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Gideon Shalwick: How To Maximize YouTube To Grow Your Dealership



BOOM!!! Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook” podcast we are so honored you are here! We are diving into session 48 and you are going to love this one! 


Today we are joined by video/digital marketing Jedia Mr. Gideon Shalwick founder of as well as and he is bringing the thunder!

Now team DPB has been following and engaged with Gideon for some time and you also might have been but for those that have not… Here is some more about who Gideon is and why you should tune into what he has to say:

Gideon Shalwick is a self-confessed YouTube junkie and loves anything to do with video marketing and building a global audience using video. He is co-founder of, the world’s first ever YouTube video ads management platform, to completely automate and optimize the whole YouTube Video Ad creation process and allow every day businesses to start leveraging incredibly affordable, but extremely targeted traffic on YouTube. He also freely shares his knowledge about video marketing.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about in this session.  

What makes people BUY?

Gideon has a amazing track record of building businesses and selling products online and has an amazing knowledge base of todays online consumer. In this session he dives deep into what makes online shoppers tick and how to get them to become your customers. 

Gideon Shalwick’s top YouTube marketing tips

Gideon is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to YouTube marketing and he breaks down his top tips that you can implement right now to kick your YouTube game up a notch. 

YouTube Video Ads 

YouTube video ads are a super affordable way to get in front of a highly targeted audience. Gideon has had amazing success with YouTube Ads and in this session he reviews his best practices as well as how to make the process easier and faster. This you can not miss! 

That is just a preview of the amazing YouTube information Gideon shares in this session that will automatically separate you from the pack. 

To get more from Gideon 

Gideons Websit 

Check out VeeRoll to streamline your Video Ads here.

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Hi, this is getting in shelick and you listening to the dealer of playbook pod cost. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey there, thank you for listening to the dealer playbook podcast, session forty eight, where we sit down and have conversations with entrepreneurs experts from within and out of the auto industry. For you today's Automotive Professional. My name is Michael Sirlone. I'm joined by my partner in crime, Mr Robert Wiseman. What's going on, bow, what's up, brother Hell? Are you doing? Well, man, and couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our car peeps to the guest we have today, guy by the name of Gideon Shall Wick. Our second week in a row with an Australian, but this guy, you know, you and I've been following him for quite some time now and I attribute a lot of the things that I've learned. I mean he was my first exposure to a lot of this online marketing stuff, you know, back years ago, and you know just a perfect example of somebody who has applied, you know, principles of personal branding and video creation and seeing incredible success, and now he helps so many other people do that. You're going to hear later on in the show, after all of these power bombs of information that you can put into use right now, about a tool that you can also use, that he uses, that will just make the whole youtube and video creation and advertising process much more efficient. But more on that later. Robert, you've been connected to him or been following him for a while, like I mentioned when. What's kind of your big stand out with this guy? Well, I got to you know, I connected with him and started, you know, following his content early and before we broke out to it, you know, to the level of superstar stat today. Yeah, and it was easier to engage with them and get, you know, face time with them, and he taught me, you know, one of my early influencers and you know guys that, you know, really steered my my thoughts on video marketing and, you know, strategies that I put in for myself and for dealerships. But he's great, he's cool dude man and he knows this stuff and he's been doing it for a while, so this is exciting. I think everybody's going to get a lot of value here. So you know, if you're driving, don't worry about trying to write anything down, because this is always available on itunes or on the dealer playbookcom, so you can rewind it as many times as you need exactly. So, without further ado, let's jump into our sit down here with Gideon shall wick. Here we go, all right, and we are sitting down now with somebody who Robert and I have been following for quite some...

