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Grant Cardone: Why Car People Hate What They Do - Pt. 2



" If your not gonna tell the world how great you are, then go home"!

Grant Cardone 

Back for the second and final installment of " The Dealer Playbook" podcast sit down with international sales expert Grant Cardone. 


 Picking up where he left off Grant is on a roll dropping "power bombs" of value and have a great time doing it. 


 This is the conclusion to our sit down with Grant Cardone on episode 15. Be sure to check out the first installment if you have not already. 



In this session you can expect to learn more about:

 - Why car people hate what their doing

 - Why car people "hating their job" is dealers biggest challenge

 - Why managers should invest more in their people

 - Training your people in the right sequences

All that plus a ton of more valuable nuggets to help grow your business.

 Is your spouse asking you when you come home if you made the family any money?

 I am loving that! What do you think?

 What is selling to you?

 Your turn to sound off

 What do you think of Grants opinion in this session?

 Drop all your comments, questions, complaints, whatever you have below. We value and appreciate hearing your voice on the show and the topics.

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Previously, on the dealer, playbookpodcast people, a you, think, Mi mony, for what do you think why people whypeople hate to automobile business I mean? Is that a fair statement t that alot of people don't like it? You well. You know what I think, there's a lot ofpeople that aren't passionate about a lot of things. I don't know if it'snecessarily the car business, but I can think of myself, I'm less passionateabout things that I suck at yeah yeah when somebody going to talk about thereal shit going on here. Okay, what about I hate my damn job you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autotealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your houst Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hello, and thank you for tuning intothe dealer, playbook podcast, where we discuss real, auto dealer strategiesthat deliver winning results. Robert and I are so glad that you could joinus for the second half of our sit down with four time New York time,bestselling, author and internationally recognized sales and training expertGrant Cardone if you're tuning in for the first time right now hit paws andgo check out the first half of our conversation with grant. Where we'retalking about why car people hate what they do as you'll see grant isextremely passionate about this topic and you'll, hear us discuss some waysto start loving what you do and start thriving in the workplace, because thatis what it is all about. Also just before we jump into the second halfhere with grant. I would really really really appreciate it if you checked outour website at triplew dot the dealer playbookcom and do me a favori go aheadand subscribe so that you can get the latest episodes and show notes and anyother resources that we have delivered right to your inbox so without further delay. Let's pick upthe conversation with grant Cardon, you know. I've never said this in anykind of interview, but but that seminar was out sequence because the seminarwas actually made for dealers to get the dealer. This is twenty yearsago. I was talking at that time about the information age and I was basicallypredicting the future and saying look you're going to go to price paymentsdown payments and figures on the trade on you need to offer that verbally onthe phone, you need to offer a point of contact. When I say today, EverybodyNods Your head twenty years ago. They were like no, no, no doing ey get himout of here. Well, that presentation I mean I got my share of the business,but that presentation was Createv from dealers to get the attention o dealers,but the only way I could sell it was to go to towns all across America andbring the circus to town right p. t Barnam's, coming to town gota nofit, an GA gotta bit off. It takes big, dop, okay, and so we would go to town and then whogoing to invite to the seminar anybody that would buy a ticket okay. So I gota salesman with three days in there three months in there three years,people like we got some New People here,...

