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Grant Cardone: Why Car Sales People Hate Their Job


 "You are using so much energy to hate, that you can't create." 

Grant Cardone

 Episode 15 of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast is here and we are excited for our guest today!

 We are excite to have with us today New York Times best selling author and international sales expert Grant Cardone the CEO of Cardone Enterprises blasts off about 'Why Car Sales People Hate What They Do."

 Grant Cardone always bring 10X of energy to the table and is known for "lighting the fire under people's asses" by just telling it how it is raw and uncut. Right to the point.

 So in this session of "The Dealer Playbook" Michael and Robert sit down with Grant, get fired up, have some laughs, and hear some stories from his start in the car sales industry.

 Grant is on fire in this session and he drops strategies, power bombs and super valuable nuggets to blow up your business.

 Buckle your seat belt and listen to Mr. 10X the Master Closer Grant Cardone.

 In this session you can expect to learn more about:

 - Why car people hate what their doing

 - Why car people "hating their job" is dealers biggest challenge

 - Why managers should invest more in their people

 - Training your people in the right sequences

All that plus a ton of more valuable nuggets to help grow your business.

 Is your spouse asking you when you come home if you made the family any money?

 I am loving that! What do you think?

 What is selling to you?

 Your turn to sound off

 What do you think of Grants opinion in this session?

 Drop all your comments, questions, complaints, whatever you have below. We value and appreciate hearing your voice on the show and the topics.

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This is the dealer playbook podcast episodefifteen, with Best Selling New York Times best selling author day right, rightfor books and five years. Okay, I've written more books in some peoplewere reading their damn lifetime. Truth. Here we go. You're dialed intothe dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning out ter dealer strategies thatdeliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weisman and Michael Cirillo. AllRight, and you are listening to the dealer playbook podcast episode Fifteen.My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm here with my partner in crime, RobertWiseman, and I'll tell you what, if you haven't tuned into the dealerplaybook yet, you need to absolutely go back and subscribe so that you cantune into all of the information, tips, tricks and strategies that we are deliveringon a weekly basis. The whole idea behind the dealer playbook is togive you real card dealer strategies that deliver real results, and that's absolutely what'sgoing to happen today. Robert, what's going on, buddy? Not much. Michael, what's going on with you? Brother? I'm pumped up for thisone man. I got a prediction. Michael is going to be super excitedfor this episode. Yeah, Dude, I tell you what, like everyepisode is exciting. We talked about this every time, but today,you know, and I mean it's really because of you, we were ableto wrangle grant card owned to be with us for time, New York bestselling author for books. You, I mean, you heard him. Hehijack the intro this episode and we were fortunate enough to sit down with himand it was cool because, you know, like you're saying, Robert, beforewe hit record here, we you were able to get him for thirtyminutes, but the guy actually ended up spending, you know, a fullhour plus with us, and he's in rare form on this while he israre form. And yeah, it's crazy and and just he's dropped so muchinformation that, you know, if your mind isn't going to be totally blownlistening to this episode, I don't know what it would take to blow yourmind. The strategies, the insights, the power bombs, the nuggets thathe's leaving behind in this episode is just so incredible, and you know.So we absolutely want to give a shout out to grant express our appreciation forhaving him on the show today. I don't know by you. I'm readyto just kind of jump into it. Everybody, Ladies and Gentlemen, GrantCard, grant man, thanks for coming on. The dealer playable. Yougot time, you got it, we got it. Anybody, of course. Everybody here listen to this? Definitely no, Grand Card own is too. If you don't know me, let me just say Robert. If theydon't know me, if you don't know your I am it's you're my thoughtthere. That's my fault. I apologize to everybody that doesn't know me.If you're like, dude, I never heard of this grand card own cat. Look, I apologize. My bad. Okay, I want to apologize toyou, your family, your church, your community, your children, to, I would to your drug dealer, to whatever you've been you know.I just want to apologize to you, grant. So, guys, grantis taking the time. Nice enough. The guys super busy, as youcan imagine, but was, you know, granted us the time tosit down. We're going to talk a little bit about I asked him whattopics, you know, he wanted to cover, and he really kind ofleft it about you, but I let about you. I leave it upto yes, but I like the one you have about Robert came up withsince we started, Michael, Robert came up with let's talk about the meetand greet. I did not say that. Okay, grant, I said nowdid I don't want to talk about that. He's like, let's let'stalk about properly qualifying the customer. I said now, I see. He'slike, let's let's talk about facebook. Let's talk about facebook, grant.Everybody knows that. That is not true. So grant is going to talk aboutwhy salespeople hate their jobs. Most car sales people hate their jobs.And you know what it's? It's that.

