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Episode · 4 months ago

Humanizing Car Sales w/ Fred Lennartz


To humanize something means that you do it in a more humane or civilized way. 

The car industry is still plagued by negative stereotypes, many of which are perpetuated by the fact that some dealers are hanging on to the past. 

Listen as Fred Lennartz shares his insights about how to change that narrative so that we can provide a culture that serves the needs of the community far beyond just moving metal. 

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Website: well let me ask you this friend, whatdo you think adds to the urgency? Is it us like as businesses have we createdthe urgency to just like sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell like gatlingguns like selling, selling, selling, selling. Yeah, I think that as anindustry, you know we're numbers, you know we don't look at people in a sense, you know, I think, Ithink working by the numbers, you know managing by numbers, I've heard allthese things, I think that there's great parts of that and it reallybecause numbers don't lie, you know we all know that and we've heard that termand it's true. I'm a big mathematician, I love math and I know how exact mathis how that and how it correlates with so much in the world. But um but it'sat the same time there is a human factor in there. There's a, you know,it's just like when you have a salesperson who is not doing well a lotof times you might call that laziness...

...but sometimes it's actually, most oftime it's something going on in their life. You know their, maybe theirspouses sick or or their kids are not doing good at school and they're havingthis discipline them and they don't like disciplining and they feel bad andthey don't know what to do or maybe their parents passed away or theirgrandparents did. You know there's so many factors, but that's why I thinknumbers is a good thing to look at because you can kind of find that ifyou really look into it, that's why I love numbers. You know, you seesomebody that normally does this many cars all settings dip to hear, you'relike hold on, you want to catch it quick. Hey man, you're having a badweek. What's going on? You need to speak to, you need time off. What'sgoing on is you know, that's, that's kind of where it's different. You haveto figure that out. You can't just go by numbers out. He doesn't deserve towork here. No man here people, there are people and as leaders, we have todo that with our people so that they do it with their people right? It's thesame thing. We have to lead and show them how to lead and when you start tohave a culture that involves that type...

...of situation where you can freely speakto people and really learn them and understand them and really grow withthem and watch them grow and feel great about their accomplishments and feelsad when bad things happen with them and and feel the joy of when their kidgets their first goal to and they, you know, just like I heard somebody and itwas really cool. They said, I know I'm probably a little bit off subject butthey said that the their cells, people, you know, we all cut their tie thefirst time they sell a car. I remember who said this, they have been you butthey said they cut their tie the first time they sell a car. They do all thesethings. They celebrate it. But then the second car, no one talks about it. Thethird car. No one talks about it, right? It is but why not celebrate everysingle one? How great of a culture would that be? What's so funny is that?I heard that and when I heard that I heard that and I went back to my story,you know that's what I love about life. You find inspiration in all kinds ofdifferent places, it could be today in my clubhouse room. Somebody said Ilooked at somebody's profile reading Maya Angelou quote there's like maninspired me and I was like man that's...

...amazing how you can find inspiration inthe weirdest places, right? And but it makes you smile, having a bad day butthat that inspired me. I went back and now man, every time I'm involved andI'm there and I can say something, I I cheer them on high five them slap themon the back whatever it is. I want them to know how much I appreciate howexciting it is. You know it's just a minute, who cares bro, You just helpsomebody, you just help somebody change their life, you're going to leave herein a car, look how happy they are. Yeah, imagine how much more that brother, youkeep them good, you follow up with these people, these are the type ofpeople that will come back and buy multiple vehicles. They'll send alltheir friends to you. But they have to remember you not just the experience,the experience, they're gonna remember that. Remember you too. So make sureyou stay in front of them, make sure you love on them, you know, show themlove on social media, show them love on their birthdays, show them love ontheir anniversary. You know, carver three days when they bought the car,all those types of things that we need to do. And man, honestly, I just kindof rambled on, I do apologize about that, but you get what I'm saying here,right? Yeah, I get I get deep into that and it's just it starts from the topand you have to, it breaks it down and... can get so much. But it's reallysimple. I think all of everything that we want to do in sales and all ofeverything we want to do on this planet. Let's just do the right thing. And deephuman being to each other. You know, we hear the verse and we've heard thisscripture and we've heard this before is that, you know, do onto others asyou would do on to yourself. You know, treat your neighbors like you wouldtreat yourself yourself not how you want to treat your neighbors, how youwant them to treat you and how you would treat yourself, your familyyourself is your family, the people you truly care, love your blood, how youtreat them is how you treat somebody that you don't even know how you,anybody, you just treat everyone the same with love and compassion and allthese things and when you do that and you're really there to help them andhelp somebody accomplish something that they're so scared to do that, coming toa dealership takes a lot of energy for somebody. It really does man, I don'tblame them man, I used to bang them up for a long time and I did it for like along time. I was a was a hammer. I...