...time, who's influenced a lot of the things that we believe in and actually put into practice. So we're thrilled to introduce our guest today with you. He's a self confessed youtube junkie and loves ANYTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO marketing and building a global audience using video. He's the cofounder of V rollcom, which will link to in the show notes, and he's the world's first ever youtube video ads management platform. Okay, that's what V role is to completely automate and optimize the whole youtube video ad creation process and allow everyday businesses to start leveraging incredibly affordable but extremely targeted traffic on Youtube. He's also freely shares his knowledge about video marketing at Gideon Shall wickcom. So there you have it. His name, Mr Gideon Shaal Wick. Thank you so much for being on the show with us today. Awesome, great to be here glass. Looking forward to the Colt. Yeah, so, like I said, you know, Robert, and I've been following you for quite some time in the very, you know, ethical online kind of way, not the creepy kind of way. And, like I said, I know I had to preface that, of course. So you know and, like I said, you know we've put into practice a lot of the things that you've taught through your youtube videos and you know, all we can say is that they work. But I kind of want to turn this over to you for the member of our audience who has perhaps not been exposed to you. Can you give us an example from your own experience what Youtube and video marketing has been able to do for you? Yeah, absolutely. Or perhaps take an example that I helped a friend with a few years ago, just after the global financial crisis. He approached me and he said, Gideon, I'm struggling with my business. It was a local magicians. He was doing gigs around the round the city. I'm struggling because with his GFC thing, a lot of the people are a lot of the companies are cutting down on their budgets for giegs like this, magic gigs, and I need something to Leverach. What I'm doing is okay, well, let's let's do something to get us to actually formed a partnership, and we started the youtube channel. Said I go, let's you know, for from my point of view, this is back in two thousand and nine. I said, from my point of view, the quickest and easiest route to getting a global audience, not just the local audience, global audience, is to go on youtube and create some videos they are, build an audience bullet relationship with him and see what happens. So I said, let's let's try this for a month and see what you know, what we see coming from it. Within a month we had so many views and subscribers that we thought, hey, there's definitely something here, and it was. gave us the signal to go ahead. So that's two thousand and nine. Today the business is sitting on over two hundred and seventy thousand subscribers on Youtube. I forget how many millions and millions of years. I think maybe getting...

...close to thirty, thirty million views or something like that. And you know, the channel now is, if you do a search for free magic tricks, it's the number one channel on Youtube in the world for free magic tricks. And you know, to think that we went from just one little individual, a little but you know, an individual working locally in a local area and being able to build a global audience using a place like Youtube, it's just incredible. It is just incredible. And of course, you know, you know that's talking on a global little but you can, of course go much more narrower than that as well and just completely own a space. I mean, if you can own a space globally, why not go more locally and own a local space as well? So that's pretty exciting. It should be easier to accomplish to right. Absolutely, yeah, exactly. So that's really powerful because I think, you know, sometimes we have this misconception that it only works for a few people, but you've given us this example of a friend of yours who who's been able to apply these these tested and true you know, youtube marketing videos or video creation, you know, strategies to now look at the audience. Build an audience, and I think that's so relevant for those listening in because there, you know, they're struggling to build a brand and they're struggling to build their expertise and and authority. Undoubtedly, somebody that has two hundred and Seventyzero subscribers and a global audience with thirty plus million, you know, Youtube video views becomes that expert. What has happened to to to your friend or their business as a result of these videos? Well, it just skyrocket, you know, went through the roof. I think what was interesting was that, you know the it's to flow on effects that happen when you build an authority like that. You know, it's not necessarily just your existing products and services that that grow, but it's also the the other opportunities that come available because that you get lifted onto a totally different level, a total different platform where a lot more people can see you. And you know, in Jaja, for example, approaches a potentially client, now, you know all he has to do is say has to check out my youtube channel and immediately it gives that instant credibility that you know his player, he knows what's going on and he's got credibility to you to perform so so much so that you know, more recently Jj has been asked to host some of the biggest events here for Youtube in Australia. There's one coming up very soon. He's going to be pretty sure. I'm not sure it's going to be hosting that, but it sounds like that. They're talking about it at least. And you know, those sort of opportunities would never have come his way if, if you didn't build a presence on on a place like Youtube. So of that, you know, just applying that back to say,... a car dealerships or people working in the car industry, you know, you could be building your own profile very similar to, I guess, what Robert Did with with with his personal brand there. And you know when when you're dealing with people and they are have any sort of question about your integrity or credibility and they come across your youtube channel and they can experience you and I can experience your business before doing business with you, I mean that's just incredible. When you think about you know what makes people buy? You know what makes that transaction take place? It's a combination of three things. You need, first of all, a person or an audience that you can that you know, that's going to do the transaction or make the transaction. You also need an offer for that person, right, you need to be making an offer to that person. But then you need the third ingredient, which is just incredibly important, which is that of trust. You remove the trust from the equation and there's no transaction that will ever take place. So looking at Youtube as a trust building exercise is is incredible. So so, obviously, yes, you can build the audience with Youtube as well and through your you channel you can also make offers. But you know, we we normally do it behind the scenes, you know, through through email or a bit later on down the process. But certainly from a trust building perspective, these not much that can beat it. And I'm well, I'm not actually show that there is anything that can beat having a really awesome prisons on Youtube for building trust with the audience. You know, I couldn't agree more. I mean, you think about it, you see some of these youtube celebrities who have more viewership than some of the, you know, Primetime Television series that play on TV these days that I got my kids watch. This guy named like to Buckus or something, and he does like these mine craft like cartoons, and he's singing songs, like parodies songs, and they're like fifty, eighty hundred million views on video, individual videos. I mean for do incredible, unbelievable. That's incredible. So let me let me ask you this. I mean from your vantage point now in helping others and and yourself achieve incredible success. What are some, you know, twin tips that you have for our audience, those listening and that they can apply straight away to start building their brand and start building their credibility on Youtube? Where would you suggest they start? And then, you know, later on, I'd really like to pick your brain on the the view rollcom thing you guys have going on and the value of ads. But first I really want to start with the the getting started. For somebody that says yeah, okay, I'm ready and willing to make big things happen and I know videos the way, where do they start? I think the place to start is with your audience that you...

