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Episode 9 · 7 years ago

Hunter Swift: How To Drive More Car Sales With Your CRM w/Hunter Swift


"Most dealers are using their CRM to manage customers and leads, while the more progressive dealers are using it to manage the relationship" 

Hunter Swift


Are you and your dealership unlocking the true power of your CRM software? A CRM is so much more then a tool to enter customer information or remind a sales person to make a follow up call. Your CRM has the potential to be a marketing monster for your dealerships sales and fixed ops departments. 


 In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" we sit down with our friend and industry thought leader Hunter Swift. Hunter is not just a expert on auto dealer CRM best practices, he is the Director of Sales Development at DealerSocket. In case you do not know who DealerSocket is, they are one of the auto industries leading CRM providers. 


Hunter dives right in with some easy no cost strategies and tactics dealers can execute to drive more sales and keep your service techs turning wrenches. He also discusses in detail the email  campaigns that his company's clients are getting the best results from plus some other creative yet easy ways you can pump a lot of business out of your current CRM. You have to check this out because Hunter knows his stuff!!! 


The information in this episode will sell you more cars!



In this episode you will learn more about:


-Successful email campaigns


-Shifting sales peoples mindsets when it comes to your CRM


-How to use your CRM for branding


-How to use your CRM to build relationships 


-Freshening up email templates


-Creating automated campaigns that convert


-Mining for customers in your CRM


All that plus more that will help you not just get more out of your CRM tool but sell more cars, make more gross, get great CSI and build long lasting relationships with your customers. 


Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:


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Hunter's powerful article from Driving Sales Innovation Guide:


Great video from Hunter on database mining discussed in the episode:


We had a great time with Hunter Swift on this episode and hope you did as well. 


Now it is your turn, leave us some feedback and let us know your thoughts or if Hunter missed anything. 


Thank you again for dialing into the DPB podcast and we will see you next time! 