...dude there's people in this room withtwenty seven years. What they're about to get is a lot of new, and so so is out sequence right. Sothat's why people walked away and said cardons really complicated. You knowit's I got ta go do Joe Because Jo simple, so so does that mean that no matterprevious experience, all that kind of stuff, this sequence always starts fromsquare one yeah, I'm so Sayso, say Youe, bringing a guy. That's had twenty sevenyears of sales experience in the car business. Now it's like you're workingat my dealership, now we're starting you from the beginning here and youneed to understand all of this before we put you on the floor, like yeah.What is our mission? You know what is our mission? Okay, what is salesbecause he might becoming fror an environment where sales is talking,somebody into something they don't want, or maybe he left an environment,withoor sales I heard about this recently. I saw I actually went toDelarylit the other day I peeked in over there, David Lewis wrote this article aboutyou know the trial closhe is dead and we shouldn't ask for the trial closeand it's a really taboo thing and I'm like what are we talking about here?Dude, okay, I can't ask somebody if I'm on theright car so, but but that's me right now,another another group. Might you know that guy's influenced by that article?Maybe you need to make sure when you're bringing thim in how? How do you sellcars here? Do you want to traw clothes? Asked I mean: Do you want a customereven greeted? Some people are into the belief that you just leave the customerlone today and they're going to they're going to be like yeah. I'm done. Let'sdo it, you know, but maybe hey're gon ta have a website and everybody's justgoing to buy oft the website. I don't know I don't see that happening a lot.I just bought a big watch. Man I mean hits monster big right, but I stillneeded somebody involved yeah so, but where do they take? So that'swhat that's? I never thought of it like that that you come in and you have somany people like, especially in the car business, that people tend to just workat many. You know have worked at and work at many different dealers, manydifferent stores, so they come to a place like it's. You know they're, theycarry all their bad habits with them and you know you go to a place and thenthere's no like wall. We do it like this here. You know you did it likethat there it's just so there's you know, I'm thinking back, there's not alot of explanation in my experiences in there. So like what's the solution, youknow what I mean like. What's the solution, how do we make it a glorylike? How do I make it that, like my kids or kids in school, are going to belike you know, when they're talking about what they're going to be whenthey grow up, they mentioned yeah? I want to work. You know I want to sellcars want to sell lambirginies. I want to sell forories whatever like what youknow what needs to happen. What would be wrong with that? Individual yeahlet's keep it Li dude. I know cardnalers that don't want to do it anymore. Well, that's what I'm saying like, butthere's I know tgeneral managers that are calling me Sant did I gotto get outof this deal, Wol exactly, but that's in any Bo, butI know I know people in the oil industry that want to get out of theoither industry. You know, I know, actors hat want to be comedians andComedians that want to be musicians and...

MUSICI. An't want to be actors, I meanwas so what you know. I don't think it's about making tor we saying. Are we saying? Well, if that's the case,get out of it and make room for people who do want to be here or who not ashot o? I don't even know why we're talking about the card dealership, Idon't know why we're talking about automotive, that's whare! I told youwhen I when I came on this. Damn Interview Robert I'm like I reallydon't want to talk about the Goddamn car dealership. Okay, that's not theproblem! Dude! The problem is where's the entrepreneurship. You know, where's the entrepreneurshipwhereis, the freaking American backbone, where's, the car dealership that quitselling Cheveles and BMWS and start saying you know what do we makefreaking animals here we make husbands. Here we make fathers here. Okay, wemake community leaders here. You know I cuss it's one of the things peopledon't like about me. I cuss! Well, I like to cuss okay, I gotto tell you Ifreaking like to cuss and I like to tell people that I like to cuss okay,but every other area of my life, Dude. Okay, I'm a great father, I'm a greathusband, I'm a great employer. I do what I say I show up. I do hard stuff.Okay, I'll, tell you the truth. You Know People Think I oh grants all Arragain and grants this and grants all that dud. Look I blow my own horn, okay.I brack. I do I promote myself. You know why,because I believe I believe, if I don't it just won't happen, who will, if Idon't and and if you're not going to blow your horn? Okay, why have one andif you're not going to tell the world how good you are to want? You go home,because because because what are you doing- and I think the deadershipreally needs to quit- talking about selling cars and making strongentrepreneuiar people that have freaquent monster incomes, hthatthedealership is proud that they're ther their twenty families all make wayabove middle class incomes. Wouldn't that bebragging rights, Oh yeah, definitely well and you'r touching on somethingthat resonates with me. I actually we just brought on a new team member, andyou know the thing for him: Wasn't necessarily the paycheck. It wasn't thebenefits. It was that there was an opportunity here to be part of a teamand- and you know I said a couple of things- him th t to him- that I'm sopassionate about which is like look. You know if I can't help facilitate youachieving your personal definition of success, then I'm failing as as a teammember as a servant, member to you right, and that was what that's whatclosed it for him and so you're saying look you want to you want to love yourjob yeah well, there's more to it than just the job. It's I'm coming to aplace every day. That is enabling me empowering me to become somethingbigger than I am right now right and you know I I don't have people I agreewith that. I don't have people that are selling a seventy eight housanddollarcar every day we have a sales meeting here every morning every morning didhow's that a problem, okay and that sales meaning every daythe basic premise of that sales,...