...want to attract and and really getting to know them. So if you're already in business and you understand who your target audience is, that that's really a massive step in the right direction. So and just being aware of that and acknowledging that that's the most important thing when you're thinking about building a presence on a place like Youtube. You know it, it comes down to really know them so well and knowing what kind of content they would love to see from you. That's the beginning of all of it. So if if you don't have a great handle on who exactly it does you want to attract and that you want to target, you go do some work on that and and get real good clarity on that, because then the next day you can't do the next stage unless you have that first thing in place. So the next thing is to ask yourself the question of what is it that they want to learn from you or see from you? What kind of videos do they want to watch from you and what kind of videos with they want to watch? That would bring them closer to you as a customer, you know, get them closer to that point of making a transaction with you. This is thing called a Zemot on the internet, or in a Google I think came up with it a few years ago, and it stands for zero moment of truth, which is basically at the point where people start researching your product or service. You know this before you even know that they exist. They they're already in there on youtube or on Google researching your product or service. And so I guess when they buying a car are they might, you know, first of all gone youtube and say, type in something like the model of the car and in review or or a test drive or something like that. I'm just just to see what's happening on there. So that's on that Zzem. What kind of stage? Maybe they're at the stage a bit but further along with the going okay, I know which car I want, but now I want to know which dealership I should go to. Maybe they now go and research the dealership. Maybe they even go on Youtube and type in the name of the dealership or the the area that they live in and in in dealership. You know, maybe it's Detroit dealership or I don't know, what's a smaller suburb there and the states, but the name of the suburb or area and in dealership, or where can I buy a car, or whatever it is. And and then if you're on youtube and you're ranking for those sort of keywords and they find your videos, that's a fantastic way to bring them a bit closer to you. And then maybe the next stage they come and see you on the shop and they they want to, you know, look at the car or give it a test drive, and then from there on, maybe they go ahead to purchase. And then and then this afterwards, were after purchase. What are do? Maybe this more content, more kind of videos that you can use to bullet relationship you further, because they might want to buy another car or but they might have a friend who wants to buy another car or they might know someone who wants to buy a fleet of cars. You know. So there's a you. It's starting from the Zmot the zero moment of truth, and then looking at the whole customer buying cycle and asking yourself the question throughout this cycle, what kind of videos would my ideal customer or client want to watch and want to see from me, and then...