This is the dealer: Playbook episode,Nine and I'm pretty sure nobody loves their Cadillac as much as this guy.Here we go you're dialed into the dealer, playbook podcast, where it'sall about winning autodaler strategies that deliver proven results, and nowyour house, Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, all right everybody what'sgoing on. My name is Michael Serillo and I'm here with Maman Robert Weismanwas shaken Playa. What's up everybody hey so super exciting everything that'sbeen happening with the dealer playbook I'm! I like you am just so incrediblygrateful. I feel blessed for everybody. That's listening in everything that we do in the dealer.Playbook is powered by our desire to educate to help bring winningstrategies that deliver real results. This stuff is, you know, unadultratedRod, data that that is proven and tested and we're bringing it to youfrom the Inder Industries, elite experts, and today's no exception.Today we have a hunter swift who at dealer shocket is their head of salesdevelopment, and this guy is just you know the epitome of thought leadership.He has so many incredible ideas that help dealers and Aur helping dealersevery single day, leverage their crm or customer relationship manager. Tool todraw in, I don't want to say fresh traffic butreally harvest the existing leads and past sales that have happened happ intoit as like, a full functional Pea, an moregetting machine yeah, it's like thecost of attracting new business is the highest. You know the it's, the worstclosing rate and it cost it's the highest customer higest dollar customerto Acchoire, where these are already sitting there. They already like you,they've already danced with you. So you know chances are I mean that were a lotof delers are missing. The boat in this and honters got some great informationthat I think, will help you out. Yeah, I mean if you look at, if you look atjust the sheer number of people sitting inside of he calls it inside the box,or I think you refer to it- is inside the box. Yeah there's a hundred of themare like a small metropolitan area. Yeah I mean thereswill have cities inthere a fult like a small city, exactly in their cm, exactly n and there'sthere's so much data that's been acquired, and I mean you know me, I'm abig Dad, a junkie. I love looking at what you know I can analyze from dataand what insights I can take to create an action, and I love how he you know,shares how to leverage the information you know so much about the peoplesitting inside of your crm system that it would be you know, can I use theword foolish not to leverage that information into new opportunities? Iwould I would one hundred percent agree with you, Michael, so listen you guysare going to love this. This is hunter swift from dealer, socket crm. GreatGuy is guys a true expert, we're going... go ahead and jump in with them rightnow. There we go okay, everybody and again this isRobert Weisman, and we are here with our guest. Today again, its director ofsales development with dealer socket CRM and someony that I've become a bigfan of lately. First met. We hooked up and met in person first time that theInternet sales, twenty group, previous one Atlantic City, hung out a littlebit there and then he in the latest dealership innervation guy from thedriving good people at driving sales. He has a real killer article that I wasa big fan of, and he put a interesting video out. Tho Cut. Some tractiononline regarding dealerships with crm is hunter swift hunter. What's upbrother thanks for taking the time man we're great were great, were great. Yougot a good time. You got a good chance to talk with Michael there. You guys, Ithink, one night at dinner, you guys were sitting kind of close and chopped it up. We had a. We had akiller conversation going there as yeah. It was great it's great to see you guysand thanks again for having me on this. You guys are doing some great thingsfor our industry. Some excitebe part of this wow well thanksme up thanks a lotthanks a lot as to you so guys. If you haven't grabbed those articles, theywere a big part of. I always you know. Once I met Hunter, I knew speaking withMichael there like we were really taking a big like role call there of,like you, know, lining up some future guest for the podcast at thisconference, but we definitely ly spoke Aboun Hunted W, definitely Wante todefinitely set him to be on here in the future, but man I was checking out thisarticle that he had and then a video, and it was good points for thedealerships that you know on a tool that everybody has. I would say, let meask you that Hon er, so out of like do you know like a hard number of howitany dealerships like a percentage that might not be using a actual crm tool. You know I think now most people areusing some type of tool. I mean almost every dealership has a website now andthey need some place for those leads to go. So I mean I, I would say: There'sprobably some smaller dealerships, new car franchise, maybe less than tenpercent, but you know we're doing a big push now with the independent marketand we're noticing, you know, maybe upward to sixty percent or still notusing something for their market, but for the most part on new cars, almost every dealer is using some typeof software to manage their leads in their customers. So O God. Well, that'sa relief, that's relief! So, okay, now that being said in the the video that you you releaseda little bit ago, you were talking about just the marketing and theexpense of, and we all know that the nothing costs more than attracting newcustomers to come into your dealership, Tho comes to the show room to call into fill out an email form. What have you that's, the the most expensiveclients that you can go after, but you're talking about a lot of theUNTAPE potential that lavs within the people that already have gotten downand buggied with you. You know they've danced with you. They bought with you.They, like you, they're doing service with you, etcete that are sitting inthis box, and you made a great term...

...about teaching yeur people that it's apomp. You know that the more they pomp the crm th, the more they're going toget out of it like what are some some key strategiesare just some easy things, no matter what platform a dealers on that theycan use thit to really to you, know, reengage to pomp the CLM, absolutelywell. You know you're kind of talking about something that I brought up. Youknow in the video and the article is this focuse that a lot of dealers havein regards to driving new traffic to the dealership. Now this could bethrough. You know, advertising and web leads and social and Seo we're alwaystrying to add new customers and we're forgetting those customers that youmentione, that are in this box woops in Te crm. These are people that have beento your store. These are people who have either bought a car or evenvisited, so they know where you're at there's some type of interaction, andeven if it was bad, if you have the opportunity to fix that that issue thatthey maybe had they're going to be, you know longlasting customer, and so, ifyou can kind of focus or direct your focus to these people that are in thisbox, you're going to have a higher you know higher closing rate highergross and higher CSI. Now, a couple of things that I suggest first off isreally looking at the marketing that you're sitting to these customers kind of almost do like a marketingcampaign audit, you know, look at which campaigns are working and kill. What'snot, and the other thing that I would suggest is making sure that everybodyin your in your crm is enrolled in some type of marketing campaign. You know alot of times, maybe we'll move a customer lost and we think hey. Youknow the customer bought somewhere else. You know there's nothing I can do withthis. Well, you might have had a great experience with you. They might have,you know, just picked a different car, but you know those customers should beenrolled into a camtain, because I can sell their household another vehicle. Ican sell them another vehicle. I cant even serve ice, the vehicle they boughtat another dealership so making sure that there's just some type of you knowcampaign for all of your customers. I think, is important but, moreimportantly, when you're doing some type of marketing campaign, thereshould be some type of like reason and not just hand prospecting to prospectyou or just to even just you know, be in contact with you. You know, look atyou know. What's the purpose of it and I think one of the issues that a lot ofdealers have is you know they're always trying to sell they're, always tryingto promote and they're, not looking at specific called actions, and so youknow, if you're going to send somebody an email, a lot of times that emailstat going. You know to the customer, it's like a condensed version of theirwebpage. I mean it's got: Banners and and columns and ads and buttons, andwe're just hoping that the customer clicks on something where, if you havea specific call to action, you know hey give me a call. This is the reason whyI'm sending outo this email or hay click on this link. You're going tohave a little bit more called action, and because you have these calledactions, then you can kind of segment your data and then market you're datato like specific groups and find people that maybe have spent over a hundredthousand dollars at your store, and I...