...meaning every day, is to resell.Everybody, including myself, on the good works that we do here. Where are we making a contribution?What has happened here? What have we done here to make community betterpeople better planed earth better? What are our success stories? So I'm sellingmy staff and me every day on me and what I'm doing here I know carddealerships, they're going to make a lot more money than I'm gonna make thisyear, some of them and and with a smile, yeah and and but they don't even have a salesmeatingdude. I mean like what are you talking about you got. I just got out the phonewith the God. The reason I had to push this back was I got. I got off thephone with a guy that has two hundred sales people. I'm like. I want to showyou product that I just created. I'm a carpet planted earth with it, I'm acarpet bomb, all of America with it. I said I want to give you a head start onthe product, it's for car deaderships, and I showed it to him when I shoutedto him he's like. Do you just answered a problem that two hundred F, my peoplehave every freaking single day every time they wait on a customer, you justsolved a problem. Now I can know two hundred people will answer thatquestion. The same way. Isa Little teaser there have we started yet. I was just going to say that one tellinfrom so so here's a here's it are. We started hey so there's a termthat I've been hearing a lot lately, which is entre leaders and so we'retalking about creating a culture of you said: Beasts like raving fanatics whoexplode the business right. We're talking about hey you want tocreate, I mean, there's, there's somebody in the business I'm going topull us out of a dealership in any business. There is somebody there thatcan facilitate creating a culture that helps people explode. If you want to.If you want to love your job, if you want to love what you doin excel at it,you need to. You need to figure out how to align yourself with a company thathas that culture yeah, and I would tell people today, if you're looking foropportunity in America, you need O. First, you got to find a vehicle thatcan go fast enough to hold you. You know, and I think it's not about a carneadership, it's not about the industry. You're in you need to look for, you need to look for a vehicle thatwants to fly, somebody that can fun. One is interesting in the growth ofother people, okay and also not just you, know, asaterically interested inthe growth or leadership of ove the vehible, but they need to be have thefunds to push that. You know the way to really make it today is not just to goout on your own and do something on your own and kind of drobble by it'slike how do I get in a vehicle? That's hot enough, fast enough going in thesame direction. Maybe it's a car dealer. Maybe it's not!You know, I think about the hindred group years ago, man, those guys werelike gunning and going and growing- and you know great organization, lots of opportunity for GMS to reallygrow and expand...

...sonic or you know any of the big groupsright. You know, you've seen them over the year start to become more and morecorporate. More and more kind of like you know, because his time goes on. Youstart want to conserve your brand right or protect yourself, so find a vehicleand be willing to move. You know the big problem for a lot of people inAmerica, ther'RS just not willing to go any place. I know people that won't go across townD, they're like I'm, not moving. I can' and you know M Robert Me and you've talkedabout this. You know, look the nimbleness. A person needs to be nimble.You must be nimble today. A Nimble means the ability to move okaywith with freedom and I've moved six times in twenty five years. Most peopledon't know this about me, but I've made six major moves and twenty five years.That's what for every four years did I'm going some place? Why why? Whywould I do that? And Is it good for me? Most people I know, will not move sixblocks in sixty years. I know the average American lives within ten milesof where they were born. Why is that really yeah? Why? Why is nobody moving? You know because people people are notthey're, not taking risk man. You Look at the Warren Buffets the Bill Gates,the Carlos Slims. Why are they off traveling to Switzerland? Okay? Why did they go off to Wyoming toJackson, hole? Why are they then off iniscent? Why did they could they couldbe doing a Webinour they? They can definitely have peoplecome to them. Why? Why do they not do that? You know why, because they wantto go be with the power they want to go be with the winners. They want to gobeat in the strategy they want to get connected and that's missing a cardealerships that that encouragement to go out into the community to take risk.You know look at look at how many people go to the same conferences overand over and over again do wance. You go to a different conference. You know if everybody you know, when are yougoing to get some new friends, some new thinking and I've beencriticized a lot for you know, moving cona outside to some other places. LookI'm trying to learn man, I'm trying to grow my business in my brand and I'mwilling to go other places where it's uncomfortable. Trust me it's morecomfortable for me to go to another Nada Convention are another of digital dealer. I'm that's morecomfortable for me, because everybody knows me then, to walk in a room wherenobody knows me. Nobody knows my name and everybody that I introduce myselfto. I have to say: Hey ma'am, my bad, that you don't know me. Yeah ecause go ahead, Robert W you Romer, you wouldteain AP something there Dow come on. Let me see you go with no, no N. No, Ibut nothing. I was just like that. Just SPO takes us into a wholeother thing when you start talking about that, getting people to know yeahand getting yeah teention Gettin Ean D,...