...creating that content specifically for those people and for the specific stages that they're in throughout that whole process. Awesome. And so this that really makes up really robust kind of organic q youtube strategy. Are you settling an audience? So yeah, in is there a way too? I mean, is there a way inside a youtube to find out or help identify what kind of videos you should be making? Yeah, there's fill little things you can do. I mean just within Youtube. You could use just a normal search tool, you know the weird normally search for videos, we need type and a keyword and there. Let's see. If I type and, for example, right now into the search bar car dealer, if I just start in car dealer, youtub will automatically show a bunch of different other keywords that relate to that keyword. Press, for example, I'm seeing here now car dealer prank. So maybe I don't know if you know. Obviously people are searching for that, but you got to decide with you want to go down that route or not. This why comes up a car dealership, one comes up a car dealership, pizza guy, car dealership database, card dealer, dealership adds, car dealer secrets, car dealership prank again, and then card dealer add and car dealership commercial. So this like ten results of something. Now if I gun type in spice off, the cod dealer and the latter, I it'll come up with a different list. Now I see cod dealer add, call dealer, auction, called deal advertising. You know, now I can do call dealer spice be and see what comes up. Now I see a different list called Dealer Badger Brazilian. Call dealer prank again, bad cad dealer. It's it. So I can go through the whole alphabet there and very quickly see what people are seitching for, and that goes for like makes and models. They could put two thousand and fifteen handy Sonata, a Hondy Sonata be and then, I mean and then, basically, from that list, it gives you a good idea if you get, if there's a good title in there, something that you do, if you don't want to go, like you said, the car dealership prank route, then you can kind of make it, you know, create your videos around those topics, right. But you know, you could, you could even leverage the concept of car dealer prank, especially if a lot of people are searching for it and you could create a video that was like, you know, maybe it's a really awesome special that you want to promote and your you say, Hey, look, this isn't a prank, this is this is legit. I mean I think of that that dealership on April Fools Day in. Where was it? New Zealand? Might, yeah, I think it was. No, not New Zealand, South Africa or one of those. And and they put an ad in the paper that said, Hey, come in. The first person that asks for Tom is going to get US special whatever. And so the first people that came in said, hey, where are you Tom, and you said...