...want to send a customer appreciation.You know campaigning toward them or if I want to find somebody who may be soldI sold to, but maybe haven't been in Fer service or people that come in forservice and maybe they're out of warranty. They just had a high custerPARO. You know sitting a specific message to those people. It are always going to have a higherreturn versus that kind of spray and prey. You know just send this bulkyMeil out to everybody N, just hope that somebody interacts with them yeah not,and it's almost it's almost like that kind of behavior. Where it's you know,like you said the sprand prey model where you're sending out thisThirtythousano foot marketing message that you hope will just capture anybody.It's almost that I mean that does harm to dealerships, because that's almostwhat furtheris the argument that all dealers care about are you know sellingyou something it kind of takes the face away. You mentioned something in your articleabout building brand and you make this statement where you say: People don't purchase from companies or theydon't trust companies. They trust people, and so you talk about how youcan use the crm to segment the market get the right message in front of theright people at the right time, but ultimately do do you think there's gotto be that aspect of hey, there's a person behind this message and there'sa person that you can trust behind this message. How well are dealers doing itthat yeah? You know absolutely I mean we know. Dealers, love to haveautomation and when a lot of times when people sign up for crm automation is animportant part of that and they think. Okay, when aled comes in I'm going toget an atter re sponder out to my customer. You know my cells, peoplearen't making the call so maybe I'll have you know the calls be generated,they're not sending emails, and so I'm going to send it out. Well, theconsumers are getting smarter now or we can. We know if it's coming from thecomputer or the dealership versus an actual person, and so you want to kindof make sure that that correspondence that you have with the customer is asreal and as personal as possible, and I think that regires kind of a change inour industry, because I still think dealers are using the crm to managecustomers and leads and the more progressive dealers are using it moreto manage the relationship of the customer and, if you think of it, thatway, it facilitates the Selfperson that they don't have to remember. Everycustomer th they've beener interacted with, but the system kind of, promptsthem and says you know hey it's this person's birthday, you know, call hemup or hey. This person falls within this person. You know this segment ofdata reach out to him for the specific reason, but then within the actualemail we're trying to personalize that Sooure saying Hey Robert Hay, Michaelin the subject line or has their name or specific in regards o thatinformation, where, if somebody sends in a leave and says hey, do you havethis? In the N, the color yellow we're responding back to that versus thatOutorin conter? That says, you know hey. I want to ask you some questions. Youknow. Did you have a specific color in mind and the the customers saying well,I just sent. I just asked that so you know we have to kind of go back andlook at a lot of these templates and...

