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Glenn Pasch: How to Unify Your Dealership Marketing


On this session of “The Dealer Playbook” podcast we are talking shop with automotive industry thought leader Mr. Glenn Pasch. 

Glenn is the CEO of PCG Digital Marketing a full service digital marketing agency and also a partner at PCG Consulting. Both companies are dedicated to going the extra mile helping auto dealerships stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your dealerships digital strategies and processes. 

In this session Glenn dives into the disconnect often found between auto dealers and their 3rd party providers and the problems that go along with that.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about in our conversation with Glenn Pasch. 

What does it mean to unify your marketing efforts in your auto dealership?

Whether it is your online marketing or traditional off line marketing it is crucial that all of your channels are pushing the same message. 

When a customer is on your dealerships website is the message and marketing you have there consistent with what they will see when they physically come into your store? Or are you confusing them and making them think they are in the wrong place. 

Are you making it easy for your customer or are you scaring them away by having inconsistencies or even visibility issues when it comes to the message you are trying to convey for your dealership?

It is time to start thinking like a eCommerce business. 

Replicating your off line traditional marketing with your online marketing. 

When it comes to really knocking it out of the park with your marketing efforts it is important that your online and offline marketing efforts resonate with each other. 

Your online strategy should be exactly like your offline/traditional strategy only difference is the channels you are using to distribute them. 

Is your radio or TV commercials message visible and the same as on your website?

Is the message on your website the same one the consumer will see when and if they decide to stop into your dealership? 

By not making sure your messages replicate across the board on all channels you are not being transparent and most likely you are hurting your credibility. 

What are the first steps to unifying your marketing message and efforts. 

With most automotive dealerships partnering with several different vendors for their marketing efforts (for example - SEO, Adwords, direct mail, radio/TV, website provider, etc.) the first thing you need to do is get them all together and all on the same page. Your page. 

Review with them on a regular basis what your message is for that month, quarter or whatever time period you wish to run it for and make sure they open the lines of communication between each other to ensue your message is consistently the same. No matter what the channel.  

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Hi, this is Glen Pash and you're.Listening to the dealer, playboat podcast you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning outoreler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your housts Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla all right- and we are here withsomebody that I truly do respect somebody that I looked up to for such along time in the automotive space. Somebody who probably doesn't even knowit but has silently encouraged me to put myself out there and bring myselfout of obscurity, somebody whose writings I enjoy to read and somebodywho is an incredible trainer he's a speaker, writer, coach, he's, anoperation strategist and a customer service fanatic. He also happens to bethe CEO of PCG digital marketing and a partner of PCG Consulting, and he workswith his clients to develop new strategies that will enable theirbusiness to become more efficient and profitable. Today, I'm joined with theman himself, Mister Glen, Pash Glen, thanks for being on the show with metoday. Well, thank you so much Michael, that's a very kind of view and have sort of a very uncomfortablehumbleness. On this side Tha, I you know I like that. I appreciatethe feedback. It's just you know. Well, you know I mean when Iwas first coming into the business you know and kind of pulling myself out ofobscurity so to speak. I always thought man. How can I catch up to this guy andthere were just a list of guys that that were you know who I consider themovers and the Shakers D, and you were always on that list and- and you knowyour brother, Brian and a few others, and- and so it's humbling for me to beable to have the opportunity to you know, call you a friend and have you onthe show today. I appreciate that. Thank you very much, so you and I were.We were just together in North Carolina at the unfair advantage. Mastermindgroup, Tracy, Myer and TROYC springs event, and you know I had the privilegeof hearing you speak. It was a bonus session, something that they do forAttendes, and you spoke on a topic that really really resonates with me,because you know it's something that there isn't. Well, I don't thinkthere's any of I mean there's a little bit of this, but not enough. You spokeon the topic of you know, unifying the marketing efforts of a dealership andwhat kind of an impact that can have on you know: Profitability Return oninvestment strategies processes. So I kind of want to turn this over to youand say, first of all for those listening, and what do you mean byunifying marketing efforts? Okay, what I've seen over the last few years and and PCGdigital marking, you know we're an agency, so we really dealers bring uson when they want more online visibility, and so they focus you know,try more traffic to my website maximize... Edword Pan help me resocialy thewhole online presence. The problem was that they would sort of box us in HaCorner, saying that well you're, my on online person and although we may have seen something that was happening fromtheir Tu, what we'll call traditional or I'll use the word offline, marketing,fut, traditional marketing or even processes in the dealership. We didn't have a voice because we wellyou're the digital guys go over there in the corner right. But what I keptseeing more and more was this disconnect between the amount ofmoney I mean just stopping for a moment and say: Most dealers are spending. Imean on the low end, tenthousand up towards we've, seen ninety a hundredthousand dollars a month across all marketing being preditional online andproblem. Is that nobody's talking to each other, so they hire this vendor tohandle their traditional Spengu by my radio TV print and that might even bedisconnected. But let's just say we have one agency doing that they hiresomeone else to handle their seo for their website. Maybe they hire adifferent perts and to handle their paid SERC. I have a social media personnow not have someone coming in to do road to the sale, training orleadhandling process, and my email templates are going out of my phonescripts. The problem is nobody, an amongst those vendors are talking toeach other, and the dealer is is almost afraid- and I don't like us that word,but that's the best word to be. Is that afraid to put their foot down and sayall right stop? All of you need to sit at the table and listen to me. This iswhat my message as a dealer is. This is how I want to be seen as a business,and I need each of you to use your skill and what you're doing to help push that message out. There putyou got tof work together, so whatever you're doing offline, if I'm running aTV, commercial or a print campaign that is offering a certain special and has acertain looking feel well can a consumer when they go to the website.Can they see that same look feel same offer, or is it not even there Wen?Then? Let's assume it is there, but when they walk onto the dealership lot,is there anything on side that is going to tell me Yep. This is the right place,or is it not visible as well, and so now the consumer, starting to get alittle doubt to say? Was this the right place and his this, where I'm going orif they're not showing it to me, are they hiding something else? You knowseeds of doubt so unifying this across all marketing channels, especially onSigt. You know: Are we making it easier...