...yeah, I'm Tom. And guess what? Did you bring a car in? Yeah, we brought a car in. Well, we now own your car and you get to drive away in this Mercedes. And so I'm thinking about in ways that you could laborage the things that people are searching for into maybe some creative ideas of videos, issue videas. It's amount creative you can get. Basically, yeah, yeah, it's a beautiful place and the opportunities are well, it's almost infinite, you know it? Is it really almost approaching that infinity line? Or I'm not. Well, it's not a well, infinity, you can't really define it, can you? But it's it's huge. You know that this three hundred as a three hundred hours worth of video gets upload every single minute to Youtube. You know it is. It is insane. If you in one day's time, I think it's eighteenzero days worth of videos. They got uploaded every day. Sorry, Eighteen Tho hours. So if you were to binge watch that, I think it would take you forty nine years to you just watch one days worth of UPLOADS. It's incredible. So, and that's just one day, right. And so every single day this that same amount of video getting uploaded to Youtube and and all of them has different keywords, all of them are different, all sorts of different niches and and topics and interest anything you could imagine. It's incredible. So so this really almost limitless opportunity there to to play around with. And that's just that's just the organic site. You know, when we start talking about the the paid advertising site, you all of a sudden get a lot more leverage because now you can say, all right, let's look at what's already on there, like I say with a prank video, and then just say let's just show our video ad in front of that video and a leverage. You know, all the traffic, that's all that that videos already getting. So is it the ton of really awesome stuff you can do with that? And is that kind of the concept? Is that? Is that what you're referring to is the preroll video? Correct? Yeah, those the skippable videos and in the front of a video. And you when you on Youtube and you want to watch a video and then a silly add shows up in front first. Yeah, those ones we still let yeah, we found a way to make them super relevant and get most people to actually not skip the video and watch the video and click the video and visit our website. And that's something where is getting rd and Giddy and tell on. The best part about it is they're pretty and expensive to aren't they? Oh Yeah, these views. You can get them for very cheap and obviously, if it depends a bit on the industry you're in and the niche you're targeting and how many other people are putting against you. But you know, we're we are seeing things like, I don't know, quite often for cents of view. Some people are saying like one interview, but you need not sure how targeted are often, but certainly you know up to ten cents of view is very common. But once again it depends on your industry run and how competitive and a... or area targeting as well. Gotcha, and so is that. Is this the concept of the role is it? You know you we talked a little bit about in the intro how it's a management platform for your your youtube videos. Can you maybe walk us through, you know, we kind of started there, some of the benefits of of going the paid ad way on Youtube versus organic, or should they complement one another? Well, I think ultimately they need to complement each other. The this and it's this present cons with with both of them. The the massive pro with going organic and building an organic channel and lots of free content is that over time you build something that is extremely valuable, you know, because you can build it around a brand. You build an authority channel that that helps you rank over the long term and they can send you continual new audiences and new traffic and leads and sales over time. Any trouble is that it takes time. It can take a long time and Robert, you probably can vouch for this as well. I don't know how long it took you to really get get nice traction with your channel. Sometimes you can strike it luckily, like we did with the magic niche. We picked a really good niche niche there. On Niche, like you guys would say, sometimes it's a bit slower and some times your industry still developing on on Youtube and not enough people are on it just yet, and so you've got to grow with a market. So you can't take time. With video ads, a massive advantage there is the shortcut and time. Its shortcut and time to get in front of an audience and to get for use and to get traffic back to your site very, very quickly. And we're talking here if you using the view role too, in particular video all platform you can get your ad up and running within the hour or with what I normally do. It normally time myself when I show people in its run about I don't know, fourteen minutes or so, and then it's up and running on on adwords, ready to rock. So you can and then you can get views and traffic very, very quickly. Another big advantage with with paid youtube ads is that you can get in front of any audience that you desire. So, like we talked about before, they say this is that there's a really popular dealership, car dealership prank video out there. In fact, let's let's do a quick search for that. Let's see car dealer prank right since, since people are searching for it, let's see what comes up. All right, so the top video that comes up. It's not as big as I thought it would because the practic nomally get more. But this particular one has fifty three thousand views. Okay, that when you're over the last year. It okay. So you could potentially show your ad in front of that video. There's another one here a little bit further down,...

...called spray painting car, sprank. So you know that's got three point four million views on it's maybe you could show it out in front of that one. This another one further down. It's got like I don't know if this is so this is this might be. I'm not so there's not an add. I'm not sure. But this one that has says Jeff Gordon test drive to pepsie Max I'm sort of a video from Pepsi that's got eighteen million views on it. I'm going to click on it and just see if they're running it out in front of it. So that particular on is that monetor she probably can't show an add in front of it. But the point here is that you can hand pick videos or a set of videos that you can show you add in front off and get in front of the exact audience that you want to show your video too. And that is incredibly powerful and that's one of the reasons why we're getting such good results with with our platform. It's because we are so good with the targeting. The tool be created for that helps you just find the exact videos to show your ad in front of. And and that makes a big difference. And and being with something like perch at the the vehicle purchase that they travel through so many different research steps. You know, there's the broader search and there's this search. So, depending on the video, you get in front of them at you know it's since it's time. You know exactly what to say to them there. You know at that stage of the you know the process that they're at, because then you can go to like a motor trend or one of those car magazines, to one of their sites. They might be run it. They're probably running pre roll. And then you if somebody's searching for like the review on the two thousand and fifteen whatever, you could put something in there about saving. You know what you know, and add referring to one absolutely. I mean you could. The other cool things that you can do. For example, you can even target channels, hold channels for your fear ads. You know, for example, if I do search using our tool, now this is this is hearing out using our toy. Can do this on Youtube. But if I do a channel search for just cars, right and just to see what channels are showing up just for when I do a search for cars, and if I sought by subscribers, I guess this is interesting that the top one that comes up is Disney car toys. They've got one point seven million subscribers, so that might not be fully appropriate for a car dealership. The second was also another Disney one, but the third one is called Mighty car mods and that could one point two million subscribers and over a hundred forty six million views on the channel. They've got two hundred and eighteen videos on the channel, and so what I can do here, for example, is going extract all those videos on the channel and run my ad in front of those videos if they monetize status. Of course, it's kind of a quick look at that one because you know that might, I'd be a good one to show your ad in front of it. Let me just have a quick look here, so looking at. Oh yes, so they do. I just...