...see what we're sitding and make surethat it's not sounding like you know, or this robot, and if I, the morepersonal it can get, I mean all the way down to like. I still see dealers likeon their email, templets that go out. You know somebody summit to lead on aToato Tundra and the auto replier. The message that going out has like a toyto Corola stock photo on it, and you know little things like that whereyou're missing that connection of you know hey this isn't applicable to me oreven going back to just marketing to the right person at the right time. Imean that nothing will piss off a customer more than right after they buya car. They get an email, saing five hundred dollars off your next car yeahright. That's what I hat'! What I got from a dealership that I spent a lot oftime at and bought my car, and that's that's just proof of what that they'rejust shut, they're spraying and praying to the foolit just their full list, howwoud te they don't even yet and they're just hoe theyre. They like thecustomers, like. Does this customer even know that I just I mean it blowsmy mind? Yes, it's INPREIT's laziness. So what does that do to an email list,though hunder like? If, if they're sprang and praying massive, you knowsales hooks like that with coupons even to people that are in you know what Imean, the Ne you know could have be coming back for delivery could be. Youknow, they're just in the system, no matter what stage they are in theirownership or in their buying process. What does that do to an email list tolike your to being like black listed or the emails not going through and spamincreases, etc? Yeah, you know, Whal, I think, an important part with all thetechnology. You know just the Inbox deliverability, I think, is animportant issue. You know, depending on how t the CRM uses the technology tosend this stuff out. If there's not measures in place really easy peoplecan get blacklisted, and I know there's some vendors out there that you knowthey have issues sending emails to their customers because they'reconstantly getting to spit you know put on spam. I don't want to kind of pushdealer sock or anything, but one of the things th, the dealer socket does,which I think is kind of cool, is when a customer is input in a dealer socketit actually verifies the email address the moment that you save it. So itprevents us not sending email addesses to kind of invalid email attresses. Butthe second thing is: If you do send the like a span message of somebody whenstead of just having the customer opkd out, it goes to like a customerpreference screen or the customer then is allowed to choose how they want tobe communicated to and one of the things that pops up it says you know.Do you want to receive emails in regards to promotion? You Know VehicleSafety Warranty newsletter, because a lot of times what happens isdealerships will send out this brand pray kind of spam and the customer whojust bought the car says I don't want to receive in this and they it opkedout and then maybe three months down the road. There's a recall safety. Youknow thing that goes out. That dealwship has to communicate thismessage to the customer, but because that customer hopped it out of theSeles Promotion, they don't ever get this message, and so... know t you know I mean there's ahuge issue here, so being able to kind of have that kind of technology kind ofbetter wrap. You know understand that, but you know the dealer I go. You knowgoes back to that relationship. You know we don't want to be spanmed. Youknow each of us probably have one email address that we value right. We don'twant to receive a lot of Stam into it and when customers are being asked youknow he can. I have your email adters a lot of times, they're reluctant,because you know I mean I can't even get I might emailby personal email, atticsisn't hunter swipt at Gmail. I couldn't get thatright. I would pay money for that. So I had a you know, have a number at theend of my email address, and so, if I im that valuable, you know if it's thatvaluable to me. If I give my email address to somebody, I want somethingto value and return, and I don't want to be spanned, and so it goes back withthat trust. You know if the customer gives you your email, addess ing. Whatare you going to give him? That's a value and a lot of times. It's not afive hundred ollars off your next purchase, it's more in regards tothings in regards to help. You know you know about the value, the safety thingsthat they can do important things that they want to know and not always be Hayby cards by hard by car, so right so most dealers, most dealers are outthere, though waging fierce battle trying to acquire new customers thatfall into kind of that two to five percent of you know, will call inmarket consumers e the ones that are thinking about purchasing a specificyearmic model or whatever. But what about the you know? Ninety eight to youknow n ninety, five to ninety eight percent of people who are still in thephace that you're talking about theyre. You know hey our families growing, sowe need something with more safety, more room, more whatever you know,shaping their purchase decision and something you know the biggest takeawayfror me up to thos point is a you said: You got to have an objective, you needto segment your market and then you need to have an objective of what youwant to accomplish with that segment and then the second thing which we'retalking about here is using the technology to help. I guess automatethat but I've I mean the pray and spray term has come up as several times here,and I've got a perfect example. I mean without an objective. I submitted a lead to a dealership inLos Angeles. I was I mean I'm up here in Canada, but I wanted to just see howI would have been responded to, as we were compiling some data. I still getemails to this day that say things like hey. Wasn't it a beautiful day in Santa Monica today and I'm like well.This is not an example of how to use the technology to your advantage by andthen delivering an automated message. I it has no relevance so something Ithink for dealers to be aware of is they need to have an objective. Theyneed to know who they're speaking to and in a context of messaging that theycan understand absolutely, and you know, kind of going back to this kind ofsprayn PRA. I think dealers for the most part they want that low hangingfruit, and I think that's why dealers are willing to pay a lot of money forleads that have very little information and they don't even have excusivity onit, and so it's easy for the dealer...