O your favorite topics, one of myfavorite coos, which most people have misunderstood, which is not just getattention but sustain the ability to keep getting attention. Would you lookat at Robert? Why you look at what you looking at? Well? No I have. I justnoticed that I have like why your Goinna Ooso on this side- I got no. Igot your video in two different places. I wasn't aware I was at. We usuallydon't do video but you're doing video now, but we started already all right.Bro Are we still Harid? We started. Okay, we've done the meetang greet okay,we've qualified the customer. We've landed, hem on a car, we're actuallycoming home from the demo ride right now, O how clos? How long have you been outof retail dude knocking on a year? Probably close, I don't know somemonths. Yeah come on man, I like it better, okay and it's the problems that are ut likethat you're sitting there talking about like I'm Sop. I am in love with thebusiness that like doesn't even love itself. It seems, like you know you. Wecome across so many people that are passionate about it, but like the run of the mill people that youknow like this small circle of everybody that knows each other and Yeoutto motive industry, it's just a small drop in the bucket of the amountof people that are in the automotive sales industry across the country. Yeah. So did how dod people even listen toyour show. not this one yeah Como Man, you gonna, Addi, thatde, no Wer, keep it right there yeah thereyou go, do it's all going to be edited just thepart, just the part we're going to keep the part where you said, I'm glad to beon the dealer. Playbook O just going to keep loop at that yeah and my Wiseman, I think to were Ol.He okay, so so check this out. We'vecovered three things here that stand out to me. The first one is, you know what you've taught it's thegrand cardon Kulaid. I call it, but it's true man and it's genuine. It'syou got to believe in yourself and that you are the one that makes stuff happenfor yourself, then to you gotta. You got Ta Line yourself up with a company,that's compatible with that. You talked about the vehicle, you know and thenRobert you just said. You know I'm in love with an industry that doesn't evenlove itself, and I mean that's what's missing here Wat. One of you said Ican't remember who was you said the word willingness and that's a huge onefor me and I'm pretty sure grant that's huge for you. When you talk about doingwhatever it takes, you got to be willing to do whatever it takes. Soit's like you've got a believe in yourself. Yougot to know that there's something great inside of you and then you needto figure out how to harness that and then align yourself and do whatever ittakes to align yourself with people that can help facilitate that yeah Imean I wa Wat were talking abouas. I Love Your Job Yeah. I wouldn't worryabout the product. Youre SELLNG mean the call. I G Hey, WHATL CA. You knowif I'm going to car business, what should I sell? Don't worry about whatproduct it is. Did you need to you need to get around some people that want tofreaking rock and roll okay. You know if you'R E, if you're going to a jobtoday where it's the first thing you're...