That's I believe in that hundred percent, because I was there something that I would loved and was passionate about, and at times I hated it and I saw, I watched a lotof people that that that did nothing but hate it. So, grant,M so why why do sales beat? Most car sales people hate their jobs. Well, first of all, Robert, I want to say to you Ireally appreciate your show and what you do in the show and and youryour you know you're a guy that I I like you, Robert, andand I'm gonna tell you something that you don't know, that I'm a Iknow you've been trying to get me on this show for a long time andI finally agreed. You know why? I agreed last week and said,okay, I'll do the deal. Why? Because you were so professional at howyou persisted in getting me on the show. This guy, this GuyRobert Wiseman. Okay, he had, he's got so many different angles andpersisted from so many different ways and I kept putting him off and I wouldn'trespond, and the guy was professional the whole time. Never made me wrong, never said something dumb like what you too busy, man, you knowyou too big now. You never did any of that. Make wrong stuffdid. You were so professional on this last time that we talked. You'relike, dude, I know you're busy, I know you got a lot goingon and it would really help me if you can ever do it,make the time. I really but you just finally like I'm like, Igot to do this for the wise man, because I respect to lar. Iappreciate that. Thank you. I learned from the best. I learnedfrom the best grant without, let you know, just to keep this goingback and forth. Without grant that got, you know, grant that's here,you guys. Probably you wouldn't even be listening to me right now.Big Part of the reason why I'm even here and, you know, inthis space. So thank you, grant so much. A grant you know, Michael Right. Yeah, I got my Mi Michael Intimately, like Iknow you and emitely. I mean those two nights you spoon me. I'llnever I'll never forget those. Tonight. Not Part of the show, people, not part of the show. Yeah, do you have explicit on your itemscategory? No, I don't. Actually, they will. Now wewill. We haven't gone to everything I have on my podcast is labeled explicitfor a damn reason, for parental advisory. Exclusive. Yeah, explicit content.So hate there. Let us hear let us hear it. Man,tell everybody why they hate their job or the people, most importantly, thepeople that that they are counting on. Let's take management and dealer principles.They're counting going what these people? And you think my money from? Whatdo you think? Why People? Why people hate to automobile business? Imean, is that a fair statement that a lot of people don't like it. You. Well, you know what? I think there's a lot of peoplethat aren't passionate about a lot of things. I don't know if it'snecessarily the car business, but I can think of myself. I'm less passionateabout things that I suck at. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. So, like, you've got a whatever it is, a hundred thousand salespeoplein the country going to work every day just trying to make ends meet,not really knowing what they need to do to step their game up, ormaybe they haven't figured out why they're showing up and they're sucking it up,and so they're not passionate about it. Yeah, they're not enjoying it.You know, I know for me and Robert, when you talk, youbrought up the topics that we could talk about. I said, you know, you so many topics are covered in this space that you go to thesethese conferences and conventions and it's how to least better, how to run abetter BDC, how to make more gross, how to convert more. I'm like, when somebody going to talk about the real shit going on here?Okay, what about I hate my damn up. Okay, because all thisother stuff doesn't matter. The BDC, the conversion rates, the post,the social media, do the if you hate what you do, look,you just hate what you do, okay, and there's no creativity if you're hating. I mean you're using so much energy to hate that you can't create. Damn, I sound like I sound like an area, I sound likea Baptist minister. Now, okay, car down is m yeah, soyou know I just