...would make people do stuff that I knewthat was not right, but I would, but you know, it's sad that I did that andI'm not smiling because I think it's funny that I did that I'm smilingbecause I've come so far smiling because I'm so excited because if I can,if I could change after the way I was, I know the whole business can change.It just takes a little bit at a time and the more people like us talkingabout it and trying to do what we do and encourage people and show people,hey, I can have a good time smile be different. I could have tattoos on myarms. It doesn't matter. I just got to be the best version of myself, givemyself the preferred experience that I want, right? And, and it's it's it's abeautiful thing. And I think that that's why when you talked about itbefore we got this, you talked about the preferred experience. I know I'mstill rambling. I'm sorry, but you talked about the preferred experiencein your life that you're just, you live for the preferred experience. I didn'trealize I was doing the same thing, but not always. But since I've been doingthat, my life has become my experience that I want. It's more fulfilling I get.And what's crazy is that it's touches a...

...lot of other people when you do thatfolks, you want to be fulfilled. Live your life and people will just, theywere going to first be like, oh, what are you doing man? Why are you doingthis? What's your endgame? I hate that saying. What's your envy? My reason? Idon't, I'm going to die. Thank you. I don't know. I don't have an end game. Ihope I want to live here as long as possible. So I hope that's not anytimesoon. My whole plan is just to be better than I was yesterday. Find a wayto be a better human, try to be as close to christ as I can be. And if Ican do that every single day and try to be as christ like as possible. I knowthat I have, I can be much more than I could ever imagine because this worldgives us opportunity, God has given us opportunity to be everything we've everwanted to be, you know, it's it's we restrict ourselves to our own minds. Webelieve we're a product of our environment. Yeah. We may be slightproducts of our environment, but that's because of our mind. Once again, wegrew up in that Your environment was...

...only for if you're if you say, Oh, myparents were 18 years was all you had with them. What if I'm 42? So that'sthat's 24 more years that I got to have a whole other lifetime to get adifferent experience, become a product of something else. And that's mypreferred experience, the one I want, you know? And and that's something thatI didn't realize. I mean, honestly, like that's kind of stuff hit my headwhen you were talking about earlier is like, man, I've I never I when I livedother people's when they were pushing me, I was living that I was happy, Iwas somewhat, you know, I was doing things and uh, but but once I startedpulling myself changed up, man, it changed it all up.And I and I think it's the same thing in this business, we have to be thatway as salespeople because individuals want their preferred experience, figureout what their preferred experiences, ask questions, give them theirpreferred experience as close as you want. Yeah, we have our processes, butyou can you can tailor it to that. You know, I used to tell my guys there's 10steps to wrote a sale, but you don't have to do every 10 step by 123456789,10. Some of those you're gonna kind of... in order, but you just have to makesure you do all those because if you didn't, you didn't really do your job.And one of my favorite parts about One of my favorite parts in the 10 steps ofthe road to sell isn't delivery. I love delivery though, don't get me wrong,but its build rapport and and the reason why I love that because that'swhat I always did really well because I ask a lot of questions. I, I get toknow them by the time they leave. I know many kids they have, how longthey've been doing it, what kind of job they want, What's your favorite colorand vehicles interiors, why they're in here, why don't like their last vehicle.What's what was the things I hate about that one. So many questions I asked andI gave them, but I gave them the opportunity to tell me and then letthem talk, you know, I asked questions and let them talk more than I talked.You know, and that's kind of what what you have to do. You have to become thattype of person. Um, if it's not become, you have to be that person and I thinkit's all inside everybody, you just have to understand. You have to be a Idon't know, empathetic a little bit. I think some of us lose a little bit ofempathy um in life because we think...'s all about us, us, us, us, us, us,us and it's 100% not about us, it's totally nothing is about us. This worldis huge. We're just a flick in time and space. But you know, we were being justbeing the best version of yourself and giving to others. It does so much, man. I'm Michel, Cirillo and you've beenlistening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, pleaseclick the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave arating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. Yeah. Mhm.

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