...looking at, is wow what are my hours man, you just need to. Hang it up, youdon't understand, I mean the other thing. I would tell the car deadershiptoday before you train people, you need to teach them about, and people need aneducation about the things ore impartant. This country is in serious,serious trouble. Okay, which means that's not some metaphoric terminologythat doesn't hit every family. In America, the average American familyhas less than three thousand dollars in a savings account. How do you do anything with three GrandDude? You know you can't invest any of it is impossible. The most Americanfamilies are being given misinformation at every turn, like save money, forwhat save it. For what? What do? I do with it once I save it, that's not what you should be doing.You should be saving money to invest money in the future, save to invest,don't save to save. I wrote this article at Entrepreneur magazine.Actually, I wrode on my blog and then entrepreneur magazine picked it up andthen elite magazine picked it up, which is a hot millennial website, withmillions of of lookys every day it's called how to become a millionaire bythirty, and this is what car dealershould beteaching Er people forget teaching them how to sell a car. How to lead. Youknow you don't need to teach him Dave Joe or grant. You need to teach him howto be a millionaire. Okay. How do you become a millionaire in a car business?It's not like the car business hadn't produced a bunch of millionaires. I don't know why they don't telleverybody. Do come to a car business. Wi'll teach you how to be a millionairein the service department. We can do it in a Pars Department. We can do it inthe sales department and I'll teach how to be a freaking millionaire. Well, Idon't need a million dollars good. What I don't need you to Pissin this Cupbecause we're not going to do a urine test with you anyway, dude, I'm lookingfor people that want to be millionaires, I'm not looking for the sharpest knifein the freaking in the cabinet, I'm not looking for it for the smartest guy. Idon't nee, you don't even need to have a degree. I need hunger, okay and ifyou don't think you need a million dollars, anybody listening. If youdon't think you need a million bucks, you are ne calculating the situation,Okay D and You wiln't a million yeah. You need to quit being so selfish andthinking about yourself these guys in Kansas City man, I'm good man, I'm goodon fifty grand a year, I'm good! Do you selfish? Why you such a selfish bitch?We're not talking about you right now, we're talking about your mom, your dad,your uncle Ju'st going to get cancer that you hadn't planned on. What aboutyour church son? You know what about helping out your church? Well, youcan't right now because you're freaking, broken you're lazy, see that's theKINDOF mentality. What if you were making a buck fifty or a buck? Seventyfive or three hundred and twenty five husand a year or my friend in DC Thas,making a three hundred grandselling BMWS? Would you hall James JamesTurbats, my man, e Dangster, came from the hood dog busting three hundred ayear right he's a stallion. Dude he's a stud. You know why he's taking care ofMama Daddy, the kids, okay, his plans, his ability to hop on a plane and flyto a seminar?...

So so that's the kind of thing that thedealership says hey due. We want you making twenty and thirty grand a month:okay, okay, you're, not taking Wednesday off, because you know what,if you do, you're not going to hit your target, so the managter jumps on thephone and call us the wife he's not coming home tonight. Okay, he's goingto be late. We all are we're off target, oh by the way he won't be coming. Hewon't be going on the picnic with you and the kids Wednesday, okay, becauseUuh we're not there yet and the following Wednesday. If you don't sellsix this week, he won't be at next Wednesday bullshit picnic either. Okay,so we going to grow your man, we're going to send you back. A husband atcan take care of you and the kids and then he'll come home. CSEE I want to be pushed by somebody,you know greatness, does not resent that average people present thatso you know Bobl quit what Bob needed to quit, but gran ill be like grantalrise to the occasion, get all inspired like Shit. Let's go kill somebody I'm ready. Let's ride, Tho City, I'm ready man, let's go have we startedyet just about we're about to kick off manhaany minute now I can't wait Owso and you know what at another good and agood thing about that is so look teaching your people. You know you knowto be entrepreneurs to be millionaires and a lot of dealers should be able toresonate with that as well, because a lot of them are, you know, majority ofdealers or self made millionaires to you know what I mean. So I mean whywould that should be a topic that they should be interested in yeah, but, butyou know, nobody's ever so experienced in, but n nobody's ever served that upto hem like what? What have we dought IM financial planning well and if theydid, would it be served in the right sequence? Like you talked about yeah?Well, I mean, if you want people highly productive, it would be they shurartinly didn't get it a school. You know you look at people why they'redemotivaved TMEM, none of my people are motivated. Do you wouldn't be motivatedeither? If you couldn't pay the bills? Okay, I got susie arm and telling me tosave money. I got Dave. Ramsey sat telling me notto use debt. You know you got a car dealer that won't sign a twenty fourmonth. Contract would have vender but he' and he's got millions, but he sellsa ninety six month. Contract to a Guy Tha can't afford a car. I mean we're talking about some serious,serious dilemmas here. Okay, what is wrong with you? You won'tsign a twenty four month contract for my product. I had a guy tell me thattoday's we don't sin contracts you sell them put. What do you mean so you're tellingme you want your people to go out and sell two hundred two hundred sixty six month contractsthis month to people that can barely make it, but you won't sign a twenty four month:contract and you're, making millions so dod. Do you not even believe in yourown product I mean? Are you a criminal or what something wrong with you? Thisis just freaking. This is A. I don't...