bought the domain. Yeah, probably you. Your networth is wrapped up in domains. I don't have any money, but Igot busted, brokecom and open somebody buys... one day in the FUTURECOM.So you know, the first two years I sold automobiles. I absolutely hatedthe car business. I mean I hated it with a passion. I didn'tlike me, I didn't like the people I worked with, I didn't likethe manager that I had. I kind of like to finance guy had becauseI could talk him into anything, but he was so weak. Yeah,I didn't respect him, I liked him. I didn't like the owner, Ididn't like anybody in the place, okay, and I didn't like myselfand I didn't like the customers and I especially didn't like when I told somebodythat I was selling cars, that look they got. They got this lookof disappointment like really, really, you mean you went to college to sellcars, dude? I mean, what's wrong with you? You a loser. They all had that look. And and and so, you know,if I go back and look at what changed when I was twenty five,because all of a sudden I fell in love with the car business. Iwas like, did I like this job? And and it's what Michael said.You know it. Twenty five, Dude, I became a superstar.You know, and I tell anybody, I became a freaking rock star.It not just in my store but in my town. And I was sellingmore product than three and four and five guys at a time. And andwhat the switch for me was, okay, if I leave the car business rightnow, I'm leaving a loser. I no better than when I camehere. I didn't leave the environment of the space any better. I'm justa critic, I'm all I did was come in judged them. You know, it's like walking in somebody's town and say, oh, it's dirty here, but, but, and then you litter it. And and that wasme. I just kind of taken a dump where I was and not cleanedup after myself. And so I got on some some training tapes. Iwas twenty five years old and one month and dude, literally one month later, I was in love with my customers, the envite. I still didn't likethe manager because the guy was weaker and freaking panther. Panther pissed thathad been diluted by by some lithium runoff in Santa Monica River. The Guy, the guy couldn't I could barely button his damn shirt or ZIPP HIS HEEcan fly up, he was so weak. Okay, I'd bring this guy dealand this guy be like, that's not a deal. I said,it's not a deal because you got you still got breath, you still gotair in your lungs. I'M gonna make it a deal. Dog, Idon't even know why I came in here to visit with you, you sodamn weak. That's that's always going to be. That that's how it is. That that's it. That's that's always the way it's going to be.Okay, back up quick though. Yeah, let's talk about hating why a lotof sales people hate this, but you know and you're getting there.But why, originally did you get into the car business? Is it becauseles? I hate being unemployed. I hated that unemployed. It's it's it'salways, and I've said this before, that like the warehouse is laying offand people were like, I can always go sell cars until the warehouse itopens back up. Yeah, and for me, my uncle told me he'sI couldn't get a job. I was I had an accounting degree and Icouldn't get a job. My uncle said, wance, you go look at acar dealership. Literally, had never ever considered working in a car dealershipin my life. Never had the thought had passed by car dealerships. Onlything I thought about him far was maybe one day I have a car.And I was broke, Dude. I had nothing. Okay, I meanI have no money, I don't even have respect for myself. And sendin my uncle says, you know, if you go work for a cardealership, you you can make four or five grand a month. And Iwas like what? And get some wheels back then to yeah, and getsome wheels back then, you know. And next thing you know, Iwent to the car dealership and told the guy, said, Hey, Igot a college degree. He's like, oh, that's that's going to definitelythat's not going to help you here. And I said, well, isthat? He's like, the less you know, the better off you are. I'm that Shit. Why do you tell me that? Five years agohow to come over here and went yeah, yeah, if and true enough.Man, I made like five grand...