...for the consumer when they're, finallydoing that research and locking on and giving your dealership the opportunityto engage and were bringing to the website and we're bringing them to thephone or we're connecting to them through email or er walking into thedealership? Is there a consistent message that they see here and experience whenthey interact with your dealership? You know nd, and, and I mean the thing, I'mthinking about as you're saying all of this. Is You really see it in otherindustries? Pretty prominently, I mean you'd, never see A. I don't know I meana Walmart commercial or a target commercial that has different messagingper se to the print ad or the flyer that they have and then, when you go instore, you see that same messaging. You know kind of throughout the store, andso it really kind of adds to this experience of okay. You know, maybe thetelevision commercial was my awareness, then I saw it online and there was kindof the validation and then I visit the store and the messagings the same. Thisplace is really dialed in we're not seeing that with dealerships. But you know, can you share any examples ofdealerships who are seeing an impact on their marketing efforts and kind ofunifying them? That you've worked with sure I mean we've seen dealers, whereyou know there are very few agencies out there that are going to be reallyable to master the this traditional Oline on site. There'salways one of those pieces out. You may find an agency that does you know the traditional print andonline, but they're not on site helping you implement that now they may againone one company that we know that tdoe's, a very good job of that is tier. Ten, becauseyou'll see Tiar ten marketing, they will do the traditional. They will dothe the online and then they'll send things like the brochores and the the you know. The River Mirror that youknow the hangers there Igor hangers and things like that, and there is aconsistent theme and looking so they do a very good job of that and we've seen companies thatunderstand that it really comes down to the dealerships themselves, those oneswho are willing to put their foot down and say I'm paying you this momoney.But I'm driving the initiative, I'm driving the message, I'm driving theinitiative and- and you definitely see them because it's easy ther'se, usuallythe leaders in there in their areas, fealership groups, it's not hard tofigure out who's, doing it well because they they're looking at every singleaspect of the customer journey and saying is my message of how whatexperience I want them to receive my customers to receive. Are weexecuting it? So if my marketing...