...operate like that. Okay, if I'm willingto go if I'm woning to go, buy three hundred thousand dollar Carter Rollaround in. I can't tell you your products, it'stoo expensive. It's just to me. It's like what happened at one hour at churchSunday. You know- and am I hypocrite yeah, so so I think, there's some someconfusion in the system right like what are we teaching people? What are weinspiring IM TO BE? You know why is a guy driving a driving, a Cheverle andselling a BMW? It doesn't make any sense to me a why's. The salesmeenallowed to sell payments or finance managers allowed to sell awarranty but won't buy the warranty himself. It's unethical to me huge problem, yeah. You know we're riding the same wave here. Howwhat's the solution? How do we solve this thing? You know you make sure youknow. People have itunes, just cert, let's SOLV well make sure people listenon this episode. Yeah Yeah, hurry up, quick, tell us how to solve it and thenwe'll get started. You find o get that in there Yo timit was still off there dude. So how do you solve it? I don't know. Ithink you just start having this conversation. You know I mean, I knowwhat I'm doing, I'm taking responsibility for for pushing amessage into the marketplace every day and you guys see me pushing it everyday. It's like! I don't stop. You know, I know, there's people if you don'tknow me, I'm sorry. If you do know me, you're, like dude, were how big's your staff and how do youkeep pushing this much content into the marketplace. So I you know I once heard.Content is king. When I heard Thawt I'm like yeah, that seemed to make sense.Okay, now I got to start producing some content. It's not really true, but but but itdefinitely got me excited ive. ALSFOR came, you know, eyeballs are king, so so you got tohave eyeballs COMG oat. You got to get attention and then you got to maintainthat attention with content and so my job, my responsibility. My mission, I'mclear on my mission, is to produce content that helps people and I think a lot of information outthere. That I did at least that I grew up on is just bad information. It worked look,look the average GM canny can't buy a cardavor shipped, it AIT's gone dude. It's it's out, AFWHACK! He you don't have the money to do the deal anymore. Ten years ago. Youdid. The wind is closed. Now it's tooexpensive, yeah right. You agree with that. Michael Yeah, so you know how does that guybecome a millionaire now and how does he create millions of dollars if hewants to and by the way should he and does he need to? And can everybody doit? You know, and so my job right now. It'sreally my message is to share with people whatever you're selling you knowwhatever you do. You know to crack People's thinkingfirst and say: Look You! You can't live on fifty Granbro, it's just impossible.Nobody can live on fifty grant,... matter where you live by yourself,you're single! You don't spend any money. You cannot live on fifty grandbecause you cannot save enough money in your lifetime to ever have freedom. Thepoint of America is freedom. The point of going to work every day is to createfreedom. You know the old saying go to work to work. I never went to work towork. I went to work to bust somebody's ASS, well thos when they hate your job.When you go to work at work, I want to go to work to prosper. Man. I want togo to work to push my product into the marketplace, so I want to go to work.So I come home at night and when my little kid says popat you get a dealtoday. I got that look an my like yeah, I'm agood popper. I got more than one DOA. I got three deals baby dial because Ifeel better about myself, love it and then that just and thenthat's just snowball from that and that creates US snowball effect from thewhole. You know the whole way around whiths your family, everythings.Everything is going better. ALL RIGHT GRANT! Listen, I told you thirtyminutes and it's. This is how you're going to end an you're going to end itlike this. I mean this was all Gravan Ven, gotstorted, yeah, okay, Ra! That'sI that's! How youe going t cap this up do fashional journalist, I'm not aprofessional broadcaster. Yet, like you are, I'm still Wakang Tell Make Ima whyyou want to tell everybody once you put Thot Business Card, Robert Wisma, Itunes note and newsworthy, but I can't close out my own freaking program. Well, my God. Thanks Cin, all right,you're gointo bet call man an added it Yep, setting themarket ow. Now. Am I helping you by saying that, or should I just like YeahRobert? That was a good job? Did the endning sucked okay, the close supper,shit close it out dude? Well now, I'm kind of like he's shy. It will know now, I'm on thespot. I don't even know where we were at anymore. You wereyouten that Youere,you were Boutto, you know, grant ip taking a lot of your time and know youreally busy wwonderi. I don't know how to get out of the show now fuck. Maybe I can edit this. For Idon't know this was G. I was hoping this going to be new and no worthy shit.I don't know how to end it now where's the finance department. There isnothing about me that is like that at all at all, then bring it baby bring. Yourcloses, come out, help him out team up Michael, come onthit's close this thing out: tough. Okay, everybody check this out. We arehere with grant cardownd. He spent the last hour with us, and I tell you what,if you don't know who he is he's apologizing to you publicly but checkthis out. We've talked about some crazy, crazy, crazy bombs, bombs worth ofinformation that are going to help you love what you do take responsibility.Take Action, align yourself with other successful likeminded people like FrankCardon at grant, Cardone buy the books get on the program. DRINK TCULAID, dodon't read, don't do not drink my...