...of first month. The next monthI one one five hundred. You know. Third Month I wanted to kill myself. Hated the job, hated the people and and you know, Ithink people need to understand it wasn't the car business, Dude. I couldhave been in the furniture business, the mortgage business. Yes, what Michaelsaid, I was no good at what I was doing and if you're nogood at what you're doing, you're going to hate it. It really hadnothing to do with the car business at all. So what you're saying,grant, is you can actually learn to like what you're doing, or learnto love what you're doing, if you previously didn't or if you entered itnot enjoying it, you could grow to like it. Yeah, you know, there's a there's a lunch. You get good at it. Once youget great at it. Okay, you don't want to because there's plenty ofpeople good at it and good. Good. You add good to the margins inautomobiles, in the car business today, good means three grand a month.It means you're going to be at the poverty line or very close toit. You know the poverty in this country. There's forty a million peoplein poverty in this country. Most people don't even know what that means.It means a family of for people living on twenty three grand a year.Right, family of for living on twenty threezero. Okay. There's a surveythat just came out today. Sixty four percent of millennials, that group isonly eighty million strong. Okay, sixty four percent of millennials would rather makefortyzero a year and like their job then make a hundred grand a year andbe bored with it. I'm like, Dude, what is wrong with youdog? Are You freaking stupid? Are you so self centered? Are youso selfish? Are you so me? Me, me that you'd rather behappy at your job and make forty grant then be bored with it and makea hundred and you went to school to get that kind of education. Whatis wrong with this group of people, that's thirty million people, that wouldrather make less money and not be bored with the reality of that is this. If you're bored with your job, is because you suck at it.You're not creating on it, you know, you're not figuring out new nuances,how to keep a trick in exciting. And any job can be made exciting, man, anything can be you can add some freaking juice and greatnesstoo, and and that's what's really missing from the dealer. The dealers notasking as people to do that. He's saying, Dude, just work atwelve hour day, do what I say, work the thirteen steps and and youknow, spend four hours selling a guy making feel good about it.I'm a pay you fifty to sell a fortyzero truck. I need you tofollow these people up afterwards, by the way. Follow them up, youfollow them up. Shit, I never want to see these people again.I hate my damn job and my wife hates me too. Yeah, becauseyou're not bringing home the baking and the money. Man, did you know? I come home, I come home and I tell my wife, I'mlike Robert, Robert Weisensact. Man, I don't know if I wish wesaid I wouldn't even have done this with him. My Wife. Have westarted yet? My Wife? I come on, my wife. You know, my wife as me today, still today, dude. Okay, wemake any money today? Yeah, you know what, I'm going to replaythat then, for I got some people in mind. I'm going to replaythat. Just clip right there for so if your wife's asking if you've mademoney, that I'm doing good. Yeah, doing good. I'm normal. Yeah, and what is wrong with your wife that she's not asking? Man, you know what it would I'm talking to everybody that's out there listening.If your wife's not asking, you do, do we make some freaking dough today or not? No, I didn't make any. then. Whatthe Hell you doing home? Well, did you go? I'm your assback in our car. Drive back over to the lot. They closed threehours ago. Good will. You need to go back over there and fish. You know you need to go over there. Look, I close moredeals. When I was twenty five and twenty six and twenty seven years old, a store would close at seven.

