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Grant Cardone: Why Car Sales People Hate Their Job


 "You are using so much energy to hate, that you can't create." 

Grant Cardone

 Episode 15 of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast is here and we are excited for our guest today!

 We are excite to have with us today New York Times best selling author and international sales expert Grant Cardone the CEO of Cardone Enterprises blasts off about 'Why Car Sales People Hate What They Do."

 Grant Cardone always bring 10X of energy to the table and is known for "lighting the fire under people's asses" by just telling it how it is raw and uncut. Right to the point.

 So in this session of "The Dealer Playbook" Michael and Robert sit down with Grant, get fired up, have some laughs, and hear some stories from his start in the car sales industry.

 Grant is on fire in this session and he drops strategies, power bombs and super valuable nuggets to blow up your business.

 Buckle your seat belt and listen to Mr. 10X the Master Closer Grant Cardone.

 In this session you can expect to learn more about:

 - Why car people hate what their doing

 - Why car people "hating their job" is dealers biggest challenge

 - Why managers should invest more in their people

 - Training your people in the right sequences

All that plus a ton of more valuable nuggets to help grow your business.

 Is your spouse asking you when you come home if you made the family any money?

 I am loving that! What do you think?

 What is selling to you?

 Your turn to sound off

 What do you think of Grants opinion in this session?

 Drop all your comments, questions, complaints, whatever you have below. We value and appreciate hearing your voice on the show and the topics.

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