...coulad okay, if you're going to drinkmy cule rink whatever's a dude, I want you to sor him in the COOLA. Whateveryou're going to do you knowyo swim in it to you need to swim in Ivy drip ofevery orifice. Okay, you know ten X, Cula Dude. You need tofreaking drop into everything like everything. You need to be doing everywaking. Second, by the way. Let me just go ahead and tell you guys about me:Okay, because I'm getting warmed up now, ready, okay, Yep, O Your New York Timesbest selling author dude for books in five years. Okay, I know I've writtenmore books and some people were reading their damn lifetime. Okay, working ontwo books right now had a TV show on called turnaround. King, I was, Iproduce the show myself with National Geographic. They bought eight of them.Nobody knows his story, bought eight pulled it after two because we loweredthe demographic of their channel and it was a problem for them most mostchannels like lower demographics, Natiuonaland geographis like no nowwhat happened to all the old people shit get him off there. Okay, so theshow comes back, we own it. I go back to market, can't sell it can't sell itkeep trying. So I, finally, after like three different networks, create my ownTV show called whatever it takes. I went a produced it shot. It got six inthe CAN getting ready to go shoot another sex, we're going to drop thaton Youtube on it. I'm building out a TV network right now, that'll be actuallyInternet TV because I'm like middle finger to the freaking networks dog. Idon't need you bitches, so I'm going out there. This is a car salespan dude,I'm a car salesman started as a car salesman got my first education as anentreprepneur as a car salesman. Okay, God good at controlling my schedule,created a lot of discipline in a toyote dealership in late, Charles Louisianawent to a poniax door and just rippe the ball off the cover and then wentout of my own at twenty nine years old. I'm just telling all of you that,because anybody can do anything, but you have to get great, you got a swimin the cule quit Sippin at it quit snarting it quit. Looking at it. Do you need tofreaking dive all in dying it suffocateing it Drownin it becausethat's the only way, you're going to get in it or get anything out of life.I appreciate you guys having me on the show now. That's how you finish: OnerWo. There is re. It is thanks. Grai thanks God, you got Yanyoo. I wasgoahead specially Lvin Yor Litt miy Gan Erbbn, his head agreein with everthingyou're, saying hey! So wasn't that incredible it isI've found prol. You know so impossible to not feel positive and uplifted andmotivated after listening to grant cardon and sitting down with thim wasno exception. It's funny I mean the closer. We got to the ending of thisepisode, the more we realized that...

...grant really just wanted to close outthe show for us. So we let him now, but you know what Robert and I are soappreciated to grant that he did take the time out of his busy busy scheduleto sit down with us and talk about what matters and that's how to fall in loveor fall back in love with what you do, so that you can step up to the plateand provide a lifestyle for you and your family and for those that you careabout that is becoming of who you inherently are, which is greatness.That's all the time we have for you today. Listen, we are so glad you'vetuned in, like I mentioned earlier, we want you to have as fast acxiss aspossible to the content as it drops. So do me a favor and visit the dealerplaybookcom and subscribe so that you can get the goods delivered to year inbox and, if you've already done that, which I would which I really appreciate,if you have, we would also love if you, if you would leave us a review of theshow on itunes or stitch or radio or leave your comments on the show noteswith love to engage with you thanks again and we'll talk to you soon.

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