I guarantee you five nights of theweek, I would still be there at eleven o'clock doing a deal. Youknow, I'm looking man, I'm okay, I didn't bring a deal home yet. So so what? Stay? Stay. Your Day off is Wednsdeaand you're behind the gun and you hadn't done anything this week. Don't takethe day off. You don't have to. You know you don't have to takedays off. Go to your dealer and say I don't want to takeany days off. Dude. Okay, I don't want a day off.I want to feed my damn family. I want my kids to be proudof me. I Want my wife to admire me and think that I'm SuperMad. I want sex all the time because I'm such a stud. Okay, you know, the guy once a guy, once a day off.What you want? A day off? Far, dude, you take moretime off than God does. So so, so, who's responsibility then? Okay, so obviously you're not good. You're going to hate something if yousuck at it. We got you know. That's where there whose responsibility is that? It's the sales are the salespeople? Are they supposed to sit around?I mean is that it a on the dealer. It seems like there'sjust so many guilty parties, because I look at it as why would thesalesperson sit there and and pass up a golden opportunity to but to build theirown business within a business, without half the risk or investment that most entrepreneurshave to make? And then why does the dealer or the principle or themanagement, who is Benett? They benefit off of a good salesperson's performance.The more their team sell, the more money everybody makes. So like yeah, well, why it doesn't? Yeah, it's a good question. I've beendoing this thirty years. I've been doing this long enough to know thatmost dealers are not going to invest in our people. Okay, it's justnot going to happen. They're willing to pay for the cars, they're willingto pay, you know, they're willing to fund the facility at eighteen milliondollars. They're willing to fund, you know, two hundred grand a monthin advertisement. Dude, they're just not investing in people. It's just nothappening. They'll buy a piece of technology. He'll buy a big boat, aplane, another house, a third house, a fifth house, youwant me to that media spends? Dude, you spent was this. Do youwant me to spend some money on Robert Wiseman? They he and hebe here freaking three months from now. He going to quit and start doingradio and some bullshit on itunes. Okay, so, so, why? So, look, let's just assume that the dealer is not going to investin his people. Okay, let's just assume that. By the way,it's not his job to do that. Okay, I mean it be asmart thing to do. You know, even more criminal in this environment isthe manager that doesn't invest in the people, because, hit, you're the manager'spaycheck is depended upon me more than the dealer. Okay, the dealersalready freaking on the line. All his money, everything is net worth.Did he's putting his balls out there every day, three million at a time, seven million to seventeen million time stores together, future warranties. He's pullingout the cash from from from a from a deal, from three years inadvance to fund another Chevrolet store. I mean that's going to ask him tospend another eight million to make it look pretty. But you got a managersitting there, general sales manager and a finance manager. They don't spend anything. Wanting by her people at tie to say, Oh, my people suck. Of course they suck. Did you knew that when you hired me?I'm twenty freak in five years old. I got a drug problem. Youhad to know I had a drug problem when I came in. During theinterview, I'm yes, excuse me a second. Okay, I mean,look my my nostrils are all inflamed and Read Right, I'm talking through myface. You're not paying attention. Okay, like you know, I got aproblem. What the hell am out of car dealership for? This wasn'tthe first choice. So and then you say, Oh, he sucks,you hired me. Okay. Now, so that manager who could make ahundred seventy five thousand a year rather than one forty. He lost the dream. He's got a wife at home, not pushing his ass anymore. Hiswife say hey, it's his job to he hates his job. His wife'slike well, White, white, why... spend so much time at thedealership? Suit, I'm trying to buy you a new a new dress,bitch. I'm trying to take care of our freaking kids. One of whichI'm not even sure is mine. Come on, so super real. Okay, it's crazy. So pretty much pretty much what we're getting that is it'syour responsibility, you individual at the end of the day, it doesn't matterwho you blame. I need to I need to get my game on.Okay, you can quit the car dealership. You're going to go to another companyand you know what they're you're going to have to sell something there andthen you're going to leave there and you can be I'm gonna store my owndeal. That's going to suck to do. You just, you, just.You know this kid, Burg Doll, but what's his name? Bird?Bird, yeah, the the guy that they think he deserted the USarmy. Yeah, everybody's all freaking out about it. Let me tell yousomething, Matt. There's people deserting their post every day in this country.Okay, people desert in their dreams, they desert their families, they deserttheir customers, they desert the place they work at, they desert by notfollowing up. You know, you got an appointment that doesn't show up andyou desert the guy and make him wrong. There's desertion going on everywhere. There'streason, his acts all over America and we're all point at one guysaying he deserted. What about you? What about me? So let meask you this grant. Do you think half of it is or what wouldyou say percentagewise? Is the group of this that maybe it's maybe it's causedby a feeling of entitlement, like, Hey, I came to work foryou, you're supposed to be creating opportunities for me, versus the the peoplethat maybe you're just down on it. You know, they've had a seriesof bad luck or whatever you want to call it. Somebody stolen their dreams. They don't know why they're doing what they're doing. Do you know whatI'm getting at? I mean, yeah, there's there's certain people that are going, hey, while I work for you, you need to do thisfor me. There's other people