphrases and and from there. I can then say all right now: Let's look at themost popular ones and build me a list of videos that come up for those Keid friters. So,for example, this one that comes up here is to Er Camric, two thousand andfifteen advert so seems like a lot of people are searching for that. I canall click on a button here and instantly build te list of two hundrednd forty videos that rank for that keywird frise. Now we go olatizedtheyre all mart they're all set up for monitization to no okay. Unfortunately,Youtube doesn't provide us with that act level of access to see whether all those vireos oremonotoes not, but it doesn't matter because of the shear bulk of links thatwe get for people. The other thing to keep in mind is that quite often the videos on that list, even thoughsome of them may not be monotized now doesn't mean they won't be monetizedtomorrow. You know s because it's all up to the user of the channel, whetherthey want to have those videos monotized or not. So so it's importantyou know I think in any case, to keep them in there and it doesn't matterwhen you, when you eventually get them into add words, because if it's notmone, I ice, they just don't get any of VEU. So doesn't you don't get penalizedfor them or anything like that? So it's no problem cool, Suca, tat stuff. I think yeah, I thinkyou know that's a that's a powerful tool, I'm going to be checking that outhere after the show anything that that will help you becomemore efficient and- and you know, bridge the gap between you and Irelevant audience I think is so...

...powerful and that's that's exactly whatit sounds like you've created there at vewrole. So I'm definitely going to bechecking that out. You Know Gideon. I wanted to thank you for being on theshow today, such such valuable information that I know those listeningand will will see valuable, some great nuggets thatyou've delivered, that we can take instant action on and- and you know, ofcourse, the the introduction to Virole, which I think will help a lot of people understand better what people areinterested in and then the opportunities that they can leverage toget in front of a either a global audience or a local othynce, which Ithink is so powerful. So they thank you so much for being on the show with ustoday, You'e very welcoming, thanks for having me just greate, setting to youguys again, yeah brother thanks a million men all right, and that was again Mr GideonShawwood, for you know for you listening in that that hasn't beenexposed to him. Like Michael said earlier, Michael, I mean what I mean weknew he was going to Deliverye. I knew he and I know he's got great infil yeahI mean just so well spoken. You know you cantell by listening to him that that he knows what he's talking about it. Moreimportantly, that he's experienced and helped others experience someincredible success and I think that's one of the big things you know,especially this day and age there's so many people out there that save theirexperts and offer a lot of you know theory, but it's important to know whoto listen to and the best way to do. That is to follow and take advice andlisten to people who you know have achieved the results. By doing thethings they teach you and that's that's what I get from Gideon I mean Youtube, is a very, very publicplatform, so you'd be able to tell if this guy didn't know what he's talkingabout. I mean you know you look them up and there'sonly ten video views on average, but it's not it's it's millions right andthere's a reason. Why he's some of our earlier influences because he was there,you know like we were. He was in our face and he was good that compelled us.You know we found him and he you know compelled US kept us coming back andthat's Ho as all about man awesome, stuff man I feel I was just smiling andthinking man like somebody that I've been fallowing for so long and Hi'vegotten so much value from him over the years. It's like man, I can't believe Iget to you know. Hopefully somebody out there hasn't heard of them and I'm likeyeah we're putting them on to him for the first time. It's awesome, it's kindof funny. I mean you remember. We used to say this all the time earlier on inthe in the episodes of the show were like man h. The best the biggest the biggest benefit ofdoing thes show is that we get to speak... these people firsthand and learnfrom them, and certainly that's that's the case with Gideon. So I businesswith the recorder off any day of the week. Man, Oh e, you kin me of course.Absolutely so. Do me a favor check out the dealer playbookcom Forward FortyEight K, triplew the dealer playbookcom Ford, Sah forty eight check out theshownots, we're going to link you up and actually will be able to get youconnected to ve roll, which is the tool that he talked about us going to helpyou take your business within the business to the next level, doesn'tmatter if you're, the dealership or a BDC fixed ops or a sales individual orjust somebody who wants to brand themselves. You can use this tool toabsolutely help. You dominate the web, dominate your market and dominate video.So we'll hook you up with the link to that in the show notes. So definitelycheck those out also, you know what we'd love to hear from you. Yourfeedback is so important to us. It's what powers this whole show. Wewouldn't be doing it if it wasn't, for you guys, listen again, wed love yourfeedback and a review on itunes or stitch Orradio, and until next time,we'll talk to you later us.

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