...looked at the their one of the latest videos. It's called grams, the eleven second car part the liven and there's a little video at that POPs up in front of it. So you could definitely show you at one of those fears. Think of how power, if it would be powerful it would be from like the service and fixed operation standpoint, where like somebody's searching on there how to change my oil on a two thousand and fourteen whatever. Then you have a video. Dude, why are you wasted your time? Change, yeah, come down here for one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine immediately before. Yeah, that's your car up, you got it here. You can do yeah, and you can do some some really cool things like that. You can have it very targeted towards the topic of the video and you can also have it very targeted towards location. You know, if it's someone in Kentucky or maybe I don't know what a local suburb is. Once again, but you could. You could target ride down to that or even a city and say you know you and I remember when the video, not the video, the the movie for transcendence came out I'm not sure if you guys saw that with what's his name? ITWARD says. It answers our hands. Oh, Johnny, Johnny dip. Yeah, Johnny did. Yeah. And they had these ads for the for the movie, and they targeted by city. So I was sitting here in Brisbane and then the add came out saying are you? Are you in Brisbane? Are you? Are you feeling just saying are you feeling lonely or not lonely? What was it? Are you in Brisbane, and as something along this line, you know, sort of that that made me feel kind of it was kind of eerie, you know, in a way, but it's like the fist, motor fist response. It's Oh, yeah, I am a person. How do they know I'm a Brisbane and you know, they probably ran the exact same ad, but just full Los Angeles or from New York or for wherever, you know, and that way you can, if you know where they are, you can you tylor, you add with something like that as well, plus the the content of the video to and it's so powerful and, you know, like what you just said, getting your attention, you know, through that hyper targeting of an add. So this is very valuable, you know, for anybody who wants to either build a brand or increase the exposure of their dealership products services, you heard Roberts say, like you're fixed ups or or your you know, any of your service or parts or anything that you have, you can get in front of, you know, targeted relevant consumers and then, of course, give them messaging that's relevant to them, that will resonate with them. And so you're saying, you're saying, Gideon, that that that's something you mentioned. You're using your tool, Vir rollcom, that that's that's something that they get in your tool that they they wouldn't get through youtube standard kind of add platform. Well, so, the the youtube add platform is es basically more just a place where you you place your ad right. It's...

...not a that don't really provide. It's like yeah, very it's basically for you for Youtube, exactly, exactly. So. So vire Ale is is a tool that compliments that. And and the first, the first thing that helps you with is with the targeting. And it just you you can find basically, instead of just one video or one channel, you can find hundreds or thousands of videos and channels to show your ad in. Front off within seconds. I mean, if I just do a mean give me, give me a model name of a car that that you think is, you know, popular or something like that. Two Thousand and fifteen, Toyota Camera. So if I go Toyota, toy Toyota Camera, two thousand and fifteen, did you say? Yeah, I mean you're don't matter. I mean just search it, all right. So if I do search using our tool, it brings up all the keyword phrases to people are currently searching for that relate to that this. Wow, there's the time. It's probably at least a hundred that I'm seeing here. Immediately spits it out, and then I can go and sort it by essentially the most popular to least popular keyword phrases and and from there I can in say all right now, let's look at the most popular ones and build me a list of videos that come up for those keyword phrases. So, for example, this one that comes up here is to your to come with two thousand and fifteen advert so seems like a lot of people are searching for that. I can now click on a button here and instantly build a list of two hundred and forty videos that rank for that keyword phrase. Now we're go monetized. There are might there are set up for monetization to know. Okay, unfortunately youtube doesn't provide us with that act level of access to see whether all those videos of monetized not. But it doesn't matter because of the sheer bulk of links that we get for people. The other thing to keep in mind is that quite often the videos on that list, even though some of them may not be monetized now, doesn't mean they won't be monetized tomorrow. You know it could, because it's all up to the user of the channel whether they want to have those videos monetized or not. So so it's important, you know, I think, in any case, to keep them in there and it doesn't matter when you when you eventually get them into add words, because if it's not monetized that you don't get any view. So it doesn't you don't get penalized for them or anything like that. So it's no problem. supercess and stuff. I think. Yeah, I think you know, that's a that's a powerful tool. I'm going to be checking that out here after the show. Anything that that will help you become more efficient in and and you know, bridge the gap between you and a relevant audience. I think is so powerful and that's that's exactly...