that are just maybe down on their selves becausethey've had a string of just nothing happening or nothing going for them. Yeah, I understand all those scenarios, you know. I mean there's bad thingshappening to people everywhere. I mean there's some guy in India to the todaythat you know, his family won't see twenty three hundred dollars all year.Man. It's a family of six and they eat rice three times a day. Yeah, I mean there's all kind of hardships all over the world.There's some single mother somewhere. It's got two kids. You know, herhusband, Robert Wiseman, walked out, left left the two kids them goingto say, do you have her number? Do you it has the okay,so let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. Imean how does one are we saying? Look, don't keep jumping around tryingto find something that you're passionate about. Learn to become passionate about what you'redoing. Dude, I want any more about the passion in the beginning.Okay, I look, you got to get good at it. If you'regoing to keep getting beat in your game, you're not going to get passionate.You mean getting passionate for you got to get educated. Right, Igot to like, Hey, man, maybe I need to read a book. Man, maybe I got to read something. Maybe I got to listento something. You know, it's like you're listening to something already. It'snot like that's a new activity. Okay, what are you listening to? Likepeople? No, offense, but you're going to listen to this podcast. The podcast is out of sequence, you know. So Guy Leaves andthinks, Oh, I'm getting training because I listened to this podcast with grantcar don't Dude, you're listening. you're out of sequence. You need education, which is a sequence. Right. You're getting dropped into Webinar's podcast.You're reading a blog here, a strategy over here. I mean this isthe other level of learning. The guy thinks he's deluded to thinking he's learning. He just getting all the stuff thrown at him. He's going to thisconference supplemental. Yeah, dude, it's like, Oh, wow, mightget a little drop or drip today, but you need an educational pathway.They did a study of kids. These are six year old kids watching.They put half of them in a room just watching a TV program that waseducational, and then the other half in a TV in a room with toysand an education. Okay, now who... you think comprehended the most toys? It's probably the kids with the toys. Yeah, well, it was thesame, actually it was exact exactly the same. The toys did notdistract from the from the education. Okay, now, when they did it outof sequence. All of a sudden everything plummeted. Okay, it wouldbe like ampule of out a sequence. Out of sequence would be like youcome to the dealership and I'm going to teach you how to sell a car. That's out of sequence. Okay, most trainers teach out of sequence.Let's teach somebody how to sell a car. You missed a small step. Whatis selling? What is selling anything? Why am I talking about selling acar? Dude, I hate sales. Okay, I'm saying the thing.I don't want to be a salesman. Teach me how to sell a car. It's out of sequence, right. or I'm going to teach a guyabout the product and I haven't taught somebody about a person, so that'sout sequence to right. I'm going to teach him two steps to the sale, as opposed to, Hey, let me just teach a guy how tolike, you know what we're doing here? What is the mission in this company? You know so. So it's like out of sequence. Right,I'm a teach a guy chemistry, but I haven't taught him basic science yet. I get what're saying. So that's why, you know, I've beenblamed and it's probably true that. You know my like my seminars, oneof my seminars information assisted selling, that I used to do years ago.They really got me known. It was a very much out sequence seminar.It was out sequence. It was extremely advanced. Okay, because and whathappened, and I've never actually said this on podcast. Have we started yet? Okay, and so so you know I've never said this in any kindof interview. But but that seminar is out sequence because the seminar was actuallymade for dealers to get the dealer. This is twenty years ago and Iwas talking at that time about the information age and I was basically predicting thefuture and saying look, you're going to go to price payments, down paymentsand figures on the trade on. You need to offer that verbally on thephone. You need to offer a point of contact. When I say today, everybody nods their head. Twenty years ago they were like no, no, no, dude, Ay, get him out of here. Well,that presentation, I mean I got my share of the business, but thatpresentation was created from dealers to get the attention of dealers. But the onlyway I could sell it was to go to towns all across America and bringthe circus to town. Right, PT Bartom's coming to town. Got Anelephant, okay, I got to begin off. It takes big up,okay, and to we would go to town. And then who're going toinvite to the seminar? Anybody that would buy a ticket, okay. SoI got a salesman with three days in there, three months in there,three years, people like we got some New People here, Dude. There'speople in this room with twenty seven years. What they're about to get is alot of new and so so it was out sequence. Right. Sothat's why people walked away and said, cardon's really complicated. You know,it's I got to God Joe, because Joe Simpull boom, all right,wow, I mean that guy is jacked up, man. All right.So, basically that's all the time we had for this today. Next week, next Thursday, you can tune in same time, same channel the dealerplaybookcom for the conclusion and the second half of our sit down with the man, the maniac, grant card own. Make sure to head over to thedealer playbookcom to access anything, any notes, anything discussed in today's episode. Makesure to check out any of the previous ones if you haven't already,and again download on Itunes, stitcher, wherever you'd like to get them.Go get it and make sure you're here next week for the conclusion of oursit down with the man grant card own.

We'll see you next time.

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