...just to pay money and wait for those tocome in. Just like you still have cells, people that are standing on the cornerof the dealership, waiting for the x up to come versus going into the tool andactually making prospecting calls that they wan that kind of low. You knowthat lowlaning fruit and if a dealer can kind of focus kind of going back tothis pump analogy. If you can create these automated campaigns to whereTheyre Cyou know, looking at the data they're minding the data dofinespecific people than these Tados- and these calls and these reminders getshown up in the SRM and if the salespersonis actually in the crmthey'll make those calls and then they realize well, these customers arehigher gross higher CSI and it's easier because it's very specific- and youknow if you have a guy- you know that's coming in for you knowlike, for example, you know it', welllet' e. let me give you thisexample a lot of times. People have this idea of when they're ready to gettheir next car, and you know they might be in a five year term, and maybe threeor four years in that term they start seeing new models and they startlooking, but they think like hey. I still have another year on my you knowon my term, so I'm not really in the market and the advantage that a lot of dealers aretaking advantage of using the technology is actually pulling thosecustomers forward. So they're, not it's putting them in market before theyeither think that they're in the market- and you know, by incorporating toolswhere you can look at previous deal- structure, trade and value. You know manufacturingcennovs and evenbank programs that they qualify for you know real quickly within the tools youcan promp. These alerts, where you're very specific, Hey I'm reaching out toyou for this specific region, because you qualify for this versus spendingall of this time and marketing and then getting people to come in and realizethat they're buried in their car. They, you know they have bad credit and it'swasting not only manpower but those customers, because you can't get themin a car end up affecting seacidey because they're like well, you you gotmy hopes up and now you can't get them into the car, and so you know goingback to. I think this other part, that's kind of important, that's kindof going back to that personal relationship. Part is, you know, isreally leverging it to offer a better customer experience, your customerskind of create that ideal. Customer experience and ways that you can dothat is like little things where you know you have a happy birthday to dothat's generated instead of just day. I wanted to call you, you know Robert andwish you happy birthday, but maybe have this technology, and these offersalready prepared to Wer your wishing Om happy birthday, but now you're,offering them something specific on that car that they have because they'rein an equity position- and I thank get you Ito a brand new car and not youknow you know not raise your payment ver, often or or you know, I seeduelers that maybe will have like a three year anniversary campaign and youknow: Okay, what's the purpose of that you're telling the customer that theirvehicles three years old dealers do it because they feel like it's. You know,they're touching the person at three years, but again going back to thatwindow, they're, not in a market they're, not in a you know, position tobuy because they're only three years into a five year term, but this emailthat goes out often says things like hey. You know just want to let you knowyour vehicles, three years old, hope...'re great. Well, if you change thatup and you do here's just an example of this three year anniversary- and yousaid you know, Hey Robert wanted to thank you for your beaiful Yo. Had itthree years as a courtesy, here's tha reminder of your annual registrationand a printo put what that average is. You know, thre hundred fifty bucks, Hey,we notice, you know you're, probably about thirtysar miles so ar we want tosuggest getting your thirtysard Mile Service and we put in parintetes whatthat would be and check your tires and what we're giving them is, instead ofjust saying, happy three O R aniversary we're giving him like a bill. What he'sgoing to have to pay in order to continue driving this vehicle? That'sout of warranty that he's probably tired of and then below that have acalled action where it's like. Hey take the vehicle that you own zero down andlet's get you into a new car. You know it kind of changes that kindof perspective of giving that person or a specific callaction in bringing thatperson forward who he might not think I'm even in the market, but he's seenthat hey, I got to spend a thousand bucks just to continue driving this car.I could save that money get into a new vehicle and I might be willing to, butmy payment up a hundred bucks if thet could save that much money. You know so and at the same time, you're offering agreat service to the customer n like couserars like well. This is a greatthing that this dealer is doing. So not only are you leveraging the technology,your segmenting, the Dale, but you're, offering a customer a great customerservice, so that's kind of my goal trying to help dealers is, to you know,kind of use this technology to not only sell more cars and have higher gross,but you know have it go to the consumer and have them have a better experiencethat you know dealers aren't getting. You know always this hey all they'retrying to do is just take advantage of, and in so doing, you're being proactive,absolutely you're, not just waiting for the sales to come to you or the virtualup you're, actually doing something you're presenting something to yourexisting power base in a way that perhaps changes their way of thinkingand then gets them in the door that way absolutely and when they do that, whenI do it proactively, theyare only interacting with me, if I wait for themto submit o lead, that leads going to two or three dealers, and now it comesdown to response time who has the lowest price? where, if I do it, youknow, on the other side, I control everything right. So are you saying that I mean?Do you have like intervals that you found work? The best is it onanniversary year two year three year, is there specific communication thatyou should be sending out in between to maybe turn them back to your fixed ops?Or How do you find? What do you find works the best? Well, I think the bestthing is, and apart from just a schedule, it's really looking atreasons to connect with that customer. So you know if you're going to call h Mon your birthday, like we're already probably making that call, but that'san opportunity that when you have somebody on the phone that then you canpitch this offer or if maybe I look at my service drive and I see all theappointments that are coming in for the day. I should be looking at thosepeople that schedule an appointment that are out of warranty that might behaving a customer pro and so kind of you know. I kind of you know preparingyourself so that when they do come in n...