...message is x well when they interact onthe phone or they ar the actions of the people talking on the phone isdhescript right in the right marketing message when they interact in the email.Are we thinking about how we're communicating and is the email, and ourresponse is supporting that Marketing Message: R on Sife, you know mostpeople think well it's advertising, and I think this is where the disconnectfor automotive, to your point, we don't see it we're seeing it starting theblossom a little. But this is what I'm focusing on this yearis that you know it used to be traditional advertising. You show uponto the dealership lot and most of the time it had that similar feel to the point, becausepeople are bringing in ther their magazine, article or the newspaper, andthey had it in her hand and er like okay, the sign out there has the same.You know: Pricing, okay, I'm in the right place, sure, but things havechanged. That was the time frame that consumers needed to go to thedealership to get information about cars outside of the you know, the gearheads I'll call onthe people who loved cars and read the magazines and the ninety percent ofmost consumers. Preinternet had to go to the dealership. The dealership heldall the cards, how te all the information, and so consumers felt alittle off, but they still went in, and you know this is the place for now withthe Internet. That's reversed and the consumers have all the information andso they're the ones who are comfortable now, and dealers really need customersto come in. They need it's now very competitive. So it's in order for thatmarketing message to float through that were pushing out that were used to thattraditional marketing. That we've always done well is it replicated onthe Internet, and I think that events like Tracy and troy's event and K, Ow, digital marketing strategies,conference or driving sales or the digital dealers, like you, know,they're out there pushing education for dealers to say don't be afraid ofonline. It's the same thing that you did before or that you still do interms of marketing your message. You just have a different channel M and so,if they just flow through and Tay Okay, let me just take my ad or take my videoor my commercial and put it on my website, and how do I do that and thencan it be playing in? You know when people walk in, I think that's a simpleflow. It retains customers it's to competitive out there that by the timesomeone's engaging with you you're still on the list, so they've donetheir research. I have to hold them so my marketing message better support it.My offers better, be transparent. The same thing they found online or in mytraditional MN, when they walk on side, it better be the same thing or people'spatience level is very thin. They're,...

...often running down to the next place,yeah, and I mean- and you don't want to confuse your customers- I mean the whenyou look at especially I have dealers that I talk to and they say man. Weneed to get more website traffic, a D, and you know when we look into it andthey say: Oh we're getting between whatever it is five or tenthousandunique visits a month and I go hold on a second. You know. I think you and Iwere talking about this a little bit. It's not, let's get more it's. How dowe leverage better the traffic? That's already coming to our website and Ifeel like if we we did unify the marketingefforts of that dealership so that across multiple touchpoints the dealerare the sorry the consumer is getting the same message it's going to helpvalidate for them that they are in the right place or it's going to help themfurther their purchase decision. I agee, I think the need jerk reaction for alot of businesses. I mean we work also outside of automotive, but probablyabout eighty five. Ninety percent of our businessis automotive. So weunderstand that the NE jerk reaction of dealers is, I need more leads. I need more leades, I need more leads.I need more leads and we say well what are you doing with the people who arealready here? You know if Yo, if you're happy with you know it's the national average ofjust strict Internet leac straight Internet leads and the averages dealersare converting, seven to nine percent, and so, if you think about lat round itoff, that means nine out of every ten people who submit to lead to you, youdon't sell and that's somewhat acceptable like okay. Well, let's getto fifteen percent or let's go even get to twenty percent. So it's acceptablethat eight percent a et got a ten people are not flying for me. So isthere something that's confusing? Are we making it difficult o our website,usare friendly, and I think my brother Brian brought this up one time at asession and said dealers have to start thinking about two things: one you'rerunning a multi million dollar business. This isn't a mom and pop. You know ohwell million multimillion dollar business, but you have to startthinking about. You are an ECOMMERCE business. Now you have to sit thementality of you, re commerce. If you think about target to your earlierexample, if you ask them they'll tell you were an ecommerce business now wehappen to have stores but we're an ECOMMERCE business. We have to thinkthat way, because everybody now is shopping. Their first impulses pick upmy eypad, my phone, whatever tool, I have computer and let me do researchbefore I get my butt up off of the couch dealerships used to think thatthey were different and now they're, starting to wake up to say we're, notdifferent. Cars are no different. Now, people research, they sit on the couchuntil you give them a compelling reason to reach out and contact them, and ifyour sit is difficult to maneuver you're at if your vehicle detail pages,don't give the enough information, not...