...what it sounds like you've created there at VI roll. So I'm definitely going to be checking that out. You know, Gideon, I wanted to thank you for being on the show today such such valuable information that I know those listening and will will see valuable, some great nuggets that you've delivered that we can take instant action on. And and you know, of course, the the introduction to V roll, which I think will help a lot of people understand better what people are interested in and then the opportunities that they can leverage to get in front of a either a global audience or a local lot hints, which I think is so powerful. So thank you so much for being on the show with us today. You're very welcome and thanks for having me. Just great tending to you guys again. Yeah, brother, thanks a million man. All right, and that was again Mr Gideon Shawick, for a you know, for you listening in that that hasn't been exposed to him, like Michael said earlier. Michael, I mean what I mean. We knew he was going to delivery. I knew the I know he's got great info. Yeah, I mean it just so well spoken. You know, you can tell by listening to him that that he knows what he's talking about and, more importantly, that he's experienced and helped others experience some incredible success. And I think that's one of the big things. You know, especially this day and age, there's so many people out there that say their experts and offer a lot of, you know, theory, but it's important to know who to listen to, and the best way to do that is to follow and take advice and listen to people who you know have achieved the results by doing the things they teach you, and that's that's what I get from Gideon. I mean, youtube is a very, very public platform, so you'd be able to tell if this guy didn't know what he's talking about. I mean, you know, you look them up and there's only ten video views on average, but it's not, it's it's millions, right, and there's a reason why he's some of our earlier influences because he was there, you know, like we were. He was in our face and he was good. That compelled us. You know, we found him and he, you know, compelled us, kept US coming back, and that's what it's all about. Man, awesome stuff, man, I feel I was just smiling and think it man like somebody that I've been falling for so long and I've gotten so much value from him over the years. It's like, man, I can't believe I get to you know, hopefully somebody out there hasn't heard of them, and I'm like yeah, we're putting them onto him for the first time. It's awesome. It's kind of funny. I mean, you remember, we used to say this all the time earlier on in the in the episodes of the show. We're like, man, the best, the biggest, the biggest benefit of doing the show is that we get to...

...speak to these people firsthand and learn from them, and certainly that's that's the case with Gideon. So I listens with the recorder off any day of the week. Man, Oh, you can me, of course, absolutely. So, do me a favor. Check out the dealer playbookcom forward, Slash Forty Eight, K triple w dot the dealer playbookcom for forty eight. Check out the show notes. We're going to link you up and actually we'll be able to get you connected to v Roll, which is the tool that he talked about us going to help you take here, your business within the business, to the next level. Doesn't matter if you're the dealership or a BDC fixed ops or a sales individual or just somebody who wants to brand themselves. You can use this tool to absolutely help you dominate the web, dominate your market and dominate video. So we'll hook you up with the link to that in the show notes, so definitely check those out also. You know what, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback is so important to us. It's what powers this whole show. We wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for you guys listening in. We'd love your feedback in a review on itunes or stitcher radio and until next time, we'll talk to you later. US.

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