...they're going to get it with a fivehundred Ollar bill to before they pay that say: Hey Save that money and let'sput that into a brand new car. You know it just kind of changes it versus justsaying he 'm going Ta Sin This automated thing at the sixteen monthmark you know you want to kind of create that that interaction and thatkind of a reason to to kind of changes their thinking andinitiate this the sell right on worst case we they say no, notin Yeah Yeah. Exactly so you've mentioned a couple of segments alreadywarranty. You've mentioned service segments birthday, you know, reachingout to people. You've talked about having a reason to reach out to thesepeople. What are some other segments that you can share with us? That mightbe a valuable. He said he also went over equity. You know equities, Esain,right, financing, specials or quality. You know, I think, the biggest one like finance termination. Of course you knowwe should be reaching out to those people before then. Another one is people that maybe didn'tpurchase, extended, warranty and are getting you know close to you know. Theyre expired, my warrantythat we want your trade. One is always a great one. You know the specific thing on the wewant. Your trade thing that I really like is instead of marketing tosomebody and say you know, Hey Michael or Robert, I notice you own thisvehicle. We have a high demand for it. Would you come in one of the things that that I reallylike to do? Is We have people all the time coming in looking for use carsthat we don't have and in most trms there's this kind of wishless featurewhere I can put in you know you know Roberts looking for a use corvette, wedon't have to use corvette, so ive put use corvette and when we cut get one inon trade, it notifies me- and I call Robert the problem is with that- iswe're letting the customer leave and incorporating a good customer servicething. One of the things I recommend as saying you know, Hey Robert. I see thatyou're interested in this corvette. We don't have one, but instead of lettingyou leave and you having to do some research visit other dealers, won't yousit at my desk for a couple minutes and let me go through a list builder andtry to find people. I sold a new corvette two three to four years agoand while I thak yeah Bro, that's a tru for oneright there, man that 's Ai, have brouhtet at t. You know at my desk I'mcalling people- and I say, hey you know, are you interested in you know sellingyour car? You might not have been, but I got a guy o looking for it, so I'mgoing to give you more than you would have gotten and for your time I'll giveyou a free car wash or oil change. Now the best part is. I can get two orthree cars to come in at the same time, but the interesting thing is when thatcustomer comes in that person who owns the car theres ownership right, there'spride in the vehicle that you drive, they actually will begin to sell thecar for you hey. This is the things that I like about it. These are thethings that I did you know, and it really helps, and I can turn that intoa second car, but that guy, that I just did this service for he's not going toNickol and dieme on price he's going Na. Give Me High Sasid, and this issomething that he's going to tell his friends about saying: Hey, look if you,if you're looking for a car, go to this dealer, they'll help you find it. So that's the million dollar power playright there, absolutely exactly one...