...even just basic INFERMA, if you're notgiving you know, information plus reviews, plus I like watching videos,so give me some videos, hey help me answer my questions to I'm betterprepared, if you're not willing to give that information out, you're off thelist and you're not selling, and then you're not even going to be selling theone out of ten to engage you and to your point, the easier the I dealersstart thinking that my website is in information portal. It's an e commerceinformation portal and I want to give as much information to the peopleversus hold it back. You will start engaging and then you're right. How aremy people interacting on the phones? What are they doing in terms of followup in terms of email and then are they even following up or do they stopfollowing t up? Because you know what hey, if I sell my e five to eight toten cars, I'm good instead of well, you should be selling fifteen or, if I'mselling a hundred, I really should be with the leads that I'm getting letalone. As you said, more lead lease, I'm getting, I shol be sell a hundred.Fifty two hundred, but well we've always done a hundred, and you know weget te hundred and five I'm happy. So it's I think the unifying the markingmessage will give you more retention, meaning more people stay on your sitebecause your it's Maku're, making it easier and engaging and then phone callshould increase and walk in traffic should increase, and your websiteshould do what it does. But they, like you right, as you saidearlier, you've made it easy. I saw your great commercial. I found thewebsite, there's no distractions. This is the right place that call peopleyou're, giving me information they're, acting exactly the same way that you'repushing out that you do take care of people and you give them informationthey're doing that. And then, when I walk on site, I'm getting a greatexperience, I want to do business with you because you make it EA. Yes, okay,so let me ask you this. You know just to kind of wind it down here. What is the- and I think you might havealready answered this, but what's the first thing that I mean I'm assumingthis? Is the dealers responsibility to get this this unification effort underway? What's thefirst thing that they need to? Do, I think? Well, it's a that's. A little bit loaded Osto go down there Os.If you are, if you are a dealer that is going to do this, meaning that ifyou're the dealer principle and you're saying listen, Ot bonihess now thereare some dealer principles who empower their team to do it and that's finebutl. Then somebody has to own the message and then contact your vendors to basically saywe're having a call and everybody's getting on the phoneand I'm going to go over the message, but I'm expecting my people who aredoing Seo. If I have another person doing sem, you guys need to talk andyou have to share so that you're not pulling at each other and trying to cuteach other down in order to keep... You know again, you have tofind the right vender MIT, if you're not capable of that or you don't feelthat you're objective enough and that's okay, then you have to find really atrusted advisor. I mean we're finding people calling us up and just say I want taccess to your team. I don't want any more services from you. I don't wantanymore. I got enough services, I have enough fenders. I just need help. I need somebody who'soutside of the dealership, not in the day today grind of this who can focuson what am I saying? Is it a cur? Can youaudit? Can you go check all these things? Will you be willing to get onthe phone with the fenders? Can you help me tell me if the vendors aredoing a good job and are really supporting me or they just handing mealine ar you know, crap, basically and saying: okay, Yeah Yeah! Here's yourreport call me if you Hav Question Soi, you can't do it yourself find that trusted advisor and get them at yourtable every month until they teach you how to do it or if you're willing to doit. You just basically tell, and if vendors don't want to do this vendorsare like no I'm not going, because I have my. I don't want to share mysecret google recipe, I'm doing that. What that basically, is, is crap runfrom Yeah Rung Get out seriously, because, if nobody's willing to share,I mean we have no problem calling people up. We have people who call usup. I have no problem any vendor worth or salt is going to be. Okay, let'swork together at least understanding the keywords, you're bidding on orunderstand the message or haste. If you built that video send it to me or giveme a favor, send me a copy of the ad that you did so I can get the rightlettering coloring whatever and then, as we build our landing page, it lookssimilar to that. It's not going into backend andlearning everybody's secrets, but it's just sharing resources ultimately forthe dealer and their success, not oh! Well, if I, if I bad mouth the SCMperson, I'm going to pick up new business from you that that should notbe the focuse well, and I think you know this is so so incredible and youknow for those of you listenaind, you need to be focused on this. I meaneverything that Glen's talking about you know, aside from how to get thisgoing. This serves is an incredible accountability mechanism for all ofyour vendors and, like Clin, said seriously. I mean me being a vendormyself if your vendors are not willing to work inside of this model and if youcan't understand- or they can understand how it's going to help youdrive more business drive, you know, move more metal, then you need to runaway from the that's basically the vendor, putting in he r theirresignation and my opinion. It does it's not going to help you so look fortransparent. You like Glen, said right. You need to you need to look for vendors that can work together that canshare resources and that are comfortable having open exchanges...

...between one another for your benefit. Glen. Thank you. So much for being onthe show. How can those listening and get in touch with you? You can go to our website PCG digitalMARKETINGCOM. You can find me on twitter at Glen Pash. You can call ouroffice seven. Three. Two four five O eigh two zero zero. It's not hard tofind me on social! I I always reach out anybody reaches out to mad me more thanwilling answer questions. As I always say, you don't have to be a client tochat. I love helping dealers. I love answering questions anything I can do and to help you get better. Just pleasereccat love it and you know what stay tuned for the shownoutes triplew Dat,the dealer playbookcom, where we will include links to everywhere that youcan get in touch with clen again clen. Thank you. So much appreciate you veingon today. Oh Michael, thank you so much awesome. Thank you.

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