...hundred percent and that's good andI've done that a few times in my career, you're, right, ind it it's seldomlylike it's Hitter, miss you know, T's. It works best, especially when thatpast client you're calling to someone you had a good relationship with, andthey already you know, you've been it helps that you've been there followingup calling them on their birthday, checking on them regularly and whatnot,because they think that you care and thet just creates a a great opportunityfor everybody. One thing that I wante to ask you, though, when entering okay:this is something that all de you know at any dealership lotof says that this is an issue about getting the information entered inproperly and whatnot, whether t scanning the driver's license orgetting in all the NFL. Is there any value, or do you see it being offeredlike it even within new your organization or others w when I'mgetting the email address, I'm getting the phone number? What about asking?Okay? How about your are we there yet? Can I have your social, your facebookabsolutely hand your twitter, handle, etc? Aso, absolutely so, just recentlywith then dealer sock at you know, we have the ability to attach social mediahandles to the customer profile, which is big. I know of other crm tools outthere that have some type of social intergration as well. I think that's animportant thing, but one thing I think that's importantis you know I was recently ot a trade show and one of the speakers was sayingthat only twenty five to thirty five percent of freshshops get put into theCRM, and if that's true I mean it's affecting your numbers, it' recorting,your Roi reorts I mean every marketing is A. is it's almest yeah? It's all! It's a mastright. So one of the things that I highly encourage is dealers to use orincorporate a mobile crm, and what this does is it allows the sellperson tokind of capture up. You know, while they're on the lot and because theperson's being put into the phone you know if we go back to corbette example,I say: Hey Robert, you know you're looking for a quarvette hey. I got thisgreat video or this great template that I want to send to you. Hey. What's youremail address, or your cell phone number you're more likely to give methat information, because you don't feel I'm being put into a system behinda desktop where I'm actually putting all the information into this phone? Sonow I'm capturing more and I'm capturing more information. But theother thing about this is it's allowing the cells wrap to be a twenty four hourcells, rap, meaning I can be anywhere. I can be on my lunch break. I could beyou know at the deligat ing, Ta Sandwich. Somebody sees that I work atthis dealership and I can instantly begin to you know, put information intothe tool most of the mobile sarons now have some type of calltrackingintogration to where they can actually call from the cell phone to make surethat it's actually being a curd. So you know a happy birthday call comes up andit's my day off. A Good Seles person will just call you know, while they'reat home versus waiting the next day and realizing that Hey Li'm not going tomake this call, because I don't want to call late so not only just capturingthe information, but you know doing it on the mobile device, but then alsohaving that ability to add social, I think is definitely where the future isso so that's going tobe a spot down...

...there, where I'm entering the name, I'mtyping in the name, the address: Okay Phone. You know classic sitting down atthe desk phone number, bopaba, boop, email, boop and then I'll be facebook,andjoer, Yep, twitter, yeah really yeah. So we have that currently setup rightnow and- and I think for the most part, so it's just another category rightthere underneath the EMA, the contact information. Really it's right thereand you know- and I think the important part of this is you know we can't lookat this like when you add the social component. It can't be just a way thatwe're going to now market to people on social media, because people don't wantto hit get leads and emails on Dasebook now, so you have to kind of think of it.Well, if I'm going to what's the benefit for the Selesperson or thedealership to have their social profilable one going back to thatpersonal level, I can look at mutual friends and see if there's anyone thatmaybe I've sold to that knows this person that just submitted a lead right.So now I can have A. I can call a customer that likes me and say: Heyreach out to Robert and tell him how great I did and why he should buy forme very good ICA, look at similar interests and notice that maybe he's aDallas Cowboy Fan. So when he comes in guess what I'm going to talk about, youknow, so that's how you really leverage it to kind of Benean use it for Intel.You know gain some really good Intel right, absolutely so yeah and what Iwould like to do is I did that to even inbound leads and whatnot. Maybe peopleI haven't necessarily engaged with, and I would search theirh email or theirname in facebook, and then I would like send them a link if they were allabout benrofhsburger or something like that. You know what hi mean I'd copyand I'd link them to some kind of related content or video that that youknow I'd be s. You know, speak their language, Oh yeah, and any way to buildreports all right, honner. Well, Listan, I told you we weren't going to take upa lot of your time. So listen! I think that you got a good lot of good thingsout there for today. Michael any thoughts. No, absolutely I think thepower bombs today were, you know, haw to mind for new customers by you knowusing the the CRM creativeway. So definitely for me that was a bigtakeway Yep and I think that the big one to was using it to you know dealersto really start to look at your crm tool as not necessarily to manage yourcustomers but manage the relationships, and I think he S. I grew it. That's whyI wanted to have honter here, because it's Great Information Il tell you whatthat article, like building your brand at just the way you can nurture andjust stay in front of these customers using the technology I mean it's, youuse the technology proactively, don't think of it as a way to save you fromdoing your job that you should be doing anyways, but a way to enhance yourability to sell, get your message out to the masses harvest. You know the theor cultivate the relationships that you already have with people work yourpower base, but don't use the technology to take over for R your jobfor you, one hundred percent, all right, honter, we're gonna. Let you get out ofyour work and everybody keep up with you at and find you probably. Twitteris probably the best just hunter swift.

One Word Hunter Swift. Like one word like Taylor,swift, yeah, you got it all right brother, thank you so to say HunterHays and Taylor. Swift is completely runing my seo, but yeah no doubt no doubt hunter thanks. Sam amillion man. I appreciate you taking the time dude you did Geat, so we'lltalk to you soon. All right sounds great. Thank you. Yo R, taxk, brotherYep, and there you have it everybody rightfrom, as we said in experts, mouth hunter, swift with dealor socket. Imean I think, Michael, that he's tapped on some really good things that youknow. Sometimes we think about them, O think they're obvious, but you're notreally giving them the attention that they need that that the return thatthey'll give you is just out of this world yeah- and I mean everything hetalked about- is about laying a solid foundation. I use the analogy a lotlike you know, I feel, like a lot of dealers have been slingshot to thirtyhousand feet were kind of watching them fall out of the sky or some of themeven know they're falling out of this SGY. But what he talks about this stuffis fundamentals on how to keep your business and your brand and yourstorytelling and you're messaging moving forward for greaterprofitability. Exactly exactly so. I hope everybody took from that as muchas I did. I think honter is a great resource for anybody out there, that'slooking to really tap into their their lists, their crm, their customerdatabase. You know he gave his twitter handle on there. It's a hunder swiftone word so HEU'll be happy to connect with you. There, the oler playbook, thedealer playbookcom you can go there check out all the past episodes. Wehave some great ones on there. If you haven't been on all of check them allout yet make sure to subscribe to us on Itunes or stitch or radio wherever youlike to get down and feed back, please, you know starting out as much feedbackand reviews as you can give us. We so appreciate it because we're making thisfor you for us altogether. So we want to you, know tap on things we haven't been tappinginto, and you know pump the break on things that that you know our audience,isn't digging basically love it love it so check it all out. We look forward totalking to you next time catching mabe. The next time everybody.

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